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About me: I live in the town of Lakewood, Wa. If you don't find it on a map anywhere, don't worry. Just look for Tacoma, as Lakewood is nestled inside of it. I love this area. Living here gives me the best of all worlds. I get the beautiful scenery of Mount Rainer and the Puget Sound. I get to enjoy the city life of Seattle and Olympia.

I live here with my husband and three grown children. My oldest son, Chris lives nearby with his family. My middle child, David, works as a tractor trailer driver and lives about a hour away with his new family.

My youngest child, Dalene, is disabled and lives here at home with my husband and me.


What you can see here...............

(Over the years, I have managed to collect quite a few family photos. I won't bore you with all of them, I promise.)

The following sections will open in individual pages. Each page is in the form of a table. Each page shows the thumbnails of my pictures. If you click on the thumbnail, it will open in a larger size in a new page called a popup. When you are done looking at the larger size picture, just click out of it by clicking on the x up in the right corner of the page. At the bottom of each page of thumbnails are links that take you back to this page or on to the next section of my photo album.

In the antique section, you can see a picture of my maternal grandparents taken shortly after their wedding in 1916. I love my grandfather's outfit! On that same page, you can see a picture taken in the 1860s of my grandfather's grandfather, James David Angelly.

In the Old Photos section, you can see some old photos of my family members, mostly from the 1950s and 1960s.

In the Reunion section, you can see pictures of an Angelly family reunion that took place in Harrisburg, Illinois in the 1960s.

In Richard's section, you can see pictures of his branch of the family out in Montana.

In the section labeled Monty and Danny, you can see pictures of their families.

In the section labeled My Mom and Dad, you can see some pictures of both of my parents, including some cool ones of my Mom when she was younger.

In the section labeled Kenny, you can see some pictures of his family.

In the section labeled My Family, you can see some pictures of my little family.

In the section labeled My Thanks, you can see some special pictures.

Hope you enjoy what you see!

Pat Butterfield Philipp

If you are interested in Bailey, Butterfield, Angelly, Clore, Madden or Dushane information, make sure you check out my genealogy section. The link to that section is in the left hand navigation section!

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July 25, 2004