1835 Pigot and Co`s Commercial Directory for Derbyshire


with the townships of Hadfield, Padfield and Whitfield, the hamlets of Charlesworth, Howard`s Town and Neighbourhoods.

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Glossop is a village and township, in the populous and extensive parish of its name, in the Hundred of High Peak; 184 miles from London. 50 N.N.W. from Derby, 25 N.W. from Sheffield, and 13 S.E. from Manchester. This village, which is one of great manufacturing consequence, is situate on a rising bank, springing from one of the deepest valleys in the Peak. The country around is very pleasing, and many of the views may be considered romantic: plantations abound in the home scenery, and the lands in the low grounds are fertile; but the mountainous parts are less productive. In Glossop and its vicinity there are upwards of forty establishments for the spinning of cotton, and the manufacture of various fabrics from that article; for calico printing also, there is an extensive concern at Dinting-vale, and wollen goods are made to a limited extent: there are, besides, two paper mills in the neighbourhood, at one of which (Dinting Mill), the article is manufactured by patent machinery. Coal is worked about three miles hence, and from these mines Glossop and the neighbourhood are principally supplied. Glossop is one of the stations appointed by the new Boundary Act, for receiving votes at the election of knights of the shire, to represent the northern division of the county. The duke of Norfolk is lord of the manor, and holds courts-leet at Easter and Michaelmas; at the latter period a constable and headborough are appointed in whom the government of the township is vested. Glossop is in the honour of Tutbury, and within the jurisdiction of a court of pleas, held there every third Tuesday, for the recovery of debts under forty shillings.

   The church, which is dedicated to All Saints, is an ancient structure: the body has been rebuilt, and public worship was performed in it, for the first time after the repairs were completed, in September 1832. The living is a discharged vicarage, in the patronage of the Duke of Norfolk, and incumbency of the Rev. Christopher Howe. In the church is a monument, by Bacon, to the memory of Joseph Hague Esq. of Park Hall, near Hayfield, who bequeathed the interest of £1,000, towards clothing twenty four poor men and women, of this and some of the adjacent townships. Glossop Hall, the property of the Duke of Norfolk, is near the village; and at GAMESBY*, about a mile  to the west, is Melandra Castle, the vestiges of a Roman station. On Wednesday, the 30th of July, 1834, the neighbourhood of Glossop was visited by a most tremendous tempest; the village appeared at one time, to be enveloped in one almost continuous blaze of lightning, while the thunder, pealing amongst the hills, was unusually loud and terrific, and the rain and hail poured down in quantities, of which no description can present an adequate idea: and overwhelming flood was the consequence, which swept down the valley with impetuous force, carrying devastation in its resistless course, and striking with dismay the inhabitants. The brook which waters Glossop, increased by streams from the hills, assumed a most appalling appearance, and rushing onward, threatened destruction to all erections on its banks, and to bridges which crossed it. Several mills received great injury; amongst which, Mr. John Kershaw`s factory at Hurst, sustained damage to the amount of upwards of £1000 : two young women and a child, belonging to these works, perished in the flood, and others were severely bruised. In addition to the mischief done to the factories and works, very extensive injury occurred to the fields, gardens, fences, roads and bridges, of which four were entirely destroyed. Such was the suddenness, violence, and rapidity of the torrent, that not only sheep and lambs, but hares, rabbits and even birds, were carried away by it; and it is said that some fish were caught on the turnpike road.

A fair, for cattle and various commodities, is held on the 6th of May. The entire parish of Glossop contained, by the census taken in 1821, 13,766 inhabitants, and by that for 1831, 18,080, of which last number 2,012 were returned for the township.

Hadfield is a village, in the township of Hadfield and Dinting, in the parish of Glossop, about two miles west therefrom. About thirty years ago this township was strictly an agricultural district, with a small population; but at the last census it contained 1,270 inhabitants.

Padfield is a township, in the parish of Glossop, about two miles north-west from that village. The cotton manufacture prevails here extensively, and has been the means of more than doubling its population in ten years, as, by the census taken in 1821, it contained only 499 inhabitants, and in 1831, 1,102.

Whitfield is also a township in the parish of Glossop, situate about a mile and a half north (sic - actually south) from that village, on the road leading to Chapel-en-le-Frith. Like the neighbouring townships in this parish, it is indebted for its consequence to the manufactories established within its limits. A school was founded, and endowed by the late Joseph Hague Esq. (before-mentioned) in 1779, and the school house was erected about 1786. A chapel, for Wesleyan methodists, is the only place of worship in this township - which contained at the last census, 1,734 inhabitants, having nearly doubled its population in ten years.

Charlesworth is a populous hamlet, about three miles south-west from Glossop, in that parish; it contains a place for worship for independent Calvinists, and a population (by the last returns) of 1,206 inhabitants, who are chiefly supported by the manufacturing interest.

Howard`s Town, once called Bridge End, is a hamlet in Glossop parish, one mile from that town. This is a thriving little place - called into consequence within a comparatively few years, by the erection of some extensive cotton manufactories. Here are two respectable inns, the `Howard`s Arms` and the `Norfolk Arms`. Population returned with Glossop parish.

Post Office, Norfolk Arm`s, Howard`s Town, Joseph Oates, Post Master - Letters from Manchester arrive every evening at a quarter past six, and are despatched every morning at six.

* Gamesby mentioned in the text should presumably be Gamesley 

Gentry and Clergy

Robinson John, Howard`s Town

Adamson Rev. John, Charlesworth

Schofield John, Rose green

Ellison Thomas, esq. (agent to his grace the Duke of Norfolk) Glossop Hall

Shaw James (and tallow chandler) Rose green

Flovell Rev. Francis, Glossop

Shaw Joseph, Glossop

Hadfield Joseph, esq. Lees Hall

Shaw William, Howard`s Town

Harrison Rev. Thomas, Glossop

Sheppard Abram, Glossop

Hollingworth Mr. John, Glossop

Sheppard William, Mill town

Howe Rev. Christopher, Glossop

Sheran Edward, Glossop

Lees Mr. Robert, Padfield brook

Smithies Henry, Symmondley

Oates Mr. Benjamin, Cowbrook

Sykes Jerry, Green vale

Partington Rev. George, Whitfield

Sykes William, Woolley bridge

Thornley John esq. Chisworth

Thorneley Joseph, Charlesworth

Academies and Schools

Thorpe Betty, Glossop

Adamson William, Charlesworth

Wagstaff Aaron, Mill town

Fielding Joseph, Glossop

Warhurst Thomas, Hadfield

Garlick John, Whitfield

Wilkinson Thomas, Glossop

Grammar School, Glossop - Rev.Thomas Harrison, master


Hague`s Charity School, Whitfield - John Dearnaley, master

Howard`s Arms, John Wagstaffe Howard`s Town

Harrop Joseph, Hadfield

Norfolk Arms, Joseph Oates, Howard`s Town

Nutter John, Glossop

Joiners &c

Winterbottom Robert, Glossop

Ashworth John, Glossop


Bradbury John, Charlesworth

Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company (branch of) Howard`s Town-Saml Bolton Tomlins, manager-(open on Saturdays only-draw on Smith, Payne and Co. London)

Gee Thomas, Charlesworth


Thorpe Betty, Glossop

Bennett John & Jos. Charlesworth

Warhurst James, Hadfield

Bennett Joseph, Charlesworth

Linen Drapers

Bennett Robert, Rose green

Heeney Michael, Hadfield

Bennett Thomas, Glossop

Howe Thomas, Howard`s Town

Bennett William, Charlesworth

Robinson Joseph, Howard`s Town

Calow Joseph, Mill town

Taylor Edwin, Rose green

Dawson Robert, Dinting bridge

Manufacturers - Various

Dewsnap Thomas, Hadfield

Bosley, Smith and Bosley(silk) Glossop

Greaves Benjamin, Howard`s Town

Lees Henry(by power) Wooley bridge

Jackson Michael, Rose green

Robinson Geo.(woollen) Primrose

Marshall Robert, Symmondley

Robinson Jos. (woollen) Gnat hole

Pickford Samuel, Chunal

Sidebottom John and William and Co. (by power) Waterside, near Mottram

Rhodes John, Howard`s Town

Wood John (by power) Howard`s Town mill

Boot and Shoe Makers

Painters, Plumbers and Glaziers

Alsop John, Glossop

Hegginbottom Jos. Howard`s Town

Collier James, Rose green

Hegginbottom Joseph, Charlesworth

Cooper John, Holehouse

Predary Charles, Charlesworth

Cooper Moses, Green vale

Wagstaff Aaron, Mill Town

Dearnley William, Hadfield

Warhurst John, Hadfield

Fielding William, Hadfield

Paper Makers

Harrison John, Glossop

Bennett John & Joseph, Turn lee

Jackson John, Charlesworth

Oliver Samuel (by patent machinery) Dinting Mill

Pickford John, Padfield

Scale Board Makers

Raworth Thomas, Glossop

Bennet John & Joseph, Turn lee

Scholes George, Foxholes

Wagstaff Charles, Glossop

Shepley Thomas, Charlesworth

Straw Hat Makers

Sheppard James, Howard`s Town

Knott Nathaniel, Mill town

Sheppard William, Mill Town

Platt Mary and Sarah, Rose green

Taylor Thomas, Howard`s Town


Wood George, Mill Town

Begley William Chapman, Mill town


Bowden John, Glossop

Booth Thomas, Charlesworth

Eastham Thomas, Hadfield

Booth William, Symmondley

Hunt William, Charlesworth

Bray Henry, Hadfield

Jones Henry William, Hadfield

Broadbent Samuel, Padfield

Rusby John, Mill town

Collier James, Howard`s Town


Goddard Samuel, Charlesworth

Blunt Joseph, Hadfield

Hall John, Charlesworth

Booth John, Howard`s Town

Moss John, Hadfield

Bowden James, Glossop

Newton Richard, Hadfield

Dewsnap Valentine, Glossop

Pott John, Howard`s Town

Dixon William, Charlesworth

Robinson Joseph, Howard`s Town

Gill Charles, Hadfield

Shaw Robert, Glossop

Goodwin Thomas, Charlestown

Thorneley Joseph, Charlesworth

Hall Aaron, Howard`s Town

Wagstaffe Robert, Howard`s Town

Hall James, Glossop

Calico Printers

Neild George, Holehouse

Potter Charles and Edward and Co. (assignees of) Dinting vale

Taylor Edwin (& draper) Rose green

Cotton Banding Makers

Wrigley Thomas, Howard`s Town

Booth George, Holehouse

Taverns and Public Houses

Harrison John, Woodseats

Anchor, John Garlick, Hadfield

Rowbotham James, Chew wood

Bull`s Head, John Hall, Charlesworth

Cotton Spinners

Bull`s Head, James Platt, Glossop

Barber John and Co. Shepley mill

George & Dragon, Martha Booth, Charlesworth

Barber William, Padfield brook

Grey Mare, George Brockelhurst, Charlesworth

Bennett John & Joseph, Turnlee

Hare & Hounds, Jos. Hadfield, Glossop

Bowden John, Holehouse

Horse Shoe, Jos.Bennett, Charlesworth

Cooper Joseph, Holehouse

Horse Shoe, Samuel Pickford, Chunal

Hadfield & Wilkinson, Croden brook, Ches.

Junction, Thomas Preston, Green vale

Hadfield William, Cowbrook

King`sArmsSamuelCooper Chew wood

Harrison Benjamin, Kinder lee

Royal Oak, Joshua Shepley, Cock road

Howard Joseph, Bridge field

Spinners`Arms,Jonathan Shaw Hadfield

Kershaw James, Charlestown

Spread Eagle, Ths.Bowden,Woolley br

Kershaw John, jun. Hurst mill

Retailers of Beer

Lees Henry, Woolley bridge

Barber Mary, Padfield

Lees John, Padfield brook

Bradbury George, Charlestown

Marsland Samuel and Henry, Broadbottom bridge, near Mottram

Cooper Wright, Green vale

Platt George, Padfield

Crowther Mary, Woolley bridge

Platt William & Thomas, Hadfield lodge

Dewsnap Joseph, Woolley bridge

Robinson and Hadfield, Glossop

Dewsnap Robert, Glossop

Rusby and Linney, Mill town

Dewsnap William, Green vale

Shepley Robert, Glossop

Ford John, Howard`s town

Shepley Samuel, Brookfield

Hacking Thomas, Woolley bridge

Sidebottom John & William & Co. Waterside, near Mottram, Cheshire

Hall John, Whitfield

Sumner Francis, Wren nest mill

Hampson Jordan, Mill town

Wardlow Wm, Bank Wood mill nr Mottram

Hampson Robert, Hadfield

Waterhouse Benjamin, Glossop

Harrop Thomas, Howard`s town

Wood John, Howard`s Town mill

Jackson James, Charlesworth

Dress Makers

Knott John, Glossop

Harrop Ellen, Woolley bridge

Linney Betty, Mill town

Parr Ellen, Howard`s Town

Priestnall William, Charlestown


Robinson James, Whitfield

Booth John, Howard`s Town

Rolley John, Hadfield

Braddock Thomas, Green vale

Schofield John, Rose green

Jackson William, Howard`s Town

Shaw Ellen, Chunal

Kinder Robert, Howard`s Town

Siddall John, Green vale

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries

Wagstaffe Robert, Howard`s town

Alsop John, Mill town

Wait Joseph, Glossop

Bancroft William, Charlesworth

Wilde Robert, Glossop

Barber Samuel, Howard`s Town

Wood Ellen, Padfield

Barber William, Padfield

Woolley John, Howard`s town

Bennett George, Whitfield

Tin-Plate Workers

Booth Abraham, Symmondley

Hegginbottom Jos. Howard`s Town

Booth John, Holehouse

Lawton Caleb, Glossop

Booth John, Howard`s Town

Wait Joseph, Glossop

Bowden George, Glossop


Bradbury John, Charlesworth

Beard Joseph, Charlesworth

Braddock Thomas, Green vale

Bennett Samuel, Dinting lodge

Bray Henry, Hadfield

Cockayne Samuel, Mill town

Brocklehurst George, Charlesworth

Fielding Thomas, Whitfield

Buckley Robert, Charlestown

Longden Nathan, Padfield

Collier Samuel, Howard`s Town


Cooper James, Glossop

Aveson Robert, corn miller, Mill town

Cooper Joseph, Whitfield

Bennett George Cresswell, roller coverer, Mill town

Dewsnap James, Hadfield

Booth Jas.machine maker, Charlesworth

Fielding Jerry, Green vale


Garlick Thomas, Howard`s Town

Collier Thos. watch &c maker Howard`s Town

Garside John, Woolley bridge

Dawson Josephus, slater & plasterer, Charlesworth

Goddard John, Waterside

Hampson Charles, cooper, Rose green

Goddard Samuel, Charlesworth

Hardman Jas.saddler&cHoward`sTown

Goodison Esther, Glossop

Kinder Edwin, warve maker, Glossop

Hadfield John, Hadfield

Langstaff Thomas, cotton waste dealer, Rose green

Hadfield Martha, Hadfield

Lee Levi, wood skewer maker, Glossop

Hall James, Glossop

Ovens Thomas, hatter, Howard`s Town

Hall William, Glossop

Preston Thomas, auctioneer, Green vale

Harrison James, Kinder lee

Rhodes John vety surgeon Howard`s T

Harrop James, Glossop

Shaw John, inventor and maker of valve trumpets & horns, Mill town

Harrop James, Glossop

Shepley Joseph, tanner, Charlesworth

Harrop Joseph, Green vale

Shepley Saml.currier&cHoward`s Town

Heeney Michael, Hadfield

Sheppard Abram, bookseller &c Glossop

Irlam John, Howard`s Town

Thorneley John, coal prop. Holehouse

Jackson James, Charlesworth

White George stone merchant, Whitfield

Lee Isaiah, Glossop

Lees John, Padfield

Massey Daniel, Mill town

Platt John, Brookfield

Robinson James, Whitfield

Robinson James, Glossop

COACHES to MANCHESTER, the Royal Mail, from the Norfolk Arms, every morning at six - the Umpire (from Sheffield) calls at the same Inn, every afternoon at half-past one - and the Regulator, every evening at half-past seven; all go through Mottram, Stalybridge, Ashton &c.. To SHEFFIELD, the Regulator (from Manchester) calls at the Norfolk Arms, every forenoon at eleven - and the Umpire, every afternoon at half-past one. CARRIERS From GLOSSOP when not otherwise expressed. To MANCHESTER, Ann Johnson, daily - Thomas Knott, every Tues. Thurs. and Saturday - John Burgess & James Harrop, every Tuesday and Saturday and Jasper Warhurst and Simeon Lee from Hadfield, every Tuesday and Sat. To SHEFFIELD, Ann Johnson, daily To STOCKPORT, Henry Sheppard, every Friday - and William Sheppard, every Tuesday and Friday