1845 Railway Fernilee

1845 Railway Fernilee 

My thanks to Joyce Winfield for loaning me this document

Land taken from several Farms by the railway at Fernilee (see below for those who had to move home)

Quantities omitted

ARNFIELD Benjamin of Lane ends

BEARD John of Shawstile

BENNETT George of Folds

BENNETT John of Fernilee

BENNETT Joseph of Upperhall

BENNETT Robert of Lane head

COOKE Elias of Folds

DUNN George of Nook

FIDLER Isaac of Wheel

GASKELL John of Horridge end - Garden

GODDARD John of Horridge end

HOROBIN William of Folds

JODRELL Jonathan of Millhouse

LOMAS James of Bunsal

MORTEN Nancy of Shalcrosshall

OLLERENSHAW Phillip of Leehead

 THOMASSON William of Carr

TURNER Henry of Lane Ends

WILLIAMSON Thos. of Fernilee



The following names are people who had to move from their homes for a railway at Fernilee.  I assume that this was the High Peak Railway but have yet to confirm this

My thanks to Michael Spencer for the information

Chapel en le Frith Parish

No  Owner                                                Occupier                Description

1     Hannah BAILEY                              Wm WILD              garden

18 Trustees of late Wm THOMASON John FORD            gardens

100 Anthony JACKSON                       Henry MORTEN      house,yd, garden,wash house

107 Anthony JACKSON                      John HORDERN     house,shed, garden,pigsty

146 Anthony JACKSON                      David BARTON       house,shed,garden,barn,cowhouse

180 Samuel SMITH                               Samuel PRIESTNELL barn,cowhouse,sheds

Hope Parish

No.  Owner                      Occupier                           Description  

149 Wm DAKIN              Wm BERRESFORD       field ,cowhouse,barnyard

161 Edwd MYCOCK      Edwd MYCOCK              field,sheepfold,planting,bridge

173 Ann CLOUGH         Ann CLOUGH                 field ,garden ground

205 Duke of Devonshire Wm LEES                        stables,coach house, cowhouses

                                           Blennerhasset THOMPSON pigstys,dwelling lofts,sheds

                                           Jas GREGORY

                                           John DRABBLE

206 Duke of Devonshire Francis RAINS               garden and summerhouse

207 Duke of Devonshire Ann GOODWIN             croft

218 Trustees of late        Jane MYCOCK         tenements,stables, loft,coal sheds,

      Edwd MYCOCK        John CROSSLEY      garden

      Jane MYCOCK          Francis RAINS

      guardians of Martha MYCOCK

223 Geo CROSSLEY       Wm ALLEN               house