Chapel en le Frith Parish Church

Parish Magazine Extracts for the Year 1892

I am grateful to Ernie Drabble for allowing me to publish these extracts.  To quote Ernie `  In addition to the usual snippets of information covering the Parish, each monthly sheet provides details of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths within the Parish for that month.`

Each months entries were of course published in the following month`s magazine - so January`s entries were in February etc..

January 1892


Jan 10 George Henry WOOD

Jan 10 Mabel BRADBURY

Jan 10 Constance Maud Helena ANDREW


Jan 21 Frederick HARTLE to Mary Ann HOBSON


Jan 2  Mary LONGSON, aged 47 years

Jan 3  Robert LONGSON, aged 73 years

Jan 4  Martha HILL, aged 65 years

Jan 5  John SINCLAIR, aged 76 years

Jan 7  George MANNING, aged 44 years

Jan 11 Mary REDFERN, aged 85 years

Jan 11 William REDFERN, aged 45 years

Jan 13 Charles STEVENS, aged 44 years

Jan 17 William BARKER, aged 54 years

Jan 17 Clemant WALL, aged 30 years

Jan 18 Mary Ann REDFERN, aged 61 years

Jan 19 Edward BURTON, aged 7 days

Jan 20 Thomas GARDNER, aged 33 years

Jan 21 William JONES, aged 50 years

Jan 22  Ann CAPPER, aged 2 years

Jan 23 Thomas ALLEN, aged 69 years

Jan 26 Adelaide LONGDEN, aged 10 years

Jan 29 Thomas NEWTON, aged 39 years

Jan 30 Elizabeth BRAMWELL, aged 55 years

On 5th December the Christmas Sale had been declared open by Mr. COVENTRY of The Eaves and Mr RENSHAW of Bank Hall with his usual kindness gave the tree and had it placed in the room..

Mr NEEDHAM, of Lower Eaves presented each family involved with the Sunday School  a copy of the Parish Almanac.

"On December 23rd the scholars attending Dove Holes Day School had a Christmas Tree.  The articles consisted of writing cases, knives, work boxes, work baskets, dolls and toys of various kinds.  Each scholar received a present according to their attendance.  The children, numbering 220, appeared delighted with their gifts".


February 1892


Feb 14 Samuel MILLS

Feb 17 Lucie Eileen HORSFIELD

Feb 18 May Stewart Robinson McDOUGALL


Feb 1  Robert CHRISTIAN and Fanny ROBINSON

Feb 27 Robert BROOKFIELD and Lettice SHIRT


Feb 1  Rachel SINCLAIR, aged 63 years

Feb 1  Lizzie PARKER, aged 13 days

Feb 5  George William STONE, aged 10 days

Feb 4 Amelia Hannah GREEN, aged 53 years (listed - out of date order)

Feb 6  Elizabeth SWINDELLS, aged 53 years

Feb 14 Samuel HADFIELD, aged 7 months

Feb 14 William HIPPSLEY, aged 25 years

Feb 17 Thomas BRACH, aged 37 years

Feb 18 Elizabeth HEATHCOTT, aged 56 years

Feb 22 Peter CARR, aged 61 years

Feb 24 Edward CHEDZOY, aged 11 months

Feb 27 James GEE, aged 57 years

Feb 27 Annie BARRATT, 19 years

The Vicar acknowledges with thanks the kind gift of Prayer Books for use at Gnathole, from the Misses WILLIAMSON, Warmbrook.

An increased attendance of men to the Wednesday evening services was especially desirable and the newly appointed Curate, Rev. T. Armstrong was to give an address as the Annual Parochial Tea.

Subscriptions promised to Dove Holes School:

Messrs J and T KIRK  5s 0d

Mr GOODWIN             1s 0d

Mr W SHEPLEY           5s 0d

Mr. Jos VERNON         1s 6d

St. Paul's Church, Dove Holes - Offertories:

Jan 31st           6s 1d

Feb 7th            7s 0d

Feb 14th          7s 4d

Feb 21st          6s 0d


March 1892


Feb 10th Mary Stuart Robertson MacDOUGAL (someone had obviously pointed out a missing 'a' in the surname)

Mar 13th Mary LOMAS

Mar 13th Charles Henry YEOMANS

Mar 13th Edith Annie FARMER


Mar 16th Henry BURGESS and Ellen BENNETT

Mar 21st John BEARD and Sarah GREEN

Mar 26th John Robert MILLS and Hannah NICHOLS


Mar 2nd  Ann GODDARD, aged 82years

Mar 3rd   Samuel JACKSON, aged 73 years

Mar 7th   Agnes BROCKLEHURST, aged 16mths

Mar 7th   Edward Leonard BARKER, aged 3years 

Mar 10th Flora GODDARD, aged 22mths

Mar 12th William MELLOR, aged 82 years

Mar 15th Emily Constance GREEN, aged 27 years

Mar 17th Betty LONGDEN, aged 38 years

Mar 19th Thomas LEES, aged 58 years

Mar 19th William SMITH, aged 42 years

Mar 24th Albert SHELTON, aged 7 mths

Mar 27th Harvey JOULE, aged 4 years

Mar 31st Hannah BROUGH, aged 15 months

Mar 31st James OXBROW, aged 23 years

Subscribers this month to the Chapel-en-le-Frith School Fund:-

Joseph BARNES, of Whitehough    3s 0d

William BENNETT, Market Street     2s 6d

Joseph CHAPMAN, Burrfields          1s 0d

Misses GOODMAN, Eccles House  £2

Joseph HALLAM, Draglow                1s 0d

John LOMAS, Chapel Milton            5s 0d

James POTTER, Woodside               8s 0d.

and finally:

Mr. T. SHIRT collected 13s 6d for the Dove Holes Curate Fund


April 1892


Apr 10th Edward HALL

Apr 10th Ernest Potts BROUGH

Apr 10th Arthur ROYLE

Apr 10th Arthur KIRK

Apr 10th Alice KIRK

Apr 10th Emily Cottrill KIRK

Apr 18th Walter Schofield LONGDEN


Apr 16th  Edward Arthur PEEL to Mary Elizabeth HALLAM  

Apr 20th   Walter LINGARD to Mary Emily FERGUSON


Apr 5th  John BUCKINGHAM, aged 53 years

Apr 7th  Elizabeth HALL, aged 37 years

Apr 13th Jane Alice WALTON, aged 4 months

Apr  18th George SHELDON, aged 2 years

Apr  27th John BOND, aged 27 years

Mother's Meeting - held at the Vicarage every Thursday afternoon from 2pm to 3.30pm.  All women who would like to join will be most heartily welcomed, and can bring their own sowing and knitting, or Mrs GIVEN will gladly supply materials to be made up into useful articles for the annual Sale of Work.

The Annual Accounts were published in respect of St Paul's, Dove Holes: 1891-92 

Receipts        £38 17s 10d 

Payments     £38.17s 10d - including Lamp Oil £1 13s. 6d : Organist's salary £6 : Music for the Choir 9s 8d ; Sacramental Wine 6s 0d ; Coal & Coke £6 3s 8d.

From the Special Account payments were made to Mr. Joseph SIMPSON of £5 12s 6d for repairs to the West Wall of Church : to Mr. James BRAMWELL of 16s 6d for repairs to roof.

At the Vestry Meeting the Vicar appointed Mr Joseph HEATHCOTT as his warden at the Parish Church, Chapel'th.

Mr. Moses SIMPSON -  paid his subscription of 5s 0d to the National Schools


MAY 1892


May 8th  Annie Blanche NORTHLY

May 8th  Edith Selina NADIN

May 8th  James Edward CROSSLAND

May 8th  Barbara Skidmore JOWLE

May 8th  Jane Anne BARRATT

May 8th  Mary Emily JACKSON

May 2nd James Herbert TIRRELL

May 2nd George Jocking BROCKLEBANK

No marriages this month


May 9th   Joseph SWINDELLS

May 15th George Thomas BROWNE

May 17th Stephen MORRISON

May 19th Samuel MOTTRAM

May 20th John Joseph COTTRILL

May 23rd George Robert BARBER

No ages given

The Hymn Book "Golden Bells", to be used during the Services, can be obtained at the doors from 3d upwards!


June 1892


June 5th  Florence May FORD

June 5th  Charles ELEMENT

June 5th  Jessie ELEMENT

June 12th Florence Margaret FOX

June 12th Alice May Hannah HADBOND

June 19th Samuel HARTLE

June 26th Thomas HALLAM (Dove Holes)

June 26th Sarah VERNON (Dove Holes)

No marriages again this month


June 1st  Edward HALL, aged 5 months

June 4th  Henry IBBOTSON, aged 26 years

June 6th  Ellen MELLOR, 73 years

June 11th Elizabeth STRONG, aged 69 years

June 14th Elizabeth STORER, aged 79 years

June 18th Wilfred WATSON, aged 30 years

June 18th Thomas SWINDELLS, aged 63 years

June 20th John SHAW, aged 49 years


The method of ringing the bells on Sunday has lately been far from satisfactory.  The ringers attribute this to the fact that two of their number have left.  Can we not remedy this defect by having a set of young men willing to learn, and disposed to give time to practice?  The present ringers are anxious to hear of such. and will willingly give instruction to the beginners.


Sum of about £60 is still required for that object.   4th suggestion put forward was "that certain ladies be requested to collect sums of £5 each".


July 1892


July 10th  Mary LEMAN

July 10th  Edwin NALL

July 10th  Naomi PROCTER

July 10th  Charles HOBBS

July 10th  Cecil HOBBS

MARRIAGES (published with August entries)

July 5th  James FLETCHER and Annie WATTS

July 9th  Isaac LOMAS and Margaret CHORLEY

July 11th Thomas LAVERS and Sarah Jane CROSSLAND


July 5th  Alice HIBBERT, aged 2 years and 6 months

July 6th  Alfred KENNEY, aged 4 days

July13th James KAY, aged 81 years

July 19th Jane BARRATT, aged 64 years

July 28th Nora Annie WIXCEY, aged 5 years

The Offertory for each Church is listed for July:

Parish Church        £15 19s 2d

St Paul's, Dove Holes    £5 19s 9d.


August 1892


Aug 14th  Joseph HALLAM

Aug  14th John HALLAM

Aug  14th Lucy HALLAM

Aug 14th  Frederick Robert LAURA

Aug 14th  Edith SIDEBOTTOM

(Aug 14th  Bertha TOWNSON published with Oct)

For marriages published see July 


Aug 3rd  Mary LONGSON, 72 years

Aug 6th  Samuel SLATER, 14 years

Aug 24th Margaret GOODWIN, aged 83 years

Aug 25th Arthur STEWARD, aged 43 years

Aug 26th John BARTON, aged 70 years

Aug 30th Minnie BAGSHAW, aged 11 months.

An important landmark for those with an interest in St.Paul's, Dove Holes:

Consecration of Dove Holes Churchyard:

In reply to a memorial from the inhabitants, G. KIRK, Esq., has been pleased to consent to the churchyard being consecrated.  The thanks of all who desire the welfare of the church in this district are due to him, as well as J. B. BOYCOTT, Esq., who, in forwarding the memorial, was good enough to use his influence on behalf of the petitioners.  There are funds in the bank, collected by Mr Norman BENNETT, to defray the cost of consecration : the Registrar of the Diocese has been communicated with, and in a few weeks we hope all will be carried out.


 September 1892


Sept 11th  Martha Emily BEARD

Sept 11th  May BENNETT

Sept 11th  Frank STILES

Sept 11th  Sam JONES

Sept 11th  William Henry STONE

Sept 11th  Ethel May STONE


Sept 19th Samuel HADFIELD and Sarah Ann MOORCROFT


Sept 1st  John WESTON, aged 68 years

Sept 9th  Joseph BARNES, aged 82 years

Sept 15th Thomas VERNON, aged 13 years

Sept 16th Samuel VERNON, aged 44 years

Sept 21st Thomas JACKSON, aged 67 years

Sept 22nd Edith JONES, aged 11 years

220 pupils of Dove Holes Day School had their annual treat on Friday 2nd ult.  Tea in the schoolroom; outdoor amusement was prevented by the rain.

How the numbers of children have dropped, but the housing has doubled.


October 1892


Aug 14th  Bertha TOWNSON

Oct 14th  Ida Helen LOMAS

Oct 9th  George William JOULE 

Oct 9th  Florence WHALLEY

Oct 9th  John William WILSHAW


Oct 19th  George Edward HOWARD and Gertrude FORD

Oct 19th  Edmund POTTS and Annie Mary Ellen TUCKER


Oct 4th  Mary WALKER, aged 65 years

Oct 11th Mary LANGWORTH, aged 77 years

Oct 13th Joseph SIMPSON, aged 35 years

Oct 14th William BUCK, aged 49 years

Restoration of the Chancel:

The thanks of the congregation are due to Dr. R. Ottiwell-Gifford BENNETT, Buxton, for defraying the cost of the structural improvements to the East Window, in addition to re-filling it with coloured glass.  This work, which is just completed, adds greatly to the beauty of the Chancel.


November 1892


Nov 13th  Samuel CLUTTON

Nov 13th  Sarah Elizabeth BRAMWELL

Nov 13th  John Edward SHINGLER

Nov 14th  Ernest WILCOCK

Nov 25th  Arthur BARLOW


Nov 14th  George TYE and Sarah Hannah OWEN


Nov 11th  Frank ROYLE, aged 2 months

Nov 12th  Martha STORER, aged 76 years

Nov 14th  Margaret SIMPSON, aged 73 years

Nov 20th  Ann JOULE, aged 73 years

Nov 21st  John EVANS, aged 31 years

Nov 29th  Robert PATON, aged 56 years

Nov 30th  William ROBERTS, aged 39 years.

Church restoration:

By this time, most of our readers will have heard of the generous offer made by the sons of the late Mrs Josiah TAYLOR, of Chapel-en-le-Frith, to place a pulpit in the church to the memory of their mother, a lady whose earnest Christian character caused her to be so deservedly respected and beloved.