Charlesworth Parish Church

 Charlesworth St John`s Parish Church

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15 Jul William WOOTON son of John & Hannah of Broadbottom, blacksmith

15 Jul Elizabeth Ann as above

15 Jul Joseph BENNET son of John & Lavinia of Charlesworth, spinner

15 Jul Charlotte  as above

15 Jul Elizabeth  as above

15 Jul Mary ELKINS dau of John & Jane of Charlesworth, spinner

22 Jul Harriett Anne HIGTON dau of William & Harriett of New Mills, collier

26 Sep Nancy Booth BUTTERWORTH dau of Henshaw & Anne of London, grocer

14 Nov Joshua William TUCK son of Joshua & Lucy of Charlesworth, lab.

14 Nov Fanny Elizabeth  as above

14 Nov James Henry  as above

14 Nov John Joseph   as above

18 Nov John Charles SHORE son of Anne of Long Lane

21 Nov Sarah Jane ARMFIELD dau of John & Martha of New York [Charlesworth], carder

22 Nov Hannah SLATER dau of Samuel & Alice of Broadbottom , lab. born 4 Dec 1845

22 Nov Thomas as above born 17 Mar 1849

22 Nov James as above born 27 Mar 1852

22 Nov Elizabeth as above born 22 Jan 1854

22 Nov Alfred as above born 20 Jul 1857

22 Nov George Edward as above born 31 Jan 1860

15 Dec Joseph WILD son of John & Anne of Simmondley, carter?

16 Dec Jane WOOD dau of Thomas & Grace of Gamesley, lab.

16 Dec Martha SIDEBOTHAM of Hill End

30 Dec Sarah Jane COOPER dau of Thomas & Mary of Charlesworth, mechanic


6 Jan John CADE son of Job & Frances of Dukinfield, smith

17 Mar Henry GREENWOOD son of Henry & Mary of  Marple, grinder deceased

17 Mar Jane SMITH dau of of Joseph & Jane of Marple, spinner

25 Mar Mary Elizabeth Bestwick CLAYTON dau of Samuel & Sarah Anne of Crescent, Mottram, lab.

31 Mar Mary SCHOLES dau of John & Susanna of Marple, spinner

19 May Janice? GREEN dau of Proctor & Rebecca of White-haven, sea man

4 Aug Mary Ellen TAYLOR dau of John & Martha of Glossop, coach - man

18 Aug Mary Ellen CLEGG dau of Daniel & Sarah Ann of Broadbottom, spinner

24 Nov Mary Anne ROBINSON dau of Jonas & Sarah of Simmondley, spinner

15 Dec Mary Elizabeth SMITH dau of Harriet of Hague, Mottram


1 May Anne BURDEKIN dau of George & Elizabeth of Woodseats, mechanic


19 Nov 1851 Robert RAMSDALE of full age, bachelor, innkeeper  of York son of  John, innkeeper & Emma BELL of full age spinster of Charlesworth, dau of  Richard, grocer By Licence

17 Mar 1852  Isaac ROWBOTTOM aged 22, bachelor, stone mason of Charlesworth  son of Joseph, stone mason & Mary PEARSON aged 22 spinster, weaver of  Compstall dau of  Eli, shoe maker by Banns

15 Mar 1853 William KENDALL aged 45?, bachelor, overseer of the poor of Embsay, Yks son of John labourer & Mary MASON aged 40 spinster of Bank Wood dau of William, farmer.  By Licence

20 Apr 1853 William SMITH aged 21, bachelor, labourer of Rosegrave son of  David, labourer & Frances HIGGINS aged 24, spinster of Charlesworth dau of Thomas, labourer By Banns

7 Sep 1853 Samuel THORNELY aged 23, bachelor, labourer of Chisworth son of Richard, shoemaker & Harriet BOOTH aged 23, spinster, winder of Whitfield dau of James, mason By Banns

16 Jan 1854 Eli THORNLY, aged 29, bachelor, collier of Charlesworth son of Richard, shoemaker & Mary Ann CHORLTON aged 34 spinster, winder of Mottram dau of John, block cutter By Banns

25 Dec 1856 Nathaniel OLDHAM aged 23 bachelor, collier of Gamesley son of Joseph, farmer & Maria LOWE aged 25 spinster, warper of Lee Head dau of  James, carter By Banns

24 Sep 1857 John BRADBURY aged 32 bachelor, clothier of  Saddleworth, Yks. son of Chas., clothier & Mary BOOTH aged 28 spinster of Charlesworth dau of James, machine maker Licence

11 Mar 1858 Joseph BENNETT aged 44 widower, blacksmith of Charlesworth son of William, blacksmith & Mary SHAW aged 36 spinster of Charter St. Manchester dau of John, farmer By Banns

29 Aug 1858 John SMITH aged 22 bachelor, weaver of Glossop son of Isaac, (occupation illegible) & Hannah BRADBURY aged 21 spinster, weaver of Hopberet? dau of William, butcher. By Banns