1838 Fernilee Poor Rate

1838 Fernilee Assessment of the Value of Land, Houses etc.in order to determine the poor rate payable

I am grateful to Joyce Winfield for making this source available.

The Rate was made 30th June 1838 and the Overseers for the Poor were Philip OLLERENSHAW and Ralph MORTEN.  The Rate was made by Philip HORROBIN.

The assessment was in two parts.  The first 51 entries are mainly land assessments although there were often houses as well.  The second set of entries - 61 - are mainly houses although a couple had land as well.  In order to create an index of Owners & Occupiers I have added an L to the first set of entries and an H to the others.  Land is measured in acres, rods (or roods) & perches.  The assessment is in £. s. d..