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My thanks to Jennie Hudson for most of the census entries & Mike Spencer for the others

Listed as Badgers, Swailers, Hucksters or Drovers obtaining licences from the Justices of the Peace. 

John MANISON Castleton in 1755


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18 Apr George THORNHILL son of George of Castleton (Chapel, Dby)


24 Feb Micah HOW of Castleton (Hathersage, Dby)


13 Jun William HOWE Morton of Samuel and Jinny of Castleton, chandler (Ashford in the Water, Dby)

1 Aug George NUTTALL son of Thomas & Elizabeth of Castleton p., labourer born 18 Feb (Mellor, Dby)


28 May Peter HOWE of Samuel and Jinny Castleton. chandler (Ashford in the Water, Dby)


12 May Edward FLETCHER son of Francis & Mary of Losehill (Peak Forest, Dby)


14 Dec Sarah BRIDDOCK illegit. dau of Mary BRIDDOCK of Castleton, servant & Rowland WINTERBOTHAM (Peak Forest, Dby)


27 Jan James FLETCHER son of James & Mary of Losehill(Peak Forest, Dby)


18 Nov Francis FLETCHER son of James & Grace of Loosehill (Peak Forest, Dby)


16 Apr Betty POTTER dau of John & Sarah of Castleton, farmer (Chapel, Dby)


28 Jan Phyllis Irene HOWE dau of Ann & James Robert of Town Head, Castleton, railway employee born 15 Dec 1899 (Chapel, Dby)



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20? Dec Mary HILTON wife of Samuel (a stranger) & dau of Richard WARHURST of Losill (Peak Forest, Dby)


16 Jan Elizth WILLSON of Castleton, Dby (Disley, Chs)


4 Sep Old Ann WARHURST of Losehill (Peak Forest, Dby)


18 Feb Young Jared STORY died at Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)


21 Sep Elisabeth BEVERSLEY wife of Thomas from Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)


7 Sep Millicent OLLERENSHAW dau of Mary of Castleton (Hathersage, Dby)

26 Nov Betty HOWE of Castleton wife of Robert (Hathersage, Dby)


18 Jan Mary DEAKIN dau of  Elias & Ann of Castleton, Dby died 16 Jan aged 4 of Smallpox (Marple, Chs)


26 May Nanny DEAKIN of Castleton, Dby wife of Elias died 25 May aged 44 of a fever (Marple, Chs)

1810 (top)

19 May Sally FLETCHER dau of Hannah & Francis of Losehill (Peak Forest, Dby)


14 Nov Isaac son of Geo ELLIOT of Castleton aged 7 (Hope, Dby)


9 Apr Thomas BEVERLY of Castleton aged 73 (Pek Forest, Dby)


30 Jun Hannah FRANCE dau of Jonathan & Hannah of Ludworth late of Castleton aged 54y (Mellor, Dby)


23 Apr James VAUX of Castleton, Dby aged 10 months - Pg 289, Entry 2305 (Prestbury, Dby)


26 Feb Sarah FLETCHER of Castleton infant (Peak Forest, Dby)

11 Mar Mary WINTERBOTHAM of Castleton aged 34y (Marple, Chs)


10 May Rhoda B E WINTERBOTTOM of Castleton aged 15y (Marple, Chs)


9 Sep Thomas CROWDER of Castleton aged 28 (Fairfield, Dby)


29 May Richard illeg. of Ann GARLICK of Castleton aged 2m (Wormhill, Dby)

1851 (top)

5 Feb Martha NALL of Castleton (from) Union Workhouse aged 64 (Chapel, Dby)

16 Mar Charlotte HALL of Castleton (from) Union Workhouse aged 23 (Chapel, Dby)

2 Apr Harriett THORPE of Castleton (from) Union Workhouse aged 23 (Chapel, Dby)

24 Sep Martha NEEDHAM of Castleton (from) Union Workhouse aged 23 (Chapel, Dby)


18 Jun Sarah SHALLCROSS of Castleton aged 24 (Chapel, Dby)

25 Dec Ellen SHALLCROSS of Castleton aged 30 (Chapel, Dby)


21 Feb Ann SHALLCROSS of Castleton aged 19 (Chapel, Dby)

24 Feb Jane TAYLOR of Castleton aged 50 (Peak Forest, Dby)


1 Jul Hannah SHALLCROSS of Castleton aged 61 (Chapel, Dby)


12 Mar Peter Arnold KIRK of Castleton aged 2 (Chapel, Dby)

1860 (top)

12 Mar Robert HART of Castleton (from) Union Workhouse aged 42 (Chapel, Dby)

28 Mar Henry SLADE of Castleton (from) Union Workhouse aged 63 (Chapel, Dby)

3 Dec John FLETCHER of Castleton aged 68 (Peak Forest, Dby)


3 Mar Elizabeth BEVERLEY of Castleton aged 81 (Peak Forest, Dby)


8 Mar Thomas BENNETT of Pinder Hill, Castleton no age given (Chapel, Dby)

1871 (top)

16 Jan Joseph BENNETT of Castleton aged 71 (Chapel, Dby)


21 Jun Charlotte BENNETT of Castleton aged 73 (Chapel, Dby)


26 Mar Peter KIRK of Castleton aged 65 (Chapel, Dby)


10 Jan Jabz BIRD of Castleton aged 28 (Chapel, Dby)   (top)


In St Cuthbert's Cemetery, Governors Bay (near Lyttelton, the port for Christchurch), New Zealand

Decima HALL d 14 Jan 1887 age 86 late of Castleton, High Peak, Derbyshire. Also Samuel

HALL, late of High Peak, Derbyshire, d 7 Oct 1897 age 61. Also his sister Rachel, wife of

William COWLIN, d 8 Jan 1900, age 60. 


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22 June Thomas BAGSHAW otp & Mary RIDGWAY of Sadwell at Castleton (Chapel, Dby)


9 Jun Henry CARTWRIGHT & Martha BARBER of Castleton (Stockport St Mary`s, Chs)


7 Nov Jonathan CARRINGTON & Ellen WARD (Prestbury, Chs)


2 Aug Robert FRENCH of Castleton p. & Elizabeth ASHTON (Norton, Dby)


18 Apr John TYMME & Sarah HAWSWORTH of Castleton (Hayfield, Dby)

1710/11 (top)

13 Feb George WRIGHT & Ellin ASHTON of Castleton p. (Chapel, Dby)


12 Jan Benjamin HALL of Castleton p. & Margeret HARRISON of Tideswall p. (Tideswell, Dby)


17 Dec Joseph TYMM of Castleton p. & Mariane ROYLE (Hayfield, Dby)


19 May Charles KYRKE of the parish of Castleton & Eve FAR otp (Chapel, Dby)

16 Dec Richard BAGSHAW of Sheffield & Jane HALL of Castleton (Norton, Dby)


30 Aug Francis STAYLEY of Castleton p. & Alice HEATHCOT of Taxal p. (Chapel, Dby)

11 Nov Joseph HALL of Castleton, Dby & Elizebeth MADDOCK by licence (Rochdale, Lan)


12 Apr John NALL, miner & Mary WHITEKERS (Prestbury, Chs)

27 Sep John MOULT & Mary EYRE of Castleton p. (Chapel, Dby)

27 Nov Robert LOMAS & Elnor HALL of Castleton (Chapel, Dby)


17 Feb Elias KINDER of Castleton p. & Anne HADFEILD of Hope p. Licence (Chapel, Dby)


21 Aug Edale, Castleton p. Thomas EYRE yeoman & Sarah MELLOR of Macclesfield Park licence, from Macclesfield   (Prestbury, Chs)


28 Jan Joseph JACKSON & Elizabeth BRAMHALL of Castleton p. (Hasyfield, Dby)

1735/6 (top)

12 Feb Jno BARBER of Castleton p & Mary MORTIN otp (Chapel, Dby)


8 Jan John KNOWLS of Castleton p. & Elizabeth GODDARD of Chapel p. (Chapel, Dby)


7 Jul Joseph HIDE of Castleton p & Eleanor HALL otp (Chapel, Dby)


22 Nov Benjamin BRAMMAL of Castleton & Sarah LOMAS otp (Chapel, Dby)


24 May William HYDE of Castleton & Ann MARSHALL of Stockport (Stockport St Mary`s, Chs)

22 Sep Ellis NEEDHAM of Castleton, Dby & Elizabeth DODGE of Stockport, Chs (Marple, Chs)

14 Dec  James HALL of Castleton & Mary BULLOCK of Macclesfield lic.  (Prestbury, Chs)


1 Jun Isaack  EYRE aged 24y & Batrice PARAMORE of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)           

12 Jun Robert HILL & Mary LONGDEN of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)

12 Jul Thomas ANDREW of Hope & Elizabeth HALL of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)       

24 Sep Matthew NALL & Judy NALL of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)            


16 Aug John HALL & Ann DAKIN of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)

5 Sep Thomas HOLME of Castleton & Mary HOLLAND of Presbury (Peak Forest, Dby)

27 Dec Thomas FROST & Alice ROISE of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)          


22 Jun Robert HALL & Mary LOWE of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)

1749/50 (top)

7 Mar John MORTEN of Castleton & Elizabeth WIDDOWSON of Chesterfield (Peak Forest, Dby)   


2 Jul John HADFIELD of Castleton & Martha BRADLEY (Peak Forest, Dby)


31 Mar Daniel ROSE & Elizabeth BULLOCK of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)  

6 Apr James BULLOCK of Castleton & Mary JOWLE of Smalldale, Forest (Peak Forest, Dby)      

-- Apr John EYRE & Mary NALL of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)

9 Apr Thomas NOWELL of Castleton & Martha COOPER of Edale (Peak Forest, Dby)

13 Apr Edmund HOWE & Elizabeth HALL of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)       


14 Feb Robert BRADSHAW & Margaret HOLT of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)                    

4 May Elias EYRE of Castleton & Anna MACHON of Balbor (Peak Forest, Dby)               

24 Jun Andrew HYDE of Castleton & Mary ELLIOTT of Hathersage (Peak Forest, Dby)

1 Aug Thomas HADFIELD & Elizabeth ROSE of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)

28 Aug Elias NEEDHAM & Martha MARSHALL of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)             

29 Aug John NALL & Sarah HATFIELD of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)

18 Oct George BRADSHAW & Hannah ROYSE of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)

19 Oct John SLATER of Castleton & Elizabeth GREGORY of Hope (Peak Forest, Dby)          


15 Jan John SIDEBOTHAM & Ann BRADBURY of Castleton (Peak Forest, Dby)

7 Apr Samuel ASHTON butcher of Castleton and Anne FRITH sp. Lic. (Eyam, Dby)

21 Nov John NALL of Castleton & Ellen SLATER of Peak Forest (Peak Forest, Dby)


18 Apr John NELSON aged 31 of Castleton & Ann WRIGHT aged 24 of Peak Forest (Peak Forest, Dby)


15 May Joshua ROSE, miner of Castleton & Martha HILL of Peak Forest Wit: Edward Lomas; Joseph Ward (Peak Forest, Dby)


27 May? John HILL, miner of Peak Forest & Mary SLATE of Castleton p. Licence Wit: Joseph Ward; William Hill (Peak Forest, Dby)


17 Jan Samuel HOWE of Castleton p. & Elizabeth WRIGHT of Peak Forest Licence Wit: Joseph Ward; Robert How (Peal Forest, Dby)


12 Jan Joseph HALLAM of Castleton & Elizabeth LOMMAS otp by Licence (Glossop, Dby)


12 Nov John SLATE of Castleton p. & Hannah BROADHURST of Peak Forest Wit: Joseph Ward; John Barker (Peak Forest, Dby)


9th Feb William DAKIN of Castleton & Eliza. SELLERS (Darley Dale, Dby)

1773 (top)

17 Apr John PLATT husbandman of Castleton p. & Sarah LOMAS otp (Chapel, Dby)


29 May Thomas MARSHALL husbandman of Castleton p. & Betty SENIOR otp Wit: Dan: ...pson; Benjamin Marshall (Chapel, Dby)


14 Nov Benjamin FERNN of Castleton p. & Ruth WALL alias WHITE of Peak Forest Wit: Mark Rowe; Wm Winterbotham (Peak Forest, Dby)


7 May Isaac HALL, inn keeper of Castleton p. & Mary HARTLE of Peak Forest Licence Wit: Richard Cresswell; Wm Winterbotham (Peak Forest, Dby)


16 Feb Robert BAGSHAW shoemaker otp & Nancy ROWBOTHAM of Castleton p. Licence Wit: Henry Bagshaw; Nathaniel Rowbotham (Chapel, Dby)


6 Mar 1787 John BARBER tailor of Castleton p & Jenney WOOLISCROFT of Macclesfield cert. (Prestbury, Chs)


31 Dec Samuel EYRE of Castleton p. & Mary WATS of Peak Forest Wit: Richard? Hartle; Wm Winterbotham (Peak Forest, Dby)


15 Feb James POTT of Castleton p. & Mary ASHMORE otp Licence Wit: William Ward; Joseph Hall (Chapel, Dby)

1805 (top)

20 Feb George WATTS of Peak Forest & Ann ROSE of Castleton p. Licence Wit: Joseph Ward; Edwd Winterbotham (Peak Forest, Dby)

9 May John GEE otp & Mary CARRINGTON of Castleton p. Licence Wit: James Carrington; Robert Carrington (Glossop, Dby)


1 Jul Abraham HADFIELD otp & Alice HADFIELD of Castleton p. Wit: William Longden; Charles Winterbottom (Glossop. Dby)


15 Feb Joseph HADFIELD farmer of Castleton p. & Hannah BIGGS wid. otp Licence Wit: Catherine Bagshaw; Robt Holdgate (Chapel, Dby)


27 Mar John TAYLOR of Peak Forest & Mary SHALLCROSS of Castleton p. Licence Wit: Isaac Royse; Anthony Shallcross (Peak Forest, Dby)


10 Mar Benjamin WILSON of Castleton & Sarah HALL of Glossop p. Wit: Samuel Lowe (Glossop, Dby)  


4 Nov John SHIRT of Castleton p. & Ann GEE otp a minor with consent of father John GEE Licence Wit: William Tym; Sarah Gee (Glossop, Dby)  


7 Aug Isaac COCKS of Castleton p. & Elizabeth HILL of Peak Forest Licence Wit: Mary Hill; James Cocks (Peak Forest, Dby)


6 Feb Isaac SIDEBOTTOM Bachelor of Castleton & Ruth HOWE Spinster of Glossop By Licence Witnesses: James Howe; Robert Winterbottom (Glossop. Dby)  

13 Jul Thomas Moult TYM minor of Castleton p. with consent of his Guardian & Grace BARNES of Glossop p. Licence Wit: Emaunuel Tym; Joseph Broadhurst (Glossop, Dby)

1842? NB register says forty but fits with forty two

27 Jan Joseph ASHTON of Castleton & Hannah HILL of Peak Forest Licence Wit: James Oakes; Marina Hill (Peak Forest, Dby) 

1856 (top)

8 Sep William Henry BARBER of full age, shoemaker of Castleton son of Edward, twine spinner & Ellen HADFIELD of full age of Hayfield dau of Robert, lead miner Wit: Thomas Wild; Joseph Barber (Hayfield, Dby)


20 Jun James EYRE aged 38, cattle dealer of Castleton son of James, tailor & Hannah BAGSHAW aged 25 of Middle Crossings dau of George, book keeper Licence Wit: Thos Eyre; Mary Turner (Chapel, Dby)


25 Apr William Marshall LONGDEN aged 26, farmer of Castleton son of Jonathan, stone mason & Hannah FLETCHER aged 25 of Chapel dau of Francis, farmer Wit: Francis Fletcher; Annie Fletcher (Chapel, Dby)


1851 Census for Warwickshire

Surname of stray: A    G

Census Place: Kingsbury Tamworth, Warwickshire Address: Dosthill House, Tamworth

Ralph ARMFIELD Serv aged 15 Footman born Castleton-DBY


Census Place: Ryton Upon Dunsmore Rugby, Warwickshire Address: ---, Ryton on Dunsmore

Thomas GLOVER Head Mar aged 57 Inland Revenue Officer born Barton-Nth

Mary GLOVER Wife Mar aged 67 Inland Revenue Officer Wife born Castleton-Dby

Frances H. GLOVER Daur aged 14 born Rawmarsh-Yks

Edward GLOVER Son aged 6 born Solihull-War


1861 Census

RG9/2573 Dist 4 Bosden F47 P32 Sch 168 14 Nelson St.

Benjamin FORD Nephew Unm aged 17 Cotton Rapper? born Dby Chapel

  in h/hold Joseph DOUGHTY Head Mar aged 60 Blacksmith born Dby Buxton

Ann DOUGHTY Wife Mar aged 54 born Dby Castleton

plus 6 children born Chs Disley & a grandson born Chs Bosden 


1881 Census

Surname of stray:  A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z

Census Place: Arlecdon, Cumberland, England Dwelling: Parkgate

James ARMSFIELD Head aged 60 General Dealer born Castleton, Derby

Hannah ARMSFIELD Wife aged 49 born Dalton, Lancashire

Ralph ARMSFIELD Son aged 26 Iron Miner born Dalton, Lancashire

Jemima ARMSFIELD Daur aged 14 Servt born Dalton, Lancashire

Elizabeth ARMSFIELD Daur aged 11 born Arlecdon, Cumberland

Sarah J. ARMSFIELD Daur aged 7 born Arlecdon, Cumberland


Census Place: Battersea, Surrey, England Dwelling: 183 Battersea Park Rd

Margaret CHARTRES Head Wid aged 51 born Pontypool, Monmouth Occ: Coffee House Keeper

Henry BARBER Board Unm aged 31 born Castleton, Derby Occ: Excavator


Census Place: Chatham, Kent, England Institution: "Chatham & Adjacent Barracks" Chatham Kent

John BARKER Unm aged 21 born Castleton, Derby Occ:Private 53 Foot


Census Place: Charlton Next Woolwich, Kent, England Vessel: "Brilliant"

E. DUCK Unm aged 17 born Castleton, Derby Occ: O Seaman

Census Place: St Pancras, London, Middlesex, England Dwelling: 8 Ampton St

James Thomas BOARD Head Mar aged 58 born Shepton Mallet, Somerset Occ: Carpenter

John HALL Lodger Unm aged 22 born Castleton, Derby Occ: Articled Clerk


Census Place: Barnard Castle, Durham, England Dwelling: Market Place

Robert N. HOPKINSON Head Mar aged 43 born Castleton, Derby Occ: Bank Manager

Eliza M. HOPKINSON Wife Mar aged 35 born Scarbro, York

Rhoda M. HOPKINSON Daur aged 9 born Darlington, Durham

Charles W. HOPKINSON Son aged 7 born Darlington, Durham

Nora HOPKINSON Daur aged 3 born Darlington, Durham


Census Place: Portsmouth, Hampshire, England Dwelling: Southsea Common Old Guard House

William HUDSON Head Mar aged 30 born Castleton, Derby Occ: Corporal Royal Artillery

Emily HUDSON Wife Mar aged 29 born Maidstone, Kent


Census Place: Edmonton, Middlesex, England Dwelling: Vicars Moor Lane

Henry POPE Head Mar aged 36 born Castleton, Derby Occ: Architect

Emily POPE Wife Mar aged 36 born Compton, Bedford

Thos. W. H. POPE Son aged 8 born St Pancras, Middlesex Occ: Scholar

Richard H. POPE Son 6 months born Winchmore Hill, Middlesex


Census Place: Bermondsey, Surrey, England Dwelling: 63 Fort Rd

Alfred POTTS Head Mar aged 33 born Stockport, Cheshire Occ: Railway Clerk

Emily POTTS Wife Mar aged 35 born Castleton, Derby


Census Place: Lewes All Sts, Sussex, England Dwelling: 9 Friars Walk

Charles ROBINSON Head Mar aged 48 born Hope, Derby Occ: Schoolmaster

Anne ROBINSON Wife Mar aged 40 born Castleton, Derby

(also on Hope)


Census Place: Stranton, Durham, England Dwelling: 14 Knowles St

John VERNON Head Mar aged 39 born Sheffield Occ: Ship Yd Boiler Smith

Emma VERNON Wife Mar aged 39 born Castleton, Derby

Flora VERNON Daur aged 9 born Middlesbro

John H. VERNON Son aged 6 born Manchester

Elydenna E. VERNON Daur aged 4 born Whitby