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From Gamekeepers Register

1 Jul 1789 Geo HINCHCLIFFE of Hathersage at Hathersage & Upper Padley


22 Feb 1627/8 Elizabeth MAUNSFEILD/HADFEILD dau of Arthur Maunsfeild of Brookfield, Hathersage p., Dby Illegitimate (Glossop, Dby)

23 May 1763 John HOCKWORTH son of William of Hatersage p. (Chapel, Dby)

9 Apr 1826 John THORPE son of Anne THORPE, spinster of Derwent, Athersage p. & Benjamin TWIGG, farmer of Bradfield Dale, Yks - reputed father - illegitimate child born 16 Mar 1826 (Disley, Chs)

10 Mar 1832 Alice of Geo and Ann PRIESTLEY, labourer of Overstones, Hathersage (Derwent, Dby)

8 Aug 1858 Martha of Thomas and Hannah FOX of  Hathersage, lab (Derwent, Dby)

27 Jul 1862 Sarah Alice of Geo and Sophia PRIESTLEY of Green House, Hathersage, farmer (Derwent, Dby) (top)


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21 Nov Edmund BARBER of Hathersage p. & Tamar WHITE of Tideswell p. (Tideswell, Dby)


7 Dec Thomas ELLIOTT & Ann EYRE of Bamforth (Peak Forest, Dby)


13 Jan  John MIDDLETON & Ann ROBINSON of Hathersage p. (Peak Forest, Dby)

4 Feb George CROSLAND & Margret SLINN of Hathersage p. (Peak Forest, Dby)


9 Jul William MILLARD of Hathersage & Elizabeth POTTER of Taxall (Taxal, Chs)

31 Dec Benjamin THORP of Hathersage p. & Ann STEPHESON otp (Chapel, Dby)


7 Aug John SADLER & Elizabeth FRITH of Hathersage (Duffield, Dby)

1740 (top)

4 Sep Thomas HALLAM of Haddersage & Elizth BURDEKIN of Stockport (Stockport St. Mary`s, Chs)


14 Jul Samuel KIRK otp & Ruth GREAVS of Hathersage p. (Chapel, Dby)


10 Apr Ambrose MARSDEN of Bradfield & Sarah LATHER of Hathersage (Peak Forest, Dby)          

27 Aug John POINTIN & Mary LITTLEWOOD of Hathersage (Peak Forest, Dby)        

14 Sep Valentine FURNACE & Grace TOOTHILL of Hathersage (Peak Forest, Dby)

1 Jul John OGDEN of Hathersage & Jane BAGGELY of Bakewell (Peak Forest, Dby)            

1750/1 (top)

26 Feb John EATON of Eyam & Ruth BAGGERLEY of Hathersage (Peak Forest, Dby) 


7? Apr Benjamin HALLAM of Hathersage & Grace WINAR both of Stockport (or WINARBOTH of Stockport) (Peak Forest, Dby)

12 May Edmund HARDY & Mary WILSON of Hathersage (Peak Forest, Dby)


2 Nov William EYRE & Ellen FURNACE of Hope or Hathersage (sic) (Peak Forest, Dby)              


24 May John MORTEN of Hathersage & Mary MAYCOCK of Sheffield (Peak Forest, Dby)

24 Jun Andrew HYDE of Castleton & Mary ELLIOTT of Hathersage (Peak Forest, Dby)

6 Aug John WYATT of Eyam & Ann CELLARS of Hathersage (Peak Forest, Dby)


24 Feb Henry FLETCHER of Eyam & Catherine CHENEY of Hathersage (Peak Forest, Dby)


15 Nov Thomas BROWN, farmer of Hathersage p. & Hannah SHIRT of Peak Forest Wit: Joseph Ward; Joseph Cooper (Peak Forest, Dby)


30 Nov Robert NAYLOR and Elizabeth WHITE of Hathersage Banns (Eyam, Dby)

1763 (top)

31 Jul George THORNHILL of Hathersage p. & Elizabeth ELLIS of Peak Forest Wit: Jesse Longden; Joseph Ward (Peak Forest, Dby)


22 Jan John TORR husbandman and Jenavarah WILLCOCKSON of Hathersage, spinster Banns (Eyam, Dby)


30 May Joseph HARRIS of Hathersage husbandman and Frances TURNER Banns (Eyam, Dby)


17 Jun Benjamin FURNACE baker and Hellen HALLAM of Hathersage spinster Lic. (Eyam, Dby)

1777 (top)

10 Feb Edward POTT husbandman otp & Elizabeth THORPE of Hathersage p. Wit: Thomas Marshall; John Walker (Chapel, Dby)


27 Oct John GARLICK of Hathersage & Sarah SMITH aged 19 with consent of parents by licence (Matlock, Dby)


25 Jan Thomas FROGGATT of Stoney Middleton, Hathersage p. & Hannah STIRLING (Matlock, Dby)


4 Feb Robert WILD miner of Hathersage p. & Nancy BAGSHAW widow otp Wit: Richard Bale?; John Grundy (Chapel, Dby)


11 Dec James WAINWRIGHT of Hathersage p. & Hannah WILSON otp Licence  Wit: John Middleton; George Bramwell (Chapel, Dby)

1809 (top)

27 Jun James SHUTTLEWORTH of Hathersage Esq. & Elizabeth HEATH by licence (Norton, Dby)


4 Apr Joseph TAYLOR of Hathersage and Mary ALLEN (Youlgreave, Dby)


12 Dec Abraham HOWE of Hathersage and Ann FOX otp  Licence Wit: Richard Burgon; Adam Fox junr. (Chapel, Dby) 


21 Aug James PARKER clerk of Hathersage p. & Elizabeth GRUNDY otp Licence Wit: John Parker, clerk; Geo Bramwell (Chapel, Dby)


Nov/Dec Alfred ROWARTH of Bamford p. & Margaret FLETCHER otp (from Banns book Peak Forest, Dby)




4 Jun William CRICHLOE of Hatharsadge parish who came to a fair in this town was stricken with a horse and dyed and was buried in the churchyard (Chapel, Dby)


29 Jan Richard WRIGHT son of Benjamin, blacksmith of Hathersage p. (Chapel, Dby)


15 May Elizabeth LOFTUS widow of William of Hathersage (Bakewell, Dby)


19 Jun William HIBBERSON of New Inn, Hathersage parish aged 45 (Chapel, Dby)


24 Sep Samuel HARRISON of Hathersage aged 49 (Dronfield, Dby)


17 Mar Samuel WALKER Fox House, Hathersage 54 (Tideswell, Dby)

24 Jun Elizabeth NUTTALL dau of Thomas & Elizabeth of Hathersage aged 9y (Mellor, Dby)

29 Jun Ann OUTRAM of Hathersage aged 14m (Eyam, Dby)


20 Jul Henry BAGSHAW of Hillfoot Bar, Hathersage p. aged under 1 (Hope, Dby)


21 Feb William HILL of Sundial late of Hathersage aged 65y (Mellor, Dby)


8 Jul Esther DAKIN of Hathersage aged 49 (Elton, Dby)


2 Dec Thomas HIBBERT of Hathersage aged 58 (Taddington, Dby)

15 Dec Ann RYMER of Bamford aged 52 (Castleton Dby)


28 Apr Joseph BARTON of Hathersage aged 32 (Dronfield, Dby)


20 May Thomas POYNTON of Hathersage (from) Union Workhouse aged 79 (Chapel, Dby)


15 Aug Martha SWANN of Hathersage aged 78 (Peak Forest, Dby)


24 Nov Ann YEARDLEY of Hathersage aged 68 (Society of Friends, Bakewell, Dby)


18 Jul John YEARDLEY of Hathersage aged 75 (Society of Friends, Bakewell, Dby)


1851 Census

F136 P11 Sch 47 Address Spring Bank, New Mills

Elizabeth WILSON Unm Serv aged 18 House Servant born Dby Hathersage

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1881 Census

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Census Place: Maidstone, Kent, England Dwelling: Kent County Lunatic Asylum Barming Heath

George APPLEYARD Mar aged 45 born Wakefield, York Rel: Clerk & Steward (Head) Occ: Clerk & Steward In Asylum

Jane APPLEYARD Wife Mar aged 45 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: Housewife

Sarah Jane APPLEYARD Daur Unm aged 19 born Wakefield, York

Lily APPLEYARD Daur aged 12 born Wakefield, York Occ: Scholar

Kate APPLEYARD Daur 8 born Maidstone, Kent Occ: Scholar


Census Place: Lambeth, Surrey, England Dwelling: 93 Lower Tulse Hill

Samuel COCKER Head Mar aged 58 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: General Merchant

Margaret COCKER Wife Mar aged 65 born Manchester, Lancashire

Percy HOWARD Nephew Wid aged 34 born Stalybridge, Lancashire Occ: Diamond Merchant (Goldsmith)


Census Place: Bromley, London, Middlesex, England Dwelling: 21 Knapp R

Robert H. CRESSWELL Head Mar aged 29 born Hathersage, Derby Occ:Railway Clerk

Sarah CRESSWELL Wife Mar aged 28 born Boston, Lincoln Occ: Ry Clerks Wife

William E. CRESSWELL Son aged 11 born Hatfield, York Occ: Scholar

Annie R. CRESSWELL Daur aged 5 born Hatfield, York Occ: Scholar

Edith A. CRESSWELL Daur aged 4 born Hatfield, York Occ: Scholar


Census Place: Plumstead, Kent, England Dwelling: 3 Garden Cottages Red Lion Lane

James DAVIS Head Mar aged 40 born Madley, Hereford Occ: Driver Rl Art (Sldr)

Mary DAVIS Wife Mar aged 25 born Hathersage, Derby

Sidney G. DAVIS Son aged 1 born Plumstead, Kent


Census Place: Heeley, York, England Dwelling: 288 Gleadless Road

William FOX Head aged 36 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: Farmer

Sarah Maria FOX Wife aged 39 born East Marham, Nottingham

Charles William FOX Son aged 11 born Hathersage, Derby

Robert FOX Son aged 8 born Hathersage, Derby

Elizabeth FOX Daur aged 6 born Hathersage, Derby

William FOX Son aged 4 born Heeley, York

Edith Mary FOX Daur aged 3 months born Heeley, York

Mary LINGARD Serv 17 born Chapel En Le Frith, Derby Occ: Domestic Servant


Census Place: Poplar, London, Middlesex, England Dwelling: 9 Bath Street

Seth FRITH Head Mar aged 24 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: Ships Register Clerk

Emily FRITH Wife Mar aged 24 born Stepney, Middlesex

Alfred FRITH Son aged 1 born Poplar, Middlesex


Census Place: West Ham, Essex, England Dwelling: Boleyn Rd Augusta Villa

William H. FUTH Head Mar aged 26 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: Engine Driver Sugar Refinery

Sarah E. FUTH Wife Mar aged 25 born Hoxton, Middlesex

Lilian N.S. FUTH Daur aged 1 born Forest Gate, Essex


Census Place: Edmonton, Middlesex, England Dwelling: Lower Fore St

Sarah LENNARD Head Wid aged 60 born Aston-Cum-Aughton, York Occ: Income From Land Houses & Dividends

Sarah A. GARLICK Serv Unm aged 22 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: Housemaid (DS)


Census Place: Burnham, Buckingham, England Dwelling: Kings Head

William GOODY Head Mar aged 37 born Liverpool, Lancashire Occ: Licensed Victualler & Market Gardener

Hannah M. GOODY Wife Mar aged 38 born Hathersage, Derby

Emily GOODY Daur aged 14 born Fulham, Middlesex Occ: Scholar

Harry GOODY Son aged 11 born Sunningdale, Berkshire Occ: Scholar

Caroline GOODY Daur aged 9 born Langley, Buckingham Occ: Scholar

Elizabeth GOODY Daur aged 7 born Wargrave, Berkshire Occ: Scholar

Mary GOODY Daur aged 2 born Burnham, Buckingham

Violet GOODY Daur 10 months born Burnham, Buckingham


Census Place: South Newington, Oxford, England Dwelling: Cottage

William H. GREAVES Head Mar aged 50 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: Annuitant

Mary GREAVES Wife Mar aged 45 born Chaslington, Oxford

Mary E. GREAVES Daur aged 10 born Banbury, Oxford Occ:Scholar

Ralph H. GREAVES Son aged 7 born South Newington, Oxford Occ:Scholar


Census Place: Ebchester, Durham, England Dwelling: Shaw Lane Cottages

John HALE Head Unm aged 45 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: Railway Signalman


Census Place: St Pancras, London, Middlesex, England Dwelling: 98 Whitfield St

Alexander S. CLARK Head Mar aged 60 born Scotland Occ: Joiner

Samuel IBBOTSON Unm aged 46 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: General Smith


Census Place: Barley, Hertford, England Dwelling: High St

James T. MINTON Head Mar aged 35 born Pimlico, Middlesex Occ: Schoolmaster

Clarissa M. MINTON Wife Mar aged 29 born Hathersage, Derby

Gertrude M. MINTON Daur aged 6 born Langtoft, Lincoln Occ: Scholar

Winifred MINTON Daur aged 2 born Barley, Hertford


Census Place: Battersea, Surrey, England Dwelling: No 1 Ponton Road

George MONK Head Mar aged 37 born Ongar, Essex Occ: Coffee House Keeper

Ann MONK Wife Mar aged 38 born Hathersage, Derby

George Wm. MONK Son aged 4 born St Albans, Hertford

Amelia MONK Daur aged 2 born St Albans, Hertford

Sarah MIDDLETON Niece aged 10 born Glossop, Derby


Census Place: Woolwich, Kent, England Institution: "Royal Military Academy" Woolwich

Alfred MOORE Head Mar aged 36 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: Gunner Royal Arty

Ellen MOORE Wife Mar aged 33 born Stoke, Buckingham Occ: Soldiers Wife

Matilda MOORE Daur aged 9 born Woolwich, Kent Occ: Scholar

Alfred Wm. MOORE Son aged 7 born Woolwich, Kent Occ: Scholar

Ellen MOORE Daur aged 5 born Ireland Occ: Scholar

Arthur MOORE Son aged 3 born Ireland Occ: Scholar


Dwelling: Caldbeck Village

Census Place: Caldbeck, Cumberland, England

William F. SIMPSON Head Unm aged 37 Rector of Caldbeck born Hathersage, Derby

Susanna SIMPSON Mother Wid aged 70 born Birmingham, War


Census Place: Battersea, Surrey, England Dwelling: 41 Ursula St

Abraham SLINN Head Mar aged 27 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: Coal Merchant

Elizabeth A. SLINN Wife Mar aged 29 born Skipton, York

Edgar B. SLINN Son aged 2 born Calver, Derby


Census Place: East Ham, Essex, England Dwelling: Elizabeth St 5 York Terrace

Samuell STANDRINE Head Mar aged 39 born Ashton Under Lyme, Lancashire Occ: Labourer

Mary STANDRINE Wife Mar aged 40 born Hathersage, Derby

Sarah STANDRINE Dtr Unm aged 16 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: Domestic Servant

Emily STANDRINE Dtr Unm aged 14 born Hathersage, Derby

Fred STANDRINE Son aged 10 born N Woolwich, Essex


Census Place: St Marylebone, London, Middlesex, England Dwelling: 17 Kent Terrace

Edward LATHAM Head Mar aged 60 born Dover, Kent Occ: Income From Dividends

Fanny WISEHAM Serv Unm aged 25 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: Housemaid


Census Place: West Ham, Essex, England Dwelling: 24 Agnes St

John WISEHAM Head Mar aged 50 born Thornton, York Occ: General Labourer

Ruth WISEHAM Wife Mar aged 50 born Hathersage, Derby

Hugh WISEHAM Son Unm aged 22 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: General Labourer

Sarah WISEHAM Dau Unm aged 18 born Hathersage, Derby Occ: General Labourer (sic)


Census Place: St George Hanover Square, London, Middlesex, England Dwelling: 21 Hyde Park Place W

Francis MORRIS Head Wid aged 70 born London St Georges Sq, Middlesex Occ: Builder (Retired)

Sarah WISEHAM Unm aged 17 born Hathersage, Derby Rel: Servt Occ:Housemaid