Hope Valley Wills

Wills in the Hope Valley

My thanks to Cynthia Kimpton & Mike Spencer for these will details

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Will of 1859 Tho BAGSHAW, farmer of Shatton mentions:

estate at Grindleford Bridge to son William

wife Peggy

daughters Hannah; Jane

Witnesses: Jonathan LONGDIN; Robert OLLERENSHAW 


Will of 1860 William BARKER of Shatton, Hope p., farmer, mentions:

Brother Joseph BARKER 

Daughters: Ann, wife of William WALKER of Sheffield, cowkeeper; Grace BARKER

Wm TYM of Edale 

Peter KIRK Clerk to Mr HALL Solicitor of Castleton


Will of 1870 George BRADWELL of Bradwell mentions:

Sons George; John; Josiah; Edwin; Horatio

Daughters Hannah wife of William NEEDHAM; Rebecca wife of John FOX

Deceased dau Jemima LONGDEN`s three children, namely John Henry, Hannah Maria, Eliza Ann.

Witnesses: George JEPSON; Thomas JACKSON     Will made 1867


Will of 1864 Mary Ann Robinson BRADWELL of Wheston, Tideswell p., maiden, mentions:

Henry, George and Elizabeth all BRADWELL children of Robert and Sarah BRADWELL of Crooks near Sheffield.

Elizabeth Frances wife of Robert HOLMES of Wormhill

Alice Anna BRADWELL, Mary Ellen BRADWELL,Agnes Sarah BRADWELL and James Longden BRADWELL, their mother Martha BRADWELL of Wormhill

Mr Robert BRADWELL of Offerton

Sarah ANDREW my servant

Daniel Clarke DEWICK

Witnesses: Mr John BRAMWELL; Aice ELLIOT (sic) 


Will of 1861 James BRAILSFORD of Tideswell, farmer mentions:



Witnesses: Thomas WALKER, Law Clerk of Tideswell; Jesse BRAMWELL, cordwainer of Tideswell


Will of 1867 John BROADBENT of Bradwell, mason amd grocer mentions:

wife Hannah 

Daughters: Hannah wife of Adam COOPER; Margaret wife of Hugh PEARSON; Elizabeth BROADBENT

Occupier Richard MIDDLETON

William BRAMALL Executor of Bradwell, farmer

Witnesses: Henry SOUTHWELL; Samuel MIDDLETON 


Will of 1859 James BROMLEY of Eyam, boot and shoe manufacturer, mentions:

Wife Mary

Brothers: John BROMLEY, in co-partnership; Joseph Sykes BROMLEY

Cousin William BROMLEY late of Shefffield now of London, merchant clerk.

James HOWARTH of Sheffield Edge, tool manufacturer

Thomas FENTEM, surgeon of Eyam Terrace

James WILD foreman to J J BROMLEYS of Eyam.


Will of 1864 James BURDEKIN of Hope mentions:

my five children, Josiah, Jeremiah, Jesse,Martha,Louisa

Jonathan LONGDEN witness



Will of 1871 Benjamin BURROWS, grocer of Hathersage mentions: 

wife Harriett

Witnesses Joseph BRIGHT; Tobias CHILD  Made will on day of death.


Will of 1869 Thomas CARTLEDGE Tideswell, labourer mentions:

wife Sarah

sons Samuel & Thomas

dau Mary wife of Alexander FLINT

Witnesses: Thomas WALKER of Tideswell; Edwin SLATER of Tideswell  Will made 1867


Will of 1861 William Henry CHEEK of Tideswell, solicitor mentions:

nephew Oswald CHEEK of Evesham, Worcs., solicitor

sister Maria WAKELY widow

Witnesses: Daniel PLATTS; Jane HIGGINBOTTOM


Will of 1866 Robert COOK  of Hathersage, gent. mentions:

Wife Mary

Sons: Joseph Arnold COOK of Sheffield, paper manufacturer; Robert Charles COOK; John Frances COOK; William COOK

Dau Mary Anne, widow of George ALLANSON of Sheffield M.D.

Brother  in law Thomas BROOMHEAD of Hathersage, grocer

Property at Holmesfield

Benjamin GILL occupier of property purchased of the Devisees of the late Robert RODGERS Esq.

Property at Ringinglow, the coal pit and ten cottages let or lease to George WINTERBOTTOM and John FIELDSEND

"Norfolk Arms" Ringinglow and farm adjacent occupied by Charles MARSDEN purchased from Devisees of Miss Hannah RAWSON

Smeting Farm purchased from Charles William BINGLEY of Sheffield, Attorney.

Property at Whiteley Wood, Upper Hallam occuped by Benjamin WOOD

Occupiers: Thomas RYALLS; William HASLAM

Property at Whiteley Wood let to Mrs Ann MILL

Property at Whiteley Wood let to Mrs Mary MARSHALL

Property purchased from Mr HUDSON of Manchester, Collector of Taxes

Witnesses: Benjamin WIGHTMAN, Solr of Sheffield; William WHITE apprenticed to Mr BROOMHEAD, grocer of Hathersage


Will of 1876 John COOPER of Hathersage Mill, stone merchant:

mentions: wife Hannah

friend James MARSDEN, innkeeper of Hathersage

Executor & friend Joseph White BROOMHEAD

Witnesses: Thomas BROOMHEAD; John DARVILL 


Will of 1861 Edmund DAKIN of Hargate Wall, Tideswell, farmer mentions:

Sons: George; John; Joseph; Thomas

Daus: Julia Ann; Sarah Ann

Witnesses: George NEEDHAM; Daniel C DEWICK


Will of 1866 John DANIEL, yeoman of Eyam Edge mentions:


Peter WRIGHT Esq.

son George

Witnesses: Mary WRIGHT; Mary BRAMWELL 

dau Ann wife of James WALKER

grandson or reputed grandson Tho DANIEL son of my said dau Ann before her marriage with the said James WALKER

Samuel TURNER witness Eyam; Samuel SLATER witness Eyam             Will made 1839


Will of 1865 Thomas ELLIOTT, farmer of Lane Side nr Hope mentions:

son Thomas

grand dau  Hannah HALLAM dau of Elijah  HALLAM of Pindale

Maria wife of my son Thomas

Witnesses: Wm SMITH; H ELLIOTT  Will made 1862


Will of 1872 John EYRE, farmer of Castleton mentions:

Robert How ASHTON

wife Mary

dau Ann Froggatt BAGSHAW wife of Boaz; dau Martha wife of James SWINDELL; dau Mary wife of Abraham EYRE of Castleton,miner

John FROGGATT the son of my said wife

James RAMSDEN witness            Will made 1870


Will of 1864 Nanny FOX of Smalldale spinster mentions:

ocupier Geo ANDREW property in Smalldale; occupier Robert EVANS property in Smalldale

occupier Robert HALL property in Bradwell; occupier Samuel BOCKING property in Smalldale " my nephew "

bro Geo FOX


late nephew Samuel WRIGHT

nieces Mary LEE; Martha HADFIELD; Ann HALL

nephew Tho HALLAM grandson of my late bro Tho FOX

Tho FOX natural son of my late niece Eliza HALL; Sarah Ellen HALL dau of my said niece

late niece Charity ASHMORE

Witnesses: Robert EVANS; Geo ANDREW

sister Hannah BOCKING and her children Samuel; Tho; Jane HOLME; Mary HOBSON

Witnesses: Geo ELLIOTT; Isaac MIDDLETON      Will made 1849, codicil  1861


Will of 1861 William FOX of Hazlebadge, farmer mentions:

wife Elizabeth 

son Joseph

Witnesses: Absalom MARSHALL, joiner of Bradwell; John HALLAM, miner of Bradwell


Humphrey FURNIS of Hagg in the parish of Hope.  Will dated 20 February 1670

I Humphrey FURNISS of Hagge in the parish of Hope in the County of Derby Yeoman do make this my last Will and Testament.  I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God to be decently buried in the burial place within Hope Churchyard.  I give devise and bequeath unto Janet my wife and to Michael FURNIS my nephew All that my lands buildings etc purchased of George EYRE of Thorpe, gent.  Situate in Hathersage equally between them during the life of the said Janet and after her decease to the said Michael FURNIS and the heirs male of his body begotten and for want of sch heirs unto Mark FURNIS my nephew.  I give unto Dorothy wife of Mr George FOX £40, unto Mr Henry BALGUY and Mrs Elisabeth BALGUY, son and daughter of Henry BALGAY of Rowles in the County of Derby, Gent, to either of them 40/- (forty shillings) to Mr Henry BALGAY the elder of Rowle aforesaid and to Mrs BALGAY his wife to either of them 30/- (shirty shillings) unto the four children of Mr William FOX late of Fulwood to every of them 20/- (twenty shillings), to Edward MORTEN of Hollin Clough, John MORTEN of Goures 10/- (ten shillings)  I give and bequeath unto Ellen BURR widow and Frances the wife of John HALL my kinswoman to either of them 20/- (twenty shillings)  I give unto Mark FURNES my brother All my wearing apparel unto Dorothy the wife of Robert HALL of Alport 5/- (five shillings) unto Adam GRANT and Edmund GRANT of Ollerbrook 2/6 (two shillings and sixpence) each.  I appoint Janet my wife and the said Michael Furnes to be joint Executors of this my Will.

Mark and Seale of Humphrey FURNES

Signed sealed and published and declared in the presence of Thomas EYRE, George GREAVES


Will of 1862: William FURNESS, yeoman of Eyam mentions:

Father Samuel  innkeeper

Wife Mary

Nephew Chas BRADFORD

Cousin Samuel FURNESS of Taddington Field

Thomas Wilson FROGGATT, grocer of Eyam

Witnesses: William WOOD; John ? WOOD; William WOOD 


Will of 1876 William Wells GOULD of Spring House, Hope p., yeoman mentions:

Wife Abigail

Son Walter Howard GOULD

Witnesses: Reuben MIDDLETON, laborer; Zach WILD Clerk to Mr HALL Solr ,Castleton


Will of 1865 Levi HADFIELD of Hope, mentions:

Friends George Samuel WARD of Hope; Jonathan HOWE of Hope

Brother John of Hope Woodland


Witness: Benjamin HALLAM of Hope

Testator died 3 Feb 1865 at Sheffield.


Will of 1863 William HADFIELD of Edale mentions:

Sons William HADFIELD; Samuel Bagshaw HADFIELD

Daughter Catherine

Granddau Mary RIDALL

Executor: Jonathan LONGDEN of Hope 

Witnesses: Joseph BARNES; Mary GOULD  Will made 1859


Will of 1866 George HALL, miner of Goosehill in Castleton mentions:

Wife Sarah

Joseph BIRTLES of Norton, schoolmaster

Isaac HIBBS of Bradwell, miner

Elizabeth HIBBS dau of Isaac and Mary his wife

Witnesses: Josh HALL; Zach WILD Clerk to Mr HALL Solr of Castleton


The will of  JOHN HALL of Pindall: 1675

The nuncupative Will of John HALL in the parish of Castleton and County of Derby deceased by his words spoken before Martin BRIDDOCKE, and Thomas PARAMORE of Pindall aforesaid about four days before his death.

The said John HALL did give and Bequeath unto Nicholas HALL his sonne one bed and bedding thereunto belonging and to Thomas HALL of Castleton his brother his best Hat and to Robert HALL his eldest sonne the rest of his wearing apparel  except his shoes which he gave to Michael HALL another of his sonnes.  All the rest of his estate he gives and Bequeaths unto Frances HALL his wife during the term of her life and soe long as she keeps unmarried and at her marriage or decease he gives all the housing or so much as shall remain equally amongst Michael HALL, Nicholas HALL and Ellis HALL three of his sonnes if they be then living  And if it shall happen that either the said Michael or Ellis dye before that time that part belonging to him that shall be then deceased to go to the use and behoofe of the other that shall then be living.  Inventory dated 20 May 1674.   Proved at Chesterfield 5th May 1675

Witness hereunto Martin BRIDDOCKE, Thomas PARAMORE


Extract from the Will of  MICHAEL FURNES of Pindall

Will dated 18 January 1704

In the name of God Amen.   I Michael FURNES of Pindall in the parish of Hope in the County of Derby do make this my Will and Testament.   I give and bequeath unto Nicholas HALL of Mam and Ellis HALL of Pindall my two nephews to each of them the sum of £3 upon condition that in case any suit arise or be hereafter brought against my executors hereinafter named by the executors or administrators of my late nephew Mark FURNES of Ollerton decd for any pretended legacy formerly left to the said Mark FURNES by the Will of my late uncle Humphrey FURNES of Hagg long since deceased then they the said Nicholas and Ellis HALL shall forth of their legacies pay bear and discharge their proportionate parts in defending the said suit.  I give devise and bequeath unto Thomas HALL second son of my nephew Robert HALL of Pindall and to Margaret the widow of William BRAY each 20/- (twenty shillings)  I also give unto Susannah wife of Thurstan JACKSON 20/- (twenty shillings) unto Ellen wife of Robert HALL of Pindall 5/- (five shillings)  I likewise give and bequeath unto John HALL (son of my nephew Michael HALL of Castleton) 5/- (five shillings) and unto Mary wife of Godfrey ROYDS of Castleton 2/6 (two shillings and six pence)  I give unto Alice HALL daughter of my said nephew Robert HALL one yellow coverlet and one pair of blankets  I also give unto John HALL of Castleton eldest son of my said nephew Robert HALL all my wearing apparel unto Anne wife of Robert WILSON I give one old arke that her mother brought with her to Pindall  All the rest and residue of my personal estate I give and bequeath unto my two nephews Robert HALL and Michael HALL equally between them and I appoint them joint executors of this my Will.

The Mark and Seale of Michael FURNES

Signed sealed and published and declared in the presence of The mark of Francis FRITH; Christopher STAVELY

Appraisers Josia ROYES and Roger BARKER


Extract from the Will of MICHAEL HALL of Castleton, ancestor of the HALL family (lawyers)

Will dated 29 November 1726; Proved 7 April 1727

In the name of God Amen.  I Michael HALL of Castleton in the County of Derby, miner, ordaine this to be my last Will and Testament   I give and bequeath unto my son John HALL and his heires the house I now reside in and the barne thereunto adjoining with shop and chamber over it adjoining to the said barne and all my right and interest until that piece of common as it now set out in the Hoestone in Castleton parish belonging to the said housing (my son John allowing my loveing wife to live in the said house and to have the advantage of the said barne but not of the shop and chamber over it ) during her natural life and also allowing my son Jacob HALL to have room to set up a bed to lye in so long as he keeps unmarried.  I give unto my said son John one moiety or half part of the mine called New Mine near Wham Gate and the other half to my loveing wife and my son Jacob.  I give unto my son Jacob one half of my personal estate to be equally divided at my wife’s death and the other halfe to be equally divided between my three sons Michael HALL, Isaac HALL, and Abraham HALL.  I give unto my grand-daughter Anne WINTERBOTHAM my young stirk.  I give and bequeath unto my daughter Margaret WINTHERBOTHAM 10/-(ten shillings) my son John to pay it to her out of his share, my Will and minde is that the share of the mine that belongs to my wife at Wham Gate at her decease to be equally divided between my two sons that is Michael HALL and Isaac HALL they nor any of them neither to sell give or swap any part of the said mine to any body but amongst themselves only.  Lastly my Will and minde is that my loving wife to be sole Executrix of this my Will made 29 November 1726

Michael HALL – his mark and seal.

Witnesses Thomas HALL, Joseph BRADBURY, the mark of Nicholas HALL


Extract from the Will of ROBERT HALL of Pindall

Will dated 3rd July 1730 Proved 17th October 1730

I Robert HALL of Pindall in the parish of Hope in the County of Derby the elder make this my last Will.  I direct that I be buried at the parish church of Hope.  I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas HALL and my son Joseph HALL and my son Robert and Robert HALL of Castleton my grandson every one of them an equal fourth part of my seate in Hope Church my two sons Joseph and Thomas and my Grandson Robert every one of them to pay to my grandson Richard CLARKE 6/8 (six shillings and eight pence).  I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas HALL the House and parlor that was my uncle Michael FURNESS for ever taking 1/6 of the chief rents of my houses.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Ann HOOLEY living in Ireland one fine linen sheet.  I give until my two grandchildren Francis and John sons of my son Robert HALL All my tenant right of my dwelling house and the new house and all the gardens to be equally divided between them at my decease.  I appoint the said Francis and John HALL my grandsons joint Executors.   In Witness hereof I have set my hand the 3rd day of July 1730.

Robert HALL his marke and seal.

Witnesses Susannah BRAMALL her mark.  Thomas HALL.


Will of 1861 Robert HALL of Bradwell, miner and farmer

mentions: wife Elizabeth

Dau Rachel BARKER

George BARKER of Fulwood Hope p., farmer

Rober HALLAM of Bradwell

Joseph EYRE of Castleton, miner and his dau Elizabeth EYRE and his son Isaac EYRE

Witnesses: George GOODWIN; Zach WILD Clerk to Mr HALL Solr Castleton


Will of 1866 Thomas HALL of Castleton, mineral agent mentions:

Son George

Dau Mary wife of Thomas ASHTON of Castleton

Grandsons Isaac HALL of Castleton, miner; Joseph ASHTON; George HALL of Manchester; coach trimmer; Jeremy Royse HALL of Newport, Monmouth

Granddaughter Elizabeth HOW wife of Robert HOW of Edale, later of Castleton

Robert How ASHTON Castleton lead merchant

Occupier Arnold DANE property at Townhead

Witnesses: Josh HALL of Castleton; Zach WILD, clerk to Mr HALL Solicitor of Castleton; Ann DANE

Made 1863  Codicil 1866


Will of 1863: Joseph HALLAM of Bradwell, miner

mentions: Abraham MARSHALL of Bradwell, joiner

Nephews John HALLAM; Samuel HALLAM

Nephew Jabez

Niece Louisa

Late brothers Samuel; James

Hungry Knowl Mine

Occupier Ann BARBER

Zackariah MIDDLETON son of George MIDDLETON, of Hollowgate, Bradwell.

Witness: Philip MIDDLETON, miner of Bradwell.


Will of 1870 Francis HARRISON of Tondu, Glamorgan and Tideswell mentions:

Wife Ann Joachim "desires wife to return to his native Tideswell and bring up the children in the area "

Brothers: Edward of Tideswell; Frederick

Nephew James HARRISON of Tondu

Eldest son Edward Arthur (dead according to codicil of 1868)

Son Frank Fernando

Eldest dau Martha

Daughters Ann & Mary Catherine

Friend Watkin HENRY of Tondu

Thomas STOCKWOOD Solr of Bridgend

F DAVIS grocer of Tondu


The illumned Testimonial presented by Messrs BROGDEN and Son.

Witnesses: John TURNER; Joseph DAWSON    Will made 1866; Codicil 1869


Will of 1871 George HAYWARD, farmer of Hazlebadge, Hope p. mentions:

Son  Wm

Dau Mary NEEDHAM widow

Geo FOX of Hazlebadge Hall

Robert HALLAM of Within House, Bradwell

Witnesses: Phillip MIDDLETON; Robert MIDDLETON; Robert HALLAM   Will made 1869


Will of 1863: Joseph HIBBERSON of Bradwell, lead ore smelter

mentions: wife Fanny

Brother in law John MIDDLETON

Witnesses: Clement MORTON; Ernest MORTON, lead ore miner

made 1856


Will of 1866 William HOWE of Edale, farmer mentions:

Wife Alice

Sons Robert; William

Daughters: Elizabeth wife of Isaac LONGDON; Mary wife Robert LOMAS; Kezia wife of Joseph BURGESS; Harriett wife of Jonathan LONGDON; Alice HOWE; Frances HOWE; Lois HOWE

Estate upon Ashen Clough, Chinley

Witnesses: Thomas DRINKWATER of Bugsworth; Peter KIRK of Chapel en le Frith

made 1860


Will of 1873 Robert HOW of Castleton, cooper mentions:

Brothers William Schofield HOW; Samuel HOW

Sister Elizabeth HOW

Josh HALL Castleton witness

Zach WILD Clerk to Mr HALL Solr Castleton         Will made 1865


Will made 1870 Samuel HOW of Bradwell, Hope p., mentions:

son Wm and his daughter; son Aron George; son Samuel

dau Hannah wife of Chas MIDDLETON; dau Sarah Ann wife of Saml HALLAM

Witnesses: Samuel DAKIN; Job MIDDLETON           Will made 1867


Will of 1861 John JENNINGS of Hartle Moor, Hazlebadge,  farmer mentions:

son Thomas 

wife living

Witnesses: Thomas BROADBENT of Bradwell; John HALL of New Nook


Will of 1865 Thomas JENNINGS of Hazelbadge, Hope p., farmer mentions:

Wife not named

Daughter Rachel

Grandson Thomas JENNINGS

Witnesses: Godfrey CHAPMAN; John HALL; Robert HALLAM 

Duke of Rutlands Agent         Will made 1864


Will of 1866 Mary KERSHAW of Edale, widow mentions:

Farm called Barn Fold situate Edale

House called "Laurel Bank"

Sister in law Mrs SHIRT

Nieces: Mary Ann SHIRT  "gold watch, best tea caddy"; Martha SHIRT "gold broach, rug"; Hannah SHIRT "jet broach"

Nephews: William Gee SHIRT  "easy chair, my good spectacles"; John Fox SHIRT "looking glass"

Brother John SHIRT

Witnesses: Thomas EYRE; Joseph BARNES 

made 1863


Will of 1876 Samuel LINGARD of Only Grange, Castleton mentions:

Brother William

Sons: James; Samuel

Daughter Ann wife of Thomas ABBOTT

Late daughter Matilda wife of Thomas DRANFIELD


Brothers in law Joseph HALL lead miner, Castleton; James HALL Castleton Lodge Gent.

Peter KIRK Chapel en le Frith; Rachel KIRK Chapel en le Frith

Occupier Mary SIDEBOTHAM


Will of 1859 Elias LITTLEWOOD, farmer of Thornhill, Hope p., mentions:

Wife Ruth


Sons John; Elias; William; Joseph; Benjamin

Executor: Wm HIBBERSON of Sickleholme, farmer

Witnesses: John Bocking DARWENT; Anthony FARNSWORTH     Will made 1856


Will of 1868 John LITTLEWOOD of Hardhurst, Aston, Hope p. mentions:

  Wife Harriett

  Daus: Emma DALTON; Annis JOWLE; Annie LITTLEWOOD

  Sons: John; Robert

  Witnesses: Robert BARDSLEY; Sarah BARDSLEY of Chapel en le Frith   Will made 1857


Will of 1865 Benjamin LONGDEN of Hope, farmer mentions:

Sons John; Isaac

Witnesses: Jonathan LONGDEN; James WARHURST 


Will of 1868 John LONGDEN of Woodland p.Hope mentions:

Son John

Daughters: Hannah wife of David ALLOTT; Mary Dickinson BURDEKIN wid.; Eliza wife of Rich BUCKLEY; Catherine BURGON

Grand children John Henry; Hannah Maria and Eliza Ann all children of my late son Benj LONGDEN

Witnesses: Jonathan LONGDEN; Isaac LONGDEN


Will of James MARRISON of Castleton, publican: 1875

mentions: wife Mary

Dau Elizabeth, wife of Isaac HALL of Castleton; Ann Ashton RYDING wife of Benjamin

Son in law Benjamin RYDING of Whaley Bridge, schoolmaster

Brother in law James ROBINSON of Sheffield, brickmaker

Witnesses: H O MAXFIELD Solr of Sheffield; Thomas W PARKER Clerk to W B WAKE Solr of Sheffield

made 1869


Will of 1862 Jacob MARSHALL of Bradwell, joiner mentions:

Son Absalom

Wife Ann

Daughters: Ann wife of John HALLAM; Helen wife of Thomas HALLAM; Elizabeth Blanch MARSHALL; Marina Ann MARSHALL

Occupiers Thomas TAYLOR and Charles MIDDLETON

Old house bought of Mrs DARNELEY

Witnesses: John BOCKING snr; Abram MORTON 


Will of 1866 Grace METTAM wife of George of Bradwell, scale cutter mentions:

Indenture of 1842 mentioning Samuel FOX; Joshua JEFFERY & George METTAM

Robert HALLAM of New Nook, Bradwell farmer

sister Harriet HILL

nephew Francis HILL

niece Emma MIDDLETON

Witnesses: Benjamin BARBER; Isaac BARBER  will made 1861


Will of 1866 John MIDDLETON of Bradwell, farmer mentions:

Robert HALLAM of Within House, Bradwell, farmer



Occupiers William CHEETHAM, property at Bradwell; Robert MIDDLETON, property at Bradwell; Samuel HAN, property at Bradwell

Witnesses: Robert EVANS; Thomas BROADBENT

made 1862


Will of 1866 James MORTON of Hathersage, farmer and innkeeper, mentions:

Wife Harriet

Niece Catherine BEGG of Dundee

Henry WATERFALL Solr Sheffield

Josh TURNER his Clerk

made 1845


Will of 1866 James NALL Castleton, miner mentions:wife Annson in law Roger WALKERdau Fanny wife of Samuel TYM of Newton, CheshireArnold DANE Castleton, blacksmith ExecutorRobert HOW cooper, witnessZach. WILD Clerk to Mr HALL Solr Castleton witness


Will of 1866 Ellen NEEDHAM of Castleton, widow mentions:

Nephew James NEEDHAM `who resides with me`

Isaac HALL of Manchester

Josh HALL of Castleton

Zach WILD Clerk to Joseph HALL Solr Castleton      Will Made 1863


Will of 1858 Robert NEEDHAM of Small Dale, Hope p.,  farmer mentions:

Dau Hannah wife of Geo BRADWELL

Son William of Manchester

Grandchildren - Hannah; Sarah; Abram Wilson and John - children of my son John NEEDHAM

Grandchildren Sarah and Emily children of my son Elias NEEDHAM

Robert HALLAM  of Bradwell

Witnesses: John MIDDLETON; John EVANS    Will made 1856


Will of 1871 Richard PERKES, Lic. Vict. of Hathersage mentions:

Wife Lucy Maria

Witnesses: R.P?. WALKER; J ARUNDEL  Will made 1868 

Died at Stairfoot nr Barnsley


Will of 1873 John RAMSDEN of Castleton,  chandler mentions:

Wife Harriet

Sons William and James

Occupier Mr HASLEWOOD, surgeon

Zachariah WILD

Josh HALL Solr Castleton witness

Joseph ASHTON joiner         Will made 1871


Will of 1863 Elizabeth ROBINSON of Hope mentions:

Miss Ann DAKIN


George Samuel WARD         Will made 1861


Will of 1863 George ROSE of Abney, farmer mentions:

Son George

Amelia wife of Joseph MORTON

Grandson  Thomas BAGSHAW

Witnesses: William ROBINSON; Henry EYRE 


Will of 1872 Joseph ROYSE, miner of Castleton mentions;

Wife Ellen

Son Walter

Daughters: Ellen & Hannah Alice Hide ROYSE

Zach WILD Clerk to Mr HALL Solr Castleton

A.A.HASLEWOOD Surgeon, Castleton


Will of 1871 Samuel ROYSE of Castleton, innkeeper mentions:

Mary CLAYTON widow who resides with me

Son Joseph and his children: Thomas; Esther wife of George BARBER; Samuel; Joseph; Elizabeth wife of Thos BEVERLEY; Mary wife of John PARKER; Ellen; Walter and Hannah Alice.

Dau in law Sarah ROYSE, widow

Children of dau in law Sarah ROYSE namely: Hannah wife of Sidney BOOTH; Samuel and Albert

Occupier Robert LOWE

Executor Charles HOWE, farmer of  Wormhill

Witness: Zach WILD Clerk to Mr HALL Solicitor of Castleton

Albert HASLEWOOD Surgeon


Will of 1858 John SHELDON of Great Hucklow, farmer mentions:

James FURNISS of Great Hucklow, farmer

John BRAMWELL of Windmill, Little Hucklow

Dau in law Jane Elizabeth SHELDON

Grandchildren George and Emmet SHELDON

John Montague BROOM of Tideswell, Attorney at Law 

William LOMAS of Tideswell


Will of  Matthew SIDDALL, innkeeper of Eyam mentions:


Witnesses: Edw BRAMWELL; Isaac UNWIN 


Will of 1873 Geo SIMPSON of Hathersage, builder mentions:

Wife Elizabeth

Dau Mary Ann wife of Peter EATON of Sheffield, monumental engraver

Son John  of Leeds; son Wm farmer

Daughters: Hannah wife of John HALLAM, shopkeeper; Elizabeth wife of Geo Wainwright MILLS,  grinder, Sheffield; Georgeana wife of John KEY

Witnesses: Robert TAYLOR; Robert HILL


Will of 1859 William SLACK of Dunscar, Castleton, farmer mentions:

Sons: Samuel; Elis or Elias (as in Will); Robert; William

Daughters: Betty wife of Geo GILLATT; Ann wife of Isaac STANFIELD; Sarah wid of Wm ROYSE

Witnesses: Peter KIRK of Castleton; Matthew FROSTof Castleton


Will of 1865 Ann SLINN widow of Eyam mentions:

Son James SLINN

Witnesses: Wm WOOD; Martha SLATER; Elizabeth BRAMWELL 


Will of 1858 William SMITH of Goatcliffe Brook, Eyam, tanner and currier mentions:

Late wife

James GARLICK son of John GARLICK of Stoney Middleton now in my employment

Nephews Thos BOOTH; Chas BOOTH of Chesterfield MD; Edmund BOOTH of Sheffield

Niece Matilda BOOTH

Nephew John SEARLS & Niece Elizabeth SEARLS

Joseph SHELDON brother of my late wife

Hannah CUNDEY late wife`s sister

Fanny SHELDON late wifes niece and dau of the late Samuel SHELDON

Ann SLINN; Daniel ANDREW of Goatcliffe currier; Charlotte SCHOFIELD of Hathersage Booths?; Edward BARBER of Stoney Middleton; Mary CARSON of Stoney Middleton; Isaac HEATSON ? of Stoney Middleton; Samuel MARSDEN of Stoney Middleton letter carrier; John PLATTS of Brosterfield

Samuel LANCASTER of Dronfield "my musical box"

"work boots for workmen from John TINKER of High St Sheffield "

William SEARLS son of William SEARLS of Harvest Lane Sheffield and his sisters Jane ,Ellen and Emma, (all SEARLS)

Servant William FLINT

Witness: Samuel TURNER Clerk to Mr GREGORY Solr of Eyam View

Wm SEARLS Daisy Bank Sheffield


Will of 1861 George TAYLOR of Ollerbrook  Edale, farmer mentions:

brother Joseph, farmer

late father

Witnesses: Sarah? TAYLOR; Thomas BENNET of Edale, laboure

C J DANIEL Surrogate


Will of 1858 Robert TAYLOR of Hathersage mentions:

Wife Ann E.

Henry TAYLOR; Joseph TAYLOR; Robert TAYLOR

James TAYLOR under 21; John TAYLOR under 21

Wm CRESSWELL Schoolmaster




Will of 1860  Wm THORP of Little Ashop Woodland, Hope p. , farmer mentions:

Sons William and John

Ann wife of John BRADBURY

Mary wife of William RIDING

Ann dau of Mary RIDING; Fanny Maria dau of Mary RIDING

Witnesses: Benjamin ASHTON farmer; John THORP  labourer 


Will of 1864 Micah TYM of Castleton, miner, mentions:

Wife Martha

Son John

Daughters: Mary wife of John EYRE; Ann wife of Thomas EYRE; Hannah wife of George CLAYTON,

House at Townhead

House near the Cavern in Castleton occupied by Robert HADFIELD

Witnesses: Jacob DAKIN; Benjamin DAKIN    Will made 1862


Will of 1860 - Richard WALKER of Bradwell, Hope p. , blacksmith mentions:

Dau Hannah wife of Joab HALLAM, miner of Bradwell

 John HALLAM of Bradwell, farmer

 Witnesses: Anthony GILBERT of Bradwell, shopkeeper; Robert SOMERSET

 C.S. DANIEL Surrogate


Will of 1860 Benjamin WATERHOUSE of Hope, farmer mentions:

Wife and Child

George Samuel WARD of Hope

Cousin George WATERHOUSE of Stalybridge

Witnesses: Jonathan LONGDEN of Hope, farmer; Walker HARDY 

C S DANIEL Surrogate


Will of 1859 Richard WHITE of Calver Bridge, grocer mentions:

Wife Mary

Daughter Millicent

Son William 

Brother Samuel WHITE owns shop I occupy nr Calver Bridge

Nephew William BURGOINE of Calver, grocer

Cottages in Stoney Middleton occupied by John MOSLEY; Nathan ELLIS and Thomas GREGORY

Thomas BROOMHEAD of Hathersage, grocer

John KITCHEN of Sheffield, grocer

Francis ROE Gent. witness

Thomas MANDER Commissioner to Administer Oaths.


Will of 1860 Thomas WHITE, farmer of Tageneys, Nether Padley, Hope mentions:

Wife Barbary

Son Charles "two horses, two milk cows"; Sons Joseph; Robert; Richard; Thomas; George & Henry

Daughters Dorothy BARNSLEY; Sarah HANCOCK; Barbery BEELLEY; Elizabeth OUTRAM

Landlord E.G.MAYNARD Esq.

Executor Thomas BROOMHEAD of Hathersage, grocer and miller

Samuel WHITE of Calver, farmer and grocer

Witnesses: John CROSSLAND of Nether Padley; Matthew CROSSLAND of Nether Padley


Will of 1863 Benjamin WILSON of Thornhill Moor, Hope, farmer, mentions:

sons Abraham; John

dau Elizabeth wife of Samuel MARRISON

Hannah wife of my son John

Witnesses: Peter KIRK of Chapel en le Frith; John MARSDEN of Thornhill Lane End


Will of 1861 Christiana WRAGG of Quarters, parish of Hope, spinster mentions:

"close in Bradwell called BALGUYS croft in occupation of Margaret KAYE

Brother Durham WRAGG

Benjamin and Durham sons of Durham WRAGG above

Nephew John WRAGG

Christiana wife of Jonathan WHITEHEAD

Thomas WALKER witness

Durham WRAGG Snr              Will made 1857


Will of 1864 Durham WRAGG of Quarters nr Bradwell, farmer mentions:

sons Durham; John; Benjamin

daughters Mary wife of James STONE; Christiana wife of Jonathan WHITEHEAD

Thomas WALKER of Tideswell

Maria MILLWARD of Tideswell witness   Will made 1859


Will of 1864 - John WRAGG, miner of Bradwell mentions:

Wife Hannah

Executor Joseph Henry TAYLOR of Bradwell

Witnesses: Hannah BENNETT; Absalom MARSHALL