New Mills Pigot & Dean Directory 1824-5

Pigot & Dean's Directory for Manchester & Salford &c for 1824-5

New Mills

My thanks to Jon Cantrill for these entries.

ARNFIELD Jos. dealer in cotton-waste, Hayfield

ARNFIELD Saml. hatter, New Mills

BAGSHAW R. vict. letters, Horwich-end near Whaley

BARLOW Rev. Luke, Methodist minister, New Mills

BARNES John & Co, cotton-spinners & manufs. New Mills

BARROWCLOUGH Geo. vict. Bull's Head, New Mills

BAYLEY Jos. miller & Flour-dealer, Whaley-bdg. 

BENNETT Jerry, vict. Bull's Head, Hayfield

BENNETT John, vict. New Inn, Horwich-end, near Whaley

BENNETT Rich. gent. New Mills

BENTLEY Thos. grocer, &c. Thornsett

BERRESFORD James, periodical-bookseller, New Mills

BOOTH John, tailor, New Mills

BOWDEN Joseph, cotton-spinner, Ned-mill, Hayfield

BOWER Ralph, grocer, draper, & coal mercht. New Mills

BRADBURN David, vict. Letter, Thornsett

BRADBURY Robt. grocer & flour-dealer, Hayfield

BRAILSFORD John, tailor, Hayfield

BRIDGE John, lime-burner & Mercht. Bugsworth

BRIDGE John, grocer, draper &c. New Mills

BRIDGE Samuels, calico-printer, London-place, New Mills 

BROCKLEHURST John, smith & farrier, Hayfield

BROCKLEHURST Jno. grocer & flour-dealer, Hayfield

BROCKLEHURST Mary, vict. Parck Horse, Hayfield

BROOM Rich. Esq. Whittle-house, nr. New Mills

BURTON Benj. tailor, New Mills

BURTON John, shoemaker, New Mills

CARRINGTON Jas. gent. Bugsworth-hall, Bugsworth

CHEETHAM Jas. shoemaker, New Mills

CROSSLEY Thos. & Co. cotton-spinners, Mower-Mill, New Mills

CROWTHER Rev. John, incumbent of Hayfield

CROWTHER Thos. cotton-spinner, Crowther-mill, Torr-top, near New  Mills

DUNN Geo. grocer, & corn & flour-dealer, Horwich-end

EYRE & CROWTHER, wollen manufs. Hayfield

FERNELLEY Jas. smith & farrier, New Mills

FORD Ellen, vict. Letters, Bugsworth

FROGGATT Geo. cotton-spinner, Thornsett-mill, near New Mills

GARRATT Wm. shopkeeper, New Mills

GASKELL John, tailor, Whaley-bridge

GASKELL Thos. cotton-spinner, Bugsworth

GILES Sl. shoemker & tollbar-keeper, New Mills

GISBOURNE Thos. & W.J. lime-burners and mercht. Bugsworth & Ancoats   

GODDARD Jno. vict. White Horse, Horwich-end

GODDARD Saml. vict. White Hart, New Mills

GOULD Jos. vict. Soldier Dick, Furness

GRATRIX Jas. hatter, New Mills

HADFIELD Jno. shopkeeper, New Mills

HALLAM Isaac, tailor, Hayfield

HARROP Thos. butcher, New Mills

HAWKYARD Ths. grocer & flour-dealer, New Mills

HIBBERT John, surgeon, &c. New Mills

HIGGINBOTTOM Geo. engraver to calico-printers, New Mills

HIGGINBOTTOM Geo. butcher, New Mills

HIGGINBOTTOM Jos. vict. & auctioneer, Dog and Partridge, New  Mills

HILL Thos. dyer, New Mills

HOLMAN Jas. vict. lime-burner & mercht. New Inn, New Mills

HOWARD Jno. shopkeeper, Hayfield

HULTON nath. tailor & draper, New Mills

IRLAM Thos. smith & farrier, Whaley-bridge  

JACKSON Jon. blacksmith, Whaley

JOHNSON Jas. vict. Grapes, New Mills

JOHNSON Jno. wheelwright, Wahley-bridge

LIDDIARD Thos. smith & farrier, Thornsett

LIVESLEY Edm. wheelwright, Hayfield

LIVESLEY Thos. gent. New Mills

LLOYD & PRICE, calico-printers, Furness, near Whaley

MACHITTER Nath. plumber & glazier, New Mills

MARSHALL Abraham, vict. & wheelwright, Cock, New Mills

MASON Paul, butcher, New Mills

MASON Saml. shopkeeper, New Mills  

MORTON Edw. overlooker at TALOR & RAMSDENS, Horwich-end

MOSELEY John M. surgeon, Thornsett

MOSELEY Mary & Rebecca, grocers & drapers, Thornsett

MOSLEY Thos. grocer & provision-dealer, Whaley-bridge

OLDHAM Thos. calico-printer, Garrison & Spinner-bottom, near New  Mills

PINSGLOVE Jno. draper & hosier, Hayfield

PLATT John, grocer, &c. New Mills

PRESTON Robt. wharfinger, Bugsworth

POTTS, OLIVER, & POTTS, engravers to calico-printers, New Mills

POYSER Eliz. ironmonger, &c. New Mills

QUARMBY Rachel vict. George Inn, Hayfield

RAIN, Mrs. Eliz. academy for ladies, Hayfield

RANGELEY Aaron, cotton-spinner & shop-keeper, Hayfield

RANGELEY Dennis, joiner and cabinet-maker, Hayfield

RIDDALL Jno. butcher, New Mills

ROBINSON Richard, toll-contractor, Whaley-bridge

SATTERSFIELD & CRESSWELL, lime-burners & merchants. Bugsworth &  Manchester

SCHOLFIELD, Saml. cotton-spinner, New Mills

SCOTT Henry, wharfinger, Whaley-bridge

SHEPLEY Aaron, cotton-spinner & shop-keeper, Hayfield

SIDEBOTTOM Josh. vict. White Hart Inn, Whaley-bridge

SIDEBOTTOM Robt. grocer & flour-dealer, New Mills

SIGLEY John, shopkeeper, Whaley

SKERFOOT Rich. print-block-cutter, New Mills

SLACK Robt. tanner, Bank-vale, Hayfield  

STEEL Thos. & Son, silk & cotton-spinner, and manufs. Bank-vale,  Hayfield

STEELE and OLDHAM, cotton-spinners, Stafford-torr, near New Mills

SYKES Jas. vict. Cock Inn, Whaley-bridge

TAYLOR & RAMSDEN, smallware manufs. Whaley-bridge

TAYLOR Hannah, shopkeeper, Furness

TAYLOR Wm. draper, grocer, & flour & timber-dealer, Whaley  Bridge

THORNTON, RIDGEWAY, & Co. cotton-spinners, Hayfield, New-mills

TURNER Betty, vict. Board, Whaley-bridge

TURNER Jas. cooper, Hayfield

TURNER Martha, vict. Letters, Hayfield

WADE John, corn-miller, New Mills

WALKER Jno. grocer &c. Hayfield

WALKER Jno. shoemaker, Hayfield

WALKER Wm. hair-dresser, Hayfield

WARD & THATCHER, cotton-spinners, New Mills  

WARD Wm. vict. Bay Horse Inn, New Mills

WARREN Peter, grocer & flour-dealer, New Mills

WATERHOUSE John, smith & farrier, Hayfield

WHEATLEY Edw. saddler & clogger, New Mills

WHITE Jno. Esq. magistrate, Park-hall, near Hayfield

WILD Jas. grocer & flour-dealer, New Mills

WILD Jesse, Stockport-carrier, New Mills

WYATT John, blacksmith, New Mills

YATES John, yarn-bleacher, High Spinner-bottom