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Hardesty Cemetery

Brown Twp., Carroll Co., OH
Located in a private field high above the village of Malvern, it is one of the earliest cemeteries in Carroll Co.  Please obtain permission from Donald Craft, E. Main St. Ext., Malvern, OH before climbing the very steep hill behind his house.  Stones were photographed in September, 2002 by Linda Gernert Houyouse.  The following were read beginning with the last row and working toward the entrance to the cemetery.  Almost all stones were chalked.  Due to the weathered condition (as you can see by clicking on the links) many were difficult to read. Please document questionable information with other sources.

1. Pellon, Charles L.

s/o G.W. & A. Pellon; born Nov. 22, 1874 (missed chalking the death date). (side 1)

2. Pellon, Julia A.

s/o G.W. & A. Pellon; born Nov. 21, 1870; died April 28, 1871 (side 2)

3. Charles & Julia Pellon monument

4. Amos, Emiline closeup 4a. (full view)

d/o M. & L. Amos; died Aug.13, 1866; aged 15 y

5. Amos, Lizzie

died Mar. 22, 1833; aged 20y 5m 19d  stone is broken

6. Amos, Lizzie, bottom of stone

6a. L.A. footstone

7. Wayne, Elizabeth

Relict and consort of John Wayne of Hereford Co., MD
rest is illegible

7a. E. W. footstone

8. Amos, Mordecai

died Mar. 5, 1873; aged 67 years  GAR flag marker

9. Campbell, Mary E.

d/o Rev. & M. Campbell; died June 23, 1855

10. Broken stone - top half of stone is missing - bottom reads Sept. 18, aged 7y 5m with a footstone reading M.S.

11. Richards, Francis M.

s/o D. & M. Richards; died Aug. 16, 1887; aged 16y 6m 1d

11a. F.M.R. footstone

12. Hoss, Infant daughter

d/o E.C. & C. Hoss; died Jan. 5, 1886

13. Paessler, Arthur E.

s/o H. & M. Paessler; died Oct. 23, 1862; aged 3y am & 18d

13a. A.E. P. footstone

14. Paessler, illegible

14a. Father

14b. Mother

15. Spotts, Emma E.

Spotts is hard to read.  d/o R. & F. Spotts; died Mar. 3, 1838; aged 16 mo.

16. Ida Maby

Our Little Ida Maby died Apr. 8, 1882; aged 4y 2m 5d

16a. I.M. footstone

17. Hardesty, Susanna

d/o John and Nancy Hardesty; died Jan. 11, 1836; aged 11m & 23d

18. Rodocker, Julius B.

s/o S. & A.J. Rodocker; died Jan. 3, 1834; aged 3m 22d

19. Hillerman, Infant

d/o W. & M.A. Hillerman; died July 2, 1867

20. Triple monument

20a. ______, Emma C.

died Oct. 22, 1870; aged 4y 5m 8d

20b. ______,Josephine A.

died Aug. 31, 1864; aged 1y 6m 28d; d/o A.M. & D.J. ?

20c. illegible third part

died Aug. 8, 1864

21. Lower, Thissyllian

d/o H. & G. Lower; died Aug. 13, 1853; aged 11m

21a. T.L. footstone

22. Hardesty, William

s/o A. & A. Hardesty; died May 11, 1852; aged 27y 7m & 11d;  stone is broken and leans on base

23. Hardesty, William

    (broken bottom)

24. Brandon, W. P.

died July 2, 1867; aged 55y 2m 14d

25. Hillerman, W. J.

died Jan. 14, 1857; aged 4y 2d

26. Hillerman, George J.
died April 8, 1878; aged 49y 2m 7d

27. Hillerman, William A.

died Dec. 11, 1867; aged 84y 1m & 16d

28. William and Hannah's monument

29. Hillerman, Hannah
w/o William Hillerman; died Dec. 11, 183? aged 78y 7m 5d

30. Hardesty, Ruth

w/o Joseph Hardesty; died May 31, 1855; aged 47y 6m 25d

30.a R. H. footstone

31. Hardesty, Hannah J.

born Nov. 3, 1865; died Apr. 1, 1883

32. Rev. George and Hannah J. Hardesty monument

33. Hardesty, Rev. George

born Nov. 31, 1812; died Mar. 11, 1875; 62y 4m 29d

34. Hardesty, Louisa

w/o William Hardesty;  ____ 30, 1854; aged 67y 10m 1d

35. Hardesty, William (1846)

died May 4, 1846; aged 76y 26d

36. William and Louisa Hardesty Monument

37. Hardesty, William Francis

s/o Philip R. & Adeline P. Hardesty; died Sept. 25, 1845; aged 4m 3d

38. W. F. H. footstone

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