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Spanswick Marriages (1837-1900)

Below is a list of Spanswick Marriages for England and Wales. To date I have managed to identify just over 75% of marriages between 1837-1900 [virtually 100% of marriages 1837-1879]. The sources have been other Spanswick researchers, the GRO, marriage registers deposited in record offices, Vital Records Index, IGI etc. Where I have as yet been unable to trace a marriage (due to time, oversight on my part, or that the register entries have not been deposited eg non conformist marriages / register office marriages) the column "Where Married" merely contains the District in which the marriage occured.

Marriages England & Wales 1837-1900
Forename(s) Surname Qtr Year Spouse Where Married Fathers Name
Alfred Spanswick MAR 1865 Emma Ball St Giles Camberwell William Spanswick
Alfred Joseph Spanswick JUN 1895 Catherine Aylott St Giles Camberwell John Spanswick
Alice Spanswick MAR 1890 Hungerford District
Alice Eliza Spanswick JUN 1877 Harry Stroud Holy Trinity Islington William Spanswick
Alice Sarah Spanswick SEP 1888 Henry Arthur Bicknell Holy Trinity Church Richmond John Spanswick
Amelia Spanswick MAR 1858 Charles Biddle Parish Church Kensington John Spanswick
Amelia Spanswick MAR 1866 Frederick Stephenson St James Westminster John Spanswick
Amelia Spanswick SEP 1872 William John Northcott Holy Trinity Marylebone Charles Spanswick
Ann Spanswick SEP 1845 James Elphick Sunninghill Berks Joseph Spanswick
Ann Spanswick MAR 1850 James Rutt Pewsey Wilts
Ann Spanswick DEC 1853 Thomas Burrow St Martin Register Office William Spanswick
Ann Spanswick SEP 1857 Joseph Hughes Kintbury Berks John Spanswick
Ann Spanswick JUN 1865 Robert John Wood Holy Trinity Marylebone William Spanswick
Ann Spanswick DEC 1865 Cornelius Rogers St Peter's Bayswater William Spanswick
Ann Spanswick JUN 1866 James Brakespear Weslyan Chapel, Aldershot Andrew Bacon
Ann Spanswick JUN 1876 Charles Noris Hungerford Berks Thomas Spanswick
Ann Spanswick JUN 1876 Edwin Weeks Savernake Wilts David Spanswick
Ann Spanswick DEC 1883 James North East Garston Berks Charles Spanswick
Ann Span[w]ick JUN 1850 Joseph Wild Lyncombe & Widcome, Somerset William Spanswick s/b William Maslin
Ann Speenswick SEP 1840 James Wilton St Micheal Bath Nicholas Clarke
Ann Maria Spanswick DEC 1871 Ebenezer Edward Bullock St Barnabas Bethnal Green Richard Spanswick
Anne Spanswick DEC 1871 Alfred Aldridge Aldbourne Wilts George Spanswick
Ann Norris Spanswick MAR 1891 Marlbro District
Annie Spanswick DEC 1879 Charles Hailstone Christchurch Kennington David Spanswick
Annie Spanswick SEP 1886 Cardiff District
Annie Elizabeth Spanswick MAR 1881
Annie Maud Spanswick DEC 1877 John Godfrey Poulick Parish Church Islington John Robert Closh
Annie Rosalie Spanswick JUN 1880 East Garston Berks
Arthur George Spanswick SEP 1893 Brentford District
Arthur Henry Spanswick DEC 1885 Malling District
Caroline Spanswick JUN 1883 William Flu Cynon Glamorgan
Caroline Spanswick MAR 1897 Frederick Isaac Maslin Chaddleworth Berks Charles Spanswick
Caroline Spandwick SEP 1868 Edward Ashfield St John Devizes Not Given
Charles Spanswick SEP 1841 Esther Church St Andrews Holborn John Spanswick
Charles Spanswick SEP 1847 Mary Ann Patey East Garston Berks Henry Spanswick
Charles Spanswick JUN 1869 Sarah Poffley East Garston Berks Thomas Spanswick
Charles Spanswick MAR 1871 Hannah Dudman Albourne Wilts George Spanswick
Charles Spanswick SEP 1868 Devizes District
Charles Spanswick DEC 1890 Mary Fishlock Milton Lilbourne Wilts Thomas Spanswick
Charles Spanswick MAR 1891 Bridgend District
Charles Spanswick MAR 1894 Mary Ann Eugina Hopkins St Saviour District St Stephen Walworth
Charles Thomas Spanswick DEC 1879 St Saviour District
Charlotte Spanswick JUN 1884 Bridgend District
Charlotte Spanswick DEC 1885 George Castleman Savernake Wilts David Spanswick
Daniel Spanswick MAR 1845 Priscilla Tuckey Independent Church Daventry George Spanswick
Daniel Spanswick MAR 1856 Alice Bird Pewsey Wilts
Daniel Spanswick DEC 1859 Dorcas Billings St Margaret Leicester George Spanswick
David Spanswick JUN 1844 Mary Jane Kew Easton Royal Wilts William Spanswick
David Spanswick DEC 1844 Jane Goodman Easton Royal Wilts John Spanswick
David Spanswick DEC 1880 Hungerford District
David Spanswick JUN 1881 Hungerford District
David Jesse Spanswick SEP 1888 Walsall District
David William Spanswick DEC 1896 Janet Bradfield East Grafton Wilts William Spanswick
Ebenezar Spanswick MAR 1868 Jane Halpin Regent St Baptist Lambeth George Spanswick
Edith Elizabeth Spanswick DEC 1897 Hungerford District
Edith Jane Spanswick DEC 1877 Charles Edwin Cox Holy Trinity Islington William Spanswick
Edith Mary Spanswick SEP 1885 Lambeth District
Edward Spanswick DEC 1854 Ann Bacon St Mary Bourne Hants Timothy Spanswick
Edward Spanswick DEC 1891 Devizes District
Eleanor Spanswick SEP 1862 Peter Clarke Pake St Philips Bethnal Green William Spanswick
Elisa Spanswick DEC 1886 Pewsey District
Eliza Spanswick SEP 1839 Thomas Streat Lambourn Berks Not Entered
Eliza Spanswick DEC 1897 Godstone District
Eliza Spanswick SEP 1853 Richard Warner Henley Oxon
Eliza Spanswick DEC 1900 Unknown Newport
Eliza Frances Spanswick MAR 1898 Richard James Crankshaw Blackpool Lancs George Spanswick
Eliza Harriet Spanswick JUN 1899 William George Hinkley St Stephen Westminster John Spanswick
Eliza Kate Spanswick SEP 1882 Lambeth District
Elizabeth Spanswick JUN 1843 Henry Brown Kensington District Joseph Spanswick
Elizabeth Spanswick JUN 1844 William Cox Lambourn Berks George Spanswick
Elizabeth Spanswick DEC 1851 Jesse Long Easton Royal Wilts John Spanswick
Elizabeth Spanswick MAR 1862 Richard Castle Lambourn Berks Charles Spanswick
Elizabeth Spanswick JUN 1866 Alfred Hamblin East Garston Berks William Spanswick
Elizabeth Spanswick DEC 1886 Alton District
Elizabeth Spanswick DEC 1892 Hungerford District
Elizabeth Spanswick JUN 1898 Newport M District
Elizabeth Ann Spanswick JUN 1887 Workington District
Elizabeth Ann Spanswick DEC 1895 Andover District
Elizabeth Christina Spanswick DEC 1895 William Henry Middleton St James Clerkenwell Francis William Spanswick
Elizabeth Hall Spanswick MAR 1899 Faringdon District
Elizabeth Jane Spanswick JUN 1871 William Scott St Giles Camberwell James Spanswick
Elizabeth Letchford Spanswick SEP 1872 William King Smith St Barnabas Bethnal Green Richard Spanswick
Elizabeth Sarah A Spanswick SEP 1886 Brentford District
Ellen Spanswick DEC 1879 Gabriel Robinson All Saints Upper Norwood William Beale
Ellen Spanswick JUN 1894 Henry Pearce Lambourn Berks Henry Spanswick
Ellen Eliza Spanswick DEC 1881 Thomas Hobson Lambourn Berks Stephen Spanswick
Ellen Matilda Spanswick SEP 1883 Bethnal Gn Distict
Emily Spanswich SEP 1858 James Pearce Great Bedwyn Wilts Benjamin Beavis
Emily Spanswick DEC 1891 Wandsworth District
Emily Alice Spanswick SEP 1895 Paddington District
Emma Spanswick DEC 1865 Noah Goddard Easton Royal Wilts David Spanswick
Emma Spanswick SEP 1866 Thomas Puttnam St Mark Kennington David Spanswick
Emma Spanswick MAR 1891 Bath District
Emma Spanswick MAR 1892 Brentford District
Emma Elizabeth Spanswick JUN 1869 Henry Jeremiah Halls St James Westminster John Spanswick
Esther Spanswick SEP 1876 Robert William Dimmer St John Fitzroy Square Charles Spanswick
Frances Spanswick SEP 1842 John Challis Hungerford Berks George Spanswick
Frances Ellen Spanswick DEC 1867 William Clements St Giles Camberwell James Spanswick
Francis William Spanswick DEC 1859 Susannah Mary Cuttriss St Matthias Bethnal Gn Roger Spanswick
Frank Spanswick DEC 1887 St Olave District
Frederick Charles Knight Spanswick MAR 1887 Elizabeth Hall Bradbury Islington District Frederick Eskine Spanswick
Frederick E Spanswick MAR 1866 Harriett Cocks All Souls St Marylebone
Frederick George Spanswick JUN 1899 Ethel Mary Wells Brightwalton Berks Charles Spanswick
George Spanswick DEC 1841 Eliza Warren Trinity Church St Marylebone William Spanswick
George Spanswick DEC 1843 Caroline Chamberlain Ramsbury Wilts Thomas Spanswick
George Spanswick DEC 1846 Mary Brooker Lambourn Woodlands Berks William Spanswick
George Spanswick DEC 1848 Charlotte White Ramsbury Wilts George Spanswick
George Spanswick DEC 1852 Catherine Donhue St Giles Camberwell George Spanswick
George Spanswick DEC 1852 Hannah Barrett East Garston Berks Henry Spanswick
George Spanswick DEC 1853 Susan Noon Lambourn Woodlands Berks William Spanswick
George Spanswick DEC 1859 Mary Ann Kewling St Mary Marylebone George Spanswick
George Spanswick DEC 1863 Jane Gigg Burbage Wilts Thomas Spanswick
George Spanswick JUN 1870 Eleanor Charlotte Beadle All Saints Upper Norwood George Spanswick
George Spanswick JUN 1873 Margaret Sullivan St Mary Magdaline, Mortlake William Spanswick
George Spanswick JUN 1873 Ellen Julia Smith Beedon, Berks Charles Spanswick
George Spanswick JUN 1884 Mary Ann Bloom St John the Baptist Croydon William Spanswick
George Spanswick DEC 1888 Ann Nash Holy Trinity Stratford
George Spandwick SEP 1853 Mary Gulliver St Mary Devizes Not Entered
George Spandwick JUN 1874 Mary Ann Richards Holy Trinity Llanfrechfa Upper William Spanswick
George Henry Spanswick SEP 1891 Pontypool District
George Henry Spanswick SEP 1892 Jane Elizabeth Hodges St Mary Magdalen Southwark Isaac Spanswick
George Henry Spanswick DEC 1889 Louisa Alberta Neale St Stephen Westminster George Spanswick
George James Spanswick SEP 1867 Louisa Goody St Mary Newington James Spanswick
George James Spanswick MAR 1894 Charlotte Ruth Reeves Camberwell District George James Spanswick
George Sydney Spanswick JUN 1893 Foleshill District
George William Spanswick MAR 1877 Elizabeth Ann Gordon St Pauls Newington George Spanswick
Georgina Annie Spanswick DEC 1893 Edwin Griffin East Grafton Wilts Isaac Spanswick
Hannah Spanswick JUN 1874 Henry Pickett Eastbury Berks Charles Spanswick
Harriet Spanswick DEC 1843 Alfred Brown Preshute Wilts James Watbury
Harriet Spanswick JUN 1853 Henry Allen Pewsey Wilts Levi Spanswick
Harriet Spanswick MAR 1867 William Nash Wilcott Wilts Isaac Spanswick
Harriet Spanswick SEP 1881 St Olave District
Harriet Eliza Spanswick SEP 1889 Arthur Henry Shrimpton Holy Trinity Church Richmond John Spanswick
Harriet Louise Spanswick DEC 1885 Wandsworth District
Harry Spanswick DEC 1878 Eliza Aldred [?] Walkden Lancs Jonathan Spanswick
Henry Spanswick JUN 1860 Francis Harding St Mark Kennington David Spanswick
Henry Spanswick JUN 1870 Mary Ann Church Lambourn Woodlands Berks Charles Spanswick
Henry Spanswick DEC 1882 Lodden District
Henry Spanswick SEP 1897 Wandsworth District
Henry Spanswick SEP 1879 Kate Elizabeth Trace Newport Register Office William Spanswick
Henry Roberts Spanswick DEC 1894 Walsall District
Henry Thomas Spanswick DEC 1887 Hungerford District
Henry William Spanswick DEC 1896 Cricklade District
Herbert Spanswick DEC 1879 Jane Fishlock Pewsey Wilts William Spanswick
Isaac Spanswick JUN 1841 Mary Ann Lewington Pewsey Wilts
Isaac Spanswick SEP 1865 Sarah Anne Dowse Pewsey Wilts Levi Spanswick
Isaac Spanswick MAR 1873 Eliza Smith Trinity Church Chelsea Isaac Spanswick
Isabella Spanswick MAR 1857 Neville Andrews Holy Trinity St Marylebone Daniel Spanswick
James Spanswick JUN 1839 Ann Maslin St Mary Marlborough Uriah Spanswick
James Spanswick SEP 1842 Elizabeth Stagg Pewsey Wilts
James Spanswick JUN 1848 Elizabeth Rix Easton Royal Wilts John Spanswick
James Spanswick MAR 1850 Elizabeth Day Bezant Milton Lilbourne Wilts William Spanswick
James Spanswick DEC 1861 Love Gulliver St Stephen Coleman St William Spanswick
James Spanswick DEC 1869 Elizabeth Carter Lambourn Woodlands Berks Not Entered
James Spanswick Mar 1871 Emma Gammon Register Office, Bristol William Spanswick
James Spanswick DEC 1884 Wokingham District
James Spanswick SEP 1885 St Saviour District
James Spanswick DEC 1886 Hungerford District
James Spanswick MAR 1891 Mary Ann Rushton All Saints Mackworth Derby Jason Spanswick
James Spanswick DEC 1898 Sarah Kinaber[?] Burbage Wilts Thomas Spanswick
James Spanswick MAR 1899 Mary Alice Wild Pewsey Wilts
James Spansweek SEP 1889 Staines District
Jane Spanswick JUN 1841 Robert Willis St Brides Fleet Street Uriah Spanswick
Jane Spanswick SEP 1852 John King Pewsey Wilts Richard Spanswick
Jane Spanswick DEC 1855 Ebenezer Stephen Gilbert St Mark Kennington David Spanswick
Jane Spanswick MAR 1858 Robert Hayes Lambourn Berks Henry Spanswick
Jane Spanswick MAR 1865 James Chapel Fyfield Wilts James Spanswick
Jane Spanswick DEC 1867 James Pike Ramsbury Wilts George Spanswick
Jane Spanswick DEC 1871 Moses William Bowsher East Garston, Berks Jason Spanswick
Jason Spanswick SEP 1842 Hannah Palmer Lambourn Berks Not Entered
Jemima Spanswick SEP 1861 George Sutton St Mark Kennington David Spanswick
Jessie Spanswick SEP 1894 Alfred Edwin Watts All Saints Deptford Ebenezer Spanswick
Job Spanswick MAR 1878 Sarah Jane Cox St Stephens Paddington George Spanswick
John Spanswick SEP 1852 Emily Beavis Great Bedwyn Wilts John Spanswick
John Spanswick SEP 1863 Eliza Harris Chipping Barnet George Spanswick
John Spanswick DEC 1863 Sarah Ann Berry Ramsbury Wilts Charles Spanswick
John Spanswick SEP 1863 Mary Ann Noble St Peters Walworth George Spanswick
John Spanswick MAR 1868 Elizabeth Constable Eastbury Berks Thomas Spanswick
John Spanswick SEP 1869 Harriet Tucker Fisherton Delamere Thomas Spanswick
John Spanswick DEC 1871 Caroline White Easton Royal Wilts David Spanswick
John Spanswick MAR 1874 Emily Gray All Saints New Windsor John Spanswick
John Spanswick SEP 1880 Maria Stagg Burbage Wilts Thomas Spanswick
John Spanswick SEP 1882 Mary Jane Miles Pewsey Wilts David Spanswick
John Spanswick SEP 1884 Elizabeth Fisher Chaddleworth Berks George Spanswick
John Spanswick MAR 1896 Barnet District
John Charles Spanswick MAR 1879 Elizabeth Northcott Trinity Church, Marylebone Charles Spanswick
John Charles Spanswick SEP 1897 Epsom District
John Knight Spanswick JUN 1873 Emilie Susannah Kemp[?] St Stephen, Islington William Spanswick
John Thomas Spanswick DEC 1895 Bridgend District
Jonathan Spanswick JUN 1846 Jane Page Lambourn Woodlands Berks George Spanswick
Jonathan Spanswick JUN 1852 Hungerford District
Jonathan Spanswick JUN 1852 Hannah Pawling Lambourn Berks William Spanswick
Jonathan Spanswick SEP 1861 Jane Buckingham Lambourn Woodlands Berks George Spanswick
Jonathan Stephen Spanswick DEC 1899 Wokingham District
Joseph Spanswick JUN 1842 Eliza Jones St James Paddington William Spanswick
Julia Spanswick MAR 1846 Isaac Godden St Marys Marylebone John Spanswick
Lavinia Spanswick SEP 1849 Joseph Tucker Lambourn Woodlands Berks George Spanswick
Letitia Spanswick MAR 1848 Richard Martin Pewsey Wilts Levi Spanswick
Louisa Spanswick DEC 1852 Thomas Hobson/Robson[?] Lambourn Berks Stephen Spanswick
Louisa Spanswick DEC 1867 Charles Joseph Staples St Peter, Croydon William Spanswick
Loura [Louisa] Spanswick JUN 1877 Alfred Hennesley Barnes Parish Church William Spanswick
Louisa Spanswick DEC 1881 Henry Knight Whitchurch Oxfordshire
Louisa Eliza Spanswick DEC 1898 St Olave District
Louisa Mary Price Spanswick MAR 1854 John Thomas Kent Lambourn Berks Jonathan Stephen Spanswick
Louisa Maude Spanswick MAR 1899 Paul Adolphe Darlington Dumeril Islington District George James Spanswick
Louisa Sarah Spanswick SEP 1872 Tracey Archer Holy Trinity Islington William Spanswick
Lucretia Spanswick DEC 1865 Elijah Brown Weslyan Chapel,Hungerford William Spanswick
Lucy Spanswick SEP 1877 Arthur Barrett Pewsey Wilts Daniel Spanswick
Lucy Spandwick DEC 1845 Frederick Hoptroff Windlesham Surrey
Maggie Spanswick JUN 1896 W Ham District
Maria Spanswick MAR 1869 Henry Wordham St Margaret Westminster William Spanswick
Martha Spanswick JUN 1853 Robert Brown Lambourn Woodlands Berks Thomas Spanswick
Martha Spanswick SEP 1877 Thomas Jommett St George Campden Hill Charles Spanswick
Martha Spanswick JUN 1878 Henry Frederick Boreham St.Pauls Bermondsey Isaac Spanswick
Mary Spanswick DEC 1854 Joseph Andrews Hungerford Berks Thomas Spanswick
Mary Spanswick JUN 1863 James Hope Burbage Wilts Thomas Spanswick
Mary Spanswick DEC 1878 Alfred Dean Eastbury Berks George Spanswick
Mary Spanswick SEP 1883 Bridgend District
Mary Spanswick SEP 1885 Islington District
Mary Ann Spanswick MAR 1840 Thomas Beckingham Burbage Wilts Not Entered
Mary Ann Spanswick DEC 1846 Charles King Curshon Brompton Middlesex John Spanswick
Mary Ann Spanswick DEC 1860 Henry Bullock Burbage Wilts Thomas Spanswick
Mary Ann Spanswick DEC 1861 John Holmes Dallimore St Mark Kennington David Spanswick
Mary Ann Spanswick JUN 1895 John Thomas Mist Burbage Wilts George Spanswick
Mary Spandwick JUN 1854 John Bartlett St Marys Devizes Wilts William Harr
Mary Elen[?] Spanswick DEC 1852 Stephen Weeks Pewsey Wilts Not Given
Mary Elizabeth Spanswick SEP 1868 Edwin Sutton Newman St Paul, Islington William Spanswick
Mary Hannah Spandwick MAR 1841 James Bailey Windlesham Surrey George Spandwick
Mary Jane Spanswick JUN 1854 Thomas Holner Pewsey Wilts Not Given
Mary Jane Spanswick SEP 1889 John Albert Stevens Rushall Wilts Maurice Miles
Mary Jane Spanwick JUN 1880 St Saviour District
Mary Louisa Spanswick DEC 1878 Henry Mitchell St Giles Camberwell James Spanswick
Matilda Spanswick DEC 1853 William Websdale Addington Surrey Roger Spanswick
Matilda Louisa Spanswick SEP 1893 George Noon Lambourn Berks Henry Spanswick
Maud Spanswick SEP 1899 Joseph Aitken All Saints Deptford Ebenezer Spanswick
Mercy Spanswick JUN 1887 Bethnal Green District
Noah Spanswick MAR 1895 Catherine Ann Rees Register Office Cardiff William Spanswick
Richard Spanswick DEC 1843 Mercy Smith St Lukes Chelsea Joseph Spanswick
Richard Spanswick SEP 1847 Jael Pearce Easton Royal Wilts William Spanswick
Richard Spanswick JUN 1877 Eliza Ann Barley St Andrew Chippenham Wilts David Spanswick
Richard Spanswick MAR 1895 Bath District
Roger Spanswick SEP 1842 Ann Pain Lambourn Berks Not Entered
Roger Spanswick SEP 1852 Hannah Samuels St Nicholas Newbury Berks John Spanswick
Rose Spanswick SEP 1895 Brentford District
Sarah Spanswick MAR 1844 Charles Viveash Burbage Wilts Not Entered
Sarah Spanswick SEP 1863 John Simpkins Baptist Meeting House Reading James Spanswick
Sarah Sparrich JUN 1853 Benjamin Larndon St Mathew Bethnal Green Thomas Sparrich
Sarah Spunswick JUN 1847 Pewsey District
Sarah Ann Spanswick MAR 1847 James Goddard Easton Royal Wilts John Spanswick
Sarah Ann Spanswick JUN 1851 Mathew Sparey St Mary Lambeth Robert Spanswick
Sarah Ann Spanswick DEC 1857 John Thomas Boddington St John the Baptist Shoreditch Thomas Keeley
Sarah Ann Spanswick MAR 1867 George Vince St Mary Lambeth Not Given
Sarah Ann Spanswick MAR 1882 Thomas Richardson Christ Church Hackney William Spanswick
Sarah Ann Spanswick MAR 1883 James Joseph Tiley St Mark Old Street Francis Spanswick
Sarah Ann Spanswick JUN 1892 Cambridge District
Sarah Ann Spanswick DEC 1895 Chippenham District
Sarah Ann Spanswick JUN 1898 Wandsworth District
Sarah Ann Spanwick SEP 1859 Henry Andrews Thriplow Royston John Spanswick
Sarah Ann Sponswick DEC 1859 Stephen Asher Povey Trinity Church Newington James Spanswick
Sarah Anne Spanswick DEC 1863 Thomas Spanswick St James Eastbury Charles Spanswick
Sarah Frances Spanswick SEP 1869 James Wiltshire St Johns Paddington Joseph Spanswick
Sarah Jane Spanswick SEP 1883 Walsall District
Sarah Susanna Spanswick JUN 1871 Charles Clarage Shalbourne Wilts Thomas Spanswick
Sarah Susannah Spanswick DEC 1865 Richard George Dalton Albany Chapel, Camberwell George Spanswick
Sophia Spanswick MAR 1875 Thomas William Woodard St George the Martyr Southwark George Spanswick
Stephen Spanswick SEP 1844 Eliza Tarrant Ogbourne St Geo. Wilts Thomas Spanswick
Susannah Spanswick MAR 1843 Jonathan Rowson St Mary Marylebone Joseph Spanswick
Susannah Spanswick MAR 1847 George Watts Pewsey Wilts William Spanswick
Tabitha Spanswick JUN 1890 Bridgend District
Thomas Spanswick MAR 1846 Maria Huntley Christ Church Southwark John Spanswick
Thomas Spanswick DEC 1848 Sarah Oram Pewsey Wilts Levi Spanswick
Thomas Spanswick DEC 1853 Mary Ann Milsom Easton Royal Wilts William Spanswick
Thomas Spanswick DEC 1863 Sarah Ann Spanswick St James Eastbury Jonathan Spanswick
Thomas Spanswick SEP 1866 Harriett Roe Epsom Surrey William Spanswick
Thomas Spanswick MAR 1871 Mary Jones St Philip Lambeth John Spanswick
Thomas Spanswick MAR 1871 Honoria Clifford St Pauls, Clapham Charles Spanswick
Thomas Spanswick JUN 1876 Elizabeth Ann Barrett Hungerford Berks Levi Spanswick
Thomas Spanswick JUN 1882 Elizabeth Thatcher Eastbury Berks Charles Spanswick
Thomas Spanswick SEP 1887 Rose Voysey Eastbury Berks Charles Spanswick
Thomas Charles Sparrick JUN 1859 Hackney District
Thomas Wentworth Spanswick MAR 1867 Harriet Gibbs St George Rd Chapel, Bermondsey William Spanswick
Timothy Spanswick SEP 1841 Pricilla Willis Lambourn Berks Not Entered
Trypheda Spanswick DEC 1875 Joseph Orlando Bance Kintbury Berks George Spanswick
Trypheda Ellen Spanswick JUN 1858 George Brown West Shefford Berks William Spanswick
William Spanswick SEP 1842 Hannah Jane Wentworth Chilton Folliat Wilts Thomas Spanswick
William Spanswick DEC 1844 Sarah Bloomfield St James Clerkenwell John Spanswick
William Spanswick DEC 1847 Elizabeth White Pewsey Wilts James Spanswick
William [S]Panswick DEC 1848 Eliza Stevens St Mary Devizes
William Spanswick SEP 1853 Sarah Kelly St Thomas Bethnal Green Samuel Spanswick
William Spanswick JUN 1859 Sarah Ann Blewchamp Isleworth Middlesex William Spanswick
William Spanswick JUN 1860 Marth Chapman Misterton Somerset John Spanswick
William Spanswick DEC 1860 Jane Baker Weslyan Chapel Newbury Thomas Spanswick
William Spanswick DEC 1861 Eliza Choules East Grafton Wilts Stephen Butler
William Spanswick MAR 1876 Elizabeth Craggie Mayo St.John's Camberwell James Spanswick
William Spanswick JUN 1878 Ann Maria Smith St Johns Reading George Spanswick
William Spanswick DEC 1879 Sarah Adams St.Mary's Plaistow William Spanswick
William Spanswick DEC 1885 Rhoda Lewis Bridgeman St John Evangelist Westminster David Spanswick
William Spanswick DEC 1886 Bridgend District
William Spanswick MAR 1890 Edmonton District
William Spanswick MAR 1897 St Saviour District
William Spanswich MAR 1840 Anna Maria Partridge Burghclere Hampshire William Spanswick
William Spanwick SEP 1884 Matilda Webber Newport Register Office William Spanswick
William Arthur Spanswick SEP 1897 Brentford District
William Francis Spanswick JUN 1892 Louisa Cheeseman East Grafton Wilts George Spanswick
William Henry Spanswick MAR 1883 N Aylesford District
William James Spanswick SEP 1897 Alice Dales Christ Church Richmond John Spanswick
William James Spaswick DEC 1899 Selina Porter St Stephen Walworth George[?] Spaswick
William Job Spanswick SEP 1873 Alice Coventry St Mary's Paddington Joseph Spanswick
William Mayo Spanswick JUN 1899 Jessie Emily Dyer Camberwell District William Spanswick
William Stephen Spanswick JUN 1880 Bath District