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Some Selected Reports from the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette

Thursday, June 20th, 1833

The third exhibition for the season of the Wilts and general Horticultural Society, was held at the Council Chambers, Salisbury, on Tuesday last. The show room was, as usual visited during the day by the most respectable and numerous company, who expressed themselves highly gratified by the display of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, offered for competition.

The prizes were awarded as follows :-

To Mr.Downey, gardener to W.W.Salmon, esq., for the best Stove Plant in bloom, Epidendron.
To Mr.Mitchell, gardener to Eyre Coote, esq., for the 2d best ditto Oncidium flexnosum
To Mr.Hughes, gardener to C.B.Wall, esq., for 3d best ditto.
To Mr.Dodd, gardener to Colonel Baker, for the best Greenhouse Plant in bloom, Alstraemeria Psittacina [?]
To Mr.Hughes, for the second best ditto, Ipomopsis Elegans
To Mrs.I.Hodding, for the third ditto, Sollya hetrophylla
To Mr.Hughes, for the best Bulb, Amaryllis Hybrida
To Mr.Mitchell, for the second ditto, Laparonsia Suncea
To the hon.Mrs.Harris, for the third ditto, Amaryllis Aulica
To Mr.Bryant, gardener to Dr.Finch, for the six best Ericas, Jasmini flora, and others.
To Mr.Hughes, for the six 2d best ditto, Grandiflora, and others.
To Mr.Dodd, for the six third ditto, tri-colour and others.
To Mr.Hughes, for the six best Pelargoniums, Agrippina & others.
To the hon.Mrs.Harris, for the six second ditto, Mary queen of Scots and others.
To Mr.Dunbar, gardener to Mrs.Batt, for the six third ditto, Ann Boleyn and others.
To the hon.Mrs Harris for the four best hardy herbaceous plants, Verbena Vernosa and others.
To Mr.Christie, gardener to Lord Radnor, for the 4 second do.
To Mr.Dodd, for the four third ditto.
To Mr.Hughes, for the 4 best Annuals
To the hon.Mrs.Harris, for the 4 second ditto.
To Mr.Mitchell, for the best collection of Stocks.
To Mr.Dunbar, for the second ditto.
To Mr.Harris, gardener to R.Hetley, esq., for the best collection of cut Roses. - To Mr.Christie for the second.
To Mr.Mitchell, for the third ditto.
To the hon.Mrs.Harris, for the best collection of China Roses cut.
To Mr.Mitchell, for the second ditto.
To Mr.John Bail, 12 best Ranunculi
To Mr.Squibb, for the 9 best Pinks, Barrett's Conqueror, and others. - To Mr.H.Blackmore, for the 9 second ditto.
To Mr.Wheeler, of Bistern, for the best Pine Apple, weighing upwards of 3lbs. - To Mr.Christie, for the second ditto.
To Mr.Langdon, gardener to the Bishop of Salisbury, for the two best bunches of Grapes - To Mr.Christie, for the two 2d ditto.
To Mr.Dunbar, for the best Melon.
To Mr.Challis, gardener to Lord Nelson, for the 2d best ditto.
To T.O.Stevens, esq., for the best dish of Strawberries, Wilmot's superb - To Mr.Alford, gardener to T.King, esq., for 2d ditto.
To Mr.H.Blackmore, for the best dish of Cherries.
To Wadham Wyndham, esq., for the second ditto.
To the Rev.Canon Hume, for the 2 best Cucumbers.
To Mr.Dunbar, for the 2 second do.- To Mr.Alford, for two 3d do.
To Mr.Christie, for the best dish of Mushrooms
To Mr.Christie, for the best dish of French Beans
To Mr.Challis, for the second ditto
To the Rev.Canon Hume, for the best dish of Peas
To Mr.Dunbar, for the second ditto
To J.T.Thring, esq., for the best dish of Broad Beans
To Mr.Squibb, for the second ditto
To Mr.Beach Cutler, for the two best heads of Cauliflower
To Mr.Dunbar, for the two second ditto.
To Mr.Christie, for the six best Carrots
To Mr.Burfitt, gardener to W.Boucher, esq., best quart of Potatoes
To Mr.Christie, for the second ditto.
To Mr.Langdon, for three best Lettuces
To Mr.Challis, for 3 second do. - To Mr.Christie, for third do.

Cottagers Prizes
Geo.Perry, for the 3 best Lettuces. - Jas.Tarrant, for 3 second do.
Wm.Waterman, for the best quart of Potatoes
James Tarrant, for the second best ditto
George Perry, for the best quart of Broad Beans
James Tarrant, for the second best ditto
James Tarrant, for the best quart of Peas
George Perry, for the second ditto
George Chinn, best Nosegay
James Antrim, best bundle of Carrots
James Tarrant, for the second best ditto
George Chinn, for Cabbages

Extra Prizes
Mr.Bryant, for Digitratis Septa
Mr.Loudin, gardener to A.Hussey, esq., for Convolvulus pentanthuse
Rev.Canon Hume, for Prunea integritolid
Dr.Fowler, for Phytolacea, Chilionenis
Mr.Bryant, for Polygala Sepeciosa
J.T.Thring, esq., for Giant Rhubarb, a stalk of which weighed nearly 2lbs - Mr.Christie, for Black Grapes.
Sir A.Malet, for Lemons - Mr.Truman, for Turnips
Alexander Powell, esq., for two sorts of Apples.

There were several pretty specimens exhibited (but not for competition) by Messrs.Cooe and Wheeler. The most difficult plant to cultivate, the Nepenthes distillaloria, or Pitcher Plant (Mr.Cooe's) a rare and extraordinary production, was generally admired; a collection of Roses (Mr.Wheeler's) also attracted great attention. The Exotic Stall, tho not so crowded as we have seen it, was effective; the production in Fruits and Vegetables were highly creditable to each competitor.

On Tuesday, the 18th inst at Bath, by the Rev.T.Meyler, Wm.Clark Merriman, esq., of Marlborough, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late F.Hill, esq., of Burton Hill, Malmesbury.
On Tuesday last at West Lavington, in this county, the Rev.Henry Deane, vicar of Gillingham in Dorsetshire, to Jane, eldest daughter of the Rev.R.Caswell, vicar of West Lavington.
At Chitterne, in this county, on Tuesday last, by the Rev.George Richards, B.A., the Rev.Thomas Taylor, M.A., of Bradpole, in the county of Dorset, to Sophia, third daughter of the late Rev.Wm.Richards, Rector of Little Chiverell, Wilts.
June 17, Mr.James Smith, of London, to Sarah eldest daughter of Mr.Abraham Henly, of Calne.
June 11, at Marlborough, by her brother, the Rev.E.H.Griffies Williams, rector, Anna Margaretta, 2d daughter of Sir George Griffies Williams, bart., to Henry Harcourt Lyons, esq., youngest son of Wm.Lyons, esq., of Tenby.
June 13, at Limpley Stoke, Wilts, Mr.B.Everett, of Warminster, to Julia Jane Prowse, youngest daughter of G.D.Fisher, esq., of the former place.
June 13, at Winksworth, Derbyshire, Thos.Poyser, esq., of that place, to Mary, eldest daughter of John Newton, esq., of Limpley Stoke.
At Trinity church, Marylebone, Jas.Cockell, esq., of Boyers, Wilts, to Susan, youngest daughter of the late Mr.Rd.Buckland, of Southampton.

On Sunday last, the 16th inst., at Barwick, after a few days illness, aged 43, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Nalder, sen., esq., late of that parish.
On the 13th inst., Elizabeth, wife of Mr.Hugh Lavington, of this town, in the 70th year of her age.
June 10, at Richmond, of scarlet fever, John Chafin Grove, in his 13th year, only son of Wm.Chafin Grove, esq., late of East Knoyle, Wilts.
Yesterday, to the deepest regret of her family, and a numerous circle of friends, to whom she was deservedly endeared, Mrs.Whitmarsh, wife of W.D.Whitmarsh, esq., solicitor, Endless-street, Salisbury.
Mrs.Precy, mother of Mr.Precy, silversmith, Catherine-street, Salisbury.
On Saturday, at Melksham, Mrs.Morse, late of the New Inn, Seend; and Mrs.Butterworth, mother of Mr.Butterworth, draper.
On Wednesday, at Ridgeside, near Corsham, the residence of Thomas Collet, esq. , Mrs Ann Collet, in her 82d year.
On the 10th inst., at Kintbury Holt farm, aged 47, Mr.William Church, late of Mortimer, Berks.
At Hungerford, aged 76, Elizabeth, relict of the late John Burbidge, esq., of Tottenham.
June 9, aged 66, Mr.Uriah Brodribb, of Warminster.
June 14, at Urchfont, of decline, aged 29, Thomas James, 2d and only surviving son of the late Mr.James, brush maker of Bath.

The Venerable William Macdonald, Clerk, M.A., Archdeacon of Wilts, will hold his visitation at Marlborough, on Tuesday the 25th; Swindon, Wednesday the 26th; Malmesbury, Thursday the 27th; and at Chippenham, on Friday the 28th days of June instant.

All Persons having Wills to Prove, or Letters of Administration to obtain to intestates Effects, may attend, to transact such business on the days of Visitation, at the Office of the Registrar, at the following places :- Castle, Marlborough; Bell, Swindon; White Lion, Malmesbury; Angel, Chippenham.

The Venerable Liscombe Clarke, Clerk, M.A., Archdeacon of Sarum, will hold his visitation at Sarum, on Tuesday the 2d, Devizes, Wednesday the 3d; Warminster, Thursday the 4th; and at Hindon, on Friday the 5th days of July next.
All Persons having Wills to Prove, or Letters of Administration to obtain to Intestates Effects, may attend, to transact such business on the days of Visitation, at the office of the Registrar, at the places following :- Registry, Close, Salisbury; Bear, Devizes; Weymouth Arms, Warminster; Lamb, Hindon.

Of the 16 Members returned for Wilts, Mr.Methuen was the only one who, on the 11th June, opposed the grant of 20,000,000 as compensation to the West India Proprietors, without loss being proved, and without the freedom of the slaves being obtained. The voted in a minority of 77.

The bells of the different churches rang a merry peal on Tuesday last, in commemoration of the glorious battle of Waterloo : but we regret to state, there was no further celebration of the day in this neighbourhood. The British nation is indebted to the triumph at Waterloo for its independence; and surely the anniversary ought to be a day of universal rejoicing.

A purse, well-filled with money, was a few days since found, by Mr.W.Taylor of Tinhead, in this county, whilst following his men in mowing a field of grass.

On Wednesday night, about half past 10 o'clock, a violent assault was committed upon the person of the Rev.Mr.Jervoise, curate of Lyncombe and Widcombe. As that gentleman was returning home, he was met in Widcombe Hill by two ruffians, who after knocking him down, commenced rifling his pockets; but before they could succeed in extracting his watch, some persons were attracted to the spot, in consequence of the cries of the Rev.Gentleman, on which the fellows decamped, taking with them the appendages of the watch, which they succeeded in doing by snapping the chain.

Western Circuit.
Before Mr.Justice Alderson, and Mr.Justice Patteson.
Southampton - Tuesday, July 9, at Winchester.
Wiltshire - Saturday, July 13, at New Sarum
Dorsetshire - Thursday, July 18, at Dorchester
Devonshire - Wednesday, July 24, at Exeter
City and County of Exeter - Same day, at ditto
Cornwall - Wednesday, July 31, at Bodmin
Somersetshire - Tuesday, August 6, at Bridgewater
Bristol - Monday, August 12, at Bristol

Attempt at Robbery
As Mr.Gibbs, surgeon of Long Ashton, was returning from Bristol between 10 and 11 o'clock on Thursday night, he was attacked near Ashton Turnpike by three fellows, one of whom caught the bridle of his horse, while the other struck him a violent blow on the head with a bludgeon, and about thirty yards farther he received a blow in the side from a fourth ruffian. Mr.Gibbs was fortunately well mounted, which enabled him to effect his escape without further injury.

The Established Church
A few weeks only have elapsed, since we announced the conforming to the Church of England, of one who is a man of talent, and had been a zealous Minister in the Independent connexion, in the person of the respected Mr.Greenwood of Torquay; and have now to announce a similar act of conformity to the Church, in the person of the Rev.T.Gibson, who has been the highly respected preacher in the Independent Chapel at Newton, for some years past. These gentlemen were much looked up to by that class of dissenters to which they had previously belonged, and their quitting the Dissenting interest, and, as they have done, firmly allying themselves with the Established Church, has occasioned in that district an extraordinary sensation. - Exeter Flying Post.

Committed to the Old Bridewell, Devizes
Chas.Tuff and John Tuff, charged with stealing two prongs and several other articles from a house, the property of James Humphries, of Purton; and Esther Tuff, their mother, charged with receiving the said articles, knowing them to be stolen. - Wm.Long, charged with stealing two ducks, and a drake, the property of Wm.Davis, of Hilperton.

To The Editor of the Devizes Gazette
Sir - You will oblige me by correcting an error inserted in your last week's paper, wherein you stated that the impropriator of the Rectorial Tythes of Keevil, had this year increased his Tythes ten per cent. The truth is, no increase has taken place : the tythes just received were due at Michaelmas last. They are payable by the landlord, not the tenant ; and the amount to be paid by each, is periodically settled by the Justices at Sessions. No variation has been made since the year 1823, excepting in one instance, when the Impropriator liberally remitted ten per cent.!

I am, Sir, your obedient servant,
Salisbury, June 11, 1833.


To be Let, two newly erected Dwelling Houses in Lansdowne Grove, finished in a superior manner, and replete with every convenience; containing Dining and Drawing Rooms, one of which opens into a Conservatory, two Kitchens, extensive Cellarage, two Water Closets, 4 excellent Bed Rooms, Wash-house, and Servants Room over, and well supplied both with spring and soft Water; Gardens and extensive Shrubbery in front.

For particulars, enquire of Mr.John Harrison, Surveyor, Brittox, Devizes.

To be Let, and entered on at Michaelmas next, the Dwelling House, and Premises, now in the occupation of Mrs.Jones, situate in the parish of Stratton, Wilts, between Highworth and Swindon, consisting of a Dwelling House, containing Sitting Room, Parlour, four Bed-rooms, 2 Attics, Pantry, Brewhouse, Dairy, and Woodhouse, Malthouse, Barn and Stable. Flower and Kitchen Gardens, young Orchard, and about 3 Acres of Good Land.

For particulars, apply at the House.

Sandridge Cottage.

To be Let, and entered on immediately, with an exceedingly good Hot House well stocked with choice vines.
The House contains a neat Entrance-hall, opening on a Conservatory, and leading to the dining, and drawing rooms, several good Bed-rooms, and Attics, and Commodious Offices, Stable, Carriage-house, and Yard, with Lawn in front, and Garden. - It may be taken with, or without, about 12 Acres of Pasture Land, and is now in the occupation of D.H.Collings, esq., and may be viewed by his permission.

The above Residence commands a most extensive and beautiful view of the surrounding country, and is well calculated for a genteel family.
The situation is in the vicinity of good market-towns, being from Melksham about 2 1/2 miles, Bromham 1 1/2, and Devizes 6 miles; and is on the road from Melksham to Calne. It is considered particularly healthy, and for the beauty of its scenery is not to be surpassed.

For further particulars, apply to Mr.Crockett, Devizes; or Mr.Giller, Bear Inn, Melksham - All letters to be free of postage.

First Rate Cart and Nag Horses, Waggons, Carts, &c.
To be Sold by Auction, by Messrs Harding & Son, on Monday the 24th of June, 1833, on the Premises at Longbridge Deverill, near Warminster, Wilts, the following
Farming Stock,

The property of Mr.George Coles, who is declining business; consisting of 3 very active good young Cart Horses, warranted perfectly sound and good workers, 1 clever well known Nag Horse 15 hands and a half high, equal to any weight, and of very superior action, warranted sound; 3 good narrow-wheel Waggons, 1 six inch wheel ditto, 3 six inch wheel Dung Puts, 1 narrow wheel Cart, Ploughs, Drags, and Harrows, Field Rollers, Sheep Cribs, and Hurdles, Cow cribs, Chaff-cutter by Maggs, Chaff-box and Knife, ox and horse harness Waggon-lines, Hay-knives, Ladders, Grinding-stone, two Fans and Stock, two Amesbury Heavers, blind Heavers, Sieves, Bushels, Barley Chumpers, &c.

The Brewing Utensils are very good; Mash Tub and Horse, capable of mashing 16 bushels, Coolers and Stand, Casks of different sizes, with many other articles not named - Sale at eleven o'clock.

Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation.
Notice is hereby given, that the Proprietors of the Kennet and Avon Canal Navigation, will meet for the purpose of choosing Committee Men for the different districts, for the year ensuing, on Tuesday the second day of July, 1833, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, at the following places, that is to say : - The Proprietors resident in the Western District, comprising the counties of Somerset and Gloucester (and the cities of Bristol and Bath) at the White Lion Inn, in Broad-street, Bristol; the Proprietors resident in the Wiltshire District (comprising the county of Wilts) at the Town Hall, in Marlborough; the Proprietors resident in the London District (comprising the cities of London and Westminster, and elsewhere within the limits of the Bills of Mortality) at the city of London Tavern, Bishopsgate-street, London; and the proprietors resident in the Eastern District (comprising all the residue of the said Proprietors) at the Town Hall, in Hungerford.

T.Merriman and Sons, Principal Clerk.
Dated 20th day of June, 1833.


Slater's Patent Steam Apparatus, Turning Lathe (complete), Electrifying Machine, Glazed Sashes, Brewing Furnace, Shower Bath, &c. &c.
To be Sold by Auction, on the Premises, by Crockett and Son, on Saturday the 22nd June, 1833, a variety of Valuable and Miscellaneous Effects, of Mr.J.Cox, at the back of the Black Horse, High-street, who is removed to the Little Brittox, Devizes : comprising a circular Counter with mahogany top, 30 Shop-drawers, several glazed Sashes, glazed Door, Paliastres, Slater's Steam Apparatus, Turning-lathe, Electrifying-machine, hogshead Brewing-furnace, copper Boiler, stone Roller, Kitchen Range, 6 Shutters, capital mahogany Desk, pedestal Lamp, Fan-light, Cucumber-light, Mantlepiece, 6 capital Window-shutters, 2 Anvils, 2 Sign boards, large lot of old Iron, quantity of old Bricks, Safe cupboards, Corn bins, Hen coops, Wheel-barrow, quantity odd Wood, and Miscellaneous Effects.

Sale to commence at 11 o'clock.

To Publicans & Others.
Prime Casks, Strong Beer Household Furniture, &c.

To be Sold by Auction, on the Premises, by Crockett and Son, on Tuesday July the 2d, 1833, by order of the Assignees of Mr.Thomas Bowering, a Bankrupt, Sidmouth-street, Devizes; all the excellent Casks, laid in new within this twelve months : comprising six 8-hogshead Casks, 3 one-hogshead ditto, several smaller ditto, 4 Coolers, Mash-tub, and Under-back, two-motion Beer engine, copper Furnaces, upwards of 30 hogsheads of very prime Strong Beer, Flour-troughs, Bins, patent Weighing-machine, together with all the Household Furniture - May be viewed the morning of Sale, commencing at eleven o'clock.

Frome, Somerset, Within 12 Miles of Bath

Mr.W.W.Simpson has received directions from the Proprietors to Sell by Auction, at the George Inn, Frome, on Friday the 12th of July, at five o'clock in the afternoon, in eight Lots, the following valuable Property :

Lot 1. - Wallbridge House, a substantially stone-built Mansion, of uniform elevation and commanding appearance, delightfully situate on the Coal Ash Walk, immediately contiguous to the excellent market town of Frome, on the road to Warminster. It is in perfect state of repair, and is divided into two residences, the principal of which is adapted for the occupation of a numerous and respectable family, and the smaller one a suitable for a genteel family of limited number; there is a good walled Garden attached to the principle residence, and with this lot will be sold about 3 acres of rich Pasture, and 2 acres of Arable Land.

Lot 2. - A plot of Pasture Land adjoining, containing about 2 acres, on which is erected a spacious Dye House, and numerous other large convenient buildings, (applicable to many useful purposes,) situate on the bank of the Frome river, at Wallbridge.

Lot 3. - About 4 acres of productive Arable Land, adjoining the last lot.

Lot 4. - A Close of fine Pasture Land, adjoining lot 3, and containing 1A. 0R. 18P.

Lot 5. - An enclosure of rich Pasture Land, in the rear of the two last mentioned lots, and containing 5A. 2R. 11P.

Lot 6. - Three pieces of excellent Arable Land, adjoining lot 5, and containing together 2A. 0R. 16P.

Lot 7. - Two double Cottages with large Gardens, situate in front of the high road to Warminster contiguous to Wallbridge, and occupied by Wm.Stroud, Mary and James Gerrett, and Wm.Underwood.

The above seven lots are Freehold, and exonerated from the land tax, and of lots 1 and 6 (which are in hand) immediate possession may be had.

Lot 8. - A neat Cottage Residence, with a good Garden, and a smaller Cottage and Garden, together with six and half acres of superior pasture and arable Land, situate in front of the high road to Warminster, opposite the mansion, comprised in lot 1.

This lot is held under a renewable lease for lives, from the Marquis of Bath, and immediate possession may be had.

The Property may be viewed, and particulars with plans annexed had at the place of Sale; of P.G.Meares, esq., 6, Green-street, Bath; Bear Inn, Devizes; of Messrs.Hall, Thompson and Sewell, Solicitors, Salter's Hall; and of Mr.W.W.Simpson, 24, Bucklersbury, London.

Phaeton For Sale

To be Sold, a neat light one-horse Phaeton, in excellent condition, with seat behind to hold two persons, removable at pleasure, and patent axles - For price and particulars, apply to Mr.Ball, Steeple Ashton, where the Phaeton may also be seen.

Notice to Creditors
Whereas William Pineger, the elder, of South Marston, in the parish of Highworth, in the county of Wilts, Dairyman, by Indenture dated the eighth day of June instant, Conveyed and Assigned all his Real and Personal Estate and Effects to Trustees, for the equal benefit of such of his Creditors as should execute the same, within the space of six calendar months from the date thereof.

Notice is hereby given, that the said Indenture or Deed of Conveyance and Assignment, is now lying at our Office in Swindon, for the inspection and signatures of such of the Creditors of the said William Pineger, the elder, as may be disposed to take the benefit thereof. Creditors not executing within the period above-mentioned, will be excluded for all benefit thereunder. - All persons indebted to the said William Pinegar, are requested forthwith to pay the amount of their respective debts to us.

Wm.Morse Crowdy}Solicitors to the Trustees

Swindon, 18th June, 1833.


The writers of the Letters under the above title, are settlers from Ireland, and appear to consist of two families. - The Magraths, who have been long settled in Upper Canada, and who know the country as a good fox hunter knows his covers : and the Radcliffs, who went out under their directions. Mr.Magrath, the principal letter writer, in the first instance sends over to his old friend Mr.Radcliff full information respecting the new land about him. When it appears the Radcliffs are bent for the home over the sea, he furnishes them with minute instructions for the regulation of their passage , their landing, their progress into the interior, &c. They go : after they are arrived, we then have their experience; and that of a very various kind, from the cook maid to the young mistress.

These Magraths are stout fellows : one of them sends a general offer of marriage to any "smart and pretty widow under thirty-five, with a snug jointure of disposable fortune, with three of four ready made sons and daughter," on behalf of his brother, which brother he describes for the information of the said widow. He tells us, he measures, without his shoes, six feet three inches : they must be a race of giants - see what their father laid in for a voyage of four or five weeks.

"Two hundred weight of corned beef, packed in a pickling tub, well hooped, and with a bar of iron across the lid with a hinge and staple.

One hundred weight of biscuit.
Ditto ditto of flour.
Ditto ditto of oatmeal.
Ten shillings worth of bread; fresh beef and mutton; half a dozen hams; half-a-dozen tongues; live fowls; two dozen of wine; two gallons of rum; potatoes, and other vegetables."

This for a family of nine ! We do not hear whether the whole ws consumed; but if this is the family scale of provision, why then six feet three inches would seem to be in perfect harmony with their system of nurture. The book has only just come out, it has probably not yet met the eye of many "pretty and smart widows," and therefore we may be the medium through which these sons of Titan are to be made happy. Let us not omit the address - Erindale, Toronto, Upper Canada.

One letter give an account of the proceedings of the family of the Magraths, in clearing their domain, and building their barns and log-houses. The two Titans, James and Chas. unassisted, cut 18,000 shingles for the roof of the barn, beside siding and flooring it. The floor of this barn is supported by 3 beams of wood, 18 inches square, with two courses of three such plank over them. These are the fellows for the Bush[?] The "smart and pretty widows" need fear no want of bread with such a barn and such bread-winners.

Land is rising monthly in Upper Canada; and the quantity of respectable people proceeding thither, astonishes our Irish family. Medical men are in great demand ; every body agrees that even a moderately qualified person would be in the phrase of the lady writer, "make a fortune."

Another letter gives a famous account of the progress of the McGiants. We extract the following passage as highly illustrative of Life In Canada.

"When we first came here, our hands were soft and delicate, as those of a lady, from being unused to laborious occupation; but seeing every one around us employed at manual works - magistrates, senators, counsellors, and colonels, without any feeling of degradation, we fairly set to, in the spirit of emulative industry, and have already exhibited pretty fair specimens of our efforts in clearing land, and afterwards ploughing it.

"My brother Charles can take, what is termed here, a great gap out of a field of corn, with a cradle scythe; and he and his brother James once cut down two acres of rye before dinner.
"The latter makes all the waggons, sleighs, harrows, &c.; and when I am not superintending the emigrant settlements, my time at home is occupied in shoeing horses, making gates, fences, chimney-pieces, and furniture. Indeed my mechanical labours are so multifarious, that I can hardly enumerate them; but you may form some idea of their versatility, when I tell you that I made an ivory tooth for a very nice girl, and an iron one for the harrow within the same day

"My younger brother lends a hand to every thing, from a duet on the piano forte to the thrashing of a sheaf of corn; and believe me we are neither degraded in our own estimation, nor in that of the most elevated of our acquaintances, by thus earning our bread of independence; nor are we without our full share of amusement, which is much more grateful than can be imagined by those whose days are spent in idleness or vanity

"We have frequently occupied the morning at work in a potatoe field, and passed the evening most agreeably in the ball room at York ! !
"Let a man determine to exert himself, and, with even moderate capital, and health, he must prosper : if he be devoid of energy and become embarrassed, he will be ruined here, as he would elsewhere; and his creditors have a very summary way of recovering their demands upon him, as his land (though in perpetuity) can be sold as if it were chattel property. But the vexatious and useless severities of the English laws, as they relate to debtor and creditor, are mitigated in this colony by local statutes; no one here can be arrested for debt on mesne process. If it be justly apprehended that a debtor purposes to leave the country, a writ (on affidavit) of ne exeat regno can be taken out, to which he must give bail; but no further step is taken until judgement is given.

Another Death by Prize Fighting

On Tuesday, an inquest was held on the body of a young man, lying at the dispensary, named Samuel Oakey, who, it appears, came by his death in consequence of a pugilistic contest, which took place in a field about 2 miles on the Gloucester road from Cheltenham, on the morning of Thursday last. It appeared by the evidence, the deceased, and a man known by the name of Welsh Ned, had some angry words on the Tuesday previous, and, subsequently, a match was made to fight the matter out for a sovereign a side, for which purpose they met in the field before mentioned, where, after a battle, which lasted about three quarters of an hour, the deceased Oakey was conveyed in a state of insensibility to the dispensary, where he lived until Sunday last. The jury after a very long and patient investigation, returned a verdict of Manslaughter, against a person whose name is unknown (Welsh Ned), as principal, and against Sam.Davison, Jas.Troughton, and Thos.Lidiard, as aiding and abetting.

Stockton Farm.
One mile from Codford, and two miles from Deptford Inn, Wilts.
Valuable Horses,
Harness, Farming Implements, &c.

For Sale by Auction, by Mr.Strode, on the Premises, on Wednesday the 26th of June, 1833, part of the Live and Dead Farming Stock, of Harry Biggs, Esq., on the above Farm; consisting of 16 very useful Agricultural Horses, in good working condition; a considerable quantity of Cart and Plough Harness, a number of Ploughs, Drags, Harrows, Rollers, Waggons, Sheep-cribs, and other Articles.

Sale punctually at 12 o'clock
The public are respectfully informed, that the unrivalled Stock of Southdown Sheep on Stockton Farm, will be Sold early in the month of September. Particulars will be given in due time.

Desirable Freehold Investments
Commanding Business Premises, Arable Land, Cottages, Growing Wheat, &c.

To be Sold by Auction, by Mr.Giller, at the Bear Inn, Melksham, on Friday, June 28, 1833, at five in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will then be produced :

Lot 1.- All that Commodious Dwelling House, and Premises, most desirably situated for business, in the High-street, Melksham, and now in the occupation of Mrs.E.Woodman; containing an excellent Shop, Parlour, Dining-room, 4 Bed-rooms, Attic, Kitchen, Cellar, Bake-house, and Flour-loft, with a good supply of water : together with Three Cottages adjoining, in the occupation of Joel Knee, James Harper, and William Gunner. Rent 42 8s per annum.

Lot 2.- A Piece of good Arable Land situated in the Common, adjoining the road from Melksham to Calne; containing 6 Acres more or less; 3 of which are in the occupation of George Brown, at a rent of 6 per annum; the remainder is stocked with Wheat.

Lot 3.- Three Acres of Wheat, growing on Lot 2.

Lot 4.- A quantity of Manure, adjoining Lot 3.

The attention of the public is particularly directed to the above mentioned Property; it being presumed that such an opportunity for safe Investment seldom occurs : the rents are low, the House property in good repair, and the Land in very good condition.

The Premises may be viewed on application to the tenants; and further particulars may be had on application to Messrs.Moule, Solicitors, Melksham.

Ramridge House,
In the County of Hants.

To be Let, unfurnished, with immediate possession, for a term of years to be agreed on; for either 60 or 40 Acres of Meadow, Pasture and Lawn, and (if desired) a small Farm, all contained within one Fence.
The House contains a very handsome Drawing-room and Dining-room, and morning Sitting-room, and Gentleman's-room, on the first floor; six best Bedrooms, with Dressing-rooms to three of them; excellent Attics, the usual Domestic Offices, Stabling, and Coach Houses, in complete repair; Kitchen Garden, and a small Hothouse.

The House is modern, and handsomely fitted up. It is situate about four miles from Andover, and sixty-eight from London.
For further particulars, enquire of Mr.Earle, Solicitor, Andover; or at Ramridge Cottage, near Ramridge House. Letters post paid.

To be Let, from Michaelman next, with the usual previous entry to prepare for a Wheat Crop, a capital Corn and Stock Farm, called
Lydeway Farm,

Situate in the Parish of Urchfont, containing 199A. 0R. 10P., of which 120A., are Arable, the rest pasture, and now in the occupation of the representatives of the late John Purnell. The Farm-house is adjoining the Turnpike Road from Salisbury to Devizes, and is distant from the latter place only 4 miles. For a view of the Farm, apply on the Premises; and for particulars and to treat, to Mr.Hayward, Devizes.

Letters to be post paid. Devizes, June 12th, 1833.

Rowde , near Devizes.
To be Let, from Michaelmas next, with immediate entry, to prepare for a Wheat Crop, that most desirable Corn and Dairy Farm,
Rowde Farm,

Comprising a superior Farm House with Barns, Granary, Stables, and all requisite Outbuildings, together with 384A. 2R. 31P of Land; of which 195A. 1R. 39P are Arable, and 189A. 0R. 32P Meadow and Pasture.
The Farm is situate in the parish of Rowde, having the advantage of low Parochial Assessments, and distant from Devizes 2 miles, from Melksham 5, and from Bath 16.
It is also exonerated from Great Tithes.
For a view, apply to Mr.Sallway, the bailiff, at the Farm-house; and for terms of renting to Mr.Hayward, Devizes - Letters to be free of postage.

June 12th, 1833.

Valuable Water Corn Mill.
To be Let, and entered on at Michaelmas next,
Edington Mill,
On the river Kennett, near Hungerford.

The Mill is of great power, and has an abundant and never failing supply of water.
There is a very good Dwelling-House adjoining the Mill, fit for the residence of a person of respectability and the situation as to roads and markets, is particularly desirable. - Particulars may be obtained, on application at the Offices of Messrs.Salmon, Tugwell & Meek, in Devizes, (if by letter, post paid).

Mr.Hogsflesh, the present tenant will shew the Premises.


The Rich and Beautiful Little Estate of Bremhill, Freehold and Tithe Free, adjoining the Romantic Parsonage of the Rev.Poet Bowles, amidst some of the finest scenery of the country, only 2 miles from Calne, 4 from Chippenham, 9 from Melksham, and 18 from Bath, with early possession.

To be Sold by Auction, by Daniel Smith & Son, at the Mart, London, at the end of July, or early in August, by the direction of the Executors of the late Mr.Richard Sadler Smith, (unless an acceptable offer shall be previously made by Private Contract).

Bremhill House & Farm,

Comprising in a ring fence about 173 Acres of remarkably rich sound Pasture and Arable Land, studded with ornamental Timberm and bounded by a fine stream for Fish, and Preserves full of Game, justly admired as one of the

Most Delightful Spots in the County.

The House is on a small compact scale, but is neat and substantial, and obviously mark'd out to become a Handsome Residence, happily placed with a south aspect upon a dry sunny Lawn, with fine water Springs, adjoining the beautiful Church and Parsonage of Bremhill, almost insuring the friendship of its literary and amiable Pastor. It is approached by a broad terrace-like walk, and commands on all sides a surprising expanse of richly varied scenery, embracing the splendid Parks of Bowood and Compton, with the town and spire of Calne, bounded in the distance by the bold chain of hills extending from Devizes towards Swindon, with their remarkably fine and celebrated feature, the Cherhill White Horse.

The old Farm-house is standing, and, with the various capital Farm Buildings, would be convenient for letting off any portion of the land, which is in the highest possible condition, having been in the hands of the late worthy proprietor upwards of 30 years.

The Estate may be viewed with tickets, and descriptive particulars, with plans may be shortly had, on the Premises; at the Libraries and chief Inns at Bath, Melksham, Salisbury, Devizes, Marlborough, &c.; at the Auction Mart; and at Daniel Smith and Son's Offices, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall & Windsor.