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Some Selected Reports from the Dublin News-Letter

From TUESDAY April the 28th, to SATURDAY May the 2d, 1741


Toulon, April 17. N.S. Of the eight Ships of M. de Roqueseuil's Squadron that sail'd last Year from hence, seven return'd into the Road the 13th at Night, by which we have Advice that four of our Men of War, whereof three came from the Atlantic Ocean under the Command of M. d'Epinay, and the fourth was commanded by the Chevalier de Piozin, were met by the English Squadron, which having sent six Men of War to view them and to know from whence they carne. The French said they came from France; whereupon the English commanded them to come to; which they refusing to do, they attack'd them; but tho' the French Squadron was inferior' to the English, and tho' it was in the Night, they maintained the Fight, which was very sharp, with great Gallantry, and the Chevalier de Piozin gain'd all the Glory of the Action. They add, that next Morning as soon as it was light, the English Commandant sent to make his Excuses to M. d'Epinay, for that he mistook 'em for Spaniards. GE.
Toulon, April 17. The King's ships that are arrived here from the West Indies, are ordered immediately to be refitted, &c. but for what Enterprize is not known. M.S
Paris, April 20. The Marshal d' Asfeldt, is to set out forthwith for Alsace, in order to visit all the Fortresses on that Side. LE
Paris, April 24 -. The King being informed, that Great Britain used her utmost Endeavours for contracting a grand offensive and defensive alliance has ordered her ministers at foreign courts to keep a strict watch upon any thing which had already been of this Effect. The British minister has been forbidden the court of Stockholm. :MS
Havre-de Grace, April 24 -. We have here a Spanish Privateer, which arrived on Thursday Evening last, who mounts six Guns, six swivels, and sixty Men: 'Tis a Gally or double Sloop, with two small Masts, a square Sail and a Bowsprit. He has took in his Passage hither Capt. Elias Davis, of Tinmouth, with Salt for Newfoundland; and also Capt. John Real, of Foye, with Tobacco, Salt and Tea, as he was going out of Guernsey. He sailed again this Morning, with an Intent to cruize in our Passage. SJE
There are now in this Harbour five English Vessels, who are afraid to venture out to get home; and others are expected, who, having no Force, will be a Prey to this Privateer. SJE.

LONDON, April 23 and 25.

Though the printed Letters from France, by Authority, loosely mention the Return of both the Brest and Toulon Squadrons from America, yet our private Letters account for no more than 18 Ships sailing for Europe, and they are generally credited; and 'tis judg'd that the Remainder are left in the West Indies to succour the Spaniards. Some Persons assign for the Reason of their Return into Europe, without the Treasure, That the Spaniards would not trust them therewith. DA
By the Mercury, Capt. Bennet, arrived off Dover, from Jamaica, which Island he left the 20th of February, we have Advice, that Captain Ellwin, in a Privateer of New York, has carried into Jamaica three Dutch ships with Spanish Goods, and a Spaniard; which latter, with the Cargoes of the Dutch ships, were condemned being valued at 6000. GE.
On Thursday their Graces the Dukes of Kingston, Marlborough, Portland, and St. Albans, were installed at Windsor. Knights of the most Noble Order of the Garter, with the usual Formality. GE
We hear that the Prince of Hesse will have a private Instalment. GE
Yesterday's Letters from St. Sebastian's, by the French Mail, advise, that a rich Ship bound for London, from Gallipoly, is taken and carried in there, with the Carbonier, Capt. John Pyke, from Pool for Newfoundland; which latter was taken by a Spanish Row Boat, of 16 Oars, 50 Men and 3 Swivel Guns; three more not known are likewise taken. DA
Yesterday came on, in the Court of Common Pleas, a great Cause between the Dean and Chapter of Windsor, Plaintiff, and the Prince of Wales, Defendant, about the Presentation of the Living of Berhamstead in Hertfordshire; when, after a long Hearing, the Jury brought in a Verdict for his Royal Highness. MS
The Folkstone Man of War being fitted for going to Sea is fallen down to the Nore. She is commanded by Captain Balchen, Son to the Admiral of that Name. LE
Yesterday the Dartmouth a 50 Gun Ship was launched at Woolwich. LE .
(25) Yesterday Afternoon there was a Meeting of several Livery men of this City, at the Fleece Tavern on Cornhill, at which Sir Joseph Hankey was chosen Chairman, when several Gentlemen were proposed to be waited upon, to know whether they would please to be put in Nomination with Admiral Vernon, whom it was agreed should be set up a Candidate at the next General Election, for Members of Parliament of this City; and a Committee was appointed to . wait on the Gentlemen accordingly. And another Meeting was appointed to be held on Wednesday, to receive the Report of the said Committee. G.E.

We hear, the four following Persons will be created Peers of Great Britain.

Richard Edgcumbe, of Mount Edgcumbe in Devonshire, Esq; Member of Parliament for Lestwithiel in Cornwall.
John Howe, Esq; Knight of the Shire for Wiltshire.
Henry Bromley, of Horseheath in Cambridgeshire, Esq; Knight of the Shire for that County. And,
Stephen Fox, Esq; Member of Parliament for Shaftsbury in Dorsetshire. G.E.

On Thursday Captain Townshend, Captain Knowles, and Captain Carr, kiss'd his Majesty's Hand at St.James's on their being appointed Colonels in the first Regiment of Foot Guards. G.E
His Majesty's Ship the Buckingham and Deptford Storeship are ordered for the West-Indies, to compose part of the Squadron designed to convoy the Transport Ships with Provisions to Jamaica. S J E
By the Way of France, we hear, that his Majesty's Ship the Wolf Sloop, Capt. Bambridge, was lost in the Windward Passage off the Colloradoes; but that the Commandant and his Company were all taken up by one of the French Men of War, on his Return to Europe. SJE
The Prudent Sarah, Capt. Warden, bound for New York, from London, is taken by a Spanish Privateer, and carried into St. Sebastian's. SJE.
'Tis said that the French design to send a Squadron up the Baltick this Spring. SJE.
The Lords of the Admiralty have appointed Lieutenant Thomas Pye, to be Captain of the Seaford Man of War, of twenty Guns. SJE
His Majesty's Sloop the Spy having received Orders to cruize in the Chops of the Channel, she sailed from the Downs on Thursday last, for that Purpose. GE
On Thursday came Advice that the Dolphin, Capt. Bradley, who came from Jamaica under Convoy of the Norwich, is safely arrived off Dover. There are now only two of the London ships wanting which came out with the Norwich Man of War from Jamaica, which it's hoped will be heard of in a Post or two. G E
We have Advice from New England, dated March 20, that Capt. Davidson, in a Privateer of Boston, landed fifty six of his Crew on an Island belonging to the Spaniards, where most of them were killed or wounded. He afterwards, having only twenty Men left, sail'd for Surinam, and in his Passage took a rich Prize after a smart Engagement. Capt. Powers, in the Victory sloop, took the Town of Oroongua, without the Loss of one Man. He found there two thousand Pieces of Eight, great Quantities of Plate, and two Spanish ships in the Harbour laden with Plate, Cocoa, &c. he likewise brought away fifty Negroes. This is said to be the largest Prize taken this War by any of the Privateers. G E
The India Company had not Yesterday received any Advice of the Princess Mary, Capt. Martin, bound for China, being taken, as reported. She was convoyed 300 Leagues off the Land's End by the Lively Man of War, and then thought to be out of Danger. SJE
The Warrants are sent down to the Victualling Office for all the Yachts to be victuall'd by Wednesday next. GE
We hear from Kent, that the sharp Weather they have had there has nipp'd the cherries, and other forward Fruit in Blossom, that the crop is like to prove but indifferent. However, the Grain of all kind is in so good a Condition, that we may expect a very plentiful Harvest, especially of Wheat. SJE
Letters from Barbadoes advise, that several Spanish Privateers in sight of their Fort, was seen for several Days; and that a Privateer from that Island was fitted out with great Force, and sail'd in quest of them. SJE
His Majesty has been pleased to grant his Royal Dispensation, to enable his Serene Highness Frederick, Prince of Hesse, to wear the Ensigns of the most Noble Order of the Garter, without the Ceremony of Installation. SJE

Westminster, April 25. His Majesty came this Day to the House of Peers, and was pleased to give the Royal Assent to,
An Act for granting to his Majesty the Sum of One Million out of the Sinking Fund, and for applying other Sums thereinmentioned for the Service of the Year One thousand and seven hundred and forty one; and for allowing a Drawback of the Duties upon Coals used in Fire Engines for draining Tin and Copper Mines in the County of Cornwall; and for appropriating the Supplies granted in this Session of Parliament; and for making forth Duplicates of Exchequer Bills, Lottery Tickets, and Orders, lost, burnt, or otherwise destroyed; and for giving further Time for the Payment of Duties omitted to be paid for the Indentures and Contracts of Clerks and Apprentices.
An Act for the Encouragement and Increase of Seamen, and for the better and speedier manning of his Majesty's Fleet.
An Act for opening a Trade to and from Persia through Russia.
An Act for Preservation of the publick Roads within that Part of Great Britain called England,
An Act for surveying the chief Ports and Head-lands on the Coasts of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Islands and Plantations thereto belonging, in order to the more exact Determination of the Longitude and Latitude thereof.
An Act for restraining and preventing several unwarrantable Schemes and Undertakings in his Majesty's Colonies and Plantations in America.
An Act to enable the Commissioners for building a Bridge cross the River Thames, from the City of Westminster to the opposite Shore in the County of Surrey, to raise a further Sum of Money towards finishing the said Bridge, and to perform the other Trusts reposed in them, for exchanging of Tickets unclaimed in the Westminster Bridge Lottery of the Twelfth Year of his present Majesty's Reign; and for the Provision for Tickets in the said Lottery lost, burnt, or otherwise destroyed.
An Act to enable Thomas Smith, Esq; Lord of the Manor of Farlington in the County of Southampton, to supply the County of Portsmouth and parts adjacent with good and wholsome Water, at his own proper Cost and Charges.

After which, his Majesty made the following most Gracious Speech. My Lords and Gentlemen,
THE Zeal and Dispatch, with which you have gone through the publick Business, during the course of this Session, are undeniable proofs of your steady Regard to the Welfare of your Country, and consequently the most acceptable Testimonies of your duty and Affection to me. The powerful Assistance, which you have given me for carrying on the just and necessary War, in which I am engaged, is the best means of reducing Our Enemies to Reason; and the Vigour and Earnestness, which you have so seasonably shewn for the defence of the house of Austria, and the maintenance of the Balance and Liberties of Europe, must give the greatest Encouragement to our Friends-. These are the methods to secure to this Nation that Weight and Influence abroad, which its natural Strength and situation entitle it to.

Gentlemen of the House of Commons,
It is with particular Satisfaction, I acknowledge your Readiness and Application, in raising the Supplies for the service of the current Year; which you have done with so just a Regard to the present Exigencies of the Publick, as shew you to be the true Representatives of my faithful Commons.

My Lords and Gentlemen,
I cannot part with this Parliament, without publickly returning you my Thanks, for the many eminent Instances you have given me, of your Fidelity and Affection to my Person and Government; your fixed Resolution to maintain the Protestant Succession in my Family; and your unshaken Adherence to the true Interest of your Country. You have, with the most becoming Spirit, and Firmness, exerted yourselves in vindicating and defending the Honour of my Crown, and the undoubted Rights of Navigation and Commerce belonging to my Subjects; and enabled me to revenge those Wrongs and Insults, which, contrary to the Faith of Treaties, had been committed against both. In so critical a Conjuncture, you have supported the National Credit, and strengthened the Hands of my Government, to a Degree exceeding the Expectations of those, who wished well to us; and to the manifest Disappointment of such, as envied our Prosperity. At the same Time, you have demonstrated to all the World, that Great Britain is in a Condition, not only to defend herself, but also to afford a due Support to her Allies, and the common Cause of Europe. As such a Conduct must give a lasting Reputation to this Parliament, so it will be the Subject of Emulation to those which shall come after it.
I will immediately give the necessary Orders for calling a new Parliament. There is not any Thing I set so high a Value upon, as the Love and Affection of my People, in which I have so entire a Confidence, that it is with great Satisfaction I see this Opportunity put into their Hands of giving me fresh Proofs of it in the Choice of their Representatives.
On the present Establishment depends the Continuance of our excellent Constitution in Church and State; and in this Constitution consists the Security of the present Establishment: Nothing can hurt the one, that will not, in Proportion, undermine and weaken the other. For my Part, the uniform Preservation of both, and the Maintenance of the Religious and Civil Rights of all my Subjects, have been and ever shall be my constant Care. Those who distinguish themselves by persevering in these Principles, shall always find my Countenance and Favour; and by invariably pursuing these wise and honest Measures, we may entertain the best grounded Hopes that, under the Protection of the Divine Providence, the Happiness of Great Britain will be perpetuated to Posterity.
Then the Lord Chancellor, by his Majesty's Command said,
My Lords and Gentlemen,
It is his Majesty's Royal Will and Pleasure, that this Parliament be prorogued to Tuesday the Twelfth Day of May next, to be then here held; and this Parliament is accordingly prorogued to Tuesday the Twelfth Day off May next.


The following is the Extract of a Letter from Pampelona, April 1. wrote by a Gentleman who sail'd from hence before Christmas last for Bristol, and there embark'd for Guinea, but was taken by a Spanish Privateer, and carried to said Place.
Sir, I have not had an Opportunity of writing to you since I receiv'd your Favour, which was the Beginning of January, being ever since confin'd in a Dungeon with 19 more.
The first of December, my Captain and 6 more made their Escape, I was to have been one of them, but going over the Wall, fell from the Top to the Bottom, which is 40 Feet, I lay in the Trench that Night, but next Morning was seen by the Guard, and taken to the Hospital, and there continued till I was well, then brought to the Castle and confined in an Arch under the Garrison Wall, none being allowed to speak to me but the Goaler, and that once in two Days, when he brought me Bread and Water: One Hickey, a Lieutenant in this Service, used to come to me every Night, had it not been for him, I must have starved : At this time all the Prisoners were confin'd on Account of the Captain getting away: I continued three Weeks in that Dungeon: The Irish Clergy made Interest with an Irish General who came here from Madrid, on some Affairs, who prevail'd on the Vice-King to set us at Liberty, which was done next Day.
Three Days after, three Prisoners and I, having an Opportunity, got over the Wall, and marched to the Borders of France, but were taken by Soldiers who were in pursuit of Deserters, and brought back in Irons. Our Necks were put into the Stocks for eight Days, and then we were put into a Prison with eighteen more; we four were confined Day and Night, but the rest had their Liberty all Day: Soon after, having gain'd a Remittance from Bilboa, and others having Credit at large, we agreed with the Goaler for 60 Pistoles to go along with us to France. We got over the Wall about Two in the Morning, the next Night we reached the Frontiers, where we engaged 12 Grenadiers who were sent after us, they marching by Day got there before us : We took their Arms from them, and bound them, but we had not marched one Mile, when we saw the Grenadiers with a Body of Peasants, who had loosed them, coming up, we soon engaged; the Battle continued about half an Hour, when the commanding Officer came up, ordered the Soldiers and Countrymen to leave off, two of our Men were killed, three of the Grenadiers and two of the Countrymen: Had not the Officer come up, we should have been killed, there were but four more Muskets loaded: The Officer rid before to alarm the Country : Our Guide got away when we were engaged.
We were brought back and put into my old Lodging, and there continued till Yesterday,
There is an Order from Madrid to march us Jaragossa 140 Miles from this, and it is said, from thence we are to go to Barcelona, and from Barcelona to Mahone, to be exchanged for the Spanish Prisoners there, and to go on board the English Fleet. King George allowed every Prisoner here since the First of March, six pence a Day.
It has been reported these few Days past, that Captain Davison, of the Charming Molly, who arrived here from Antigua on Tuesday last, brought an Account of the taking the Havanna by Admiral Vernon, and that he made Oath of it before a Magistrate: This Report is without Foundation; but he brought the following Letter to a Merchant here from his Correspondent at Antigua.
Antigua, March 9. There has been a strong Report here for these ten Days past, that Admiral Vernon has taken the Havanna. This News comes by Mr. Pherris, who lately arrived from Santa Cruz*; he says he had it from the Governor of that Place, who had it from the Governor St. Thomas** and that Governor was informed of it by the Governor of St. Domingo***. Some give Credit to the Report, and others do not, but all wish it.
* An Island belonging to the Dutch. ** Belonging to the Danes *** Belonging to the French.

By a private Letter from London, dated the 23d of April, We are daily in Expectation of News from America, the French say they lost 200 Men out of the four Ships which were .engaged off of Hispaniola, and the Marquis de Bethuen, who was second Captain, was also killed. As we had not above 40 killed and wounded In that Action, we don't suppose the French lost near the Number they mention; but exaggerate the matter, in order to form a Complaint. 'Tis confidently reported, they lost 1500 Men by Sickness and Want in their Voyage home, and many of their Ships, which were old before, render'd quite unserviceable; one large Ship founder'd at Sea, and another is still missing, which they fear has suffered the same Fate.

From Bristol, That Wheat is fallen from 7s. to 5s. per Bushel.

Waterford, April 29 - The 18th Instant there were executed at the City Gallows three Men for Horse-stealing and other Robberies. One Morris, who was last thrown off, hung about four Minutes, and then cut down; next. Morning he came to himself, and is now perfectly recovered.
Saturday the 25th Instant three were executed at the County Gallows, viz. one Welsh, a Butcher, one Murphy, formerly a Gentleman's Servant, and one Morow, all for Robberies: Morow hung about three Minutes, and was then cut down and carried into a Field, where he was bled, and from thence into the Little Island, a Mile from the Gallows, and on Sunday Night about Ten o'Clock walked home with his Mother.
Sunday Night Mr. Norrington had a Cow killed in his Field, supposed to be by one of the above Villains that were hung and recover'd. The Lord Tyrone had nine Horses taken out of his Parks.
Monday Night came into Passage a Bomb Ketch and Tender to impress Seamen.

In our former we incerted some Removes made in the Revenue by the Death of Edward Travers, Esq; but the following is more compleat.
William Newcomen, Esq; Land-waiter of Cork, is made Collector of the Excise in Cork, in the room of Edward Travers, Esq; deceas'd, and Mr. William Travers, Son to said Edward, who was Land-waiter at Waterford, succeeds Mr. Newcomen at Cork, and Mr. William Travers, is succeeded at Waterford by Mr. Easey Woolsey, who was Tide Surveyor at Passage.
Mr. Riggs, Land-waiter of Cork, is made Collector of Kinsale, in the Room of George Rose, Esq; who has resigned, and is succeeded by Mr. Kennedy of the Jerker's Office in Dublin, and Mr. Doyne, Son to Philip Doyne, Esq; succeeds Mr. Kennedy.

By yesterday's Mail from Cork, we are advis'd, that a Ship is arriv'd there from Barbadoes, which sail'd from thence the 10th of March last, and the Master reports, that they had an Account there that the Havanna is taken.
By the same Mail, That a Letter of Marque Man of, and from Dartmouth, is arrived at Cork; she is a fine Ship, mounts 26 Guns, she is to cruize in the Bay of Biscay, in Order to retake the English Ships taken by the Spanish Privateers going into St. Sebastian.

On Wednesday last arrived here from Yarmouth, the Susan and Peggy of Yarmouth, Watson Master, with 700 Barrels of Wheat, and 500 Barrels of Barley; Wheat fell considerably in the Market last Wednesday, and it is believed before the latter end of June it will be under 20s. per Barrel, several Cargoes being shipp'd, both from Old, and New England, for this Kingdom.
On Thursday last embarked on Board the Sea Nymph for Chester, James Lenox Naper, Esq; and his Lady, and Charles Hampson, Esq; And
Yesterday, on Board the Yacht, the Lord Mazarine, Hawkins Magill, Esq; Cornet Skeffington, Captain Eclin and his Lady, with several other Persons of Distinction.

Last Week died at Enniscorthy, in the County of Wexford, Mrs. Heydon, Wife of the Rev. Mr. John Heydon, Minister of that Town.
Same Week died Henry Butler, Esq; at his House in Great Britain-street.
We hear that the Proprietors of Aungier's-Street Theatre have contracted with Mr. Quin and Madam Chatauneuf, the French Dancer, to perform in the said Theatre the next Season, and have also at a very great expence purchas'd several fine Roman Dresses, &c. in order to entertain the Town in the most elegant Manner.

The following Promotions were made in the under nam'd Regiments, April 23, 1741.

First Regiment of Guards.
Colonel Hemington.
Colonel Kerr
Colonel Townshend
Colonel Lord Ancram
---- Conway, Captain Lieutenant

Second Regiment of Guards.
Colonel Corbett
Colonel Kellet
--- Noel, Captain Lieutenant

Third Regiment of Guards.
Colonel Leicester
Colonel Lord Maule
---- Stanhope, Captain Lieutenant

Gen. Hawley's
Major Francis Best, Lieut. Gov. of Jersey
Major Naizon, Lieutenant Colonel
Capt. Gumley, Major

General Kerr's, Major Erskine, Lieutenant Colonel

Gen. Cambel's.
Sir Thomas Hay, Major

Gen. Churchill's
Major Jordon, Lieutenant Colonel
Capt. Jekyll, Major

Col. Price's, Capt. Talbot, Major

Col. Howard's
Major Ladaveze, Lieutenant Colonel
Capt. Philips, Major

Gen. Hargrave's.
Major Adlercron, Lieutenant Colonel
Capt. Marcus Smith, Major

Lt. Gen. Tyrrel's.
Lieut. Col. Dalzal, moved to be Lt. Col to Gen, Armstrong's Regiment.
Major Edward Tyrrel, Lieut. Colonel
Capt. Amand Du Perron, Major

Col. Campbell's -. Capt. Charles Colvill, Major.


(April 27) Arrived Dublin Yacht, with Passengers; Transport of Chester, Rylands, thence, Merchants Goods and 10 Horses; Tryal of Liverpool, Linegar, thence, Salt; Richard of Cork, Sullivan, thence, Merchants Goods; Industry of Peilafother, Preston, thence, Bark; Margery of ditto, Gardner, thence, ditto; Betty of Lancaster, Berwick, thence, Bark and Iron; Hannah of Whitehaven, Druit, thence, Coals and six Hogsheads of Tobacco; Benjamin of Minehead, Chapel from Swanzy, Coals and Timber; Vernon of Liperpool, Hamlin, thence, Salt and Sugar; Free Carpenter of Antigua, Cauzer, from Whitehaven, Coals and 47 Casks of Sugar; nine Colliers. ---Sailed the Little Grove of Waterford, Bourk, home, Wine.
(28) Arrived Lovel Packet, the Mail; Happy Return of Chepstow, Pearce, thence, bound to Drogheda, Bark; Concord of Irwin, Craige, thence, Coals and Herrings; Tanner of Woolaston, Sturgys, thence, Barke and Hoops; Charming Molly of Dublin, Davison, from Antigua. Rum; one Collier.--- Sailed the Oak of Killough, Moor; home, Ballast; four Colliers.
(29) Arrived Susan and Peggy of Yarmouth, Watson, thence, Wheat; Swift of Bristol, Westicoat, thence, Merchants Goods; John of Dublin, Burne, from Weymouth, Merchants Goods; Hopewell of Ilfracombe, Ruffacoate, Neith, Coals; Jolly Cooper of Newry, Vance, from Dundrum, Barley; one Collier.--- Sailed Carteret Packet, the Mail ; Diligence of Waterford, Gaul, home, Ballast; Nonsuch of Milford, Lamming, home, Ballast; two Colliers.

For the Benefit of Mr. LEWIS DUVALL,
At the Theatre in Smock-Alley, on Wednesday the 6th of May next, will be acted a Comedy, call'd, The CONFEDERACY. The Part of Clarissa to be perform'd by Mrs. FURNIVAL. To which will be added a Musical Interlude call'd the Parting Lovers; and an Entertainment call'd the Tavern Bilkers, in which Mr. Philips will introduce his vaulting on the Slack Rope.

For the Benefit of Mr. and Mrs. BRIDGES.
At the Theatre-Royal in Aungier-street, on Wednesday the 6th of May, will be acted a Comedy call'd the TWIN RIVALS. With several Entertainments of Dancing.
To which will be added a Pantomime Entertainment call'd the Intriguers. The Part of Scaramouch to be performed by Signior Cantirino just arrived from Paris, in which he will introduce his new manner of VAULTING on the HIGH ROPE, on which he performs several inimitable Tricks never attempted by any Body but himself.
Tickets given out for Caius Marius on Tuesday the 5th, will be taken that Night.

For the Benefit of Mr. WATSON.
At the Theatre Royal in Aungier-street, on Friday the 8th of May, will be acted the COMMITTEE, or the FAITHFUL IRISHMAN. With a Farce, and several Entertainments of Dancing.
At the particular Request of several Ladies of Quality.
For the Benefit of Mr. TYLER and Mr. LAMB.
At the Theatre in Smock-Ailey, on Friday the 8th of May, will be acted a Comedy call'd the RECRUITING OFFICER, with a Farce and several Entertainments of Dancing. NB. Tickets given Out for She would not, will be taken that Night.

For the Benefit of the AUTHOR.
At the Theatre Royal in Aungier-street, on Wednesday Se'nnight will be presented the last Comi-Farci-Operatical Pantomime Political .Burlesque Scene between the KING and QUEEN of SPAIN, FARINELLI, and an ENGLISH SAILOR. To which will be added an Additional Scene call'd the Homour of Scaramouch, Punchinello and Arlequin, in the Characters of the Spanish, Dutch, and French Couriers, on the present Posture of Affairs in America. The Part of the Queen of Spain will be performed by the AUTHOR.

Stolen out of the House of Mr. Joseph Fay, Brewer in Proper Lane, on Tuesday Morning the 28th of April, a Cash Book, bound in Parchment, containing about two Quires of Paper. Whoever brings said Book to said Fay, shall have half a Guinea reward, and no Questions ask'd, or a Moidore if they secure the Thief.

Whereas some evil designing Person or Persons have constantly reported that Mr. Johnson's Assembly in Crow street was put off or ended: He is therefore advis'd by his best Friends to take this publick Method of informing the Nobility and Gentry, that this Assembly is intended for a Yearly one, and will accordingly be continued on every Monday this Season.
To be let near the Musick-hall in Crow-street, two large Cellars, which, if required, will be divided into three or four, and let either separate or altogether, at a very easy Rent to any solvent Tenant, who will take a Lease of them. Enquire at Mr. Johnson's next door to the Hall.

N.B. They are well floor'd with Brick, exceeding dry and warm.

Whereas on the 9th of April Inst. Samuel Jolly, Surveyor, and several other Revenue Officers, were violently assaulted at Ballymadrought in the County of Dublin, by James Erwin of Ballymadrought aforesaid, Farmer, John Gaffney of the same Yeoman, John Ryan, Miller, and several other Persons, who rescued from the said Officers twelve Rolls of Tobacco, which they had seized, for being imported into this Kingdom without Payment of his Majesty's Duty:
The Right Honourable and Honourable the Commissioners or his Majesty's Revenue do hereby promise the Sum of 30. sterl. to any Person or Persons that shall apprehend the said James Erwin, John Gaffney, and John Ryan, or 10. for any of them, so that he or they may be convicted of the said Offence. Dated this 30th of April, 1741.
By Order of the Commissioners,

THE PROVIDENCE, Henry Stewart, Commander, mounting ten Guns, Men answerable, and a prime Sailor, will sail in Forty Days, or sooner if full, under Convoy.

May 2d, 1741.
By JOHN SMITH, Bookseller on the Blind Quay,

THE Fifteenth Volume of a compleat Collection of the PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES of ENGLAND from the Restoration to the Year 1741. This Volume brings down the Debates into the Session 1738 .. The remaining Volumes necessary to compleat this Work, with an Index to the whole, will be publish'd with all convenient Expedition. Such Gentlemen as have subscribed to this Work, and have not taken the Books, are desired to send for them before the 1st of next July; when what remain will be made up into Sets. Till then, they will be sold as formerly at 4s. 4d. per Vol. in Half Binding, or 5s. bound and letter'd: After that, they will not be sold under 5s. 5d bound, or 4s. 9d in half binding.

Whereas in Mr. Faulkner's Journal, dated the 25th Day of April last, there was advertis'd a Bank Note of Swift and Company for ten Pounds sterl. payable to the Right Hon. the Lord Vis. Montjoy or Bearer, bearing date the 9th day of April 1741, and No. 670, which Advertisement expressed a Reward of a Crown on producing said Note, Payment being stop'd at all the Banks. Since which the Parties interested in said Note have been thoroughly informed that said Note hath been found and in the Possession of one Charles Molloy, formerly a Servant in this City, aged about 25 Years, of a middle stature, fresh colour'd, a little disfigur'd in his upper Lip, wears a light colour'd broad cloth Frock and red Waistcoat, and upon search after him disappears. Whoever secures said Note, and gives Information to Mr. Kirkpatrick, Agent to the Lord Montjoy, or to Mr. Doyle, Grocer, at the black Boy in Bolton-street, shall have a Crown Reward, or upon securing the said Charles Molloy, so as he may be had before the Parties before mentioned, shall receive one Guinea Reward.

This Day is published, (agreeable to the Proposals)
By GEORGE EWING, Bookseller in Dame street,
the Fourth Volume of

THE Genuine Works of FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS, the JEWISH HISTORIAN. Translated from the Original Greek, according to Havercamp's accurate Edition. Containing twenty Books of the JEWISH ANTIQUITIES, with the Appendix, or Life of JOSEPHUS, written by himself; seven Books of the JEWISH WAR; and two Books against APION. Illustrated with new PLANS and DESCRIPTIONS of the Tabernacles of Moses; and of the Temples of Solomon, Zerobabel, Herod, and Ezekiel; and with correct MAPS of Judea and Jerusalem. Together with proper Notes, Observations, Contents, Parallel Texts of Scripture, five compleat Indexes, and the true Chronology of the several Histories adjusted in the Margin.

By WILLIAM WHISTON, M.A. some time Professor of the Mathematicks in the University of Cambridge.
This Volume contains the 20th and 21st Books of the Antiquities of the Jews, the Life of Josephus, and the first three Books of the Jewish War.
The beginning of June will be publish'd the 5th and last Volume.
Subscriptions are taken in until the 1st of June, and no longer.

THOMAS JACKSON, on Essex-Bridge,

SELLS all sorts of Looking Glasses, gilt, and plain fram'd. and coach Glasses, gilt Branches, and also makes and sells all sorts of Spectacles, reading Glasses, concave Glasses, Telliscopes, &c. and as he has furnished himself with Variety of the above Goods, will for the Encouragement of customers, sell at the smallest Profit.

The under mention'd Notes are Lost or Mislaid.

FADE and Company's Note, payable to Walter Nugent, Esq; or Bearer, on Demand, dated Dec. 20, 1740, for
Do. payable to Bearer on Demand, dated 25th Oct 1740, for
Do. payable to Mr. William Read or Bearer on Demand, dated 27th of October, 1740, for3500
Do. payable to Mr. Edward Sankey or Bearer on Demand, dated 17th October, 1740, for 920
Latouch and Company's Note payable to Bearer on Demand, dated 2d October, 1740, for 4000
Do. payable to Mr. Hyac. Creagh or Bearer on Demand, dated 25th August, 1740, for, 60170
Do. payable to Mr. Peter Besnard or Bearer on Demand, dated 19th December, 1740, for 7227
Do. payable to William Pleasants, Esq; or Bearer on Demand, dated 7th January, 1740, for 1200
Do. payable to Mr. James Whape or Bearer on Demand, dated 19th February, 1740, for 2000
Do. payable to Bearer on Demand, dated 26th March 1740, for7100
Do. payable to Mr. Hannibal Hall or Bearer on demand, dated 2d April, 1741, for 6000
Mr. William Lenox's Note payable to Mr. James Reynolds or Bearer on Demand, dated 15th January, 1740, for1000
Do, to Bearer on Demand, dated 19th March, 1740, for 500
Swift and Company's Note payable to Quarter Master Peter Parker or bearer on Demand, dated 16th Dec. 1740, for1000
Mr. Thomas Finlay's Draft on Mr. William Lenox, payable to Mr, Hannibal Hall, dated 7th of April, 1741, for 4100

Whoever will deliver said Notes to Edward Kean, Esq; or Mr. Alex. Carrol Attorney, on Ormond-Quay, Dublin, shall be paid 5. Reward, and no Questions ask'd.
Note; They are of no Use to any other Person Payment being stop'd.

To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of this County of Donegal.
There being a Vacancy in Parliament for the said County, by the Death of George Knox, Esq; your Votes and Interest at the ensuing Election are humbly requested, by
Your most obedient humble Servant,

To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of this County of Donegal.
There being a Vacancy in Parliament, for Knight of the Shire of the said County, in the Room of my Father George Knox, Esq; deceas'd, your Votes and Interest, at the ensuing Election, are humbly requested, which shall be gratefully acknowledg'd by
Your most obedient humble Servant,

THE Goods of the late Mr. John Bertrand, Merchant, deceased, will be sold by his Executors, for the Payment of Debts and Legacies, on Monday the 4th of May instant at his late Warehouse in Strand-street, where the Goods may be viewed from Ten till Two o'Clock, before the Time of Sale, which will continue until all the Goods are sold.

It is requested, that such Persons as were indebted to the said Mr. John Bertrand, will pay what they owed him to Mr. John Bertrand Merchant, in Dirty-Lane, one of the Executors.

THE Famous COMMONER is to be let to Mares this Season, at Mr. Pierson's near Feltrum, and within five Miles of Dublin, at Three British Crowns a Leap and two Trials.
N.B. No Mares is to be serv'd till the Money is paid down.

To be let for thirty-one Years, or three Lives, THE House, Gardens and Land in Glassnevin held by John Lyndon, Esq; also some Houses in Essex street. Enquire of John Rogerson, Esq; opposite the Castle-gate, or of Edward Maddin, Esq; on Usher's-Quay.


A the Wind-Mill in Francis-street, being determin'd to change his present Business, proposeth to sell all his Goods at the prime Cost, consisting of great Variety of flower'd and plain Silks, both English and Irish, of the best Manufacture, with sundry kinds of Half Silks and Worsted Goods.

N.B. As Silk is now greatly risen, the Town may be furnished much cheaper, than at present they can be made for.

Dublin Ballast-Office, March 6, 1741.

THE Directors of the Ballast-Office give Notice, that they have Occasion for large Quantities of Quarry Stones. Any Persons who are inclin'd to furnish the same, are desired to send their Proposals sealed up to Ald. William Walker, Ballast Master, at the said Office.

To be Set for a long Term of Years.

A Good dwelling House, together with a Malt House and other Conveniences backwards fit for a Brewer, in St. Francis-street in the City of Dublin, with three Doors at the left Hand coming out of Plunket's-street, or the Interest thereof, together with three front Houses, now set at reasonable Rents to solvent Tenants, to be sold, Proposals to be received by Henry Hatch, Esq; at his House in Peter's-street, or by Mr. William Richardson, Attorney, at his House in Bride-street, who will at any time shew said Concerns.

At the Hen and Chickens, near the Main Guard in Warburgh-street, Dublin,
SELLS all sorts of Irish Linens and Hollands, Cambricks, Muslins, Diapers, Sheetings, Fustians, and all other kinds of Linen Drapery, by wholesale or retale.
N.B. As he has lately furnish'd himself with great choice of the above Goods, will, for the Encouragement of Customers, sell for a small Profit.

PLAISTOW is to be let out to Mares this Season at so small a Price as two Moydores, by Mr. Murray, of Mapletown, in the County at Carlow , who lately purchased him from Sir Edward OBrien, Bart. He was got by the Duke of Devonshire's famous Childers, his Dam by an Arabian his Grace bought from Sir Robert Sutton for 370. his grand Dam by Basto (who was the Sire of Second's Dam) his Great grand Dam by Makeless, out of a full sister to Honey-come-Punch.

In the Year 1735 he beat the Duke of Bolton's Doctor, a Match over Newmarket for 300. the April following he won the Walasey Stakes at Newmarket of 600 value.
In April 1737 he won his Majesty's Royal Plate at Newmarket, and distanc'd the Duke of Bolton's Goliah, that won five Royal Plates the Season before.

In August 1739 he was brought over to Ireland by Sir Edward OBrien, Bart. and the September following won his Majesty's Royal Plate at the Curragh of Kildare of 100 Guineas Value; and in April 1740, he won the Subscription Plate of 60. Value at the Curragh, and a Match of 50 Guineas from the Flying Infant.
PLAISTOW is to stand at Mr. Weeks's, at Assolas in the County of Clare, from the 10th of April to the 10th of August, and shall give as many Trials as are necessary during that Time. He is fifteen Hands one Inch and one Quarter high, strong enough to carry Weight, and allowed to be the justest and finest English Horse now alive.

ALL Persons inclined to bid for the Linen Factory in. the Work House, are desired to send their Proposals to the General Board, the Court of Assistants, or acting Treasurer of the House, with all speed, and name the Security they propose to offer for the Sum to be agreed on.
N.B. The Factory will be set for seven or eight Years certain.

To be Sold
THE interest of several Houses in Dawson-street and Grafton-street, held under two Fee-Farm Leases, and a Lease for 99 Years. Enquire of Ben. Johnson, Publick Notary in Castle street.

To be SOLD.

County of Dublin } A Lease for Lives renewable for ever of the Town and Lands of Westpanstown, within six Miles of Dublin, one of Rathcool, and one of Newcastle, in the said County, containing about 60 Acres of Arable Meadow and Pasture, well inclosed in small Parks, with a good new slated dwelling House, a slated Stable, Chaise House, Hen House and Coal House, a Cow House and Barn well thatch'd, the Haggard and Yard thereof well inclosed with stone Walls, the Orchard and Gardens well planted with choice Fruit Trees, and well inclosed, with two Pidgeon Houses well stock'd, the House situated in the center of a fine wholesome Country, affording a very handsome Prospect, and fit for a Gentleman's Dwelling, neither to large nor too small. The Rent payable by the Tenant is 32. per Annum, and half a Year's Rent on the Fall of every Life: The Profits of the Orchards, Gardens and Pidgeon House would, if well manag'd, pay the Rent thereof. This Concern is entitled to the Benefit of about 1500 Acres of fine rich Commons, besides the Profit that a great Number of choice Timber Trees now growing on the Premisses must produce in a few Years.
And observe, that a Lease of 40 Years of a choice course Grazing Farm call'd Buttermountain, which affords exceeding good Turf and Water, containing about 800 Acres, with eight Acres of good Meadow, within eight Miles of the said Westpanstown and six of Dublin, which pays but 18. 3s. 4d. yearly Rent, will be sold along with said Lease of Westpanstown, if the Purchaser should want the same. Enquire of Mr. Edward Clancy at his Office facing the Four-Courts in Christ-Church Lane, or of the Printer hereof, and you shall be further informed.

Just imported and sold by John Orpin, at the Golden Heart in Crane-Lane, Dublin,
ALL sorts of Window Glass, either by Wholesale or Retale, and will give good Encouragement to Wholesale Dealers.

Where may be had all the Humerous and Satyrical Prints lately published in London; as also great Variety of fine Original Engraved and Metzotinto Prints, neatly fram'd in Gold, and Pear-tree Frames; and Chapmen and Country Shopkeepers may be furnished with all sorts of Prints at very reasonable Rates.

N. B. Just Publish'd at said Place the GROUNDS.

Part of the Woods of Lismallin, on the left Hand of the Road leading from Lismallin to Killahy, commonly called Monanalto, containing near 40 Acres of large well grown Oak, together with 240 large Ash Trees, on the Hedge Rows of the Meadows of Lismallin, and 12 large Sycamore Trees upon the Islands of Lismallin, in the County of Tipperary, belonging to the Rt. Hon. the Lord Viscount Ikerrin, are to be sold together, or each kind by itself. The said Woods lie within nine Miles of Kilkenny, three of Callan Iron Works, eleven of Clonmell and Cashel, and eight of Carrickneshure. Proposals are to be received by said Lord at Ballylinch near Kilkenny, or by Mr. John Shee at Outrath near Kilkenny, or the Golden Ball in Michael's-lane Dublin, to be answer'd in a Fortnight after the Receipt of them.

To be sold or let from the 25th of March,

A Neat convenient small House in Finglass, near the Church, with a large Garden behind it well planted with Fruit Trees, and enclos'd with a Stone Wall, very commodious for a small Family. Enquire of Mrs. Nixon near the said House, or of Mr. James Thomas in Liffey-street [?] opposite the Chapple.

THE Trustees of the Linen Manufacture have come to a Resolution, that no Person shall act at the Linen Hall in the City of Dublin as a Factor appointed by them, from or after the 1st Day of June 1741, or by Virtue of any commission granted to any Person from them, which all Dealers in Linen are desired to take Notice of, that every Person may appoint whom he pleases to transact his Business in the said Hall, subject to the Rules and Regulations made for Dealers therein.
Dublin-Castle the 18th of April, 1741.
Signed by Order,

THE beautiful Seat of Monfinn, in the County of Wexford, with 270 Acres, being a neat convenient dwelling House, with a Pleasure Garden elegantly laid out, and a large Kitchen Garden, with a well improv'd Hop Yard and Orchard, containing five Acres well stock'd with Fruit Trees of all kind, together with a Coach-House and stabling for thirty Horses, Granneries, Dairy, Brew-house, Cow-house, Barn, Pidgeon House, Turf and Calf House, with several other convenient Offices and Out Houses all slated and in good repair, with a large Dog Kennel, together with a sufficient Quantity of Meadow well inclosed, and the whole Land well divided, quick'd and water'd in good Heart for Grass or Corn, having Lime-stone Gravel thereon, and lies in a fine sporting country that abounds with Hares, Foxes, and outlying Deers, and pleasantly situated on the Banks of the River Slany, which has plenty of Trout, Salmon and Eeel, and navigable from the Avenue of the said House to the Quay of Wexford, and convenient to several other Market Towns, and distant from Dublin 40 Miles. Proposals will be received by the Right Hon. the Earl or Anglesey, at his Lordships House in Dublin, or by Mathew Dorenzy, Esq; his Lordship's Agent at Camolin, in the said County of Wexford.

To be Sold for Payment of Debts and Legacies.

THE late Mr. Ralph Barker's Concerns in St. Kevan's Port in the County of the City of Dublin, being a Church Land Lease Subject to the Ground Rent of 8. by the Year, whereon are several well built Houses set to Solvent Tenants, at the clear yearly Profit Rent of 77. besides Fines.

Proposals to be received by Mr. Richard Nelson Attorney, Mr. Robert Leslie Attorney, or Mr. Ben. Johnston Not. Publick, who are impower'd to treat for the same.

BOOKS Printed for E. EXSHAW, at the Bible on Cork-hill,
Letters from the Dead, and Letters Moral and Entertaining, by Mrs.Eliz. Rowe, price 4s. 4d.
The History of the Bucaniers in America, 2 Vol. 5s. 5d.
Atterbury's Sermons, the four Volumes in two, 7s. 6d.
Tillotson's Sermons 10 Vol. 2. 5s.
A Supplement to Swifts Works, containing the History of John Bull, and a Great Variety of humerous Pieces in Prose and Verse, 2s. 2d.
Smith's Translation of Longinus, 2s. 2d.
Alil the Stories and Fables collected from the Spectator and Guardian, 1s. 1d.
Harrison's compleat Family Cook, 2s
The Fairy Tales, by the Countess d' Anois, 3 Vol. 5s. 5d.
Clarke's Paraphrase on the four Gospels, 2 Vol. 9s. 6d.
----- Eighteen Sermons publish'd by himself. 4s.
Locke on St. Paul's Epistles, 6s.
Loweman on the Revelations, 5s.
Sherlock on Death, 2s. 8d. halfpenny.
Clarke's Essay on Study and Education, 2s. 2d.
------ New Grammer of the Latin Tongue, 8d.
------ Supplement to his Introduction, shewing wherein the Difference between the English and Latin Idiom lies, 1s. 1d.
------ Do. bound with the Introduction, 3s.
------- Aesop, Erasmus, Eutropius, Nepos and Justin, with literal Translations, 8d.
The new Week's Preparation, 1s. 1d.
Do. with the second Part, 10d.
Pious Country Parishioner, 10d.
Nelson on the Festivals abridg'd, 10d.
Bishop of Man on the Sacrament, 1s. 1d.
Tillotson's six Sermons on Education, &c. 1s. 1d.
Vertot's History of the Rise, &c. of the Papal Power, 6d. Halfpenny
An Historical Account of the Naval Achievements obtain'd by the English over the Spaniards from 1350 to the present time.
A Typographical Survey of the County of Down, 6d. Halfpenny
An Account of the First Fruits of all the Ecclesiastical Benefices in Ireland, 6d. Halfpenny
Clarke's Paraphrase on Christ's Sermon on the Mount, 2d.

This Day is Publish'd,

A Collection of Irish and English STATUTES, now in Force and Use, relating to His Majesty's Revenue in Ireland, with Notes in the Margin, to the End of the Sixth Session of our most Gracious Sovereign Lord King GEORGE the Second. To which several other Matters are added concerning His Majesty's said Revenue. With a View of the Rates of Goods and Merchandizes imported and exported, and of the Neat Duties payable according to the said Rates, and of all the Additional, and other Duties which have been granted by any of the said Statutes, and of the Neat Duties to be repaid upon the Exportation of foreign Goods. Likewise, A Table of the Tides of the several Acts, with their Commencement and Continuance: With several other useful Tables. Together with an Alphabetical Index to the whole. By James Fleming.

DUBLIN, Printed for, and sold by the author at his Office in the Custom-House in Dublin, and by Philip Crampton, Bookseller at Addison's Head, opposite the Horse-Guard in Dame-street.

WHEREAS the Musical Academy of Crow-street, have brought Instrumental Musick to so great Perfection, and as there is such great Deficiency in Vocal Musick, they are determin'd to send to Italy for those of that kind that shall excell, in hopes of bringing the one on a Par with the other, and intend to take in Subscriptions for next Winter accordingly.

Royal Exchange Assurance from FIRE.
Whereas the Assuring from Loss or Damage by Fire, tends to the Preservation of many Families, from that Poverty and Ruin which such a Calamity might otherwise expose them to :

Therefore his Most Gracious Majesty being desirous of promoting and encouraging such lawful and commendable Undertakings as are for the Benefit and Security of all his loving Subjects, Hath granted to this Corporation his Royal Charter, by Vertue whereof they Assure Houses and Buildings, Houshold Furniture, Goods, Wares and Merchandizes, (except Sugar Houses, and all manner of Glass and China Wares, Writings, Books of Accompts, Notes, Bills, Bonds, Tallies, Ready Money, jewels, Plate, Pictures, Wearing Apparel, Gunpowder, Hay, Straw, and Corn unthrash'd) from Loss or Damage by Fire upon the following Terms and Conditions, viz.

The TABLE of ANNUAL PREMIUMS to be paid for Assurance.

Sum AssuredCommon Assurance No I.Hazardous Assurances No.IIDoubly Hazardous Assurances No. III
2507s. 6d per Annum10s.12s 6d
75022[s] 6[d]35

Any Sum above 1000. upon Application will be Assured by the said Company.
Attendance is daily given at their Office in Dublin, by their Agent Mr. Albert Gledstanes, at his House the lower End of Abby-street, near the Strand.

Gentlemen who are desirous of being instructed in that Useful Art of Writing called SHORT-HAND, may in a few Months Learn the same, so as to be able to Writ it in Publick, by an easy and Expeditious Method, either at Home, or Abroad, by applying to Mr. Sussex Dare, at Mr. Layng's in May-Lane, who Teaches the noted Mr. Weston's Method somuch applauded in England.

N.B. On sending a Line directed to the above Place, Gentlemen may be waited on to know his Terms.

To be set from the 1st Day of May next, for 26 Years,

THE Lands of Liss and Foyle in the County of Kilkenny, being an Estate in Fee Sett at12300
Part of the Lands of Leagh in the Queen's County, being likewise and Estate in Fee Sett at}10217
Subject a Quit-Rent yearly ----- 3 14 1 1/2}
Part of the Lands of Leagh and Part of Harris-Town, being a Lease of Lives renewable for ever, Sett at}4120
Subject to a yearly Rent of 16 and a half Year's Rent on Renewal}
Part of the Lands of Harriss-Town, being a Lease of Years, 31 whereof is unexpired, Sett at }4000
Subject to yearly ---- ------ 30 0 0}

Note, said Lands are all Sett to very responsible Tenants, and are to be Sold by the Co-heirs of William Paul, Esq; deceas'd, in order to enable them to come to an equal Division of the several Estates and Leasehold Interests they are intitled to.
Whoever is inclined to purchase said Lands, or any Part thereof, are desired to apply to Harry Balflour Esq [?]: at his house in Stephen's-Green or to Sir Richard Butler, Bart. at his Lodgings in Cuffe's Street, Dublin, or in the County of Carlow.

At the Sign of the Parrot in Meath-street, Dublin,

Makes and sells choice of fine Gressats, superfine mix'd Poplins, common Poplins, and superfine English-Irish Poplins fine Allipines, Riggs Royal, plain and flower'd Hair and Worsted Shags of all kinds, superfine broad mix'd Camblets, fine narrow Camblets, Hairbine's Satiniscoes, plain Stuffs and Callamincoes, fine Serges, Nassau Damasks, and broad stampt Shags for Furniture.

As he is a young Beginner, and the Goods all of his own Manufacture he will sell them by Wholesale or Retale, at the most reasonable Rates

At the Three Nuns in St. Francis-street, Dublin,

Being just begun the Business his Father Mr. Joshua Hutchisson formerly follow'd in said Street, and having thoroughly furnished himself with a good Sortment of Woollen Manufacturies, viz . superfine, fine and middling Broad Cloths, Frock and Livery Cloths, Bath Rugs, Rugs, Beaver Drugets, Drugets, German Serges, Serges, Serge Denims. Shags, Lining Serges, Ratteens, fine black Cloth Rashes, &c. &c.
N.B. As he has laid in his Stock with ready Money, and is also a new Beginner, he can afford, and will sell at the smallest Profit for Ready Money, to encourage all that will favour him with their Custom.

Whereas on the 10th January, Inst. the Custom-house of Wicklow was broke open, between the Hours of three and four in the Afternoon, by Persons unknown, and robb'd of 132. sterl. The Commissioners of his Majesty's Revenue do hereby promise a Reward of Twenty Guineas to any Person or Persons, who shall discover the Person or Persons concern'd in the said Robbery, so as he or they may be convicted thereof.
Custom-house, Dublin, January 30, 1740.
By Order of the Commissioners

And as a further Encouragement for such Discovery, as aforesaid, I Gustavus Lambart, Collector of Wicklow, do promise the like sum of Twenty Guineas to any Person or Persons making the same, so as the said Offenders, or any of them, may be apprehended and convicted
January 30, 1740.

Dublin, 4th March, 1740

THIS is to give Notice, that the surviving Partners, and the Representatives of the Partners deceased, of the Glass-house on the Batchelor's Quay, Dublin, will sell the said Glass house, which was built, and is very convenient for either a Bottle or Window Glass-Work, and is thoroughly vaulted, together with all the Materials and Utensils thereunto belonging, and also their Interest therein. Application may be made to William Maple, Esq; at the Parliament House, Dublin; to the Rev. Mr. Richard Stewart, at Belfast; or to Mr. Edward Shanley, at his House in Chancery-Lane, Dublin.

N.B. There are 100 Pots well made, and fit for immediate Use.

THE House and Garden, containing in front 185 Feet. in Anne-street, wherein Mr. King the Attorney now lives, with a Stable, and all conveniences for a Family, is to be set Furnish'd or Unfurnished, or the Interest of his Lease, which is for Lives renewable for ever, to be sold. Enquire at said House, or at Mr. King's Office in Skinner-Row.

Israel Jalabert and Peter Landre, Esrs. of Israel Jalabert, deceas'd, Plaintiffs.
Christopher Brown, Defendant.

Pursuant to a Decree of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland, bearing Date the 22d Day of May last, made in the Cause, whereby I am required to sell by publick Cant to the best and fairest Bidder for the same, the Defendant's Interest of a Lease for Lives renewable for ever, of all that Piece or Parcel of Ground situate in the new Street facing from Thomas-Court in the County of Dublin, containing in length from Front to Rear 150 Feet, and in Breadth in the Front 50 Feet, and on the Rear 50 Feet, whereon are built several dwelling Houses and a Brew House, which Premisses were late in the Possession of John Brown of the City of Dublin, Maltster, deceas'd.
Now I do hereby give Notice, That I will proceed to sell the said Premisses, pursuant to the said Decree, on the 2d of May next, at the Chief Remembrancer's Office in Kenedy's Lane, at six o'Clock in the Afternoon. Dated this 25th Day of April, 1741.

Note, The Purchaser is to pay one Fourth Part of the Purchase Money at the time of the Cant.
Whoever is inclined to purchase the said Premisses, may view the Title Deeds in the Hands of Philip Crampton, Bookseller in Dame-street.

TO be sold for Payment of Debts, to the highest Bidder together or in Parcels, the following Lands, being in the Parish of Mullingar and County of Westmeath, Part of the Estate of John Wood, Esq; viz.

Shattonstown, containing 171 A. 3R. 0P. by the Down Survey, Arable, Pasture and Meadow, in Lease to Daniel Shorn for 62 Years, from the 1st of May, 1713, at the yearly Rent of5700
Balina and Oldtown, containing 185 Acres, Arable, Pasture and Meadow, set to John Bryan 3 Years from May next, at4260
Taylorstown, Part of Stoakstown, 124 A set to Herbert Price, Esq.; 3 Lives renewable for ever, paying half a Year's Rent at every Renewal, at4480
Part of Stoakstown, 146 A held by Daniel Wallace at 8s an Acre, Tenant at Will5880
Part of Stoakstown, containing 23A. 2R with Mills thereon, held by John Batchelor for 3 Lives, at10100
Part of Ditto, containing 10A held by Patrick Keegan, Tenant at Will, at500
Part of Ditto, held by William Rogers12130

Proposals to be received by Capt. Lyons in Abbey-street, Lewis Meares, Esq; in Caple-street, and Herbert Price, Esq; in Mullingar.

At the Golden Fleece in St. Francis-street, near the Corner
of Plunket-street,

Makes and Sells all sorts of Woollen Goods for Houshold Furniture, viz. Harateens, Paragons, Kiderminsters, Cheneys, Camblets of all colours, Coffoys, with Stuffs, &c. for Coverings. As the above Goods are of his own Manufacture, he can engage them the best of their kind, and will sell by Wholesale and Retail at the most, reasonable Rates.

At the GOLDEN KEY in Fishamble-street,

SELLS large or small Quantities of fine Bohea and Green Teas, of the last Importation, coffee, old brandy, choice rum, bourdeaux vinegar, and orange shrub, esteem'd by Judges to be very extraordinary. Also CHOCOLATE of his own manufacturing, at 3s the pound, with the name SAULE, at large, impress'd thereon, to prevent any persons being impos'd on: Fine and coarse bak'd, and raw sugars, best north whisky, spices, and several other sorts of Groceries.

Also clarets, whitewines, mountain, canary and tent wine.
He sells IRISH CYDER, at 5s.6d. the dozen, with encouragement to those who buy the hogshead.
NB. As he deals for ready money, all persons who take quantities, may be assur'd of extraordinary encouragement, NEAT GOODS and the best usage.

Lotts of Ground to be set for Building in the following Places, viz.
ON the North side of Great Britain-street, near George's Church.
In Henry-street, opposite to Lady Gore's.
In Henrietta-street.
On the North Key and Strand.
Several waste Houses and Ground for building, to be let in Hendrick and Tighe-street, near the Barracks.

Also about forty Acres of Meadow at Ballycurris, near Sautry
Those who are inclin'd to treat for any of the above Lotts, are desired to apply to Mr. G. Gardiner at his Office in the Custom-house.