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Some Selected Reports from the Ipswich Journal

Saturday, December 3rd, 1803

Sunday's Post.

FRIDAY his Majesty arrived St.James's Palace from the Queen's House, for the purpose of holding a Chapter for the election of two Knights of the Noble Order of the Garter, and disposing of two Garters and Ribands, vacant by the deaths of the Duke of Beaufort and the Marquis of Stafford. The other Knights present, took their scats in the following order, according to their seniority: Marquis of Salisbury, Duke of Portland, Earl Spencer, Earl Camden, and the Duke of Roxburgh. The Knights proceeded, according to ancient custom, to deliver in the list of those they approved to fill the two vacancies, on slips of paper; and, on examination, his Grace the Duke of Rutland, and the Earl of Hardwicke, Lord Lieut. of Ireland, appeared to be the Noble Personages approved as Members of the Noble Order, when the Earl Camden and the Duke of Roxburgh, retired, and introduced his Grace the Duke of Rutland, who was waiting in an adjoining room; the Dukes of Gloucester and York then rose, and taking his Grace by the hand, conducted him to his Majesty, when his Grace kneeling on a stool, covered with crimson velvet, his Majesty waved a sword over his head with the usual form and ceremony, his Grace rose and bowed, and then kneeling with his right knee upon the stool, their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of York and Gloucester put the Garter on his left knee, and his Majesty fastened it. His Grace then rose, and while bowing, his Majesty put the Blue Riband over his Grace's head, and placed it on his left shoulder; his Grace then bowed again.

The King has been pleased to grant the dignity of a Baronet of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to Brook Watson, of East Sheen, in the county of Surry, Esq. Commissary- General to his Majesty's forces in Great Britain, with remainders to his great nephew Wm. Kay, Esq. Deputy Commissary-General, and to Brook Kay, Esq. brother of the said W. Kay, an Officer in the Naval Service of the East India Company.

In the Court of King's Bench, on Wednesday, Joseph Nottingham, an attorney, convicted of an assault on John Parsons, Esq. a magistrate at Lincoln, at a public assembly, was ordered to pay a fine of £50.. to be imprisoned three months, and to give security himself in £500. and two other sureties in £250 each, for his future good behaviour.

Thursday, Robt. Redhead, merchant, and Neal M'Bride, an excise-officer, for conspiring to defraud the revenue, by entering a large quantity of brandy for exportation, and substituting for the same a miserable mixture, in order to defraud the public of the drawback on the former article, each received the judgement of the Court; the former to be imprisoned 2 years in Newgate, and to stand once in and upon the pillory near the Royal Exchange; and the latter to be imprisoned in Newgate 18 months.

Friday a Clergyman received judgement , being convicted of an assault with an intent to commit an unnatural crime, when he was ordered to be imprisoned in Newgate for the term of two years; and find security for his good behaviour for seven years, himself in £500 and two sureties in £250 each, and confined until the security be given.

In the Sheriff's Court on Saturday, damages were assessed, in an action brought by a person of the name of Davis, who was a book-keeper at the Gloucester Coffee-house, Piccadilly, against one Smith, proprietor of one of the short stages, near town, for criminal conversation with the plaintiff's wife. The exemplary conduct of the plaintiff in his family was proved by several witnesses, and the defendant offered nothing in extenuation. The Jury found a verdict for the plaintiff - Damages £100.

Bankrupts. Edward Newlove, Great Driffield, Yorkshire, vintner. Thomas Jones, Monmouth, shopkeeper. John Algar, Threadneedle-street, boot-maker. Anthony German and John Jephson, Nottingham, hosiers. Joseph Parker, Hereford, brandy-merchant, John Binns, Kirburton, Yorkshire, clothier. John Coleman, Liverpool, biscuit-maker. Joseph West, jun., Charles-street, Covent-garden, tailor. Archibald Jameson and Thomas Classon, Burr-street, lower-East Smithfield, merchants. Thomas Weaver, Manchester, corn-factor. Thomas Henderson, Milk-street, London, warehouseman. Nathan Jolley, Woodstock-street, warehouseman. George Bearer, Tavistock-place, St.Pancras, stone-mason. George Moors, Long-alley, Shoreditch, leather-seller. James Monteath and James Sequeira, Gracechurch-street, druggists. Wm. Binns, Kirkburton, Yorkshire, clothier.

Friday's Post.
Admiralty Office. Dec. 1. 1803.

Copy of a Letter from the Hon. Wm. Cornwallis, Admiral of the Blue, &c. to Sir Evan Nepean, Bart. dated on board his Majesty's Ship the Ville de Paris, off Ushant, the 24th inst.
SIR, Herewith I send, for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, the copy of a letter from Capt. Masefield, of the Atalante, to Capt. Elphinstone, of the Diamond, dated the 10th ult. which I have this moment received from him.

Sloop Atalante, Quiberon, Bay, Oct. 10.
Sir, I beg leave to inform you, in obedience to your signal to chase last evening, that part of the convoy, consisting of two ketches and one brig, that were running under the point of St.Guildas, I tacked and stood after them in the sloop I command, and obliged them to run on shore off the river of Pennerf, and having considered it very possible to cut them out in the night, as the wind was directly off shore, I dispatched Lieut. Hawkins, in the 6-oared cutter, and Mr. Rich. Burstal, master, in the second cutter, armed, on that service after it became dark, and stood in with the brigs as near as I could go for the shoal, to protect them. About half past 9, P.M. the boats got up to the above vessels, when Lieut. Hawkins boarded, and took possession on the inshore vessel, but found her aground, a number of troops along the beach keeping up a heavy fire of musketry on his boat, assisted by two field pieces, and a party of troops on hoard the other two vessels (previously embarked from the shore). After cutting her cable, and firing a considerable time on the other vessel near him, found it impossible to do any thing with her, and very properly left her to go to the assistance of the other boat, who had by this time boarded the brig, in defiance of a party of 10 or 12 soldiers, with their muskets and sabres, killed 6 of the troops, hove overboard, and drove the rest with the crew below. After cutting her cable, finding she was aground, and a light vessel, they returned with both boats on board, not thinking proper, from motives of humanity, to set her on fire, as several people were heard below, supposed to be wounded. I am exceedingly sorry to inform you, on the first fire of the soldiers, one of our men, Henry Brenman, sail-maker, was killed, and, in boarding, 2 seamen wounded, but are in a fair way of recovering. When it is considered that Mr. Burstal, the master, the serjeant of Marines, and 5 other men, boarded this vessel, with 10 soldiers on deck, (with charged bayonets) and performed what they did, I trust you will see and admire with me the very resolute and gallant conduct of Mr. Burstal, and the 6 brave fellows with him; indeed the officers and crews in both boats deserve the highest praise, though unfortunately out of their power to bring the vessels off, all three being fast aground within half a cable's length of the beach, and the shore covered with troops, keeping an incessant fire with their muskets and the two field pieces on them. I had the pleasure to see the brig lying on a ridge of rocks this morning, apparently bilged
I am, &c.

On Monday se'nnight, at eight o'clock in the evening, the experiment of signals was tried on the Lincolnshire coast, from Gibraltar Point to Clee Ness, when the lights were seen in all directions in the course of 15 minutes.

At a meeting at the Guildhall, at Portsmouth, on Wednesday last, it was unanimously resolved, that dollars should be admitted into temporary currency at 4s. 9d. each, but that no one should engage to take more than four in one payment; also French crowns to be received at 5s. and half crowns at 2s. 6d.

The humane institution in London for superseding the necessity of climbing boys, by encouraging a new method of sweeping chimnies, and for improving the condition of children and others employed by chimney-sweepers, state, that a machine for cleaning chimnies is completed, and has been successfully used in a very great majority of cases.

It now fully appears that the practicability of supplying this city with fish from the coast of Ireland, is fully ascertained by Capt. Fraser, who arrived on Wednesday with a cargo of live cod from Waterford. This Gentleman sailed from the harbour of Waterford on Wednesday se'nnight, at 12 o'clock, and arrived at Gravesend at 11 o'clock on Tuesday morning, after a passage of only five days and 11 hours, although, during the last two days, the wind was very unfavourable. A part of the cargo was sold on Wednesday morning at Billingsgate, and found equal in quality to any brought from the North Sea to that market.

A few days since, a Volunteer, under the command of Capt. Wardroper, of Midhurst, was, with the approbation of the whole corps (himself only excepted) put into the town cage, for being drunk and refractory under arms; and was kept there till the next morning, when he was liberated, on his promise of future good behaviour.

A diabolical attempt has been made to blow up the powder magazines belonging to the Lichfield Volunteers, which must have destroyed great part of the town, £100. are offered for discovery of the offenders.

The Rev Mr. Crawfurd, who arrived a few days since from France, received permission of the French Government to come to England for a short time, in order to take possession of his living. To his great disappointment, however, he found on his return, that in consequence of his long, though unavoidable absence, the living had lapsed, and was in the possession of another person. The valuable living, on account of which Mr. Crawfurd has experienced this serious disappointment, was in the gift of the Earl of Harrington, who some time since nominated his relation to it, the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Barry; but some impediment arising on the ground of institution, his Lordship changed his presentation in favour of Mr. Crawfurd, then a prisoner in France, who with great difficulty got permission to come over on his parole, in order to be instituted to this preferment; but in the interim, a lapse of it had ensued to the Bishop, and from him to the Archbishop, who presented to it accordingly, before Mr. Crawfurd's arrival.

Madame Leclerc, sister of the First Consul, was a few days since married to Prince Borghese.

A very singular circumstance has excited the attention of the neighbourhood of Leeds. A pregnant female, of the name of Applegarth, has actually made an affidavit before the Mayor of that town, at the instance of the parish officers, to the following effect. That she had been employed at St. Cloud, in France, in the Palace of the First Consul, as an upper house-maid; but was obliged to leave her situation in an early stage of her pregnancy, on the breaking out of the war, and that Bonaparte is the father of the child. Courier.

For the apprehension of Dwyer, the only rebel of any notoriety who has hitherto baffled all the vigilance of the Irish Government, a reward of £500. has been proclaimed; and an equal sum is offered for information against any person harbouring him.

The Captain of a privateer, fitted out some time since from the port of London, has lately been taken into custody on a charge of piracy, in attacking and plundering-two Spanish vessels. Several of the crew have also been apprehended and are detained as witnesses against the Captain, who says, that he attacked the Spaniards under an idea that war would be declared with that nation before he returned to England, From each of the vessels captured, dollars to a very considerable amount were taken, together with other valuables. One of the prizes the Captain sent home under the charge of his surgeon and part of the crew, but not being able to spare hands to man the other, he gave it up to the commander. The privateer afterwards met with a French ship of superior force, which the crew wanted him to engage, but he refused, saying, he had no such orders from his owners, and that he would not risk the losing of what he had got from the Spanish ships by such an attempt, and therefore made all the sail possible, and escaped from the enemy. Monday the Captain was brought to town from Lancaster, and 7 of the seamen from Plymouth, and alter being privately examined at Bow-street, were conducted to different prisons.

On Thursday se'nnight, ,a boat was observed off St.Abb's Head, apparently making soundings and taking observations of the coast. Advice of this being immediately sent of by Captain Renwick, of the signal post, to Lieut. Wilson, of the sea fencibles at Evemouth, he ordered the armed revenue boat stationed there, out to sea in pursuit. The suspected boat finding herself discovered, hoisted all sail she could carry, and ran before the wind several miles to the southward before she was brought to. She contained only one man, who, with the boat, was carried into Berwick-upon-Tweed. On being examined by Sir Wm. Douglas, his name was, he said, Jacob Orizon, born at a village near Altona, and that he belonged to a Danish vessel which had foundered at sea a few hours before ; but on being confronted by a Swedish Captain, was found to be totally unacquainted with the language of the country to which he professed to belong. He speaks Dutch fluently, and from the construction of the boat, which is similar to those used in the Frith, it is supposed that he had made his escape from some of the places where French prisoners are confined, to the northward, and was creeping along shore in hopes of meeting with some neutral vessel. On Saturday, he underwent a re-examination by the Magistrates, when, persisting in his former account of himself, he was committed to prison.

The 6 privates of the 4th dragoons who were tried by a Court Martial for a burglary in the house of Mr. Arannah Verral, of Lewes, Sussex, were taken from their place of confinement on Tuesday morning, last week, to the centre of the New Barracks in the town, and there punished. Tunstal, whose back bore witness to his former misconduct, was first tied up, and received about 450 lashes, which was smartly inflicted by 8 blacks, trumpeters in the regiment. The others were tied up in turn, and felt equally the smart of the lash, though favoured in point of numbers, receiving each about 350 stripes.

On Friday night, the 25th ult. between the hours of 11 and 12 o'clock, as Mr. Parker, of Fleet-street, was returning to Southall, he was stopped by two highwaymen, in a lane leading from the Grand Junction Canal to Southall-green. They were armed with bludgeons, and struck him several times on his head. Mr. Parker made his escape through a hedge, to a hut on Southall-green,and alarmed the inhabitants. The villains were both well mounted. Early on Saturday morning, Mr. Parker went to Hounslow, and related the circumstance, adding, that the robbers had taken nothing from him but his hat. He was then informed of the following circumstance, which had occurred at the White Bear-inn: A man on horseback, who had the appearance of a soldier called there at a very early hour, whose reckoning came to 2s. he was going to leave the house without paying it, saying he had no money, and would call and pay another time, which the landlord refused; and observing him to have 2 hats on, snatched one off his head, and said he would keep that till he called to pay the reckoning; on the hat being shewn Mr. Parker, he identified it. Information being given at the Public-Office, Bow-street, Bacon one of the captains on patrole, went on Sunday in pursuit of the robbers; he called at the White Bear inn in Hounslow, where he learned that the man whom the hat was taken from on Saturday morning had called again on Saturday afternoon, and offered 2s. in payment for his bill, and to have the hat again, which the landlord refused, but imprudently let him go. Bacon applied to Capt.Lawrence of the Hounslow barracks, for an examination of the men quartered there, and for a muster roll to be called, which the Captain advised to be deferred till Wednesday morning, and for all the parties who has seen the man at the inn to attend. The landlord and landlady attended to the barracks, when the buglehorn was sounded, and all the men were mustered; the parties fixed upon a man, who, they said, they had no doubt was the person who left the hat; and the Captain ordered him into confinement.

Daniel Fitzmaurice was capitally indicted on Wednesday at the Old Bailey, being at large in Great Britain, he having been sentenced to pass his life beyond seas. There was something in the prisoner's case, not only of singularity, from having so long eluded the justice of his country, but of his inveterate dishonest way of life. It appeared that he was capitally convicted of a burglary committed at Greenwich, in the spring assizes, held at Maidstone in 1801; but pardoned, on condition of his being transported for life. From that sentence he delivered himself by running away from the hulks, preparatory to his sailing for South Wales; but in the summer assizes of 1802, he was again convicted at Guildford, in Surrey, and once more sentenced to transportation, Again he was placed on board the hulks, and again contrived his escape; but so confirmed was his love of thieving, that he was apprehended for a fresh offence, and found guilty at the last Old Bailey Sessions. The offence charged, however, only subjected him to single felony, and consequently a slight punishment; it was therefore thought advisable now to try him for being at large upon his first sentence, in order, if he should be convicted, to rid society of such a pest. The case was exceedingly clear, and Jury found him Guilty. - Death.

The following melancholy accident happened at Preston, in Holderness, on the 10th ult. A common circular well, about 30 feet deep, in which a pump was fixed, was opened for the purpose of cleaning; a ladder was put down, and Wm. Rhea descended; but when he got little more than half way down, he was suffocated by the foul air, and fell to the bottom. Hugh Jackson immediately went down to the assistance of the first, and was suffocated also ; and one Burnham, whose aid was called, went down to the others, and partook of their fate. Other assistance was then obtained, and more caution used; the unfortunate men were then taken out, two of them quite dead, the third with some signs of life, and medical aid being procured, he is in a fair way of recovery.

IPSWICH, December 3.

Yesterday the first division of the North Lincoln Militia marched from hence for Hull in Yorkshire; the 2d division will march this morning. And on Monday and Tuesday next the East Essex will proceed for the same place.
Tuesday, the 22d ult. the circular letter of the Lord Lieutenant was read by Capt. Sparrow to the 5th troop of Suffolk Yeomanry, under his command; and it was immediately unanimously resolved, that the troop would hold themselves in readiness to march, whenever they should be called upon for that purpose.
And on the following day, being the field-day of the Beecles Volunteer Infantry, under the command of Capt. Smith, the same resolution was cheerfully entered into.
Yesterday se'nnight the Loyal Southelmham, or 9th troop of Suffolk Yeomanry Cavalry, had a field-day at Flixton Park, when Capt. Adair read a letter from the Lord Lieutenant, wishing to know which of the corps of Volunteers in the division were disposed to assist in a peculiar manner to promote the public service; and addressed the troop in an animating and impressive manner, pointing out the necessity of every body exerting themselves at this momentous crisis, which the troop received with three cheers, and unanimously and zealously volunteered their service for the coast duty. The corps was then regaled at the Hall with the usual hospitality.
Monday last the 3d troop of Loyal Suffolk Yeomanry Cavalry, commanded by Capt. Maynard, were inspected at Eye by Lieut. Colonel M'Leroth, Inspecting Field Officer of this County, when he was pleased to express his entire approbation of the discipline and very soldier-like appearance of the troop, and of the active and spirited manner in which they went through their different evolutions and movements. After which the Captain read the letter of the Lord Lieutenant of the county, proposing that the duty on the Suffolk coast should be taken for a short period in rotation by the Volunteer corps, which proposal was immediately accepted by the whole troop with three hearty cheers.
At the same time and place the Eye Volunteers, commanded by Capt. Wayth, were also inspected by the above Officer, who was pleased to express himself highly satisfied with the military appearance and appointment of the corps, and the manner in which they went through their different manoeuvres, and that he should not fail to inform the General of the district thereof.
Thursday last the corps of Melton Volunteers, consisting of 112 men, commanded by Captain Joseph Stammers (the Lord Lieutenant's letter having been read to them the preceding muster day), agreed, with the exception of only three men, to take permanent duty in the county of Suffolk, whenever called upon.

Last week died, Mr. Hunt, of Framsden, in this county, farmer.
Tuesday died in his 90th year, Mr. J. Abbott, of Bently, an honest and industrious tenant for 70 years past in the same farm where he was born.

Saturday last
Wm. Gallant, of Norton, paid a mitigated penalty of 10s. being his first offence, for leaving his cart and horses in the public street in Bury. The Alderman and Justices are come to a resolution of punishing all offences of this kind, as several serious accidents have lately happened in consequence thereof.
Wednesday last the servants of Robt. Spalding of Saxted, and Wm. Fisher of Bruisyard, were convicted before the Rev. Sam. Kilderbee, in the mitigated penalty of 5s. each, for riding on the shafts of their masters waggons in the parish of Flamlingham.

Thursday se'nnight an inquisition was taken at Barton Mills, by James Ward, Gent. Coroner for the Liberty of Bury, on the body of Samuel Hood, who, in running between the sails of a mill, whilst it was going, received a violent blow on the head; which killed him on the spot.

Monday John Smart was committed to the Borough gaol in this town, by S. Jackaman, Esq. charged with stealing a silver watch, the property of James Beaumont, on the 25th of Nov. in the parish of St.Mary Tower in this town.

Same day Edward Allen was committed to the above prison by H. Seekamp, Esq. charged with stealing a brown mare, of the value of £10. on the 25 ult. the property of Jn. Brown, Esq.


Last week the Loyal Witham Rifle Corps, commanded by Capt. Chas. Miller, marched from this place, agreeable to their route, to their respective head quarters, after a stay of 10 days, having been ordered here by the particular desire of Lieut.Gen. Sir James Craig, K.B. to be more fully instructed by the 95th regt. in the exercise peculiar to that corps. It is but justice to say, that the strict attention, orderly good conduct, and soldier-like appearance of the Witham corps, during their stay here, has occasioned the Commander in Chief to express his full approbation in the general orders of the garrison. Their Captain, whose unbounded liberality needs no comment, gave the whole corps a dinner every day in the old English style at his sole expence, at the Three Cups Inn; and on the evening previous to their departure, the landlord of that Inn gave an elegant ball and supper to the officers and a select party of friends.

A liberal subscription has been set on foot by the Officers of the Loyal Colchester Volunteers, towards raising a fund for furnishing greatcoats, with other additional cloathing, for the privates of that corps, a meeting for that purpose being held on the 20th ult. at which upwards of £300. was instantly subscribed; which will be followed up by a general subscription of the inhabitants or this town and its vicinity.


The fortifications in this neighbourhood are still going on. Report says that they are to be continued for 30 miles round the capital; a work which cannot be completed in less than 7 years.

Lately was married, in London, Mr. Taylor, draper, of South-End, to Miss Carter.
A few days since died Mrs. Poole, wife of Mr. Nathaniel Poole, of Springfield.
Lately died Mr Buckle, of Corringham, many years landlord of the Bull Inn, in that place.
Friday se'nnight died Mr. Wm. Dixon, of Steeple Bumpsted.


Wednesday being St. Andrew's Day, the Corporation met at the Town-hall, when Charles Cox, Esq. was elected Mayor of this borough for the year ensuing; and in commemoration of the day, a splendid dinner was given by the late Mayor at the Three Cups inn, to the principal inhabitants of the town, who were honoured by the presence of the Earl of Abergavenny, Major General Lord Charles Fitzroy, and the Officers of the Royal Bucks and West Essex regiments. Many loyal toasts and sentiments were drank upon the occasion, and the day concluded with the greatest conviviality.
Sunday sailed the Lark, Captain Thompson, with mails and passengers for Husum; also, the Betsey, J. Boyden, with the mail for Gottenburgh.
Thursday 15 French prisoners were landed here from the Monkey gun brig, and marched off to Norman Cross Barracks.


Wednesday there was a field day of the 2d regt. of Norwich Volunteer Infantry, and Yarmouth and Happing and Tunstead Cavalry. The cavalry made some excellent charges, and the infantry went through their evolutions with a surprising exactness and spirit for so young a corps.
Thursday the Norwich Volunteer Cavalry, Major Harvey, marched in here, and relieved the Yarmouth Volunteer Cavalry.
Sailed on Monday the Constance frigate on a cruize; the Inspector, with a convoy for the Baltic; and the Vixen gun-brig with the Yarmouth lighter, with stores, to erect signal stations on the coast between Winterton and Blakeney.
Wednesday arrived La Chiffonne frigate, and remain with the Repulse, Adm. Russell.
Thursday was married Mr. Benj. Eastmure, to Mrs. Ursula Giles, both of this town.

Wednesday's Post.

Bankrupts. Lewis Cohen, Goodman's-Fields, Middlesex, merchant. James Thomas, Spread-Eagle-Court, Cornhill, merchant. Geo. Denton, Kingston-upon-Hull, currier. Thos. Carr, Gomersell, Yorkshire, cotton-spinner. Edw. Whitehouse, Fenton, Staffordshire, dealer in earthenware. John Townsend, Ludgate-hill, laceman. John Marsden and John Haywood, Marsden, Yorkshire, cotton-spinners. Joseph Wheeler, Blackheath, miller.

Married. Yesterday se'nnight Mr.Rust, farmer of Occold, to Miss Ellington, of West Row, Mildenhall. Thursday Mr. Thomas Archer, attorney, of Barton Mills, to Miss Balls, of the same place. Same day Mr. John Siely, butcher, of Aylsham, Norfolk, to Miss Sarah Cousins, of the same place. Sunday at St.Peter's Mancroft, Mr.Grimwood, to Miss Crowe, of All Saints, Norwich.

Died. Yesterday se'nnight aged 65, Mr.Arnold, surgeon, of Lowestoft. Saturday aged 48, Mr. John Best, broker, of Bury.

THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded and issued forth against SAMUEL GARROD, now of Saxmundham, in the county of Suffolk. and late a prisoner in Ipswich goal, in the said county, taylor and draper. dealer and chapman, intend to meet on the 6th day of December inst. at Ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the house of John Smith, called or known by the name or sign of the Bell Inn, in Saxmundham aforesaid, in order to make a second and final dividend of the estate and effects of the said bankrupt; when and where, the creditors who have not already proved their debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend, and all claims not then proved will be disallowed.

In the Month of March next, in Lots,
(If not previously disposed of by Private Contract)
Of which timely Notice will be given,

A Capital FREEHOLD FARM, situated in the Parishes of Brettenham, Hitcham and Thorpe in the county of Suffolk, 10 miles from Bury St.Edmund's, 5 miles from Stowmarket, and 8 miles from Hadleigh, three principal market towns: containing 158A. 0R. 34P. held by Mr. Thos. Garnham, on lease, which will expire at Old Michaelmas 1804.
The land-tax is redeemed, and the only outgoing is a quit rent of 3s. 4d. per ann. payable to the Lord of the Manor of Brettenham. The tenant will shew the premises, and further particulars may be had by application to the Rev. Mr. Cole, rector of Brettenham, or to Charles Squire, of Ipswich, Suffolk.


AT a Meeting of the Committee appointed to consider the best plan for improving the RIVER ORWELL, held upon the Town Hall, Ipswich, this 15th day of November, 1803.
DYKES ALEXANDER, Esq. in the Chair,
Amongst other Things,
It was Resolved, That a General Meeting of the Inhabitants of Ipswich, and its vicinity, and all other persons interested in the improvement of the said River, be held upon the Town Hall, on Tuesday, the 27th day of December next, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of taking into consideration two Plans and Estimates, received from Mr. Wm. Chapman, the Surveyor, and determining which of the two shall be carried into effect.
That the Plans and Estimates be left at the Bank of Messrs. Alexanders and Spooner, Ipswich, for public inspection until the General Meeting.
The business of the General Meeting being of the utmost importance to the town of Ipswich and the county of Suffolk, a numerous attendance is earnestly requested.


JOHN WRAY, of Halesworth, in the County of Suffolk, shopkeeper, having duly assigned all his estate and effects unto John Toll, of the city of Norwich, woollen draper, and Lewis Cooper, of the same city, linen draper, IN TRUST, for the equal benefit of all his creditors, all persons to whom the said John Wray stands indebted, are requested forthwith to transmit an account of their respective demands on him to the said Trustees, or to Messrs. White and Woodcocke, attorneys at law, Halesworth, at whose office the deed lies for their inspection and signatures. And all persons who are indebted to the said John Wray, are required to pay the debts due from them respectively, within One month from the date hereof, to the said Trustees, or to the said Mesrs, White and Woodcocke, Halesworth, Nov.22, 1803.

£40. REWARD.

WHEREAS on Wednesday Evening the 23d ult. about 7 o'clock, some ill-disposed person or persons did set fire to a waggon loaded with straw in the Barn-yard of Wm. Frewer of Bedfield in the county of Suffolk. And on Thursday evening, the 24th inst. about 7 o'clock, some ill-disposed person or persons set fire to the Barn, called Parsonage 8am, in the said parish of Bedfield in the occupation of Benjamin Frewer, filled with Wheat, whereby great part thereof was destroyed. Whoever will discover the offender or offenders, so that he, she or they may be brought to justice shall, upon conviction, receive, for each offence, Twenty Pounds reward, ,over and above what is allowed by Act of Parliament, by applying as above. And a further reward from the Wilby Association.

On Monday the 5th day of December, 1803,
Will come under KING's HAMMER,
At the Pot of Flowers, Stowmarket, between the hours of Four and Six o'clock in the Afternoon,
For the Benefit of CREDITORS,

THE unexpired Term of Twelve Years, from last Michaelmas, in the lease of John Aldrich, common-brewer, the proprietor, and subject to the provisions therein contained, that public house or premises, known by the name of the POT of FLOWERS, situate in Bury-street, Stowmarket, aforesaid, and late in the occupation of George Clemans.
This old established public house, is let at the very low annual rent of £10. has good stabling, a well frequented bowling-green, several large clubs, the entire business of an annual 2-day lamb fair, and from its situation, respectability, and means of accommodation, will always command a good trade.

For particulars apply to Mr. John Marriott, attorney at law, Stowupland.


WILLIAM GREEN most respectfully acquaints the Nobility and Gentry, the Public, and his Friends in particular, that he has come to the determination of furnishing them with good chaises, capital horses, and very careful drivers, at the

Reduced Rate of ONE SHILLING per Mile.
and trusts, by a strict attention, to merit the favours of all who please to honour him with their commands, and which will be gratefully acknowledged.
Good beds, and every other accommodation for families, &c. under the care of Mrs. Green.

RHEUMATIC, Paralytic, and Gouty Affections, with their usual concomitants, Spasm, or flying Pains, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general Debility, (originating in whatever source) are relieved and frequently cured by WHITEHEAD's ESSENCE of MUSTARD PILLS, after every other means had failed.- The FLUID ESSENCE of MUSTARD (used with the Pills, in those complaints where necessary) is perhaps the most active, penetrating, and effectual remedy in the world, generally curing the severest


in less than half the time usually taken by Opodeldoc, Arquebusade, or any other Embrocation; and if used immediately after any accident, it prevents the part turning black. The stiffness naturally arising from the first use of the Musket, is immediately removes.
It is prepared and sold at 2s. 9d. each box or bottle, by R. Johnston, Apothecary, No. 15, Greek-street Soho, London, and may be had of Messrs. Middleditch and Co. Chemists, Brook-street, Ipswich; Loder and Gall, Woodbridge; Oldham, Melton; Dingle, Bury; and Keymer, Colchester; and by most genuine medicine venders in England, West Indies and America.

At the Bear Inn, Bridge Foot,. Yarmouth,
On Wednesday, December 7, 1803.
At 11 o'clock in the forenoon,

LOT 1. A FARM, in Burgh St.Peter, in Norfolk; comprising an excellent dwelling-house, 2 barns, a new brick and tile stable for 10 horses, convenient outhouses, about 59 acres of arable land, in a high state of cultivation; about 10 acres of marsh and meadow, and about 3 acres of alderear, well planted. On a part of the land adjoining the navigable river from Yarmouth to Beccles, are a Staithe in full trade, and a New Brick Granary, Warehouse, and other convenient buildings.
These premises are all Freehold, (except 3 roods, which are Copyhold of the Manor of Whitacre with Burgh,) and are in the occupation of Mr. Bonjamin Bowgin. Possession of the premises may be had at Old Michaelmas next, or immediately, allowing for the crop in the ground at a valuation.

A WHERRY, built about six months, with its Materials, to be taken by the purchaser of the above lot at £180. the prime cost.
John Jones of Burgh, will on application, shew the premises.

2. A Level of Marshes, called COW COURT MARSHES, situate in North Cove, in Suffolk, opposite the First lot, with the swimming marsh thereto belonging, containing in the whole about 56 acres, all freehold, tythe free, and subject only to a modus of 6s. 8d.
These premises are in an excellent state, and have a draining mill thereon, which is partable among the owners of these and the adjoining marshes.
3. An excellent Dwelling-House, called HILL HOUSE, with the plantation gardens, paddock, stable and outbuildings thereto belonging, situate in Hopton, in Suffolk, about 41 miles South of Yarmouth, late in the occupation of John Bell, Esq. deceased.

The Dwelling-house commands one of the most extensive and diversified rural prospects in the county. Immediate possession may be had.
And, A Cottage, with the barn, stable, and about 9 acres of arable land adjoining, a great part of which is garden ground, now in the occupation of Charles Jarmy, tenant by the year.
This lot is all Freehold; the land tax is redeemed.

4. The Freehold Public House, with the stable and garden thereto belonging, situate in Fritton, in Suffolk, now in the occupation of Mr. J.B. Bell, brewer.
5. A Freehold Cottage, with about 1/2 an acre of land, adjoining Fritton Common, in the occupation of James Duffield.
6. An Aldercar, situate in Herringfleet, in Suffolk, in the occupation of Mr. John Rivett, containing about 5 acres, copyhold of the Manor of Herringfleet late Priory.

The above premises have extensive rights of Common. *** For further particulars apply to Mr. Bell, attorney, Yarmouth.

At the Bear Inn, Bridge Foot,. Yarmouth,
On Wednesday, December 7, 1803.
At Twelve o'clock,

AN ESTATE, at Gorleston, called NEW ENGLAND ESTATE, consisting of a Public-house, known by the Sign of the Dover Packet, advantageously situate near the entrance of Yarmouth Harbour, a cottage, barn, stable, and 26 1/2 acres of land; the whole now let to Mr. John Barker Bell, at the yearly rent of £65, under lease which expires at Michaelmas 1810. Two-thirds of the purchase may remain on security of the premises.

And further particulars may be had by applying to Mr. Thos. Custons or Messrs. Steward and Palmer, Great Yarmouth.

On Friday, December 9, 1803, at Twelve o'clock,
At the Bear Inn, Bridge Foot,. Yarmouth,

Lot 1. THE good Brig SARAH, Thomas Wells, master, now lying in Yarmouth Haven, of the admeasurements of 100 and 19.94ths tons, with all her materials as from Sea.
Lot 2. The Brig TRITON, John England, late master, of the admeasurement of 88 tons, now lying at Yarmouth Haven, with all her materials as from sea. The above vessels are Yarmouth built, and well calculated for coasting or any other trade; and well found in materials; inventories of which may be had on board the vessels, and at the place of sale.

For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, King's-street, Great Yarmouth.

At the Tuns, Bungay, on Thursday 8th of Dec. inst.
At 6 o'clock in the afternoon,

A Freehold ESTATE, situate at Redisham near Beeles in Suffolk; consisting of a messuage, barn, stable, and convenient outbuildings, and 24 acres and upwards of land, chiefly arable, now in the occupation on of Mr. Francis Balls, under a lease, which expires at Michaelmas 1807.
Also, A small Copyhold ESTATE, fine certain, situate at Bergh Apton in Norfolk; consisting of Five Tenements, a barn, and 12 acres and upwards of land, in the occupation of Mr.John Harvey, and his under-tenants. Possession may be had at Michaelmas next.

The tenants will shew the premise's.
For further particulars apply to Mr. Sheppard, Bungay, or Mr. Jodrell, attorney, Hingham. (One Property).


At the Hawk Inn, in Halesworth, Suffolk. on Tuesday the 13th day of December inst. at Four o'clock in the afternoon, (unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which timely notice will be given).
A Desirable FARM, consisting of a convenient farm house, barn, stable, useful out-buildings, and several inclosures or excellent arable, meadow and pasture land, containing in the whole 75 acres, more or less, advantageously situated in the parishes of Westhall and Halesworth aforesaid, the latter having a good corn market and a navigable river to the port of Southwold, with 2 valuable goings on the fertile common of Westhall.

The messuage and buildings and 43 acres of land are freehold, and the remainder copyhold.
The above premises are in the occupation of Mr. Jno. Mayhew, who will shew the same, and possession may be had thereof at Michaelmas next.
For further particulars apply to Mr. Jno. Cufaude, attorney at law, Halesworth.

STOWMARKET. Nov. 23, 1803.

ALL Persons who stood indebted to the late Mr. THOMAS DODSON, of Stowmarket. Auctioneer, deceased, are requested to send an account of their respective debts to Mr. John Dutton, at the Bull, Bacton. Suffolk.

THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against HENRY SPALDING, late of Metfield in the county of Suffolk, Grocer, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on Wednesday the 21st day of December inst. at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Angel in Halesworth, in order to make a dividend of the estate and effects of the said bankrupt. When and where the creditors who have not already proved their debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said dividend. And all claims not then substantiated will be disallowed.


MUCH Damage having been committed of late by divers persons, mostly strangers, going down, through curiosity or malicious designs, to the said Decoys, and thereby driving and frightening the WILD FOWL away from the same, to the great loss and injury of the occupier thereof. This public Notice is given, That all persons whatsoever, who shall hereafter trespass in the like manner, will he prosecuted as the law directs. And in order that no person may plead ignorance of the penalties they will incur thereby, the following is inserted :

For the Preservation of such Places of Resort and Haunts for Wild Fowl from being disturbed or destroyed :

"It is enacted, that every person who shall shoot at, kill, or destroy, with any gun, cross-bow, &c, any mallard, duck, teal, or widgeon, shall be committed to the Common Gaol, for Three months, without bail or mainprize, unless he shall pay immediately for each fowl 20s. for the use the poor, or, One month after commitment, shall become bound, with two sufficient sureties, by recognizance, in the sum of £20. each, not to offend in like manner."

"The like for driving away Wild Fowl in such Places, of Resort, besides other provisions of the Law."

I do further give notice, to prevent any accidents that may happen to persons, or dogs, trespassing on the Warren, that double-armed Traps are constantly set on the same, adjoining to the said Decoys, to protect them from dogs, foxes, badgers, and other vermin.
Bixley Warren-house, Nov.24, 1803.

On Tuesday, the 6th of Dec. 1803,
Precisely at Three o'clock,
At the King's Arms Inn, Fordham-street,
By order of the Proprietors, In THREE LOTS,

AN eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, most advantageously situated opposite the above Inn, in the parish of Aldham, Essex, only 6 miles from Colchester, 6 from Bures, and 6 from Coggeshall.
Lot 1. Comprises a large commodious Freehold Dwelling House, containing a number of convenient rooms, and every domestic attachment for the accommodation of a family, with a capital old established shop, tallow office, and candle warehouse, large hay barn, chaise house, four-stall stable, spacious yard, and beautiful garden, late in the occupation of Mr. William Little, tallow chandler, and general shop keeper, deceased.
These valuable premises cover in front a space of 90 feet, and are judiciously arranged for a business of magnitude, unquestionably possessing a most peculiar advantage to any person in want of a situation where there is no danger of a competitor.
Lot 2. Consists of a desirable Piece of Freehold Pasture Land, ornamented with a number of line full grown walnut trees, containing about 2 acres (more or less), conveniently situate at the back of the above premises, with commodious detached carriage way to the same, communicating also with the out-buildings, yards, and gardens, belonging to lot 1.
Lot 3. Consists of a neat Sash Fronted Freehold Messuage, opposite the King's Arms, divided into 3 tenements. with yards and gardens, well calculated for a single dwelling, and at a trifling expence may be made a genteel residence for a small family.

The whole in tenantable repair, and moderately assessed. May be viewed by leave of the tenants.

Particulars will be ready 6 days prior to the sale, to he had at the Waggon and Horses, Colchester; Chapel, Coggeshall; Swan, Kelvedon; White Hart, Witham; King's Head, Maldon; Crown, lngatestone; Horn, Braintree; Crown, Ongar; Packet, Manningtree; place of sale; and of the auctioneers, at their Fire-office, Chelmsford.

With immediate Possession,

A Very improvable FREEHOLD FARM, situate in Preston St. Mary, Thorp Morienx, and Brettenham, late in the occupation of Mr. William Evered, and now of Mr. Thomas Edwards; consisting of a good farm house, brew house, dairy, 3 barns, granary, cow house, and cart lodges, in the centre of about 171 acres of rich arable and pasture land, with an excellent stream of water running through the same, capable of being turned to great advantage, as well for pleasure as profit.
Preston is situate in a healthy and sporting part of the county, in the neighbourhood of several packs of hounds; 2 miles from Lavenham, 9 from Sudbury, 10 from Stowmarket, 12 from Bury St.Edmund's, 8 from Hadleigh, 18 from Ipswich, and 20 from Colchester.
Further particulars may be known by applying to Townley Ward, Esq. Henrietta-street, Covent Garden; Mr. Mudd, attorney, Lavenham; and of H. S. Fox, land-surveyor, 33, Arundel-street, London, where a plan of the estate may be seen.

On Friday, December 9. 1803,
At Eleven o'clock in the forenoon,
At Mr. John Bruce's, at the Old White Hart Inn,
In Halstead aforesaid,
THE following FREEHOLD ESTATES, in Three Lots, all lying within a ring fence, the land-tax of which has been redeemed.

Lot 1. Will comprise all that compact and desirable Estate, called TOOT-HILL, otherwise, STONES FARM, pleasantly situated in Halstead aforesaid, in an elevated situation, commanding a pleasing south view of the church and town of Halstead aforesaid, as well as picturesque and extensive views of a fertile country, consisting of 76A. 1R. 27P. more or less, of rich arable, pasture and hop garden, together with a neat dwelling house, or double tenement, a substantial barn with a plank floor, and a range of buildings, including stabling for 6 horses with chamber over it, cow house, piggery, and cartlodge, with other detached out-offices.
Lot 2. Will consist of another Freehold Farm, called BALLS's, completely surrounded by lot 1, which are now held together by the present proprietor, Mrs, Martha Stuck; containing by admeasurement 34A., 3R. 23P. of rich arable, and pasture land, more or less, which is also in a high state of cultivation, situated at about a quarter of a mile distance from Halstead church, and commanding pleasing views equal to lot 1, with a good dwelling house, a barn with a plank floor, stable, hay barn, and other suitable out-offices.
Lot 3. Comprehends 15 acres by estimation, be the same more or less, including the scite of the house, buildings, &c. of arable, pasture and hop ground, together with a double tenement, barn, and cartlodge, called Coneys, situated near lot 1; in 4 inclosures.
The above premises; lot 1 and 2, are calculated for a gentleman's residence, or sporting box, and form together a very compact estate, in good repair. The purchasers may have immediate possession, on giving such security as shall be required.
Halstead is a good market town, distant from London 48 miles, from Colchester 13, from Braintree 7, from Castle Hedingham 4, with the post, Norwich, Yarmouth, and Sudbury coaches, passing and repassing every day; and in a good sporting country.
Printed particulars, with conditions of sale, may be had 6 days previous thereto, at the Cups, Colchester; White Hart, Earl's Colne; Horn, Braintree, Post-Office, Chelmsford; Bell, Castle Hedingham; place of sale; of the Auctioneers, Sudbury; and at Peele's Coffee-house, London.

The premises may be viewed any day previous to the sale, by applying to Mr. John Greenwood, of Halstead aforesaid; where plans of the estate may be seen.


To be sold at Handford-hall, on Monday next, the 5th inst. A Drove of Highland Scots, the property of Messrs. Birtwhistles. By their humble servant.


WANTED immediately, a good Hand in the above branch; he must be a good shoer; may have constant employ and good wages, by applying to Ab. Thompson, blacksmith, Woodbridge. Suffolk.

£2000 WANTED.

ONE Moiety to be advanced immediately, the other in six, nine or twelve months, for which, security will he given on a very valuable estate. Enquire of Messrs. Read and Cana, Woodbridge.

WANTED immediately, A Journeyman Miller, who understands his business well, and can read and write; such a person may hear of a comfortable place by applying to Glevering-mill near Wickham-market, Suffolk.

WANTED immediately, A Middlee-aged Woman as Housekeeper to a single Gentleman; she must be well qualified as a cook, and capable of taking the management of other servants, as the concerns of the family will be intrusted to her. None need apply whose character will not bear the strictest investigation. For further particulars enquire of Mr. Samuel Risbee, Manningtree, Essex.


WANTED after the Christmas Recess, at an Academy in Essex, A steady industrious young Man, who is used to the business of a school in the English department, and is properly qualified for it; if he has a knowledge of drawing it will be more agreeable. Letters, post paid, directed to A.B, at Mr. White's, Dancing Master, Bury St.Edmund's, will be duly attended to.

To be SOLD,

30 Ton of good upland HAY. Enquire of John Wright, Bramfield Queen's Head, near Halesworth, Suffolk.


TO be SOLD at Mrs. Holden's, at Leiston, near Saxmundham. Binns and straw will be provided for the stock.


To be disposed of, 9 Acres to be fed upon the Premises, where there are two excellent yards for fat and lean beasts. Enquire of D. Thompson, Blyford, Suffolk.

To be SOLD,

33 Acres of fine TURNIPS; 5 Acres to be drawn off into a straw-yard to feed large beasts with; the remainder to feed with sheep. Enquire of Mr. Rivers, Cauldwell-hall, Ipswich.

THE Partnership between Messrs. REEVE, RAINBIRD, and EDMONDS, of Ipswich, Merchants, being dissolved, it is requested that all persons who stand indebted to the said Partnership will pay the same immediately. And all persons having any claims or demands upon the said firm, are requested to apply at the Compting House of Messrs. Reeve and Rainbird, in order that the same may be discharged.
Ipswich, Dec.1, 1803.

Turnpike from SCOLE to BURY.

NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees will be held, by adjournment, at the Crown Inn in Bolesdale, on Thursday the 8th day of December next, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon; at which it is requested that Seven, or more, of the Trustees will attend to appoint a Collector of the Tolls for Bolesdale Gate, in the room of the present one, who intends to resign.
By order of the Trustees,
Eye, Nov. 30, 1803.

By Desire of the OFFICERS and GENTLEMEN
On Monday, the Comedy of
And the WAGS of WINDSOR.
By DESIRE of the
And by the DESIRE of


WENT astray on Saturday, November 21st, A Young Liver-coloured and White long tail Pointer Dog; answers to the name of DUN, (lately been roweled in the neck). Whoever will bring him to J.S. Wade, Benhall, shall receive One Guinea reward.

LOST the 27th ult. between Campsey Ash and Woodbridge, by way of Ufford Lower-street,

containing a £2. Bank note, and £10. both of the Bank of England, and several papers besides, but of no use but to the owner. Whoever has found the same, and will bring it to the White Hart, Wickham- market, shall receive Two Guineas reward.

At the BEAR INN, Yarmouth,
On Friday the 9th day of December, 1803,
THE good Brig LEANDER, with all her Materials as from sea; admeasurement 105 ton register, built in Yarmouth, March, 1802.

On Tuesday, Dec.20, 1803, and following day,

ALL the Household Furniture and Stock in Trade, of Mr. LUNNIS COOPER, Cabinet-maker and Upholsterer, at his dwelling house in the High Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk. Particulars in next week's paper, and catalogues dispersed in due time.

To be SOLD

ALL those Five Freehold Marshes situate in Bawdsey, in the county of Suffolk, commonly called or known by the name of SCOTT's MARSHES, containing by estimation 49 acres, be thereof more or less, as the same are now in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Brewer, under an agreement which expires upon the 8th of January next.

For particulars and price apply to Mr. Jackaman, attorney, Ipswich, or Messrs. Read and Cana, Woodbridge.

On Tuesday the 13th day of December inst. between the hours of 5 and 7 o'clock, at the Hawk in Halesworth.

AN exceedingly good POST WINDMILL, with all her going gears, and one pair of French stones (4ft.10 in.) ,with a full sized Flour Mill upon the best construction. Also, A good Dwelling-house with Granary, Stable, Cart-lodge, and other necessary out-buildings, all in excellent repair, and about 1/4 of an acre of land.
The above premises are advantageously situated in Bramfield, Suffolk, by the side of the Turnpike Road, leading thro' Halesworth to Bungay; are now in full trade, and immediate possession may be had, the present proprietor being about to change his residence.

BECCLES, Dec.1, 1803.

TO be immediately DISPOS'D OF, the Stock in Trade of Mr.Jas.BERRY, deceased. The stock. consisting of new and handsome models and moulds, a quantity, of plaister and colours, with every other necessary in the above branches. The situation is a very desirable one, as an extensive trade has been carried on for many years. --- Application to be made to Mr. Scarfe, Watchmaker.


AN eligible Situation in the above Lines of Business where an extensive trade has been carried on, to be Disposed of, with possession immediately, or at Christmas next, situate in the centre of the Market-place. in Beccles, in the county of Suffolk, now in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Harmer, who is going to leave that town.
The Shop, in Trade, which is fresh and well chosen, together with the Fixtures, to be taken at a fair valuation. For particulars apply personally, or by letters, post paid, to Mr. Samuel Harmer.

N.B. The above situation is particularly desirable, being the only established shop in the above business in the town.

Desirable FARM all FREEHOLD.
The Tenant may have notice to Quit at Michaelmas next

At the Tuns Inn, Bungay, on Thursday the 29th day of Dec. 1803, precisely at 6 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced.)
ALL that Compact FARM, consisting of Dwelling-house, barn, stable, &c. and 50A. 2R. 13P., (little more or less,) of excellent arable, meadow and pasture land, situate in the parishes of St.Peter and St.Michael, Southelmham, in Suffolk, and now in the occupation of the widow of George Howlett, as tenant from year to year, after a lease which determined on the death of Mr. Robert Draper, the elder, lately deceased.
Printed particulars may be had in due time, at the place of sale, and of the Auctioneer, and of Mr. Kingsbury, attorney, Bungay, at whose office a map of the estate may be seen.

To be SOLD,
ABOUT 100,000 White-thorn Layer. Whoever will buy a large lot or the whole, may have them at the cheapest rate, by applying as above.

On Wednesday next, Dec.7, 1803,

ALL the Household Furniture of Mrs. PAYNE, dec. at her late dwelling house, in the Star-lane, Ipswich; consisting of beds, with morine and cotton furniture, exceeding good feather beds and beding, mahogany tables, chairs, chests of drawers, pier and dressing glasses, carpet, kitchen furniture, &c.

To be viewed on Tuesday, and catalogues may be had at the place of sale, and at the auctioneer's.

To be SOLD

A Freehold Messuage or Tenement, and old-established Shop, situated in the Butter-market in Ipswich; formerly in the occupation of JOHN NOTCUTT,deceased, and now of Thomas Crabb, Grocer and Haberdasher.

The Stock in Trade and Fixtures at the option of the purchaser may be taken at a fair valuation, and possession may be had at Lady-day next.

Also, A Freehold Messuage and shop adjoining, in the occupation of Susan Bantoft, tenant at will. Part of the purchase money, if required, may remain on security of the above premises. For particulars enquire of Messrs. Brame and Notcutt, solicitors, or Mr Roper, auctioneer, Ipswich.


BEGS Leave to return Thanks to his Friends, for past favours, and having taken the KING's HEAD INN, IPSWICH (late Thos. Preston) solicits a continuance of the former custom, where every attention will be assiduously paid to afford satisfaction.

Good beds, neat Posts chaises, with able Horses and careful Drivers.


MESSRS.BYLES and Co. respectfully inform their friends and the public, of having received a supply of Norway and Memel timber, with pipe and barrel staves, Christiana white and red deals and battens; also Finland deals and battens, all lengths and thickness, with which they may be supplied on the best terms, at Ipswich or Stowmarket.

The CORN and COAL TRADES, in both places, as usual.


ROBERT GIRLING from the STAR, BURY, having taken the above Public House, which he has neatly fitted up, and stored with good Liquors and Beer, respectfully asks for the custom of those Gentlemen who have hitherto frequented the house, and of the public in general. He returns thanks to his friends for the favours conferred upon him at Bury, and hopes by assiduity and attention to merit a continuance of public support.

HARLESTON, Dec.1, 1803.

S. ELLIOT begs leave to inform her Friends, she has received from London a neat and fashionable assortment of Millinery, with a variety of Muffs, Tippets, Sarsnets, and Salisbury Flannels for Spencers and Pellises, Italian and Cambric Sarsnet for Ladies dresses, which S.E. intends selling on the most reasonable terms, Straw and Chip Hats manufactured, altered and bleached.

An Apprentice wanted immediately.
N.B. Letters, post paid, will be duly answered


TAKE this opportunity of returning Thanks to their friends, and the public at large, for the liberal encouragement they have received, since their united concern in the above trade; at the same time assure them, that every attention will be paid to their future favours, and the greatest punctuality and dispatch observed in executing them. An Apprentice wanted immediately; and a Journeyman Clock-maker may meet with constant employ.

THE Miss BALDWINS purposing to resign their School at Christmas next,
Miss BOND, of DISS,

Begs leave to solicit the favours and patronage of the friends of Miss Baldwins, and the Ladies of STOWMARKET and Neighbourhood; hopes by a strict attention to the duties of her profession to merit the encouragement of the public, having engaged a commodious house in Ipswich-street, which will be opened for the reception of Pupils after the Christmas vacation.

*** An experienced Teacher and proper Masters, will be provided.


M. PAINE, begs Leave to return Thanks to the Nobility, and Gentry of Ipswich, and its vicinity, for the liberal favours conferred on him, in conjunction with his Mother, and [… …] time to say, that the business is now carried [on] by himself solely; he requests also to inform [....] from manufacturing every branch of the COACH and HARNESS-MAKING, at home, he is thereby enabled to execute and warrant carriages of every description, with harness of all kinds, in modern taste, elegance and neatness; and as he constantly employs a number of men, he is able to perform the above with expedition.

Gentlemen's Barroches and Post Chaises repaired, and neatly painted. Old carriages of every description taken in exchange. A Coachman wanted.


WHEREAS a Prosecution has been commence against me, THOS. SHELDRAKE, of Ipswich, in the county of Suffolk, drayman, by direction of the Trustees of the Essex Turnpikes, for having broken the Turnpike-gate in the parish of Lawford, and passing through it without paying toll, but in consideration of my acknowledging my fault, promising not to offend again, and paying the expences incurred, and the charges of inserting this in the Ipswich Journal, the Trustees have consented to stop proceeding against me. I hereby return them thanks for their lenity and forbearance. Witness my hand, the 25th day of November, 1803.

WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JOHN CLARK, of Holton, in the county of Suffolk, merchant, and he being declared a bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners, in the said commission named, or the major part of them, on the 10th and 17th days of December inst. and on the 14th day of January, 1804, at Four o'clock in the afternoon of each day, at the house of John Halls, called the Angel Inn, in the parish of St.Peter of Mancroft, in the city of Norwich, and making a full discovery and disclosure of his estate and effects; when and where the creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts; and at the second sitting to chuse Assignees, and at the last sitting, the said bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the creditors are to assent to, or dissent from the allowance of his certificate. All persons indebted to the said bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. John Cufaude, attorney at law, Halesworth, Suffolk.

Printed and Sold by S. JACKSON, Ipswich.


A List of the Names of the several Persons acting as Gamekeepers, under, or by virtue of Deputations or Appointments duly registered, to whom Certificates have been issued for the County aforesaid, in the Year 1803, with the Names of the Persons deputing, and of the Manors in respect to which they depute, pursuant to the Directions of an Act of Parliament passed in the Thirty-first Year of his present Majesty's Reign, intitled, "An Act for granting to his late Majesty an additional Duty on Certificates issued with respect to the killing of Game."

Aldis, JohnRoger Pettiward, Esq.Finborough with Cantloes and Addershall, and Onehouse with Caldecotts
Anson, ThomasLord HuntingfieldLeiston
Ambrose, JohnThomas Grosvenor, Esq.Tucketts Pe…..
Alexander, RobertEarl of DysartFramsden
Ablett, JohnRebecca AnguishKingshall, Br…….., and Wascolies
Ashford AbelThomas Mills, Esq.Kenton in Sud……
Ambrose, ThomasCharlotte Baroness HoweGrays otherwise ………
Beales, JohnWm. Plummer, Esq.Halesworth, …… in Halesworth, Cookley Gran[ge ?], …. iIn Elmham, Blanches in Wissett, ….. Chediston, Metfield, Withersdale in ….., …. Rectory, & Sweffling Campsey with …. Campsey.
Batley, Rev. Wald.Wm. Reynolds and Patty LucasKirketon, otherwise … hotley-hall.
Baldry, John FisherLord HuntingfieldHorham, Thorpe-… with Wooton, and Horham Jernegans.
Brewer, SamuelRobert, Trotman, Esq.Peyton-hall
Brightwell, ThomasDudley North, Esq.Banyards in Tunstall, Blaxhall-hall, Great Glemham, Little Glemham, Griston, Stratford and Pistrees, otherwise Over Pistrees.
Balls, FrancisRichard Mills, Esq.Redishall and Ilketshall, Ellis and Strattons
Blake, AndrewThomas Rede, Esq.Kettleburgh
Button, MartinCharles Garneys, Esq.Gisleham with Pyes
Baily, JohnNathaniel Barnardiston, Esq.Staverton with Bromeswell
Baker, JamesSir Thomas Gooch, Bart.Benacre, Covehithe, Easton Bavant, Frostenden, and South Cove.
Baker, IsaacJohn Negus and Chas.Negus, Gents.Dallingho, Dallingho Campsey, Bredfield Campsey, and Borst Broadish.
Balaam, PhilipRev. Wm. FonnereauChrist Church otherwise Withepole-house
Blogg, SamuelAlexander Adair, Esq.Creeting St.Olave's, otherwise Woolney-hall, with Mickfields, Cooks upon Cranes, and Creeting All Saints
Buss, BenjaminRev. John FreelandHasketon Rectory
Bulmer, JosephThomas Morse, Esq.Monewden with Sulyards
Barber, Wm.Sir Thomas Charles Bunbury, Bart.Willingham-hall, with Wakelyns in Fressingfield
Bird, SamuelMrs. Mary MooreEarl Stonham
Buxton, SamuelCapel Lofft, Esq.Stanton-hall with Mickfields and Badwells
Barton, JamesNathaniel Barnardiston, Esq.Freckenham
Brooks, Arthur JohnSir Charles Danvers, Bart.Horningsheath
Burton, GhentJohn Patteson, Esq.Little Haugh and Norton-hall
Bidwell, Wm.Richard Moore, Esq.Cocksfield-hall and Earls-hall in Cockfield
Bailey, GeorgeElizabeth Dowager Lady CooperWorlington Abergavenny
Bell, ThomasSir Thomas Gage, Bart.Fornham St. Genoveve and Westley
Barkham, FrancisDittoFornham All Saints, Hengrave, Risby, and Flempton
Burroughs, JohnDame Peggy CullumHardwick and Heneote, and Hawstead-hall with Buckenhams
Constable, Gold. jun.John Rede, Esq.Illaries and Spencers in East Bergholt
Coleman, JohnSir Wm. Rowley, Bart.Stoke next Nayland, with Shardelowes and Withermarsh, Levenhey, Netherhall, and Sprotts in Polstead.
Collett, JohnBailiffs of DunwichDunwich
Culph, CarringtonBenjamin Keene, Esq.Bentley Falstoffs
Coleby, ThomasAnthony Deane, Esq.Monksoham and Woodcroft-hall
Chandler, JamesThomas Green, Esq.Fawcons and Wethersdale in Laxfield
Crowfoot, JohnMrs. Jane DentonKessingland Itchlinghams, Kessingland Stapletons, Kingston and Rothenhall
Coates, R. BanyardWm. Middleton, Esq.Dennis with Sackvilles Rents, Bunwalls, and others in Coddenham
Cana, JohnLord RousHenham with Cravens, Wangford, Reydon, Reydon Wingfields, Wrentham, Poynings on the part of Atherton, and Reydon Ugghall, Sotherton and Bulchamp
Cousens, SamuelSir Robert Pocklington, Knt.Chelleworth and Furneux
Clarke, JohnSir Richard Bedingfield, Bart.Bedingfield
Cooper, EdwardRobert Cooke, Gent.Little Wenham, Vaux, and Jermyns
Coe, CharlesDame Ann HennikerStoke-hall with Thorpe
Carter, EdwardAbraham Reeve, Gent.Kersey
Crofts, SamuelMarquis CornwallisCulford, Ingham, Timworth, Brome, Oakley, Thrandeston, Sturston, Palgrave, Eye-hall, otherwise Priory, Thelnetham, Braisworth, Oldhall, Newhall with Barnes, Wordwell-hall, and West Stow-hall
Canham, JamesEarl of BristolPlayford with Mitchells and Lees, and Meere-hall and Rushmere
Cook, Wm.Committee of the Estate of Thomas Anguish, Esq. a lunatic.Somerleyton, Lound, Blundeston-hall, and Gunvilles in Blundeston
Capon, StephenLord RousBramfield with Brook-hall, otherwise Stonham
Clements, EdwardJohn Haynes Harrison, Jas. Goodeve Sparrow, and Henry Dawson, Esqrs.Thorpe Morieux and Felsham
Clements, EdwardJohn Haynes Harrison, Esq.Rysis, or Rysis-hall in Brettenham
Chinery, RichardSir Gslbert Affleck, Bart.Dalham with Dunstall Abbots in Debenham, and French-hall in Moulton
Chinery, RichardHeneage Earl of AylesfordGazely Rectory
Canham, John, jun.Robert Rushbrook, Esq.Little Saxham
Clark, DanielRichard Mosely, Clk.Wyverstone with Tiptods & Badwell
Creeton, ThomasWm. Windham, Esq.Chilton, alias Waldringfield-hall
Coleman, JamesRev. Charles TyrellThorney-hall
Catton, ThomasThos. Maynard, Esq. and T. Wythe, Clk. Trustees of Jn. Thurston, Esq.Thelnetham and Weston-market
Cobble JohnEdward Bouverie, Esq.Rougham
Dickerson, JosephNathaniel Lee Acton, EsqGreat Livermere and Little Livermere
Dammant, StephenChaloner Acredeckne, EsqGlevering-hall
Debney, RichardLord HuntingfieldLaxfield, Laxfield Rectory, Cratfield & Ubbestone
Downs, BenjaminSir Thomas Charles Bunbury, Bart.Great Barton
Day, CharlesJoseph Windham, Esq.Ilketshall Bardolfes
Davers, Robert, Clk.Sir Charles Davers, Bart.Bradfield St.George, Little Welnetham
Ely, SamuelWm. Mannock, Esq.Giffords-hall and Chamberlains, Scotland-hall, Stoke Rectory and Nayland, Ravenshill, and Higham
Everett, GeorgeAlexander Adair, Esq.Southelmham and Flixton Priory
Eagle, SamuelThomas Simmonds, Esq.Wadgells
Farrow, JohnSir Hyde Parker, Bart.Benhall
Fosgate, StephenJoseph Moore, Esq.Dunningworth with Wantisden
Fenton, JohnSir William Rowley, Bart.Bucklesham with Tyrell's-hall, Feltons in Foxhall, and Kirton
Fuller, JamesEarl of RochfordHoo Charsfield, and Letheringham
Fenn, RobertThomas Clark, Esq.Hadleigh-hall
Fenton, JamesJohn Vernon, Esq.Burnvilles in Levington
Fulcher, IsaacJames Marrie, Guardian of George Wenyve, Esq. an infantBrettenham with the Risis, Wetherden-hall, Loosehall, Bavents in Combs
Gallard, ColinNiel Earl of BoseberryWeston
Gentry, DanielProvost of Eaton CollegeChattisham
Glandfield, JohnJacob Whitbread, Esq.Ufford with its Members, and Loudham-hall
Gray, JamesFrances Meadows, widow, and John Wilkinson, Esq.Southall otherwise Wrentham by Pounds, and Northall otherwise Wrentham Poynings
Gooding, RobertMrs. Elizabeth BrokeCowhaugh otherwise Cowhall, otherwise Brokes-hall in Nacton, Levington Purdews, Bixley and Rushmere, Tyrells-hall, Ipswich St.Peter, Ipswich St.Clement's, Alnesbourne, Pondys, Granewiche otherwise Greenwich, in Alnesbourne, Hollowtree, and Kembroke cum Bucklesham
Goodwyn, JohnWilliam Schuldham, Gent.Ash, Ashmoore-hall and Campsey with Haugh, and Northland
Gedney, JamesAlexander Adair, Esq.Mendham Priory, Mendham, King's-hall, and Mendham-hall
Glasspoole, HenryPresident and Fellows of Mary Magdalen College, OxfordCaldecot-hall
Groom, WilliamGeorge Thomson, Esq.Seckford-hall
Groom, RobertBarrington Blomfield Syer, ClerkLittle Waldingfield
Green, ThomasAlexander Adair, Esq.Depden in Depden
Grimwood, JosephSir Patrick Blake, Bart.Bardwell-hall
Hardcastle, CharlesNathaniel Lee Acton, Esq.Bramford Normans and Beverlies in Bramford
Haward, RobertCharles Long, Esq.Hurts in Saxmundham, Swans in Saxmundham, Mundevilles in Sternfield, Verlies in Sternfield, Farnham-hall, and the Liberty of Layton Soak
Harris, JosephBrampton Gurdon Dillingham, Esq.Grundisburgh-hall, Burgh-hall, Cleves & Culpho
Haward, HaywardJohn Vernon, Esq.Blakenham on the Hill
Haward, HaywardProvost and Scholars of King's College, CambridgeOverhall in Barking
Hudson, JohnRichard Savage Lloyd, Esq.Hadleighs in Hadleigh
Heard, JeremiahAssignees of George Thompson, Esq.Seckford-hall
Hammond, JohnJohn Vernon, Esq.Rishangles with its Members
Hollick, HenryJohn Hollick, Esq.Boyton-hall in Capel and East Bergholt
Halls, WilliamRichard Savage Lloyd, Esq.Hintlesham and Burstall
Hayward, JohnHenry HaywardThorndon with its Members
Howe, JamesFrederick, Earl of BristolChedburgh with Arnborows, Clevington, Hargrave, Tuddenham, Doveton-hall, Ickworth, and Westley Saxons
Howlett, HenryGeorge Wilson, Esq.Redgrave with Botesdale abd Gislingham, Wortham late the Abbots, Mellis Saint John's Burgate, Rushes and Jennies, Higham, Facons-hall, [and] Fitz-Johns
Hazlewood, IsaacJohn Moseley, Esq.Rattle…. and Drinkstone with Lovaings
Haggar, John, jun.Sir Walter Rawlinson, Knt.Stow ….
Holton, ThomasThomas Mills, Esq.Saxha… Wolfs-hall, and Argen.s
Haggar, JohnSilvanus Bevan, Esq.Knet… and Hopton
Halls, JosephEarl of LeicesterDen… and Dalham
Houghton, MichaelRichard Ray, Esq.Ro…. otherwise Rockhylls in Shelland
Hurst, ThomasFrancis Dickens, Esq.…. otherwise Coolidge
Isaacson, RobertCharles Lamprell, Esq.Overhall otherwise Norley Mote, and Harvey's otherwise Bradley Netherhall
Jeaffreson, JosephSamuel Copping, Esq.W….-hall
Jeffes, RobertEarl of AlbermarleEl..don otherwise Elden, and Wicks in Bardwell
Jeffes, JohnThomas Henry Lambe, Esq.Ixworth Thorpe
Kersey, ThomasRev. Samuel KilderbeeGreat Glemham
Kindred, MatthewR.H.T. Conolly, Rich.Wm. Howard Vyse, and Leverson Vernon, Esq.Snape, Aldeburgh, Billesford, Becklings, Cantlets, and Risings
Kindred, MatthewJohn Vernon, Esq.Knoddishall
Knight, JohnFran. Edmunds and S. Shore, Esqrs.Dalehall in Whitton
Kersey, CalebEarl of DysartPond-hall, Toppisfield-hall, and Cosford-hall
Keer, GeorgeRev. St.John Priest and George Chinery, Gent.Parham
King, JohnGeorge Wilson, Esq.Brandon otherwise Brandon Ferry
Ling, WilliamRobert Sparrow, Esq.Beccles, Wadehall in Cove, Ellough and Redisham Magna
Louch, ThomasMarquis CornwallisCavenham
Last, JamesMileson Edgar, Esq.Redhall with Burwash in Witnesham, and Cardon's-hall in Witnesham
List, WilliamSir John Blois, Bart.Westleton with the Members, Blythburgh with Walberswick, Blythburgh late Priory, Hinton late Priory, and North Ales with South Cove late Priory
Lee, JohnEarl of DysartCreikeshall and Bockinghall, and all other the Manors in the parishes of Helmingham, Abbottshall in Pettaugh, and Kitts le Campoor in Campis, or Saint Christopher in the Field
Lay, JohnDavid Elisha Davy, Esq.Middleton Chickering
Lee, JohnLord AbergavennyOverhall in Otley
Lay, JohnBenjamin Keene, Esq.Bentley Church-house
Leeder, SimonEarl of AshburnhamBarking with Needham, Badley, and Combs
Lucock, JamesGeorge Pretyman, Esq.Old Bacton, Old Newton and Bresworth, New-hall in Bacton
Lewis, JohnAnn Mirabella Henrietta Brand, widowPolstead and Boxford, Boar House otherwise Bower-house
Mumford, JohnJohn Spurgeon, Esq.Castlings-hall in Groton
Mannell, RichardGeorge Golding, Esq.Kelsale and Carlton, and Middleton cum Fordley
Moore, DakingProvost of Eaton CollegeCreeting St.Mary's
Moore, ThomasJohn Gibson, Esq.Bridge Place
Mayes, EdwardJohn Timms Hervey Elwes, Esq.Stoke near Clare, Erbury otherwise Stoke with Chilton, and Waterhall in Wixoe
Mumford, WilliamSusanna Blackwell, spinsterOulton
Morgan, EdwardRev. George TurnerWoodhall in Stoke Ash
Moore, ThomasMrs. Mary Washbourne and Washbourne Cook, clerkPipps
Mothersole, RobertMichael William Leheup, Esq.Hegesset otherwise Hesset, with part of the Hundred of Thedwastry
Mann, DanielRichard Moore, Esq.Glemsford in Glemsford
Matthews, EdwardDittoMonks and Kentwell in Melford
Martin, SamuelDorothy Sulyard, widow, Geo. Jerningham, Esq., John Carey, Esq., and Hugh Smith, Esq.Haughley with it's Members, Wetherden-hall and Pulham-hall in Wetherden
Matthews, EdwardSir Mordaunt Martin, Bart.Stansted
Nestling, TimothyGeorge Golding, Esq.Thorington Wimples
Notley, WilliamThomas Maynard, Esq.Hoxne-hall with Priory, Denham with Flimworth, and Chickering with Wingffeld
Nestling, TimothyElizabeth Garneys, widowWestleton Clifts otherwise Cleaves
Orne, ThomasMarquis of HertfordSudborne, Orford with Stirmins, and Gedgrave
Orford, WilliamWilliam Schuldham, Gent.Marlesford with the Members, and Hacheston
Oatley, WilliamGeorge Thomas, Esq.Brookley Hall with Talmages and Wifolds
Paine, John, jun.William Waller, Gent.Sutton-hall, Talvas, Stokerland and Campsey
Pierce, WilliamDaniel Bull, George Brook Keer, William Waller, and Jos. BarkerOtleys in Ufford
Poole, WilliamCharles Berners, Esq.Wooverstone, Freston, Holbrook, Harkstead-hall, and Erwarton
Platfoot, JohnAlexander Adair, Esq.Redingfield with the Members
Payne, JosephMrs. Elizabeth ParishWaldringfield with Hilton, and Rivershall in Waldringfield
Pipe, JohnHenry Short, Esq.Boulge Hall
Page, ThomasMary Jessup, Committee of the Estate of Dan. Jessup, Esq. a lunaticRumburgh
Press, JamesEdmund Jenney, Esq.Wetheringset
Pyman, JonathanWilliam Mason, Esq.Breamshall
Postans, WilliamSir William Rowley, Bart.Grotton and Sprotts in Polstead
Payne, JohnGeorge Boldero, Esq.Netherhall otherwise Badge Crofts in Tuddenham, and Bausteads in Tuddenham
Philips, William Francis Thomas Hammond, Esq.Whepstead
Pawsey, GeorgeJohn Henry, Duke of RutlandLidgate
Potter, WilliamJames Marrie, Guardian of George Wenyve, Esq. an infantBradfield St. Clare
Prior, Thomas, sen.Right.Hon. Edward Lord ThurlowGreat Ashfield
Parker, CharlesDittoGreat Wratting
Rashbrook, JeremiahThomas White, Esq.Tattingstone
Randall, JohnCharlotte Baroness HoweCharsfield
Roper, HenrySir Charles Kent, Bart.Lackford
Rush, JamesJohn Clubbe, Esq.Barrards-hall
Randall, RalphEdmund Jenney, Esq.Bredfield with Windervills
Riches, JohnRev. Richard Frank, D.D.Earls Alderton
Russell, WilliamThomas Fowler, Esq.Gunton
Roe, JosephMrs Sarah Tong and Miss Mary MinterTuddenham and Lowdham-hall
Rodwell, J. MedowsMrs Sarah SmithBarham with Gosbeck and Ash
Riches, EdmundGeorge Nassau, Esq.Walton with Trimley, Russels in Faulkenham, Felixstow Priory, and Strattons with Seabridge
Roper, RobertEdward Bouverie, Esq.Wickenhall
Rose, RobertCapel Lofft, Esq.Troston
Rayner, EdwardJohn Kemp Jardine, Esq.Great Wilsey in Little Wratting
Strange, HenryNathaniel Barnardiston, Esq.Thorndon Parva
Smith, JamesEarl of BristolPlayford with Mitchells, Lees, Meerhall, and Rushmere
Sparrow, Isaac, jun.Thomas Dawson, Esq.Edwardstone-hall
Sewell, JohnLe Grice Brown Bohun, Esq.Westhall with Bacons otherwise Wingfields, Barringtons and Empolis
Scott, WilliamSir Robert Hartland, Bart.Borne Hall, Wherstead Hall, Pannington Hall, Goddlesford Abbey, Canonry otherwise Canon Leigh in Little Belstead, and Langstons in Burstal
Sibbon, ThomasSir Robert Hartland, Bart.Thorrington otherwise Therrington in Wherstead
Scott, ThomasSir Thomas Gooch, Bart.South Cove-hall with North Ales, and South Cove otherwise Bewflory
Stearn, BenjaminJosiah Rodwell, Esq.Offton Castle and Elmset
Seaman, JamesBartholomew Long, Gent.Stoke next Ipswich
Smith, RichardJohn Revett, Esq.Brandeston, Cretingham otherwise Tyes, and Harrolds in Cretingham
Samms, EdwardSir John Gregory Shaw, Bart.Casnells in Foxhall and Brightwell
Smith, WilliamDavid Elisha Davy, Esq.Middleton cum Fordley
Steptoe, PeterDuchess of Chandos and John Henniker Major, Esq.Crowshall, Old-hall, Scotnes with the Haugh, Blood-hall, Debenham & Ashfield with Thorpe
Simpson, Sam. jun.Earl of BristolOverhall and Netherhall in Shotley
Sayer, WilliamMiles Barnes, EsqSotterly and Willingham
Sallows, WilliamEarl of BristolSproughton
Smyth, ThomasReginald Rabett, Esq.Kettlebers in Cretingham
Salmon, ThomasRobert Harvey, Esq.Bacons
Spurling, WilliamDuchess of Chandos and John Henniker Major, Esq.Worlingworth
Scoggin, JamesRev. John LongeCoddenham Vicarage
Stubbin, JohnSir William Beaumaurice Rush, Knt.Raydon-hall and Shelly-hall
Sumpter, WilliamRobert Wilson, Esq.Wingfield, Old-hall, and Trumballs in Wingfield
Salmon, SamuelSamuel Copping, Esq.Wortham-hall
Slater, WilliamRev. Philip GurdonAssington, Shimplingford, Stratton, and Searles in Little Cornard
Simpson, WilliamSir Charles Davers, Esq.Nowton
Syer, WilliamJohn Sparke, Esq.Reeveshall otherwise Russalls, with Master Stephens in Hepworth
Syer, WilliamJames Powell, Esq.Walsham and Walsham Church-house
Syer, Thos. BlomfieldRev. B.B. SyerKedington, otherwise Ketton, and Barnardiston, otherwise Banson
Smith, FrancisJohn Leroo, Clk.Rectory of Melford
Scott, N. LawrenceFrederick William Earl of BristolBarrowhall with Feltons
Steggall, RobertRev. Charles TyrellMendlesham and Gipping
Syer, FlavellRichard Burton B. Phillipson, Clk.Blounks and Herringswell in Blounks
Threadkill, ThomasThomas Trusson, Esq.Rendham, Barnies, and Sweffling Sparkes, otherwise Leighs
Tallent, RobertCharles Streynsham Collinson, Esq.Mells in Wenhaston
Turner, RobertPeregrine D'Oyley, Esq.Overbury-hall and Netherbury-hall in Layham
Turner, JohnEdward W. Martin, Esq.Little Barton
Talbott, WilliamSir Thomas Charles Bunbury, Bart.Mildenhall
Vincent, JohnRichard Moore, Esq.Poslingford-hall, Overhall, and Netherhall, in Poslingford and adjacent parishes, Houghton-hall, Bulley-hall, and Impey-hall, in Cavendish, Clare, and Poslingford.
Vince, JamesJohn Palmer, Gent.Lindsey otherwise Lillesly
Walne, JamesRev. Francis WollastonMonkshall in Syleham
Wood, RichardGeorge Thomas, Esq.Lovetofts in Bramford
Worlledge, RobertEarl of JerseyThoney Lezons
Worlledge, RobertRichard Wray, Esq.Shelland otherwise Shelland-hall
Worlledge, RobertWilliam Middleton, Esq.Aspal Stonham
Witney, BenjaminSir John Blois, Bart.Yoxford with the Members
Warren, John, jun.Rev. William FonnereauWix Ufford
Waspe, JamesEdmund Jenney, Esq.Woodbridge Hasketon otherwise Hasketon next Woodbridge
Wigg, EdwardMrs. Elizabeth MerryHerringfleet late Priory
Woolnough, JohnSir John Rous, Bart., Geo.Golding, Esq., and Charles Long, Esq.Boyton
Watling, JohnJohn Dresser, Esq.Blyford, Thorrington-hall, and Wenhaston Grange
Wharton, Wm.Lord HennikerUfford-hall in Fressingfield and Stradbrook, and Barleugh-hall in Stradbrook
Wilding, ThomasSir Henry Parker, Bart.Melford in Melford
Webb, Wm.Charles Sloane, Lord CadoganDownham alias Downham, Newhall alias Shardelowes, and Downham Munch-hall, Ixworth, and Mercies alias Marcies in Santon Downham
Waddelow, M., jun.Thomas Browne Evans, Esq.Undley-hall in Lakenheath
Wiseman, Geo. GottsJohn WisemanThurston-hall
Webb, ThomasJohn Moseley, Esq.Gains-hall in Wickhambrook
Youngman, JohnSir Joshua Vanneck, Bart.Heveningham, Huntingfield, Cookley, Walpole with Chickering and Sibton

JENKIN, Clerk of the Peace for the County of Suffolk,
By Order of His Majesty's Commissioners for managing the Stamp Duties,
C.E. BERESFORD, Secretary.