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Some Selected Reports from The Northampton Mercury

Saturday, April 30th, 1796

Kyd Wake, the journeyman printer, lately convicted of the mean maliciousness of insulting his Majesty, on his way to the House of Peers, at the opening of the present session of Parliament, was on Thursday brought up to receive sentence in the Court of King's Bench, at Westminster. Affidavits made by himself and 13 others, were produced in exculpation; which assigned as a reason for the horrid grimaces, which the witnesses on the trial stated that the prisoner made at the King, that he was near-sighted; and having left his glass behind him, he was apt to make wry faces on looking earnestly at any object. The Court took time to consider of the sentence. - We cannot help hinting, that if a good flogging were to constitute part of his punishment, the cause of his making wry faces would then no longer be equivocal.

An Improved Method of Horse-Shoeing,
By the late Mr.Sainbel.

Mr.Sainbel directs that, if there be no natural defect, nothing is to be pared from the foot, but what breaks the level of the wall; the sole binders (or bars) and frog are not to be touched; and from feet which have been often shoed (if they be good) nothing is to be taken from the wall more than the old horn, which is not sufficiently solid to receive the shoe; and the sole and frog to be only cleansed from the proud parts, which are ready to come off spontaneously. This injunction the author enforces by pointing out the different inconveniences which result from over-paring, according to the different qualities of the foot; and he adds a very reasonable caution against using the rasp above the rivets of the nails. He objects to the custom of greasing the hoofs, as being injurious by stopping up the pores.


The Lodges at Floor-Field and Charlton-Hill are now open for the Reception of inoculated Patients, under the Direction of Mr.Thomas, a Member of the Corporation of Surgeons, &c. &c. and Successor to Mr.Gristock.
Particulars may be known of Mr.Thomas, at Daventry; who presents his respectful Compliments to the Friends and Patients of his Predecessor, and hopes to merit their Confidence.
N.B. The Poor may have Advice in Cases of Surgery gratis, by applying at his House at Daventry, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, before Twelve o'Clock.


THREE GROUNDS of ARABLE LAND, lying on Doles-Hill, in the Liberties of Byfield, in the County of Northampton, adjoining the Turnpike-Road from Byfield to Daventry, and near unto the Bridge, in Byfield aforesaid, by Statute Measure 12 Acres and 2 Roods.
Apply to Mr.John Fox, at the Rose and Crown, in Byfield aforesaid; or Mr.Lyne Councer, Attorney at Law, Bloxham, in the County of Oxford.


Returns his most grateful Thanks for the very liberal Encouragement he has experienced during his residence at AMPTHILL; and having now Entered upon a House in the Centre of the Town, begs Leave to assure his Friends, and the Public, that he will continue to pay the most unremitted Attention and Assiduity to their Commands, in the different branches of his Profession.
Ampthill, Beds, April, 21, 1796.

Northampton, April 2, 1796.
Linen & Woollen Drapery, Haberdashery, &c.

BEG Leave to inform their Friends and the Public in General, that they have just laid in a large Assortment of Woollen Cloths, Fancy Waistcoats, Velveteens, Corderoys, Thicksetts, &c. - A great Variety of Printed Callicoes, of the newest Patterns; Ginghams, Muslin Handerkerchiefs, and Muslins of all Kinds, very cheap, Irish Linens, Flaxes, Dowlasses, Sheetings, Table Linen, &c. with a great Variety of other Articles - Also printed and Check Furnitures, Cotton Counterpanes, Blankets, Bed-Ticks, Carpets, &c.
F.and D. return their most grateful Thanks to their Friends and the Public, for the liberal Favours they have received, which they hope to merit a Continuance of by the strictest Attention to their Commands, and by serving them with the best Articles on the most advantageous Terms.

Notice to Debtors and Creditors.

ALL Persons who stand indebted to the Estate and Effects of Mr.Joseph Bayley, Innholder, late of Market-Harborough, deceased, are desired immediately to pay the same to Mr.Jonathan Bayley, Innholder, of the City of Coventry; or Mr.Robert Bosworth, of Market-Harborough, the Executors of the said Joseph Bayley. All Persons having any Claim or Demands on the said Estate or Effects, are requested to deliver an Account thereof immediately to the said Executors, in Order that a proper Arrangement of the Effects may be immediately made.
Market-Harborough, April 21, 1796.

B U C K S.

At the Swan Inn, at Newport-Pagnell, between the Hours of Four an Six in the Afternoon of Wednesday the 4th of May, 1796.
A Very desirable Freehold ESTATE, at SHERRINGTON, late in the Occupation of Thomas Harding, and now of Mr.James Pike; consisting of a Farm-House and Homestall, 29 Acres and upwards of Open Field Land and Meadow Ground, and about 11 Acres of excellent Old-inclosed Pasture together with a Cottage and Garden adjoining to the said Messuage.
For more Particulars, apply to Mr.Cooch, Attorney, at Newport-Pagnell.
N.B. A Bill is now in Parliament for inclosing the Open Fields of Sherrington.


On Thursday the 5th Day of May next, at the Cock, at Wing, in the County of Bucks, between the Hours of Two and Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced (unless sooner disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given in this Paper,)
A VERY desirable ESTATE in the Hamlet of ASCOTT, and Parish of WING, consisting of a Messuage, with convenient Barns, Stables, and other Out-Houses, and a Close of rich Pasture adjoining, by Estimation six Acres and an Half, and divers Pieces or Parcels of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, dispersed in the Open Fields of Ascott aforesaid, containing by Estimation 76 Acres or thereabouts, of which about six Acres are Freehold, and all the rest of the premises are Copyhold of Inheritance, and the Whole is in the Occupation of Mr.Wm.Menard.
For a view of the Premises, apply to the Tenant; and for further Particulars to Mr.Hurndall, or Mr.Cooch, Attorney, both of Newport-Pagnell.


On Thursday the 5th Day of May next, at Highgate House, between the Hours of Two and Four in the Afternoon, (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then and there produced,)
A Very Desirable Freehold ESTATE, (Tithe-free,) situate at COLD-ASHBY, in this County : Consisting of a Messuage or Tenement with the Homestead and an Home-Close of exceeding Rich Land thereto adjoining; and also a Close of Pasture-Land, and two Closes of Meadow Ground, (in good Condition), containing together by Estimation, Twenty-five Acres, (be the same more or less,) considerably Under-lett, and in the Occupation of Mr.Roger Rushin, who is Tenant at Will.
For further Particulars, apply to Mr.Buswell, Attorney, Northampton.

Notice to Creditors and Debtors.

ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of JOHN SCONCE the Elder, late of Wroxton, in the County of Oxford, Baker, deceased, are desired to send an account thereof to Mr.John Dury, Attorney at Law, at Banbury, in the said County, within 21 Days from the Date hereof, in Order that the same may be discharged. And all Persons indebted to the said Estate, are desired to pay their respective Debts to Mrs.Ann Sconce, Executrix of the late Will and Testament of the said Deceased.
Banbury, 18th April, 1796.

Notice to Creditors

ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand on THOMAS BAKER, late of Banbury, in the County of Oxford, Breeches-Maker, who hath lately assigned his Estate and Effects to be sold for the Benefit of his Creditors, are desired to send an Account thereof to Mr.John Dury, Attorney at Law, at Banbury aforesaid, on or before the 1st Day of June next, otherwise they will be excluded any Benefit arising from the said Estate.
Banbury, 18th April, 1796.

Freehold Estates, &c.

On the Premises, at Market-Harborough, on Thursday May the 5th, 1796, at Two o'Clock.
ALL that well-known established INN the LAMB, late the Property and in the Occupation of Mr.JOSEPH BAYLEY, deceased, now in full Trade, with the extensive Stabling, Brewhouse, and other Offices, &c. &c.
Also, that PIECE of GROUND, called the COAL YARD, in Lubenham Lane, in the Town of MARKET-HARBOROUGH, with the Stables and Buildings belonging thereto.
Also, a PIECE of Rich PASTURE GROUND, lying on the North-East Side of the Turnpike-Road, near LITTLE-BOWDEN, containing about two Acres one Rood, (more or less.)
Also, TWO SHARES in the UNION CANAL, 50 on each Share hath already been advanced.
The Stock in Trade, and Furniture of the above Inn, may be taken by the Purchaser, at the fair Appraisement.
For Particulars, apply to Mr.Jonathan Bayley, Innholder, of the City of Coventry; or the Auctioneer, in Market-Harborough.


At the Cock-Inn, in Kingsthorpe, near Northampton, on Friday the 6th Day of May next, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon.

The following Freehold ESTATES.

Lot I. TWO MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, adjoining each other, situate in KINGSTHORPE aforesaid, in the several Occupations of Robert Wright and Elizabeth Wright.
Lot 2. One other MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, in Kingsthorpe, with the Yard, Barn, and Woodhouse adjoining, in the Occupation of William Heeley[?].
Lot 3. A CLOSE of exceeding good LAND, containing by Estimation, 2 Acres 3 Roods in Kingsthorpe aforesaid, and adjoining the Turnpike-Road leading to Welford, now in the Occupation of Mr.Trasler[?].
Lot 4. A well built STONE MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with the Yard and Garden contiguous, situate in Dychurch-Lane, NORTHAMPTON, in the Occupation of James Ward.
For further Particulars, enquire of Mr.Markham, Attorney, in Northampton.

In One or Two Lots,

At the Peacock Inn, in Daventry, in the County of Northampton, on Wednesday the 4th Day of May, 1796, between the Hours of Four and Six in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will then and there be produced, (unless before disposed of by Private Contract, of which timely Notice will be given,)
A Copyhold ESTATE, in the Parish of BADBY, in the County aforesaid; containing twenty Acres or thereabouts, well fenced and watered, adjoining the Road from Badby to Newnham, and known by the Name of the Cot Meadow.
For a View of the Premises, apply to Mr.William Cox, Newnham; or to treat for the same to the aforesaid W.Cox, or Messrs.Freeman & Mieres, Attornies, Daventry.


In the Month of May next, (the Day and Place to be mentioned in a future Paper), unless previously disposed of by Private Contract.
ALL the FARM, Part Freehold and Part Copyhold, Fine Certain, comprizing a Messuage or Tenement, and Homestall, with Barns, Cow-Lodge, Orchard and other Appurtenances; two Pightles of Pasture, containing together about two Acres and an Half, in which are growing a considerable Quantity of Timber, the greatest Part of it fit for present Use; Sixty-seven Acres and three Roods, (more or less,) of Arable Land, and fourteen Acres, (more or less,) of Meadow Ground, all in BLUNHAM; for the Inclosure of which Parish, an Act has passed this present session of Parliament.
Also, a New-inclosed PASTURE-GROUND, at TEMPSFORD[?], containing about ten Acres joining to Blunham Common; one Acre of ARABLE LAND in EVERTON, and two Roods of ARABLE LAND in SANDY.
The above Premises are now in the Occupation of Mr.Thomas Dennis; and the Arable Land in Blunham has the Privilege of Stocking Everton and Sandy Commons, after the Rate of one Sheep to an Acre.
For further Particulars, apply to Messrs.Johnson and Harris, Attornies at Law, St.Ives, Huntingdonshire.

WELLINGBOROUGH, April 30, 1796.

B.MATHER returns Thanks to his Friends and Customers for past Favours, and begs Leave to inform them that he has taken Mr.JOHN TUCK into Partnership, in the GROCERY and CHANDLERY Business, whose Assiduity and Attention to please, he hopes will meet with their Approbation, and a Continuance of former Favours, which will be gratefully acknowledged, by
Their humble Servants,

WANTED immediately, Four PLASTERERS; if acquainted with SLATING, the more agreeable. Wage according to merit.
Apply to James Chamberlain, Plasterer, &c. Bradshaw's-Lane, Northampton.
N.B. Composition Ornaments for Chimney Caps, &c. also Marble Chimney Pieces of all Kinds, of the best London Manufactory, on the shortest Notice by applying as above. All Orders will be thankfully received and gratefully acknowledged.

Widow of JOHN BAILEY, late of Market- Harborough, in the County of Leicester,
D Y E R,

RETURNS her grateful Thanks to the Friends and Customers of her late Husband, for their past Favours, and respectfully informs them, she intends, with able Assistants, to carry on the DYING BUSINESS in all its various Branches; and earnestly solicits their and the Public's Favours and Patronage in that Business; and begs Leave to assure them, the Orders which may be committed to her Care, will be immediately attended to, executed in the best Manner, on the most reasonable Terms, and thankfully acknowledged, by
Their very humble Servant,
Market-Harborough, April 26th, 1796.

Friday and Saturday's Posts.

We state the following fact as a shocking proof of the most criminal negligence, if not something worse. Mr.Joseph Eyre, constable of Sheffield, having been informed that a large quantity of flour had been stored in a warehouse in Queen-street, ever since January last, determined to satisfy himself. On inspection he found twenty large sacks of flour, in such a degree of putrefaction, that they were enveloped with millions of mites ! The owner is a person resident at Brigg, in Lincolnshire. - Sheffield Iris.

STAMFORD, April 22. Informations are lodged against three persons of some consideration in the corn trade, for being concerned in illegal practices in respect to the public markets; by which it appears that the price of grain has long since been prevented, and is still prevented from finding it's proper level; as there are two or three instances, which will be, it is expected, fully made out, the punishment will doubtless be exemplary . The rogues in grain are discovered, and will be brought from those retreats where they have so long practised on the feelings of the public, often too cool, generous, and unsuspecting.

WINCHESTER, April 23. Tuesday last Mr.Peter Wooldridge, a miller and mealman, was fined by the Magistrates of this city, for neglecting to deliver a declaration that he would return a just account of the corn he should buy, two pounds; for neglecting to make a due return, ten pounds; and for delivering a false return, ten pounds, by which false return the Magistrates were compelled to set the assize of bread at 2s 1d instead of 16d the half-peck loaf. The above several fines were laid out in bread, and distributed to the poor; and the effigy of the miller was carried through the city, and consigned to the flames with every mark of detestation.
The Magistrates of Winchester have offered a reward of 20 for information of any dairyman, higler, butcher, or other persons, detected in selling or buying any commodities before the market hour, or of forestalling, engrossing, or regrating.
The Mayor, having reason to believe that there is a combination of Millers and Mealmen, who meet regularly every Saturday to keep up the price of flour and meal, has further offered a reward of twenty guineas to any informer on conviction of the parties.

CAMBRIDGE, April 27. Thursday last, whilst a poor woman at Shotley was removing the ashes from her oven, some of the embers blew upon the thatch'd roof of the house, which instantly took fire, and in her eagerness to preserve her furniture, and little all, assisted by her child, a boy about three years old, they so frequently persevered in their attempts, that at length the roof fell in, and unhappily both of them perished in the flames.

BATH, April 27. Last Friday died, in the 69th year of his age, at Barrow-Court, in this county, John Gore, Esq. a gentleman of unblemished honour and inflexible integrity.- His uncommon liberality of spirit, and his extensive charities, are too well known to want description; they may be equalled, but cannot be exceeded. He has left his manors and estates in Monmouthshire to his nephew, the Rev.Charles Gore, and an ample legacy to John the third son of Wm.Gore Langton, Esq. Leaving no issue, the family estates descend to his only brother and heir, Edward Gore, Esq. of Kiddington, Oxfordshire. - A few days ago also died Mr.Durravan, comedian.

Saturday Evening, April 30.

B1053 Married. On Tuesday se'nnight, at Wymondham, Leicestershire, the Rev.Charles Burton, rector of Laundon, Bucks, to Miss Kirkham, only daughter of Smith Kirkham, Esq. of Garthorpe, Leicestershire.
Same day, Mr.Isaac Coales, of Whiston, to Miss Mary Adams, of Castle-Ashby, in this county.
On Monday last, Mr.John Payn, of Fawley, in this county, to Miss Ann Irish, of Birmingham.
On Thursday last, at Peakirk, in this county, Mr.Hemmet, grazier, of Thorney fen, to Mrs.Fairchild, relict of the late Mr.Fairchild, of Deeping fen.
Died. A few days ago, at Berne, in Switzerland, after a lingering illness of many years continuance, aged 57, the Right Honourable Spencer Compton, Earl of Northampton, Lord Lieutenant and Custos Roturlorum of this County, Recorder of this Borough, and President of the General Infirmary and Preservative Society of this County.- His Lordship is succeeded in the Title and Estate by his only son, Charles, Lord Compton, one of the Members of this Borough, in the last and present Parliament.
On Tuesday se'nnight, Mrs.Holmes, of the Eight Bells public-house, Uppingham, whose husband died only two days before.
Same day, Mr.W.Ingram, of Uppingham, butcher, aged 43 years.
On Thursday se'nnight, at Mr.Drury's, in the Strand, Middlesex, Mrs.Welsh, relict of William Welsh, Esq. of Beaudesert, Warwickshire, and mother to Mrs.Drury.
On Saturday last, at Oundle, Mrs.Alice Brailsford, of Wixton, in Leicestershire, aged 65 years.
On Tuesday last, Mrs.Judd, of Stamford, relict of the late William Judd, Esq. Captain in the Royal Navy.
On Wednesday last, at Moulton, near this town, sincerely regretted by her friends and acquaintance, Mrs.Sarah Barber, (relict of Mr.Richard Barber), whose exemplary conduct for almost 89 years, in the amiable virtues of temperance, benevolence, and piety, will not fail to endear her memory to posterity.
Wednesday se'nnight, Mr.Cole, an eminent surgeon, of Coventry.
Same day, of a decline, Mr.Thomas Ball, only son of Mr.William Ball, auctioneer, of Coventry.

A numerous and respectable Meeting of the Inhabitants was held at the Guildhall, on Tuesday, for the purpose of nominating a Member to represent this Town in Parliament, in the room of Lord Compton, (now Earl of Northampton); when the Hon.Spencer Perceval, Deputy Recorder of this Borough, was proposed, and meeting with the most unanimous approbation, Mr.Perceval, in a short but animated speech, expressed his gratitude for the honour conferred on him, stated the satisfaction he experienced in finding that in all the great and important matters of Government that had been lately agitated, his own sentiments were so perfectly coincident not only with those of his Noble Relation, to whose seat in Parliament he was now proposed to succeed in a manner so flattering to his own feelings; but with the opinions of those also who were about to place him in so exalted a situation - a situation which, in every point of view, could not but be highly gratifying to him, and the important Duties of which (if had ultimately the honour of being elected) he should at all times endeavour to fulfil to the utmost of his power and abilities.

A Meeting of the Mayor and Corporation was held yesterday at the Guildhall, for the purpose of choosing a Recorder of this Borough; when the Earl of Northampton was unanimously elected, in the room of his Lordship's deceased Father. The Meeting was the most numerous ever remembered.

The Right Hon.the Lord Chancellor has appointed Mr.Richard Buswell, Attorney at Law, of this place, a Master Extraordinary in the High Court of Chancery.
The Rev.James Nasmith of Snailwell, in Cambridgeshire, is presented by the Lord Bishop of Ely, to the valuable rectory of Leverington, near Wisbeach, vacant by the death of the Rev.Mr.Eyre.
In the House of Lords on Tuesday last, the Royal assent was given by commission to an act to enable his Majesty to grant Henry Earl of Exeter, his heirs and assigns, in fee simple, all the estate, right, title and interest remaining in his Majesty, in and upon the hay or walk of Westhay, in the forest of Rockingham, in this county, upon a full and adequate consideration to be paid for the same.

The Rutland regiment of fencible cavalry have received a route to march to Ayr, Kilmarnock, and Irvine, in North Britain; and the first division, under the command of Major Bellares, entered Scotland on Monday.- It is worthy of remark, the regiment at one and the same time was in three dominions, viz. England, Scotland, and Wales. It is expected they will be encamped in the course of the summer.

About one o'clock on Wednesday last, a fire broke out at East-Haddon, in this county, which in a short time consumed a Cottage and some outbuildings, but was fortunately got under without doing any further damage.- The accident was occasioned by some hot ashes being carelessly thrown into an out-house.
On Wednesday last, between one and two o'clock, a fire broke out at the dwelling house of Mrs.Beal, at Sapcote, in Leicestershire; which consumed a part of the same, together with part of the adjoining house belonging to Mr.Hipwell, but it was extinguished in about two hours by the timely exertions of the neighbours. It is supposed this accident was occasioned by the foot of the chimney taking fire.

On Monday the 18th instant, an inquisition was taken at Harlington, in the county of Bedford, before Richard Ambrose Reddall, Gent, coroner of the honour of Ampthill, upon view of the body of John Bavister, a labouring man, who as he was digging gravel on Saturday preceding, was killed by a large quantity of gravel falling upon him : he was dug out with all possible speed, but too late to save his life.- Verdict, Accidental Death.

On Tuesday se'nnight an atrocious murder was committed at Nottingham; whilst a woman was drinking at a public-house with some soldiers, her husband entered the room, and immediately seizing her, cut her throat from ear to ear. The villain made his escape.

Brown and Price, the two mail robbers condemned at Chester assizes, are ordered for execution this day. They have made a full confession of the fact, and declare that, to avoid detection, they destroyed all the bills that were included in the letters, there not being any Bank Notes among them.

Northampton, April 29, 1796.
Wines, Brandies, Rums, Gins, and rich Cordials
of the finest Flavour,
Calvert's London Porter, rich Herefordshire Cyder,
in any Quantity, Bottled or Barrelled.
M.BRIGGS begs Keave to inform her Friends and the Public in general, that notwithstanding the very great Advance upon the above Articles, she is determined to sell on the most moderate Terms.
M.B. takes this Opportunity of returning her most grateful Thanks to her numerous Friends for their very liberal Support, and hopes by a due Attention to merit a Continuance of those Favours she has already experienced.
N.B. A large Quantity of ORANGES & LEMONS to be sold in Whole Chests, Half Ditto, Quarter Ditto, or any Quantity, as Cheap as in London.

Surgeon, &c.
SENSIBLE to the numerous Favours he has received from his Friends and the Public since his Residence at HIGHAM-FERRERS, takes this Method of returning them his most sincere Thanks; still hoping to merit that Confidence he has hitherto been indulged with. And whereas divers malicious Reports have long prevailed, evidently with a View to injure him in his Character and professional Capacity, he feels himself called upon (by that Duty he owes himself and Friends) to contradict every Idea which has been so long circulated, of his Intention of leaving his Situation; and at the same Time to assure the Public, the Abettors of such Reports in future will be dealt with as rigorously as possible.
Higham-Ferrers, April 26, 1796.

AMPTHILL, April 19th, 1796.
Mr.JOSEPH PULLEY, SURGEON, APOTHECARY, and MAN-MIDWIFE, (from Bedford), late Pupil at St.Thomas and Guy's Hospital, London, and of the Westminster Lying-in-Hospital, having Taken and Entered upon the HOUSE and SHOP of my late Husband, Mr.Lawrence Humberstone, at Ampthill, in the County of Bedford, I beg Leave to recommend him to my late Husband's Patients, and any Favours by them conferred on him in his professional Line, will be by me esteemed a great Obligation.

MOULTON, April 30, 1796.

THOMAS RICE, Butcher, having Entered on the House of the late Mr.JOSEPH ELLIOTT, Butcher, at MOULTON, Northamptonshire, solicits a Continuance of the Favours of the Friends of the late Mr.Elliott, and the Public in general, which will be thankfully received, and gratefully acknowledged, by
Their humble Servant,



Further Particulars may be known by applying to Mr.Bolding, Surgeon, Ampthill, Bedfordshire.

WANTED immediately, a Journeyman PLUMBER, GLAZIER, and HOUSE-PAINTER. A steady Man may have constant Employ and good Wages, by applying to Mr.Robert Hunt, Plumber, &c. St.Ives, Huntingdonshire.

WHEREAS JOSEPH ELLIOTT, late of Moulton, in the County of Northampton, Butcher, deceased, did, a few Days previous to his Death, convey and assign all his real and personal Estates to Mr.William Capell, of Floore, and Mr.John Collins, of Great-Billing, in the said County, in Trust for the equal Benefit of themselves and the Rest of his Creditors, in proportion to the Amount of their respective Debts.

Notice is Hereby Given,

That the Deed of Assignment is left in the Hands of Mr.Buswell, Attorney, in Northampton, to be executed by such of the Creditors of the said Joseph Elliott as may be inclined to accept the Dividend to arise from the Sale of his Property, which is to be disposed of on Monday the 2s of May next.
All Persons who have Demands upon the Estate of the said Joseph Elliott, are requested to transmit the same to Mr.Buswell immediately; and such Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of the said Joseph Elliott, are desired to pay their respective Debts to Mr.Buswell within one Month from the Date hereof, or Proceedings will be taken against them for the Recovery.
April 23d, 1796.

The Creditors of Samuel Butlin, late Shopkeeper and Tammy-Weaver, of Watford, near Daventry, are requested to attend at the Star-and-Garter, in Watford, at Three o'Clock on Monday the 9th of May, with their Demands, in Order to receive a Dividend of the Money arising from the Sale of the said Samuel Butlin's Effects.
April 29th, 1796.

A Dairy and Grazing Farm,
To be LETT,
And Entered upon immediately,

For further Particulars, enquire of John Bodger, Land-Surveyor, at Stilton.

Hosier, Haberdasher, and Lace-Dealer,
RETURNS Thanks to her Friends and Customers, for the great Encouragement she has met with; and begs Leave to inform them she is returned from Town, with a large Assortment of MUSLIN of every Description, and various Articles, which being bought at the best Manufactories with Ready Money, will be sold on the lowest Terms.
K.Cove, having a large Assortment of SILK and COTTON HOSE, will supply her Friends at the old Price, being bought in before the Advance took Place.
Northampton, April 30, 1796.

Lost or Mislaid, the Title-Deeds of the Messuage, Lands, and Premises, situate at Moulton, in the County of Northampton, lately in the Occupation of Mr.Jeremiah Perrin, deceased. Whoever will produce the same, or give such Information that it may be known where they are deposited, to Mr.George Hayes, Attorney at Law, Northampton, shall be handsomely rewarded.
22d April, 1796.

WEST-HADDON, Northamptonshire.

THE SMALL-POX breaking out, a general INOCULATION has taken Place, in Consequence of which the Town will very soon be freed from the Infection.
Notice is Hereby Given,
That no Person will be admitted into the Parish, under that Disease, after the Date hereof.
Witness our Hands,

John West,} Churchwardens
Samuel Walker,}
Robert Heygate,}Overseers

April 30, 1796.

Upper-Heyford, April 29, 1796.
WHEREAS on Saturday Morning the 23d of this instant, a Man, dressed in a dark-brown Coat and Waistcoat, Corduroy Breeches, light grey Stockings, and the whole left Leg appeared thicker than the other, came to the House of Thomas Collins, in his Absence, and obtained, under false Pretences,
A GUN, with a Gold Touch-hole,
marked FOX on the Lock and Barrel, Stock chequered and mended with Brass four or five Inches long at the upper End.
Whoever can apprehend him, so that it may be had again, shall, on his Conviction, receive TWO GUINEAS Reward; if purchased, shall be repaid, and any reasonable Satisfaction made, by Information as above, or to Mr.Segary, Gunsmith, Northampton; which will be esteemed a Favour by the Owner,

Bucks Freehold Estates.
By J.DAY and SON.

At the Bull Inn, in Fenny-Stratford, on Wednesday the 18th Day of May next, between the Hours of Three and Six o'Clock in the Afternoon,
THE said BULL INN, being an ancient and long-accustomed Inn, a substantial and very extensive Brick and Tile Building : Comprizing a large and roomy Kitchen, Bar, two Parlours, Back Kitchen, Pantry, Brewhouse, and Cellars, with 11 good Bed-Chambers; large Yard and Gardens, well planted with choice Fruit Trees; Stabling for 120 Horses, Lofts that will contain upwards of 100 Tons of Hay, with Granaries suitable, two large Barns, and Rick-Yard. These Premises are situate in the Centre of the Town of FENNY-STRATFORD, 45 Miles from London on the West-Chester Road; and as the Grand Junction Canal is intended to pass within a few Yards of the Premises, they may at a small Expense be converted into very Captial Warehouses, the Situation being very convenient for a Wharf, as the whole Premises stand on three Acres of Ground, or thereabouts.
The Purchaser of this Lot, if desirable, may be accommodated with Part of the Household-Furniture, and about 12 Hogsheads of fine Ale, at a fair Valuation, and immediate Possession may be had.
Also, a DWELLING-HOUSE, with Orchard and Meadow adjoining, situate near the Bridge, in Fenny Stratford aforesaid, in the Occupation of William Honeybone, Butcher.
Also, a substantial Brick and Tile Built HOUSE, situate in GREAT-BRICKHILL, near Fenny-Stratford aforesaid, with Out-Offices, adjoining, in the Occupation of Mr.Thomas Millard, Baker, with an Home Close adjoining, containing 6A 2R 23P.
Also a CLOSE of PASTURE near, called Townsend Close, containing 1A 3R 25P.
Also, several PIECES and PARCELS of Old-inclosed ARABLE and PASTURE LAND, adjoining together, situate near the same, but lying in the Parish of SOULBURY, containing 40A 0R 21P.
Also, a COTTAGE of two TENEMENTS, situate in Potter's Lane, in GREAT-BRICKHILL aforesaid, with a Garden adjoining, in the Occupation of Messrs.Herbert and Evans, Labourers.
For a View of the Premises, apply to the Tenants; and for further Particulars, to Mr.Willis, Attorney, at Leighton-Buzzard, Bedfordshire, of whom may be had Printed Particulars of the different Lots; also at the Red-Lion, Dunstable; Wheat-Sheaf, Woburn; Swan Inn, Newport Pagnell; Place of Sale; and of John Day, Stony-Stratford.