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Some Selected Reports from The Northampton Mercury

(Printed by and for T.E.Dicey, W.Sutton, and R.Smithson)

Saturday, July 11th, 1812

Sunday and Tuesday's Posts

A Court-martial held at Portsmouth on Captain Sir James Athol Wood, of the Pompee, and Captain Campbell, of the Tremendous, for not having done their utmost to bring to action the French squadron which escaped some time ago from L'Orient, terminated on Friday : the Court by their sentence, attached some degree of blame to Capt.Wood, but acquitted Capt.Campbell.

In the Court of Chancery, in Dublin, a few days ago, Mr.C.Plunket applied for the adjournment of an argument stating, "that he had but just received his brief, and had not had time properly to prepare himself." The Solicitor-General (Mr.Bushe), whose political conduct is of a very versatile character, opposed this motion, and observed, that "he supposed Mr.Plunket had been too much occupied with his Cabinet-making." "No," retorted the witty Ex-Attorney-General, "that could not be, for I am neither a joiner nor a turner !

Sir R.Corbett, Bart. has obtained an order from the Court of Chancery to try an issue at the next Shrewsbury assizes, to ascertain his claim to an estate of 10,000 per annum; he at present labours in the East India warehouses for about a guinea a week.

Robert Hepburn Kerr, who died in a poor-house at Kingston, Jamaica, in 1808, had he lived until now, would have been Duke of Roxburgh, with 100,000 in the funds.

Mr.Sheridan is a determined opposer of the leather tax. On his early acquaintance with the town of Stafford, he have a toast, "May the staple manufacture of Stafford (boots and shoes) be trodden under foot by the whole world !"

Captain Acres, the pedestrian, finished a wonderful undertaking in Somersetshire, on Saturday last. He had matched himself for a bet of 200 guineas, with a Baronet, to perform 300 miles in four days, viz. at a rate of 75 miles a day. He started from the Edgeware road, and did ninety miles within the first 24 hours, 80 the second day, 72 the third day, and 58 on Saturday. His last day's performance was the most trying.

A machine, invented by Mr.Blenkinsop, agent to J.C.Brandling, Esq. at Middleton, near Leeds, for the conveyance of coals, or any other article, without horses, was set to work on Wednesday se'nnight. It is, in fact, a steam-engine of four horses' power : with the assistance of cranks turning a cog-wheel, and iron cogs placed on one side of the rail-way, it is capable of moving, when lightly loaded, at the rate of ten miles an hour. Right waggons of coals, each weighing three tons and a half, were hooked to the machine, and in 23 minutes ran from Hunslet-Moor to the coal staith, about 1 1/2 mile, principally on a dead level, without the slightest accident. This invention will, in Mr.Brandling's concern, supersede the use of 50 horses.

It is stated from Sheffield, that two Bow-street Officers have been in the neighbourhood of Huddersfield for nearly three weeks past, and that they have been twisted in, or in other words, taken the oath of the Luddites. By this means they have learned their proceedings, and have discovered where their arms are concealed. Warrants were on Friday issued for the apprehension of 50 of the ringleaders, and in the course of the day a number of them were taken. A man is in custody on suspicion of being a deeply informed Luddite. There is also reason to hope, that the murderer of Mr.Horsfall will not long be undiscovered. The Queen's Bays were on duty during the whole of Thursday night and Friday morning; and the Scotch Greys have arrived from Manchester to assist in this business.

Thomson, one of the rioters hung at Chester, is said to have made considerable discoveries; he declared that the confederacy among the manufacturers owes its origin to the intrigues of Men of Exalted Rank; but on being questioned as to their names, he answered, like Serub, in the play, "that he could not tell."

One of Mr.Butt's powder-mills at Hounslow, blew up with a most dreadful explosion on Saturday morning : two men were miserably burnt and disfigured, but none killed.

At Newcastle Races, just as the race was finished, the temporary stand belonging to the White Hart Inn, being loaded with about 200 persons, gave way in the middle, and involved nearly 100 in the crash. About forty persons were seriously hurt, and ten or twelve most dangerously, several of them having broken limbs.

On Friday, T.Bowler was found guilty at the Old Bailey, for discharging a blunderbuss at Mr.Burrows, at Alperton, on the night of the 30th of May, with intent to kill him.

Huntingdonshire Local Militia

The under-mentioned Men having absented themselves from the Regiment on its Assembly at Huntingdon, for the Year 1812, and not being accounted for by any Certificates, are considered DESERTERS, and will be proceeded against accordingly - viz.

Joseph Archdeacon, serving for Holywell;
William Allen, serving for Yelling.

Any Person apprehending either of the above-named Men, lodging them in the nearest Gaol, and giving Notice of the same to me at Huntingdon, will receive One Guinea Reward, over and above the usual Sum allowed for the Apprehension of Deserters.
Captain and Adjutant Hunts Local Militia.
Huntingdon, July 1st, 1812.

To be Sold by Private Contract,

A Capital Thrashing Machine, One-horse Power - The Owner has declined the Farming Business.- It will thrash all sorts of Corn and Clovers.
Enquire of Mr.Dagley, at the Witmor's Arms, Hethe; Mr.Wharton's, Bicester; or Mr.Cave, Red Lion, Brackley, Northamptonshire.

Newport-Pagnell, Boarding School,
For a limited Number of Young Gentlemen.

Mr.Smith respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that his School will re-open, after the present Recess, on Monday the 20th of July instant.
Mr.S. takes this Opportunity to offer his grateful Acknowledgements for the liberal Patronage he has already experienced; and trusts that by his utmost Exertions he shall continue to merit the Confidence of those who have, or may honour him with their Support.
The School is conducted upon a liberal Plan, and the most conscientious Attention is given to the Comfort, improvement, and Morals of the Children.

At Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

Mr.Salmon, in returning his most sincere Thanks to the Nobility and Gentry who have honoured this Establishment with their Support, begs Leave to inform them, that the SCHOOL will re-open on the 20th of July, and that he has almost filled up the small Number of select PUPILS to which he has lately intended to confine himself. At present he can accommodate TWO other Young Gentlemen : Terms, 60 Guineas a Year each. - In Regard to the Manner in which they are boarded, treated, and educated, References will be given to the Nobility and Gentry whose Sons are already on the Establishment; to the End that those Parents who feel Anxieties in parting with their Children, may convince themselves that the utmost Care and Attention are paid here to the Health, Morals, Comfort, and Improvement of the Pupils.
Biggleswade, June 26th, 1812.

Oundle, Northamptonshire

Prime Forest Venison to be Sold at Benjamin Knibb's, in Oundle, by the Buck, half Buck, Haunch, or Side, during the Venison Season, on giving three Days' Notice.

Grocers and Druggists, &c. &c.
Newport - Pagnell,

Beg Leave to return their most grateful Thanks to their Friends and the Public in general for the many Favours conferred on them; and respectfully inform them, that they have received, from one of the most reputable Medicine Warehouses in London, a general Assortment of Drugs, Patent, and Genuine Medicines, where their Friends may be supplied with Articles of the best Quality, and on such Terms as will insure them that universal Satisfaction they have for many Years so liberally experienced.
N.B. A Supply received of Soda, Chalybeate, Rochelle, and other Mineral Waters.
Newport - Pagnell, June 23d, 1812.

Cort & Co.
Iron and Brass Founders, Leicester,

Respectfully inform the Public, that they make and erect Weighing Machines, suitable for Wharfs and Turnpike Roads, upon the most approved Principle. The Bridge being constructed wholly of Iron, they are not only more durable and less liable to Variation than those made of Wood, but, from their Simplicity and Durability, are also considered the cheapest of any that have heretofore been invented. Several of them may be seen in Use.
N.B. A second-hand Steam-Engine, of eight Horse Power, made by Messrs.Bolton & Watt, to be sold cheap, and may be seen at Work at their Foundry.
* Clock-Makers supplied with Brass of a superior Quality.

Leighton-Buzzard, April 3d, 1812.

The Public are most respectfully informed, that the INN BUSINESS at the EAGLE AND CHILD, at LEIGHTON-BUZZARD, will be continued, and every Attention paid to afford superior Comfort and Accommodation to those Friends who have or may be pleased to honour it with their future Favours.
The above INN is to be SOLD, and my be entered upon immediately.
To treat for the same, please apply to Thomas Wood, House and Estate Agent, Leighton, Bedfordshire.

Deddington, 9th July, 1812.

ALL Perons who have any Claim or Demand upon the Estate of John Butcher, late of Deddington, Oxfordshire, Plumber and Glazier, deceased, are requested to deliver the Particulars of their respective Demands to Mr.Field, or Mr.Jarvis, of Deddington, his Executors, or at the Office of Messrs.Churchill, Field, & Weston, Solicitors, Deddington, in Order that the same may be discharged.- And all Persons indebted to the Estate of the said John Butcher, are desired to pay the Amount of their respective Debts to Mr.Field, or Mr.Jarvis, immediately.

Somerton School,

J.Hore respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that his School Re-Opens after the present Recess, on Monday July 20th.

Somerton, July 6th, 1812.

Sulgrave, Northamptonshire

J.Hawkes respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that his School opens again on Monday, July 20th.- Terms, 20 Guineas per Annum, and Washing One Guinea.

Towcester School

T.White & Son have the Pleasure of announcing to their Friends and the Public, the proposed re-opening of their Seminary on Monday the 20th Instant.
July 1st, 1812.

Long-Buckby School
Rev.D.Griffiths begs Leave to inform his Friends and the Public that his Seminary for a limited Number of Young Gentlemen, will re-open on Monday, July 20th.
Terms, 25 Guineas per Annum, and One Guinea Entrance.
The Latin and Greek Languages, Five Guineas extra.
N.B. A few Vacancies.

Seminary, Market-Harborough

Messrs.Gill & Fox very respectfully inform their Friends and the Public, that the Business of the above Seminary will be resumed on Monday the 27th of July Instant.

Baldock Academy, Herts.

The Rev.John Simpson begs to inform his Friends and the Public, that his School opens, after the Recess, on Monday the 20th Instant.

Adderbury School.

The Rev.W.Woolston respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that his School will open again on Monday the 20th Instant. - At the same Time, he begs Leave to return his most grateful Acknowledgements for past Favours, and to assure those who may hereafter oblige him with their Support, that both Mrs.W and himself will chearfully exert their utmost Endeavours to promote the Health, Comfort, and Improvement of those who may be entrusted to their Care.
Adderbury, July 6th, 1812.

Weston School, near Market-Harborough

The Rev.Mr.Scott most respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, That his School will Open again on Monday the 20th of July, for the Reception of Young Gentlemen, who wish to be prepared either for the public Schools, or expeditiously qualified for Business.
Mr.S. begs leave to add, that, as he takes but a limited Number, and devotes the Whole of his Time and Attention to their Improvement and Comfort, he hopes he will always be found deserving their future Patronage, at least, while his Pupil continue to enjoy Advantages not to be met with in larger Seminaries.
N.B. A Quarter's Notice is required previously to the Removal of any Young Gentleman, or a Quarter's Pay.
Weston, June 24th, 1812.

Bedford Classical and Commercial Academy

The Rev.Isaac Anthony respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that his Seminary will open for the Reception of Pupils on Monday the 20th Inst.
Mr.Anthony's Plan of Education comprehends Instruction in the English, Latin, and Greek Languages; Writing, Arithmetic, Merchants' Accounts, Geography, and the Elements of Astronomy.

Terms - Twenty Five Guineas per Annum.- An Assistant wanted.

Horrible Catastrophe

On Monday morning about nine o'clock, the inhabitants of Plymouth were thrown into indescribable terror. Mr.Hyne, flour - merchant, of Old Town, Plymouth, while sitting at breakfast with his wife and two children, suddenly seized one of them, and cut its throat; he then seized the other, and on the interference of his agonized wife, he fired a pistol at her, when she fell, and completely severed the windpipe of the second child. He finished the horrible business by blowing his own brains out with a second pistol. The consternation of the neighbours on rushing to the scene of blood, may be easily conceived. Mrs.Hyne was found living; a ball had entered her shoulder, and she had been stunned for a moment by the report of the pistol, which was held very close, and only missed its intended effect by the agitation of Mr.Hyne. The unfortunate and wretched perpetrator of the deed was about 30 years of age, had always borne a good character, and was considered to be a man possessing property. He had transacted business on the Saturday preceding; was seen walking on the Hoe, at Plymouth, on the Sunday evening, with his family, apparently a happy groupe : and had promised to meet several tradesmen at Plymouth-dock on Monday morning.

Stony-Stratford, Bucks

Miss Chifney and Miss Bigg's Boarding-School for Young Ladies will re-open on Monday, July 27th on the following Terms :- Board and Education 20 Guineas per Annum, no Entrance; Washing 10s 6d per Quarter; French 10s 6d, Writing and Arithmetic 10s 6d., Music 1 1s and Drawing 1 1s per Quarter, without Entrance : Dancing 1 1s per Quarter, 1 1s Entrance.

Buckingham Ladies Boarding School

Mrs and Miss Scraggs will re-open their Seminary, the large and commodious House in Castle-street, Buckingham, the 20th July, 1812, on the following Terms, viz. - Board and Education per Annum (Washing not included) 18 18s.; Entrance 1 1s.- Fancy and Needle-Works in all their Branches, with English Grammar, Writing and Cyphering, Music, Drawing, &c. on the usual Terms.
N.B. As only a few young Ladies are taken, a Quarter's Notice is expected previous to a Removal.

Mr.Burnill's Creditors

The Creditors of Mr.Wm.Burnill, of Alderton, near Towcester, are requested to meet Messrs.Roper and Tarry, the Assignees of his Estate and Effects, at the White Horse Inn, in Towcester, on Tuesday the 21st Day of July instant, at Seven o'Clock in the Evening, on Special Affairs, relative to the said Trust Estate.
J.M.Kirby, Solicitor to the said Assigness.
Towcester, July 10th, 1812.

Five Pounds Reward.

Absconded from his Master's Service, some Time since, William Bettles, Apprentice to John Fountain, Wheelwright, Northampton - He is a Native of Bedford, and now in that Neighbourhood.
Whoever will apprehend the said Wm.Bettles, so that he may be brought to Justice, shall receive the above Reward; and whoever harbours or employs him after this Notice, will be dealt with according to the Law, by me John Fountain.

A Journeyman Wheelwright wanted. - Enquire as above.

Whereas some evil-disposed Person or Persons did take out of a Close in the Lordship of Yelvertoft, in the County of Northampton, on Saturday Night the 4th, or on Sunday Morning the 5th of this Instant,
One Ewe Lamb,
the Property of Henry Linnell,
Whoever will give Information of the Offender or Offenders, so that they may be convicted of the Felony, shall receive a Reward of Two Guineas of me.
Henry Linnell.
Yelvertoft, July 10th, 1812.

Wellingborough, July 9th, 1812

The Debtors of the Estate of Mr Robert Wood, late of Wellingborough, in the County of Northampton, Surgeon and Apothecary, deceased, are requested to pay the Amount of their Bills to his Executors immediately, and prevent the Trouble of a further Application. The Duty of the Executors towards the Creditors of Mr.Wood, and the other Parties interested, calling upon them to use every possible Exertion for the getting in and Recovery of his Effects, no further Indulgence can be given after this Notice.
James Murphy,
Thomas March,
Henry Cheetham.
Executors of Mr.Wood.


The Creditors of RICHARD INWARDS, of Wingfield, in the Parish of Chalgrave, in the County of Bedford, Dealer in Cows, may receive the first Dividend on their respective Debts due to them, on Friday the 24th Day of July instant, between the Hours of Two and Six o'Clock, at the Swan Inn, Leighton-Buzzard.- And the Creditors, who have not delivered their Accounts of the Debts respectively due from the said Insolvent, are requested to send the same to Mr.J.D.Bassett, Draper, or Messrs.Willis, Solicitors, Leighton-Buzzard, on or before Wednesday the 22d Instant, in order that they may be intitled to such Dividend with the Creditors whose Accounts have been delivered.
Leighton, July 8th, 1812.


A Newfoundland Dog, one Side of his Head White and the other Black, and a Black Spot upon his Loins; answers to the Name of Carlo.
Whoever will take the above to Mr.Haydon, the Swan, Cow-Lane, Northampton, will be handsomely rewarded for his Trouble.

Wanted immediately, A Journeyman BAKER, and an Apprentice.- Enquire of John Phipps, Milton, Baker.

Wanted immediately, A Journeyman SHOE-MAKER, who has practiced every Part of the Business.- A steady Man may have constant Employ and best Wages by applying to Mr.John Woolard, Geddington, near Kettering.


Wanted, to work a Malthouse for the ensuing Season. No one need apply but who can have a Character as to the perfect Knowledge of his Business.
Enquire of Mr.G.O.Osborn, Woburn, Beds.

To Canal Cutters

Wanted immediately, from 100 to 150 MEN on the Stratford-On-Avon Canal.- Good Encouragement will be given by applying to Messrs.Gales, the Contractors.

Wanted immediately, TEN or TWELVE STONE-MASONS. Good Hands may have constant Employ and good Wages, by applying to Saml.Cheney, Woodford, or Wm.Heighton, Brigstock.

Northampton Boarding-School

Mrs.Wickes, with much Respect informs her Friends, that her School will re-commence on Monday the 20th Instant.
Abington-street, July 9th, 1812.

Linen and Woollen-Drapery.

C.Whitworth respectfully informs his Friends and the Public in general, that, in the Course of the ensuing Week, he will Open the Shop on the Parade, next Door to Mr.Edge, Druggist, for a short Period, while his Shop in the Drapery is undergoing some material Repairs. - At this temporary Residence, C.W. hopes for a Continuance of the Favours of the Public, which will be gratefully acknowledged.

Manufacturer of Barometers and improved Thermometers,
Begs most respectfully to return his grateful Thanks to his numerous Friends for the very liberal Support he has received, and to inform them, he has removed from the Drapery to the Corner of Wood-Hill, St.Gile's-Square, where they may be supplied as usual with the above Articles (warranted); also an elegant Assortment of Pier and Dressing Glasses, Telescopes, Spectacles, Opera and Reading-Glasses.
Prints of all Kinds, framed and glazed, and Glass blown for
Philosophical Experiments.
July 10th, 1812.

To be Sold by Auction,
by Mr.Dennis,
On Thursday the 16th of July, 1812, on the Premises, Parade,

The neat and genuine Household-Furniture, of Mr.Wm.Hickson (removing to London); also a few Lots of Leather, Cutting-Boards, Lasts, Knives, Shop Fittings, Bench and Vice, &c. &c.
The Sale will commence at Ten o'Clock.

Saturday Evening, July 11.

Birth. On Wednesday morning, in Hamilton-place, her Grace the Dutchess of Bedford, of a daughter.

Married. On Thursday se'nnight, at Kineton, Warwickshire, the Rev.Mr.Sandys, of Southam, to Miss Webb, of the former place.
Tuesday last, at Welford, Gloucestershire, Mr.Evans, draper of Warwick, to Miss Baylis, of the former place.
Thursday morning, the Hon.Capt.Waldergrave, of the Royal Navy, to Miss Whitbread. - This ceremony was performed by special licence, at Southill, Beds, the seat of Mr.Whitbread.
Last week, Mr.Sharp, farmer and grazier, to Miss Swingler, both of Langham, Rutlandshire.
Lately, Mr.Stapleford, farmer and grazier, of Queneborough, to Miss Lockwood, of Mountsorrel, both in Leicestershire.

Died. On Tuesday se'nnight, at Marston-Trussell House, near Market Harborough, most sincerely lamented, Mrs.Ewins, aged 79, relict of Barwell Ewins, Esq.
Same day, at Brampton, Hunts, after a few days illness, Mr.Wm.Rowell, aged 86, formerly tenant of Harthy Farm, in that parish, which he occupied 61 years.
Yesterday se'nnight, at Cold-Ashby, in this county, in the 76th year of her age, Mrs.Mary Butlin, relict of the late Mr.Edward Butlin, of Spratton, near this town.
Monday last, at Eggleton, near Oakham, Mr.Seaton, farmer and grazier.
Monday evening last, suddenly, in his carriage, William Holbech, Esq. of Farnborough, an active magistrate for the counties of Oxford, and Warwick, and formerly M.P. for the borough of Banbury.
Lately, aged 18, Margaret, eldest daughter of the Rev.Thomas Davenport, D.D. Vicar of Stratford-on-Avon.
Latley, at Little-Paxton, Hunts, aged 72, Francis Loxley; he was thirty years keeper of Southoe turnpike-gate, by which employment, and his penurious way of living, he is said to have died possessed of nearly two thousand pounds. - Whilst keeper of the gate he formed a peacock upon a hawbush, which stood near the gate, as large as life, and which he kept cut with great nicety; - near the same spot he also formed out of a haw-bush, a horse, with a rider upon it, as natural as life, and which he kept cut in great order also; and in the hunting-season he would clothe the rider in a scarlet dress, which thousands of travellers can testify.

The Rev.H.A.Atkinson, curate of St.Giles, Reading, is preferred to the perpetual curacies of Barton and Chetwood, Bucks; patrons E.Lane, Esq., Basingstoke.
The Rev.W.Clark, M.A. of St.Peter's college, Cambridge, is preferred to the valuable rectory of Castle-Camps, in that county, vacated by the death of the Rev.F.Jauncey; patrons, the Governors of the Charter House.

On Thursday last, the first Annual Meeting of the Agricultural Society of this county was held at the George Inn, in this town, and we feel pleasure in stating that it was not only very numerously and most respectably attended, but that the Funds of the Society appeared to be so ample that it is intended to considerably increase the number of rewards to the deserving labourers and servants in husbandry.

Last week, a coroner's inquisition was taken at Minworth, Warwickshire, by Mr.Whately, on the body of Michael M'Gomesky, who, between seven and eight o'clock on Saturday night the 27th of June, was found murdered in a lane near that place. Suspicion falling on a person of the name of Tole, who, about half an hour before, had been seen with the deceased near the place where his body was found, an immediate pursuit was made by several persons, and he was apprehended at Bacon's End, near Colehill, that night. Three bundles of cloth stained with blood being found upon him, and having also blood on several parts of his clothes, he was taken to the prison in Birmingham, till the result of the coroner's inquest (which lasted three days) was known, when, after examination of a great number of witnesses, the jury returned a verdict of wilful murder against Tole, who has since been committed by the coroner to take his trial , at the next Warwick assizes. There appeared a number of wounds about the head of the deceased. The body. when found, was quite warm, and blood issuing from the wounds. The deceased and the prisoner were both Irishmen, and were traced from Lichfield to Minworth, and had been disposing of Irish cloth at several places. In the pockets of the deceased only two or three shillings in halfpence were found, but in those of the prisoner were several pounds of Bank of England and other notes. It appeared that the deceased had left Ireland about a fortnight ago, and had purchased some Irish linen of a man of the name of Daniel Grant, at Newcastle, and had not been connected with the prisoner before that time.

At the sessions of this borough, on Tuesday, E.Bull, was convicted of stealing a piece of cotton in the shop of Mr.Whitworth, and sentenced to be imprisoned three months.

At the assizes for this county, which ended on Wednesday last, John Brownsword and Eleanor Cooper, for stealing wearing apparel at Braunston, were found guilty, and fined 1s and ordered to be kept to hard labour in the house of correction for two years. - Ann Facer for stealing wearing apparel the property of James Vause, of West-Haddon, and John Faulkner, for stealing a bushel of malt the property of W.Kenning, of Brington, were fined 1s, and to be kept to hard labour in the house of correction for one year.- Matthew Norton alias Whiting, for breaking into the shop of John Tassell, of Wollaston, and stealing various articles of wearing apparel, fined 1s and to be kept to hard labour for six calendar months. - William Spence, for running naked through the streets of Wootton, to be publically whipped the length of one hundred yards, and imprisoned one week.- William Webb, for stealing wearing apparel the property of Wm.Wilson, of East-Haddon, to be imprisoned one week.- William Clipstone and Joseph Gray, charged with robbing Benjamin Smith, of Geddington, were acquitted; and Henry Parsons and John Tomblin, were delivered by proclamation. - Thomas Longden, convicted at the last assizes of maliciously stabbing with intent to murder, and judgement respited till this assize, is further respited till the next assizes.
The Grand Jury on the above assizes was composed of the Right.Hon.John Charles, Lord Viscount Althorp, foreman, and the following gentlemen, viz. Sir W.Wake and Sir C.Knightly, Barts.; W.R.Cartwright, W.Hanbury, E.Bouverie, T.R.Thornton, G.W.Gunning, J.Armitage[?], T.C.Maunsell, T.Carter, T.S.W.Samwell, J.Kipling, A.E.Young, J.P.Clarke, C.Tibbits, J.C.Rose, T.P.Maunsell, R.Mainwaring, and C.Hill, Esquires.

On Saturday the following inquisitions were taken by John Lovell, gent. one of his Majesty's coroners for this county, viz. at the mansion of Sir Charles Knightley, Bart. in Fawsley Park, on the body of John Smith, late of this town, auctioneer, who it appeared had been to Banbury, and in his return home had wandered to Fawsley, where, late in the evening of Wednesday the 1st a fit of despondency, he threw himself into one of the large fish ponds and was drowned - Verdict, Lunacy. - And at Denshanger, on view of the body of a child about eight months old, belonging to poor parents, who very imprudently had put the child to bed with some other children, whereby it was smothered.
On Thursday se'nnight, an inquisition was taken at Ampthill, in the county of Bedford, before Mr.R.A.Reddall, Gent. coroner of the honour of Ampthill, upon view of the body of Sarah Page, who died suddenly the Tuesday preceding. Verdict - Died by the Visitation of God.

The Creditors of Mr.Henry Boss, late of Wellingborough, deceased, are requested to meet his Executors at the Horse and Groom, in Wellingborough, on Thursday, the 23d Day of July instant, at Four in the Afternoon, and not on Thursday the 16th instant, as before advertised ; when a full Statement of the Affairs of the Deceased will be laid before them, and a Dividend made.
By Order of the Executors, John Hodson.
Wellingborough, 9th July, 1812.

JETHRO INWOOD, of Newport-Pagnell, in the County of Bucks, Bookseller and Stationer, having by Deed of Assignment bearing Date the 10th Day of June instant, granted and assigned all his Estate and Effects unto Trustees for the Benefit of such of his Creditors who shall execute the same on or before the 30th Day of September next;
Notice is hereby given,
That the said Deed is lodged in the Office of Mr.Wm.Lucas, Solicitor, Newport-Pagnell, for the Signature of the Creditors of the said Jethro Inwood. And that all Persons who shall neglect or refuse to execute the same on or before the said 30th Day of September next, will be excluded the Benefit thereof - And all Persons having any Claims or Demands on the said Jethro Inwood are requested to send an Account thereof to the said Wm.Lucas forthwith..
Newport-Pagnell, 30th June, 1812


The Creditors of WILLIAM HODGKINS, late of Woburn, Beds, Common Carrier, may on Application at the Wheat Sheaf Inn, in Woburn, on the 27th and 29th Days of July instant, receive of the Trustees a Dividend arising from the Estate and Effects of the said Wm.Hodgkins, on the Account of their respective Debts; and such of the Creditors that cannot attend on either of the Days aforesaid, will pay the Dividend on their respective Debts, by applying any Monday, or Friday, at the Office of Mr.Day, Solicitor, Woburn, before the 1st Day of September next.- All Persons that still stand indebted to the Estate, are requested to pay on or before the 20th Day of July, or coercive Measures will be taken to enforce Payment.

Thomas Gale's Insolvency
Whereas Thomas Gale, of Fenny-Stratford, Bucks, Glazier and Coal Merchant, hath assigned all his Estate and Effects to Mr.John Day, of Fenny-Stratford, Draper, in Trust for the Benefit of his Creditors;
Notice is hereby given,
That the Deed of Assignment will be at the Office of Mr.Thomas Day, Solicitor, Woburn, for Two Months from the Date hereof, for the Signature of such of the Creditors who will partake of the Benefit to arise therefrom.- All Persons that have any Demand upon the said Thomas Gale, are requested to send the Particulars thereof to the said John Day, the Trustee.- And all Debts due to the said Thomas Gale, must be forthwith paid to the said Trustee, or Solicitor.
2d July, 1812.

Northamptonshire Auxilary Bible Society.
Additional Subscriptions received since our last.

Amount of Donations and Subscriptions before advertised818710131166
Mr.Ward, Knuston000110
Mr.B.Ward, Ditto000110
Mr.Ward, Grendon000110
Sir Robert Gunning, Bart.10100000
Right Hon.W.Elliott, M.P.10100000
Mr.George Gascoyne, additional0100000
Mr.John Merry000110
Collection at Thrapston Meeting, after a Sermon by the Rev.Mr.Ragsdell2522000
The Rev.John Hall, Kettering110000
The Rev.John Warner, Ditto000110
The Rev.Andrew Fuller, Ditto000110
Mr.Wm.Cook, Ditto000110
Mr. John Bates, Ditto100000
Mr.Thomas Dash, Ditto110000
Mr.Samuel Wallis, Ditto, additional110000
Mrs.S.Munn, Ditto100000
Mrs.S.Wallis, Ditto100000
Mrs.Nunnerley, Cransley100000
Mr.J.Haines, Geddington000110
Mr.Joseph Wallis000110
Collection at Kettering Church, per Rev.G.Bugg776000
Ditto at the Independent Meeting, per T.N.Toller1926000
Ditto at the Baptist Meeting, per Rev.Andrew Fuller18106000
Ditto at the Methodist Chapel, per Rev.Mr.Brown12126000
Mr.John Wood220000
Mr.William Wood110000
Mr.John Manning, Harpole100000

A Pamphlet of the Proceedings of this Society, containing the Speeches delivered on the Day of its being formed, is preparing for Publication; and as it is intended to contain a List of Donations and Subscriptions up to the latest Period, it is hoped those Friends of the Institution who have not yet made their Contributions will avail themselves of an Opportunity, in order that the List may appear as full as possible - Subscriptions will be received and inserted as low as 5s 6d conformably to the printed Reports of the Society.

Valuable Freehold Estate, Land-Tax redeemed, with
immediate Possession

At the White Hart Public House, at Ridgemount, on Wednesday the 22d Day of July, 1812, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as will be then produced,
A Very desirable Freehold ESTATE, situate in the pleasant Village of RIDGMOUNT, in the County of Bedford; consisting of a neat plastered and tiled Dwelling-House, comprising a Kitchen and two Parlours, three good Bed-Chambers, large Cellar, and Pantry; with large Yard, Stable, Wood-Barn, and Out-offices; also, one Acre and a Half (be the same more or less) of exceedingly rich Garden Ground, late in the Occupation of the Proprietor, Mr.Joseph Negus, deceased. Also, all those three Brick and Tiled Tenements adjoining, with Kitchen, Chamber, Wood-Barn, &c. to each, lett to respectable Tenants, who are under Notice to quit at Michaelmas next.
The Crops of Wheat and Potatoes now growing on the Ground, will be sold at the same Time.
Ridgmont is only three Miles from Woburn, and adjoining the Duke of Bedford's Park.- The Premises may very easily be made into a neat Residence for a genteel Family.
* For a view of the Estate, apply on the Premises; and for further Particulars, to the Auctioneers, Bedford.

To the Memory of
The Right Honourable SPENCER PERCEVAL
THE Public are respectfully informed, that a Subscription has been entered into for the Purpose of ERECTING A MONUMENT to the Memory of the Right Honourable SPENCER PERCEVAL, in All Saints Church, NORTHAMPTON.

The Inhabitants of this Place conceive themselves particularly called upon to accelerate by every Means in their Power and Completion of this Testimony of Respect for that great and lamented Statesman, who has been intimately connected with this Town for the last twenty-six Years; upwards of twenty as Deputy-Recorder, and sixteen as one of its Representatives in Parliament.
The Execution of the Monument must necessarily be determined by the Amount of the Subscription, which ultimately , no Doubt, will be very far from inconsiderable; and as it may be naturally anticipated that many of Mr.Perceval's Friends, residing at a Distance from this Place, may be desirous of an Opportunity to testify their Feelings in a public Manner,
Subscriptions will be received by Messrs.Praeds, Mackworth, & Co. Bankers, London; and by Messrs.Smith, Hull, and Co. Bankers, Northampton.

Northampton, 28th May, 1812

Amount of Subscriptions before advertised66040
Mr.James Woolley, Ecton110
Robert Andrew, Esq.10100
Sir George Robinson, Bart.10100
Sir William Dolben, Bart.2000
Sir R.B. de C.Brooke, Bart.10100
Mr.George Cornfield110
Mr.Richard Pearson, Squirhill220
Henry Knight, Esq. London2000