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Some Selected Reports from The Northampton Mercury

(Printed and Published by and for T.E.Dicey and W.Sutton)

Saturday, March 15th, 1806

Sunday and Tuesday's Posts.
LONDON, March 11

Twenty-five American seamen were discharged on Friday, at Portsmouth.- An order, we understand, has been issued, to discharge all American subjects from our ships.

Error in Punctuation.-By the omission of a comma, in the catalogue of a sale of live stock, the following curious passage occurred, viz. one cow lately calved two cows in calf, one barren cow, one heifer, a yearling calf, and three tons of hay, also several fixtures, a boiler, and numerous other articles of household-furniture.

Fires. - A very alarming fire broke out on Friday, soon after one o'clock, in the shop belonging to an organ-builder, in Tottenham-court-road. The fire was first discovered in the work-shop, which was situate in the middle of Southampton-court, and in a few minutes three houses in the court were also in flames. The utmost consternation prevailed in the neighbourhood, and, from the narrowness of the court, serious apprehensions were entertained for the safety of the numerous inhabitants, who with difficulty escaped, leaving their property behind them. The cries of the women and children, which were truly distressing, were heightened by a mother who resided in the court, and had left a child, three years old, in her house, during a momentary absence: the house in which it was, was then on fire in all parts, but the feelings of the mother induced her to risk her life for its salvation; she braved all dangers, entered the house, and at length succeeded in rescuing the child, which was enveloped in flames. It was much scorched, but not so as to deprive it of life. The fire was completely got under by three o'clock.
And about eight o'clock on Saturday evening, another alarming fire broke out in the house of Messrs. Grafton and Field, corn-chandlers, No.6, Shoreditch. It was discovered to burst forth from the top part of the back house, which was filled with straw. It was supposed to be occasioned by the snuff of a candle, which a boy had carelessly left. About nine o'clock, the fire made a most awful appearance, having communicated to a large malt-house and two stables, all in a confined court, with no entrance but a small passage, called Magpye-alley. The Volunteers arrived with the greatest alacrity, and kept off the several depredators that usually attend such places. The sight at this time was truly terrific, no less than four houses in flames, Mr.Kirvell's press-house having caught fire, in addition to those already mentioned. For some time after the engines arrived they were useless, for want of water; but afterwards, being well manned and supplied, the flames were prevented from extending, and the house of Mr.Webb, in Blossom-street, and some other houses, were preserved, though damaged. About twelve o'clock the four houses fell in with a dreadful crash. Happily no lives were lost.

Wednesday and Thursday's Posts.

Mr.Beatty, surgeon of the Victory, has had the ball, which was the instrument of death of Lord Nelson, set in gold and crystals. The fringe of the epaulette is yet hanging to it. He has refused an offer of 2000 guineas for it.

A few days since was sold by Mr. Samuel Wellment, of Wilton, near Taunton; to Messrs. England & Slocombe, of Exeter, an extraordinary heifer, for 100 guineas. The heifer is one of a twin, but six years old, has calved thrice, and had twins each time. Her sister is in the possession of Mr.Wellment, and has had twins twice.

A farmer's servant in the neighbourhood of Hailsham, a few days ago, fixed a slip chain to the tounge of one of his master's horse's, and actually forced it out of the animal's mouth !

A daring robbery, a few nights since, was committed in the house of Mr.Preston, a farmer, in the parish of Warbleton, in the county of Sussex. A knock was given at .the door, which was answered by the servant girl: Mr. P. hearing her letting some people in, went into the passage to see who they were, when he was instantly seized by two men, with their faces blacked, who knocked him down, and beat him in a most inhuman manner with bludgeons; and presenting a pistol to him, swore they would blow his brains out, if he made the least resistance. They then tied his hands together, and got him upon his legs. and insisted that he should shew them where his property was, which he was obliged, very reluctantly, to agree to. One of the villains accompanied him to his bed-room, and the other remained down stairs. On Mr.P's reaching his bed-room, he desired the robber who accompanied him to take a key out of his pocket, and directed him which drawer to open, where he found upwards of 30 in Bank of England and Hasting Notes.The robber told him he knew that was not all the money he had got in the house :Mr.P. then was obliged to tell him where he would find sixteen guineas. Mr.P. bleeding very much, from the wounds he had received on his head with the bludgeons, got a bottle of brandy to wash them with, and after he had taken a little, the villains took the rest; and after refreshing themselves with some ale and bread and cheese, they made their escape.

The fall or snow was so heavy in Kent; on Wednesday, that the Dover coach was on Thursday greatly retarded in its progress to town Upon its arrival at Barham Downs, a complete stop took place, the snow being there of the amazing depth of ten feet. The mail was taken out of the coach, and forwarded by a messenger, on horseback, to town, where it did not arrive until two-o'clock. A great number of men were collected on Barham Downs who cut a passage through the snow for the coach, and enabled it to continue its journey. It did not arrive in London until six o'clock at night.

SATURDAY Evening, March 15.

MARRIED. Lately, Mr.Wm.Gamble, wool-stapler, of Liddington, near Uppingham, to Miss Beaumont, of Withcote-Lodge, Leicestershire.
On Tuesday se'nnight, Mr.Parker, of Dogsthorpe, near Peterborough, to Mrs.Goodwin, of Stamford.
Yesterday se'nnight, at St.Andrew's church, Holborn, Mr. Forster, of Wendover, to Miss Rumsey, of Amersham, both in the county of Buckingham.
DIED. Lately, at Romely, Derbyshire, Dr. Thomas Gisborne, Physician to the King, and President of the College of Physicians.
On Saturday se'nnight, aged 64, Mrs. Jarvis, of Thornhaugh, near Wansford, in this county.
On Tuesday se'nnight, Robert Hotchkin, Esq. of Uppingham.
Same day, aged 58, Miss Hannah Gardner, of Lower-Pillerton, Warwickshire.
Last week, at Chilver's-Coton, Warwickshire, sincerely lamented, aged 75, Mrs. S. Spencer.
Lately, after a few hours illness, Mr. George Rainsford, a respectable farmer, of Radway, Warwickshire.
Lately, aged 70, Mr. Wm. Ward, of Shearsby, Leicestershire.
Lately, aged 56, Mrs. Lowe, of Stamford, relict of Mr. John Lowe, apothecary.
A few days ago, Mrs. Holditch, wife of the Rev. Thomas Holditch, rector of Burton-Overy, Leicestershire.
A few days since, at his house at Narborough, Leicestershire, Daniel Woodland, Gent.
A few days ago, at St.Ives, Huntingdonshire, Mr. John Wood, formerly a hat-manufacturer in that place.
A few days ago, Mr. Abraham Baker, baker, of Coventry.
On Monday last, after a lingering illness, at Smethwick, Staffordshire, in his 79th year, Mr.Bull, of that place, chief engineer to the Birmingham Canal Company.
Yesterday afternoon, Miss Baker, daughter of the late Mr.John Baker, woolstapler, of this town.
On Sunday last, of a rapid decline, aged 44 (30 years of which time he lived in the family of Mr. John Dunkley, of this town), Thomas Gutteridge: a man whose strict integrity, fidelity, and unwearied assiduity in the service of his employer; whose benevolent disposition, and general conduct through life; entitled him to the esteem of all who knew him.

Earl Fitzwilliam has been appointed, by his Majesty, Custos Rotulorum of the Soke of Peterborough. - Gazette.

If any Clergyman in the Diocese of Peterborough, having a small income only, and a numerous family of children, wishes to apply for the annual distribution of Dr.Taylour and Mr. Myddleton's benefaction, they are desired to apply to the Bishop, stating the circumstances of their situation, without delay.

Detachments of the 17th Light Dragoons marched from this town on Monday and Tuesday, for Highgate, &c.; and were succeeded on Wednesday by a party of recruits from Hanover, belonging to the King's German Legion.

At Huntingdon assizes, Edmund Forster, for stealing an ewe sheep, the property of Mr. Earl, of Elton, was capitally convicted, and received sentence of death, Joseph Newton, for stealing a coat and waistcoat, a box coat, and a hat, the property of Sir James Duberley, of Great-Staughton, was sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment, and to pay a fine of 1s. Robert Baines, for an assault, was acquitted. And John Reveley and John Clarkson, for felony; and Joseph Johnston, for an assault; were delivered by proclamation.

At Oxford, William Bennet, James Hollaway, John Hambidge, sen, and John Hambidge, jun for a burglary; and Thomas Blake, for stealing bank-notes; received sentence of death. Joseph Ashton, for stealing a watch, was sentenced to be transported for seven years.- Willlam Bennet is left for execution; the others are reprieved.

At Hertford, W. Clark and R. Ray were convicted of burglariously entering the dwelling-house of George Sheriff, of St.Alban's, and, stealing therein 20 yards of lace, 200 yards of cotton, and other goods, to the amount of 300. And John Lawrence, for a highway robbery; Ann Castle, for the murder of her male bastard child; and Thomas Capland, for an assault; were acquitted. - The other prisoners had not been put upon their trials when this account came away.

RISELY, Bedfordshire

On Wednesday the 19th Day of March, 1806, at Mr.Thomas Croot's, known by the Sign of the Boot, at Risely aforesaid, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon (subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced),
ALL that valuable and very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, late the Residence of Mr. WILLIAM BONFlELD, deceased, pleasantly situate at RISELY, in the County at Bedford ; comprising a very neat and well-built Dwelling.House, Brick and Sashed Front; consisting at a neat Parlour, Hall, Kitchen, Brewhouse, Cellars, and Dairy; four neat Sleeping-Rooms and two Garrets; neat Study, in Front; Stables, Barns, and other useful attached and detached Offices; a Well of excellent Water; a good Orchard, Garden, &c. Also, thirty Acres (more or less) of very rich Sweard and Arable Land, contiguous to the HOMESTALL, surrounded and subdivided with a good Quick Fence; there is also a Quantity of useful Timber on the Premises.
Risely is situated ten Miles from Bedford, ten from St.Neots, five from Kimbolton, and eight from Higham-Ferrers; the High Road goes through the Village, which makes it much more desirable.
N.B. The above is a delightful Situation for any Gentleman who is desirous of residing in a Sporting Part of the Country; the Situation and Homestall being very convenient, and, at a small Expence, may be fitted up for that Purpose, or for a small genteel Family.
*** For further Particulars, and for a View of the same, apply to Messrs.GELL & HILL, or to the AUCTIONEER, of Risely.- Letters, Post-paid, will be duly answered.

Freehold Water Corn-Mill and Land,
By Messrs. ROBINS
At the Red-Lion, Wendover, Bucks. on Thursday the 20th of March, 1806, at Twelve o'Clock,

A Capital FREEHOLD CORN-MILL, with three Pair of Stones. Dressing-Mill, &c.; and about eight Acres of rich MEADOW, ORCHARD, and ARABLE LAND; and a comfortable Brick DWELLING-HOUSE, with THREE COTTAGES adjoining.- The Mill is capable of grinding upwards of 100 Quarters per Week, and has the Advantage of an ample Supply of Water; situate (Part) within the ancient BOROUGH TOWN of WENDOVER, bordering and upon the Grand Junction Canal, and is the only Mill out of fifteen that has not had the Water diverted from it to the Use of the said Canal; also, a MALT-HOUSE, capable of wetting 18 Quarters per Week; a Bake-House, upon a large Scale, Barns, Stables, Cart-House. large Kitchen-Garden, &c.; forming a most desirable, compact, and profitable Concern; distant from the Market Towns of Aylesbury 4 Miles, Tring 5, Chesham 7, Amersham 9, Wycomb 10, Thame 10, and Leighton-Buzzard 13; and only 35 from London.

May be viewed twenty-one Days prior to Sale.

* * Particulars may be had at the Red-Lion, Wendover; principal Inns at the before-mentioned Towns; White-Horse, Uxbridge; of Mr.George Clark, Solicitor, Isleworth; Mr. James Richardson, New Inn; at Garraway's, Change-Alley; Jack's, Mark-Lane; and of Messrs. Robins, Covent - Garden, London, where a Plan may be seen.
N.B. Messrs. Robins are authorized to treat by Private Contract.

CHALCOMBE, Northamptonshire.

ALL that substantial and well-built DWELLING-HOUSE, with the Bakehouse, Orchard, Garden, and other requisite Conveniences thereto belonging, situate in CHALCOMBE aforesaid, near Banbury; with a CLOSE of GREENSWEARD lying near the same, and belonging thereto, containing about one Acre.
And also, all that convenient POST -WINDMILL, containing one Pair of French Stones, one Pair of Grist Mill-Stones, likewise a Machine, with two Cylinders, all in excellent Repair.
And also, all that new-erected COTTAGE or TENEMENT, and STORE-HOUSE, standing near Roods, - and distant about Half a Mile from Chalcombe aforesaid.
The aforesaid Windmill is very eligibly situated for Business, with good Roads leading thereto.- All the above Premises are now in the Occupation of Mr. Wm. Jessop, the Proprietor, who being desirous of declining Business, on Account of ill Health, Possession may be had immediately.
* * * For further Particulars, or to treat for the Purchase, apply to Mr. RICHARD HIRONS, in Chalcombe Grounds.
Chalcombe, 11th March, 1806.


At the Red-Lion Inn, in Banbury, in the County of Oxford, on Thursday the 20th Day of March inst. (and not on Thursday the 6th as before advertised), unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which Notice will be given,
A Very desirable inclosed Ground of ARABLE and PASTURE LAND; containing by Estimation 16 Acres, or thereabouts, situate in the Parish of MIDDLETON-CHENEY, in the County of Northampton, and now in the Tenure of Mr. J. Evans.
For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply at the Office of APLIN & SON, Banbury.

At the White-Lion Inn, in Kimbolton, on Friday the 21st Day of March, 1806, at four o'Clock, by Order of the Assignees of John Smith, a Bankrupt,

Lot 1. A Very neat Brick-built DWELLING-HOUSE, pleasantly situated in KIMBOLTON aforesaid; comprising two Parlours in front, four Chambers, two Garrets, and a convenient Kitchen; with a detached Brew house, an excellent Stable, convenient Warehouse, Store-Rooms, and other Outbuildings; late in the Occupation of the said John Smith.
The principal Part of the Premises have been built within a few Years, and the Whole thereof are in very complete Repair.- The Warehouse, &c. were until lately occupied as two Dwelling-Houses, and might, at a small Expence, be converted into Dwelling-Houses again.- Possession may be had at such Time as may be agreed upon at the Sale.
Lot 2. A COTTAGE-HOUSE, YARD, and GARDEN, situate at STONELY, in the Parish of Kimbolton, now or late in the Occupation of --Mumford and the said John Smith.
Lot 3. The REVERSION or REMAINDER in FEE, expectant on the Decease of Mrs. NASH without Issue, or of her Issue in their Minority without Issue, of and in a CLOSE of PASTURE GROUND, in EASTON, in the said County of Huntingdon, called the MEADOW CLOSE, or FOSSEY'S CLOSE, in the Occupation of Charles Sowell.
Lot 4. The said BANKRUPT's RIGHT to the Sum of FORTY-TWO POUNDS, payable on the Death of the Widow of the late Joseph Gross, of Caldecott, in the County of Northampton, farmer, deceased.
The Premises in Kimbolton may he viewed by applying to Mr. JOHN COSTIN, and the other Premises on Application to the TENANT; and further Particulars may be known of Mr. DAY, Solicitor, St.Neots.

To be peremptorily SOLD,
Pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chancery, made in a Cause, VICKERY against HAWKINS,

The Person appointed by Alexander Popham, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at the House of Joseph Butt, called the Crown lnn, in Huntingdon, in the County of Huntingdon, on Monday the 14th Day of April next, between the Hours of Twelve and One o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one Lot.
A LEASEHOLD ESTATE, situate at GODMANCHESTER, near Huntingdon; consisting of an undivided Moiety of the Rectory and Parsonage of Godmanchester, but agreed to be divided, the Entirety of which consists of the Parsonage-House, a Cottage, and other Buildings, and about 840 Acres of Land, called the Rectory Estate, and held of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster for twenty-one Years, from Michaelmas, 1804; usually renewed every seven Years, on Payment of a Fine.
Particulars may be had at the Master's Chambers, in Southampton-Buildings, Chancery-Lane; of Mr. EADE, Solicitor, Hitchin, Herts; and of Mr. TOWNSEND, Staple lnn, London.

Live and Dead Stock, &c.
GLATTON, Huntingdonshire,
On Wednesday the 19th Day of March, 1806, on the Premises.

THE following LIVE and DEAD STOCK, and sundry EFFECTS, of Mr.JOHN ATTERTON, who is leaving his Farm; consisting of 40 In-lamb Ewes and Theaves, 20 Shearhogs, and 30 Lambhogs; three milch Cows, five In-calf Heifers, five Two-year old Steers, three yearling Calves; six young and useful Draught Horses and Mares, a Six-year-old Hackney Mare, a good Goer and Mistress of 15 Stone, three well-bred young Hacknies, and one yearling Filly; one fat Hog, Sow with five Pig's, In-pig Sow, and two Ditto Yelts; one stout Narrow-wheel Waggon and two Ditto Carts; Ploughs and Harrows; Ladders; Horse, Cow, and Sheep-Cribs; Hurdles; Harness for six- Horses; two Cores of excellent Hay; Winnowing-Fan, Screen, and other Barn Tackle; Barrel-Churn, Milk-Pails, and Butter-Kimnels; a good Meat-Safe; Mash-Vat, Tubs, Trays, sweet Casks, and a Variety of other Effects.
The Sale to commence with the Sheep at Ten o'Clock; and ten Months' Credit will be given for all Bargains of or above 2, on approved joint Security, or a legal Discount allowed on prompt Payment.

Freehold Mansion, Bedford,
On Tuesday the 18th Day of March, 1806, at the Swan Inn, Bedford, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon (subject to such Conditions as will be then produced),

AN elegant and commodious Brick - built DWELLING-HOUSE, of handsome Elevation, fitted up and finished in the present Taste, the principal Part of good Dimensions, replete with proper attached and detached Offices; very desirably situated in ST.PAUL'S-SQUARE, in the Town of BEDFORD; consisting of an Entrance-Hall, large Dining-Parlour, Drawing-Room, Breakfast-Parlour, very excellent Kitchen, properly fitted up; convenient Butler's Pantry, good Cellars, &c. ; six good airy and pleasant Sleeping - Rooms, Dressing - Closets, neat Library, Store - Room, and very useful Closets; Servants -Rooms; and a Laundry, the whole Length of the House, with a principal and secondary Staircase; a paved Yard, with a suitable Range of Offices adjoining; two Coach-Houses, and Room for a Curricle; complete Stable for four Horses, with Lofts and a Granary over the same; a large and very productive Garden, agreeably laid out, and well planted with choice Fruit Trees, Shrubs, and Flowers.
The greater Part of the above Premises have been built but a few Years, and the Whole is in good Repair; the principal Apartments are handsomely finished with enriched Stucco Cornices, fashionable Paper-hangings, and Marble Chimney-Pieces; the Situation. highly respectable, and forming a complete Residence.-The Premises are in the Occupation of I.T. Dawson, Esq. who is removing to his Estate in Yorkshire; and immediate Possession may be had.
* * * The Purchaser to take the usual Fixtures at a fair Valuation.
N.B. Printed Particulars may be had at the Place of Sale; Crown, Huntingdon; Falcon, St.Neots; Swan, Biggleswade; Crown, Dunstable; Swan, Newport-Pagnell; Printing-Office, Northampton; of W. Dawson, Esq. Islington-Green; at Garraway's Coffee-House, London; Barnes's Printing-Office, and of Brown & Son, Auctioneers, Bedford, who are authorized to treat for the same by Private Contract.

On Saturday the 29th Day of March instant, at the Swan-Inn; in Newport- Pagnell, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced,

Lot 1. A Freehold ESTATE, at NORTH-CRAWLEY, in the County of Bucks; consisting of a substantial Farm- House, with convenient Outbuildings, and about 54 Acres of old inclosed Land, lying together (chiefly Pasture,) divided by good Hedges, and now and for many years past in the Occupation of Miles Goodman, under a Lease, which has just expired.
Lot 2. A FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at LITTLE CRAWLEY; consisting of a good Farm-House, with convenient Offices, and about 36 Acres of old-inclosed Pasture, lying together, divided by most excellent Hedges, and now and for many Years past in the Occupation of James Lowe, under a Lease, which has just expired.
This last-mentioned Estate is most charmingly situated, adjoining the Lordship of Chicheley, within about three Miles of Newport-Pagnell, and is one of the prettiest little Dairy or Grazing Farms in the County of Bucks.
*** For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. LUCAS, Attorney, Newport-Pagnell; or of the AUCTIONEERS, Bedford -The Tenants will shew the Premises.
N.B. The Sale will begin at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon.


THE Proprietors of the above Concern respectfully inform their friends and the Public, that from and after the 14th Day of this Month. the Business will be transacted at Mr. YORKE'S new Residence in the West Street.
Oundle, 8th March, 1806.

Genteel and expeditious Travelling,
(With one Coachman only all the Way.)

THE Public are respectfully informed, that the above Coach will set out from the GEORGE INN, RUGBY, on Tuesday the 4th of March next, and will continue to set out every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday Mornings, at Half-past Five o'Clock; will call at the GREEN-MAN, DUNCHURCH, a Quarter before Six, and at the BEAR INN, DAVENTRY, about Seven; and arrive at the GOLDEN-LION INN, ST. JOHN'S-STREET, LONDON, about Six in the Evening; returns every Thursday, Saturday, and Monday Mornings, at Half-past Five o'Clock, and arrives at Rugby about Six in the Evening.
Places and Parcels carefully booked at the above Inns, and at the Accommodation Coach-Office, Towcester.- Performed by the Public's obedient Servants,

The Proprietors of the above Coach will not be accountable for any Parcel, Package, or Passenger's Luggage. above 5 Value, unless entered as such and paid for accordingly.
N.B. The Old Accommodation Coach as usual; so that the Towns of DAVENTRY, TOWCESTER, and STONY-STRATFORD, will now be accommodated with a Coach to and from London every Day in the Week, except Wednesday.

February 21st, 1806.

To be SOLD,
At WOOTTON, in the County of Bedford,
A Large Quantity of capital OAK TIMBER, of particularly large Dimensions, well worth the Attention of Ship-Builders, and near to a navigable River.
For a View, and Particulars of the same, apply to Mr.KIDMAN, Bedford.

BEDFORD, March 6th, 1806.
MR. JOHN PULLEY most respectfully informs the Friends of his late Father, that he intends to continue practising the several Branches of the Profession in the Town of BEDFORD and its Neighbourhood; and he requests the Support of those who have kindly befriended his Family, if they think favourably of his Professional Abilities.


On Thursday the 20th Day of this current March, 1806, about Four in the Afternoon, at Mr. John Munton's, the Angel Inn, in Market-Harborough, in one or more Lots,
A Very substantial Stone-built, Slated, and Sashed FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOOSE, at the South End of MARKET-HARBOROUGH aforesaid; with Chaise-House, Stables, and other convenient Offices, and a spacious Garden, agreeably laid out for the Purposes of Pleasure and Convenience; the Whole well adapted for the Residence of a small genteel Family.
Also, THREE FREEHOLD and TYTHE-FREE CLOSES of excellent MEADOW and GRAZING LAND, adjoining the above-described Premises, containing together about six Acres and three Quarters, Statue Measure, bounded on the North by the Turnpike-Road from Harborough to Kettering, &c. and on the South by the River Welland.
Terms and further Particulars will be given by R.ROUSE, of Market-Harborough, to any Person inclined to purchase the above-described very desirable Estate by Private Contract.

* * * Immediate Possession may be had.

Live and Dead Stock, Household-Furniture, and
Brewing and Dairy Utensils,

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the 18th, 19th, and 20th Days of March, 1806, on the Premises of EDMUND TOMPKINS, of Snowford, in the County of Warwick (who is leaving the Farm);
CONSISTING of 120 Ewes, In-lamb, in Lots, 120 Tegs, in Lots, and 20 Wethers; 29 Oxen, two Spays, three In-calf Cows, three barren Ditto, and one Cow and Calf; five Draught Horses, one Draught Mare, and Gearing for the same; five Waggons, two of them nearly new, three Six-inch Carts, and two Narrow-wheel Ditto; four Pair of Harrows, and one large Sheet Harrow; double and single Ploughs; Scarifier and Scuffler; two Rolls; Winnowing-Fan; a Quantity of Hurdles; and a Variety of other Articles in the Farming Business.- Also, three Stumps of Hay, to be spent on the Premises; and about 150 Acres of Grass and Stubble Keep, to be lett till the fifth Day of April next.

The Live Stock will be sold first, and the Household. furniture on Thursday.

* * * The Sheep are of the New Leicestershire Breed, from Rams hired from Mr.Paget, Mr.Stone, and Mr.Buckley, and for near twenty Years have been selected with considerable Care and Attention.

N.B. Snowford is four Miles from Southam, seven from Warwick, and nine from Coventry.
The Sale to begin at Ten O'Clock each Morning. - Usual Conditions.


RESPECTFULLY acquaints his Friends and the Public, that he designs carrying on the above Business, in a SHOP situated on the MARKET-HILL, WELLINGBOROUGH, on the 17th Day of MARCH instant, when his utmost Endeavours will be employed to give Satisfaction to all who honour him with their Commands.

N.B. WATCHES and CLOCKS, of all Kinds, repaired on the most reasonable Terms,

Wellingborough, March 13th, 1806.

Dealers in Pit Coal, Coke, Slate, &c. at the Grand Junction Wharf, near Northampton,

BEG Leave to inform the Inhabitants of WELLINGBOROUGH, and its Neighbourhood, that they have now laid in for Sale, at the PUBLIC-WHARF, on the River Nen, near that Town, a Quantity of the best WEDNESBURY COALS; and that they purpose keeping a constant Supply there.
Those who please to favour them with their Custom, either at Northampton or Wellingborough, may depend on being always served with Coals of the best Quality, and at the very lowest Prices.
The present Ready Money Price of the best Wednesbury Coals, at Northampton Wharf, is Thirteenpence per Hundred; at Wellingborough Wharf, Sixteen-pence Halfpenny per Hundred.


THAT PART of the HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE, with various other EFFECTS, late the Property of Mrs.SHUTTLEWORTH, late of GREAT-BOWDEN, recently deceased, will be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Close of the current Month, at the House, in Market-Harborough, late in the Occupation of Henry Shuttleworth, Gentleman.

For the Benefit of John Parker's Creditors,

On Monday the 17th Day of March, 1806, at the House of John Parker, the Sign of the Bull's-Head, in Great-Claybrook, in the County of Leicester, between the Hours of Three and Six o' Clock in the Afternoon, subject to Conditions of Sale then to be produced,
ALL that substantial Brick and Tile, well-accustomed PUBLIC-HOUSE, known by the Sign of the BULL'S-HEAD, with a Yard, Stable, Garden, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging, pleasantly situated in the Town of Great-Claybrook aforesaid, adjoining the Turnpike- Road leading from Lutterworth to Hinckley, and now in the Occupation of John Parker, the Owner.
Also, at the same Time, will be SOLD by Auction, Another new-erected MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, adjoining the said Public-House, and now in the Tenure of Mr.Bassett, Framework-Knitter, as Tenant at Will.

The said Bull's-Head Public-House may be entered on at Lady-Day next.

Also, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 18th and 19th Days of March, will be SOLD by AUCTION, by EDWARD NEALE & SON, All the genteel HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE, LINEN, &c. BREWING VESSELS, and all other EFFECTS, of the said JOHN PARKER; comprising a Four-post Bedstead, clothed with Cotton and other Furniture; Feather and flock Beds; Blankets and Bed-Quilts; Bed and Table Linen; Oak Dining, Dressing, and other Tables; Pier and Swing Glasses; an exceeding good Clock, in an Oak Case; large Mash-Tub, with a smaller Ditto to correspond; large Brewing Copper; Brass Pots and Kettles; Kitchen Requisites; with numerous other Articles.

* * * The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock each Morning.
N.B. For a View of the said Premises, apply to JOHN PARKER, the owner.


NOTICE is hereby given, That the PARTNERSHIP between MARY SPRINGWELL, Widow, and JOHN SPRINGWELL, her Son, both of TRING, in the County of Hertford, Farmers and Co-Partners, WAS DISSOLVED BY MUTUAL CONSENT on the twenty-eighth Day of February, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Six; and all Persons who stand any Ways indebted to the Co- Partnership Estate, are desired forthwith to pay their respective Debts into the Hands of Mr. John Brown, or Mr. Garnet Jones, both of Tring aforesaid, who are duly authorized to receive the same.

To be SOLD, or LETT,
And may be entered upon at Lady-Day next,

A Good Sashed HOUSE, with a Two-stall Stable and other requisite Out-Offices, situate near the MARKET-PLACE, in MARKET HARBOROUGH, late in the Occupation at Dr.Large, and now in the Occupation of Mrs.Tulloh.
For further Particulars, enquire of Mr.JOHN SMITH, St.Mary's, Market-Harborough.

Freehold Estates, Eversholt, Bedfordshire.

On Saturday, March the 22d, 1806, at the Sign of the Green-Man, in Eversholt aforesaid, between the Hours of Three and Five o'Clock in the Afternoon (unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given),
SIX neat well-built TENEMENTS, with a Wood-Barn, Pigstye, and Garden to each; a Pump of excellent Water, and a Bakehouse, with an Oven, for the Use of the Whole; situated in, and known by the Name of, NEW-END, near to the Church, in EVERSHOLT aforesaid; all in good Repair, and lett to respectable Tenants at Will; and will be sold in two Lots.
Likewise, a small PIGHTLE of old SWEARD LAND, containing one Acre, more or less, well fenced, with a Stable to Ditto; and at HILL'S-END, in EVERSHOLT aforesaid, THREE substantial TENEMENTS (which have lately gone through a complete Repair), with a Wood-Barn, and Piece of Garden Ground to each, pleasantly situated on the Road leading to Woburn, in the Tenure of Thomas Burgess, Richard Evans, and Mrs. Stapleton- Also, ONE other TENEMENT, near to the said Premises, with Wood-Barn, Garden, &c. in the Occupation of Isaac Peper.- Likewise, adjoining the last-mentioned Tenement, a rich PLOT of GARDEN GROUND, fenced round, and planted with fruit Trees, containing 26 Poles, more or less.

The Whole will be sold in six Lots.
* * * For further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to the Auctioneer, Woburn, Beds; or to Mr.EAGLES, Solicitor, Ampthill.

To be LETT,
And entered upon at Lady-Day next,

A Capital GRAZING FARM; consisting of 183 Acres of excellent Grass Land, at WARKWORTH, two Miles from Banbury, in the County of Oxford.
Mr. PHILIP LUMBERT, of Banbury, will shew the Farm; and further Particulars may be had of Messrs. BIGNELL & WYKHAM, of Banbury aforesaid.

To be SOLD,

ABOUT 400 FLEECES of WOOL (fours and fives to the Tod), the Property of Mr. ELISHA LINNELL, of CROCKWELL, who is leaving his Farm.
Also, TWO MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, in the best Part of the pleasant Village of MAIDFORD, in the County of Northampton, now in the Occupation of W.Checkley and --- Hyde, Tenants at Will.
For further Particulars, enquire of the said Mr. LINNELL (One Concern.)

For prosecuting FELONS, THIEVES, &c.

NOTICE is hereby given, That the General Annual Meeting of the Members of this Association, will he held at the House of Mr. JONATHAN HOWKINS, known by the Sign of the FALCON, in CASTLE-ASHBY, on THURSDAY the 27th Day of MARCH instant, at Twelve o'Clock.

Dinner at Two o'Clock.

Treasurer and Solicitor.
Northampton, March 15th, 1806.


THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, bearing Date the 11th Day of July 1805, awarded and issued forth against JOHN HILL, of TOWCESTER, in the County of Northampton, Grocer, Dealer and Chapman, intend to meet on THURSDAY the 10th Day of APRIL next, at Six o'Clock in the Evening, at the WHITE-HORSE INN, in TOWCESTER aforesaid, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend; and all Claims not then proved will be disallowed.
Those Creditors who cannot attend personally at the Meeting to prove their Debts, may prove the same by Affidavits before the Solicitor under this Commission, or any other Master Extraordinary of the High Court of Chancery; but in such Case the Affidavits must be exhibited to the Commissioners, and allowed at the Meeting to entitle such Creditors to this Dividend at the same Time those Creditors' will be who have already proved their Debts, or shall at this Meeting; and as the Dividend will not be paid at this Meeting, but only declared, the Creditors may receive the same at any Time on or after the following Tuesday, by Application to the Solicitor.
J.M. KIRBY, Solicitor.
Towcester, March 14th, 1806.


THE Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against WILLIAM BROWN, of HOLCOTT, in the County of Northampton, Woolcomber and Shopkeeper, intend to meet on the 16th Day of APRIL next, at four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the House of FRANCIS OSBORN, known by the Name of the PEACOCK INN, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, in order to make a Dividend of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend; and all Claims not then substantiated will be disallowed.
Wellingborough, March 14th, 1806.


THOMAS SHELTON, of HIGHAM-FERRERS, in the County of Northampton, Butcher, having conveyed and assigned all his real and Personal Estates and Effects to John Shelton, of Raunds, in the said County, Butcher; and John Corby, of Rushden, in the said County, Victualler, in Trust, for the equal Benefit of all his Creditors; Notice is therefore hereby given, That the Deed is left at the Office of Messrs.HODSON, Solicitors, in WELLINGBOROUGH, for the Signature of such of the Creditors of the said Thomas Shelton, who shall be willing to accept a Composition on their Debts; and as a Dividend is intended to he made with as little Delay as possible, it is requested, that the Creditors will immediately transmit an Account of their respective Demands to the Assignees, or to Messrs.Hodson, and execute the Deed on or before the thirtieth Day of April next, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the Dividend.- All Persons who stand indebted to the said Thomas Shelton, are desired forthwith to pay their respective Debts to the Assignees, or to Messrs. Hodson, or they will be sued for the Recovery thereof without further Notice.
Wellingborough, 15th March, 1806.

AT a General Meeting of MALTSTERS and MAKERS of MALT, residing within the BOROUGH and COUNTY of HUNTINGDON, held at the FOUNTAIN INN, in HUNTINGDON, on TUESDAY the 11th Day of MARCH, 1806, in order to take into Consideration the Propriety of petitioning Parliament for the Repeal of the 30th and 33d Sections of the Act of 42d of Geo. 3d, Chap. 38th, prohibiting the watering or sprinkling Grain making into Malt upon the Floor; and also for removing the Doubts at present entertained concerning the Right of appealing to the Justices in Quarter-Sessions from Convictions by two Magistrates;
(Mr. WM. HERBERT in the Chair);

It was unanimously agreed,

That the Operation of the above Clauses has been found by Experience to be productive of the most injurious Consequences to the Manufacture of Malt, and to subject the fair Trader to great Difficulties and Hardships, without any Advantage to the Revenue; and that the most serious and oppressive Grievances to the Manufacturers of Malt arise from the Facilities and Temptations which the first-mentioned Clause affords for unfounded and vexatious Prosecutions.
That the naturally moist Appearance of the Grain upon the Floor, for several Days after being thrown from the Cistern, added to the Fact of the Officers participating in the Penalties, enables and encourages such as are either ignorant of the Process, or inclined to take undue Advantages by availing themselves of the particular Stage of Operation, when such natural Appearances may seem to justify Suspicion, to exhibit informations against the Maltsters, from which no Vigilance can guard nor no Innocence protect him; upon which Convictions are accustomed to be founded on Matter of Opinion only, and from which no Appeal is to be obtained; and these vexatious and groundless Informations have of late become so frequent from the Facility with which Charges of this Description can be established, as to amount to a most grievous Evil, and to become a Source of the most serious Alarm.
That the foregoing Hardships are considerably aggravated by the Doubts which are entertained concerning the Right of appealing from Convictions under the above Act, to the Justices assembled at the General Quarter-Sessions of the Peace, a Privilege extended to all other Offences relating to the Duties on Malt; and from which as to this particular Offence, upon which Decisions for the Reasons above stated must be so peculiarly liable to Error, this Meeting cannot conceive it was the Intention of the Legislature to exclude them.
And that, to enable us to obtain Redress of the Grievances produced by the said Clauses, a Petition be presented to the Honourable the House of Commons, setting forth the same, and praying for such Relief as they in their Wisdom shall think fit to grant.
And a Petition having been prepared and read,

Resolved unanimously,

That the said Petition is approved by the Meeting, and that the same be signed by each Person present, and be forthwith sent to such Maltsters and Makers of Malt as have not been able to attend at this Meeting, for their respective Signatures.
That a Subscription be immediately entered into for the Purpose of raising a Fund to provide for the Expences which may arise in the Progress of this Business; and that the Chairman be appointed Treasurer.
That the following Gentlemen who composed this Meeting, or any three of them, be a Committee for managing the said Fund and forwarding the Purposes of the same, viz. Mr. Herbert, Mr. Cowling, Messrs. Fowlers, Mr. Osborne, Mr. Veasey, Mr. Lindsell, Mr. Charles Walker, Mr. John Baker, Mr.Fordham, and Mr. John Pumfrett; and that they be empowered to meet arid adjourn from Time to Time, and to take such Measures as they shall deem proper and necessary for carrying into Effect the objects of the foregoing Resolutions.
That Messrs. Maule & Sweeting, of Huntingdon, be appointed Solicitors, for rendering such Professional Assistance to the Committee as may be necessary in the Course of this Business.
That the above Resolutions be signed by the Chairman, and advertised in the Cambridge, Stamford, and Northampton Papers, and the Sun and Courier.

Resolved unanimously,
That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Chairman for his Attention to the Business of the Day, and for his Conduct in the Chair.


On Monday the 24th Day of March, 1806, and following Day, on the Premises of Mr. JEREMIAH JONES, the Sign of the White-Lion, in BRINKLOW, in the County of Warwick, Bankrupt,
SOME LIVE and DEAD STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, &c.; consisting of three exceeding good Boats, upon the Oxford Canal, one of them almost new; two Boat Horses; a Narrow-wheel Cart; one Plough; a Cock of Hay; and a Quantity of Dung.
Also, the LEASE of the said WHITE-LION PUBLIC-HOUSE, the Rent at Two Pounds per Annum, of which there are 26 Years unexpired at Lady-Day next.
Also, all the genteel HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, LINEN, CHINA, GLASS, BREWING-VESSELS, DAIRY UTENSILS; and all other EFFECTS, of the said JEREMIAH JONES; consisting of Four-post, Tent, and other Bedsteads, clothed with printed Cotton and other Furnitures; Feather and Flock Beds; Blankets and Bed-Quilts; Mahogany and Oak Dining and other Tables; Pier and Swing Glasses; stained and other Chairs; capital 30-Hour Clock; large Mash-Tub, with smaller Ditto to correspond; 80 - Gallon Copper; Iron Furnace; five 100 - Gallon Casks, 11 Half-Hogsheads, with smaller Ditto; several Lots of Brass Pots and Kettles; with numerous other Articles, &c, &c.
The Lease of the said Public-House, Live Stock, Implements of Husbandry, and Part of the Household-Furniture, &c. will be sold on Monday, the first Sale Day; and the remaining Part of the Household-Furniture on Tuesday, the second Sale Day.

Valuable Sheep, Neat Cattle, &c.

On Wednesday the 26th Day of March, 1806, precisely at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, on the Premises of Messrs. EDWARD and THOMAS SALES, of EASENHALL, in the Parish of MONKS-KIRBY, in the County of Warwick, who leave the Farm at Lady-Day next,
THE valuable BREED of IN-LAMB EWES and TEGS, COWS, HEIFERS, STURKS, &c.; comprising 95 In-lamb Ewes and 108 Tegs; one Heifer and Calf, three In-calf Cows, 17 In-calf Heifers, one barren Heifer, one fat Cow, five Sturks, and one sturk Bull; and two fat Pigs; which will be sold in Lots.
The valuable Breed of Sheep has been selected, with great Care, from, the first Sheep Breeders in the Counties of Leicester and Warwick, and will be found well worth the Attention of Purchasers.

To Parents and Guardians
WANTED, at Lady-Day next, A YOUNG LADY, as HALF-BOARDER, who will be treated with the greatest Care and Affection.
. Letters (Post-paid) addressed to Mrs. TAYLOR, Boarding-School, Ampthill, Beds, will be duly answered.


WANTED immediately, in the GROCERY and CHANDLERY BUSINESSES, A JOURNEYMAN, who is to assist in both Branches, go out with Goods, &c.- A Character will be expected.
Apply to J. DRAKE, Northampton.

Apply by Letter (Post Paid) to R.R., at Mr.Combe's Hotel, Library, Leicester.

WANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN PARCHMENT- MAKER. - A good Hand may have constant Employ and good Wages, by applying to JOHN ABELL, Parchment-Maker, Leicester.

All frized Goods, a Filler, and 14 Dozen , Deal Frames.

WANTED immediately, A JOURNEYMAN MAT-MAKER.- A good Hand may have constant Employ and good Wages, by applying to WM.SALTER, Stony-Stratford, Bucks.

WANTS a SITUATION, A YOUNG MAN about 23 Years of Age, as JOURNEYMAN to a BUTCHER, and who can produce a good Character from his last Place.
Apply to Mr.COOPER, Quart-Pot, Gold-Street, Northampton.

To Waggon - Whip - Maker's.

WANTED immediately, FOUR or FIVE WAGGON-WHIP-MAKERS.- None but good Workmen need apply. - Constant Work and exceeding good Wages will be given; together with every possible Convenience for carrying on the Business in an expeditions Manner.- All reasonable Expences will be allowed.
Application to be made to JAMES DEAN, Birmingham.


WANTED, A steady, active YOUNG MAN, as a WORKING GARDENER, who understands his Business in all its Branches.- None need apply unless they can be well recommended for Honesty and Sobriety, and have a good Character.
Enquire of Messrs.COLLIS & DASH, Booksellers, Kettering (if by Letter, Post-paid).


WANTED, in a small regular Family, residing in NORTHAMPTON, A steady, active, clean WOMAN, who perfectly understands her Business, as a good plain COOK.- Also, a healthy, steady YOUNG WOMAN, who has been accustomed to the Care of Children, and is capable of taking Charge of an Infant in Arms.
Application to be made to Mr. HALL, Ironmonger, in Northampton, but none need apply whose Character will not bear the strictest Enquiry.

In Northampton, Higham-Ferrers, Wellingborough,
and their Vicinity.

MEETINGS of the MALTSTERS residing in the above Towns, and the Vicinity thereof, will be held at the HIND INN, in WELLINGBOROUGH, on WEDNESDAY next, the 19th Instant; and at the GEORGE lNN, in NORTHAMPTON, on SATURDAY next, the 22d Instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon; for the Purpose of taking into Consideration the Propriety of petitioning Parliament for the Repeal of the 30th and 33d Sections of the Act of 42d George the 3d, Chap. 38th, prohibiting the watering or sprinkling of Grain on the Floor, whilst making into Malt; and also for removing the Doubts, at present entertained, concerning the Right of appealing to the Justices in Quarter-Session, against Convictions by two Justices under the said Act; at which Meetings all Persons interested in the making of Malt are particularly requested to attend.
March 14th, 1806.


AMOUNT of Subscriptions already received, 245 16s. 4 1/2 d.- Subscriptions will be received by Mr. MARKHAM, Northampton; Messrs. HODSON, Wellingborough; and at BANK, in KETTERING.

Capital Water Corn-Mill and Bakehouse,
WHICHFORD, Warwickshire.
To be LETT,
And entered upon the 5th of April next,

THAT good and well-accustomed WATER-GRIST-MILL, called WHICHFORD-MILL; together with six Acres of rich MEADOW LAND contiguous thereto. - The Premises consist of a Dwelling-House, excellent Bakehouse, roomy and convenient Out-Offices, which together with the Mill are in good Repair; also, a spacious Yard, Garden, and Orchard.- The Mill comprises three Pair of Stones and other Requisites, the Wheel secured from Flood or Frost, and has a good Head of Water; distant from Shipston-on-Stour and Chipping-Norton, five Miles; from Banbury and Stow, 10 Miles; all capital Market-Towns.
For further Particulars, or to treat for the above, apply to Mrs. MATTHEW'S, at Ascott, in the Parish of Whichford; or Mr. GODSON, Hook-Norton, Oxfordshire; if by Letter, Post-paid.


AN elegant and commodious Stone - built DWELLING-HOUSE, of handsome Elevation, pleasantly situated in SHEEP-STREET, in the Town of NORTHAMPTON, the late Residence of Mrs. Hankey, deceased; consisting of a spacious Entrance-Hall; Dining, Drawing, and Morning-Rooms; Gentleman's Dressing- Room; excellent paved Kitchen, properly fitted up; convenient Butler's Pantry and Cellars; and nine good, airy, and pleasant Sleeping-Rooms, Dressing-Rooms, and Closets; Laundry, Brewhouse, Yard, Garden, and Coach-House, with suitable Offices, well supplied with fine Spring Water.
The above Premises have been built but a few Years, and are in excellent Repair; the principal Apartments are handsomely finished with enriched Stucco Cornices, and the most fashionable Paper-Hangings. The Situation is highly respectable, and forms a complete Residence.

* * * Immediate Possession may be had.
N.B. For further Particulars, apply to Mr. WM. BENNETT, Sheep-Street, Northampton.

March 15th, 1806.

To Butchers and others.

A Substantial Stone-built DWELLING-HOUSE, with a large Garden, well planted with choice Fruit Trees, Stabling for three Horses, with good Lofts over the same, a large and convenient Stone-built Butcher's Shop, spacious Yard, good Out-Houses, Fasting- Pens, &c. and every Conveniency for carrying on the Trade of a Butcher; a capital Brick-built Chandle-House, with a Chamber over it, and every Conveniency for carrying on the Trade of a Tallow-Chandler.
The Buildings are in good Repair, and there is a Pump, with excellent Water, upon the Premises; situate in the Centre of the large and populous Village of LONG-BUCKBY, Northamptonshire; in the: Occupation of Mr.Joseph Muddiman, who will shew the Premises.
* * * For further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, apply to Mr. S. GOODMAN, Solicitor, Clipstone.


MRS. CAMPBELLE begs Leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Northampton and its Vicinity, that she intends opening a BOARDING SCHOOL, on TUESDAY, MARCH 25th, 1806, in Part of Mr. CHERRY'S House, well known as the Residence of the late and respectable Mrs. PASHAM. The Rooms are spacious and good, and the Situation airy and healthful.
Mrs. C. has long been in the Habit of assisting in Boarding-Schools, as Teacher of Needle-Work, a, well as the French Language, and now means to engage an English Assistant; she has, therefore, no Doubt, but those Parents and Guardians who may place their Children under her Care, will find that Trust discharged, as to Instruction, Health, and Morals, entirely to their Satisfaction.

Boarding, Washing, plain Work, Embroidery, and French28 Guineas per Ann.
Entrance1 Guinea

Mrs.C means to open a DAY-SCHOOL, at the same Time, for YOUNG LADIES, on then following Terms:-

English and plain Work0106per Quarter
Those who wish to learn the French Language, including the above100
Writing and Arithmetic070

Northampton, March 6th, 1806

THE FREE GRAMMAR - SCHOOL, at MARKET-HARBOROUGH. in the County of Leicester, having, by the Death of Mr. WILLIAM HARROD, the late Master thereof, become vacant, any Person, duly qualified, desirous of succeeding to the Mastership of the said School, is requested to apply to the MINISTER, or to Mr.Rouse, in Market-Harborough aforesaid, on or before Saturday the 22d of this current March.
The Qualifications required by the Founder, are expressed in the following Words, viz. A godly, honest, religious, learned Schoolmaster, able sufficiently to teach Greek and Latin, and Hebrew also.
The Endowment of the School doth not exceed thirty Pounds per Annum.


THE SIMPLE CONTRACT CREDlTORS of the late CHARLES CLARKE ADAMS, of WELTON, Esq. deceased, who have delivered in an Account of their Claims, may receive the full Amount thereof, at the WHEAT-SHEAF INN, in DAVENTRY, on WEDNESDAY next, the 19th Instant, between the Hours of Nine and Twelve in the Forenoon.
Welton-Place, March 14th, 1806.

BEDFORD, March 13th, 1806.
ALL Persons indebted to the late Mr. A. PULLEY, Surgeon, BEDFORD, are requested to discharge their Accounts on or before the first Day of June next; and all Persons to whom the said Mr. Pulley may have been indebted, are requested to send their Accounts to the Executors, William and John Pulley, in order that the same may be discharged.

Modern Furniture.
On Wednesday the 19th of March, 1806, on the Premises, ABINGTON-STREET, NORTHAMPTON,

PART of the elegant, genteel, and neat HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE, &c, the Property of Dr.ARMSTRONG, who is leaving this Part of the Country; consisting of a handsome Set of Mahogany Dining Tables, with circular Ends, 10 Feet 8 Inches by 4 Feet 4 Inches; elegant Library Bookcase, with Chinese Doors, 9 Feet 6 Inches high and 7 feet 3 Inches wide, fine Wood (by Mawhew & Ince); the following Books, viz. 10 Vols. of State Trials, &c. Walpole's British Traveller, and Jackson's Josephus; Music, viz. Symphonies by Haydn, Bach, &c.; Quartettos by Abel, and three Sets of Trios, 6 Vols.; Oratorios, L' Allegro, II Penseroso, Jeptha, Theodosia, by Handel, and Milton's Morning Hymn, by Cooke; four Sets of Glees by Battishill, Cooke, and Webbe, three Sets of Glees by Danby, Glees by Stephens, Ditto by Warren, and three other Books; a fine-toned Violin, with Bow and Case; Secretaire, with Drawers; Sideboard, in-laid, with Cellaret and Drawers; Mahogany Wine-Cooper; Chairs, of various Descriptions; Card Table and Writing-Desk; Bed-Steps; Tent and other Bedsteads, with Cotton Furnitures; Goose and other Feather-Beds; Crankey Mattresses and Straw Paillasses; Saddle and Bridle, and one new Ditto; sweet Iron-bound Casks; a Cooler; Garden Lights and Tools; Kitchen Utensils in general; with various other genteel and useful Articles.

The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock.

To the CREDITORS of WM. LAWRENCE, late of HIGHAM-FERRERS, in the County of Northampton, Victualler.

THE CREDITORS of thc said WILLIAM LAWRENCE may receive a Dividend on their Respective Debts, by applying to Mr.GOODHALL, Solicitor, Wellingborough.
Wellingborough, March 14th, 1806


THAT the SALE by AUCTION by JOHN DAY, of the EFFECTS of Mr.CLARKE, of Thornborough, near Buckingham, advertised to take Place on the 18th of MARCH instant, IS POSTPONED TO A FUTURE DAY; of which Notice will be given.

WANTED, in a small Family, A MAN SERVANT. - He will be required to wait at Table, and will have the Management of two Horses.- To a real good Servant, great Wages will be given.
Apply to Mr.THOMAS, Hind Inn, Wellingborough.

For prosecuting HORSE and SHEEP-STEALERS,

THE Members of this Association will meet at the HIND INN, in WELLINGBOROUGH, on WEDNESDAY the 26th of MARCH instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of forming a more extensive System for the Protection of Property in general, and for the Detection and Punishment of Offenders; at which Time it is requested that the Members of the WELLINGBOROUGH NEW ASSOCIATION will attend.
JOHN HODSON, Treasurer.

To be SOLD,
On Tuesday the 18th of March, 1806, in the Lordship of STANFORD-ON-AVON, in the County of Northampton, and in the Lordship of WESTERHILL, in the County of Leicester,
ABOUT THIRTY LOTS of capital ASH POLES, the Property of HENRY OTWAY, Esq.
The Company are desired to meet at CHURN SPINNEY, by Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon.

Shortly will be SOLD by AUCTION,

THE neat and genuine HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS, of J.T. Dawson, Esq. at his Residence, in St.Paul's, Bedford (who is retiring to his Seat near Doncaster, Yorkshire); of which timely Notice will be given in this Paper.
Bedford, March 14th, 1806.

THORPE-MANDEVILLE, Northamptonshire.
To be SOLD,
A LARGE QUANTITY of ASH and ELM TIMBER, of large Dimensions.
Particulars, with the Day of Sale, will appear in next Week's Paper.

Under an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors,
At LITCHBOROUGH, in the County of Northampton, on Thursday the 27th of March, 1806,

THE HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE, and various other EFFECTS, of Mr. JOHN MASTERS, Baker; comprising Bedsteads and Furniture; Feather and Flock Beds; Quilts, Blankets; and Sheets; Tables and Chairs; Pewter and Brass; Half-hogshead Brewing-Copper and Grate; Mash-Vat, Tubs, Casks, &c. ; Dough-Trough and Flour-Bin; Brass Furnace, which will contain ten Gallons; Flour-Beams, Scales, and Weights; Dressing-Mill; Saddle, Bridles, and Pannel; Oven-Door; Stone Troughs, Ladders, &c. ; a Stump of excellent Hay; a new-milch Cow; Wheelbarrow, Forks, Rakes, and many other Articles too numerous to insert.

The Sale will commence at Ten o'Clock in the Morning.

Fir Trees, Fire Wood, &c.
On the Premises, on Monday the 17th of March,

A Large Quantity of very useful FIR TREES, now lying in Lots, on GREAT-BRICKHILL HILL, on the Road from thence to Little-Brickhill, in the County of Bucks, within a Mile and a Half of the Grand Junction Canal, with an excellent Road to the same.- Also, the LOPS and TOPS of a great Number of ASH and ELM TREES, on a Farm, near Duncomb's Wood, in the' Occupation of Mr.Durrant, in the Parish' of GREAT-BRICKHILL aforesaid, adjoining the Turnpike- Road.

The Whole to be positively sold without Reserve.- May be viewed ,any Time previous to the Sale.
The Sale to commence with the Firs, exactly at Ten o'Clock, and the Tops immediately after.

Oak and Ash Timber.
On Wednesday the 19th of March, 1806, exactly at Eleven o'Clock, at the Sign of the Royal-Oak, in Hanslop, in the County of Bucks, in Lots,

UPWARDS of 100 fine OAK TIMBER TREES, with their LOPS, TOPS, and BARK, growing in LITTLE-LINFORD WOOD, near Newport-Pagnell, Bucks, and within one Mile of the Grand Junction Canal.- Also, SEVERAL ASH and WALNUT: TREES, lying near the above.
The Trees may be viewed; and Catalogues had, ten Days before Sale, at the Anchor, Newport Pagnell; Bull, Olney; George, Stoke-Goldington; Angel, Northampton; Place of Sale; and of the Auctioneer, in Stony-Stratford.

Farming-Stock, Household Furniture, &c.
On Saturday the 22d of March, 1806, on the Premises, at SHENLY, EAST-GREEN, in the County of Bucks,

THE following EFFECTS of the late Mr.RICHARD NEWMAN, deceased; comprising two In-calf Cows and three Ditto Heifers; one stout Cart Horse, and one Three-year-old Colt; one Six-inch and one Narrow-wheel Cart, one small Cart, one Water Ditto, six Sets of Horses' Gears, several stout Hovel-Frames, Ploughs, Harrows, Field-Roll, Hurdles, Ladders, Bean-Mill, Cribs, Troughs, Winnowing-Fan, and Barn Tackle; two Churns, 11Milk-Leads, Milk-Tubs, and Buckets; a Hogshead Brewing-Copper, and one smaller Ditto.
HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE; as Bedsteads, with Furnitures; Feather and Flock-Beds; Quilts and Blankets; Tables, Drawers, and Chairs; Pier and Swing Glasses; Writing-Desk; China and Glass; Grates and Fire-Irons; with Kitchen-Furniture in general.
The Sale to begin with the Farming-Stock, exactly at Ten o' Clock, as the Whole is to be sold in one Day.

On Thursday the 3d Day of April, 1806, at the Cock Inn, Stony-Stratford, Bucks, between the Hours of Four and Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, in one Lot,

A FARM-HOUSE, with Barns and Outbuildings, Yard, Garden, and Orchard. situate in WHADDON aforesaid; also, 40 Acres, be the same more or less, of ARABLE and SWEARD LAND, lying dispersed in the open Fields of WHADDON ; with RIGHT of COMMON in the said Fields, and in Whaddon Chase.
The above-mentioned Farm is now in the Occupation of Mr.John Graws.--Possession will be given to the Purchaser on the 5th of April next.

* * * Copyhold in the Parish of Whaddon is equal in Value to Freehold.
N.B. For a View of the same, apply on the Premises; and for further Particulars, to the AUCTIONEER, in Stony-Stratford aforesaid.

MARCH 12th, 1806.

WHEREAS the GAME on the Manors and Estates of TODDINGTON and YOUNG'S, in the County of Bedford, now belonging to JOHN COOPER, Esq. has lately been destroyed by Poachers and unqualified Persons, and the FISH in the Waters taken out, without any Authority:

Notice is hereby given,
That such Persons, if found shooting or coursing on the said Manors and Estates, or fishing in the said Waters, without Leave, will be prosecuted as the Law directs.
The Tenants are requested to warn off all such unqualified Persons and Trespassers, and to give Notice to Mr. KEY HARDEY, of Houghton-Regis.


ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand upon the Estate of Mr. GEORGE FISH, late of the Town of NORTHAMPTON, Silversmith and Jeweller, deceased. are requested to transmit an Account thereof to Mr. William Ingman, of Abingdon-street, in the said Town of Northampton, School-master, in order that the same may be inspected and discharged.- And all Persons standing indebted to the Estate of the said GEORGE FISH, are desired to pay their respective Debts forthwith to the said Willlam Ingman, who is duly authorized by the Executors to receive the same.
Northampton, March 6th, 1806.


NOTICE is hereby given, That THOMAS POOLE, of STEVENTON, in the County of Bedford, Farmer, hath assigned over all his Effects to Mr.Benjamin Rogers, of Carlton; and Mr. Thomas Kidman, of Bedford; in Trust, for the Benefit of such of his Creditors who shall execute the Deed of Assignment on or before the 22d Day of March instant; which Deed is left at Mr. Kidman's Office, in Bedford, for the Signature of the Creditors. - All Persons indebted to the said Thomas Poole, are desired to pay their respective Debts to the said Trustees.

SOUTHAM, Feb. 28th, 1806.

ALL Persons who have any Claim or Demand upon the Estate and Effects of WILLIAM ASBERY, late of SOUTHAM, in the County of Warwick, Gentleman, deceased; or upon the Estate of his Sister, ANN ASBERY, late of the same Place, Spinster, deceased, are requested to send an Account thereof to the Office of Messrs. Tomes & Burman, Solicitors, Southam, that the same may be discharged; and all Persons indebted to the Estate of the said William Asbery, or Ann Asbery, either upon Mortgage, Bond, or otherwise, are also requested to pay their respective Debts to the said Messrs. Tomes & Burman, in whose Office the different Securities are now lying.


WHEREAS AGNES BIGG, of LEIGHTON BUSSARD, in the County of Bedford, Innholder, hath assigned over all her Estate and Effects to Messrs. Swaine and Minnitt, Brandy-Merchants, Holborn-Bridge, London; and Mr. David Willis, Solicitor, Leighton-Bussard, for the Benefit of her Creditors ; and the Assignment is deposited with Mr. David Lee Willis, Solicitor, Leighton-Bussard, for the Signatures of her Creditors:


That all Persons who are Creditors of the said Agnes Bigg, are requested forthwith to deliver an Account of their respective Demands, and execute the Assignment; as those who neglect so doing on or before the 25th Day of March next, will be excluded the Benefit of the Dividend that may arise on Sale of the said Estate and Effects:


That all Persons who stand indebted to the said Agnes Bigg, are desired to pay their respective Debts to the said Assignees, or Mr. D. L. Willis, within the above-limited Time for the said Creditors to sign the said Assignment, or they will be sued to recover the same; as a Dividend is intended to be made immediately after the said 25th Day of March next.
Leighton-Bussard, Feb. 17th, 1806.


ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand on the Estate or Effects of Mrs. MARY SHUTTLEWORTH, late of GREAT-BOWDEN, in the County of Leicester, Widow, deceased, are desired to transmit an account thereof to George Wartnaby, of Market-Harborough in order that the same may be discharged.- And all Persons indebted to the said Estate and Effects, by Mortgage, Bond, or simple Contract, are requested to pay the Amount of their several Debts to the said G. Wartnaby, without Delay, he being legally authorized to receive the same.
Market-Harborough, March 5th, 1806.


WHEREAS EDWARD PITTAM, of Weston-by-Weedon, in the County of Northampton, Shopkeeper, has assigned over his Effects to William Shepheard, of Blakesley; Thomas Aris, of Oakley-Bank; and Thomas Bartlet, of Banbury, in the County of Oxford, Draper, for the Benefit of his Creditors; and the Assignment is deposited with the said William Shepheard for the Signature of his Creditors: Notice is therefore hereby given, that all Persons who stand indebted to the said Edward Pittam, are required to pay their respective Debts to the said Trustees, or they will be sued for the Recovery of the same.


NOTICE is hereby given, That the Committee appointed according to the Direction of an Act of Parliament passed in tie 25th Year of His present. Majesty's Reign, intitled, "An Act for the more effectually preventing Frauds and Abuses committed by Persons employed in the Manufactures of combing Wool, Worsted - Yarn, and Goods , made from Worsted, in the Counties of Bedford, Huntingdon, Northampton, Leicester, Rutland, Lincoln, and the Isle of Ely," will hold their next Half-yearly Meeting-at the WHITE-HART INN, in THRAPSTON on MONDAY the THIRTY-FIRST Day of MARCH instant, for the Purpose of putting the said Act into Execution.
By Order of the Committee.
Stamford, March 10th, 1806.


NOTICE is hereby given, That all Persons having any Claims or Demands upon the Trustees for repairing the Highways from Old-Stratford, in the County of Northampton, to Dunchurch, in the County of Warwick, are desired to deliver their respective Bills to Mr.BENJAMIN GURDEN, their Surveyor, previous to the next Quarterly Meeting of the said Trustees, which is appointed to be held, by Adjournment at the CROWN INN, in FOSTER'S-BOOTH, in the said County of Northampton, on THURSDAY the 20th Day of MARCH instant, at Eleven o' Clock in the Forenoon:- Dated the sixth Day of March, 1806.
By Order of the said Trustees,
A. MIERES, their Clerk.


WHEREAS some Person or Persons did, late on Sunday Night, or early on Monday Morning last, STEAL and TAKE AWAY, out of a Close in GRENDON FIELD, in the County of Northampton, belonging to THOMAS COLES,


leaving the Skin in the Close; which is supposed to have been taken off by a Person used to butchering:
Whoever will discover the Offender or Offenders, shall, on his or their Conviction, receive a Reward of TWENTY GUINEAS, from the said THOMAS COLES, of Whiston.
February 28th, 1806.