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Some Selected Reports from The Northampton Mercury

(Printed by and for T.E.Dicey, W.Sutton, and R.Smithson)

Saturday, March 9th, 1805

Surrey Quarter Sessions, Tuesday, March 5.

- William Peckover, Elias Hollins, and Robert Bates, were put to the bar to take their trial; the first two, Peckover and Hollins, for feloniously stealing a number of sacks, and also a quantity of barley meal and malt, the property of Messrs.Langdale, Leader, and Atler, distillers at Wandsworth; and Robert Bates for having received the same, knowing them to have been stolen. -- It may be remembered that this same Robert Bates was tried last sessions, and after receiving sentence of transportation for seven years, he got quit of the whole, by the extraordinary circumstance of a boy, who was the only evidence against him, having been falsified in his statements by his statements by his own mother, - Knight, who was tried also at the same sessions, and acquitted, was the evidence in this cause, and most directly proved, that the articles in question were conveyed by him from the mill, at the desire of the prisoners Peckover and Hollins, and that they were taken to Bates's house. After the Chairman had summed up the evidence, the Jury found the three prisoners guilty, and they received sentence as follows :- Peckover and Hollins to be transported for seven years, as principals; and Bates, as receiver, for fourteen years.

Woburn, Feb 22d, 1805.

MRS.THORNTON begs the Friends and Customers of her late Husband will accept her sincere Thanks for their Favours; and informs them and the Public in general, that Mr.DRAKE, Nephew of the late Mr.THORNTON, having entered into PARTNERSHIP, the MERCERY, DRAPERY, and WOOL BUSINESS will, in future, be carried on under the Firm of THORNTON & DRAKE ; who hope, by Assiduity and Attention, to merit a Continuance of their Favours.
* The present Stock will be disposed of at a very reduced Price.
N.B. All Persons who stood indebted to the late Mr.THORNTON at the Time of his Decease, are requested to settle their Accounts at the Shop.

Walgrave, March 9th, 1805.

WHEREAS a Man in the Month of January, 1804, did leave a Small Cart at the Shop of N.Kimbell, Wheelwright, at Walgrave, Northamptonshire, ordering the same to be repaired, promising to fetch the same away in one Month's Time, but has not since fetched it away, or paid for repairing it.
Notice is therefore hereby given, that unless the said Cart is claimed by the Owner in one Month from the Date hereof, it will be sold to defray the Expence of repairing and this Advertisement.

Braunston, March 8, 1805.

WHEREAS THOMAS WARWICK, APPRENTICE to Euseby Brown, of Braunston, Northamptonshire, Draper and Taylor, did ABSCOND FROM HIS MASTER on Tuesday Evening, February 12th, 1805, without any Provocation. - He is about 5 Feet 3 Inches high, stout made, has a large Head, flat Nose, wide Mouth, and rather a frowning Visage; had on when he went away a brown mixed Coat, buff Manchester Quilting or spotted Velveret Waistcoat, light Corduroy or dark Velveteen Breeches, and light blue or black-and-white Hose. - This is to inform the said Thomas Warwick, that if he will return, he will be received again; but if not, and he can be found out, he will, and the Person employing or harbouring him, be prosecuted according to Law. Any Person giving Information respecting him, shall be handsomely rewarded by
Euseby Brown

March 5th, 1805.
Eloped From His Master, on Tuesday,
February the 26th,

Apprentice to William Barnwell, of Pailton, in the Parish of Monks-Kirby, in the County of Warwick, Taylor.
* The said Thomas Martin is about five Feet nine Inches and a Half high, has a pale Complexion and dark Hair, and the Finger Nails on his left Hand are remarkable through having been cut by a Hook; he had on when he went away a Snuff-coloured Frock, dark Swansdown Waistcoat, and dark Velveteen Breeches.
Whoever harbours or employs the said Apprentice after this public Notice, will be prosecuted to the utmost Rigor of the Law.

Saturday Evening, March 9.

MARRIED.] On the 28th ult. at Dawlish, Devonshire, by the Rev.Mr.Rolfe, the Rev.Charles Robinson, youngest son of Sir George Robinson, Bart. - of Cranford, in this county, to Miss Charlotte Pennyman, third daughter of Sir James Pennyman, Bart.
On Thursday last, in this town, Henry Disney Roebuck, Esq. late of Ingrees, in the county of Kent, to Miss Delaval, daughter of Colonel Delaval, of Redbourne-House, in the county of Hertford.
On Saturday se'nnight, Mr.John Carr, watch-maker, of Coventry, to Mrs.Platt, widow of Captain William Platt, of Liverpool,
Same day, Mr.Lection, of Edgeware-Road, London, to Miss Sarah Needham, of Southorpe, in this county.
Lately, Mr.William Court, of Leamington-Priors, to Miss Lane, of Haslor, Warwickshire.
Lately, Mr.Killinley, of Chesterton, Hunts, to Miss Walker, of Exton, in Rutland.
On Tuesday last, Mr.John Franey, to Miss Penelope Todd, of Southwick, near Oundle.
DIED.] On Sunday morning last, at the age of 82 year's, at her house in Lower Brook-street, after a long and gradual decline, Bridget, Countess Dowager of Morton, relict of James Earl of Morton, and daughter of Sir John Heathcote, Bart. of Normanton, in the county of Rutland.
On Tuesday se'nnight, in the 57th year of his age, Mr.William Malpas, of Stony-Stratford, Bucks.
Lately, at Connington, Hunts, aged 82, Mr.Mackness, sen. of that place.
A few days ago, aged 84, Mrs.Fox, of Huntingdon.
On the 21st ult, at Weston-by-Weedon, in this county, much regretted by a circle of respectable friends, the Rev.John Law, who for upwards of 13 years had been the pastor of a Dissenting congregation in that village.
On Thursday se'nnight, Mrs.Yardley, of Coventry.
On Friday se'nnight, Mr.William Abbotts, of Leamington-Priors, Warwickshire.
Same day, Mrs.Steel, relict of Mr.Steel, hatter, of Coventry.
On Sunday last, in the 53d year of his age, Mr.Spooner Warren, of Birmingham.
On Tuesday last, aged 50, Mr.Henry Jeffcutt, secretary to the Leicester Infirmary, and formerly of this town.

The Rev.W.Boldero, one of the chaplain to the Prince of Wales, and also to the Earl of Macartney, and rector of Woodford, Essex, has been preferred to the valuable rectory of Carleton, Cambridgeshire.
His Grace the Duke of Rutland has appointed D'Ewes Coke, Esq. Barrister at Law, to be his Deputy-Recorder for the borough and soke of Grantham, vacant by the promotion of Sir Thomas Manners Sutton (late Solicitor-general) to a Barony of the Exchequer.
Lord Foley and Sir H.Peyton have purchased Lord Sefton's Leicestershire hounds, intending to open next year's campaign in a new stile.
A few days ago was paid into the hands of the treasurer of the General Infirmary in this town, by the Rev.Thomas Smith, of Clay-Coton, a benefaction of three guineas, the amount of damages received from a person for illegally impounding his sheep.

At Banbury fair, on Thursday se'nnight, a sheep of the new Leicester kind was exhibited, the most complete in all points ever seen; which, although only two-shear, weighed upwards of 51lbs. per quarter. It was bred and fed by Mr.Joseph Pain, of Banbury, from a sheep of Mr.Wyatt's, of Hanwell-Park.

At the Assizes for this county, which ended on Thursday, George Swingler, for stealing two sheep, the property of Walton Pell, of Clipston; and William Dicks, for stealing a bay gelding, the property of Edward Grant, of Litchborough, were capitally convicted and received sentence of death, but were afterwards reprieved. - Henry Spur, for stealing a hair trunk, containing sundry articles of value from a stage-coach; and William Hardwick, for stealing a bridle and some sacks, were ordered to be transported for seven years. - Joseph Gallimore, for stealing a velveteen frock and a silk handkerchief, was fined sixpence, and ordered to be imprisoned for three months.- Thomas Ashley, for shop-lifting, and Samuel Coulston, for stealing beans from his master, were severally fined one shilling, and ordered to be imprisoned and kept to hard labour in the house of correction, the former for eighteen months, and the latter for twelve months. - George Marriott, for stealing a pocket-book, containing bills and cash to the value of 6, the property of John Cole, was fined sixpence, and ordered to be imprisoned and kept to hard labour in the house of correction for twelve months, - William Powell, convicted of petit larceny, was ordered to be imprisoned one month.- Hannah Ashby, convicted of perjury, was fined sixpence, and ordered to be imprisoned and kept to hard labour in the house of correction for two years.- Thomas Wennatt was delivered by proclamation; and Edward Ashford, Mary Radford, Richard Barber, and Ann Johnson were acquitted.
Levi v. Dowbiggen. -At the above Assizes, on Wednesday, this cause, which had excited considerable interest, came on to be heard before Sir Alan Chambre and a Special Jury. The action was brought for an assault committed by the defendant on the plaintiff on the second day of the last Northampton Races; and it appearing to the Court and Jury, from the evidence on the trial (which lasted near five hours), that the assault was most violent, and had been committed under many aggravating circumstances, a verdict was found for the plaintiff, with 500 damages, besides costs of suit - Counsel for the plaintiff; Serjeant Vaughan, Mr.Clark, and Mr.Sawbridge; for the defendant, Mr.Header and Mr.Bramston.

An inquisition was taken on the 26th ult. before Mr.Allen, Coroner for the county of Bucks, on view of the body of John Sonster, of Fenny-Stratford, a boy about eight years of age, who on the Saturday preceding was riding in a cart at Fenny-Stratford, when the horse took fright, and overturned the cart, which fell upon him and killed him. Verdict- Accidental death.

On Saturday se'nnight, a fire broke out at the White-Horse public-house, at Oakington, in Cambridgeshire, which was entirely destroyed, with a considerable part of the furniture.

THE following Horses are named for the Hunters' Stakes, to be run for on the first day of the Northampton Races, 1805 (31 Subscribers, five Guineas each), the best of three heats, twice round the course, weight for age.

Mr.Andrews's br. h. Norval, by Jupiter, 5 yrs. old, 10st 7lb.
Mr.Hawkins's b. h. Soldier, by Soldier, aged, 11st.
Mr.Pell's br. g. aged, 11st.
Mr.Harrison's roan g. Mountebank, by Magpye, aged, 11st.
Mr.Cooch's bI. g. Black Prince, by Grasshopper, 6 yrs. old, 10st. 11lb
Mr.Wilson's b. g. Grindlefield, by Overton, 5 yrs. old, 10st. 7lb.
Mr.Charles Hill's b.m. Giggler, 6 yrs. old, 10st. 11lb.
Mr.John Fletcher's b. g. Star by Skyscraper, 5 yrs.old, 10st 7lb.
Major Grant's b. g. Joe, by Joe Andrew aged, 11st.
Mr.Morris's ch. h. by Whirlwind, aged, 11st.
Mr.Bithrey's h. Little-fellow, aged, 11st.
Mr.Embden's b. g. Contestor.
Mr.Sturgess's g. g. Young Roscius, 6 yrs. old, 10st. 11lb.
Mr. Mannings b. g. Young Nobleman, 5 yrs. old, 10st.7Ib.
Mr.J.Benton's roan h. Strideaway, by Count de Grasse, 5yrs old, 10st. 7Ib.
Mr.G.S.Benton's ch. h. Northampton, 6 yrs old, 10st. 11lb.
Mr.J.B.Story's h. Lockington.

For the Hunters' Stakes, to be run for on the second day, there are six Subscriber, at ten Guineas each, one four-mile heat, 12st.each.

Mr.Andrews's br. h. Norval, by Jupiter.
Mr.Hawkins's b. h. Soldier, by Soldier.
Mr.J.B.Story's h. Lockington.
Mr.Wilson's b. h. Madman, by Traveller, out of Palmflower.
Mr.Fletcher's b. g. by King Fergus.

The prisoners in the county gaol return thanks to the Gentlemen of the Grand Jury for 6 3.10d. and to a Gentleman unknown for one guinea, left in the hands of the gaoler.