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Saturday, October 4th, 1806

It appears that there were but four cabin passengers in the King George packet, lately lost. One of them was a Mr.W. Benson, a practical farmer of Leicestershire, who occasionally visited Ireland. He had in the packet six rams of the Leicestershire breed.

To be LETT.
And entered upon at Michaelmas next.

THAT old-established PUBLIC-HOUSE, known by the Name of the SALUTATION INN, situated at the Entrance into COVENTRY, on the London Road from Daventry and Dunchurch; together with the Stabling, Bowling-Green, and extensive Gardens, well planted with choice Fruit Trees; now in the Occupation of Mr.Samuel Barton, who is going to retire from the Public Business.-The Stock in Trade. and Part of the Furniture, to be taken at a fair Valuation.
The Tenant may have the Lease made over to him, of which eleven Years are unexpired at Christmas next.
* Apply to Mr. S. BARTON, the Occupier.- Letters, Post-paid, requiring Information, will be attended to.

To be LETT.

On Tuesday the 7th Day of October, 1806, at the Council-House, at Saint Mary's Hall, in the City of Coventry, between the Hours of Ten and Twelve in the Forenoon, on Lease, to commence on the 5th Day of April, 1808, subject to such Conditions as will then be agreed on,
ALL those TWO PIECES or PARCELS of excellent PASTURE and MEADOW GROUND, with the APPURTENANCES, lying and being at SPRATTON, in the County of Northampton, in a certain Field heretofore called SOUTH RYE FIELD, and near to Holdenby Mill; and containing by Admeasurent 22A. 3R. 16P. and now in the Tennre of Mr.John Bray.
The Tenant will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars apply to Messrs.INGE & CARTER, Solicitors, Coventry.

Within the Hundred of AYLESBURY,
At the King's-Head Inn, Aylesbury, on Monday the 27th of October, 1806, at Two o'Clock.

Lot 1. A FREEHOLD FARM, with suitable Buildings, situate at PRESTWOOD COMMON, in the Parish of GREAT-MISSENDEN; containing 248 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Wood Land, occupied by the Executors of the late Mr.William Olliffe.
Lot 2. A FREEHOLD INCLOSURE of ARABLE LAND, in the Parish of WENDOVER; containing 14A. 1R. 4P. occupied by Mr. William Pratt.
Lot 3. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE in two Tenements, Orchard, Gardens, &c. situate at WESTON TURVILLE; containing 3R. 35P. occupied by the Undertenants of Mr.Thomas Mobley.
Lot 4. An ALLOTMENT of FREEHOLD MEADOW LAND, nearly adjoining Lot 3; containing 1A. 0R. 34P. occupied by Mr.Thomas Mobley.
Lot 5. A FREEHOLD GRASS FARM, called DUNSHAW, in the Parish of AYLESBURY; containing 63A. 3R. 5P. occupied by Mr. John Shelton.
Lot 6. A FREEHOLD ALLOTMENT of ARABLE LAND, in the Parish of BURTON; containing 2A. 0R. 1P. occupied by Mr.John Shelton.
Lot 7. A LEASEHOLD INCLOSURE of ARABLE LAND, called CROWN LEYS, in the Parish of AYLESBURY; containing 13A. 3R. 13P. occupied by Mr. Edward Terry.
Lot 8. A CLOSE of PASTURE LAND, adjoining the Town of AYLESBURY, called WHITE HILL CLOSE (with a House thereon); containing 4A.0R.35P. occupied by Mr.John Baily.
Lot 9. TWO FREEHOLD HOUSES, in AYLESBURY, occupied by Mr.Thomas Hatten, Attorney at Law, and Mrs.Jenkins.
Lot 10. That capital MANSION-HOUSE, Offices, &c. in AYLESBURY, late the Residence of Joseph Burnham, Esq. deceased.
Lot 11. A FREEHOLD INCLOSURE of partly MEADOW and partly ARABLE LAND, called MILL MEAD, in the Parish of AYLESBURY; containing 35A. 1R. 6P. occupied by Mr.John Shelton.
Lot 12. TWO FREEHOLD INCLOSURES of partly MEADOW and partly ARABLE LAND, in the Parish of AYLESBURY; containing 35A. 0R. 5P. occupied by Mrs.Brooks.
Lot 13. THREE FREEHOLD INCLOSURES of GRASS LAND, with a Cottage and Outbuildings, situate in the Hamlet of WALTON, near Aylesbury; containing 10A. 0R. 5P. occupied by Mr. W. B. Eagles.
* Lots 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13, will be sold subject to the Life Estate therein of a Lady, aged 78 Years in December next.
May be viewed by Leave of, and on Application to, the respective Tenants.
N.B. Particulars may be had at the Chequers, Prestwood Common; the White-Hart, Great-Missenden; the Lion, Wycombe; the Lion, Wendover; the Place of Sale; of Messrs. James & Rose, Solicitors, Aylesbury; Messrs. Rose & Munnings, Gray's Inn, London; Mr.Burnham, Solicitor, Winslow; and of Mr.Berry, General Agent, Walton-Terrace, Aylesbury, where Plans of the Farms may be seen.

Capital Freehold Estates, Manor, Fishery, Water-Mill, eligible Farms, and Land,
On the Borders of Suffolk, a short Distance from Newmarket.
At Garraway's Coffee-House, 'Change-Alley, Cornhill, London, on Tuesday the 21st of October, 1806, at Twelve o'Clock, in Lots,

THE extensive and capital Freehold ESTATES, comprising near FIVE THOUSAND ACRES of MEADOW, PASTURE, and ARABLE LAND, all in high' Cultivation, the principal Part lying compact, divided and lett in eligible Farms, with excellent Dwelling House, Barns, Stables, and Outbuildings, situate in SOHAM and FORDHAM.
SOHAM MEERE, Part of the above Estate, contains upwards of one thousand three hundred Acres, in a Ring Fence, and Tythe-free.-Also,

The CROWN INN, and sundry TENEMENTS, at SOHAM.

The truly noble and valuable MANOR, extending over near FOURTEEN THOUSAND ACRES of LAND, with arbitrary Fines and Quit- Rents.
The annual Value of the Estate is upwards of three thousand six hundred Pounds, which in a few Years may be considerably increased; the Property of a Nobleman.
These very valuable Estates, the principal Part lying compact, are lett to most respectable Tenants, Part at Will, the Remainder on Lease, short Terms of which are unexpired.
The Estates are Part bounded by the navigable Rivers the Ouse and Cam, which, from their Situation, command a Trade to the principal Parts of the Kingdom; are well worth the Attention of Gentlemen or Trustees wishing to invest large Sums of Money in Land; and are situate six Miles from Newmarket, sixteen from Cambridge, twelve from Bury, and sixty-six from London.
The Farms may be viewed by applying to Mr.John Slack, Heny Farm, or the Crown Inn, Soham, where Particulars may be had: also at the Cock, Mildenhall; Angel, Bury; Ram, Newmarket; Lamb, Ely; Rose-And-Crown, Wisbech; Sun, and Black-Bull, Cambridge; Post-House, Fakenham; King's-Arms, Bourne-Bridge; Crown, Hockerill; Green-Man, Harlow; Fountain, Huntingdon; Saracen's Head, Ware; of Mr.Thompson, Solicitor, Stamford; Mr.Houching, Wereham-Stoke, Norfolk; Messrs. Blake & White, Solicitors, Essex-Street, Strand; at Garraway's; and of Mr.Robins, Warwick-Street, Golden-Square, London, where a Plan of the Estate may be seen.


HAVING declined Business, takes the earliest Opportunity of returning his most grateful Acknowledgements to his Friends and the Public for past Favours, and begs Leave to recommend Mr.C. TILL as his Successor.

Draper, Mercer, Hosier, Hatter, &c.
(Successor to Mr.W. BURNELL)

TAKES this Opportunity of informing the Friends of Mr. BURNELL, and the Inhabitants of BEDFORD and its Vicinity, that he has taken the above SHOP and PREMISES, and intends re-opening the same on Saturday next, the 4th Day of October, with an entire new and fashionable Assortment of WOOLLEN and LINEN-DRAPERY; consisting of every Description of superfine Cloth, Marseilles, Swans-downs, Teilonets, &c.; Muslins, of all Descriptions; Yard and EII-wide Town-printed Cambrics and Calicoes, warranted fast Colours; an excellent Fabric of Colerain's Irish, of the new-approved Bleach;. which C. TILL intends offering on such Terms, accompanied with unwearied Attention, that he flatters himself of being honoured with the same liberal Support his Predecessor has hitherto experienced.

Funerals completely furnished.
N.B. Letters (Post-paid) addressed as above, will be duly attended to.
Bedford, Oct 1st, 1806.


ALL Persons who have any Claims or Demands on Mr.JOHN WOOD, of BURCOTT-LODGE, in the Parish of Wing, in the County of Buckingham, Dairyman, are requested to send Particulars of the same, within one Month from this Date, to Messrs.Willis & Son, Solicitors, of Leighton-Bussard, Beds, in order that such Creditors may have the Benefit of the Composition which will arise and proceed from the Sale and Disposal of the Stock and Effects of the said John Wood, he having made an Assignment thereof for the Benefit of those of his Creditors who will accept of the same.- And all persons indebted to the said John Wood, are desired to pay their respective Debts immediately to the said Messrs. Willis & Son.
Leighton-Bussard, Sept. 20th, 1806.

Toys, Cutlery, Haberdashery, and Japan Ware.

MRS> WHITE having, in addition to her own STOCK, purchased that of Mr. MARRIOTT and Mr. SPURRET, has it in her Power to offer those Articles at reduced Prices; and can assure Country Shopkeepers, Hawkers, and Pedlars, that they will find them peculiarly worth their Attention.
WANTED, A JOURNEYMAN, of a respectable Character, who understands Book-keeping and the above Businesses.
Banbury, Sept.25th, 1806.

OUNDLE, Northamptonshire.

I. ADSON solicits to return his most grateful Acknowledgments to his Friends and Customers, for favours already received in the PLUMBING and GLAZlNG BUSINESSES, which he intends leaving on the 10th Day of October instant; he also wishes to recommend Mr. S. COLE to succeed him in the above Businesses, who he believes to be well qualified to execute the same in both Branches, and in a modern Style. - I. ADSON likewise wishes to inform the Public in general, he intends entering on the TALBOT INN, in OUNDLE, on the above Day, where he hopes to merit the future Favours of his Friends, by the best Accommodations, and endeavouring to provide the best WINES, LIQUORS, &c. Neat POST-CHAISES and able HORSES, by their humble Servant,


THE numerous Instances of Transgression against the Laws now in being for the Protection of the Persons and Property of Individuals, have determined the Undersigned to form themselves into an Association, to be called "The Northamptonshire and Warwickshire Association for the Prosecution of Felons," and, to offer the following REWARDS for apprehending any Person or Persons guilty of the Offences hereafter-mentioned, on his or their Conviction, viz.

For Murder10100
For Burglary10100
For Highway or Footpad Robbery10100
For setting Fire to any Buildings or Effects10100
For receiving stolen Goods, knowing them to be stolen550
For stealing or maiming any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, Cow, Calf, or Sheep550
For stealing Pigs or Poultry220
For stealing Corn, Hay, Straw, or Fodder; stealing or damaging any Waggon, Cart, Plough, or other Implement of Husbandry220
For stealing Clothes110
For cutting or stealing any Timber or other Tree, Wood, or Underwood; breaking or stealing any Gates, Stiles, Boards, Planks, Posts, Rails, Pales, Poles, Hedges, or Fences, or any Iron Work belonging thereto110
For stealing any Wheat, Peas, Beans, Turnips, Carrots, Potatoes, Cabbages, or other Roots, fruits, or Vegetables, from any field, inclosed Ground, Garden, Orchard, or other Place0106


Jonas Welch Richard Jones
John Selby John Blackwell
Thomas Budd William Cox
William Weston William Griffin
Charles Foxley Samuel Whitmill
Robert Reading William French
William Fessey Matthew Jessop
James Walton William Cowper
Thomas Reading John Fessey
Richard White George Hitchcock
Daniel KnibbWilliam Fairbrother
Edward Reading Jeremiah Mumford
William Herbert William Tew
William Ledbrook, Sen. Richard Cleaver
William Ledbrook, Jun. William Claridge
William Fessy, Jun. Robert Orton
Richard Griffin Ann Griffin
Henry Rolls James Maud
William Coling Richard Rutlidge
Edward Aris William Kertland
William Elkington George Cooke
Cressent Gubbings William Cox
William Ralphs Thomas Reynolds
Richard Toach Thomas Allard
William Dunckley John Band
Thomas Cleaver William Linnell
John Horley George Bradshaw
John Johnson, Jun. James King
Thomas Jeff Samuel Hands
William Blackwell Thomas Stevens
John Guntrip Richard Tew
George Armitt

Notice is hereby given. That the Annual Meeting of the Subscribers to the above Association will be held at the CROWN INN, in BYFIELD, in the said county of Northampton, on Tuesday the 7th Day of October next, when the Company of any Gentleman desirous of becoming a Member will be esteemed a Favour; at which Time printed Particulars of the Rules of the Association will be ready to be delivered to the Members, and all Persons requiring the same.
Dinner on the Table at Two o'Clock.
September 19th, 1806.


MRS. TAYLOR, respectfully informs her Friends and the Public, that she has altered her intention of leaving AMPTHILL. Finding her Attachment so great to her young Ladies, she had determined on continuing her School, and hopes for that Preference she has hitherto experienced.- Terms, as usual, 18 Guineas per Annum.
* The large and commodious Draper's Shop will be detached from the Premises, and lett, either to the Trade, or as a Boy's School.- Any one applying for it as a School, must write a good Hand, be a good Accountant, and come well recommended.

* * This Advertisement will not appear again.

SWAN INN, on the Sands, near WOBURN.

RICHARD HIGGINS, who kept the Swan Inn, Newport-Pagnell, Bucks, many Years, informs the Nobility, Gentlemen Travellers, and others, that, in Consequence of the Goat Inn, Woburn, being shut up, and of there being only one Post-House in the Town, he has, at the particular Request and Solicitation of several of the Nobility and Gentlemen Travellers, whose Favour and Friendship he so liberally experienced during his Residence at Newport, taken upon himself the POSTING BUSINESS again; and begs Leave to assure them, every Attention and Accommodation, both in the House and Yard, will be strictly attended to. Comfortable Sleeping-Rooms and well-aired Beds, the best Wines and Spirits, and a well-supplied Larder. Post-Chaises, able Horses, and careful Drivers, with Expedition.
The Distance from Newport is eight Miles, and ten from Dunstable.


CHARLES TIRRELL, of MAIDWELL, in the County of Northampton, Butcher, having delivered over his Effects to John Payne, of Maidwell, Shoemaker, and Thomas Howcott, of Brixworth, Butcher, in order that an equal Dividend may be thereof made amongst his Creditors, it is proposed to distribute such Effects at the GOAT INN, at MAIDWELL, on MONDAY the 3d Day of November next; where such of the Creditors as are willing to compound, are requested to meet the said John Payne and Thomas Howcott.- And all Persons who stand indebted to the said Charles Tirrell, are desired to pay their Debts to the said John Payne or Thomas Howcott before the 28th Day of October instant; and, on Non-compliance, compulsory Means will be taken against the Defaulters.
Maidwell, 1st October, 1806.


THE CREDITORS of ISAAC PENDRED, heretofore of DUNTON, in the County of Bedford, but late of WILLIAN, in the County of Hertford, Yeoman, are desired to meet at the Office of Mr. Chapman, Solicitor, in Biggleswade, in the said County of Bedford, on Wednesday the 8th Day of October next, at the Hour of Eleven in the Forenoon, for the Purpose of signifying their assent or dissent to the assignee of the said Insolvent's Effects agreeing, compromising, or compounding certain Suits at Law and Equity, brought for recovering the Possession of certain Property late belonging to the said Isaac Pendred, and on other special Affairs.
Solicitor for the said Isaac Pendred's Affairs.
Biggleswade, Sept.29th, 1806.


WILLIAM COOK having lately laid in an Assortment of SPIRITUOUS LIQUORS, begs to solicit the Favours of his Friends and the Public, assuring them, that they shall be supplied with the very best Quality that can be procured.
Being a Retail Dealer he can serve his Friends with any small Quantity.
Ampthill, Sept.15th, 1806.

September 27th, 1806.
IF JOSEPH ADNITT, of BLISWORTH, Northamptonshire, does not fetch the Tree away he said to WILLIAM GOOD, Virginia-Row, Bethnal-Green, in the County of Middlesex, within fourteen Days from the Date hereof, it will be sold to pay all Charges, it not being Willow, as warranted.

BIGGLESWADE, Sept.29th, 1806.

STOLEN or STRAYED, supposed to be stolen, on Friday Night the 26th, or early on Saturday Morning the 27th Day of this instant September, from off the Farm of Mr.HARRY INSKIP, of OLD-WARDEN, in the County of Bedford.


about 14 Hands and an Inch High, has a Star in his Forehead, cut Tail, a Blemish between the Hair and Hoof of one of his fore Feet, and a small chaliced Swelling upon the Bridge of the Nose; has been used to the Collar, and is a very Hackney-like Horse.
If lost, whoever has found the same, and will help it again to Mr. INSKIP, will be handsomely rewarded for their Trouble; but if stolen, whoever will give Information of the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they may be brought to Justice and convicted thereof, shall, on Conviction, receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS of Mr.CHAPMAN, the Treasurer and Solicitor to the Biggleswade Association, for the Prosecution of Felons.

September 26th, 1806.
ALL Persons who are any Ways indebted to the Estate of JOHN HAWKES, late of ABINGTON, in the County of Northampton, Grazier, deceased, are requested forthwith to pay their respective Debts to his Executors, Mr. Nathaniel Jones, of Abington aforesaid; Mr. George Battams, of Great-Houghton, in the said County; or Mr. Stephen Hawkes, of Abington aforesaid.- And all Persons who have any Claim or Demand on the Estate of the said John Hawkes, are desired to transmit the same immediately to the above Executors, or to Mr. Buswell, Solicitor, in Northampton, in order that the same may be discharged.

Valuable Sheep, Corn and Hay-Stacks, &c.

On Tuesday the 14th Day of October, 1806, and following Day, on the Premises of Mr.THOMAS WARNER, of ULLESTHORPE and FROLESWORTH, in the County of Leicester, who is going to decline Part of his Business.
THE truly-valuable Breed of SHEEP and RAMS, LIVE and DEAD STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, CORN and HAYSTACKS, EDDISH and KEEPING, until Lady Day, 1807; comprising 90 Theaves, 82 Shearhogs, 11 Rams, and seven Shearhog Rams; a capital Nag Horse, five Years old, three Draught Horses, and one Draught Mare and Foal; three Narrow-wheel Waggons, two Six-inch-wheel Carts, and one Narrow-wheel Ditto; double and Single-wheel Ploughs, Harrows, Gearing for four Horses, Winnowing-Fan, Corn-Tray, Drag-Rakes, Forks, Field- Roll, Corn and Hay-Stacks, with numerous other Articles, &c. ; also, 270 Fleaks, in Lots, seven Cow-Cribs, and six Ladders.
The Implements of Husbandry, and Part of the Corn and Hay-Stacks, will be sold on the Premises, at Frolesworth, on Tuesday the first Sale Day; the Live Stock, and the remaining Part of the Hay and Corn. Stacks, &c. will be sold on the Premises, at Ullesthorpe, on Wednesday the second Sale Day.-The Sheep have been bred with great Care, and will be found worth the Attention of Purchasers.

* The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock each Morning.

N.B. Catalogues may be had, in due Time, at the Three-Crowns Inn, Leicester; Bull's-Head, Hinckley; the Hind and Denbigh-Arms Inns, and of the Auctioneers, in Lutterworth.

Buckinghamshire Freeholds.

On Tuesday the 14th of October, 1806, at the King's Head, in Sherington, near Newport-Pagnell, Bucks, between the Hours of Three and Five o'Clock in the Afternoon.
THREE compact MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, with a Plot of Garden Ground to each, and convenient Outbuildings, pleasantly situated in CHURCH-END, in SHERINGTON aforesaid, in the several Occupations of J. Joyce, --- Feasey, and --- Rose, respectable Tenants, at old and improvable Rents.- The Premises have lately been put in good Repair.

For a View of the Premises, apply on the Spot.

Bow-Brickhill, Bucks.
By Messrs.Young & Son,
At Garraway's Coffee-House, Change-Alley, Cornhill, London, on Thursday the 6th of November, 1806, at Twelve o'Clock,

AN eligible FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at BOW-BRICKHILL, near Little-Brickhill and Woburn, and 45 Miles from London; consisting of a Farm-House and Outbuildings, and several Inclosures of Land, containing, by Estimation, ninety Acres, lett to Mr.William Boddily, at Will, at

One Hundred and Five Pounds.

The Tenant will shew the Estate. - Printed Particulars may be had at the Swan, Little-Brickhill; White - Horse, Hockliffe; Cock, Stony-Stratford; George, Woburn; of Messrs. Allen, Exley, & Stocker, No. 4, Furnival's Inn, Holborn; at Garraway's; and of Messrs.Young & Son, No. 58, Chancery-Lane, London.

To be LETT or SOLD.
And entered upon immediately,

A Substantial Stone - built MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situate in OUNDLE, with excellent Stabling, Coach-House, and other Out-Offices, a capital Garden, and a Close of Pasture, late in the Occupation of Mr.Sherard.
For further Particulars, apply at the Offices of Messrs.YORKE & SHERARD, in Oundle or Thrapston; or to Mr. JOHN SOUTHWELL, of Warmington.

Elm Timber.
By Messrs.BRAMPTON & Co.
At WALGRAVE, in the County of Northampton,
on Monday the 6th Day of October, instant,1806,

UPWARDS of 3000 Feet of ELM TIMBER. - The Company are requested to meet the Auctioneers at Mr.Jakes's, the Sign of the Old-Bear in Walgrave, by Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon.
** Three Months' Credit will be given on approved joint Security, and paying a Deposit of 2s. 6d. in the Pound on the Amount.

By Messrs.BRAMPTON & Co.
On Wednesday the 15th Day of October, 1806, on the Premises of the late Mrs. DAVIS, at Loddington,
in the County of Northampton,

ALL the HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE, PLATE, LINEN, and CHINA; consisting of Mahogany and other Chairs, Tables, &c.; Feather and Flock-Beds; Bedsteads, with Morine and other Hangings; Counterpanes, Blankets, and Coverlids; Pier and Swing Glasses; Chests of Drawers; Bed and Table Linen; Kitchen Requisites, in Copper, Brass, and Pewter; Washing-Copper, Iron and Wood-bound Tubs, with a Variety of other useful Articles.
On Account of the great Number of Lots, the Sale to commence exactly at Ten o'Clock.

On the Premises, on Thursday next, the 9th of October, 1806,

THE LIVE STOCK, HAY, FARMING UTENSILS, and sundry valuable EFFECTS, of Mrs. PATCH, at AMPTHILL, Bedfordshire, who is leaving her Farm; consisting of two fine in-calf Cows, two new-milch Ditto, one barren Ditto, and two good fat Calves; two Cocks of fine upland Hay, about 10 Tons each, which may be taken off the Premises; three good Dung Carts, Plough, Corn-Screen, Barn Tackle, Cribs, long Ladders, a large Quantity of Wheat Straw, a Quantity of Wood, three Buildings, &c.

The Sale to begin precisely at Eleven o'Clock.

To Maltsters, Carriers, &c.

On Friday the 10th of October, 1806, at the Bell Inn, in Toddington, Bedfordshire, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon,
Lot 1. THAT good, FREEHOLD, long-established, Brick, Stud, and Thatched MALTING, capable of making 10 Quarters per Week, with Lead Cistern, Drying-Kiln, Bins, Lofts, &c. now in full Trade, in the Occupation of the Proprietor; and THREE substantial Brick, Stud, and Tiled DWELLING-HOUSES, with spacious Carrier's Yard, good Stabling for 10 Horses, lofty Loading-Sheds, with numerous other attached and detached Offices, in good Repair; a Pump of excellent Water, a fertile Garden, &c.; eligibly situated near the Centre of the Town of TODDINGTON, now lett to Mr. Ellis, Carrier, Mrs. Webb, Grocer, and Mr. Garret, Maltster, Tenants at Will, at old and improvable Rents.

May be viewed by applying to Mr. GARRET, on the Premises.

* * * The greatest Part of the Purchase Money may remain on the Estate, by giving proper Security; and the Purchaser may be accommodated with a Quantity of prime Malt, if required, for which Credit will be given until Christmas, 1806.
Lot 2. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with proper Offices, in good Repair, with Garden, &c. situate at WESTONING WOOD END, now lett to Mrs.Felts, Tenant at Will.

N.B. Further Particulars may be known of Mr. BROOKS, sworn Appraiser and Auctioneer, Clophill, Beds.

Saturday Evening, Oct. 4.

MARRIED, On Tuesday se'nnight, Thomas Coker Adams, Esq. of Ansty-Hall, Warwickshire, to Miss Mary Pistor, youngest daughter of Johnson Pistor, Esq. of Bath.
Lately, Life Dacry, Esq. of the 1st Royal Dragoons, to Miss M. Gorges, of South Lawn Lodge, Oxfordshire.
On Monday se'nnight, Mr.W. Collingridge, of Hardwick, Oxfordshire, to Miss Helen Simons, of Weston-Turvill, Bucks.
A few days ago, Mr. Waldron, of Lubbesthorpe, to Miss Clarke, of Oadby, both in Leicestershire.
DIED.] On Saturday last, most deservedly and sincerely regretted, the Rev. John Mordaunt, rector of Wicken, in this county, second son of Sir J.Mordaunt, Bart. of Walton, Warwickshire.
On Sunday se'nnight, Mr. Charles Lancelot Peck, youngest son of the late Walter Peck, Esq. of Hilton, Huntingdonshire.
On Monday se'nnight, at Kenilworth, Warwickshire, Mrs. Bird, widow of John Bird, Esq. formerly an Alderman of the city of London.

On Monday, Joshua Coach, Esq. was sworn into the office of Mayor of this Corporation for the ensuing year; as were Mr.John Bull Collins and Mr.William Paine into that of Bailiffs. After which an elegant entertainment was given by the Mayor, upon the occasion, at the George inn.
On Monday last, Thomas Kidman, Esq. was elected and sworn into the office of Mayor of Bedford, in the room of Joseph Barnard, Esq.
On Saturday last, Mr.John Heydon was elected one of the Assistants to the Corporation of Banbury; and on Monday, Richard Chapman, Esq. was sworn into the office of Mayor, after which the Members of the Corporation were entertained at his house in an elegant manner, and the day was spent with much harmony and conviviality.

In addition to the sum of 100, given about two years ago, by a person who desired to remain unknown, towards the establishment of a Lunatic Asylum, we have the satisfaction of informing the public, that the Rev.Mr. Vye, Rector of Wootton, has signified his intention of presenting the Infirmary with 100 guineas, whenever that benevolent plan shall be put into execution.
Yesterday and today four troops of the 2d regiment of Heavy German Dragoons marched from this town, on their route to Canterbury, and will be followed, on Monday and Tuesday next, by the remainder of the regiment.

Breach of Promise of Marriage.- HOBBINS v. HEMINGS.- The plaintiff in this case was Miss Mary Hobbins daughter of the late Mr.Hobbins, a reputable linen-draper, of Alcester, Warwickshire, and Richard Hemings, formerly of Alcester, but now a clerk in the banking-house of Messrs. Fletcher and Parsons, of Oxford, defendant. The action, which was for the breach of a promise of marriage, was brought in the Court of King's Bench, where the defendant suffered judgement to go by default; and it was on Wednesday se'nnight brought forward at the Warwick-Arms, in Warwick, before Mr.R. Hobbs, the Under-Sheriff; and a respectable Jury, in order to award damages, which in the declaration were laid at 1000. Counsel were heard on both sides, when the Jury awarded 200 damages.

About three o'clock in the morning of Sunday se'nnight, a fire was discovered in a Yard belonging to Mr. Thomas Bromhead, of Duddington, near Stamford, which destroyed the produce of about 50 acres of land, principally barley, a barn, stable, wheat-safe, and hovel.- The farm-yard is situated above a mile from any dwelling-house, and from the flames arising from different parts of the premises, and smoke issuing out of the barn at the same time, there is no doubt but they were set on fire by some vile incendiary. In the apertures of the wall, which were made to air the corn, some matches were found, and it was not until the doors were opened, that the flames burst out of the barn. The loss sustained, including the building, amounts to at least 500, no part of which was insured.-Early the same morning, some corn-stacks, &c. were burnt at Head's mills, near Biggleswade.

The True Briton stage-coach broke down last Sunday evening at Loughborough, on its way to town from Wakefield, with nine outside passengers and seven insides, together with as much luggage as would load a town cart. The weight was so excessive as to break the axletree short in two. By this means several passengers were dreadfully bruised; and one poor woman was in such a deplorable state that she was obliged to be left on the road.

RUSHTON, Northamptonshire.

A New-milched ASS to be LETT, with a Foal three Days old. - Enquire of Mr.RICHARD BLUNSOM, of Rushton aforesaid.
October, 2d, 1806

Good-accustomed Public-House
To be SOLD or LETT,
Now in Full Trade,

ALL that MESSUAGE known by the Name of the WAGGON-AND-HORSES, situate in Sheaf-Street, in the populous Town of DAVENTRY.
For further Particulars, enquire of Mr.KIRSHAW, Northampton.

To be LETT,
And entered upon immediately,

A Substantial DWELLING-HOUSE; comprising a Hall, two Parlours, Kitchen, Brew-house, and Study; five Chambers, with Garrets; large Garden, Orchard, Stables, and Out-Offices; pleasantly situate in the Centre of the Village of BLOXHAM, three Miles from Banbury, Oxfordshire, late in the Occupation of Mr. I. Councer, deceased.
For Particulars, apply to Mr.Spurrett, Ironmonger, Banbury; and for a view of the Premises, to Mr.Edward Bates, Maltster, Bloxham.

A few Acres of LAND may be had with the above, if required.

On the Premises, on Friday the 10th of October, 1806,

PART of the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, HAY, GRAIN in the STRAW, HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS, the Property of Mr. HENRY STAINES, at South Mill, in the Parish of BLUNHAM, near Bedford (removing to Salford Mill, near Cranfield, in the said County) ; consisting of three stout, useful Draught Horses. Sow and nine Pigs, Fowls, and Ducks; a capital Waggon, with Iron Arms. Tilt, and Hoops complete, and two Carts; Gears and Harness; Fallow and Seed Ploughs, with Tackle, &c.; Harrows, Cow-Cribs, long and short Ladders, eight Dozen of good Hurdles and Stakes, some Utensils in the Mill, &c. ; about 14 Tons of good Hay, eight Loads of Spring Wheat, in the Straw, and one Acre of Potatoes; some neat Household-Furniture, and other Effects; and two Sacks of good Turnip Seed.

The Hay and Straw may be taken off the Premises.
* * The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock.

Household-Furniture, &c.
On Monday the 13th of October, 1806, on the Premises, at OLD-STRATFORD.

THE HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS, of Mrs. KIGHTLEY, Widow, who is leaving Stratford; comprising Four-post and other Bedsteads, with Furnitures; Feather and Flock Beds; Quilts and Blankets; Dining, Tea, and other Tables; Chests of Drawers; Bureau; Pier and Swing Glasses; Clock and Case; Kitchen - Furniture in general; Brewing Tubs, Beer Casks, and various other Articles.- The Sale to begin exactly at Eleven o'Clock.


On Thursday the 30th of October instant, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, at the Cock Inn, in Whitchurch, Bucks, in one or more Lot or Lots, as shall be then agreed on (if not previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which, in that Event, due Notice will be given in this Paper), and subject to such Conditions as will be then produced,
A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or FARM-HOUSE (now converted into and occupied as two Tenements or Dwelling-Houses), with the Barn, Stable, large Yard, Garden, and a Homeclose of rich Pasture, containing three Acres (more or less), thereto belonging, with their Appurtenances, situate in the Hamlet of WEEDON, near AYLESBURY, Bucks, and now in the Occupation of Thomas Ivatts, or his Undertenants.
And also, the LIFE ESTATE and INTEREST of a PERSON, aged about 52, of and in TWO several PLOTS or ALLOTMENTS of new-inclosed LAND or GROUND, containing together, by Statute Measure, 60A. 3R. 21P. (near 40 Acres of which are fine old Sweard), also lying in the Hamlet of WEEDON aforesaid, and now occupied by the said Thomas Ivatts, as Tenant at Will, at the very low annual Rent of 120.- The last-mentioned Premises are Copyhold (charged with a small and certain yearly Quit-Rent of 1. 14s. 4d.), and situate in the Centre of the celebrated Vale of AYLESBURY.
For an inspection of the above, please to apply to Mr.THOMAS GREEN, Baker's-Lane, Aylesbury; and for more Particulars, to the Auctioneer, in Stony-Stratford; to Mr.Arrowsmith, Solicitor, Newport-Pagnell; or to William Ager, Esq. 9, Furnival's-Inn, London.

Convenient and comfortable Freehold House and Land.

In on Lot, on Tuesday the 7th of October, 1806, at the House of Mr.Baucutt, the Dun-Cow Inn, at West-Haddon, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon,
ALL those convenient and well-adapted PREMISES, situate and being in the pleasant Town of WEST-HADDON, in the County of Northampton, now in the possession of Mr. CURTIS (who is leaving Haddon) and his Tenants.- The Houses consists of a good Hall, Parlour, Kitchen, Pantry, two Cellars, a Dairy, and Cheese-Room, on the Ground; four good Sleeping Rooms, with Closets and Cupboards, on the first Floor; also suitable Attics; a spacious paved Yard, Barn, excellent Three-stall Stable, Coal-House, Piggeries, Lead Pump, and Well of good Water; two Gardens, well fenced, and planted with choice Fruit Trees, an excellent rich, fertile Orchard; a Close of Land adjoining the same, in high Cultivation, exceedingly well fenced, with a Barn on the same, and a Pump, with a Well of good Water, containing 3A. 0R. 6P. more or less.- The Whole forming a compact and desirable Situation for a genteel Family, or any Person requiring Room, and may be entered upon immediately.
Together with THREE TENEMENTS adjoining the same, in the Occupation of William Burbage, Robert Cole, and William Eaglestone, with Gardens to each.

And on Wednesday the 8th of October, 1806, will be

Part of the useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of Mr. CURTIS; consisting of Bedsteads, a Bureau, Tables, Chairs, 30-Hour Clock, Fire-Screen, Chest of Drawers, two Coppers, Kitchen-Grate, Smoke-Jack, Candlesticks, seven sweet Half - Hogshead Casks, China, Glass, and sundry useful Articles; one Fowling-Piece; Winnowing-Fan, large Hurdles, Fire-Wood, Posts and Rails, &c. &c.; also, a steady useful Mare, and a fine Two-year-old Blood Colt.

The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock.

On Friday the 10th Day of October, 1806, at Milton,
near Northampton.

THE neat useful HOUSEHOLD-FURNITURE of Mrs.ALLEN (who is leaving MILTON); consisting of Four-post and other Bedsteads; Feather and Flock-beds; Bedding, of Descriptions; Mahogany Tables, Chairs, &c.; Pier and Swing Looking-Glasses; Thirty-hour Clock; Kitchen and Scullery Utensils, in Copper, Brass, and Pewter; China and Earthenware; sweet Iron-bound Hogsheads and Casks; Tubs, Wash-Trays, Bowls, &c.; together with a Quantity of Timber and other useful Articles.
The Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock.


At the White-Hart, in Cotton-End, in the Parish of Hardingstone, in the County of Northampton, on the 23d of October instant, between the Hours of Three and Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, FIVE FREEHOLD MESSUAGES or TENEMENTS, adjoining each other, with Gardens, and a Well of good Water behind the same, now lett to John Reeve, Richard Riddington, and others, at the yearly Rents of 19 15s. situate in COTTON-END aforesaid, all in good Repair.
For further Particulars, apply to FRANCIS WILLIAM JEYES, Attorney, Gold-Street, Northampton.

At the latter End of October, or the Beginning of
November, 1806.

A FARM, at CAVERSFIELD, in the County of Oxford, in the Occupation of Mr. John Stuchbury: consisting of a Farm - House, with suitable Offices, and upwards of 200 Acres of Land.
The Time of Sale will be advertised in this Paper, and Particulars in due Time published by Messrs.Bignell & Wykham, of Banbury.

WANTED immediately, A steady active LAD, as an APPRENTICE to a BUTCHER.
Enquire of Mr.Thomas Bates, Floore, or Stow-nine-Churches, near Daventry.

WANTED, in a Gentleman's Family, near Northampton, A KITCHEN MAID, and a DAIRY MAID, who understands Poultry.
Apply to Mr.BRUCE, shoe-maker, Bridge-street, Northampton.<

WANTED at the WHEAT-SHEAF, DAVENTRY, A COOK, who understands the Business, and can have a good Character from her last Place.

INSURANCES granted on Houses, Buildings, Shipping, Water Craft, Goods, Merchandize, FARMING-STOCK, and other Property, from Loss or Damage by Fire.
Agricultural Stock insured at 2s 6d.per Cent The Office grants Insurances short of a Year, and makes good Loss by Fire from Lightning.
Insurances due at Michaelmas must be paid on or before the 14th Day of October instant.
Proposals and Rates gratis, by Application at the principal Offices in the Strand and Cornhill, London, or to any of the following Agents.


Northampton,- Fletcher & Dodd.
Peterborough,- Cole & Simpson
Wellingborough,- Sanderson & Beale
Daventry,- John Hall
Towcester,- Thomas Clarke
Brackley,- Richard Collisson
Kettering,- Cobb & Benton
Oundle,- Matthew Burrell

Huntingdon, -John Longland
St.Ives,- --- Lindsell
Stilton,- Thomas Strangward.

Bedford,- William Brown
Biggleswade,- Elizabeth Gardiner.
Luton,- John Griffiths
Dunstable,- George Scriven
Woburn,- Thomas Day.
Ampthill,- ---- Austin

Leicester,- George Lockwood
Ashby,- Samuel Beardmore
Loughborough,- Joel Marshall
Hinckley,- George Ward
Lutterworth,- William Mash.
Harborough,- R. Rouse

Buckingham,- Thomas Box
Aylesbury,- Robert White
High Wycombe,- James Gomme
Amersham,- John Statham
Fenny-Stratford,- Thomas Norman
Olney,- John Garrard
Great Marlow,- B.H. Cooper
Chesham,- Charles John
Stony-Stratford,- John Oliver

Oxford,- Hanwell & Parker.
Banbury,- Cobb & Co.
Woodstock,- Churchill & Turner
Witney,- Samuel Shuffrey
Deddington,- H. Churchill
Wheatley,- Jos.Holiday
Henley-on-Thames,- Z. Allnutt
Watlington,- Charles Nundy
Bicester,- T.M. Blowfield
Chipping-Norton,- William Holtom[?]

Hertford,- Edward Trotter
St.Alban's,- R. Mason, Sen.
Hitchin,- Thomas Times
Tring,- John Jones & Son
Hemel-Hempstead,- A. Casebourn.
Barnet,- M. Smith
Baldock,- Christopher Barber
Bishop's-Stortford,- James Dodd.

Warwick,- Jos. Cotton
Birmingham,- John Gottwaltz.
Coventry,- Benjamin Pratt
Coleshill, - Procter & Son.


Established by Royal Charter in the Reign of George I, for assuring Houses, Buildings, Corn, Hay, Goods, &c. and also for Assurance on Lives.
September, 17, 1806.
THE CORPORATION of the ROYAL-EXCHANGE ASSURANCE do hereby give Notice, that they have authorized their respective Agents to receive Proposals for the Assurance of Farming Stock at the Rate of 2s. 6d. per Cent. per Annum.
Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 29th Instant, are hereby informed, that RECEIPTS are now ready to be delivered by the COMPANY'S respective AGENTS under-mentioned; and the Parties assured are requested to apply for the Renewal of their Policies, on or before the 14th Day of October next, as the usual fifteen Days allowed for Payment beyond the Date of each Policy will then expire.
SAMUEL FENNING, Jun. Secretary.

Northampton,- Fras.Wm. Jeyes.
Thrapston,- James Robinson.
Towcester,- John Jenkinson
Wellingborough,- J.N. Goodhall
Daventry,- R. Sheppard

Bedford,- M. Partridge
Biggleswade,- John Lancaster
Leighton,- D. Willis
Luton,- D.L. Willis

Aylesbury,- Luke Turner
Beaconsfield,- Thos.Witts Walford
Buckingham,- Robert Miller
Chesham,- Creed & Baylie.
Great-Marlow,- Thomas Emes
Newport-Pagnell,- R. Collisson
Olney,- Richard Harrold
Stony-Stratford,- J. Day.
Winslow,- R. Reading

Huntingdon,- Robert Stafford
St.Neots,- Wm. Day
Stilton,- J. Bodger

Leicester,- John King
Market-Harborough,- Wm. Sprigg.
Melton-Mowbray,- Edw. Bright.

Birmingham,- James Kindon.
Coventry,- Jesimiel Smith.
Kineton,- Thomas Abbotts
Rugby,- Richard Fox

N.B. Fire Policies will be allowed free of Expence, where the Annual Premiums amount to 6s. or upwards.
This Company have invariably made good Losses by Fire, occasioned by Lightning.- Proposals may be had of the different Agents.
* Assurances on Lives being found to be advantageous to Persons having Offices, Employments, Estates, and other Incomes determinable on the Life or Lives of themselves or others, Tables of Rates for such Assurances, and for the granting Annunitieson Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And for the greater Convenience of the Public, the Company have determined to extend (by special Agreement) the Assurance on Lives to the Age of 75 Years.