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Some Selected Reports from the POLICE GAZETTE

Wednesday, November 13, 1871.


Description of a man who passed a forged Cheque for 10 on the Stockton Bank, drawn by M. Cassidi in favour of Geo. Bond, on Mr. Hutchings, Marine Hotel, Hastings, on the 6th instant : about 54 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, stout, fair complexion, grey hair, clean shaved face; dressed in a blue serge suit and boots with screwed soles. Information to be given to Chief Superintendent Glenister, Hastings, Sussex - Bow street, November 13.

Description of JOHN NICHOLLS, a bundler in wire works, but late a dealer in Watches and Jewellery, charged in the Borough of Middlesborough, with forgery : he is about 30 years of age, 5 feet 5 inches high, pale looking, dark hair, small dark whiskers, has a mark at corner of one eye, and of smart and active appearance; generally dressed in a fashionable suit; is a native of Bilston, Staffordshire, which place he was seen on the 4th instant. He may endeavour to emigrate. Information to be given to Chief Constable Saggerson, Borough Police Station, Middlesborough, who holds a warrant for his apprehension, and will pay all expenses.- Bow street, November 8.


Between 7 and 8 p.m on the 4th instant, a boy who was carrying in a canvas bag, marked 'G.E.R.' a sum of 20, belonging to the Great Eastern Railway Company, from their goods station at Wisbech, across a field towards their passenger station there; he was waylaid, and knocked down by a man in shirt sleeves, and the Bag and Money were taken forcibly from his pocket; part of the money consists of a 5 Bank of England Note, No B/66, 25775. Information to be given to Head Constable Sharpe, Wisbech - Bow-street, November 8.


Stolen, supposed by a tramp, during the 6th instant, by means of housebreaking, from the dwelling house of Thomas Pitt, of Leebotwood, Salop : a mans grey cloth Jacket, of rough texture, with pockets outside the skirt, and one in breast; a pair of grey cloth Trousers, worn at the knees, and peiced with different cloth behind; a Vest of same material; a grey Jacket of similar cloth, but of finer texture; and a pair of old black cloth Trousers, patched at the knees. Information to be given to Superintendent Caswell, Shrewsbury, Salop - Bow-street, November 13.

Between 6 p.m. on the 9th, and 6 a.m. on the 10th inst, the dwelling-house of Mr. Benjamin Moffatt, at Audlem, in the county of Chester, was burglariously broken and entered and a large quantity of wearing Apparel stolen therein : a tramp who gives the name of JAMES BELL, has been apprehended at Newcastle-under-Lyme, and part of the stolen property found in his possession; there was another man with him at the time he was apprehended, but made his escape, he is about 24 years of age, 5 feet 1 or 2 inches high, light hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion, stout built, has a tuft of dark hair on chin, no moustache or whiskers, a native of Brownhills, near Walsall, Staffordshire, and goes by the name CHARLEY or BAGGIE, in tramp's lodging-houses; dressed in black cloth coat, two pockets outside, and plain buttons, black billycock hat, callico shirt with linen front, dark cord trousers, and blucher shoes, much worn at the heels; all the above clothing were stolen, and are much too large for him; he had with a carpet bag, containing a dark drab cloth Coat and Vest, and a white Vest, which was stolen at the same time, and which he may be wearing; he is suspected to be making his way in the direction of Leek and Derbyshire. Information to be given to Superintendent Laxton, County Police, Nantwich, Cheshire - Bow-street, November 12.

Between 12 midnight, and 5 a.m. on the 8th instant, the shop of Calwaladr Griffiths, Bryneglwy's, was broken into, and the following stolen therein : thirty-three plaid woollen Shawls; a new Vest, dark with small yellow spots; and two pounds of roll Tobacco. Information to be given to Chief Constable Denman, or to Deputy Chief Constable Bradshaw, Wrexham, Denbighshire - Bow-st., November 10.

On the night of the 7th instant, the Chesterfield Hospital was broken and entered, and the following property stolen : a black rough cloth sac made Overcoat, two pockets outside, and one inside left breast, black velvet collar, black cloth buttons, and bound round the edge with braid; a black cloth sac overcoat, black velvet collar, two pockets outside with flaps, black cloth buttons bound with braid, and rather narrow in the sleeves; a blue pilot cloth frock Overcoat, black velvet collar, with two buttons and pockets behind, one inside right breast, black cloth buttons, and bound with braid; a blue cloth frock Coat, two pockets behind, one in left breast, and black cloth buttons : a pair of man's elastic-side Boots, worn; an old pair of Oxford Gloves; a pair of green kid Gloves; a pair of brown Mits; a brown, green, and white Scarf; a clothes Brush, with mahogany coloured handle; a brown silk Umbrella, yellow painted handle; a new set of surgical Instruments, in morocco case. Information to be given to Chief Superintendent Horne, Chesterfield, Derby - Bow-street, November 10.

Stolen by means of housebreaking from Weston Heath, near Newport, on Wednesday the 1st instant : a black and white mixture Jacket, a pair of black cloth Trousers, torn at both pockets, a pair of blue cloth Trousers, with black cloth waistband, a pair of men's Boots, toe-capped, and 7s in silver. Supposed by two tramps, one about 35 years of age, wore a dark round jacket and clogs; the other about 16 years of age, dark jacket and trousers, and supposed to be wearing the stolen Boots, as an old pair was left behind. Information to be given to Serjeant Haywood, Church Eaton, Staffordshire; or Police Constable Cummins, Blymhill, Shiffnall, Salop - Bow-street, November 6.

On the night of the 3rd instant, the dwelling house of J.W.P. Watlington, Esq, Moor Hall, Harlow, was broken and entered, and stolen therein : three Overcoats, blue with velvet collars; a lady's blue waterproof Cloak; three Umbrellas, two with silver bands, and one with 'J.W.P.W.' upon it; two pairs of Boots, one pair new lace-ups, the other buttoned, and newly soled; a railway Rug, black on one side, and red and black diamonds on the other; a pair of steel Spurs; a leather Cases; a gold Ring, with double crest; two pairs of leather Leggings, one pair black, the other brown; a gilt postage stamp Case; two soft felt Hats, one grey, the other brown; two pairs of doeskin Gloves; a morning tweed Coat; a pair of leather Slippers; and a green baize Bag. Information to be given to Superintendent Simpson, Police Station, Epping, Essex - Bow street, November 6.


Stolen during the night of the 11th instant, from Deerhurst, near Tewkesbury : a black cob Horse, two years old, 13 or 14 hands high, star on forehead, one heel white, supposed to be the near hind one, is in good condition, has not changed any teeth, tail cut square, a little above the hocks, dark muzzle, and carries head and tail well up. Information to be given to Superintendent Day, Police Office, Cheltenham - Bow street, November 12.

Stolen on the night of the 4th instant, from a field at Halesowen, Worcester, a dark brown mare Pony, about 12 hands high, has a white star on forehead, and a slit in left ear; the property of Mr. John Glaze. Information to be given to Superintendent of Police, Halesowen - Bow street, November 13.

Stolen from a field at Shipbourn, Kent, on the night of the 4th instant : a red Cow, with a white tail, long horns standing upright. Information to be given to Superintendent Dance, Police Court, Tonbridge, Kent - Bow-street, November 10.

Stolen during the night of the 29th of November last, from a field near Edgbaston-lane, Birmingham : a bay Pony, about 14 hands high, knees have been broken, aged, and eyes very good; has a mark on one hip darker than the general colour. 2 reward will be paid on its recovery, and conviction of the offender or offenders. Information to be given at the Detective Police Office, Moor-street, Birmingham - Bow street, November 8.

Stolen from Bull Hill, Astley, near Stourport, on the night of the 1st instant, the property of Mr Edward Redfern : a dark brown cob mare Pony, 11 hands 3 inches high, a little white on both hind fetlocks, white star on forehead, and a rick mark on stifle of near hind leg. Information to be given to Superintendent Raby, Great Witley, near Stourport, Worcester - Bow street, November 8.
Stolen from a field at Motcombe, on the night of the 1st instant, the property of Mr. E. Godwin, of East Stower, an iron grey Horse, 4 years old, 15 1/2 hands high, and in good condition. Information to be given to Superintendent Brown, Dorset Constabulary, Shaftesbury - Bow street, November 6.


Description of HENRY GROVES, hay and straw dealer, who absconded from Acton, near Nantwich, Cheshire, at about 3 a.m. on the 11th ultimo, charged with embezzling 9 15s, the monies of Jesse Tew, farmer, of Faddiley, near Nantwich : he is about 30 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, stout build, dark hair, eyes, and complexion, and down-cast look. Is in the habit of going about the country among farmers, buying hay and straw, and sending it to the Staffordshire potteries. Information to be given to Superintendent Laxton, Nantwich, Cheshire, who holds a warrant for his apprehension - Bow street, November 12.

Stolen from the Globe beer-house, Ross, on the 7th inst., a tin cash Box, containing about 6 in Gold and Silver, a beer-house Licence, and two Receipts for insurance, the property of Mr. Thos. Parry. By a tramp, who stated that he was in search of work as a moulder, about 30 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, dark hair, light moustache; dressed in a dark tweed jacket, moleskin trousers and vest, black-cap, and light boots; he was carrying a green carpet bag and an accordion. Information to be given to Superintendent Cope, Police Station, Ross, Herefordshire - Bow street, November 13.

Stolen from the house of John Leese, labourer, Coton Hayes, near Stone, on the 6th instant : one Sovereign, one Shilling, and a pocket Knife. By his nephew, about 19 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, black hair, and small whiskers on end of chin; dressed in a blue pilot jacket, black cloth vest and trousers, elastic-side boots, and hard hat; he has a relative living at Burton on Trent, has lately lodged at Vale Pleasant, Silverdale, Staffordshire, and has worked in coal-pits. Information to be given to Superintendent Crisp, Stone, Staffordshire - Bow street, November 13.

Absconded from Redgrave, Suffolk, on the 3rd instant, charged with stealing fourteen Fowls, and two Ducks, the property of David Kerridge, Hinderclay : THOS. CLARKE, 18 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, dark brown hair, blue eyes, fair complexion; dressed in light great-coat, black cloth trousers, lace-up boots, and leggings; has been traced to Harling Station, where he took a ticket for London. Information to be given to Inspector Utting, Rickinghall, Suffolk - Bow street, November 13.

Absconded from Shifnal, Salop, on the 8th ultimo : FRANCIS JORDAN, charged with embezzling 6d., the monies of his master, John Henry Millward; he is 18 years of age, 5 feet 4 inches high, fresh complexion, dark hair, hazel eyes, oval visage; dressed when absconded in dark clothes. Information to be given to Chief Superintendent Richardson, Wellington; or to Sergeant Cox, Shifnal, Salop, who holds a warrant for his apprehension - Bow st, Nov. 10

Description of JAMES PRIESTMAN, a local traveller and collector, who is charged with embezzling 8 1s, at Salford, during the past month : about 28 years of age, 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, sallow complexion, dark hair, no whiskers, sharp features, well made, and lately discharged from the Army; dressed in light tweed cloth suit, and billycock hat; he is pretty well educated, and may apply for a situation as collector in stores or warehouses. Information to be given to Chief Constable Torrens, Town Hall, Salford, who holds a warrant for his apprehension - Bow-street, November 8.

Absconded from Stone, at 7 a.m. on the 7th instant, charged with stealing a washleather Purse and about 21s in Silver, the property of Mark Cutten, hawker : a youth, about 15 years of age, low in stature, and slim make; dressed in a blue pilot jacket, yellow buttons with anchor crest, dark cord trousers, black cloth cap with turned up peak, states he is a native of Liverpool, and was taken into Cutten's service at Stockport about three weeks since. Information to be given to Superintendent Crisp, Stone, Staffordshire - Bow street, November 8.

Stolen on the 2nd instant, from the dwelling house of a gentleman in Clifton-park, Tranmere, Cheshire, the following property : a lady's gold Geneva Watch, gold dial and dome, engraved case, maker Wible, Geneva, No. 13337; a long light coloured gold guard Chain, snake pattern, had attached a gold Mordant Pencil-case, with an amethyst or purple stone, which was fastened to the chain with a piece of thread; a pair of lady's new buttoned winter Boots, very good quality. By MARGARET BARTLETT, the servant, she is 22 years of age, low stature, thick set, pale complexion, deeply pockpitted, and short curly brown hair. 1 reward will be paid to any person who will give information as will lead to her apprehension and conviction, and recovery of the property, or in proportion to the amount recovered, on application to the County Police Office, Birkenhead, Cheshire - Bow street, November 8.

(Not otherwise described)

Absconded from Chesterfield, on the 1st instant, charged with extorting, between June the 15th and 1st instant, several sums of money, under threats to accuse of crime : JOHN LANDER, bootcloser, a native of Chesterfield, about 24 years of age, looks younger, 5 feet 4 inches high, light brown hair, pale complexion, thin face, no whiskers or moustache, has a stooping gait when walking, and slight impediment in his speech; dressed in black cloth shooting coat, vest, and trousers, or in grey mixture overcoat, black cloth vest, and cord trousers. Information to be given to Chief Superintendent Horne, Chesterfield - Bow-street, November 10.


Description of two men, charged at Whitby, on warrant, with making counterfeit Coin, on the 14th ultimo :

EDWARD BRANNAN, an Irish labourer, about 35 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, fresh complexion, brown hair, and lightish whiskers, meeting under the chin, stout made, left eye and cheek very much swollen and discoloured, cut mark on upper lip, top teeth in front of upper jaw and gum completely kicked into the mouth; when he left Whitby on the 30th October, his face presented a fearful spectacle, he had been knocked down and kicked a few days previous; dressed in a pair of fustian trousers, white slop, covered in front with blood, strong lace-up boots, and black cap, or soft billycock hat.
WALTER ROCHE, navvy, about 33 years of age, 6 feet high, fresh complexion, grey eyes, brown hair and whiskers, good looking, and is supposed to be a native of Grimsby, has a scar on left cheek; dressed in a pair of fustian trousers, while slop, strong boots, and black billycock hat.
They will no doubt seek employment on some line of railway in course of construction. Information to be given to Superintendent Clarkson, West Riding Constabulary, Whitby, who holds a warrant for their apprehension - Bow street, Nov. 10.

Description of HENRY BALDWIN, alias JOHN BENNETT, charged with obtaining by false pretences, from Mr John Snelus, at Poddington, 1 , on the 2nd ultimo : he is a native of Illmington, Warwickshire, but has lately worked at Upton-upon-Severn, about 35 years of age, 5 feet 3 or 4 inches high, thick set, fresh complexion, small whiskers, and has had a blow on the nose; dressed in a loose brown coat, dirty cord trousers, and black bowler hat; has the appearance of a boatman, and supposed to be in Staffordshire or Birmingham. Information to be given to Sergeant Tanner, Winchcomb, Gloucestershire, who holds a warrant for his apprehension - Bow street, November 8.

Description of JAMES HENRY MARYON, a banker's clerk, charged with having on the 16th of February last, by false pretences obtained the sum of 15 from Lloyd's Banking Company, Birmingham : about 35 years of age, 5 ft 8 or 9 inches high, rather coarse light hair, whiskers, beard, and moustache, pale complexion, sickly looking, long nose and well shaped, high forehead, narrow teeth, very irregular and of bad colour, and speaks in a very quiet tone; dressed very respectable. 50 reward will be paid to any person giving such information as will lead to his apprehension. Information to be given to Chief Superintendent Glossop, Police Office, Moor Street, Birmingham, Bow street, November 8.

Description of licence-holders who have failed to report themselves at a Metropolitan Police Station, as required by the Penal Servitude Act, 1864.

JAMES REYNOLDS, No 9574, 36 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, fresh complexion, dark brown hair, dark hazel eyes, pockmarked on right temple, scars on face and left leg; was sentenced to 5 years penal servitude at Central Criminal Court for feloniously possessing counterfeit coin, his sentence will expire 9th June, 1872.
JOHN HUGHES, No.426, is 62 years of age, 5 feet 11 inches high, fair complexion, grey hair and eyes, prominent nose, scar on forehead, and ruptured on both sides. Was sentenced to seven years penal servitude at Denbigh Sessions for larceny, after previous conviction; his sentence will expire on the 14th March, 1872.
These licence-holders cannot be found at the addresses given by them, and they are to be apprehended by any constable at any time prior to date of expiration of sentence, and the fact reported immediately to the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, London, S.W. - Metropolitan Police, Nov. 13.

Description of convict, Register No.8573, THOMAS BARKER, who failed to report himself to the Police at Bilston, on being transferred from Dudley, on the 26th ult, whereby he has forfeited his license, and is to be apprehended by any Constable, at any time previous to the 16th day of October, 1872, the day on which his licence expires : he is 27 years of age, 5 feet 3 inches high, fresh complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, anchor on left arm, and cut on left lower jaw. Information to be given to Chief Superintendent McCrea, Police Office, Bilston, Staffordshire - Bow-street, November 13.

Description of three tramps remanded at Woburn till the 17th instant, charged with larceny. They gave the following names, supposed to be fictitious :

HARRY SALTHOUSE, 19 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, dark complexion, dark hair, slight moustache, long black eyebrows and eyelashes; has lost part of left thumb, which is now contracted; has letter 'T' on left fore-arm, and two small spots on right, in blue ink. Dressed in brown coat, grey striped trousers, black vest, and soft white felt hat. States he is a native of North-street, Whitechapel, and is a gunsmith.
WILLIAM WILLIAMS, 19 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, fresh complexion, brown hair, inclined to sandy, face and hands sun freckled. Dressed in black coat, brown check vest, cord trousers, and brown felt hat. States he is a native of Osborne-street, Whitechapel. Supposed to be a deserter.
EDWARD CLARKE, 15 years of age, 5 feet 1 inch high, sallow complexion, brown hair, and a blue spot on left forearm. Dressed in brown coat, black vest, grey trousers, and black felt hat. States he is a native of Jubilee-street, Whitechapel.
Information to be given to Superintendent Shepherd, Woburn, Beds. - Bow-street, November 13.

Description of two women, remanded till the 14th inst, charged with attempting to pick pockets at Brigg Market on the 9th instant.

MARY ANN DAVISON, 32 years of age, 4 feet 10 1/4 inches high, dark brown hair, blue eyes, round, full, fresh complexion, and a small scar on right corner of forehead; dressed in a black dress, grey shawl, black bonnet, and thick worsted fall, mauve and white turnover, and strong fashionable buttoned boots.
CATHERINE SMITH, alias MURREY, 37 years of age, 4 feet 10 1/2 inches high, black hair, inclined to grey, blue eyes, pockpitted, which are deep, and run together, making her look freckled, and stoutly built; dressed in a black skirt and blue body dress, long grey cloak, no sleeves or cape, black velvet bonnet trimmed on top with red velvet.
Both refused to give their address, and state that they have husbands, hawkers, one of whips and the other of types; they had a female child when apprehended, which died shortly after. They are supposed to be well known in the town. Information to be given to Superintendent Stevenitt, Police Station, Brigg, Lincolnshire - Bow street, November 13.

Description of two tramps remanded at Easingwold till the 17th instant, charged with larceny from the person :

ANN WILSON, 35 years of age, 5 feet high, fresh complexion, light red hair, light blue eyes, cut marks above left eyebrow; dressed in lilac cotton dress, black cloth jacket, trimmed with black beads on shoulders, light coloured bonnet, and old boots; states she was born at Alnwick.
MARY ANN McINTYRE, 50 years of age, 5 feet 4 inches high, fresh complexion, freckled, dark brown hair turning grey; dressed in drab mohair dress, black shawl and bonnet, and old boots; states she was born in Glasgow.

Information to be given to Superintendent Hunter, North Riding Constabulary, Heworth, or to Sergeant Ellerby, Easingwold, Yorkshire - Bow street, November 13.

Description of a man who gives the name of JAMES MADGE, in custody at the County Police Station, Aldershot, and remanded till the 16th inst, on a charge of burglariously breaking and entering the dwelling house of Miss Daniels, at Aldershot, on the morning of the 9th instant, and stealing therein five flannel Shirts and 4s. 11d : he is 35 years of age, 5 feet 7 1/4 inches high, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, sallow complexion, ginger whiskers and moustache, 'D' on left side, wreath, crown, and 'J.K.' on left arm, crucifix on right arm, and two moles on back of neck; dressed in dark tweed coat, black cloth vest, light tweed trousers, with black stripe down the sides, and billycock hat; he gives his address as George-street, Plymouth, and states he formerly belonged to the 94th Regiment, and had 56 days hard labour in Southwark Gaol for desertion. Two duplicates were found in his possession, one for a Ring, pawned at Hull, on the 18th of October, 1871, and the other for a Guard, pawned at Leeds, on the 19th of October, 1871. Information to be given to Superintendent Troke, Hants Constabulary, Aldershot - Bow street, November 13.

Description of a tramping blacksmith awaiting his trial at Salop assizes for arson : states his name is JOHN WEBBER, a native of Nailsea, Somersetshire, a widower, about 50 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, swarthy complexion, dark sandy hair mixed with grey and sandy whiskers, is badly ruptured, states he has worked in Bristol and was in a hospital there 6 or 7 years ago. Information to be given to Supt. Hains, Whitchurch, or to Sergeant Howells, Market Drayton, Salop - Bow-street, November 13.

Remanded at Worksop, Notts, till the 15th instant, on a charge of felony : a tramp, who gives the name of JOHN SMITH, and states he is a native of Newcastle-on-Tyne, about 20 years of age, 5 feet 2 inches high, dark brown hair, very dark grey eyes, and dark complexion; dressed in an old black cloth coat, vest, and trousers. He frequents fairs and markets with songs. Information to be given to Superintendent Blasdall, County Police Station, Worksop, Notts - Bow-street, November 13.

Remanded to Montgomery Gaol until the 9th proximo, charged with larceny : a tramp who gave the name of THOMAS WILLIAMS, 18 years of age, 5 feet 2 1/2 inches high, brown eyes, dark brown hair, clean pale face, rather long, a small scar on upper part of right side of forehead, one decayed tooth on right side of upper jaw; he says he has a relative living at Alfred-place, Old Kent road, and that he was lately in Cardigan Gaol, for vagrancy. Information to be given to Police Constable Roberts, Machynlleth, or at the Chief Constable's Office, Newtown, Montgomeryshire - Bow street, November 13.

EDWARD JONES, a convict on license, No.9672, has left his residence at Northampton, without having previously notified the same at the Police Office, where he last reported himself, whereby he has forfeited his license, and may be apprehended at any time previous to the 20th day of April, 1872, the day on which his license expires : he is a cattle dealer by trade, and his father Evan Jones, resides at Bala, Merionethshire, 30 years of age, 5 feet 6 3/4 inches high, fresh complexion, dark brown hair, grey eyes, 'D' on left side, and scar on eye. Information to be given to Chief Constable Keenan, Police Office, Northampton - Bow street, November 10.

Description of a man remanded at Wolverhampton till the 15th instant, charged with attempting to pick pockets : HENRY ROBERTS, labourer, 30 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, swarthy complexion, dark hair, broad features, scar over left eye and near right corner of lower lip, no beard or whiskers, and has no fixed residence; dressed in white slop, light coloured trousers, dark cap, white cotton socks, and blucher boots. Information to be given at the Chief Constable's Office, Wolverhampton - Bow street, November 10.

Description of two tramps committed for trial at the next sessions at Sheffield, for larceny at Doncaster on the 6th instant. It is supposed they have committed offences elsewhere :

HENRY DOUGLAS, 20 years of age, 5 feet 2 1/2 inches high, sallow complexion, brown eyes, black hair, and thin features; dressed in fustian jacket, dark vest, cotton cord trousers, and dark cap. States that he is a labourer on tramp, and was born at Chelsea, London.
CHARLES YOUNG, 18 years of age, 4 feet 11 inches high, fresh complexion, grey eyes, light brown hair, rather full eyes; dressed in dark clothes, black soft billycock hat, and very old boots. States he is a labourer on tramp, and was born at Aldershot.

Information to be given at the Superintendent's Office, Doncaster - Bow street, November 10.

Committed from Chesterfield, on the 9th instant, to the House of Correction, Derby, for one month under the Vagrant Act : JOHN SARRITT, a traveller, states he is a native of London, about 24 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, grey eyes, dark brown hair, whiskers shaved off, fresh complexion, long featured, slightly pockmarked, and has a scar from a burn on the right side of face; dressed in black coat with velvet collar, black vest, dark grey trousers, and round black felt hat. Information to be given to the Chief Superintendent Horne, Chesterfield, Derbyshire - Bow street, November 10.

Description of a man and woman committed for trial at the next North Riding Sessions, on a charge of felony :

THOMAS ANDERSON, 22 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, swarthy complexion, brown eyes, dark brown hair and small whiskers, receding forehead, bushy eyebrows, common nose, thick lips, is a native of Norwich, and has worked in ironstone mines; dressed in fustian trousers, brown coat, vest, and cap, and strong boots.
CHARLOTTE MOOR, alias KING, alias BRIGSTOCK, 18 years of age, 5 feet 3 inches high, fresh complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair, round face, and stout figure; dressed in a light print dress, black cloth jacket, and black hat.

Information to be given to Superintendent Clarkson, North Riding Constabulary, Whitby - Bow street, November 10.

Description of a man who gave the name of WILLIAM JONES, committed for trial, at the ensuing quarter sessions at Northallerton, charged with larceny from the person in the borough of Middlesborough, on the 7th instant : a labourer, about 50 years of age, 5 feet 5 inches high, slender figure, sallow complexion, grey hair, little grey whisker round face and moustache, lost all his teeth, with the exception of four front ones in upper jaw, a native of Bilston, Staffordshire, has of late been tramping about the North of England and Scotland, working occasionally at iron works and ship yards; dressed in a long fustian coat, old militia trousers, old brown cloth vest, and black cloth cap. Information to be given to Chief Constable Saggerson, Middlesborough-on-Tees, Yorkshire - Bow street, November 10.

Description of thee men and a woman remanded at Bishop Auckland, until the 13th instant, charged with felony, and supposed to have been previously convicted.

GEORGE TURNER, puddler, 22 years of age, 5 feet 3 3/4 inches high, dark eyes and complexion; dressed in an old brown ribbed cloth coat, brown cloth trousers, blue guernsey, lace up boots, and billycock hat; states he was born at Middlesborough, and two brothers and a sister living there.
WILLIAM IGO, 22 years of age, 5 feet 8 1/2 inches high, brown hair, grey eyes, fair complexion, burn marks on right side of face and neck, dressed in old black cloth coat, brown striped cloth trousers, light grey vest, Scotch cap, and elastic side boots; state he is a native of Liverpool, and a comic singer in public-houses.
WILLIAM HARLAND, 24 years of age, 5 feet 3 inches high, brown eyes, fair complexion; dressed in black cloth coat and vest, grey striped cloth trousers, and black cloth cap, all very ragged; states he served his time as a chimney sweep, with his uncle William Hardy, at Hartlepool.
HANNAH POTTS, 23 years of age, 5 feet 2 3/4 inches high, brown hair, grey eyes, rather sore, fair complexion; states she was born at Gateshead, and that she resided some time at Andrew Clyde's, lodging-house, Stockbridge, Newcastle.

Information to be given to Superintendent Henderson, Bishop Auckland, Durham - Bow-street, November 10.

Description of a man who gives the name of SAMUEL DEAR, in custody at Luton, charged with stealing a pair of gold Ear-rings and a gold finger Ring : 27 years of age, 5 feet 4 inches high, fair complexion, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and whiskers rather sandy, shaved off under the chin; dressed in shabby black cloth coat and vest, dark trousers, black alpine hat, and blucher boots; states that he is a painter, and that he has worked for Mr. Pearse, King-street, Borough, and other places in London. An old-fashioned gold Scarf Pin, with coral head of a man, and a Duplicate for a Coat, pledged for 4s, with Lewis and Isaac Lee, 52, Chippenham-terrace, Harrow-road, Paddington, London, were found in his possession, and supposed to have been stolen. Information to be given to Deputy Chief Constable Pope, Luton, Beds- Bow-street, November 10.

ALBERT ROEBUCK, a convict on license, No.8205, reported himself at the Hull Police Station, on the 28th Sept last, shipped on board the steamer 'Ino' the next day, but could not sail as he was not provided with sufficient clothing, and was ordered to report himself previous to sailing in any vessel, and not having done so, has forfeited his license, and may be apprehended at any time prior to 1st February, 1873, the day on which his license expires : he is 31 years of age, 5 feet 3 inches high, fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, right foot deformed, toes crippled; is a seaman, and was convicted at Liverpool on the 16th February, 1866. Information to be given to Chief Constable Cook, Hull - Bow-street, November 10.

Absconded from the Chester Industrial School on the 6th instant : a boy named JOHN MIDDLETON, 12 years of age, 4 feet 6 inches high, brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion, and is a native of Hyde, Cheshire; dressed in trousers, vest, and round jacket of corduroy, glengary cap and clogs, buttons and clothing are marked with the name of the school, the clogs are stamped '63' and the trousers have a red piping down the side. Information to be given to the Chief Constable, Town-Hall, Chester. Bow-street, November 10.

Description of JOHN NICHOLLS, a native of Bilston, Staffordshire, remanded until the 16th instant, on a charge of forgery : he is about 24 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, fresh complexion, dark hair and whiskers, and of smart appearance; has lately been dealing in watches, jewellery, &c. In his possession were found accounts relating to large transactions with tradesmen for jewellery, watches, timber, and other goods, in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, and West Hartlepool. Information to be given to Chief Constable Saggerson, Middlesborough, Yorkshire - Bow-street, November 10.

Description of a man who gave the name of JOHN THOMAS, committed to Aylesbury Gaol for one month on the 4th inst., for larceny : 50 years of age, 5ft 2 ins high, fair complexion, and brown hair, inclined to be sandy; dressed in an old dark cloth jacket, brown striped tweed vest, brown woollen cord trousers, and black and white straw hat; he says he is a native of Swansea, and an upholsterer, that he has worked in Oxford, Cambridge, and Hastings. Information to be given to Superintendent Denson, Police Station, Aylesbury, Bucks - Bow-street, November 10.

Missing since the 30th ultimo, from Tunbridge Wells : HENRY DANN, 13 years of age, about 4 feet 8 inches high, light brown hair, light complexion, and blue eyes; dressed when last seen in a butcher's old frock, grey jacket and trousers, and black felt hat. Supposed that some ill has befallen him. Information to be given to Superintendent Embery, Tunbridge Wells, Kent - Bow-street, November 8.

Description of two men who were committed on the 3rd instant, to Shrewsbury Gaol, for larceny :

JOHN PARKER, committed for 6 weeks, 28 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, swarthy complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, face pockmarked; he is a bellhanger by trade, a native of Cardiff, South Wales; obtained a pedlar's certificate in Aberystwith on the 7th May last, but states he lost it.
JOHN STUART, committed for 1 month, 35 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, sallow complexion, light brown hair, blue eyes, a native of Waterford, Ireland; states that he is a hawker, and has had a pedlar's certificate but has lost it.

They have two women travelling with them. Information to be given to Superintendent Gough, Oswestry, Salop - Bow-st, November 8.

Description of WILLIAM HENNESY, committed for trial, to the next West Kent Quarter Session on a charge of felony; is 62 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, grey eyes, fair complexion, grey hair and whiskers, and moustache cut short; dressed in old blue coat, cord trousers, billycock hat, and blucher boots; is a plasterer and moulder, and tramps from place to place. Information to be given to Superintendent Colman, Sevenoaks - Bow-street, November 8.

Description of DENNIS CALLAN, a puddler, who is undergoing sentence of six months imprisonment, for an aggravated assault on a woman at Manchester, on the 31st ultimo, and is rumoured that he is wanted for a similar or more serious offence, committed in some part of Wales : about 29 years of age, about 5 feet 9 1/2 inches high, fresh complexion, dark brown hair, blue eyes, is a native of Wales, has a cut mark on left eyebrow, anchor between finger and thumb of left hand, and a cross between forefinger and thumb of right hand; dressed in working puddler's dress, and has the appearance of once belonging to the Army. Information to be given to Chief Constable Torrens, Town Hall, Salford - Bow-street, November 8.


Stolen from a stable at Boons, in the parish of Brasted, Kent, between the 1st and 4th instant : a black leather chaise Harness, silver plated, and patent leather Collar, one of the trace has been mended near the top; been made 5 or 6 years, but little used. Information to be given to Superintendent Colman, Kent Constabulary, Sevenoakes - Bow-street, November 13.

Stolen from a moulding shop in Tranmere, between 6 p.m. 6th and 6 a.m. on the 7th instant : three moulder's square Trowels; a moulder's double-headed Trowel; a 1/2 inch iron Cleaner; one 3/8 inch ditto; a 3/4 inch ditto; a brass boss Smoother; and a brass bead Smoother. Supposed by a moulder, about 22 years of age, 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, dark complexion and hair, and has lost several front teeth. Information to be given to Superintendent Egerton, County Police, Abbey-street, Birkenhead, Cheshire. - Bow-street, November 12.

Stolen on the 10th instant from a bedroom at No.60, Eversfield-place, Hastings : a lady's small gold demi-hunting Watch, by Auber, Regent-street; a lady's large gold Watch, by Pennington, Camberwell, crest - a mailed arm holding a swan's head; a gold Chain; a round blue turquoise Brooch; and a mosaic Brooch, with violet grapes set in gold. A woman, 30 or 40 years of age, 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high, and dressed in dark clothes, was met coming down stairs by a servant, but was not detained. Information to be given to Chief Superintendent Glenister, Hastings, Sussex - Bow-street, November 13.

Stolen from Dolgelley, on the 10th instant, the property of Mr. Owen Owens : a brindled greyhound Bitch, about 8 months old, has a white mark on side of neck, also on fore feet and tip of tail, and answers to the name of 'Hibby.' Information to be given to Inspector Jones, Constabulary Office, Dolgelley, Merionethshire - Bow street, November 13.

Stolen from a lodging-house at Brigg, on the 9th instant : a pepper-and-salt Coat, two pockets on each side, one large and one small two large pockets inside, and round cornered in front, such as worn by gamekeepers; 2 Neckerchiefs, 3 pocket Handkerchiefs, all coloured cotton; 2 pairs of men's blue worsted Stockings, white tops and toes; a black-handled Razor; a Stone and Strap, with a white part on the end of strap. Supposed by a tramp, who left his own coat and trousers behind : he is a native of Scothern, near Lincoln, 24 years of age, 5 feet 5 or 5 inches high, rather dark complexion, full face, no whiskers, and dark hair, cut short : dressed in supposed stolen coat and trousers, cord vest, black cap, cloth peak and turn up round sides; stops at common lodging-houses. Information to be given to Superintendent Stevenitt, Brigg, Lincolnshire - Bow-street, November 13.

Stolen on the 7th instant, from the Grove, Twickenham-road, Lower Teddington :
2 gold Cups, raised outside with silver in shape of a diamond, crest - a bull's head.
2 silver butter Boats, crest - a bull's head.
1 silver half pint Cup, chased.
5 Brooches, one gold with enamel band, and diamond in centre, surrounded by pearls; one gold set with corals, with gold fringe, and three coral pendants; one oval mosaic in plain gold setting; one large cameo, open setting; and an Indian gilt filigree.
1 gold Necklet, with diamond setting, and three small Lockets attached, with a short gold Chain.
2 pairs of gold Ear-rings, one round coral setting, wound border and centre, gold fringe, and coral pendant attached; one plain, row of pearls in centre, and gold fringe.
1 large oval gold Locket, set with turquoise.
2 gold Rings, one lady's hoop, set with pearls; one gentleman's, set with carbuncle.
2 gold Watches, one old-fashioned open-face English, flowered on face; one small Geneva, open face.
1 small gold albert Chain.
5 scarf Pins, one gold in shape of a diamond, with diamond in centre, surrounded by emeralds; one gold in shape of a locket, with cameo portrait of Lord Byron, opens in front and contains miniatures of a lady and gentleman; one large carbuncle, with gold fox on top; one gold, true lovers knot; one plain Yarmouth agate, gilt setting.
2 gold shirt Studs, with enamelled borders, and three pearls in centre.
2 pairs of sleeve Links, one gold with raised carbuncle setting; one Japanese.
1 large fluted silver Pencil Case.
6 onyx waistcoat Buttons, small diamond in centre of each.
1 hair albert Chain, chased gold mounting.
Metropolitan Police, T. Division, November 13.

Stolen, between the 28th ultimo and the 1st instant, from a bedroom in the house of Mr. James Moxon, of Stretton-en-le-Field, in the county of Derby, a plain old-fashioned single-cased gold Watch; winds up in the face, plain gold Chain, a gold Seal set with white stone, and a bellows shaped gold Key, attached to the chain by a fancy gold-split ring. Information to be given to Superintendent Carline, Wooden Box, Burton-on-Trent - Bow-street, Nov. 10.

Stolen on the 10th instant, from an engine shed at the Welsh Slate Quarry, Blaena, Festiniog, Merionethshire : a silver lever Watch, with seconds hand, Np.2831, china little cracked from centre of face, between figures '2 and 4,' maker John Jones, Pwllheli. Information to be given to Superintendent Hughes, Towyn, or to Sergeant Lewis, Penrhyndendraeth, Merionethshire - Bow-street, November 10.

Stolen from a dwelling-house in Brighton, on the evening of the 5th instant :
1 gold Brooch, with pendant, set with garnets.
1 gold Seal, with red stone, engraved 'J.H.'
1 gold Seal, with red stone, engraved with four heads and Latin motto.
1 gold Seal, Wafer Stamp, and Watch Key.
1 small silver Brooch.
1 gold pocket-book Locket.
Gold Charms, Cross, Anchor, and Heart.
1 ivory Hand, gold mounted.
1 gold Slide Ring.
1 gold Ring, with a pearl and turquoise.
1 gentleman's gold Ring, with yellow stone.
1 small gold albert Chain.
1 Irish diamond Star, set in silver.
1 nugget of Gold, weighing about 1/4 oz.
1 French gold Pin, gold heart.
1 set of white Studs, with crystals.
1 set of jet Studs.
1 pair of silver Sugar Tongs.
1 silver Caddy Spoon, shell shape.
About 1 3s in Money.
Information to be given to Chief Constable White, Brighton - Bow-street, November 8.

Stolen on the 30th ultimo, from an empty house at Silverdale : a steel Chisel, 15 inches long; two large Chisels and several small Chisels; two centre Bits; two Squares; a Tenon Saw; a Gouge; all stamped with the owner's name John Macham. Information to be given to Superintendent Brown, Police Office, Tunstall, Staffordshire, or at any Police Station in the county - Bow-street, November 8.

Stolen on the afternoon of the 4th instant, from a summer-house, within the borough of Ashton-under-Lyne : a silver lever Watch, 'No.33727,' marked on the face; had a gold albert Chain and Locket (oval shaped) attached. 1 reward will be given to any person who will give such information and evidence as will lead to the conviction of the offender or offenders, and recovery of the Watch. Information to be given to the Chief Constable, Town Hall, Ashton-under-Lyne.- Bow-street, November 8.

Stolen from a silversmith's shop at Coventry, on the 6th instant : a glass Stand, containing about fifty gold scarf Pins, some being of the following description : one snake pattern, piece of coral in centre; one snake pattern; one with cameo likeness of the late Prince Consort; one, design fox's head, ruby eyes; one solid round head, with three pearls and blue enamel; two with turquoise; one amethyst; one small cameo; one anchor; the others of various patterns, with and without stones; and two silver scarf Pins, one with pebble in centre, and one with green striped stone. 10 reward will be paid on the apprehension and conviction of the offender or offenders, and recovery of the property, or any amount in proportion to the value recovered. Information to be given to Chief Superintendent Norris, City Police Office, Coventry - Bow-street, November 8.

Stolen from the Rose Hotel, Canterbury, on the morning of the 3rd instant : a gold Geneva lever Watch, No.42503, gold face, black figures, rather small, with a gold Chain, square pattern, a miniature Locket, with portrait of a child in it, and an enamelled turquoise Cross, attached; and about 29s in Silver; the property of Miss Russel. Supposed by a man of the following description, who slept at the Rose Hotel one night : about 40 years of age, about 5 feet 10 inches high, dark whiskers and moustache; dressed in dark clothes and tall hat, is of respectable appearance, and carried a small black bag. Information to be given to Superintendent Davies, Police Office, Canterbury, Kent. - Bow-street, November 6.

Stolen on the 17th ultimo, from a dwelling-house in Stockport : a patent lever silver stop Watch, centre seconds, maker Howard, Manchester, No.27691, had attached a gold albert Guard, six cornered and round link pattern, one of the six-cornered links a little crushed; attached to the guard was a three-cornered ruby Stone; also a Silver Watch, with gold hinges, marked 'W.S.' on the stud, No.25346; had attached a black silk Guard, one which was a silver Medal inscribed, 'Swimming Race, 200 yards, First Prize, W. Sutcliffe;' a gold American Dollar, and a 3-cent Piece. 5 reward will be paid to any person giving such information as will lead to the apprehension and conviction of the offender or offenders, and recovery of the above property, or in proportion thereto. Information to be given to Chief Superintendent Moores, Police Office, Stockport - Bow-street, November 6.

Stolen, supposed by a tramp, during the night of the 2nd instant, from a Stable at Saxilby : a light grey rough Overcoat, two buttons off the top, a hole cut and a piece of string run through to fasten it, seams unsown at top of shoulders, blue lining, torn in two or three places; and a pair of long black leather Leggings, fastening with loops and hip straps, a piece of leather inserted at seams to widen them. Information to be given to Inspector Grey, Police Station, Lindsey, Lincoln - Bow street, November 6.

Stolen from the dwelling house of Richard Willis, Esq, at Woking, during the evening of the 3rd instant :
1 gold Watch, No.17939, maker McCabe, with 'Jesse Wilson Willis,' engraved inside.
1 half-hoop diamond Ring, with five stones.
1 turquoise half-hoop Ring, with five stones.
1 small gold Brooch, with rubies and diamonds.
1 oval gold Brooch, with large topaz in centre.
1 round gold Brooch, with pink coral.
1 oval cameo Brooch.
1 large gold and green enamel Brooch.
1 gold filigree Maltese Cross, with gold Chain of three rows.
1 small topaz and gold Cross.
1 round gold Locket, with large carbuncle.
1 hair Bracelet, with gold clasp.
3 jet Bracelets.
1 gilt Watch Chain, with bunch of old-fashioned Seals.
1 red coral Necklace.
1 coraline Necklace.
1 long Malteses gold Chain.
1 silver filigree Brooch and Bracelet.
1 light sealskin Purse.
2 Smelling Bottles, one gold and the other silver topped
1 cairngorm Solitaire, set in silver gilt.
1 gold Pencil-case.
Information to be given to Deputy Chief Constable Barker, Surrey Constabulary, Guildford - Bow-street, November 6.

Stolen about the 27th ultimo, from the offices of Messrs. Fawcett & Spurway, carpet manufacturers, of Stourport, Worcestershire : a black corded Coat, has two pockets in the breast, two inside the skirt, and two outside; a plain sac Coat, has one pocket in the breast, and two outside; a dark grey Coat, with quilted lining; a black leather Bag, with brass lock and rings, containing the following masonic robes : an Apron, white leather, trimmed with purple ribbon, and gold fringe; a Scarf of purple silk, trimmed with gold fringe; two Cuffs of purple silk, trimmed with gold fringe; a circular Medallion, with 'Prov. Grand-lodge, of Worcestershire,' round the rim, and a dove in the middle. Information to be given to Superintendent Raby, Witley; or to Sergeant Ganderton, Stourport, Worcestershire - Bow-street, November 6.

Stolen in the borough of Blackburn, during the month of October.

From No.45, Duke-street, on the 16th : a woollen Shawl (recovered), the property of Margaret Martland. By EDWARD BARTON, about 30 years of age, 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high, dark brown hair, dark whiskers, swarthy complexion; dressed in a black cloth coat, brown cloth vest, cotton cord trousers, and black cloth cap, turns up at sides and ties on the top; is a tramping weaver.
From No.13, Cannon-street, on the 20th : a boy's new cotton cord Jacket, had not been pressed, and with without buttons, the property of Thos. Barrett. Suspicion is attached to ANN HARRIS, about 36 years of age, 5 feet 1 or 2 inches high, swarthy complexion, dark hair; dressed in a winsey dress, grey shawl, and small black blouse; is a tailoress, and a native of Ireland.
From a bazaar on the market place, on the 21st : four cigar Cases, four or five meerschaum Pipes, a pair of brass Scales, and a set of brass Weights, from 2 oz. to half a grain, the property of Mr. James Mordock. One pipe, one cigar case, and the weights and scales recovered, having been sold to Thomas Walton, of Bank Top, by GEORGE LIVESEY, 16 years of age, about 5 feet high, light hair, fair complexion; dressed in a suit of corduroy; a native of Blackburn; has absconded.
From a stall on the market, on the 21st : about 7 yards of black, red, and blue striped Kendal Linsey, and about three yards of blue and black striped Linsey, of the same material; the property of Mrs. Rebecca Leach, draper, 79, Walpole-street.
From the person of Adam Parkinson, on the 21st, a small Geneva Watch, imitation gold edges, and a small silver verge Watch.
From 13a, Greaves-street, on the 25th : a pair of man's blucher Shoes, three holes on each side, has three or four plate nails in each heel, rather strong make; the property of Mr. Amos Blackledge.
From 86, Walpole-street, on the 26th : a small alarm Clock, new, dark polished case, with spire; the property of Mr. Henry Walker Pinder.
From No.2, Lune-street, between the 22nd and 29th : a black cloth shooting Coat, two outside pockets, lined with black serge, black covered buttons; a black cloth Vest, lined with buff coloured calico, had a watch pocket in left breast, the pockets soiled from tobacco; the property of Mr. James Bury.
From a beerhouse, No.138, Bank Top, between the 1st and 28th : two dozen small diaper Towels, and six women's cotton Pockets, double pouches, made of plain white calico, the property of Mrs. Susannah West. Suspicion attached to ANN ECCLES, who had been living at the house as servant, and has since absconded, about 50 years of age, about 5 feet 1 in. high, fresh complexion, and sandy hair; dressed in a brown winsey dress, and puce plaid shawl; is a native of Darwen, but has lived in various towns.

Information to be given to Chief Constable Potts, Town Hall, Blackburn, Lancashire - Bow-street, November 6.

WAR OFFICE October 30, 1871.
On and after this date (Dec.11 1857), until further notice, the Reward given by the War Office for the Apprehension of a Deserter will be
the object being to prevent the crime of Desertion, and to hold out a greater inducement for the recovery of Deserters to Her Majesty's Service.

Office No.NAMEReg No.CORPSWhere BornTradeAgeSizeHairEyesFaceCoat & TrousersDate of DesertnPlace of Desertn
215956Atkin, James12757th HussarsNottingham-20 1/25 6lt. brnbluefreshregimental21 OctAldershot
215957Atkinson, Thomas161167th FootTunstall, Lancasterlabourer215 9 1/2lt. brngreyfreshditto15 OctShorncliffe
215958Allan, John1973dittoWindsor, Berksartist25 1/45 8brownbluefreshditto18 Octditto
215959Beverley, George13192nd DragoonsCraven, Lancashireclerk215 8lt. brnhazelfreshditto22 OctEdinburgh
215960Bell, Francis20077th FootWeymouth, N.Scotiaseaman22 3/45 7 1/4blackbrowndarkditto23 OctPortland
215961Barnes, Charles157124th FootBillingbour, Lincolnlabourer23 1/45 6lt. brngreyfreshditto21 OctGravesend
215962Burns, George180729th FootCorkditto24 3/45 8lightgreyfreshditto 1 OctBarbados
215963Brookes, John92246th FootAshton-under-Lyneditto325 4 1/2brownbluefreshditto22 OctAldershot
215964Bailey, John164048th FootLondonditto20 2/35 4 1/2browngreyfreshditto21 OctChatham
215965Bessent, Charles33380Roy. H. Art.Stratford, Essexditto195 5 1/2dk. brnhazelsallowditto19 OctWoolwich
215966Barnes, James198dittoDatchett, Bucksbutcher345 4brownbluefreshditto25 Octditto
215967Bastford, James2323Roy. ArtilleryNorthamptonshoemaker23 3/45 7blackhazelfreshditto17 OctShoebrynss
215968Bears, Arthur31131dittoHemel Hempstead, Hertslabourer195 4 1/2brownbrownfreshditto14 OctWoolwich
215969Beecher, Charles10709Rl. EngineersTunbridge, Kenttailor23 1/35 4 1/2browngreyfreshditto15 OctAldershot
215970Barrett, Edward-General ServChesterfield, Derbybrickmaker19 1/45 5 5/8lt. brngreyfreshbrown; black19 OctSheffield
215971Brown, John-dittoLiverpoollabourer195 7lt. brngreyfreshblue; moleskin11 OctLiverpool
215972Cormack, James1419th HussarsKilkennyditto345 7lt. brnbluefreshregimental22 OctShorncliffe
215973Cook, Edward196516th FootWoburn, Bedsditto195 7 1/2browngreyfreshditto18 OctDublin
215974Carroll, Michael1992dittoCarrickfergus, Antrimrougher255 6 1/2browngreyfreshditto19 Octditto
215975Cousins, John168647th FootPreston, Lancashirelabourer20 1/25 6 1/2brownbluesallowditto23 OctFleetwood
215976Clarke, Benjamin249160th RiflesIpswich, Suffolkshoemaker20 1/45 5 1/4redbluefreshditto23 OctWinchester
215977Cooke, Thos. W.1755Rifle BrigadeLondonclerk275 6 3/4brownhazelfreshditto21 OctChatham
215978Cummings, John32534Roy. ArtilleryCroydon, Surreygroom19 2/35 5 auburnbluefreshditto24 OctWoolwich
215979Campbell, A.12603dittoGlasgowshoemaker29 3/45 9 1/2dk. brnbrownfreshplain18 Octditto
215980Cooper, Charles-General ServLeicestershoefinisher195 5 1/2brownhazelfairbrown; light21 OctLeicester
215981Davis, William14504th Drag.GdsLiverpoollabourer225 8 3/4brownhazelfreshregimental14 OctManchester
215982Downs, Thomas18644th FootDerbyditto18 2/35 5brownbluefreshditto21 OctPortsmouth
215983Donnillan, John-58th FootDunmore, Galwayditto20 1/45 5 3/8lt. brnhazelfresh-16 Octditto
215984Drew, William111460th RiflesChobham, Surreyditto27 1/25 6lt. brnbluefreshregimental9 OctQuebec
215985Dewar, Alexander132673rd FootCrief, Perthditto225 5 1/2brownhazelsallowditto1 AugKandy
215986Davies, George22780th FootBelfast, Downditto415 4 3/4dk. brngreyfreshdrab; cord25 OctBelfast
215987Doolan, John1501Roy. ArtilleryWicklowditto215 8browngreyfreshregimental23 OctDublin
215988Day, James33442dittoManchesterditto195 9 1/2browngreyfairditto23 OctWoolwich
215989Daniels, Joseph29307dittoChelsea, Middlesexservant185 8 1/2lt. brnbluefreshditto15 OctShoebrynss
215990Drewitt, F.C.27720dittoCroydon, Surreylabourer205 4 1/2lt. brngreyfreshditto17 OctWoolwich
215991Daniels, Joseph-General ServCheltenham, Gloucditto215 7browndk. brnfairplain25 OctGloucester
215992Doyle, Joseph-dittoLeeds, Yorkshireditto19 1/25 6 1/2brownbluefreshbrown; cord21 OctManchester
215993Eccles, Edward130890th FootBury, Lancashiregardener315 5 1/2dk. brnhazelfreshregimental21 OctStirling
215994Evans, Alfred10843Rl. EngineersCowbridge, Glamorgnmason235 5 1/2browngreyfreshditto16 OctChatham
215995Edwards, Charles-General ServOldham, Lancashirelabourer20 1/25 6 3/4auburnbluefreshtweed; cord24 OctManchester
215996Frazer, John90419th HussarsWexfordtailor22 1/45 6 1/2darkhazelfreshregimental22 OctShorncliffe
215997Fazakerley, John18208th FootPreston, Lancashirelabourer25 1/25 6 5/8brownhazelsallowditto30 SepManchester
215998Fox, John-68th FootHulmebricklayer21 1/25 5 1/2dk. brnbluefreshplain24 OctLiverpool
215999Fortes, George157587th FootTilbury, Essexditto195 4 1/2browngreyfairregimental25 OctPortsmouth
216000Fagan, John110888th FootLiverpoolshoemaker28 1/45 6 7/8brownbrownfresh-22 Octditto
216001Fitzgerald, John-Roy. ArtilleryWaterfordlabourer195 4 1/2browngreyfreshblack; moleskin18 OctHorfield
216002Griffa, Adolf101610th HussarsCamb, Prussia-195 6lt. brngreysallowregimental26 OctColchester
216003Green, Henry120112th LancersAndover, Hantslabourer22 2/35 8 3/4blackgreydarkditto21 OctHounslow
216004Griffiths, George255614th FootStabally, Queensscutcher20 3/45 6 3/4dk. brngreysallowditto17 OctBradford
216005Gates, Joseph202435th FootLeominster, Hantslabourer215 7dk. brngreyfreshditto19 OctSheffield
216006Grey, Richard-97th FootSt.Lukes, Middlesexditto185 5 3/4brownhazelfreshblack15 OctLondon
216007Grant, John-Roy. ArtilleryClifton, Gloucestersmith205 4 1/2lt. brngreyfreshbrown19 OctHorfield
216008Goss, William-General ServLeicestershoefinisher215 6 1/4dk. brnhazelsallowblack; cord21 OctLeicester
216009Henderson, A.12177th Drag.GdsDundee, Forfarlabourer235 8 1/4brownbluefairregimental23 OctColchester
216010Higgins, John89610th HussarsBelfast, Antrimdentist24 1/45 7lt. brnbluefreshditto18 Octditto
216011Hubbard, Edwin1006dittoBarnstable, Devonship steward21 1/45 7dk. brnbluesallowditto26 Octditto
216012Hannon, James18813rd FootLeeds, Yorkpuddler19 3/45 8brownhazelsallowditto21 OctDover
216013Hillier, George-5th FootFarnham, Surreylabourer245 9 1/2dk. brngreyfreshwhite; dark18 OctLondon
216014Harrison, Wm.20107th FootCorbridge, Northumberlandgasfitter25 1/25 4 1/2dk. brngreyfreshregimental23 OctPortland
216015Holkem, William150644th FootPeckham, Surreylabourer195 5 lt. brnbluefreshditto18 OctGravesend
216016Hughes, J.30550Roy. ArtilleryMarylebone, Middlesexfarrier245 4brownbrownfreshditto20 OctWoolwich
216017Johnstone, Peter106671st FootGlasgowlabourer27 1/45 4 1/2brownbluefreshditto20 OctFort George
216018Jones, Alfred-97th FootStatford, Essexditto205 5 3/4browngreyfairblack trousers19 OctLondon
216019Jonston, John171598th FootNorthumberlandpitman21 1/45 6 1/4darkhazelfreshregimental20 OctAthlone
216020Jackson, Ralph32411Roy. ArtilleryMaidstone, Kentlabourer19 3/45 4 1/2dk. brnhazelsallowditto21 OctWoolwich
216021Jones, Thomas31637dittoSt.Pancras, Middxcarman21 3/45 4 1/2brownhazelfreshditto21 Octditto
216022James, Robert1638dittoAshburton, Devonminer21 3/45 8browngreybrownditto27 Octditto
216023Jones, Thomas31637dittoSt.Pancras, Londoncarman21 3/45 4 1/2brownhazelfreshditto21 Octditto
216024Jackson, Joe-General ServMansfield, Northumberlandbricklayer22 1/25 6blackblacksallowmoleskin24 OctManchester
216025Kirk, Joseph14054th Drag.GdsAppleby, Leicesterlabourer215 8 1/4dk. brngreyfreshregimental12 Octditto
216026Kelly, James20868th FootHulme, Lancashiretinsmith235 8 1/4brownhazelfreshditto18 Octditto
216027Kinsella, John124223rd FootNewbridge, Kildarelabourer265 8sandybluefreck.ditto16 OctHbbrstn Ft.
216028Kennady, Lawrnc.183854th FootYorkgroom18 1/25 6auburnbrownfreshditto19 OctCurragh
216029Kean, David33231Roy. ArtilleryDublintype foundr19 2/35 4 1/2dk. brngreysallowditto18 OctWoolwich
216030King, John2113dittoArbroath, Forfarbootcloser225 9 1/2browngreyfreshplain14 OctWeedon
216031Kelly, John-General ServSt.Helen's, Lanc.labourer215 5 1/2blackhazelsallowblack; moleskin30 SepWarrington
216032Limbrey, James17272nd FootWeston Underwood, Bucksditto25 3/45 8lt. brnbluefreshregimental21 OctFt.Tregntle
216033Lynch, Edward12327th FootDublinspindlemkr31 2/35 5 1/4browngreyfreshditto24 OctPortsmouth
216034Little, Henry2462Roy. ArtilleryMarylebone, Middlesexostler27 1/45 5 3/4browngreyfreshcanvas21 OctWeymouth
216035Montgomery, Chas.14444th Drag.GdsWhitechapelmariner245 10dk. brnhazelsallowregimental14 OctManchester
216036McKay, Henry950dittoSt. Pancras, Middxcarver24 1/25 9browngreyfreshditto23 Octditto
216037Mullings, James13899th LancersStratford, Essex-325 9brownbluefreshblue; grey24 OctAldershot
216038Miller, William103621st HussarsSt. Pancras, Middxcarpenter20 1/45 6dk. brnhazelsallowregimental22 OctCanterbury
216039McKenzie, Neil6589th FootHull, Yorkgroom31 3/45 5brownbluefreshditto18 OctCork
216040Muir, James-25th FootGlasgowrivetter205 6dk. brngreyfreshblack; moleskin20 OctGlasgow
216041McNeill, Alexander191137th FootBelfast, Antrimlathmaker225 5 lt. brngreyfreshregimental21 OctBelfast
216042Moses, Edwin176480th FootUttoxeter, Staffordtailor215 5 1/4blackgreysallowditto19 Octditto
216043Morgan, Arthur1716Roy. ArtilleryRamsgate, Kentshoemaker24 1/45 8 1/4brownbluefreshditto27 SepWoolwich
216044Mickel, John33056dittoClerkenwell, Middxditto20 1/45 4 5/8dk. brnhazelfairditto16 Octditto
216045McKennan, Wm.5136dittoArron, Aryglelabourer24 1/35 8blackhazeldarkditto17 OctLimerick
216046Mockridge, Jonas2595dittoCowes, I of Wightwhitesmith19 1/45 7lt. brnbluefairditto7 OctPortsmouth
216047Norwood, Thomas2789dittoDeptford, Kentgrocer215 7 1/4darkgreydarkditto17 OctWoolwich
216048Parker, Wm. John130610th HussarsE. Hampstead, Berksbutcher18 3/45 7browngreyfreshditto24 OctColchester
216049Pendlebury, Thos.208835th FootPreston, Lancashiregilder18 1/45 5 1/2dk. brnhazelsallowditto19 OctSheffield
216050Prosser, Rowland2234Royal H. ArtSt.Lukes, Middlesexsmith20 1/45 4brownhazelfreshplain; regimental17 OctBirmingham
216051Parish, John2805Roy. ArtilleryHatfield, Essexlabourer37 3/45 2 1/2darkbluefreshregimental15 OctWeedon
216052Quinton, Alex.5141dittoCampbeltown, Argyleditto21 1/35 7 1/2fairbluefreshditto17 OctLimerick
216053Rowan, Andrew J.80512th LancersNorfolk Island-20 3/45 8 1/4brownhazelfreshditto19 OctHounslow
216054Rourke, Timothy83757th Foot-labourer29 1/25 6 1/2dk. brnhazelfreshditto18 OctLimerick
216055Russell, Henry29349Roy. ArtillerySt.Patrick, Longfordclerk195 7browngreyfreshditto15 OctShoebrynss
216056Risley, George32310dittoKingsland, Middxgroom19 1/25 4brownhazelfreshditto21 OctWoolwich
216057Randall, John33464dittoBrentfordbaker195 4 1/2lt. brngreyfreshditto25 Octditto
216058Sills, Albert10337th HussarsKentlabourer215 7lt. brnhazelfreshditto16 OctAldershot
216059Smith, Wm. Henry170116th FootSt.Geo'.E., Middxpainter225 6 1/2darkgreyfreshditto18 OctDublin
216060Smith, Thomas106256th FootManchesterlabourer255 7brownhazelfreshditto23 OctColchester
216061Southgate, John177658th FootHadleigh, Suffolkditto20 1/35 6 1/4brownbluefreshditto14 OctPortsmouth
216062Stanley, Alfred160287th FootLeeds, Yorkditto20 1/25 7browngreysallowditto26 Octditto
216063Sullivan, Daniel33261Roy. ArtillerySt.Giles, Middxfrench plshr19 1/45 4 1/2dk. brnbluefreshditto15 OctWoolwich
216064Simpson, John3166dittoKingshorn, Fifebutler235 7browngreyfreshditto18 Octditto
216065Smith, John32910dittoNewark, Nottinghamlabourer19 1/45 4 1/2dk. brnbluefloridditto14 Octditto
216066Smith, Henry-dittoManchesterbaker215 8 1/4brownhazelfreshplain9 OctLondon
216067Searle, George alias George Tucker10919Rl. EngineersChertsey, Surreycarpenter255 9browngreyfreshregimental10 OctChatham
216068Turner, George10335th Drag.GdsBradford, York-18 1/25 9fairbluefreshditto17 OctYork
216069Tily, Hy. M.2857Roy. ArtilleryTeddington, Middxclerk20 1/25 8 3/4brownhazelfreshplain25 OctNrthmpton
216070Turner, Joseph-General ServLeeds, Yorkshireboilermaker21 1/25 5 1/2lt. brnbluefreshcotton; moleskin18 OctSheffield
216071Wright, Edward12227th HussarsDeerham, Norfolkstriker20 3/45 6 1/4darkdarkdarkregimental23 OctAldershot
216072Wallace, William169647th FootGlasgowlabourer19 1/25 5 3/4browngreysallowditto23 OctFleetwood
216073Wilson, Henry148260th RiflesBrompton, Middxcarpenter28 3/45 7 1/4brownhazelfreshplain13 OctQuebec
216074Whiteok, George alias John Homes136073rd Foot-labourer235 5 dk. brnhazelfreshwhite30 AugColombo
216075Watson, Andrew-91st FootGlasgowmoulder245 7 1/4lt. brngreyfreshblack; moleskin25 OctGlasgow
216076Webster, William3020Roy. ArtilleryMarylebone, Middlesexpainter21 2/35 4 1/2dk. brngreyfreshregimental18 OctWoolwich
216077Webb, James33041dittoSt.Lukes, Middlesexlabourer19 1/25 4 1/2dk. brnbluefreshditto12 Augditto
216078Webb, George31643dittoHighgatecarpenter19 3/45 4 3/4browngreyfreshditto21 Octditto
216079Adams, Alfred141667th FootPortsea, Hantslabourer21 1/45 7browngreyfreshblack; brown24 OctAldershot
216080Bradbury, Edward124713th HussarsHuddersfield, Yorkdraper21 1/25 6 3/4lt. brngreyfreshregimental26 OctLeeds
216081Billyard, William3968Gren. GuardsEvertonlabourer18 3/45 10lt. brngreyfreshditto25 OctLondon
216082Bugg, William179116th FootSt.Ives, Huntsbrickmaker22 1/25 5brownhazelfreshditto30 OctColchester
216083Batten, William212860th RiflesSherborne, Oxfordgroom245 4dk. brnbluefreshplain30 OctWinchester
216084Bowen, Thomas1788th FootSt.George's, Surreymusician28 2/35 6blackgreysallowregimental30 OctPortsmouth
216085Bowler, Thomas-Rifle BrigadeMarylebone, Middlesexlabourer195 5 brownbluefairwhite linen; cord25 OctLondon
216086Burney, Henry2536Royal H. ArtDroxford, Hantsclerk19 1/25 7brownhazelfreshregimental31 OctWoolwich
216087Blight, Ed. Chas.2785Roy. ArtilleryPlymouth, Devoncarpenter25 1/25 7 7/8browngreyfreshplain6 NovNew'tle-o-T
216088Brooks, Hy.33561dittoBristol, Somersetumbrella mk19 1/25 5 1/2fairbluesallowregimental2 NovWoolwich
216089Bentley, George2247dittoWellington, Saloppainter18 1/45 6 5/8browngreyfresh-6 Novditto
216090Bolton, William2182dittoDiss, Norfolkvalet21 1/35 7 1/2browngreyfreshregimental31 OctDover
216091Boyle, John-ditto-shoemaker19 1/4----ditto7 OctWoolwich
216092Bradford, Charles-dittoSt.Pancras, Middxlabourer195 6 1/2redgreyruddypilot; cord31 Octditto
216093Button, Joseph-General ServMaidenhead, Berksbricklayer235 8browngreyfreshblack; cord25 OctLondon
216094Chandler, Henry119912th LancersBristol, Somersetcarpenter21 3/45 9dk. brnbluefairregimental29 OctHounslow
216095Cox, John14506th FootBuckden, Huntslabourer285 6browngreyfreshditto30 OctButtevant
216096Callaghan, Daniel2193dittoCorkditto195 7brownbluefreshditto27 Octditto
216097Clarke, Robert191237th FootAntrimditto205 5 3/4redgreyfairditto29 OctBelfast
216098Corwan, Thomas150957th FootDublinjoiner20 1/25 6 5/8brownbluefreshditto30 OctLimerick
216099Chapman, Joshua4279Roy. ArtillerySt.Faiths, Norfolkgroom25 1/25 9 1/2lt. brnhazelfairditto28 OctHilsea
216100Cast, Jonathan33270dittoRomford, Essexcarriag smh20 3/45 4 1/8lt. brnblueswrthyditto2 NovWoolwich
216101Dickinson, Isaac18779th FootKingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshireshoemaker205 7browngreyfairdark; brown1 NovChatham
216102Dawson, Thomas176290th FootGlasgowlabourer19 1/35 6lt. brnbluefreshregimental30 OctGlasgow
216103DeVal, Claude1710 ?Royal H. ArtAt seaclerk23 1/45 4brownhazelfreshditto31 OctWoolwich
216104Ellis, Samuel14634th Drag.GdsLiverpoollabourer195 8 1/2dk. brngreydarkplain28 OctManchester
216105Elliss, Henry J.17916th FootColchester, Essexpoulterer23 1/45 9brownbrownfreshregimental30 OctButtevant
216106Edwards, Edward33625Roy. ArtilleryNewington, Surreylabourer19 1/35 4 1/2darkbrownfreshditto2 NovWoolwich
216107Fearnside, Thos.-19th FootBlackburn, Lancditto24 3/45 7 3/4lt. brngreyfreshplain29 OctChatham
216108Flint, Gilbert167680th FootDublinlabourer21 3/45 6lighthazelfairregimental26 OctBelfast
216109Fleming, William31631Roy. ArtilleryNewington, Surreygroom18 3/45 4lt. brnhazelfairditto1 NovWoolwich
216110Flood, William-dittoCatherington, Hantsbricklayer225 7lt. brngreyfairtweed28 OctPortsmouth
216111Galloway, Henry1422dittoNewcastle-on-Tynelabourer30 1/25 7lt. brnbluefreshregimental1 NovWoolwich
216112Godfrey, George32591dittoHatfield, Hertsgroom20 1/35 4 1/2dk. brngreyfreshditto1 Novditto
216113Grey, James-General ServNorthamptonlabourer235 8 1/4brownhazelfairwhite; moleskin26 OctNw'tle-u-L
216114Hackett, Josh. C.D.-18th HussarsSouth Kilworth, Leicbricklayer215 6 3/4dk. brngreydarkblue; dark27 OctPortsmouth
216115Holmes, Robert2121Cold. GuardsGt.Yarmouth, Norfolkwaterman22 1/25 8 1/2lt. brnhazelfreshregimental28 OctWindsor
216116Harvey, John-Roy. ArtilleryMile-end, Middxtailor195 4 3/4brownbrownfreshblack; grey31 OctWoolwich
216117Hurbert, Arthur33213dittoChelseamusician215 9blackdk. brndarkplain26 OctSheerness
216118Horton, Edwin3441dittoSaddington, Leicfarmer18 1/25 7lt. brnbluefreshregimental1 NovNew'tle-o-T
216119Jenkins, John9628th HussarsKingstone, Somersetjoiner24 3/45 7dk. brnbrowndarkditto30 OctNewbridge
216120Julian, John17919th FootCarrick-on-Suir, Irelandtailor20 1/45 6dk. brngreyfairditto29 OctChatham
216121Jackson, William143844th FootPutney, Surreylabourer19 1/45 6brownhazelfreshditto24 OctGravesend
216122Jones, John-58th FootMarylebone, Middlesexditto235 6 3/4brownbluefairwhite linen; cord25 OctLondon
216123James, Robert1638Roy. ArtilleryAshburton, Devonminer21 3/45 8browngreybrownregimental27 OctWoolwich
216124Kemp, William-dittoSt.Pancras, Middxlabourer205 5 1/4brownbluefreshblack; tweed31 Octditto
216125Longbottom, Saml.211635th FootLeith, Edinburghpainter23 1/45 9dk. brngreyfreshregimental28 OctSunderland
216126Lynch, Timothy97390th FootBallincollig, Corkservant28 2/35 9lt. brngreyfreshditto23 OctGlasgow
216127Lee, James33217Roy. ArtilleryLondonlabourer235 8 1/2lt. brngreyfreshgrey30 OctSheerness
216128Macdonald, John-2nd DragoonsNewcastle-on-Tynemoulder28 3/45 9blackhazeldarkgrey; black1 NovNew'tle-o-T
216129Melrose, Henry11797th HussarsLiverpoolclerk215 7 1/2brownhazelfreshregimental29 OctAldershot
216130Meggison, Geo. T.891Scots FusiliersMiddlesborough, Yrkmason31 3/45 8 3/4blackbluefreshditto26 OctLondon
216131Mulcahy, William22486th FootTralee, Kerrybaker19 1/25 6brownhazelfreshditto30 OctButtevant
216132Morgans, John2135dittoLlandovery, Brecknckseaman19 1/45 7redgreyfreshditto30 Octditto
216133McGarry, Martin146136th FootBurslem, Staffordforgeman21 1/25 6 1/8brownhazelfreshditto31 OctCurragh
216134McHarg, Andrew186437th FootNewtownards, Downweaver20 1/35 6 1/4lt. brngreyfairditto26 OctBelfast
216135Melia, Joseph O.95259th FootAshton-under-Lynecotton operative23 3/45 5 1/4dk. brnhazeldarkditto29 OctFleetwood
216136McMullin, Patrick3572Roy. ArtilleryBelfast, Antrimflax spinner23 1/25 9dk. brnbrownfreshdrab29 OctNew'tle-o-T
216137Murrell, Samuel4421dittoEccleshall, Yorkshoeing smh19 1/45 5 1/2dk. brngreyfreshregimental1 NovSheffield
216138McGrath, Thomas [?]33602dittoHounslow, Middxcarman19 1/25 4 1/2lt. brnbluefreshditto2 NovWoolwich
216139Mitchell, George33447dittoMarylebone, Middlesexpainter235 6darkhazelswrthyditto31 Octditto
216140Morgan, Arthur1716dittoRamsgate, Kentshoemaker24 1/25 8 1/4brownbluefreshditto27 Octditto
216141Moloney, Michael-General ServNewcastle, Limerickcooper185 5 1/4lt. brngreyfreshtweed; black25 OctWestminster
216142Morton, Charles-dittoSouthwark, Surreylabourer215 6 1/2browngreyfreshblack28 Octditto
216143McDonella, A.-dittoGlasgowpacker245 7browngreyfairdark24 OctNw'tle-u-L
216144Niven, Ninian166536th FootWest Greenock, Rnfwweaver25 1/45 6fairbluefreshregimental31 OctCurragh
216145O'Hara, John-Roy. ArtilleryBelfast, Antrimmoulder23 1/25 9dk. brnbluefreshtweed27 OctCarlisle
216146O'Brien, Michael1723Hospitl CorpsBelturbet, Cavanlabourer26 2/35 9dk. brnhazelfreshregimental25 OctDublin
216147Terram, Thomas153667th FootSouthampton, Hantsditto215 9brownbluefreshditto1 NovShorncliffe
216148Pratt, David164290th FootBroughty Ferry, Frfrsailor205 5 1/2dk. brnbluefairditto27 OctGlasgow
216149Peebles, Edward2673Royal H. ArtClerkenwell, Middxlabourer18 1/35 7 1/2browngreyfreshditto1 NovDublin
216150Purkiss, Abraham2487Roy. ArtilleryLondonmason22 1/25 7 3/4lightbluedarkditto2 NovShoebrynss
216151Parrett, Robert2231dittoGlasgowsailor245 7dk. brnbluedarkditto30 OctWoolwich
216152Reid, Richard8652nd DragoonsUplace, Linlithgowblacksmith29 1/35 8 3/4lt. brnbluesallowditto2 NovEdinburgh
216153Richardson, H.9394th Drag.GdsBath, Somersetlabourer27 1/45 8 1/4brownhazelsallowditto24 OctManchester
216154Ruddock, Wm.3562Roy. ArtilleryScarer, Downditto205 5 1/2dk. brnbluefreshdark; fustian28 OctNew'tle-o-T
216155Reynolds, John32738dittoCannongate, Ednbghditto18 1/25 9 3/4blackdk. brnfreshregimental1 NovSheerness
216156Redmond, George-dittoBiggleswade, Bedfordcarman24 1/25 6 1/2lt. brnbluefreshplain2 NovWoolwich
216157Smith, James127812th LancersBurton, Staffordservant19 1/45 7 1/2browngreysallowditto4 NovHounslow
216158Shaw, George842Cold. GuardsWheter, Yorklabourer29 1/45 10dk. brngreyfreshregimental28 OctWindsor
216159Smith, Alexander151357th FootGreenock, Renfewfitter19 1/25 5 1/4lt. brnbluesallowditto30 OctLimerick
216160Stokes, Philip129467th FootBallingarry, Tipprarylabourer22 1/25 7fairhazelfairditto1 NovShorncliffe
216161Stevenson, Wm.4338Roy. ArtilleryHitching, Hertsditto24 1/25 8 3/4browndk. brnsallowditto28 OctHilsea
216162Stewart. John-General ServGlasgowditto19 3/45 6lt. brnbluefreshblack; tweed31 OctGlasgow
216163Thompson, Wm.-9th FootWakefield, Yorkditto205 7 1/2brownbrownfreshblack29 OctWakefield
216164Topping, Frederick252314th FootNewark, Nottinghamtin plate worker19 3/45 5lt. brnbluefairregimental29 OctBradford
216165Tipper, Thomas1928Royal H. ArtPeckham, Surreyblacksmith26 2/35 4 1/2lt. brngreypaleditto1 NovWoolwich
216166Vaughan, John-Roy. ArtilleryBury, Lancashirelabourer19 1/45 7 1/4---plain9 OctPreston
216167Webb, George21024th FootShrewsbury, Saloppainter225 4 1/2lt. brnhazelfreshregimental2 NovAldershot
216168Wilson, James-7th FootGlasgowlabourer195 5 1/4brownhazelfreshtweed31 OctGlasgow
216169Willis, Joseph195522nd FootSt.Ann's, Middlesexshoemaker205 6browngreyfreshsupposed plain1 NovAldershot
216170Wilson, James188537th FootBallyclare, Antrimlabourer205 6fairgreyfreshregimental1 NovBelfast
216171White, William172862ndDublintabaccospnr20 1/45 5blackhazelfreshditto28 OctDublin
216172White, John1824Rifle BrigadeNorthgate, Kentgardener255 5 1/4lt. brnbluefloridditto3 NovShorncliffe
216173Woolbright, Wm. [?]1863dittoNorwich, Norfolkgroom18 3/45 6 1/4brownbluefairblack26 Octditto
216174White, Charles31640Roy. ArtilleryWare, Hertfordcarman19 3/45 4 1/2browngreyfreshregimental31 OctWoolwich
216175Wostear, William33416dittoSt.Lukes, Londonpainter205 4 5/8lt. brnbluefairditto1 Novditto
216176Wilson, Robert-dittoKilmarnock, Ayrlabourer215 5 1/2browngreyfreshblack; grey31 Octditto
216177Williams, Robert-dittoIslington, Middlesexcarman19 1/25 5redbluefreshblack; cord31 Octditto
216178Winkworth, A.2189dittoSt.Pancrascarver225 7brownhazelfreshregimental7 NovLeith
216179Williams, Wm.-General ServCheltenham, Gloucporter195 6brownbluefreshdark29 OctLondon


Office No.NAMEReg No.CORPSWhere BornTradeAgeSizeHairEyesFaceCoat & TrousersDate of DesertnPlace of DesertnMarks and Remarks
95685James Kelly76005th Middlesex, absent from trainingWestminster, Midlsxlabourer33 1/35 9 1/2brownhazelfresh-21 AugUxbridge
95686George Raynor7601dittoPinnerditto23 1/35 10browngreyfresh-21 Augditto
95687John Thomas7619dittoSohogroom35 1/25 4brownhazelfresh-21 Augditto
95688Frederick Smith8011dittoStaineslabourer26 1/25 3 3/4browngreyfresh-21 Augditto
95689Richard White7123dittoSt.George'sbutcher205 5 1/2brownhazelsallow-31 Julyditto
95690George Evans7341dittoCaversham, Berksgroom225 4 1/4browngreydark-31 Julyditto
95691George Davis7384dittoNorwood, Middlesexlabourer215 4 5/8browngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95692John Walker7420dittoStainespainter255 4 1/8brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95693Henry Bedding7621dittoWestbury, Buckslabourer224 5 1/2brownhazeldark-31 Julyditto
95694Joseph Jones7635dittoHanwell, Middlesexditto205 5 dk. brnbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95695John Critcher7637dittoBerksditto195 4 1/4brownhazeldark-31 Julyditto
95696William Clark7662dittoChesham, Bucksditto185 4brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95697Charles Baldwin7663dittodittoditto185 4 5/8browngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95698Henry Archer7675dittoBurnhamgardener205 4 1/8brownbluesallow-31 Julyditto
95699William Smith7685dittoWindsor, Berksbricklayer195 5 1/4lt. brnbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95700John Hanslow7686dittodittoservant205 7 1/2dk. brnhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95701John Brooks7696dittoWatford, Hertslabourer215 6 1/2dk. brngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95702Frederick Spiers7715dittodittoditto235 5dk. brngreyfair-31 Julyditto
95703James Hunt7719dittoMarylebone, Middlsxditto195 7 3/4dk. brngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95704Richard Page7729dittoBrentfordditto185 4dk. brnhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95705James Lee7752dittoHarlingtonplasterer195 5 1/4dk. brndarksallow-31 Julyditto
95706Joseph Simpson7755dittoBedfontlabourer225 6dk. brngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95707Joseph Ratcliffe7769dittoHillingdongrocer275 9dk. brnhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95708Joshua Deverall7773dittoMitcham, Wiltsmason245 6 1/2dk. brnbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95709James George7775dittoBray, Berkslabourer185 4 1/8dk. brngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95710William Haines7776dittoCookhamditto185 5 1/8dk. brnhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95711Richard Attewell7779dittoStanfordditto215 7dk. brnhazeldark-31 Julyditto
95712William Cook7783dittoHigh Wycombe, Bucksditto195 6dk. brnhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95713Henry Ardery7789dittoCookham, Berksditto255 5dk. brnhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95714William Whalker7790dittoHarrow, Middlesexwheelwright225 6dk. brndarkfresh-31 Julyditto
95715Robert Norris7810dittoSlough, Bucksbricklayer225 7dk. brndarkfresh-31 Julyditto
95716Nathaniel Dell7816dittodittobrickmaker255 5brownhazeldark-31 Julyditto
95717John Webb7825dittoIckenham, Middlesexditto255 7brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95718Thomas Baker7838dittoEpsom, Surreyservant255 7brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95719George Godard7839dittoSwallowfield, Berkslabourer185 4 1/4brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95720John Smart7842dittoEdmonton, Middlesexditto185 5browngreyfair-31 Julyditto
95721William Harvey7851dittoBarnet, Hertsditto285 10browngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95722Edmund Evans7856dittoLittlemoor, Oxonditto195 6 1/2brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95723William Uedell7864dittoSivington, Wiltsditto205 6brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95724Joseph Chandler7871dittoWatford, Hertscarpenter185 7brownhazelfair-31 Julyditto
95725James Collins7875dittoLangley, Buckslabourer275 6browngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95726William Belcher7880dittoHortonditto255 7brownhazelfair-31 Julyditto
95727John Scott7881dittoGt.Stanmore, Midlsxditto285 5browngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95728Alfred Cooper7904dittoWatford, Hertsditto205 6brownbluefair-31 Julyditto
95729James Wright7906dittoHanwell, Middlesexditto195 9brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95730Thomas Lloyd7907dittodittoditto255 9brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95731Francis Moss7909dittoActongroom265 5 1/2brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95732John Smith7913dittoEdmonton, Middlesexbricklayer185 4brownbluefair-31 Julyditto
95733Joseph Cordery7916dittoHanwell, Middlesexditto245 7 1/4brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95734Thomas Jones7917dittodittolabourer245 8brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95735William White7918dittoHarlingtongroom245 5brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95736George Wood7920dittoStaineslabourer245 9brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95737Joseph Brown7927dittoFulmer, Bucksditto215 5 1/2browndarkfresh-31 Julyditto
95738William Reed7933dittoActon, Middlesexditto225 7dk. brngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95739Wm. J. Cole7939dittoWatford, Hertscarpenter255 8browngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95740John Tilley7942dittoHayes, Middlesexlabourer255 7brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95741Richard Goodchild7960dittoUpton-cum-Chalvey, Bucksbricklayer195 5brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95742George Atkins7962dittoRickmansworth, Hrtslabourer255 7lt. brnbluefair-31 Julyditto
95743Thomas White7773dittoSt.Pancras, Middlsxshoemaker185 8 1/4lt. brnhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95744Charles Shile7983dittoEton, Bucksservant205 6auburngreyfair-31 Julyditto
95745Henry Baker7988dittoWatford, Hertsbricklayer255 6 1/2brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95746Charles Best7989dittoSt.Pancras, Middlsxpainter285 4 1/2browngreyfair-31 Julyditto
95747William Day7991dittoHarefieldlabourer295 7brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95748William Williams7997dittoChelseabricklayer255 6brownhazeldark-31 Julyditto
95749John Welch7999dittoMarylebone, Middlsxditto245 8browngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95750Edward Redding8000dittodittolabourer245 8 1/4brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95751William Cluer8010dittoBermondseytanner215 5brownbluefair-31 Julyditto
95752Henry Ross8017dittoPaddington, Middlsxlabourer185 6brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95753John Davis8018dittoMarylebone, Middlsxditto185 6dk. brndk. brndark-31 Julyditto
95754Henry Wright8020dittodittoditto175 4dk. brngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95755Alfred Appleton8028dittoWindsor, Berksditto185 4dk. brngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95756James Safhill8029dittoHounslow, Middlesexgardener275 7dk. brnbluedark-31 Julyditto
95757Francis Herriott8030dittoWatford, Hertsgroom235 4brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95758James Cross8032dittoBinfield, Berkslabourer225 6brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95759John Lambdon8033dittoBray, Berksditto235 5browngreyfair-31 Julyditto
95760George Young8036dittoHanworth, Middlesexpainter185 4brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95761Thomas Pickernell8038dittoHestonlabourer195 5brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95762Edward Jones8045dittoOxfordgroom255 6 1/4brownhazeldark-31 Julyditto
95763James Rolfe8055dittoWendover, Buckslabourer185 4 1/8brownbluefair-31 Julyditto
95764Henry Hawkins8070dittoCompton, Berksditto175 4brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95765George Saunders8075dittoAbbots Langley, Hrtsditto265 4 1/2brownhazelswrthy-31 Julyditto
95766William Wheeler8080dittoBampton, Oxonditto215 6lt. brnbluefair-31 Julyditto
95767William Kelly8994dittoKillinoway, Rsemmnditto265 7browngreyfresh-31 Julyditto
95768William Cook8102dittoKilburn, Middlesexditto255 8dk. brnhazeldark-31 Julyditto
95769Henry Lovell8109dittoSherington, Bucksditto175 4brownbluefresh-31 Julyditto
95770Frederick Clarke8114dittoHarmingsworthcarpenter225 7 1/4brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95771William Hales8116dittoNortholtlabourer235 5brownhazelfresh-31 Julyditto
95772Martin Foy8121dittoShepherdsbushditto175 5browngreyfair-31 Julyditto
95773William Barnes8125dittoChesham, Bucksshoemaker265 9dk. brngreydark-31 Julyditto
95774Oliver Neale3970London, absent from trainingSt.Ann's, Middlesexhawker------31 JulyFinsbury
95775Henry Saville4160dittoMalburn, Essexlabourer------31 Julyditto
95776John Reardon4187dittoSt.Pancras, Middlsxwaiter------31 Julyditto
95777William Smith4294dittoSt.Lukeslabourer------31 Julyditto
95778Francis Brochhill4349dittoShoreditchwoodchoppr------31 Julyditto
95779James Lynes4408dittoCripplegatemason------31 Julyditto
95780Henry Leadley4412dittoClerkenwellcollar cutter------31 Julyditto
95781Edward Duleare4421dittoSt.Dunstan'slabourer------31 Julyditto
95782Charles Wise4455dittoSt.Lukescostermngr------31 Julyditto
95783Joseph Williams4491dittoSt.Andrew'sclothmaker------31 Julyditto
95784Frederick Cooke4497dittoSt.Lukeslabourer------31 Julyditto
95785James Turner4527dittoDunmow, Essexcarman------31 Julyditto
95786John Chamberlain4590dittoClerkenwellcostermngr------31 Julyditto
95787Thomas Day4616dittoIslingtonlabourer------31 Julyditto
95788John Vale4634dittoBethnal Greenditto------31 Julyditto
95789Charles Johnson4670dittoSt.Pancras, Middlsxgroom------31 Julyditto
95790Alfred Lee4682dittoLondonlabourer------31 Julyditto
95791James Hale4694dittoSouthwark, Surreyditto------31 Julyditto
95792Elijah Pusey4706dittoIslingtonsmith------31 Julyditto
95793James Cain4750dittodittolathrender------31 Julyditto
95794John Watson4755dittoClerkenwellhawker------31 Julyditto
95795William Randall4763dittoWalworth, Surreycarman------31 Julyditto
95796John Parker4765dittoShoreditchlabourer------31 Julyditto
95797Richd. Warburton4769dittoManchestercarman------31 Julyditto
95798John Andrews4772dittoBishopsgate, Middlesxcostermngr------31 Julyditto
95799John Anderson4774dittoSt.Pancras, Middlsxlabourer------31 Julyditto
95800Charles J. Brind4782dittoShoreditchditto------31 Julyditto
95801Edward Hill4790dittoExeter, Devonshoemaker------31 Julyditto
95802James McCulloch4807dittoSt.Lukes, Middlesexlabourer------31 Julyditto
95803Henry Matthews4813dittoShoreditchgasfitter------31 Julyditto
95804James Bull4823dittoSt.Lukeslabourer------31 Julyditto

Description of Deserters, Stragglers, and Men Discharged from Her Majesty's Sea Service.
Although 3 reward is offered for the apprehension of Deserters at the time, 2 is only payable at the expiration of 3 months, and 1 only at the expiration of 6 months from the date of desertion, and after the expiration of a complete year, no reward will be paid, except under special circumstances.
No reward will be given in those cases if apprehended within the precincts of a port where a regular Police is organized, but all reasonable expenses will be paid.

NAMEShip Deserted or Discharged fromDateRatingAgeSizeWhere BornHairEyesFaceMarks and Remarks
Thomas R. SmithD. of Wellington, deserter4 NovA.B.214 9Taunton, Somersetbrownblue-3 reward
Charles H. Richardsditto4 Novordinary205 5Leicesterbrownhazel-ditto
William HartlandImmortalite, straggler31 Octditto185 6Somerton, Somersetbrowngrey-1 reward, served in Achilles
Thomas Hendronditto31 Octditto215 6Liverpoolbrowngrey-ditto, served in Lord Warden
James Bardslayditto31 Octditto205 4 3/4Righamblackbrown-ditto ditto
Peter Jordanditto31 Octditto215 6 1/2Manchesterredhazel-ditto ditto
Hy. Wrenditto31 Octditto195 3dittobrownblue-ditto, served in Duke of Wellington
Thomas Hawesditto31 Octditto205 5 1/2Londonlt. brnhazel-ditto scar on forehead; served in Jason
John Learditto4 Novarmourer's crew275 3Portsea, Hantsbrownbrown-ditto served in Sutlej
Matthew Huntditto6 NovA.B.255 9Corehambrownhazel-ditto served in Jumna
H. Humberstoneditto6 Novditto255 6 1/2-lightblue-ditto served in Endymion
Thomas Hayesditto31 Octordinary205 3Kidderminsterlightblue-ditto served in Fisgard
T. Frazerditto8 NovA.B.205 2Londonbrowngrey-ditto served in Caledonia
W.J. Wrayditto9 Novditto225 3dittobrowngrey-ditto served in Jason
Francis Lambirdditto5 Novprivate, R.Marines295 9 1/4Gosport, Hantsbrowngrey-ditto
Jos. Wedgbrowditto5 Novditto275 6 3/4Yorkdk.brngrey-ditto
William Smithditto5 Novditto265 6 3/4dittodk.brndk.brn-ditto
Richard Athertonditto9 Novditto235 5 1/2Bridgwater, Somersetbrownhazel-ditto
William ThompsonPembroke, straggler9 Novordinary205 1 1/2Liverpoolredbrownpaleserved in Galatea
John YoungChanticleer, deserter12 Julysignalman, 2nd cl.225 8 1/2Northfleet, Kentbrowngreyfairserved in Scylla
John T. Cassditto16 Julyordinary195 4 1/4Blackburn, Lancashirebrownblue-anchor on right arm, 'J.' on left; served in Zealous and Ringdove
James McGeeCameleon, deserter19 Juneditto215 4 1/2Corkblackbluefair
Henry Lippyditto19 JuneA.B.225 3 1/2Grays Thurrock, Essexsandygreyfaircut on left eyebrow; served in Narcissus and Indus
John GoodwinScout, deserter5 Julyshipwright245 3Colchesterdk.brnblue-served in Penelope
William Leslieditto5 Julyordinary, 2nd class205 1Shetlandlt. brngrey-served in Endymion
Joseph Dentonditto5 Julyordinary205 2 1/2St.Ivesbrownhazel-served in Pembroke
Thomas Robertsditto9 Julyboy, 1st class195 6Manchesterdarkgrey-served in Monarch
Henry BengeReserve, deserter25 Octordinary214 10 3/4Londonlighthazel-3 reward scar on nose; served in Charybdis
Ambrose CobbPembroke, straggler7 NovA.B.235 7Palgrave, Suffolklightgrey-served in Challenger
James RidgwayVolage, deserter23 Octordinary195 1Aylesbury, Bucksbrownblue-3 reward anchor and two flags on left arm
Jos. Phillipsditto23 Octordinary, 2nd class185 0 3/4Dagenham, Essexbrownbrown-ditto anchor and 'T.H.' on left arm
Thomas Brownditto23 Octprivate, R.Marines305 6 1/4Bradford, Yorksbrowngrey-ditto served in Donegal
Walter SwindellsInconstant, deserter23 Octboy, 1st class185 3Londonlightlt. brnswarthditto
James McGinlayReserve, deserter21 Octordinary205 2Glasgowlightblue-ditto served in Pylades
Maurice Fitzgeraldditto21 Octditto234 11 3/4Lbrowngrey-ditto scar on cheek; served in Pylades
Charles FarrisyLapwing, deserter20 Septditto185 7Castletownsend, Corklt. brnbluefairserved in Valliant, Royal George, Resistance, Tamar, & Royal Alfred
S.P. JessupReserve, deserter18 Octordinary205 2Kingsdown, Kentdk.brnbrown-3 reward served in Fox
Hy. Dunnditto18 Octditto245 6Bristolbrownblue-ditto served in Charybdis
James HowardRocket, deserter1 Septsignalman, 3rd cl.205 4At seabrownhazel-ditto served in Ganges, Royal Adelaide, and Urgent
John Nicholas WelbyExcellent, deserter21 OctA.B.215 4Ulverston, Lancashireredbrownfairmole on neck; served on Boscawen, Terrible, and Lee

Description of Deserters and Men Discharged as Objectionable, &c.

NAMEDivisionWhere BornTradeAgeSizeHairEyesFaceCoat & TrousersDate of DesertnPlace of DesertionMarks and Remarks
George MusgroveR.Marine ArtHigh Wycombe, Buckschairmaker22 1/25 7 3/4brownhazelfresh-18 OctPortsmouth
George BonddittoBelper, Derbymason24 2/35 7lightbluefair-18 Octdittooff furlough to Belper
Patrick BarrettPortsmouthFoxford, Mayolabourer27 1/25 7brownbluefreshundress, uniform31 Octdittooff furlough to Foxford
John Watson-Lanarkclerk265 9lt.brngreyfreshtweed trousers4 NovLiverpoolrecruit, not surgically inspected
John DawsonDepotBristolblacksmith26 1/25 11 7/8dk.brnbrowndark-9 NovLondontattooed on breast, arms, & hand; discharged with disgrace
Edwin PackR.Marine ArtPortsea, Hantslabourer39 1/35 10 1/2brownhazelfair-2 NovPortsmouthdischarged as objectionable
Samuel MillsdittoYeovil, Somersetbaker205 7 1/4brownbrownfresh-11 Octditto
Thomas HewettPortsmouthHardin, Cheshirelabourer245 7 1/4lightgreyfreshundress, uniform25 OctFortonoff furlough to Birkenhead