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Some Selected Reports from the POLICE GAZETTE

Saturday, August 6, 1831.


A Young Man of the name of ROBERT BYERS, about five feet ten inches in height, of dark complexion, genteelly dressed, lately in the employ of Mr. Watson, of Bow-street Covent-garden, Whalebone Cutter, obtained on the 9th ult., the sum of Twenty Pounds, from Mr. Frost, of No.10 Tavistock-street, Tottenham-court-road, with a Forged Checque, drawn on Messrs. Barclay and Co., under pretence of obtaining Change for the same for his Employer.


On Monday night, the 25th ultimo, about twelve o'clock, Ebenezer Radford, of Montague Terrace, Peckham Lane, Deptford, was returning from Deptford, by the Canal, to his residence, when we was suddenly seized by two Men, near the Halfpenny-hatch, who dragged him some distance, and told him it was useless to make any noise, as they intended taking his life : they then attempted to suffocate him, but, by great exertions, he jumped up, and ran several yards, crying 'Murder !' He was then overtaken by the same parties, who dragged him through some water, and threw him into a ditch, where he was discovered, senseless, about four o'clock on the following morning.


On Tuesday night, the 2nd inst., between halt-past eight and twelve o'clock, the Dwelling-house of Mr. Baynton, No.17, Duke-street, Old Artillery Ground, was broken and entered, and the following articles Stolen, - viz.- Seventy-five yards of Umbrella Silk; twenty-four inch, with a boarder of six white stripes; seventy-five yards of Brown ditto, with self border; forty-four yards of ditto, with self border; thirteen yards of Black Cros de Naples; two pieces of thirty-two yards each, of White Persian, twenty-three inches and a half wide : about ten pounds weight of Black and Coloured Silk, in skeins; a White Persian Cane in the gum, weighs about seventeen ounces; about forty-five yards of Hat Shag; one Black Silk Handkerchief; two Silver Watches, with old-fashioned double-cases; two Metal ditto, one without hands, and the dial broken; and several old Silver Coins - Any information to be given to Thomas Garton, at the Police Office, Worship-street.

On Monday night, the 1st instant, the Dwelling-house of Mr. John Thompson, of Love-lane, Shadwell, was broken and entered, at the back door, by means of a centre-bit, and an Iron Thermometer, a large piece of Leaden Ore, a small Tortoise-shell Box, containing a quantity of green Insects, and other articles, were Stolen therefrom.

On Sunday night, the 31st ultimo, during the absence of the Family, some Thieves entered the House No.22, Flint-street, Borough, and Stole the following articles therefrom. Viz.- Six Brass Door-locks, one small Vice, three Iron Peaks, one gross of Carpenter's Bradawls, nine bundles of Flax, two large Paintings (portaits of women, one having a book in her hand), one Counterpane, one pair of Brass Scales, one pair of Copper ditto, one Pillow, a pair of Shears, a Pick-axe with a handle, and twelve Brass Box-locks with keys.

On Wednesday night, the 3rd instant, the Private Door of Messrs. Hawes and Perkins, Strand, was entered by means of a false key, and the following property Stolen therefrom, viz.- Five Vols. Of Galignani's edition of Moore's Works, with the names ' Wm. Hawes, 7 . Adelphi Terrace,' written inside; some Music Strings; and about fourteen Pounds in Cash - The Desk and Cash-box were apparently broken open with a small crow-bar.

On Saturday night, the 30th ultimo, or early the following morning, the Parish Church of Elston, near Bedford, was broken and entered, and the following property Stolen therefrom, viz.- An Iron Chest, containing the Register Books of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, in the said parish, from the beginning of the year 1813 to the present time; the Sacramental Plate, consisting of a Silver Cup and Cover, with an inscription on the side of the cup ' Elveston Com. Bedd. 1639'; and one Silver Paten or Plate, having a coat of arms, engraved in the centre. - Whoever will give such information to the Churchwardens of the parish as may lead to the conviction of the offender or offenders, shall receive Five Pounds Reward.


On Sunday night, the 31st ultimo, a Dark Brown Horse was Stolen from Widley Park, the property of Mr. Gamlett, of Portsmouth. He is a slightly good-looking animal, aged nine years, about fifteen hands and a half high, with a white star in the forehead, black legs, and wind touched - Information to be given to R. Curtis, constable, Police Office, Union Hall.

Stolen, on Sunday night, the 24th ultimo, or early on the following morning, from a Piece of Land, near to Meridale, a Bay Horse, of the Hackney kind, six years old, about fourteen and a half hands high, black legs, tail cut short, has three saddle marks upon him (two on one side and one on the other), and has lately had the strangles, from which he is not completely recovered, his throat being still swelled.- Five Pounds Reward will be paid to any person or persons by whose means the offender or offenders shall be apprehended and convicted, on application of Mr. Lee, of Chapel Ash, near Wolverhampton.

Stolen, from Yarkhill Court, Herefordshire, on Friday night the 22d ultimo, or the following morning, a Mare, four years old, light chesnut colour mixed with grey, about fifteen hands high, and showing a good deal of blood.- Also a Brown Filly, three years old, half bred, with long tail, and about fifteen hands high. Both of them without shoes, when missed.- Whoever will give information to Mr. J. Vevers, Yarkhill, or Mr. Vevers, Ironmonger, High Town, Hereford, shall, on conviction of the offender or offenders, receive Ten Pounds Reward.

On Monday, the 25th ultimo, a Man, named HOLLEY, hired a Black Horse Pony, (about ten hands high, switch tail, has a star on his forehead, and a lump on his back : the property of Mr. William Bevan, of Dalmead, near Bath) for four days, with which he has absconded.- HOLLEY is a tall thin Man, lame in one of his hands, has been a soldier, is about forty-five years of age, and lived in the neighbourhood of Dalmead at the time he hired the Horse - Information to be given at the Police Station, New-way, Tothill-street, Westminster.

Stolen or Strayed, on Thursday, the 28th ultimo, from the Turnpike Gate at Winchcomb, a Dark Iron-grey Filly, two years old, long tail, white star on the forehead, and the hind fetlock joints white - Whoever will bring the said Filly to W. Painter, Charlton Kings, if Stolen, will receive Five Pounds Reward, on conviction of the offender or offenders; if Strayed, all reasonable Expenses will be paid.

Stolen on Wednesday night, the 6th ultimo, or early the following morning, from a Field, adjoining to the Reed Pond, Old Park Farm, near the city of Canterbury, a Light Bay Horse, about fourteen hands high, three black legs, the near hind foot white just above the fetlock joint, a small white star on the forehead, knees slightly grazed, and about eight years old - The property of Mr. John Pillerow, Ironmonger, No.55, Buergate-street, Canterbury.

Stolen, on Friday night, the 29th ultimo, or early on the following morning, from the Stable of Mr. R. Hitchcock, of Smalldean Farm, in the parish of Wendover, in the county of Bucks, a Rusty Black Cart Horse, five years old, about fifteen hands and a half high, two white heels behind, small fullness on the near hock from a kick, and a long black mane and tail. Also, a winker Halter, a Collar, and a pair of Hames. - Any person giving information to Mr. R. Hitchcock, or to W. Cross, chief constable, Aylesbury, that may lead to conviction of the offender or offenders, shall, on his or their conviction receive Ten Pounds Reward, from the said R. Hitchcock.

Stolen or Strayed, on the night of the 3rd ultimo, or early the following morning, from a Field at East Ayton, near Scarborough, a Bay Mare, four years old, about fifteen hands high, a little white on her hind feet, and a scar on her far fore foot upon the heel, occasioned by an overreach in galloping.- Also, about the same time, from Low Deepdale, a light coloured Bay Horse, rising five years old, about fifteen hands high, bald-faced, and has a white hind leg, is strong boned, and rather slack backed.- It is strongly suspected the above property is stolen, as an elderly-looking broad-set Man, about five feet six inches high, dressed in dark clothes, accompanied by a young Man, similarly dressed, have been seen lurking about the neighbourhood for some days past.- On recovery of the Mare, and conviction of the offender or offenders, Mr. R. Wilson, of Ayton Lodge, the owner will give Five Guineas Reward, and the Seamer Association, the like sum.- And on recovery of the Horse and conviction, Mr. R. Marflitt, of Scarborough, the owner, will give Five Guineas Reward, and the Cayton Association, the like sum.

Detained on suspicion of being stolen, a Bay Horse, with black legs, three white saddle marks and blemish under the throat from the strangles, white mark on the side of the head just below the ears, six years old, fifteen hands high. The horse may be seen by applying to Thomas Bellerby, Police Officer, Warwick. The man in whose possession the horse was found, is committed for further examination.

Stolen or strayed, on Friday night, the 29th ultimo, or early the following morning, from a field in the parish of Bromham, a Dark Brown Mare, four years old, fifteen and a half hands high, with a star in the forehead, a bruise in the off hind leg, small saddle mark on the back (newly done), and a switch bushy tail. Whoever will give such information as will lead to the conviction of the offender or offenders, shall receive Five Pounds Reward, on application to Mr. Benjamin Webb, Bromham.

Between nine and ten o'clock on the night of Thursday, the 4th instant, a Bay Horse, eight years old, fifteen hands and one and half inches high, short cut tail, black legs, and is a little stale on the forelegs, was stolen out of a paddock at Litchurch, near Derby. Whoever will give such information as will lead to the apprehension and conviction of the offender, to Mr. John Collinson, the owner, at Litchurch aforesaid, shall receive a handsome reward, and have all reasonable expenses paid.

Stolen or Strayed from a Field belonging to Mr. W. Turner, at Birmingham Heath, near Birmingham, on the night of Wednesday, July 20th ultimo, a Bright Bay Cob, about nine years old, about fifteen hands high, black legs, near hind fetlock white, white strip on the face, beautiful black mane, and short tail; tips on his feet, when in the field; his off fetlock and left hock, above the joint, have a scar upon them, occasioned by an old bruise from a halter. Also, a Bay Colt, fifteen hands high, slouched ears, three years old, long mane and tail. And a Dark Grey Galloway, four years old, with long mane and tail.- If Stolen, whoever will give such information as will lead to the apprehension of the offender or offenders, shall upon conviction receive Twenty Guineas Reward; if Strayed, any person restoring the horses, or giving information of them, shall be handsomely rewarded for their trouble, and all expenses paid, on application to Hammond, Turner and Sons, Snow-hill, or Mr Redfern, Public-Office, Birmingham.

On Friday night, the 8th ultimo, a Bay Mare, thorough-bred, was missed, supposed to have been stolen, from a Field adjoining the Turnpike-gate, at Bythorn, in the county of Huntingdon - She is about fifteen hands high, aged, has had a Foal or two, having been kept as a Breeding Mare; but not proving with Foal this year, had been lately used, and her tail cut even; has a black mane and tail, and a star on her forehead, and is particularly handsome.- Five Pounds Reward will be paid, upon the conviction of the offender or offenders, upon application to Mr. Field, at Royston, in Huntingdonshire; or Mr Garton, at the Public Office, Worship-street.

On Wednesday, the 20th ultimo, Mr. Clarke, of Park-place, East-street, Walworth, left a Horse and Cart in charge of a Boy, near the Pump in High-street, Norton-Falgate, and went into the Shop of Mr. Gardner : he remained about ten minutes, and upon coming out, found the Boy had decamped with the Horse and Cart - The Cart contained a light drab Box Coat with capes, a Reticule Basket, two bottles of Spirits, thirty quires of Glass Paper, and other articles - The Boy was about fifteen or sixteen years of age, five feet three inches high, and was dressed in a dirty smock frock and fustian trousers. The Horse and Cart have since been found, but the great Coat has not.

Stolen, on Monday night, the 18th ultimo, out of a Piece of Ground, belonging to Mr. William Shorthouse, at Moseley, an aged Bright Bay Gelding, about fifteen hands and a half high, with cut tail, white saddle mark on the near side, and black legs, also a large blemish on the fetlock joint on the near fore leg, and the hair rubbed off.- Whoever will give such information to the said Mr. W. Shorthouse, the Constable of King's Norton, or to Mr. Redfern, at the Public Office, Birmingham, as may lead to the apprehension of the offender or offenders, shall upon conviction receive Ten Guineas Reward, from Mr. P.M. James, the Treasurer of the King's Norton and Moseley Association for the Prosecution of Felons.

Stolen, on Tuesday night, the 19th ultimo, from Blaxhall, in the county of Suffolk, a Black Gelding, eight years old, about fifteen hands high, has good eyes, the off hind foot white, cut tail, and in good condition for work. Also, a Bright Bay Pony, four years old, thirteen hands high, has good eyes, switch tail, in good condition, and the off fore foot is a little swelled, having been recently sprained. The property of Eden Tyler - Information to be given to James King, Constable, Saxmundham.

On Sunday, the 3rd ultimo, a Horse and Chaise were obtained, from the Stables of C. Whatman, of the White Lion, Chatham, by a respectable looking Man, to go to Cranbrook, Kent, and has not been since heard of - The Chaise was fresh painted green, lined with blue cloth, of old make, and was drawn by a light Bay Mare, with black legs, a white fetlock on the near hind leg, a star on the forehead, blind of the near eye, about fourteen hands and a half high, six years old, and had on brass-mounted Harness with Crest - Three Guineas Reward will be given to any person who will give such information as may lead to the conviction of the offender and recovery of the property. Information to be given to C. Pattison, Constable, Chatham.

Found, on Thursday, the 14th ultimo, in the neighbourhood of Devonport, in the possession of a party of Gipsies, the following Property, supposed to have been Stolen, viz. - Twelve Horses, one Donkey, and one young Mule; also, one Silver Watch, No.3049, the maker's name erased with a file; the last persons who appear to have repaired the said Watch are Samuel Tyte, Warminster; and James Snelling, Newton Abbott. One large Silver Ladle with crest, a Wheatsheaf : two Silver Tea-pots, one of which has a silver handle. Besides a great quantity of miscellaneous Articles; found in a Car, marked ' Peter Hicks, Brimpton, Berks, Rat Catcher. ' The three Men have given their names PETER HICKS, WILLIAM BELCHER, and THOMAS STANLEY - Information to be given to James Day, peace officer, Town Hall, Devonport.

Supposed to be Stolen, by a man named JOHN DYER, (who has since Absconded), from Hemel Hempstead, a light coloured Chesnut Horse, with switch tail, long mane, blind of the off eye, about fourteen hands high, aged, collar marked on both shoulders, a white star on the forehead, white saddle marks, and marks of the bridle on each side of the head under the ears.


On Sunday morning, the 31st ultimo, about four o'clock, WILLIAM WILLIAMS Absconded from his Lodgings, at No.2, Grange-road, Bermondsey, and took with him the following articles, the property of Mr. W. Alders, viz.- One new puce-colour body Coat, one pair of Trousers, two Silk Handkerchiefs, and one Cravat - The said WILLIAM WILLIAMS is about five feet two inches and a half high, has light hair, and is eighteen years of age; he had previously stated that it was his intention to sail from Blackwall on the following Wednesday.

Absconded, on Tuesday evening, the 2nd instant, from the employ of Messrs. Statham and Son, Blacking Makers, No.54, Lamb's Conduit Street, WILLIAM ALLISON, taking with him Cash received at various places, during the day, amounting to Ten Pounds.- The said WILLIAM ALLISON is a native of Durham, about thirty-two years of age, six feet high, rather thin, light hair and eyes, and well made.

Stolen, on Monday, the 1st instant, in the Brig 'Ina' from the London Docks, a silver engine-turned Hunting Watch, capped and jewelled, with a snake engraved on the cap; makers name 'Samuel Brothers, Liverpool.' The property of Richard Case - GEORGE SPENCER, a Painter, who was working aboard, is suspected of having stolen the Watch; he is about twenty-four years of age, five feet five inches high, and of a light complexion.

Stolen, on Friday the 5th instant, from the Dwelling-house of Mr. Painter, No.26, Nowland-street, Tottenham-Court-road, the Sum of One Hundred and Thirty Pounds, in Bank of England Notes and Cash.- By WILLIAM MELHUISH, who is about twenty-eight years of age, five feet three inches and a quarter high, very pale thin face, light hair, and grey eyes; had on a dark bottle green coat, dark grey trousers, and dark waistcoat - A Reward of Five Pounds will be paid by the said Mr. Painter, on the apprehension of the said offender.

Stolen, on Tuesday, the 2nd instant, by a Man named FREEMAN, a Truck, painted lead colour, the sides composed of turned staves, and the initials 'J.R.' awkwardly done on the hind rail. The property of James Riley, of Symon's-street, Sloane-square - The said Man, named FREEMAN is about twenty-eight years of age, about five feet nine inches high, very thin, dark complexion, and has a wife and family living at Kilburn - Two Guineas Reward will be paid on conviction of the offender and recovery of the Truck, on application to Mr. Riley aforesaid.

On Thursday, the 4th instant, THOMAS JONES, Servant to Henry Fynes Clinton, Esq, of Little Dean's Yard. Absconded with Sixteen Pounds in Cash, the monies of his master.- The said THOMAS JONES is about five feet ten inches high, thirty-five years of age, light hair, and of fair complexion.

Stolen, on the 23d ultimo, from the person of Jane Tenant, whilst passing through Wood-street, Westminster, a pink Gown, one Sovereign, and one Shilling - By a Man, named CHARLES NIBLETT. He stands six feet high, is a dark complexion, with a scar down his nose, and another on the cheek.

On Thursday, the 4th instant, EMMA ROSE Servant to Maria Thain, of Dorset-street, Stepney, was entrusted by her Mistress with seven Shifts, four Pillow-cases, three Sheets, one Cotton Gown, one Spencer, one Pocket Handkerchief, and a Towel, to take to the Mangle; part of which she has Pledged, and has Absconded with the remainder - She is about twenty years of age, stout made, full face, and is pitted with the small-pox; she had on when she absconded an old green silk gown.

Stolen, on the 3rd or 4th instant, from the House of Mr Charles Mills, No.19, Little George-street, Portman-square, the following articles, viz - Two double-twilled Morning Coats, one pair of black plush Breeches, one pair of fawn-coloured kerseymere Breeches, and one silk Hat; also, six Sovereigns, one Half Sovereign, and some Silver monies - THOMAS GRIFFITH, who lodged in the house, and who has Absconded, is suspected of the said robbery. He is a native of Shrewsbury, twenty-five years of age, five feet nine inches and a half high, dark eyes and hair, and small whiskers of the same colour; he is rather lame of the left ancle; wore a Newmarket-cut corduroy coat, black plush breeches, yellow waistcoat, and drab gaiters.


Description of a Man, who has escaped from New South Wales, and is supposed to be a convict:- It is stated, that about five days after the Ship "Royal Admiral" left Sidney, the Man was could concealed in the Ship. He said his Name was WILLIAM CHURCHILL, that he was by trade a Tailor, and had carried on business in O'Connell Street, Sidney, where his circumstances had become embarrassed, and that he had concealed himself in the Ship to avoid his creditors. He was brought home in the Ship as a Prisoner, and on her arrival at Northfleet, on Saturday, he effected his escape. He is about twenty-six years of age, sallow complexion, has light hair, and appeared to be care-worn; he has two small blue lines below his right eye; is about five feet seven and a half inches high, and says he is a native of Morden, in Herefordshire. He had on when he left the Ship, a blue coat with bright buttons, black waistcoat, drab mixture trousers, white shirt, black silk handkerchief, but was without a hat, shoes, or stockings.

Escaped from the Gaol of Bideford, in the county of Devon, on the morning of Monday, the 4th ultimo, WILLIAM BIRD, convicted at the Bideford Midsummer Quarter Sessions, on Monday, the 27th day of June last, of feloniously stealing a pig, and sentenced to six months imprisonment.- The said WILLIAM BIRD has light hair, large light eyes, long visage, fair complexion, is about thirty-eight years of age, five feet seven inches in height, and is awkward in his walk. He wore at the time of his escape a light fustian jacket, cord breeches and gaiters, and a light waistcoat, and is supposed to have gone to Bristol.


Found, under suspicious circumstances, suspected to have been Stolen, a Brown Leather Pocket Book : on the leather on the outside is written, in ink, ' Thomas Phillips, Crayford Mills, Crayford, Kent. ' - The same may be seen by applying to William Ivimy, a constable, at Queen Square Office.

On Tuesday night, the 2nd instant, about ten o'clock, as Mr. Willmot, of Lewisham, was engaged in extracting his horse from his chaise, which had upset by the animal taking fright, in London-street, Greenwich, some person unknown, Stole two new blue and white striped Cushions, a blue cloth Cloak with fur collar, a black Great Coat, and a Horse Cloth, and escaped unobserved.

On Tuesday, the 2nd instant, a Man called at No.5, Chester-place, Kennington, and by falsely representing himself to be sent by Mr. Neil, fraudulently obtained possession of a Portmanteau, containing the following articles, viz.- One pair of Trousers, two or three cotton under Waistcoats, five linen Shirts, three minature Portraits, two French and English Dictionaries, four Knives and Forks with white handles, six small ditto with green ditto, a Steel, several Accompt-books, three Table-cloths, one Looking-glass; one Five-pound Bank Note, the number not known, four Sovereigns; one Dictionary, two Bibles, one brown riding Coat, twenty Collars, and eighteen Neckcloths - The Portmanteau is the property of the said Mr.Neil, and was given to the Man, upon his false representation as aforesaid, by a little Girl, ten years of age, who, with two other younger Children, were the only persons in the house.

Stolen from the House of Mr. Bennetts, No.8, Gilbert's Buildings, Westminster Road, on Tuesday morning, the 2nd instant, about eight o'clock, the following articles, viz.- A Workbox, containing seven shillings and sixpence and a silver thimble; and a small Jewel Case, containing one gold one coral and one hair ring, two gold seals, three gold pins, one gold brooch, and a silver tea-spoon.- The said property was taken out of the first floor back room, the door of which was left unlocked, while Mr. and Mrs. Bennetts were in the shop below. There are lodgers in the first and second floor.

Stolen, on Monday, the 1st instant, from the person of Mr. Appleton, between Southwark Bridge and the Temple, a small Memorandum Pocket-book for the present year, containing a Checque for 10 on Messrs. Wright and Co.; a Bill of Exchange for 45; and one ditto for 20; with various other Memorandums.- Information to be given to Messrs. Evitt, Prier and Lucas, Solicitors, Haydon-square, Minories.

Stolen on Friday morning, the 29th ultimo, from on board the 'Essex' Steam Vessel, from Gravesend, an old Black Leather Portmanteau, with a brass plate on it, inscribed 'Lieut. Anson' and also a written direction 'To be delivered at No.3, Kent Terrace, Regent's Park,' containing one black Bombazin Dress, and other Lady's Wearing Apparel; several Foreign Coins, in a scarlet purse, worked with gold; a Gold Hunting Watch, with silver face, made by 'Storr and Mortimer, New Bond-street,' with a scarlet Ribbon, and a plain Gold Key and Seal, with the Anson Crest, a Coronet and Spear, cut in an amethyst; a Portrait in a gilt frame, of an Officer in the full uniform of the 11th Dragoons, the ivory being cracked down the middle; and a Bible and Prayer-book, withe name of 'Lieut. Anson' thereon.

Stolen, on Thursday, the 4th instant, in the Dwelling-house of Robert Quinton, in Union-place, Commercial-road, the following articles, viz.- Two Silver Tea-spoons, marked 'D.S.Q.'; three unbleached Linen Shirts; two Shirts, marked 'R.Q.'; one blue Frock Coat, one pair of fawn-coloured Breeches; one light coloured Waistcoat, one large red figured Shawl, one light coloured Gown, one plum-coloured stuff Gown, four Blankets, one pair of large Sheets, and one large Counterpane, stained in the middle.

Stolen, on Friday, the 29th ultimo, from the Dwelling-house of Thomas Bates, of No.17, Castle-lane, Westminster, the following articles, viz - Two pair of Trousers, one pair of blue cloth, the other cord; one Waistcoat of Valentia, with stripes; one Shirt; two Handkerchiefs; and eight Shillings - A Man of tall stature, dark complexion, with bushy hair, and dressed in a blue frock coat, and formerly a lodger in the house, is suspected of stealing the same.

Stolen, on the 25th day of April last, from the person of Samuel Bland, of No.10, Carey-street, Lambeth, painter, whilst passing through Mason-street, Lambeth, a Silver Watch, maker's name 'Newland'; part of the face of the Watch was broken.

Stolen, from out of the Shop Window of Mr. Denham, of No.180, Regent-street, about eighteen Silver Patent Pencils, of various kinds, with the maker's name 'Roberts,' engraved thereon.

Stolen, from out the Shop Window of Mr. Senior, of No.161 Regent-street, about eighteen Silver Patent Pencils, of various kinds; some made by Mordaunt, and some by Roberts, whose names are engraved thereon.

Stolen, on Thursday, the 4th instant, from the person of Mr. Arthur Naverre (of No.55, Manchester-street), in Marylebone, a Metal Gilt Watch, makers names 'Kay and Montagu' with crest on back, a Spread Eagle; it had a silk guard attached - By a Lad, seventeen or eighteen years of age, having a chubby face, small nose, and is about five feet five inches high.

Stolen, on Thursday morning, the 4th instant, from the person of Captain Gedden, (residing at Mrs. M'Intosh's, Sidney Stairs, Limehouse), five Five-pound Notes, numbers not known; nine Sovereigns, and nineteen Shillings, in silver, while in a state of intoxication, at a Brothel, No.18, George-yard, Wentworth-street; by a Girl of the Town.

On Thursday afternoon, the 4th inst., between the hours of three and four o'clock, a Time-piece was Stolen from the House of Mrs. Stions, Clapham Rise - It is supposed that a Woman hawking small boxes committed the theft.

On Thursday morning, the 4th inst., about seven o'clock, the House of Mr Dore, No.43, Marchmont-street, was entered at the street door, which had been left open by the Servant Girl, and the following articles Stolen from the back Parlour, viz. - Three Silver Tea-spoons, marked 'D'; one Hat, one Coat, one Silk Handkerchief, one pair of Gloves, and one Card-case.

Stolen, on Thursday night, the 4th instant, from a Barge, on the Thames, belonging to Mr. Thomas Steel, of Rotherhithe, a new Tarpaulin.

Stolen, between the hours of three and six o'clock in the afternoon of Tuesday, the 2nd instant, from the Dwelling-house of John Trery, the Sign of the 'White Hart' Public-house, at Barnes, in the county of Surrey, two Five-pound Bank of England Notes; a Checque upon Messrs Drummonds, for twelve pounds, signed by a Lady named Foote; and nineteen Sovereigns - Information to be given to Henry Goddard, at Marlborough-street Office.

Found in the possession of a suspected person, a Letter dated 'Glatigny, June 30, 1831,' signed George Gooley and directed to 'Henry Michael Goold, Esq, Post-office, Dublin,' and altered to 'Sandymount.'- Supposed to have been stolen from some person in the neighbourhood of the Strand.

Stolen, on the 1st instant, from Mr Corbett's, No.46, Albemarle-street, six Silver Table-spoons, five-plated Desert-spoons, six plated Table-forks, and six plated Dessert-forks.

August 4.
ANN DAVIS, with stealing a purse, five sovereigns, and twenty-four shillings in silver, the property and monies of Robert Dixon, from his person, in Chancery-lane - Committed to Newgate for trial.
MARY O'DONNELL, with stealing Bank of England Notes, to the amount of fifty pounds, from the person of George Hunter, in Lazenby-court, Long-acre - Committed for further examination on Thursday next.

August 5.
JOHN MAPPIN, with stealing three stomach-pumps and three mahogany cases, the property of John Weiss, in the Strand - Committed to Newgate for trial.

JOHN CORNWALL, on re-examination, with stealing, from the person of John Brown, a purse and eight shillings and sixpence, his property and monies - Committed to Newgate for trial.
JOHN M'KAY, on re-examination, with embezzling the sum of fifteen shillings, received by him for and on account of Thomas Wells, his master and employer - Committed to Newgate for trial.
GEORGE DUNCAN, on re-examination, with embezzling the sum of seven shillings and eightpence, and other sums of money, received by him for and on account of John Badder, his master and employer - Committed to Newgate for trial.
ELIZA HUGHES, with stealing one umbrella, the property of John Kingham, in Tothill-street, Westminster - Committed to Newgate for trial.
WILLIAM HENRY BRYANT (on re-examination) and GEORGE KENSLAKE (since apprehended) with stealing a pair of stays, the property of Anthony Bryant - Committed to Newgate for trial.

August 4.
ANN COLLINS, on re-examination, with stealing one sugar-basin and two sheets, value twenty shillings, the property of Henry Tolley, Esq, her master and employer; and one liquor-frame, two decanters, and other articles, value twenty shillings, the property of John Norris.- Committed to Newgate for trial.
THOMAS WHITE and WILLIAM CLARK, with stealing one set of chaise harness, value two pounds, the property of Joseph Murray, of Regent-street, - Committed to Newgate for trial.

GEORGE NEAL, with stealing, from the person of Francis Crew, one handkerchief, of the value of four shillings, his property - Committed to Newgate for trial.

August 3.
THOMAS HOPKINS, with stealing a parasol, the property of John Pinder, in Saint Pancras - Committed to Newgate for trial.

JUSTINA SUMNER WILKINSON, re-examined, with stealing three blankets, and one flat iron, value ten shillings, the property of John Griffin, of Leather-lane - Committed to Newgate for trial.

August 5.
WILLIAM SPIERS and JOHN ROBINSON, re-examined, with stealing a silver salt-spoon, value seven shillings, the property of the Hon. Colonel E.P. Lygon and others, at the Regent's Park Barracks - Committed to Newgate for trial.
MARGARET GRIFFITHS, with stealing a gown and two shifts, value eight shillings, the property of Mary Tuck, of Back Hill - Committed to Newgate for trial.

August 3.
JOSEPH VALENTINE, re-examined, with having feloniously assaulted Thomas Stringer, on the King's highway, in Saint Luke, and robbed him of a gold brooch - Committed to Newgate for trial.
ELIZABETH WEST, re-examined, with stealing sixteen hundred pounds, from the person of John Booth, in Saint George the Martyr, Southwark - Committed to Horsemonger-lane Gaol, for trial in Surrey.

JAMES HALL, with stealing three remnants of printed cotton, the property of Henry Trendell, his master, in Shoreditch - Committed to Newgate for trial.

August 5.
WILLIAM STUBBS, re-examined, with having feloniously stolen a quantity of silk, the property of Daniel Apling, in Spitalfields - Committed to Newgate for trial.
ALFRED HOWE, re-examined, with attempting to violate the person of Mary Ann Marchant, eight years of age, at Hoxton - Committed to New Prison from trial, for want of sureties.

August 4.
JOHN BROWN, with stealing one silver watch, two gold seals, two gold rings, and two gold keys, of the value of seven pounds, the property of William Henry Smith, in his dwelling-house, at Shadwell, on the 4th instant - Committed for trial.

August 3.
BENJAMIN REDWOOD, and JAMES TINGEY, on re-examination, with stealing a gelding, on the 30th ultimo, in the parish of Saint Paul, Deptford, in the county of Surrey, the property of James Bewley - Committed for trial.

WAR OFFICE, August 6, 1831.
A List and Description of Deserters from His Majesty's Service.

Robert BakeHorse GuardsSt.TeathCornwalllabourer18 3/46 0 1/2---hazel---
Joseph Gardiner5th Drag. GuardsStakeStaffordpotter196 0---grey---
John Evans5th Drag. GuardsSmithfieldMiddlesexcurrier185 8 1/2---grey---
James M'CulloughInniskillen Drag.DoneyTyronelabourer185 9---grey---
John Harrison7th HussarsBentwoodStaffordnailor285 8slightproplonghazeldarkcommonlong
William Hill14th Light Drag.KinawleyCavanmason345 7squareroundlonggreythickaquilineshort
Levi Crofts2d Bat.Gren.Gds-Sussexlabourer315 11 1/4propproppropdarkblackpropprop
Miles Booth3d Bat.Gren.GdsHuddleYorklabourer345 8 5/8propproppropgreylightbrownpropprop
John Travis2d Bat.Cold.GdsTickwellYorklabourer235 10 1/2stoutlargeroundhazelbrownsmallprop
John Attenborow2d Bat.Cold.GdsSt.NicholasLincolnlabourer235 7 7/8stoutlargelongbluebrownsmallshort
John Newsom2d Bat.Cold.GdsLeedsYorkclothier245 9stoutlargeovalgreylightbrownpropprop
Samuel Smith4th FootSambowreeWarwicklabourer24 3/45 6 3/4stoutproppropbrown-propprop
Edward Minchen4th, King's OwnFulhamMiddlesexgardener19 1/45 6 1/4---brown---
John Edwards4th, King's OwnMullingarWest Meathrope-maker22 3/45 8---grey---
Robert Mulholland5th FootClenturbrittMonaghanlabourer21 1/45 5---blue---
Joseph Lister12th FootLiverageYorkshireplasterer215 6 1/2stoutproproundbluebrownpropprop
Denis Upton17th FootKilfinnanLimericklabourer245 7stoutroundshortgreydarkcommonshort
John M'Intosh25th FootNorth LeithMid Lothianlabourer225 7 3/4---blue---
Archibald Hamilton25th FootKilmorayArgylesailor226 1---blue---
Joseph Cope30th FootEcclesfieldYorkspinner20 1/45 6 1/2---dark---
Archibald Russell30th FootLoaneheadEdinburghdyer195 7slenderroundroundblackdarklongcommon
Christopher Nun43d FootSnowtownYorklabourer24 3/45 8 3/4stoutprop-----
Thomas Powell43d FootBewdleyWorcesterwood turner21 1/25 9w.madelargeovalgreylightbrownlargelong
William Rourke47th FootSt.Catherine'sDublinlabourer285 9middlingroundlongbrowndarkproplong
William Coburn47th FootInchStranrarelabourer205 7 1/2middlingroundovalblueheavypropprop
Robert Stack50th FootKilmacdaughClarevictualler205 7---hazel---
Bernard Macname51st FootMonterloneyTyronelabourer225 8 3/4---grey---
Thomas Bagley52d FootBrixhamDevontailor225 7---grey---
William Blarney53d FootWrockerdineSalopcollier215 7 3/4---grey---
John Jones53d FootCardiganCardiganlabourer205 7 1/4r.stoutroundovalgreyra.darkpropshort
John Daly59th FootSt.James'sKilkennycoach-maker215 5-grey---
William Gallagher60th Rifles, 2dBatEnnisFermanaghlabourer255 7 1/2slightlargev.longgreybrownlonglong
Michael Callanon60th Rifles, 2dBatSt.NicholasCorklabourer235 6 1/2stoutlargeroundgreybrownshortshort
Peter Boyle61st FootKilmoreMonaghanlabourer195 6 1/4---grey---
Samuel Collingworth63d FootHolbeachLincolnlabourer235 7slenderlongovaldark browndarkcommoncommon
John Revitt63d FootPeutneyNorfolklabourer215 6stoutroundovalbrownbrowncommonshort
Thomas Mammote73d FootColeshillWarwicklabourer25 1/25 6 1/2---hazel---
Charles Gilchrist75th FootStirlingStirlinglabourer195 7 1/2---grey---
James Gibb78th FootLeithEdinburghhostler185 8 1/4---blue---
Danial Doran80th FootGarvanDonegalbrick-maker265 10 1/2---grey---
William Whitehead84th FootBradfieldYorkengineer185 6 3/4---grey---
John Deane89th FootRiponYorkpainter225 7stoutlargeroundbluebrowncommonshort
Henry Stemp89th FootCranleySurreylabourer185 6slightpropovalhazelbrownpropprop
James Graffham89th FootEwhurstSurreylabourer185 6 1/4slightpropovalgreybrownpropprop
Thomas Rutledge89th FootWhitehavenCumberlandtailor225 6 3/4slightpropovalbrowndarkpropprop
Malcolm Donald93d HighlandersDunfermlineFifelabourer22 1/25 9 1/2stoutproplonghazeldarkcommonprop
John Clarke94th FootWithamEssexlabourer185 7 1/4---blue---
Edward Pollett99th FootBlackurnLancasterspinner185 6---grey---
Robert Dinning99th FootCarltonLanarklabourer245 9 1/2---blue---
Trehern Watkins1st Bat. ArtilleryLlantreissantGlamorganblacksmith235 9stoutproprounddarkdarkpropprop
George Bailey7th Bat. ArtilleryBookhamSurreylabourer24 1/25 8w.madelargeroundbluelightpropshort
Jno. Undrell, a. S.JohnChatham DivHoxtonMiddlesexshoe-maker185 10---grey---
Simon CollinsPortsmouth Div.WalcotSomersetlabourer245 7---hazel---
Matthew CallenderPlymouth Div.KilranWexfordlabourer235 8---grey---
Richard BakerWoolwich Div.MiddletonLancashiregroom195 8 1/2---grey---
James CarterWoolwich Div.ReadingBerkshirelabourer305 6 1/2---blue---
William CarterWoolwich Div.WhitechapelMiddlesexlabourer235 6 1/2---grey---
William DuniganWoolwich Div.LisborneIrelandpainter255 7 3/4---grey---

Robert Bakedark------supposed to have destroyed himself18 blue pant
Joseph Gardinerfair------6 JulyDundalkstable jacketflannelwhite
John Evansfair------supposed to have gone off together6 JulyDundalkstable jacketflannelwhite
James M'Culloughblack------punishment; took a barrack rug, silver watch, &c reg.neces.2 JulyLongford Bar.regimentalflannelblue
John Harrisondarksquareproppropslightpropcommon28 JuneDublinblue jacketflannelblue overalls
William Hillbrownsquarelonglargethicklargelargemarks of punishment2 JulyBirminghamreg undressflannelwhite duck p.
Levi Croftsblackpropproppropproppropprop5 JulyLondonfatiguefatiguewhite
Miles Boothlight brownpropproppropproppropprop4 JulyLondonred fatigueredOxford mixt
John Travisbrownsquarestoutlargestoutlargeprop15 JuneLondonreg. fatigue-white
John Attenborowbrownsquarestoutlargestoutlargesmallpunishment; marked with the small-pox15 JuneLondonreg. fatigue-white
John Newsomlight brownsquarestoutlargestoutpropprop22 JuneLondonblackblackdark
Samuel Smithgreyproppropproppropproppropabsconded after intermediate approval3 JulyCoventryfustian-corduroy
Edward Minchenbrown------anchor on right arm; recruit; 2d des.; took part of reg neces.8 JulyChathamred shell jt.-Oxford grey
John Edwardsdark brown------took greater part of his regimental necessaries8 JulyChathamred shell jt.-Oxford grey
Robert Mulhollandbrown------2d time of des.; took all his regimental necessaries1 JulyMiltownMalbayred-Oxford grey
Joseph Listerbrownsquareproppropproppropproppunishment; letter D; and scar on the upper lip right cheek3 JulyMullingarred fat.jac.-Oxford grey
Denis Uptondark brownbroadthickthickstoutcommonsmallsurly disposition; supposed to be in Marylebone6 JulyTower of Londregimental-white reg.
John M'Intoshbrown------took his side belt, bayonet, and part of his necessaries5 JulyPaisleyred undress-white linen
Archibald Hamiltonsandy------stoops when walking; took side-belt, bayonet, and neces.5 JulyPaisleyred undress-white linen
Joseph Copedark brown------took his side belt, bayonet, and his necessaries1 JulyDublinred coatee-white
Archibald Russelldark brownsquarelongcommonslenderlongcommon30 July-blueblackblack
Christopher Nun------regularattested; not intermediately approved25 JulyStockton-o-Tlight colouredstripedcord
Thomas Powelllight brownsquarelongproppropproplarge1st des.; took reg.cap, black trowers, side-arms, &c.2
William Rourkebrownroundthinpropproppropproppunishment; 3d time of desertion20 JuneEdinburghreg.white-regimental
William Coburnbrownsquarepropproppropsmallprop4 JulyEdinburghregimental-regimental
Robert Stackbrown------took regimental necessaries, side belt and bayonet3 JulyTemplemoreregimental-Oxford mixt
Bernard Macnamelight brown------took side belt and bayonet6 JulyStockportred-white
Thomas Bagleybrown------3 JulyWeedon Barregimental-Oxford mixt
William Blarneylight brown------small-pox; W.B. a sailor, &c. on left arm; 3d desertion2 JulyChesterred round-white
John Jonesbrownsquarecommoncommoncommoncommonlargea recruit attested; supposed to have gone home4 JulyShrewsburyfustianblackcorduroy
John Dalydark brown------punishment; took greater part of his regimental necessaries3 JulyBirr Barracksregimental-white
William Gallagherbrownsquarelonglargepropsmallcommonpunishment; procured coloured clothes; took reg. neces.2 JulyManchester---
Michael Callanonbrownsquareshortlargestoutcommoncommonpunishment; procured coloured clothes; took reg. neces.2 JulyManchester---
Peter Boylefairroundpock-pitted; 2d desertion; deserted from the Hospital28 JuneBoyle--white serge
Samuel Collingworthdarkroundlongcommonslendercommoncommontook side-arms8 JulyChathamred shell-regimental
John Revittbrownsquarecommoncommonstoutcommoncommontook side-arms8 JulyChathamred shell-white duck
Thomas Mammotebrown------a recruit; took all his regimental necessaries; small eyes6 JulyDevonportred-white duck
Charles Gilchristdark brown------8 JulyPlymouthfustianstripedwhite drill
James Gibbfair------28 JuneDailkeithred-tartan
Danial Doranbrown------took all his regimental ncessaries, bayonet, pouch & belt1 Julyoff marchregimental-white
William Whiteheadlight------not attested30 JuneLiverpoolfustianblackfustian
John Deanebrownsquarelg. & lar.largestoutsh. & st.largea mole on the chin; deserted before intermediate approval28 JuneHertfordfustianstripedfustian
Henry Stempbrownsquarepropproppropproppropintermediately approved5 JulyLondonsmock frock--
James Graffhamlight brownsquarepropproppropproppropintermediately approved5 JulyLondonsmock frock--
Thomas Rutledgedark brownsquarepropproppropproppropintermediately approved5 JulyLondon---
Malcolm Donalddarksquarelonglargepropsmallsmallpurchased his discharge from the 91st Regiment5 JulyBreconwhite-green tartan
John Clarkebrown------7 JulySheernessred fatigue-white duck
Edward Pollettlight brown------not intermediately approved20 JuneLiverpoolvelveteenblue stripedcorduroy
Robert Dinninglight brown------escaped from solitary confinement at Naas Barracks3 JulyNaas---
Trehern Watkinsbrownsquareproppropproppropprop14 JulyIsland Bridgereg.coatee-white
George Baileyfairsquareproppropproppropproppunishment; has been employed on the Thames14 JulyLeith Fortuniformuniformuniform
Jno. Undrell, a. S.Johnlight brown------leech bites to right breast; 3d time of desertion8 JulyChathamuniform--
Simon Collinsbrown------punishment11 JulyTynemouth Casround red jt.-white
Matthew Callenderbrown------took greater part of his regimental necessaries11 JulyWoolwichuniform-uniform
Richard Bakerdark brown------took greater part of his regimental necessaries13 JulyWoolwichround red jt.-dark grey
James Carterbrown------6 JulyWoolwichround red jt.-dark grey
William Carterbrown------took greater part of his regimental necessaries15 JulyDeptfordround red jt.-dark grey
William Dunigandark brown------took greater part of his regimental necessaries16 JulyWoolwichround red jt.-dark grey