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The Salisbury And Winchester Journal
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Some Selected Reports from the Salisbury and Winchester Journal

Monday, June 22nd, 1812


The Little Belt sloop of war is now moored near Battersea-bridge, preparatory to her being broken up.

It is now the general opinion in Plymouth, that the late dreadful fire in the Dock-yard, was occasioned by an incendiary. This also, it is stated, in the opinion of those who have conducted the investigation. It appears that there was no hemp within 70 feet of the spot when the fire broke out.

On the 4th of this month the Yeomanry of the city of Armagh were assembled, according to the established custom of honouring the King's Birth day. After being dismissed the corps, commanded by Mr. J. Barnes, they laid down their arms, refusing to serve any longer under their Captain, because he has signed the Protestant Petition to the Legislature, in favour of Catholic Emancipation.

On the 9th instant, a marine on board the Fyen prison-ship, lying in the Medway, fell from a stage into the sea, and was sinking, when a French Officer, of the name of Guillon Khor, jumped immediately with his clothes and boots on, from the forecastle, which is about 25 feet high, after him, and held him for several minutes, at the risk of his own life, the marine holding him fast by the collar, which no doubt would have caused the death of the French Officer, if his strength had not sustained him, till a boat came in time to save them; the marine was almost lifeless.

A woman named Marney, was killed in a pugilistic combat with another woman, named Brookey, on Saturday night, in Rainbridge-street, St. Giles's. The deceased was the first aggressor, when in a state of intoxication. A sharp battle was fought, and the deceased lay stunned, as was supposed, at the foot of a staircase; but on attempting to move her, it turned out she was dead.

EXECUTION.- This morning Thomas Flanaghan, Neil Daley, and George Smith for forgeries, were, pursuant to their sentences, executed before the Debtors door, Newgate. These three unfortunate criminals were brought on the scaffold at 8 o'clock, where they remained a few minutes in prayer, and were then launched off; after being suspended the usual time, they were cut down and delivered over to their friends for interment. Flanaghan and Daley were Catholics, and were attended by a Clergyman of that persuasion. Smith was attended by Dr. Ford the Ordinary; they all behaved with becoming piety and resignation.


Information has been given to Government by a Deputation of Gentlemen from Lancashire, that the Luddites have established forges for the manufacture of pikes, and continue actively employed in stealing fire-arms. They also have stolen quantities of lead pipes and linings to the drying vats. Some small bodies of them have also been seen practising the military exercise on the high hills and skirts of woods, at a very early hour in the morning. What can these infatuated men propose to themselves ? Their own ruin must be the inevitable consequence of their folly and wickedness.
Between eleven and twelve o'clock on Thursday night, Mr. Nadin, assisted by a picquet of military, took into custody (and seized the papers) of 38 persons unlawfully assembled at a public-house, in Ancoat's-lane, Manchester. They stated the object of their meeting to be for the petitioning for Peace and Parliamentary Reform, but their papers and books appeared to be of a different tendency. They were examined by the Magistrates, at the New Bayley on Friday, which examination was adjourned to Saturday, when it was resumed, and the whole 38 were committed to Lancaster, to take their trials, for having administered the abominable and unlawful Oath, known by the name of Twisting in.
The RIOTERS. - On Saturday Joseph Thompson and John Temples, two of the rioters condemned at Chester, were executed there. They behaved penitently, and acknowledged the justice of their sentence. The sentence of the other three is respited for 14 days : it is supposed they will be reprieved. - On the same day the eight persons condemned at Lancaster, viz. James Smith, Thomas Kerfoot, John Fletcher, and Abraham Charlson, for burning a mill, machinery, &c. John Howorth, John Lee>, and Thomas Hoyle, for breaking into a house, and stealing bread and cheese, &c. and Hannah Smith, for stealing potatoes in Manchester market, were executed pursuant of their sentence. Their conduct manifested great indifference and unconcern, as to the awful state they were placed in, almost to the moment of leaving their cells, and all the exortations of the Chaplain of the gaol appeared to have no effect in awakening them to repentance : but before they were turned off they became penitent, confessed their offences, and called on the God of Heaven to have mercy on them as miserable sinners.

Port News.

FALMOUTH. June 18. The Duke of Kent packet, from Lisbon in ten days, arrived this morning. -- The Nonpareil schooner had sailed for Plymouth with the official account of the late success of General Hill at the bridge of Almarez, which is spoken of as being of a very brilliant and important nature·.- When the Duke of Kent left Lisbon, Lord Wellington was said to moving again northward; Marmout's communication with Soult was entirely cut off, and in consequence he had moved from Salamanca towards Madrid, and was reported to be at Avila.
The following packets sailed yesterday. viz, the Chichester, for Surinam; Carteret, for New York and Halifax; Windsor Castle, for Malta; and Diana, for Cadiz.

PLYMOUTH, June 19. - On Tuesday arrived the Andromache, of 38 guns, from off the coast of Spain, and the Nonpareil schooner, from Lisbon, with the official account of Sir Rowland Hill's, gallant attack of the French posts at Almarez. Major Currie landed with the dispatches, and set off for London. He had with him a standard taken by the 71st regiment.
A superb Chapel is about to be built at the back of the Government-House at Dock, for the use of the Army, Navy, Ordnance, and Dock-yard. The plan is by Mr. Wyatt; the estimated expense £13,000.
On Wednesday came in the Muros, of 18 guns, from the eastward, with a fleet for Newfoundland. - Charles and Sarah, Richardson, from London, to Malta, chaced by two lugger privateers off the Lizard, and received much damage in her sails and rigging, put in to refit.- Boyne, of 98 guns, Conquestador, Colossus, and Tigre, of 74 guns each, from a cruize off Brest.- Armide, of 36 guns, from off Bourdeaux.
Sailed the Dreadnought, of 98 guns, for Portsmouth; Talbot, of 18 guns, for Cork; and the Mutine, of 18 guns, for the Downs.
On the 5th inst. Lieut. Thompson, of the Medusa, of 36 guns, with a crew of 28 men, gallantly volunteered the cutting out a large French ship of 400 tons, with 8 guns, and a crew of 84 men, then lying under the protection of a heavy battery near Bourdeaux; and notwithstanding the inequality of the force, they succeeded without the loss of any killed, and only 4 men wounded; but when in the act of bringing her out of the harbour, she unfortunately grounded, and to prevent a recapture, they were obliged to set fire to her. The French Captain and many of his crew were killed and wounded, and many others escaped by jumping overboard, and getting to the shore. The ship was laden with oak knees and other timber for ship-building, bound from Bayonne to Rochelle; had been laden twelve months, and got no further on her voyage. Some of the prisoners are arrived here.
This morning arrived the Hind revenue cutter from a cruize: last night, near Fowey, she fell in with a French lugger, of 14 twelve-pounders (4 only mounted), with 53 men, then in possession of an English brig, but on the Hind coming up, the Frenchmen took to the boat and left her; the Hind then gave the lugger three broadsides, and boarded her, in doing which she carried away her main and mizen masts, but got possession of and put men on board her, and were about to exchange prisoners, when the Hind's men discovered that she was sinking, took to the boat with 12 of the Frenchmen, and left her going down fast, then blowing a gale of wind at S.W. and she must have sunk soon after, as her side was stove in. The lugger had 7 men killed and 9 wounded; the Hind had none killed or wounded. It is supposed that the Frenchmen who left the brig were also lost, as the sea ran very high. The lugger is called the Incomparable, about 180 tons, and was within three miles of the shore when first chaced. We understand that the Hind's officers and crew behaved very gallantly on the occasion.

PORTSMOUTH, June 20. Vice-Adm. Martin sailed on Monday, in the Aeasta frigate, Capt. Kerr, for Lisbon. The Aeasta has on board a large quantity of specie, for payment to the troops in the Peninsula; on the delivery of which the Aeasta will proceed to South America.
The Loire frigate, Capt. Schomberg sailed, on Monday on a secret service; and the Antelope, of 50 guns, Capt. White, sailed on Monday for Torbay, to receive Sir J.T. Duckworth's flag, for Newfoundland.
The Martin, of 18 guns, Capt. Evans, is appointed convoy for Bermuda.
The Laurestinus frigate, arrived from the River Plate, has brought about 400,000 dollars.
Arrived, the Vangeur, of 74 guns, and Asia, of 74 guns, from off Cherbourg; the Dreadnought, of 98 guns, from Plymouth, to be docked; Castor, of 36 guns, from Jamaica; and Laurestinus, of 24 guns, from the Rio Plate.


A few days since the Rev. Mr. C. North was installed a Prebendary of this Cathedral, in the room of the late Rev. Mr. Salter, deceased.

BIRTH] On Thursday last, at Wyards, near Alton, the Lady of Stephen Terry, Esq. or a son and heir.
Lately was married, at South Stoneham, Hants, by the Rev. J. Poore, Sir Grenville Temple, Bart. to Maria widow of Lieut.-Col. Manners, 96th regiment, and daughter of the late Sir Thomas Rumbold, Bart. of Wood Hall, Hertfordshire.
On the 5th inst. died Mr. Thomas Webb[?],sen. of Amport farm, near Andover Farm, near Andover.
On the 9th inst. died Mr. William Child, of Andover.
On Tuesday last died, in the prime of life, Mr. George Young, carpenter and wheelwright, of Bramshaw, - He was a member of the New Forest Cavalry, and greatly respected throughout the neighbourhood which he lived.
On Wednesday died, at Southampton, in the 16th year of her age, Laetitia Jane Ricketts, eldest daughter of G.W. Ricketts, Esq. of Twyford, in the county of Hants.
On Thursday died, after a lingering illness, Mr. James Goodchild, cornfactor and seedsman, of Southampton.

MONDAY, JUNE 1812, 22.

A letter from an Officer on board the Medusa frigate, dated North Coast of Spain, June 7. gives the following relation of the gallant dash made by the boats of that ship :-
"On the 5th of this month we were off the coast of France, a little to the south of Bourdeaux, and near a harbour called Arcasson we saw a large ship, apparently a man of war, lying at anchor with her sails loose. We hoisted American colours, which immediately brought out a French pilot, from whom we got intelligence as to her force and situation. We directly formed a scheme to cut her out, and to attack her the same night. About nine o'clock we hoisted out all our boats, and left the ship, half an-hour after, in four boats, well manned and armed. We pulled into the harbour, and observed her about twelve. She hailed us in French, but no answer being given she again hailed, but still no answer. She then fired a musket at the boats, on which we gave three cheers, and rowed along-side, through a heavy fire of musketry and large guns. We presently boarded her : the Frenchmen kept the deck about ten minutes, during which time we were cutting and slashing, and, after killing two men and wounding twelve, drove the rest below. She proved to be the National ship Dorade, having 14 guns and 100 men, with a large cargo of naval timber, bound to Rochfort. We were all much mortified that, owing to the passage being so intricate and no pilot, we were obliged to set her on fire; but we did not lose sight of the prize until we saw her in flames and heard her explode; when we stood again to our cruizing ground, the place from which I date this letter. I assure you my brother and I did not expect to escape so fortunately. One of our midshipmen was wounded; and in my attempt to board you will judge how narrowly I escaped, when I tell you I was nearly thrust down the ship's side by a bayonet at the end of musket: it. made a hole in my hat, which I hope to bring home to shew you."

The Dorsetshire regiments of Militia, in changing quarters, has marched across the kingdom, from East to West, viz. from Yarmouth, in Norfolk, to Falmouth, in Cornwall, being now stationed at Pendennis Castle.
A troop of Artillery drivers, which has been stationed a long time at Exeter, received orders on Thursday to march immediately to Portsmouth to embark for Portugal.

On Friday last was inducted to the Vicarage of South Newton, on the presentation of the Right Hon. the Earl of Pembroke, the Rev. Francis Baker, Vicar of Coombe Bissett, in this county.

A few days since was married, at Poole, Dorset, C. Cozens, Esq. of Dorchester, to Miss Wise, daughter of the late Mr. Wise, many years surveyor of taxes for the divisions of Dorchester and Cerne.
Lately was married Thomas Flower, Esq. of Melksham, to Mrs. Chapman, of Caroline-buildings, Bath.
On Monday was married, at Bruton, James Crouch, Esq. to Miss Mary Hawarden, sister of the Rev. Joseph Hawarden, of Bonham-house.
On Wednesday was married Mr. Thomas Pocock, of Wincanton, Somerset, to Miss Sarah Rickword, of Longbridge Deverill, in this county.
On the 5th inst. died, at the Hotwells, Elizabeth eldest daughter or Samuel Mountjoy, of Corsham in this county.
On the 12th inst. died the Rev. John Brathwaite, of Milton, in this county.
On the 12th inst. died at Bath, the Rev. Francis Benson, A.M. Rector of Feathard, in the county of Tipperary, Ireland, youngest brother to the Countess of Normanton. On Friday died, at Collingbourn, in the 24th year of his age, Mr. Geo. Mackrell, Attorney-at-Law, of this city.
On Saturday the 13th inst. a baker of the name of Beard, at Malmesbury, paid a fine of £4. 3s. for selling 19 quartern loaves; deficient in weight 83 ounces, no higher fine was imposed by the Magistrate, in consideration of its being the first conviction: another of the name of Harrison, paid a smaller sum for a similar crime. During the present high price of bread, it is a duty, particularly incumbent on every person interested in the welfare of the poor, to see that they are not defrauded by such nefarious practices, and to bring the offenders to that punishment they so richly deserve.

Peter Jobbins, late of Easton-Grey, butcher, is committed to Fisherton Gaol, for trial, on suspicion of having feloniously purchased and received a sheep from his son, John Jobbins, knowing the said sheep to have been stolen from Messrs. S. and E.W. Rich, of Didmarton, in Oxfordshire.

Fisherton, Wilton, Heytesbury, Willoughby-hedge,
and Redhone Turnpike.

THE next Meeting of the TRUSTEES will be held on Monday the 22d day of June instant, at the Red Lion Inn, Heytesbury, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
JAS. CHAS. STILL, Clerk and Treasurer.

STOCKBRIDGE, June 19, 1812.
THE next Meeting of the Trustees of the Stockbridge Turnpike Road will be held at the Hotel, in Stockbridge, on Thursday next the 25th instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
W.H. ATTWOOD, Clerk to the said Trustees.

Hants, Sussex, and Dorset Insurance Company.

NOTICE is hereby given, - That the General Half-yearly Meeting of the above Company will beholden at their Office, in Gosport, on Tuesday the 30th day of June instant, at ten o'clock in the forenoon.
D. COMPIGNE, Secretary.
GOSPORT, June 12, 1812.


NOTICE is hereby given, That the Court Baron and general customary Court of Sir D. COPE, Bart. Lord of the Manor of Eversley aforesaid, will be held in and for the said Manor, at the Manor-house in the parish of Eversley aforesaid, on Wednesday the 1st day of July next, at twelve o'clock on that day, when and where the several customary tenants of the same manor, are hereby required to do their accustomed suit .- Dated this 13h day of June, 1812.
R. DEBARY, Steward.

ROMSEY, June 17, 1812.
MISS MAY returns her acknowledgments to her friends for the favours she has received, and begs to inform them and the public, that she has entered into Partnership with Miss DOSWELL, and will remove her SCHOOL, after the ensuing vacation, to a House built purposely for the School Business, with every requisite accommodation, and the situation truly desirable for health, where she hopes for a continuance of their favors, and begs to assure them that both herself and Miss DOSWELL will pay the most unremitting attention to the health, morals, and improvement of their pupils; and they hope that the many years experience Miss MAY has had as teacher in schools of the first respectability, before she engaged in one on her own account, with the very liberal education Miss DOSWELL has received to qualify her for the duties of a school, will ensure to them that patronage and support it will be their constant study to merit.
The School recommences at Harrage House, July 20, 1812.


CHARLES KEARLEY begs leave to inform the public, that he has now the whole of that Concern to himself, and as the BRICKS and TILES (White and Red) manufactured at both Yards are well known to be of the first quality, C. K. has only to say, that he shall be happy to serve those who will honour him with their orders.
N B. A Tile Maker wanted.

was opened on Wednesday the 17th of June inst.

G.W. BAKER respectfully informs the inhabitants of Frome and vicinity, that he has brought from London six tons weight of LINEN and WOOLLEN-DRAPERY, HOSIERY, &c. &c. which are ready for sale at his Shop, called the Bee-hive, corner of Palmer-street, Frome, where Goods may be bought for half their value :- Calico, at 3 1/2d. per yard; handkerchiefs (yard square) at 6d. each; sufficient cotton to make a woman's gown, for 2s.; 20 dozen of elegant silk shawls; 15 dozen of gentlemen's India silk handkerchiefs; Irish linens, from 1s. 6d. to 4s. 6d.; with every other article in the above business.

A large quantity of Goods adapted for Hawkers and Country Shops.


STOLEN or STRAYED, from Steeple Ashton Common, Wilts, in the night of Monday the 8th instant, - A Black CART GELDING, three years old, about 14 1/2 hands high, with a blaze down the face, two white heels, and long tail, with a lock of hair cut from it, (being the owners private mark),
Whosoever will give such information of the above Gelding to Richard Norris, Esq. Tilshead, Wilts, or to the Hayward of the said Common, so that he may be recovered again, shall, if strayed, be handsomely rewarded, and all reasonable expences paid; but if stolen, shall receive the above Reward of TEN GUlNEAS, on conviction of the offender or offenders.
TILSHEAD, June 18, 1812.


PERSONS having Claims on the Estate of MOSES BROWN, late of Week, yeoman, will deliver them to Mr. Brown, of Week, Administrator, with the Will of the deceased annexed, who will immediately discharge the same; and to whom all debts due to the Estate of the deceased are to be paid out of hand, in order to an adjustment of his concerns forthwith.
WEEK, June 15, 1812.

Mr. JAMES OSBORNE, deceased.

ALL Persons who have any Claims or Demands on the Estate of the said JAMES OSBORNE, late of Warminster, in the county of Wilts, Common-Carrier, deceased, intestate, are requested to deliver particulars of their respective demands to the undersigned Thomas Osborne Parnell or Thomas Lampard, as soon as possible; and all persons indebted to the said Estate are desired to pay their respective debts, without delay, to the said Thomas Osborne Parnell or Thomas Lampard.
T. O. PARNELL, One of the Administrators.
WARMINSTER, June 12, 1812.

ALL Persons who have any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of Mr. JOSEPH PRINCE, late of Marlborough, deceased, grocer, tea-dealer, and tallow-chandler, are desired to send an account thereof to Mr. Hope or Mr.J. Brinsden, jun. in Marlborough; or Mr. Thomas Prince, in Wanborough, Wilts, executors in trust ;- and all persons indebted to the said Estate, are requested to pay the same to either of the said executors, without further notice.


THE Creditors of RICHARD WILKINS, late of Up-Hurstborne, Carpenter and Wheelwright, are requested to send an account of their demands to ROBERT WILKINS, of the same place; and all persons indebted to the said Richard Wilkins are desired to pay the same to Robert Wilkins.

Twyford Grammar, Mathematical, & Commercial
SCHOOL, near Winchester, Hants.

MR. HANINGTON begs his best Compliments to the Parents and Guardians of the young Gentlemen under his care, and respectfully informs them and the Public, that his SCHOOL opens again on Monday the 27th of July next. He flatters himself the improvement of his Pupils since Christmas will insure him a continuance of that patronage and encouragement, which has so eminently distinguished his School for these 15 years past, and for which begs to return his sincere and most grateful thanks.
At this Seminary young Gentlemen are properly qualified for the different Professions, for every department in Trade, and for the office of the Merchant or Surveyor.
Young Gentlemen are also prepared for either of the Royal Naval Colleges at Portsmouth or Woolwich, if required.
Latin, French, Drawing, Dancing, Geography and Mapping, Merchants Accounts, single and double Entry, the practical part of Surveying Land and Timber, Navigation, and the different branches of the Mathematics, are taught by Masters of the first respectability.
Terms and other particulars may be known by addressing a line to Mr. Hanington, at the School.
June 20, 1812.


W. HARTNELL, SLATE IMPORTER, Bristol, very respectfully begs to acquaint gentlemen and others, that he can immediately supply them with any sort or quantity of the best WELCH and CORNISH SLATES, upon reasonable terms, and humbly solicits their favors, which will meet his immediate attention.
Warehouse, Head of the Quay, Bristol, June 17.

FOR SALE by the CANDLE, at Garraway's Coffee-House, Change Alley, Cornhill, London, on Thursday the 25th of June, 1812, at one o'clock in the afternoon, --About 200 BAGS of SPANISH WOOL.
For further particulars apply to C. and J. D. Jacomb, sworn brokers, No.2. Copthall Buildings, Throgmorton-street, London.

FOR SALE, - A Quantity of ALDERNEY COWS and HEIFERS. by the Importers, G. and W. ROGERS.- Southampton, June 19,1812.

TO be SOLD,- A neat GIG, with a Head almost new; the property of a Gentleman deceased.-- For particulars apply to Mr. Ed. Cheyney, Ower, near Romsey, Hants

TO be SOLD, --- An excellent DOUBLE GUN, nearly new, with patent elevation, case, and every thing complete.- Price 25 Guineas.
Enquire of Mr. Rhoades, gun-maker, Canal, Sarum.


TO be SOLD, A Cutter-rigged VESSEL, of 12 tons measurement, copper fastened, and iron ballast, 20 months old; by applying to Joseph Wort, Bucklershard, near Southampton.


FOR SALE by PRIVATE CONTRACT, - A HORSE-WHEEL, in good repair, twenty-one feet diameter; Yokes twenty-tour feet; with two cast-iron Spur-Wheels, Shafts, Drums, and eleven iron Rods to set it to the greatest exactness: has never been new cogged; in use about ten years; made by Messrs. Goughs, Bristol; worked by three horses, together ; and may be seen at work until the 27th inst. when it will be taken down. Sold for no fault what-ever (but the proprietor is erecting a steam engine) and it will be sold very low.
For a view of the same, and for further particulars, apply to Mr. John Bell, Trowbridge; if by letter, post paid.


R. BLACKLOCK, (from the Greyhound Inn, Corfe Castle), returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public, for the many favours conferred on him during his residence at Corfe Castle, and respectfully informs them, that he has taken and entered on the RED LION INN, WAREHAM, where he hopes by the strictest attention and punctuality to merit a continuance of their support.
Gentlemen in the Travelling and Commercial departments will find every attention paid to their comfort. - Posting Business punctually executed.
Spirits of all kinds, London Porter, and home-brewed Beer, wholesale and retail, on the most reasonable terms.- Neat Wines.

WANTED, by G. BARRETT, Salisbury, Three BOOT MEN, who can close and make; also three Women's Turnover and Heal Men.
Liberal wages and constant work.

RAN away from his Master, -- WILLIAM EDWARDS, of Houghton, near Blandford, Dorset, aged 16 years or thereabouts, brown hair, ruddy complexion, near five feet high, his features rather masculine, had on him when he went away a blue jacket and trowsers : - Whoever will apprehend him, or give information to James Manlaws, Poole, so that he may be apprehended, shall receive ONE GUINEA Reward, and all reasonable expences paid.
Whoever employs the said Apprentice after this public notice, will be prosecuted as the law directs.

To the Creditors of GEO. MARLOW, of this City,

THE Period allowed for the Signature of the Creditors by the Provisions of this Deed of Composition having long since elapsed, the Creditors who have not signed the Deed are requested to take Notice, that a Final Dividend of the Effects of the Insolvent is about to be made; and that if they neglect to sign the said Deed till after the 5th day of July next, the dividends belonging to the Creditors so neglecting to sign will be paid over to the Insolvent in pursuance of the proviso in the said Deed for that purposes contained.
WILMOT and GODWIN, Solicitors to the Assignees.
SARUM, June 18.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JOHN CRANSTON, on Thursday the 23d day of June, 1812, -- The Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, belonging to Edward Pery Buckley, Esq. leaving his Farm near Minesteed Lodge;- comprising three good cart horses, a fine cow and calf, a cow in calf, two milch cows, a four-yearling heifer in calf, a three -yearling ditto, and a two-yearling ditto, all a mixture of the Alderney breed; a Chinese sow in pig, two sows and 19 young pigs, turkeys, geese, fowls, and rabbits; a good narrow-wheel waggon, two broad wheel dung carts, good lade cart, market cart with tilt, roller, two ploughs, drags, harrows, fan and stocks, rick scaffold on nine stones, eight new round scaffold stones and caps, sheep rack on wheels, six dozen cleft buck hurdles, copse hurdles, two pair of trace and two pair of thill harness, plough ditto, corn bins, corn lines, chaff cutter, sundry husbandry utensils, and ninety fleeces of South-down wool; together with the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of the Dairy House, the dairy requisites &c. &c.

Sale to begin at eleven o'clock.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. MANT, at the George Inn, in Winchester, on Saturday the 27th of June, 1812, at six o'clock in the evening, - A neat little DWELLING-HOUSE, with a small old established BREWHOUSE adjoining, situate in Colebrook-street, Winchester, and all the Plant thereunto belonging : consisting of very stout excellent copper, two lead pumps, strong mash vat under ditto, four large square coolers, a roomy cistern lined with lead, the stages, steps, and pulleys : late in the occupation of Mr. Savage, Brewer, forming a comfortable situation for any person with a small capital, wishing to engage in the Brewing Business.
The above Premises are held by Lease under the Corporation of Winchester for 40 years, renewable every 14, and were renewed in the year 1807, and are exonerated from Land-tax.

N.B. Possession may be had immediately.
For further particulars apply (if by letter, post paid) to the Auctioneer, Winchester.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by BALE and GODWIN, on Thursday the 25th day of June, 1812, - The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, an assortment of linen, glass, &c. belonging to Mr. John Allsopp, leaving his residence in Colebrook-street; comprising four-post, field, and other bedsteads, with dimity and printed cotton hangings; seasoned goose feather beds, wool mattresses, and bedding; mahogany wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing tables and glasses, basin stands, &c. a complete library bookcase, with glazed doors and silk linings; dining, tea, and card tables; mahogany and neat painted chairs, fire-screens, &c. iron-bound beer casks, mash vat, coolers, and other brewing utensils; wash tubs, a variety of kitchen requisites; which together with other effects, will be enumerated in catalogues, to be had in due time on the premises, and at the auctioneers, Winchester.

To be viewed the day preceding the sale, which will begin at twelve o'clock precisely.


ON THURSDAY, July 16, and following day, will be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by BALE and GODWIN, -- The whole of the genteel HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, new and completely fitted up within these four years, belonging to the late Rev. Edmund Salter, at his late residence, in the Close, Winchester.
Descriptive particulars will be given in the next week's Journal.

Dorset Eastern Battalion of Local Militia.

WHEREAS the undermentioned Persons, enrolled to serve in the Western Battalion of LOCAL MILITIA of the said county, did not appear at the time and place appointed for training and exercise in the month of May last past, (notice having been published and given as required by law), and are thereby deemed DESERTERS, -- Whoever secures such Deserters, or any or either of them, so that they may be lodged in any of his Majesty's Gaols, shall receive from Mr. Troubridge, the Quarter Master of the said Battalion, at Dorchester, the sum of Twenty Shillings for each Deserter.
NOTE. - It is requested that all Parish Officers and other persons will exert themselves in apprehending these offenders, as, in the case of failure, the vacancies must be immediately filled up out of the parishes or classes in which such deficiencies arise.
By order of the Lieutenancy.
EDW. BOSWELL, Clerk of the Gen. Meetings. DORCHESTER, June 8, 1812.

William Bush, of Bourton, absent in 1809, 10, 11, and 12; supposed to be in London.
Robert Drew, of Frome St.Quintin, labourer, absent in 1809, 10, 11, and 12; supposed to be at sea.
Levi Groves, of Halstock, absent in 1809, 10, 11, and 12; supposed to be in Newfoundland.
William Seymour, of Chetnole, absent in 1809, 10, 11, and 12; supposed to be in Guernsey.
James Lush, of Gillingham, labourer, absent in 1810, 11, and 12.
George Bricknell, of Nether-Compton, carpenter, absent in 1810, 11, and 12; supposed to be at Botany Bay.
David Still, of Melbury Abbas, labourer, absent in 1810, 11, and 12; supposed to be in Chichester.
William Rogers, of Blandford, bookbinder, absent in 1810, 11, and 12; supposed to be in London.
George Davis, of Sherborne, cooper, absent in 1811, and 12.
Fredric Phillips, of Shaftesbury, taylor, absent in 1811, and 12; supposed to be in Guernsey.
John Loader, of Lillington, labourer, absent in 1811, and 12; supposed to be in Newfoundland.
John Webber, of Bradford, smith, absent in 1811, and 12; supposed to be in Guernsey.
Charles Lear, of Motcombe, labourer, absent in 1811 and 12.
Robert Soper, of Anderton, butcher, absent in 1812.
John Wilmot, corporal, of Shaftesbury, hawker, absent in 1812; supposed to be in Winchester gaol.
John Childs, of Bradford, labourer, absent in 1812; supposed to be in Dorchester gaol.
John Stone, of Gillingham, labourer, absent in 1812; absconded on account of theft.
Stephen Stone, of Gillingham, labourer, absent in 1812; absconded on account of theft.
William Burton, of Milton Abbas, labourer, absent in 1812.
John Haggitt, of Sandford, Somerset, labourer, absent in 1812.
John Mitchell, of Piddletrenthide, labourer, absent in 1812; supposed to be in Ilchester gaol.
John Symes, of Shaftesbury, sawer, absent in 1812.
Thomas Dolman of Lytchett, labourer, absent in 1812; in Dorchester gaol.


TO be LETT, furnished or unfurnished, with immediate possession, - A neat DWELLING, (now in the occupation of Mr. Golden), situate opposite the Crown Inn; having two parlours, kitchen, four bed-rooms, offices, &c.
Enquire on the premises.


TO be LETT, and entered on at Michaelmas next, - A very compact POT KILN, now in the possession of John Shearing. For particulars apply to Richard Chubb, Fordingbridge.


TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, A LEASEHOLD HOUSE and Malt-House, situated near the Bridge.- Enquire of Mr. H. Biggs, Blandford, for particulars.


TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, - A FREEHOLD ESTATE, called Wroxall Farm, consisting of 400 acres of arable, pasture, and wood Land; and about 70 acres of Sheep Down, adjoining the said Farm, may be had if required; a spacious Mansion House with offices of every description, two good gardens and an orchard; three capital barns, stabling for 23 horses, with lofts; stabling for 16 cows, two granaries, a cart house, and every necessary out-building; the whole in good repair - Also two Cottages adjoining the Farm Yard.
The Estate abounds with game, and is situated in the South part of the Island, one mile from Appuldurcombe Park, two from Steeple, and about eight from Newport.- Immediate possession of 50 acres of the arable Land in fallow, twice ploughed, will be given, and of the remainder at Michaelmas next.
To be viewed by applying to Mr. Johnson, Wroxall Farm; and for further particulars apply (free of postage) to Mr. Worsley, solicitor, Newport, Isle of Wight.

Capital FREEHOLD FARM, Tythe Free; Water Grist
Mill, &c. &c.

TO be DISPOSED OF by PRIVATE CONTRACT, -- All that capital Freehold GRAZING and ARABLE FARM, called MANDIT'S PARK FARM, pleasantly situated in the parish of Little Somerford, about two miles from Malmesbury; consisting of a good Farm House and Tenement near, with convenient offices, barn, ox and cow stalls, yards, gardens, orchards, &c.; containing three hundred and twenty-six acres of rich Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Wood Land.
The whole is Tythe Free (subject only to a modus of £2. to the Rector of Little Somerford, in lieu or all Tythes whatever, except Mier's Mead, in the parish of Lea and Cleverton), within a ring fence, and are let to Mr. Matthew Robertson, on a lease for ten years, which expires at Lady-day 1814.
Also all that capital WATER CORN or GRIST MILL, called KING'S MEAD MILL, pleasantly situated on the river Avon, in the parish of Little Somerford, near to the above-mentioned Farm; it is plentifully supplied with water, well calculated for working machinery, or any other purpose; and has convenient outbuildings, with 1A. 3R 24P. of meadow belonging thereto.

These premises are in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Heath, whose lease also expires at Lady-day 1814.

The premises may be viewed on application to the respective tenants; and particulars may be had of Messrs. Tanner and Cooper, Salisbury, where a map of the estate may be seen.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VIDLER, on Thursday the 25th of June, 1812, - The valuable LIVE and DEAD STOCK, and Farming Utensils, late the property of General Popham, at Dilton; consisting of eleven cart horses, one capital hackney, four cows, two heifers, four waggons, six dung-carts, three rollers, Cook's drill machine, ploughs, drags, harrows, winnowing tackle, cart and plough harness, rick stadles, corn lines and bins, hurdles, sheep and cow cribs, barrows, hogs' tubs, &c. &c.- Sale at eleven o'clock in the morning.
Catalogues three days prior to the sale, at the Nag's Head, Lymington; Crown, Lyndhurst; Mr.Toomer's, Brockenhurst; Place of Sale; and at the Auctioneer's, High-street, Salisbury.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. VIDLER, an Wednesday the 15th of July, 1812, and the following days, on the premises, at Wilton, Wilts, - The valuable WROUGHT and UNWROUGHT STOCK of Messrs. SUTTON and SON, Carpet Manufacturers, retiring from business, (lately carried on under the firm of "Mease, Sutton, and Son"). The Stock consists of Wilton, Scotch, and Venetian Carpeting, rugs, looms, mountures, dyed and undyed worsted, thread, dye goods, copper and block- tin boilers, utensils, machinery, and all other necessary implements for the manufacturing business, as will be more particularly described in catalogues, to be had, three days prior to the sale at the Crown Inn, Frome; the George, Trowbridge; the Swan, Bradford; the Angel, Warminster; the Auctioneer's, Salisbury; and at the place of sale.

Valuable Household Furniture, Books, China,
Glass, Prints, Bookcases, &c.

FOR SALE by AUCTION, on the premises, by C. NORTON, on Wednesday the 15th of July, 1812, and following days, - All the genuine HOUSEHOLD GOODS and other Effects of the Rev. T. EYRE, L.L.D, deceased. Further particulars will be given in the next week's Journal.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, in Lots, on Friday the 10th day of July next, at the Black Horse Inn, at five o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as will be then produced, - The following PREMISES, late the property of Mr. Henry Spencer, deceased :-
Lot 1. A MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, Garden, offices, four-stall stable, granary, and coach-house, with an orchard called Hascoll's, containing 1 Acre.

A Close of Pasture, called Stopple Close, containing 1A. 1R. 4P.

* * * The House and some other parts of the premises are held for a term, which will expire at Ladyday 1820; the particulars of which will be explained in hand-bills and at the time of sale.
2. An unfurnished Cottage with an orchard, containing 0A. 2R. 28P.
3. A Close of Arable Land, called Old Close, containing 4A. 1R. 11P.
4. A Close of Land, now a nursery, 1A. 1R. 32P.
5. A Close of Pasture, called Golly's, 2A. 0R. 25P.
6. Two Closes of rich Meadow Land, called Lye Meads. 13A.

The first four lots are copyhold of inheritance; and the two last freehold, or held for long terms of years.

Possession of part of the first lot, and of all the remaining ones, will be given at Michaelmas next; and further particulars known by applying to Mr. Still, East Knoyle.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. BAKER, at the Swan Inn, in Sturminster Newton, on Thursday the 23d of July next, at three o'clock in the afternoon in one lot or more, as shall be then thought proper. - The Fee-simple and Inheritance of all that ESTATE or FARM, called GREEN STREET and MUDDELL'S; consisting of four Fields or Closes (within a ring fence, with constant water in each) of very good Meadow or Pasture Land, fit for grazing or dairy, containing in the whole 40 acres (be it more or less), situate in the parish of Belchalwell, in the said county, and now in the occupation of Farmer John Ridout .- The Estate lies at or near Darkenhill, between Sturminster-Newton and Okeford-Firzpaine, about two miles from the former and one from the latter.-Possession may be had at Michaelmas, if desired, or Lady-day next.

The Land-tax is redeemed. -- The Timber Trees thereon to be taken at a valuation.

* * * For a view of the premises apply to Farmer Ridout, the tenant; and for further particulars to Mr. Henning, solicitor, Dorchester; if by letter, free of postage.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Old Antelope Inn, Poole, on Monday the 29th of June, 1812, at three o'clock, - About 35,000 Feet of PINE BOARD and PLANK, now landing out of the Brig Dover, Captain John Adey, from New Brunswick.-- Catalogues will delivered in due time by

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, at the Old Antelope lnn, Poole, on Thursday the 2d day of July, 1812, at three o'clock, - The entire CARGO of the Brig PURSUIT, Richard Stroud, Master, from St. Andrews, New Brunswick; consisting of about 100 loads square PINE TIMBER; 10,000 feet of Pine Planks from two to three inches; 40,000 feet inch Pine Boards, and 15 Spars from five to 14 inches diameter.

Catalogues of which will be delivered in due time, and the whole may be viewed by applying to J. Bristowe and Co.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. BRISTOWE, on Thursday the 16th day of July, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Old Antelope Inn, Poole (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract), -- A modern-built MESSUAGE lately the residence of Mr. Humfrey, situate in Leg-lane Street, in Poole; consisting of three lower rooms, one of which is 18 feet by 16; three bed-rooms and three attics, with convenient offices, and a garden behind the same; all freehold of inheritance.

The price is £700 if sold by private treaty; and immediate possession may be had.

For further particulars apply to Mr. Geo. Kemp, Mr. Wm. Budden, Mr. W. B. Best, of T. Parr, attorney, all of Poole.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by PERCY and FORCE, at the Crown Inn, in Wimborne, Dorset, on the 9th day of July, 1812, at one o'clock in the afternoon, - DOGDEAN COTTAGE, with a Garden well stocked with fruit trees, a shrubbery, lawn, and orchard adjoining; four Labourers Cottages, at a short distance; a good Farm Yard, with granary, stable, cow-pens, &c. and about 17 acres of Freehold Land adjoining, and about 12 acres of Leasehold Land, held for three lives, near thereto.
The principal part of the Cottage and farm Buildings have been built within the last seven years. The Cottage is situate on an elevated spot, about one mile from Wimborne, and commands a beautiful and extensive view of the surrounding country, and is fit for the residence of a small family.
All the premises, except the Cottage, Shrubbery, Lawn, and Orchard, and two Labourers Cottages, are in lease for the remainder of a term of seven years, which will expire on the 10th of October 1815. Immediate possession may be had of the premises not included in the lease; and the Fixtures in the House, and Crops in the Garden and Lawn, may be taken at a valuation.
For further particulars apply to Mrs. Hawes, on the premises, or to Mr. Castleman, Wimborne.

Wherwell, near Andover, Hants.

TO be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, with possession at Michaelmas next, - A neat FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE, with parlour, kitchen, and convenient offices, and a good garden; a malt-house adjoining, capable of wetting twelve or fourteen quarters a week, a good horse-mill, a stable, together with a granary on nine pair of stones, with two floors. The whole of the premises are in good repair, within a mile of the Andover Canal, and might be purchased with or without near three acres of arable and meadow land, which, with the garden, is bounded by a pleasant trout steam and a right to fish.

The Timber to be taken at valuation.
Application to be made to Mr. John Stare, the proprietor and occupier.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by H. RYALL, on Thursday July the 2d. 1812, at the Duke of Cumberland's Arms, Corsley Heath, Wilts, - 139 WETHER HORN SHEEP. For the accommodation of purchasers they will be offered in 23 lots.

For a view of the same previous to the sale apply to Henry Fussel, Esq. Corsley
Corsely is situated at an equal distance between Froome and Warminster.
Sale at eleven o'clock.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by TUCKER and PITTIS, at the Green Dragon Inn, in Newport, on Thursday the 2d day of July, 1812, at four o'clock in the afternoon, - A Freehold ESTATE, called CHILLINGWOOD, situate in the parish of New-church, in the Isle of Wight; consisting of a good farm-house, barn, stables, and all requisite out-buildings, garden, orchard, and sundry Inclosures of Arable, Pasture, and Wood Land, surrounding the House, containing altogether 185 Acres; late in the occupation of Mr. John Smith, deceased.
The Timber and other Trees and Saplings, to be valued down, down to one shilling per stick inclusive, and the amount of such valuation is to be paid at the time the purchase money for the estate is paid.
Immediate possession of 30 Acres of the Arable lands (in fallow) will be given, and of the remainder at Michaelmas next.
To be viewed by applying at Chillingwood Farmhouse; and for further particulars apply (free of postage) to Mr. Worsley, solicitor, Isle of Wight.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr STRODE, on Friday the 20th day of June in instant, between the hours of six and seven in the evening, on the Premises, - All that well known and good accustomed FREEHOLD INN, called the THREE HORSE SHOES INN, situate in the centre of Market-place, in Warminster aforesaid, with good cellars, brew-houses, and other necessary out-buildings, convenient stabling for forty horses, yard, and garden, with the appurtenances, all now in the occupation of Mr. William Reeves, as tenant at will.
For further particulars application to be made to T. Lampard, solicitor, Warminster; if by letter, post-paid.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by M. BAKER, on Monday the 29th of June, 1812, and following days, at Anderson Farm, about six miles from Blandford and three from Bere Regis, - Four good CART HORSES, harness, waggons, dung pots, a thrashing machine by Baker, two winnowing machines with winnowing tackle, sieves, &c. with a general assortment of implements in husbandry; together with the entire modern household furniture, brewing and dairy utensils, and other effects; the property of Mr. Henty, quitting the same.
Particulars will be given in catalogues, which may be had in due time at the Crown Inn, Blandford; at Anderson House, and the Auctioneer's, Cornhill, Dorchester, at three-pence each.

The Sale to begin each day at eleven o'clock in the morning.
The Farming Stock to be sold the first day, the 29th of June.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by M. BAKER, on Friday the 3d day of July, 1812, at Renscombe Farm, about three miles for Corfe-Castle, - The following prime flock of EWES, LAMBS, WETHERS, Cart Colts, Cow Stock, &c. &c.; consisting of about 420 ewes and chilver hogs, 250 chilver and wether lambs, 10 good rams, 240 wethers of different ages, three one-year old cart colts, one two-year old bull, six two-year old heifers, five one-year old ditto, three dairy cows, and two young barreners; eleven sets of Purbeck stone legs and caps, one waggon, with sundry other articles in husbandry, &c. The property of Messrs. William and Robert Voss[?], quitting the Farm.

Dinner at 12, and the Sale to begin at one o'clock.
N.B. The above Sheep are of the real Dorset breed, warranted sound and free from googles.
* * * No part of the above Sheep Stock has been disposed of, nor will be until the day of Sale.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the premises, by M. BAKER, on Tuesday the 7th day of July, 1812, at Kimmeridge Farm. -- The prime SOUTH DOWN and DORSET SHEEP, and other Stock, the property of Mr. Thomas Bridge, quitting the said Farm --- Dinner at twelve, and the sale to begin positively at one o'clock.

There being a great number of lots for sale, an early attendance will much oblige.