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Some Selected Reports from the Salisbury and Winchester Journal

Monday, June 11th, 1827

Weymouth, June 2.

On Thursday, the old-established Friendly Society of this town, consisting of upwards of 260 members, celebrated their 21st anniversary. At 12 o'clock they walked in procession to the Royal Crescent, displaying their elegant banners, preceded by the excellent band of the 4th Royal Reg.of Dragoon Guards, with the addition of the Dorchester Band in the centre; and from thence to the Church, where they heard a very appropriate discourse delivered by the Rev.W.Brassey. After divine service, the club perambulated the town, followed by a vast concourse of persons, who accompanied them to the King's Barrack Yard : here the society testified their sense of the obligation it felt towards Col.Ross, for the honour conferred on it by granting the favour of the bands attendance, in loud cheers. The President and principal officers were invited to the mess room, where they had the honour of drinking the health of Col.Ross and the officers of the regiment, which was returned by those gentlemen drinking "Prosperity to the Society," from the windows, as they marched off.

On their return, they met the Society of Wyke Regis, equally numerous and of fine appearance, who in the morning had also attended divine service, and heard a most impressive sermon preached by the Rev.John Horsford, and were as usual promenading the town.

At 3 o'clock they sat down to dinner at the Dog Tavern, where there were present, by invitation, Joseph Horsford, Wm.Bayly, Richard Bower, and Thomas Horsford, Esqrs. Mr.John Randall, President of the Society, in the chair. After dinner the King's health was drunk with 4 times 4; other loyal and patriotic toasts followed; among the latter were, The Constitution in Church and State, The Lord Chancellor and Judges of the Land, Protestant Ascendancy, &c. The bands performed some fine pieces of music at intervals, and nothing could exceed the perfect harmony which prevailed the whole evening. At 11 o'clock the company separated, highly pleased. The dinner and wines were if the best kind, and the whole arrangements did infinite credit to Mrs.Allen.

Swanwich, June 6.

Yesterday the friendly society in this place walked in procession from the Anchor Inn, to hear divine service. The Rev.Dr.Bridges officiated, and gratified his hearers with a most impressive and eloquent discourse. The members afterwards returned in procession to the Anchor, where they partook in an excellent dinner. We noticed among many other gentlemen (as complimentary visitors to the society) the Rev.N.Bridges, John Cockram, Esq.; H.D.C.Dellamotte, Esq; J.B. Storey, Esq.; Messrs, Talbot, Messrs. Marsh, Captain Smedmore, &c. &c.

A large party of gentlemen dined this day at the Manor House Hotel, with the intention of enjoying the pleasure of puffin shooting, but were prevented by the boisterousness of the weather.

We have the pleasure to announce the arrival of George Bankes, Esq. M.P. at his marine residence, Studland; also of Mrs.Fane, at her beautiful domain there.

Among the arrivals at Swanage are, the Reverend Dr.Bridges, Mr.and Mrs.Mitchell, and Mrs.Williams, Wm.Fryer, Esq., Mr.Butt, the Misses White, Mr.Ledgard, jun., Mr.Shirley, Rev.John Colson and lady, &c. &c.

Saturday, June 9.

On Monday the several benefit clubs in this city and suburbs walked in procession, headed by their banners, to the respective parish churches, to hear divine service, after which they returned to the inns, where sumptuous repasts were provided, and the day was spent in the utmost conviviality.

Payment of the dividend lately declared on the joint estate of Messrs.Minchin, Carter, and Kelly, will commence on the 21st instant.

Monday last being the annual feast-day of the Andover Friendly Society, the members walked to Church in procession, with their band of music, and heard a most excellent sermon preached by the Rev.W.Pedder; after which they went to the Mason's Arms, and partook of a dinner served up in excellent style by Mr.Collins, and the day was spent in great harmony.

Monday last being Whit Monday, the members of the Fordingbridge Friendly Society of Tradesmen dined together at the King's Arms Inn. The dinner was provided by Hannen, was excellent. After the cloth was removed, the chairman gave the toast of "The King," which was drunk with 3 times 3. In the course of the evening many favourite songs were sung, and the utmost conviviality prevailed throughout the evening.

A neat monument has been erected in the North transept of our Cathedral, to the memory of the late much respected Rev.Frederick Iremonger.

Matthew Aldridgem Esq. of Throop, in this county, lately deceased, bequeathed a valuable piece of ground in that village, with a stipulation that a place of worship should be erected on it for the use of a congregation of dissenters :- in order to carry into effect the pious intention of the doner, a collection was made at Christchurch on the 27th ult. by the congregation of Protestant Dissenters, under the pastoral care of the Rev.D.Gunn, which amounted to 750.

Married on the 6th instant, at Clatford, Henry Bosanquet, Esq. barrister-at-law, only son of the late Henry Bosanquet, Esq. of Clanville Lodge, Hampshire, to Mary, second daughter of the late William Richards, Esq. of Clatford, in the same county.
This morning died at the Black Swan Inn, Andover, Mr.E.Chandler, in the 62d year of his age, many years a respectable landlord of that town : he has left a wife and a large family to lament his loss.
Saturday last died, of an inflammation on the lungs, Henry William, son of Mr.Joseph Britton, of Romsey.
Died on Thursday the 7th inst. at Farley, the lady of the Rev.C.T.Watkins.
Died on the 1st instant at his residence at Wickham, Thomas Revel Shivers, Esq. an Admiral of the Blue Squadron of his Majesty's fleet, aged 76.

A inquest was taken at Christchurch, on Wednesday, by Wm.Baldwin, gent. coroner for the hundred, on the body of Thomas Holloway, aged 49.- It appeared that on the preceding day the deceased was returning from Poole to Christchurch, and being in a state of intoxication, he attempted to walk by the side of a loaded waggon, contrary to the remonstrances of the owner, when he fell, and two wheels passed over his body, by which he was so crushed, as to occasion his death in half an hour. Verdict, "Accidental death."

At a petty sessions at Romsey on Thursday, before Geo.Eyre and W.S.Stanley, Esquires, as information was heard against Jas.Sheppard of Baddesley, for concealing 3 gallons of foreign brandy, contrary to the 6th Geo.4.chap.108, by which a penalty of 100 was incurred with a forfeiture of the liquor. On the part of the prosecution, Mr.Abbott, the Supervisor, proved that on the 1st of March last he searched the defendant's house, and found nothing seizable in it; that when he came out of the house, the defendant's wife put a hurdle over a small ditch in a field adjoining the house; that this circumstance attracted the witness's notice, and on looking under the hurdle he found an empty tub; that on making further search, he found another tub containing 3 gallons of spirits, in a clay pit covered with earth. which he seized. Mr.Gibbs, an excise officer, gave evidence to the same effect, but neither of them could prove in whose occupation the field was. The defendant was not seen near the premises. Mr.Holmes, for the defendant, addressed the magistrates. premising that he intended, in the event of his client's being convicted on the facts, to take an objection to the information in the nature of a motion in arrest of judgement, viz. that the 6th Geo.4 does not warrant a prosecution for the offence mentioned in the information, by the Board of Excise, but by the Commissioners of Customs only; he preferred however first meeting the case on the merits, submitting that the evidence on the part of the prosecution was insufficient to maintain the charge, and claiming on the part of the defendant the benefit of whatever doubt might exist of his guilt. He stated and afterwards proved, that the field in which both the tubs were found was underlet by the defendant to his brother Charles Sheppard; that there was a public path close to the field, and that persons frequently passed over the field itself, it being within 300 yards of the Southampton turnpike. The magistrates expressed a moral conviction in their minds of the defendants guilt; but they admitted that the evidence was not sufficiently decisive to fix the charge on the defendant; and therefore they ordered that the spirits to be forfeited, but declined inflicting any penalty on the defendant.

James Toomer, for cutting alder poles, the property of Mr.Jas.Cooper, of Braishfield, was committed to the Bridewell to hard labour for one month, in default of his paying the penalty of 20s.

The following inquests have this week been taken by Mr.Todd :- At Ower, in the parish of Eling, on the body of a lad named Newman, who was killed by a fall from a tree, which he had climbed for the purpose of taking a bird's nest. Verdict, "Accidental death." - And at Lymington, on the body of Harry Therle, hairdresser, who destroyed himself on Wednesday by cutting this throat. Verdict, "Insanity."

Saturday, June 9.

A fine yacht, the property of the Duke of Buckingham, built by Rubie, of the Cross-house, in this town, how rests on her ways to his ship-yard, ready for launching : she is built for a brig, is of 250 tons burthen, and is pierced for 16 guns, (to carry 12). This vessel, which is one of the most beautiful of her class ever built, will be launched next Monday at 12 o'clock, on which occasion a very large company will no doubt be assembled.

On Monday and Tuesday the several Benefit Clubs of this town promenaded the streets attended by bands of music and banners, to and from the Church, where the usual annual sermon was preached to them, and afterwards dined at their respective club-houses. A great degree of interest was in particular excited by the neat and uniform appearance of the Women's Club, an institution of infinite usefulness, as in addition to the benefits to be derived from other clubs, ample provision is made for the accouchement of the poorer members.

Married on Sunday, at St.Lawrence Church, Mr.H.Martin, to Miss Frances Payne.

Same day was married at Holy Rood Church, Mr.George Comely Skeats, to Georgina Elizabeth Martin.
Monday was married at St.Mary's Church, Mr.Frederick Ball, to Harriett Susannah Frankland.
Thursday died, after a long illness, Mr.C.Cox.
Yesterday died, after a long illness, Mr.Bannister, a respectable tailor of this town.

Monday, June 11.

Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Kent has been pleased to appoint the Rev.William Fisher, Prebendary of this Cathedral, one of her Royal Highness's Chaplains.
The Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells intends to hold an ordination at Wells on the 24th inst.

On Wednesday last, the 6th instant, Sir Thomas, Lady Lethbridge, and suite, sailed for Ostend, on a tour of Switzerland, for the summer months.

We have heard with much pleasure that Mr.Charles Nicholson, of Barford, was admitted by the Benchers a member of the Honorable Society of Grays Inn, in Easter Term last.

The Lord Chancellor has appointed James Chapman the younger, of Holt, in the county of Wilts, Gent. to be a Master Extraordinary in the High Court of Chancery.

The general sessions of the peace of this city were held at the Council Chamber on Thursday last, before W.H.Tinney, Esq. (Deputy Recorder), James Cobb, Esq. (Mayor), and other Magistrates, when Samuel Davis and William Sheppard, convicted of stealing a canvas bag containing bank notes, from the person of Richard Woolford, were sentenced to seven years transportation : this daring robbery was committed in the hall of the assize courts in the council chamber, during the last spring assizes, while the Judges were engaged in trying prisoners.- James Randall, for fraudulently obtaining a waistcoat from James Chinn, his property, was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment.- Martha Good (aged 19), convicted of stealing wearing apparel, the property of Mrs.Jane Hibberd, her mistress, was sentenced to one fortnight's imprisonment.

The ploughing match and sheep shearing of the Wiltshire Agricultural Society will take place Wednesday next at Marlborough.

The annual meeting of the Dorset Agricultural Society is to be held at the King's Arms in Dorchester on the 28th instant.

On Monday last J.Pearse, Esq. and G.Watson Taylor, Esq. Members for Devizes took the customary oaths on being admitted honorary burgesses of the borough. In the evening the worthy Members entertained the worshipful the Mayor and Corporation, at the Bear Inn, with a most superb dinner, including a profusion of turtle, and every delicacy that could be procured. This was followed by a rich and costly dessert, with the finest Champagne (from the cellars of Mr.Pearse) and claret in abundance : the tout ensemble reflecting the utmost credit on Mrs.Parsons.

The usual loyal toasts being given, the healths of the Members were drunk, upon which those Gentlemen returned thanks in appropriate speeches. Amongst other toasts were, - Mr.Estcourt's health, Mr.Salmon's better health, Capt.Taylor and the Wooden Walls of Old England, the Rector of Devizes, Dr.Headley, &c. &c. In the course of the evening, the toast of "The Protestant Ascendancy" elicited rather a disunion of sentiment from the company; but upon the whole it may be truly said, the whole company enjoyed themselves highly.

Whit Tuesday, 1827, will be long remembered in the parish of Tisbury, as a day of extraordinary pleasure occasioned by the opening of a new organ. The friendly societies, attended by bands of music and a great concourse of persons, proceeded to the Church, where the morning service was read, and an excellent sermon delivered, by the Rev.Mr.Webster, of Codford, whose services having been handsomely volunteered were accepted by the Rev.Vicar of Tisbury (Mr.Webber), who had himself preached on the preceding Sunday, and excellent discourse on the use and advantage of organs in the sublime ritual of our Church. The choir were assisted by Messrs.Biddlecombe, Osmond, and Tubb, from Salisbury, and many amateurs from thence and the neighbouring villages; the pieces of music were judiciously selected and well performed : "The trumpet shall sound," from the Messiah, by Mr.Tubb, followed by the Hallelujah Chorus, was particularly effective. - Notwithstanding an unexpected occurrence prevented the entire completion of the organ, which, when finished, will reflect the highest credit on the builder (Mr.Parker, of Bath), its present powers were displayed in a most complete and masterly manner , by Mr.Prangley, of Salisbury. The Church was crowded to excess, and every one appeared delighted with the "concord of sweet sounds," which, from "We praise thee, O God," to the last Hallelujah, ascended from grateful hearts to the divine source of harmony.

On Wednesday last the White Hart Juvenile Friendly Society, at Whiteparish, (nearly 100) accompanied by Forder's admired band, repaired to Church, and after hearing a very impressive sermon preached by the Rev.E.Breton, they partook of a most excellent dinner, served up in Gambling's usual excellent style.

On Whit Monday the Cranborn friendly society held their 16th anniversary; the members proceeded from the club room with their band to Church, where a very impressive sermon was delivered by the Rev.S.Robins; after which the members returned to their club room, where a most excellent dinner was served up in Davis's usual manner, and the afternoon was spent in the greatest harmony.

The first anniversary of a Tulip feast within a distance of 40 miles, was held a few days since, at the Angel Inn, Marlborough; on which occasion a very excellent dinner was provided by Mr.Belcher. Several pots of flowers were exhibited, and the prize (a handsome silver snuff-box, given by the worthy host) was won by Mr.Hillier of Marlborough. A liberal subscription was entered into for the purpose of purchasing a piece of plate for the next year, when the show will be upon a more extended scale. The evening was spent in the utmost harmony; the goodness of the wines keeping some of the company until a late hour.

Two young rooks, one perfectly white, the other a light grey, have been shot at Fonthill, and preserved by Mr.Edwards, of Amesbury.

Birth.- At Kensington, on the 5th inst. the lady of E.W.Blunt, Esq. of Enham House, Hants, of a son.

Married the 5th of June, at Walcot Church, Bath, by the Rev.Francis Warre, William Tudor, Esq. of Queen's Parade, Bath, to Miss Julia Eyre, youngest daughter of the late William Eyre, Esq. of New House, county of Wilts.
Wednesday was married at Chelsea, by the Rev.George Clarke, Chaplain of the Royal Military Asylum, J.Staines Daniell, Esq., of Blandford, Dorset, to Charlotte, second daughter of Lieut.Col.Williamson, Commandant of that establishment.
Married at Walcot Church, Bath, John Neale Nott, R.N. eldest son of the Rev.Edw.Nott, of Wick, Hants, to Elizabeth Anne, eldest daughter of Thomas Calley, Esq. of Burderop Park, Wilts.
On the 5th instant was married, by the Rev.James Poley, the Rev.William Short, Vicar of Chippenham, to Jane, eldest daughter of John Awdry, Esq. of Notton, in the county of Wilts.
Married, June 7th, at Cheltenham, by the Rev.Nat.Fletcher, James Allardyce, M.D. to Charlotte Georgina, eldest daughter of the late John Shakespear, Esq.
Married on the 4th instant, at St.Jame's Church, Bath, Mr.Richard Palmer, of Bremhill, Wilts, to Mary Ann Bunner, of Bath.

Died on the 29th ult. at Enniskillen, deservedly esteemed and sincerely regretted by his brother Officers, Assistant-Surgeon I.J.Fawcett, of 62d Regiment, only surviving son of the late Rev.John Fawcett, D.D. formerly of Queen's College, Oxford.
On Tuesday the 5th inst.died, aged 7 years, after a short and painful illness, Robert, third son of Mr.Robert Waters, of Boscombe.
On Wednesday last died of a decline, in the 15th year of her age, Mary, youngest daughter of Mr.Short, of Rockbourne.
Monday last died Mr.R.Taylor, of Rowdefield Farm, near Devizes.
On Tuesday last died, in the 45th year of his age, Mr.William Gerrard, auctioneer, of this city.
Friday died, in her 20th year, Fanny, 2d daughter of the Rev.R.Elliott, of Devizes.
On the 30th May died at Shorncutt, in this county, Mrs.Anna Mill, aged 76, relict of William Mill, gent.

Mrs.Phelen respectfully acquaints her Friends and the Public, that she intends, after the Midsummer recess, Removing to Romsey, where she hopes to be supported by a continuation of the kind patronage she has hitherto experienced, and which she will endeavour to merit, by unremitting attention to the improvement and happiness of the Pupils committed to her care - Hursley, June 7, 1827.

John Knight begs to return his grateful thanks to the Friends of his late Mother and himself, for the liberal support conferred on them, and to inform them, it is his intention of carrying on the Tea and Grocery Business as before, humbly soliciting their future support, which it will be ever his constant study to merit.

Market-Place, Salisbury.

Castle-Street, Salisbury.

Martha Barnes, Widow of the late Mr.Alex.Barnes, begs leave to express her grateful thanks to her Friends and the Public for the very liberal support with which her late Husband was favored for nearly 40 years, and at the same time to acquaint them that it is her intention to continue the Business in every department, under the superintendence of her eldest Son, Thomas Barnes, and hopes by unremitted attention to merit a continuance of the like support.

All persons having any claim or demand on the Estate and Effects of the late Mr.Alex.Barnes, are requested to send their accounts to his Widow; and all persons indebted, to pay the amount of their respective accounts to the same.

J.Clement begs respectfully to inform the Inhabitants of Salisbury and its Vicinity, it is his intention to commence Business as Carpenter and Joiner; and hopes, by the strict attention to business, and moderate charges, to merit their patronage and support.- Castle-Street, June 10.

Wines and Spirits.

James Nightingale, Importer of Wines and Spirits, begs to inform his friends and the public, that he has to offer some fine rich Old Port and Sherry Wines, in pipes and hogsheads, now in bond; and at the recommendation of his friends, he is induced to commence the Wine Trade generally, in addition to his other business, and hopes to receive a share of their favours.- Wilton, May 19th, 1827.

Burden's Ball, Wilton.

G.Lush respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that in addition to his Malting and Brewing Business, he has commenced the Wine and Spirit Trade, on a scale which he trusts will give general satisfaction, as he is determined to sell none but the best articles on the most moderate terms.- May 21, 1827.

William & Martha Cutting.

Executors of the late Thomas Cutting, deceased, take this opportunity of returning their sincere thanks to the friends of their late Father, for the very liberal support so many years bestowed on him, and beg at the same time to inform them that it is their intention to continue the Business in all its branches, and hope by unremitting attention to merit a continuance of their patronage and support.
All Persons having any claim or demand on the estate and effects of the late T.Cutting, are requested to send their accounts to W.and M.Cutting, executors, in order that the same may be adjusted and discharged; and all persons indebted are requested to pay their respective accounts to the same.

Penton Mewsey, Hants, June 8, 1827.

Prime Guernsey Cyder, just landed, and for Sale by the grower, N.Mahy, at J.Fricker and Sons, Custom-House Agents, and Accountants, Poole.

The Creditors of Mr.William Sedcole Bonfield, late of Swanage, Dorset, Miller, who shall not have executed the Deed of Assignment on the 21st of June next, (and which is at the office of Mr.Arnold, solicitor, Poole,) will be excluded the benefit thereof.- Dated 26th May, 1827.

Horse Wanted.

A Strong active Gelding, as a good roadster, either in single or double harness, not exceeding 14 hands and one inch in height, light in hand, temperate yet free in his paces, and well under command. Color no object. Any person having a Horse answering the above description to dispose of, may hear of a Purchaser upon application to Mr.Harrison, Hindon, Wilts. Letters post-paid.

N.B. A trial and full warranty will be expected.

To Carpenters and Joiners.
Wanted, -- Four good Workmen.
Apply to Mr.Joseph Humby, Romsey, Hants.

Lost, about a fortnight since. - A Liver-coloured and White Pointer Dog, answers to the name of Don; it had when missing a curb chain collar, with the owner's name upon it. Whoever will bring it to Mr.W.Heath, Andover, shall receive One Guinea Reward.- If any person is discovered detaining the Dog after this notice, proceedings will be taken against him.- June 8, 1827.

I, James Mifflin, of Warminster, in the county of Wilts, Butcher, hereby give Notice that the Partnership lately subsisting betwixt me and my Brother, Edward Mifflin, is Dissolved, and that I will not be answerable for any Debts that he may contract.- Witness my hand the 6th day of June, 1827.

James Mifflin.