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Some Selected Reports from the Salisbury and Winchester Journal

Monday, November 30th, 1812


FRAUDULENT MARRIAGE:- Whilst our laws severely punish private thefts, where little comparative injury is sustained, it is to be lamented that the infamous bigamist, who, by daringly violating the sacred institution of marriage, plunders a woman of her whole property, and at the same time reduces her to the lowest slate in society, too often escapes with a punishment very inadequate to his villainy. It is also much to be lamented that any female, possessed of property, will rely on the statements of a stranger, instead of availing herself of the experience of her best friends; by which fatal error they become victims of these men, and of their own perverse credulity. A case came on Saturday before the Magistrates of Bow-street, which fully proves the truth of these observations:- About a year ago a smart looking fellow, who called himself Charles Henry, and passed for a surgeon, formed an acquaintance with Miss Catherine Wyatt, a daughter of Charles Wyatt, Esq. of Ealing, now Member of Parliament for Sudbury. The young Lady has a fortune of 10,000 independent of her father. She was weak enough to suffer this acquaintance to grow into a close intimacy, and to meet the man privately, without any other knowledge of him than he assured her he was heir to a large estate in Ireland, his native country. At length she eloped from her father's house, and was married to Henry at Christ Church, Surry, by banns, of which Mr. Wyatt had no knowledge, and therefore could not forbid the marriage. Considering his misfortune irremediable, he acquiesced to it, and advanced money for the honourable support of his daughter and her husband; but on enquiring after Henry's connections in Ireland, he learnt that he had absconded from Sligo, and deserted a young woman to whom he was there married; in consequence of which he was taken into custody. On his examination at Bow-street, Mrs. Shaw, sister of the prisoners first wife stated that she was present at his marriage with her sister Miss Robinson, at Sligo, on the 5th of February 1808. The ceremony was performed after the manner of the Church of Rome, the parties being Roman Catholics, in a private room, by license of the Bishop of the Diocese, and the prisoner then called himself Thomas Henry, though he had married Miss Wyatt by the name of Charles Henry. Mr. Graham asked the prisoner if he had any thing to say in his defence: he said he wished for another examination, that he might have assistance of Counsel : Mr. Graham said, that the assistance would be of no avail, as the charge against him was positive. The prisoner asserted that Charles Henry was his real name, but afterwards owned that he had dropped the name Thomas and taken that of Charles about three years ago, which was evidently for the purpose of concealment. He said, "he thought nothing of his marriage in Ireland, as he was not really a Roman Catholic." On this impudent declaration, Mr. Graham immediately committed him for trial at the next Assizes for the county of Surry.


DARING ROBBERY.- On Tuesday evening, the 17th inst. as Mrs. Irving, landlady of the Bell and Crown Inn, Taplow, was crossing her garden, about eleven o'clock, she was struck violently on the back part of her neck, by a tall stout man; she fell into the fellow's arms, who seized her hand, and drew off her rings; attempting to cry out, she received a second blow from another man, which struck her against a tree, she fell on the ground, at which time she supposes her pockets were cut off, containing 93 in notes, 6 in silver, tied up in a canvas bag, and about 30s and some halfpence, loose; a bodkin and tooth-pick case marked 'I. I.' and the mourning ring of her lately deceased husband. She was taken up quite insensible, being found by her servant, who was directed by her groans, about twenty minutes after she had left her house. Mrs. Irving had been paying some money to Mr. Clare, cyder merchant, in the course of the evening, and it is supposed the robbers must have observed her fold her bag with the property stolen, and then secreted themselves in the garden, prepared for plunder.

EXECUTION of LIEUT. GAMAGE.- On Monday morning, at eight o'clock, a signal gun was fired from his Majesty's ship Griffon, in the Downs, and the yellow flag hoisted to the fore-top-gallant-head, as preparatory to punishment. At nine, the signal was made for two boats from each of the men at war to range in a line parallel to the Griffon, to witness the execution. After the boats had got into their station, the shrouds of the ships at anchor were manned, and at ten o'clock the fatal gun was fired, and the unhappy man was immediately hoisted up the foreyard-arm, where he remained suspended for three quarters of an hour, when his body was lowered down and delivered to his friends, to be interred in the burying-ground of the Naval Hospital at Deal. The unfortunate Officer, since his condemnation, does not appear to have entertained the most distant idea of receiving a pardon, but has constantly been brooding over his expected fate; and so much had he anticipated his fatal exit, that he, in a great measure, refused the sustenance necessary to keep him alive. Indeed it is thought, had the execution of his sentence been much longer delayed, exhausted nature would have put a period to his sufferings.


Two men, named Brown and Jameson, were brought up to receive judgement, being convicted at the last assizes for the county of Lancaster for buying and selling guineas for more than their current value, and they were severally sentenced to six months imprisonment in the Castle of Lancaster.
John Hornbrook[?], convicted at the last assizes for the county of Devon of writing a libellous letter to a Mr. Carpenter, a Magistrate in that county, was sentenced to be imprisoned six weeks in the same prison.
Peter Wheeler and William Smith, alias Andrew Wilson, who were found guilty of a conspiracy to defraud Mr. Gibson, one of their copartners in trade, were both sentenced to be imprisoned eighteen months in Newgate, and within the first month of that imprisonment to stand upon the pillory, at the Royal Exchange.
John Agg, the Proprietor and Editor of a periodical publication called Town Talk, who was convicted at the late assizes for Surry, of having published a libel on Captain and Lady Emily Best, was also brought up for judgement, and sentenced to pay a fine of 50 to the King, to be imprisoned nine months in Newgate, and to enter into recognizance for his good behaviour for three years.
MOST MELANCHOLY CATASTROPHE. - On Tuesday morning last, Sophia Edwards and Mary Nest, two female servants of the Rev. John Gibbons, of Brasted, Kent (one aged 22, the other 19 years), were found drowned in a pond in the garden, belonging to the Parsonage House at that place; and the same day an inquest was taken on their bodies, by R. Crow, Esq. Coroner, when the following circumstances were disclosed :- Mr.and Mrs.Gibbons had been from home several weeks, leaving their house to the care of these females, who, during the absence of their master and mistress, had the misfortune to break some articles of furniture, and to spoil four dozen of knives and forks.- Upon the return of Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons (on Saturday, the 14th), the servants were severely reprimanded for what had happened, and one of them received notice to leave her place. They both appeared to be very uncomfortable during Sunday and Monday, and on the latter day, the footman heard them in conversation respecting Martha Viner, a late servant in the same family, who had drowned herself in the pond in the garden; and observing one to the other, that she had done so through trouble. - The elder then said to the younger - "We will have a swim tonight, Mary !" the other replied - "So we will, girl." - The footman thought they were jesting, and said - "Aye and I will swim with you." Sophia Edwards replied - "No, you shan't, but I will haunt you." After this conversation, they continued about their work as usual, and at six o'clock asked the footman to get tea for them; while he was in the pantry for that purpose he heard the kitchen door shut, and on his return into the kitchen they were both gone. The footman afterwards thought he heard them up stairs, and therefore took no notice of their absence, until eight o'clock, when he told his master and mistress. Search was made for them about the house, garden, and neighbourhood, during the whole night; and early on Tuesday morning the same pond was dragged, which had so recently been the watery grave of Martha Viner, when, shocking to relate, both their bodies were found in it, lying close to each other. - The Jury returned a verdict of - Lunacy.

SUICIDE - The body of Mr. Pomroy was yesterday taken out of the river Thames, into which he had thrown himself from Blackfriars-bridge. He was a partner in the iron-foundery, in Bear-lane, Black-friars. Some recent disappointments in trade are supposed to be the cause of this fatal event.

EXECUTION.- On Friday se'nnight, Robert Ferguson was executed at Inverness, in pursuance of his sentence, for the murder of Capt. C. Munro, late of the 42d regiment of foot. So uncommon a spectacle in that part of the country attracted a great concourse of spectators, whom the criminal addressed in the Gaelic language, acknowledging the justice of his sentence, and attributing his depravity to the ignorance in which he was educated, and his consequent early neglect of all moral and religious duties. He have the signal for his being turned off, and behaved to the last with great fortitude. When cut down his body was given to the surgeons for dissection.

FALMOUTH, Nov. 26. The Duke of Montrose packet from Corunna, in five days, arrived yesterday. She brings no news. She was detained some time for a Courier from the army, who had not arrived. The Duke of Kent packet, from this port, had not arrived at Corunna some hours before the Montrose sailed.
The Sandwich packet, from the West Indies, arrived on Monday last.
The Marlborough packet is hourly expected from Lisbon.
No accounts having been received of the Swallow packet, from Jamaica and the Leeward Islands, which became due on the 3d inst. it is feared she has foundered at sea, or been taken by the enemy.

PLYMOUTH, Nov.27. We are assured that ten sail of the line, fifteen frigates, and twenty, large gun-brigs, are to be fitted for the American station directly, Le Rhin , of 44 guns, now in the Sound, is one of the frigates. The Admiralty have adopted a very wise regulation in increasing the crews of the 44 gun frigates with forty additional hands, the 32 gun frigates with thirty additional hands, and gun-brigs in proportion, to meet, on equal terms, the large American frigates.
Several transports, with cavalry, from Portsmouth, bound to the Peninsula, to reinforce Lord Wellington, put in here on Monday. The men are in high spirits, and the horses in excellent condition.
On Tuesday arrived the Armide, of 44 guns from off Quiberon, having landed the French Officer whom we formerly mentioned to have gone on board the Armide for that purpose; but who he is, or what may be the object of his adventure, we are wholly at a loss to tell.
On Wednesday came in the Mary, Wood, Hope, Drake, and the Daphne, Harris, all from Newfoundland: they sailed 28 days since, in company 24 sail, under convoy of the Isis, of 50 guns; 15 of them parted a few days since in bad weather, the remainder are gone up Channel with the Isis, and passed the Sound last evening.
On Thursday came in a vessel from Bourdeaux, having on board 24 Englishmen who were put on board her at sea by a French privateer of 18 guns and 150 men: they composed the crews of the Mary, Cray, from Honduras, for London, the Endeavour, of Jersey, Le Fevre, and another vessel, both from Newfoundland, which were captured by the same privateer last Monday. The Mary sailed from Honduras, with 11 other vessels, under convoy of the Frolic, of 18 guns, Capt. Winyeates; soon after, six of the convoy parted company; and on the 18th of October, the Frolic, with five of the fleet, fell in with an American frigate, on which a signal was made for the ships to disperse, and the Frolic gallantly fought the American in close action one hour and a half, when she became dismasted and unmanageable, and then struck; the frigate's main and mizen topmasts were shot away during the action, and, from the well-directed fire from the Frolic, it is supposed that her loss in killed and wounded was very great: the Frolic had lost her topmasts before the action, and was under jury-masts: Captain Winyeates was made into the Frolic in the West Indies, and it appears has done great credit to his promotion.
Came in the Philemon, Paul, from Bourdeaux, detained by the Wizard sloop of war.
The privateer that captured the Mary and other vessels sails remarkably fast, and has been chaced by the Rota frigate, but she could not get up with her.
Also arrived the Barham, Warspite, and Stirling Castle, of 74 guns, from the Channel fleet off Brest.
This morning arrived the Wasp, of 18 guns, from St.Andero, with dispatches from Sir Home Popham, but nothing has transpired that deserves credit.
Armide, of 36 guns, from off the coast of France.
Sailed the Orestes, of 18 guns, on a cruize.

PORTSMOUTH, Nov. 28. Several ships of the West-India fleet, which sailed from hence on Friday the 20th inst. under convoy of the Victorious and Coquette, have put back, in consequence of their having lost sight of the convoy on the following day. The Master of one of these ships reports, that on Saturday morning he could perceive only 20 sail of the convoy (which consisted of 50 sail), and on Sunday morning only four vessels were in sight. He looked out in vain for the Commodore; and as it continued to blow a heavy gale from the eastward, he thought it prudent to put back.
The Warspite, of 74 guns, is to take out Lord Moira and suite to the East Indies. The Seahorse frigate, which was spoken of for that service, is ordered to take convoy to the West-Indies, and to call off Falmouth for the ships there.
Rear-Admiral Bedford is appointed Captain of the fleet in the North Sea, under Admiral Young. He is an Officer of great merit and skill, and well qualified for the situation of Captain of the fleet. Rear-Admiral Bedford was First Lieutenant of the Queen, of 98 guns, under Admiral Lord Gardner, on the glorious 1st of June, 1794.
The Pomone, of 44 guns, Capt. Fane, arrived from Newfoundland, Lisbon, and last from Plymouth, was cruising some time off the Banks of Newfoundland, in hopes of falling in with Commodore Rodgers, and left the Jason cruising on the same station.
Admiral Sir J.T. Duckworth arrived on Thursday, in the Antelope, of 50 guns, from Newfoundland, which left on the 29th ult. having under convoy the trade fleet, the greater part of which is arrived in the Channel.
Vice-Admiral Sir Edmund Nagle is appointed Commander in Chief on the Newfoundland station, in the room of Sir J. T. Duckworth.
The Victory is ordered into harbour to be paid off.
Tuesday, - Arrived the Seahorse, of 36 guns, Captain Gordon, from the Downs; Castilian sloop, Linnet brig, and Misletoe schooner. Sailed the Royalist sloop, Captain Downie; Hindostan and Malabar store ships for the Downs.
Wednesday, - Arrived the Pomone, of 38 guns, Captain Fane, from Lisbon; Dauntless sloop. from Cork; and Rinaldo sloop, from the Downs.
Thursday, - -Arrived the Antelope, of 50 guns, Admiral Sir J.T. Duckworth, Captain Hobart, from Halifax; Mutine sloop, Captain De Courey, with dispatches from Quebec; and Escort gun-vessel, from Guernsey.
Friday, - Arrived the Vengeur, of 74 guns, Capt. Dundas, from off Cherbourg; Borer sloop, from Leith. Sailed the Seahorse, of 36 guns, Captain Gordon.
Came into Harbour the Ville de Paris, Galatea, and Vantour sloop.
Saturday, - Arrived the Snap sloop, Captain Sartorious, from Leith; and Savage sloop, from off Cherbourg;.- Sailed the Vengeur, of 74 guns, Capt. Dundas, and Princess Caroline, of 74 guns, Captain Downman, off Cherbourg; Loire, of 36 guns, Captain Brown, with a General Officer, for Lisbon; and Dauntless sloop, for Cork.


The Rev. Thomas H. Gale, of Andover, A.B. has been presented to the Vicarage of Milton, by Philip Pulse, Esq. of Standen House, Chute, in the County of Wilts.

Lately was married, at Binstead, in the Isle of Wight, the Rev.Richard W. White to Mary only daughter of John Popham, Esq. of Kite-hill, and of Shanklin, in that island.
On Saturday last was married Robert Bird Wilkins, Esq. of Newport, in the Isle of Wight, to Miss Sophia Usborne.
On Tuesday was married, Major Minto, of the Royal Marine Artillery, to Miss Little, of Grove-hill, Camberwell.
On Tuesday died, at Abbott's Worthy, in an apoplectic fit, Mrs. Lansley, widow of the late Mr. Lansley.
On Wednesday morning died, in Bishop Morley's College, Mrs. Hudson, widow of the late Rev. Mr. Hudson, rector of King-clere.
The same day died Mrs. Miles, of College-street, aged 85 years.

Committed to the County Gaol, John Pearce, for six months, for cutting an oak timber tree in Broomy Walk, in the New Forest; and T. Barber and C. Broadhurst, for stealing an ewe sheep at the parish of Enbourn, Berks, the property of Mr. Benjamin Batten.


We hear that the Visitation of the Archdeacon of Sarum is appointed to be held at Sarum, on Tuesday the 1st; Hindon, Wednesday the 2d ; Warminster, Thursday the 3d; and at Lavington, Friday the 4th day of December next - And that the Visitation of the Archdeacon of Wilts is appointed to be held at Swindon, on Monday the 7th; Cricklade, Tuesday the 8th; Malmesbury, Wednesday the 9th; and at Chippenham, Thursday the 10th day of the same month.
A run on the Melksham Bank has occasioned some bustle among the partners of that respectable firm; but in the issue it has proved their stability, if any such proof were wanting. It was occasioned by the mis-quoting part of an advertisement, as explained in an annexed column, and which will be fully understood by a reference to the advertisement alluded to, which appears in the 6th column of the first page of this Journal.
Our Theatre is an announced to open on Thursday next; and we hear the Manager is making great exertions to procure the aid of performers of the highest character.
Mr. Kemble is performing at Bath and Bristol, where he is engaged for a few nights, to go through the round of his favourite characters. Mrs. Jordan has been delighting the frequenters of the Portsmouth Theatre, by displaying her fascinating talents on those boards.
Notwithstanding the late plentiful crop of Potatoes, the price of that nutritious root had been run up enormously high, but is now every where on the decline. In Bath market, 14s. and even 16s. a sack had recently been demanded, but on Wednesday last the very best could be procured for 10s. a sack. A cargo of the redundant crop of Ireland has been brought into Bristol, and is to be followed by a large importation, which must reduce the price to a still more reasonable level, and disappoint the hopes of those speculators. who are vainly endeavouring to enhance it.

BIRTHS.] On the 4th inst. Lady Viscountess Kilcoursie of a son, eventual heir to the honours of his grandfather, the Earl of Cavan.- On Monday, at Weymouth, the Lady of Colonel Cumming of the 11th light dragoons, of a daughter.
On the 12th of September last was married, at the island of St.Croix, in the West Indies, Lieut. Whitby, of the 96th regiment, to Miss Juliana Kibblewhite, of Liddiard, in this county.
On Thursday se'nnight was married, at Bath, William Somerset Dolben, Esq. of Finedon, in the county of Northampton, grandson of Sir William Dolben, Bart. (who for many parliaments represented the University of Oxford), and nephew of William Hallett, Esq, of Denford, in the county of Berks, to Fanny Saunders, daughter of the late Captain Saunders, of the county of Kent, a niece of the said Wm. Hallett; to whom this match (which has every prospect of happiness) must be peculiarly grateful, and be some compensation for the false and cruel libels that were some time ago published against him, and solely on account of the protection he afforded his ward.
On Saturday the 21st inst. was married, at Huish Episcopi, Somerset, by the Rev. W. Michell, James Parsons, Esq. of Somerton, to Eliza youngest daughter of the Rev. John Michell, prebendary of Gloucester, &c.
On Monday was married the Rev. William Whitehead, Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford, to Marianne eldest daughter of George Tuson, Esq. of Northover House, near Ilchester.
On Tuesday last was married, at Bramshaw, by the Rev.Mr. Hodgson, Mr. William Henbest, of that place, to Miss Margaret Maury, of West Wellow.
On Wednesday last was married Mr. Francis Allen, of Frome, to Mrs. Pasco, daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Pasco, of Oxford.
A few days since, died, Mr. Wm.Andrews, of Bramshaw, in this county.
On the 17th inst. died, at Wareham, in the 18th year of her age, Mrs. Francis Hyde, widow of the late Thomas Hyde, Esq. of Ame, Dorset.
On Tuesday last died, Mr. Charles Nash, blacksmith, of Catherine-street.- He had spent the preceding evening out in company, and on going home retired to rest without having shewn any symptoms of ill health. At four o'clock in the morning he called to acquaint his relations he was unwell, and instantly after he breathed a sigh, and expired. He was about 40 years of age.
On Friday the 20th inst. died, at Milborne-Port, Somerset, Mr. William White, at the advanced age of 103 years and 11 months. He retained his mental faculties to the last.- He remembered the death of Queen Anne; and was keeping sheep at the time of the darkness occasioned by the total eclipse in April 1715, when the stars appeared and the birds went to roost. He was able to reap in the 90th year of his age.
On Saturday the 21st inst. as Mr. Woolridge, master of the Glove Inn, at the foot of Whitesheet-hill, was returning from Shaftesbury market, his horse fell with him in the parish of Cann, and killed him on the spot. His loss will be severely felt by his widow and seven children, as well as a numerous circle of friends.

The KING v. ISAAC PICKERING, Esq. - On Monday Mr. Clarke moved the Court of King's Bench for judgement in this case. The Defendant was found Guilty at the last Assizes for the county of Wilts, for an assault on Mr. James Aldridge. The parties were out shooting, and the assault committed being simply by abusive language and threat, the defendant was merely ordered to pay a fine of 5. to the King.
Tuesday evening a Mr. Barefoot, of Chetnole, was returning from Leigh, he unfortunately mistook his way, (it is supposed through the darkness of the evening), and got into a ditch, where he was found the next morning dead. He for many years carried on a respectable trade as tallow-chandler, and had passed the advanced age of 90 years. A coroner's inquest sat on the body, and returned a verdict of Accidental Death.
On Sunday evening the 29th inst. the dwelling house of Mr. John Harriss, at Cann St. Rumbold, near Shaftesbury, was broken into, and property to a considerable amount stolen. A reward of fifty pounds has been offered for the discovery of the robbers. -- See Advertisement in the first page.
Committed to the County Gaol, Fisherton, Richard Brown, late of Whiteparish, on suspicion of having stolen a coat and handkerchief; and Cornelius Stainer[?], charged with having stolen two pieces of fir timber and a quantity of laths, the property of John Cole, lath-render, of Donhead St.Andrew.
On Saturday the 21st. inst. five male convicts from Ilchester, were brought here, on their way to Portsmouth, and on Wednesday, four male convicts from Bodmin, in Cornwall, were brought in, on their way to the same place, to which they were forwarded on the succeeding days, and put on board the Captivity hulk.

MRS. ROSE, of Woodyates, being dead, it is requested that all Debts due to her, of whatsoever kind, be immediately paid into the hands of James Knight, of Minchington, or Robert Futcher, of Fovant, her Executors;- and all just claims to be sent to them, or left with Mr. Smith, of Woodyates, for their inspection.- And shortly will be disposed of, all her Effects, in order to discharge the same.


THE Creditors of PETER BEAVER, of Penton Mewsey, Hants, Esq. are requested to meet the Trustees of his Estate and Effects, at the George Inn, in Andover, on Friday the 4th day of December next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to consider the impediments which have arisen to the Sale of his Copyhold Estate, and consequently to the final settlement of his Affairs, and also as to the proper steps to be taken to effect such settlement.
ANDOVER, Nov. 25, 1812.

To the Creditors of Mr. JOHN BARFOOT.

ALL Persons who have any Demands on Mr. JOHN BARFOOT, of Weymouth, sadler, are requested to send their accounts to Mr. John Henning, attorney, Weymouth, in order to an arrangement of his affairs. - Dated Nov. 26, 1812.

Notice to Debtors and Creditors.

ALL Persons having any Claim or Demand upon the Estate and Effects of Mr. PHILIP GREEN, late of Devizes, in the county of Wilts, Cabinet-Maker and Timber-Dealer, deceased, are requested immediately to deliver in particulars of their several claims to Wm. Gale Green, of Devizes, aforesaid, the sole Executor of the said Philip Green, deceased, in order that the same may be discharged. And all persons indebted to the Estate of the said Philip Green, are requested, without delay, to pay the amount of their several debts unto his Executor, the said William Gale Green, otherwise they will be sued for the same, without further notice.

WHEREAS a Commission of Bankruptcy is awarded and issued against HENRY JEFFERY, of New Sarum, in the county of Wilts, Druggist; and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on Thursday the nineteenth day of this instant November, on Wednesday the second day of December, and on Tuesday the twenty-second day of December next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of each day, at the Antelope Inn, in the said city of New Sarum, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts; and at the second sitting to chose Assignees; and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from the allowance of his Certificate. All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but to give notice to Mr. Tinney, Solicitor, Salisbury; or to Messrs. Brundrett and Co. Temple, London.

ALEX. MINTY being appointed by the Commissioners named in the Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued and now in prosecution against Henry Jeffery, of New Sarum, Druggist, to be the provisional Assignee of the Estate and Effects of the said Henry Jeffery, informs the Public that under his direction the Business of the said Henry Jeffery will be continued in all its branches till the Election of Assignees by the Creditors at large.


WHEREAS the Dwelling-house of Mr. John Harriss, of Cann St.Rumbold, near Shaftesbury, was, on the afternoon of Sunday the 22d instant, broken into, and Property stolen therefrom to a considerable amount :-
Whoever will give information of the offender or offenders, shall (on conviction) receive the above Reward, on application to Mr. Henry Harriss, of Hartgrove; or Mr. Hannen, Shaftesbury. And any person or persons (except those who actually broke into the said Dwelling-house) discovering his or their accomplice or accomplices, will be entitled to the same Reward.
SHAFTESBURY, Nov. 27, 1812.


WHEREAS the Stables of Sir John Methuen Poore, of Rushall, Bart. were in the night of the 23d instant feloniously broken open, and various articles stolen therefrom, particularly a GUN (silver mounted), on which was a Crest, a Swan's Neck; also a Livery GREAT COAT, of a brown colour, with blue capes ;- Any person making discovery of the offender or offenders, shall on his or their conviction receive a Reward of Ten Guineas.
Should the Silver Mounting of the Gun be offered to any Silversmith or Pawnbroker, he is desired to detain the person offering the same, and give information to Sir. J.M. Poore.
RUSHALL, Nov. 24, 1812.

WHEREAS a FAT WETHER SHEEP (having the letters R S in the horn and a spot of tar on the shoulder) was in the night of Monday the 16th instant STOLEN from a field of Mr. Joseph Domine, near the town of Christchurch. The sum of Ten Pounds, over and above the reward allowed by the Christchurch Association, is hereby offered to any person who will give such information as will lead to the discovery of the Offender or Offenders, to be paid on conviction, by
Solicitor to the Christchurch Association.
Christchurch, Nov. 28, 1812.


STOLEN or STRAYED, out of King-Sedgemore, in the county of Somerset, on Saturday the 17th of October, 1812,- A BLACK MARE, of the cart kind, about 15 hands high, with a small rising on the loins, a rusty mane, long tail, and has been wrung on the shoulders with the collar.
Also a BLACK MARE, about 16 hands high, with a white face, two white feet behind, short tail, had been wrung on the shoulders with the traces, and has been rode occasionally.
Whoever will bring the same, or give information so that they may be had again, shall if Strayed receive ONE GUINEA Reward, and reasonable expences paid; but if Stolen, FIVE GUINEAS for each, on conviction of the offender or offenders, by applying to Mr. John Gillet, or Mr. Charles Dobin, of High Ham, near Langport, Somerset; or Mr. Robert Hart, Corfe Mullen, near Wimborne, Dorset.

To Journeymen Shoe Makers.
A WOMAN's MAN may meet with good Wages and constant Employ by applying to J. Perrior, Wily.


WANTED immediately, - TWO JOURNEYMEN. Good hands will have constant employ and the best wages, by applying to J. Saunders, jun., Exeter-street, Salisbury.

SHAFTESBURY, Nov.16, 1812.
JEREMIAH MILES, SADLER, COLLAR and HARNESS MAKER, begs leave to return his most grateful thanks to his Friends for past favours, and informs them, he has taken the House and Shop, late in the occupation of Mr. JOHN HADING, situate on the Commons' ; where he hopes, by a strict attention to business, to merit it in future, and also of those Gentlemen, Tradesmen, and others, in the town and vicinity, who have so liberally honoured his Predecessor with their commands.


JOHN KING begs to offer to his numerous friends a Stock of LINEN DRAPERY, Hosiery, &c. just received from London, which he is convinced, from its cheapness and extensive variety, will prove the great exertions he has made to merit a continuance of their confidence and support.
J.K. particularly solicits an early inspection of the above collection, being aware, from the system on which he ever conducts his business. that of making quick and large returns at a small profit, enable him, under every opposition, to render his goods of the best quality so conspicuously lower than any house out of London.

WM. GOOD, begs respectfully to inform his Friends and the Public of his return from London, where he has purchased an extensive Assortment of the most Fashionable Goods, of the best quality, for the Winter Season. Among a variety of other articles, too numerous for the limits of an Advertisement, are Merino and Spanish Wool Cloths and Cassimeres for pelisses, rich Lustres, Poplins, Bombazeens, plain and twilled Queen's Stuffs, Imperial Sarsnets, Scotch Plaids. Chinese Crape's (washing colours), and rich twilled and plain Sarsnets in a great variety of new colours; a large Stock of elegant Silk Shawls and Scarfs, and of every article in LINEN and WOOLLEN DRAPERY, HABERDASHERY, HOSIERY, &c. &c. which will be sold on the most reasonable terms.
An Apprentice wanted.
LYMINGTON, Nov. 11, 1812.

WANTS a Situation as BAILIFF, or Superintendent of a moderate-sized Farm, A middle-aged Man, who has a competent knowledge of the above, and can give undeniable reference for character, his Wife is fully qualified to manage a Dairy, and would be happy to engage in that situation on the same Estate.
Letters addressed to X.Y. at Mr. Halse's, Bradford, Wilts, will receive immediate attention.

A Young Man wishes for a Situation in an Office or Counting-House, as UNDER CLERK; writes a good hand and understands accounts; or to attend on a single gentleman. Can have an unexceptionable character.
Direct (post-paid) A.B. Mr. Beazley's, Bugle Inn, Ryde, Isle of Wight.

This Day is published, price One Shilling,

ESTABLISHMENT and TOLERATION. A SERMON, preached before the Mayor and Corporation, in the Parish Church of St.Lawrence, Southampton, on Monday the 25th of October, 1812, being the Anniversary of His Majesty's Accession.

By the Rev. THOMAS MEARS, A.M.
Rector of the Parish, and Chaplain to the Corporation.

Printed by T. Skelton, Southampton; and sold by C. Law, Ave-Maria Lane, London; Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury; and other booksellers.

In January next, will be published,
Dedicated (by permission) to the Hon.and Right

SUGGESTIONS to the PROMOTERS of Dr.BELL's SYSTEM of INSTRUCTION, with an account of the Establishment and Progress of the Hampshire Society for the Education of the Poor.

By the Rev. FRED. IREMONGER, M.A. F.L.S.
One of the Secretaries of the Hampshire Society, &c.

Printed by W. Jacob, Winchester; and sold in London by Messrs. Rivington, St. Paul's Church Yard ; Mr. Hatchard, Piccadilly ; and Messrs. Longman and Co. Pater-noster Row ; also by Mr. Robbins, Winchester; Mr. Johnson, Gosport; and Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury.

WEYMOUTH, Nov. 23, 1812.
This day is published, Price Two Shillings, on upwards
of sixty pages octavo,
THE SUBSTANCE of a SPEECH, delivered at the Town-Hall of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis,

On the 10th of October, 1812, being the day appointed for the Election of Members of Parliament for that Borough; where the contest continued fifteen days ! !
Printed for and sold by J. Wood, at his Circulating Library, on the Esplanade; also at Dorchester, Sherborne, Bridport, Blandford, and Poole, in the county of Dorset; by Messrs. Brodie, Dowding, and Luxford, Salisbury; and by all Booksellers of the United Kingdom.

WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JOHN PENNING, of Blandford Forum, in the county of Dorset, Cabinet-maker, dealer and chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said commission named, or the major part of them, at the Crown Inn, in Blandford Forum aforesaid, on the 7th and 23d days of December and 12th day of January next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon on each day, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts; and at the second sitting to chuse Assignees; and at the last sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent or dissent from the allowance of his certificate.
All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. George Moore, solicitor, Blandford, Dorset; or Messrs. Wilson and Chisholme, Lincoln's-inn-fields, London.

WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against EMANUEL JAMES, of the parish of Portsmouth, in the county of Southampton, Grocer, Dealer and Chapman, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the 15th day of December next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, on the 16th day of the same month at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and on the 9th day of January next, at one o'clock in the afternoon, at the Crown Inn, in Gosport, in the county aforesaid, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the Bankrupt is required to finish his examination, and the Creditors are to assent to or dissent from the allowance of his certificate.
All persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same, but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but to give notice to Messrs. Sweet and Stokes, Basinghall-street, London; or to Mr. David Compigne, Solicitor, Gosport, Hants.

WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt, under the Great Seal of Great Britain, bearing date on the 25th of September, 1812, on the petition of Thomas Freeman, George Moule, and Frederick Moule, of Melksham, in the county of Wilts, Bankers and Co-partners, and directed to John Hawksey Akerley, Wyndham Gooden[?], Esqrs., Thomas Timbrell, Nicholas Peter Phene, and Thomas Hosier Saunders, Gentlemen, the Commissioners therein named, was awarded and issued forth against JOHN DAVIS and THOMAS HUGHES LLOYD, of Holt, in the county of Wilts, and also of Lothbury, in the city of London, Clothiers, dealers, chapmen, and co-partners, carrying on trade under the firm of Davis, Lloyd and Co.; - and whereas a Writ of Supersedeas, bearing date the 28th day of October, 1812, on the petition of one James Brown, afterwards issued to supersede the said Commission of Bankrupt, and the same by virtue thereof became superseded accordingly;- and whereas by certain Writ of Procedendo, dated the 19th of November, 1812, and issued on the petition of the said Thomas Freeman, George Moule, and Frederick Moule, directed to me the Commissioners named in the said Commission, the said Commissioners, or any four or three of them, are directed to proceed upon the said Commission, and to carry the same into execution, as if the same had not been superseded; and the said Commission, and all proceedings had under the same, are thereby revived, and will accordingly forthwith be proceeded in and put in execution as if the same had not been superseded.
G. and F. MOULE, Solicitors, Melksham, Wilts.
EDW. FROWD, Agent, Serle-street, Lincoln's Inn.

WHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued forth against JOHN DAVIS and THOMAS HUGHES LLOYD, of Holt, in the county of Wilts, and also of Lothbury, in the city of London, Clothiers, dealers, chapmen, and co-partners, carrying on the trade under the firm of Davis, Lloyd, and Co. and they being declared Bankrupts, are hereby required to surrender themselves to the Commissioner in the said Commission named, or the major part of them, on the 30th day of November instant, at four o'clock in the afternoon, and on the 1st day of December next, and the 2d day of January next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of each of the two last mentioned days, at the King's Arms Inn, Melksham, Wilts, and make a full discovery and disclosure of their Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the second sitting to choose Assignees, and at the last sitting the said Bankrupts are to finish their examination, and the Creditors are to assent or dissent from the allowance of their Certificates.
All persons indebted to the said Bankrupts, or that have any of their Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give notice to Mr. Edward Frowd, solicitor, Serle-street, Lincoln's-Inn, London; or to Mr. G. and F. Moule, solicitors, Melksham, Wilts.

STOLEN or STRAYED, from Piddletown Common, on Tuesday the 10th of November, 1812, - A strong grown BLACK PONY MARE, seven year old, about 13 1/2 hands high, has a small grey spot on the forehead, a short tail, and marked with TG on the near hip.
Whoever has found the same, or can give such information as will lead to the recovery, or bring it to Mr. Joseph George, of Piddletown, Dorset, shall receive - ONE GUINEA REWARD, and all reasonable expences.

STOLEN or STRAYED, some time in October last, from Bovery Farm, in the parish of Beaulieu, Hants.- A brinded four-year old HEIFER with a meal-coloured muzzle, marked TF in the horn, with the top of the off ear cut off.-- Whoever will bring the Heifer to Mr. Thomas Foster, of Bovery Farm, shall receive ONE GUINEA Reward, and all reasonable expences.

STOLEN or STRAYED out of Brockenhurst Park, some time in September last,- Nine WETHER SHEEP,- seven marked T B on the side, and two with a fleur-de-lis on the hip. Whoever will give information so that the Sheep may be had again, shall, if stolen, receive five Guineas reward, if strayed shall receive a reward of Two Guineas and all reasonable expences, by applying to James Brown, butcher.
Dated at Brockenhurst, Nov.26, 1812.

ABSCONDED, from the Service of Lord Palmerston, at Broadlands, near Romsey, Hants, on the evening of Wednesday the 17th of November instant,- WILLIAM HALL, Stable Helper, (late in the employ of Mr. Day, training groom, at Stockbridge), about 19 years of age, 5 feet 3 or 4 inches high, brown hair, fresh complexion, with little or no beard, hazle eyes, and of a light make. He carried away with him the following articles, the property of his fellow servants :- a Drab Livery Great Coat, with one cape and yellow gilt buttons, and the name of Brooks written on the inside of the sleeve; a blue strait single-breasted Groom's Coat with yellow buttons, a pair of light coloured Cord Breeches, tanned Leather Gaiters, a pair of Shoes, two Waistcoats, and a new Hat.

Six 1 Notes of the Bank of England ;

Two 3}Notes ditto,{marked T. Biggs on the back
Three 1}{

Whoever will give information of the above offender, so that he may be brought to justice and convicted of the above offence, shall receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS, by applying to Mr. Thomas Warner, of Romsey.


ABSCONDED from the Parish of Christchurch, Hants, and left his Family chargeable to the same, JOSEPH LOCKYER, a labourer, some time ago residing at Hurn in the said parish. Whoever will give such information to the Churchwardens or Overseers of the said parish as shall cause the said JOSEPH LOCKYER to he apprehended, shall receive a Reward of FIVE GUINEAS.
The said JOSEPH LOCKYER is about 38 years of age, and about five feet six inches high, dark complexion, very black hair, walks wide at the knees, and has lost the top of the fore finger of the right hand.
CHRISTCHURCH, Nov. 23,1812.

WHEREAS JOHN LAWS and JAMES BRYANT, both of the parish of Bishopston, Labourers, have lately absconded and left their Wives and Families chargeable to the said parish.- Whoever will apprehend and bring them to the Churchwarden and Overseers of the said parish, shall receive the reward of TWO GUINEAS, and all reasonable expences: or whoever will give information so that they may be apprehended shall be handsomely rewarded for their trouble.
N.B. The said JOHN LAWS is about five feet ten inches high, light hair, and fair complexion, and is supposed to have worn a dark-coloured round frock; the said JAMES BRYANT is about five feet seven inches high, of a dark complexion, and supposed also to have worn a dark-coloured round frock.

Great Canford, in the County of Dorset.

WHEREAS RICHARD HABGOOD, Labourer, about five feet seven inches high, dark hair and eyes, rather fresh looking, long whiskers reaching low on his chin, sharpish chin, and rather of a proud turn, appearing to think a great deal of his person; wears in general, a short smock frock: Whoever will bring him, the said Richard Habgood, to the Churchwardens of Great Canford or Wimborne, shall receive TWO GUINEAS Reward, and all reasonable expences; or ONE GUINEA Reward will be paid to any person giving information where he might be found, upon his apprehension.


Mr. MECEY having disposed of his Stock in Trade, Business, and Premises, at Winchester, to me, in consequence of his purchasing the Stock and Premises of the late Mr. Hookey, at Southampton, I most earnestly and respectfully solicit the patronage of the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Winchester and County in general, assuring them it will ever be my pride to endeavour, by every exertion in my power, to deserve their countenance and support, by the most prompt and scrupulous attention in the execution of any orders their kindness might induce them to honour me with.
The only merit which will be the basis of my claim to a continuance of any favours bestowed upon me, will be the neatness, novelty of design, and excellence of materials with which every article will be manufactured by me, having worked with approbation at one of the finest houses in the Metropolis.
I most humbly intreat to have it understood by my Patrons, that none but well seasoned woods, and every article of the first quality, will at any time be suffered to go out of my Warehouse, and charged at the most reasonable prices. References for my ability and integrity will be given, whenever required; and I only desire to prove that I am not unworthy of the preference solicited, and of being permitted the honour of subscribing myself their most humble and most obedient servant.
Drawing-rooms, Saloons, and Boudoirs fitted up in the first stile of elegance and fashion.
WINCHESTER, November 12, 1812.

To be Nobility, Gentry, and Public in general.
HAVING declined the concern at Winchester in favour of Mr. ROBERT GUDGEON, I take this opportunity of returning you my best thanks for past favours and earnestly solicit the same kind patronage on my successor which I have experienced from a generous public for several years past, not doubting but you will find him worthy of the same liberal support.
WINCHESTER, November 12, 1812.

FOUND,-- A Dun and White GREYHOUND BITCH.- Whoever can prove her to be their property may have her again by applying to John Cunditt, Steeple Ashton, Wilts, and paying the expence. If not owned within fourteen days from the date hereof she will be sold to defray the expence.
Nov. 16, 1812.

IN October last was FOUND,- A White POINTER BITCH, marked on the back with liver-coloured spots, at Yarnfield, near Maiden Bradley, Wilts.
The owner may hear of her by applying to J. Moody, of Yarnfield.
If not owned in a week after this Advertisement, will be sold to pay the expences.

LOST, on Thursday the 19th instant, near Alderbury,- A liver colour and white young POINTER DOG, has a particular white stripe across his shoulders, answers to the name of Bang.
Also a large WATER SPANIEL, has a remarkable brushy tail, answers to the name of Rover. Whoever has found the above dogs, or either of them, and will bring them to the Spread Eagle Inn, Sarum. will be handsomely rewarded for their trouble. Whoever detains them after this notice will be prosecuted.


WHEREAS in the night between the 22d and 23rd of October, 1812, two of the Keepers of Chetterwood Walk, in Cranborne Chase, found a Man in their Walk with a Deer in his possession, and were taking him away in custody; when they were ASSAULTED in the most violent manner by several Men, who rescued the Man in custody, and severely wounded one of the Keepers.-- Amongst the Party were JOSEPH BLANDFORD, of Farnham, Blacksmith; and JAMES BLANDFORD, his Brother, of Tarrant-Monckton, Blacksmith.
Whoever will give information to Messrs. Garland and Son, of Wareham, Dorset; or Mr. J. Webb, Rushmore Lodge, Cashmoor Inn, Dorset; so that the said Joseph Blandford or James Blandford may be apprehended, shall receive a Reward of Fifty Pounds.
If anyone of the party will give information, as above, of the whole of his Accomplices, he shall be admitted an evidence, and shall, on their conviction, receive Fifty Pounds Reward.

Joseph Blandford is about 40 years of age, near 6 feet 2 inches high, long thin face, aqiline nose, and brown hair.


WHEREAS BENJAMIN SHAW stands charged by Messrs. LA COSTE, CLARK, & Co. Proprietors of the Chertsey Bank, upon suspicion of having received certain Promissory Notes of that Bank, knowing them to have been stolen,. and with having circulated the same, - A reward of TWENTY GUINEAS is hereby offered by Messrs. La Coste. Clark, and Co. to any person or persons who will give such information as may lead to the apprehension of the said BENJAMIN SHAW, to be paid on application by George Wood or William Read, of the Police-office, Hatton Garden, or by Messrs. La Coste, Clark, & Co. Bankers, Chertsey.
The said BENJAMIN SHAW is between 47 and 50 years of age, stands five feet six or eight inches high, thick set, black hair, of a dark complexion, and his face a little marked with the small pox ; has the general appearance of a country-man, and was formerly a farmer at Newbury; is now a horse-dealer, and frequents most of the horse-fairs in the west and inland counties.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by M. MAKER, at the Antelope Inn, in Dorchester, on Monday the 30th day of November, 1812, precisely at four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced.- The Fee-Simple and Inheritance of all that MESSUAGE, Burgage, or Tenement, situate in High West-street, in Dorchester ;-consisting of two good parlours, a drawing-room, dressing-room, four good bed chambers, two garrets, kitchen, brew-house, cellar, and a large room over the kitchen which may used as a laundry ; together with a walled garden behind the same, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Gould Read, subject to a lease for 99 years, now determinable at the death of William Channing, aged 72 years, and Ann the wife of the Rev. Abel Edwards, aged 70 years, or thereabouts.

And also Two COPYHOLD ESTATES, within the Manor of Fordington, in the county of Dorset, in the following lots, viz.

Lot 1. For the Lives of the Rev. Nathaniel Templeman, aged 84 years, and Miss Ann Templeman, aged 55 years, - All that Tenement, with an exceeding good house, barn, and homestead, called Raskers, now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Eames, as tenant thereof.
Lot 2. For the Life of the said Ann Templeman. - All that other TENEMENT, called Haysomes, with a good barn and Barton thereto belonging, now in the occupation of Mr. Francis Oakley, as tenant thereof.
For a view of the premises at Fordington, apply to the tenants; and further particulars may be had by applying to Mr. Francis Oakley, attorney at law, Dorchester (if by letter, free of postage).

Capital sawed Elm Plank & Building Materials.
Wimborne, Dorset.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by PERCY and FORCE, on Friday the 4th of December, 1812, at two o'clock, at the Crown Inn, Wimborne, - About 50 Lots of prime Sawed ELM PLANK, and BUILDING MATERIALS of large dimensions, now lying in the fields adjoining Canford Bridge. Also two wood pumps, about 10 lots of bricks and foundation stone, and about a ton of Swedish iron.
Particulars may be had by the 24th of November at the Antelope, Poole; White Hart, Ringwood; of R. Percy, Blandford; and J. Force, Wimborne.

Oak, Elm, Ash, and Pollards, at SUTTON, near

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. HAWKES, at the Angel Inn, Chippenham, on Tuesday the 8th of December, at two o'clock. - 70 prime MAIDEN OAK TREES and 84 OAK POLLARDS, felled; 76 ELMS, 12 ASH, and 83 POLLARDS, with their Lop and Top, now standing on Seagry Farm, near Sutton, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Sealey, who will shew the same.
To be viewed ten days previous to the sale, when particulars may be had of Mr. Sealey; the Royal Oak, Wootton Basset; White Lion, Malmesbury; the Angel, at Chippenham; and at the Auction Mart, London.

Six Miles from Bridport, 10 from Dorchester, and 14 from Weymouth.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by JACOB CORBIN, at Longbredy Hut, on Friday the 11th day of December, 1812, at three o'clock, in Lots, for the convenience of Carpenters, Wheelwrights, and others, - 133 ASHES, SIX ELMS, and THREE BEECHES, standing on Farms in the occupation of Mr. Job Legg and Mr. J. Stroud, who will shew the Timber.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by M. BAKER, at the Swan Inn, in Sturminster Newton, on Wednesday the 16th of December, 1812, precisely at three o'clock in the afternoon, - The Fee Simple and Inheritance, in Possession, of all that Plot or Parcel of very good MEADOW or GRAZING LAND, containing about three acres, situate at Bagber, in the occupation of Mr. Henry Jenkins or his under-tenant, with possession thereof at Lady-day next.
Also all that Dwelling-House or Tenement, Garden, and excellent Orchard, containing about two acres, situate at a place called Nobcrook, late in the possession of John Trowbridge, and now in hand; with immediate possession.
Also the Reversion in Fee of all that Dwelling-House, Garden, Orchard, and Plot of Ground, in the possession of Mrs Mary Francis, who holds the same by lease, for years determinable on the deaths of two persons, one aged about 77 years, and the other about 46 years; under the yearly rent of 3s. 4d. and the usual covenants to repair, &c.
And all that Cottage or Dwelling-House, Garden, and Orchard, at the Castle, in the possession of Ezekiel Rose, who holds the same by lease, determinable on the deaths of two persons, one aged about 65 years and the other about 53; under the yearly rent of 2s. and the usual covenants to repair, &c.

All which premises are lying in the town and parish of Sturminster Newton aforesaid.

For a view of the premises apply to the several persons in possession; and for further particulars to Mr. Henning, solicitor, Dorchester (if by letter, free of postage.)

A. and E. BAKER respectfully beg leave to inform their Friends in general, that they have just received from London a new Assortment of DRESSES, PELISSES, &c. &c. for the Winter Season, which they trust will meet with their approbation.
Southampton, 15, Above Bar, Nov. 26, 1812.

N.B. Three Apprentices wanted immediately.

J. & H. BANKS, anxious for the settlement of the numerous Accounts yet due to them in Salisbury and the neighbourhood, earnestly request immediate payment may be made to Messrs. Wilmot and Godwin. They avail themselves of this opportunity to thank those friends who have made their payments, and gratefully to acknowledge the patronage they so many years received.
LIVERPOOL, Nov.16, 1812.


S. LAWRENCE respectfully informs the Public, that he has taken and entered on the above House, and laid in a stock of the best Wines, Spirituous Liquors, and home-brewed Beer. He particularly solicits the commands of Commercial Travellers, for whose accommodation there is a separate apartment, and to whom all possible attention will be paid.

Well-aired beds, excellent stabling, a good larder, &c.
A Market Ordinary on Saturdays at half-past one.


THE PARTNERSHIP carried on under the Firm of JOHN BUTLER and JOHN BARTLETT, Horse-hair Manufacturers, was this day dissolved by mutual consent.

Witness our hands,JOHN BUTLER

ur hands, Dated Nov. 12, 1812.

The Business will in future be carried on under the Firm of BUTLER and COLES, to whom all outstanding debts must be paid, they being duly authorised to receive the same; and by all claims on the late Partnership will be discharged.
They take this opportunity of soliciting the favours of their Friends and the Public, assuring them that such favours will be thankfully received, and speedily executed on the most reasonable terms.


JOHN NASH, CUTLER, returns his sincere thanks to his numerous Friends and the Public for past favours, and begs leave to inform them that he has REMOVED FROM SILVER-STREET to CATHERINE-STREET, where, by a persevering attention to their commands, he hopes to ensure a continuation of their patronage.

JUST Landed, and FOR SALE, -- A Small Cargo of Muscatel, Bloom, and Sun RAISINS.
Particulars of Mr. Le Feuvre Southampton.

JUST Imported, from Newfoundland,- A few Casks of NEW CAPLIN, containing two and three barrels each, on Sale, at One Guinea per barrel of 70lb, nett, by
GEO. and JAMES KEMP and Co.

FOR SALE, - A Complete WEIGHING ENGINE, in thorough repair. The owner has no further use for it, and will be sold well worth the money.
Apply to Messrs. Abbott and Co. Weigh-bridge, Makers, Frome; or Mr. Randall, of Wincanton.

TO be SOLD, -- A capital Broad-wheel WAGGON, with iron axles, tilt, screw jack, and all complete, being particularly useful to Millers, Maltsters, and Coal Traders, as it will contain three chaldron of coals.
Also to be Sold, -- About 500 FIR TIMBER TREES, about four miles from Poole and two from Wimborne, and near the Turnpike Road leading from Poole to Wimborne.

For either of the above apply to Robert Hart, Corfe Mullen, near Wimborne ; if by letter, post-paid.


TO be LETT, and entered upon at Old Candlemas Day next, at Kingston, near Ringwood, A DAIRY of THIRTY COWS, with the privilege of Ten Farm Yards for breeding and keeping of Pigs and Poultry.

Apply to Mr. John Sheppard, at Kingston Farm.

To Grocers, Tallow-Chandlers, and Maltsers

TO be DISPOSED OF immediately, - The BUSINESS of a GROCER and TALLOW CHANDLER, situated in a Market-town in the neighbourhood of Portsmouth; together with the PREMISES, which consist of a good brick and tiled house, malt house, candle manufactory, &c. and a garden.- The Stock, which is small, to be taken at a fair valuation.

For further particulars enquire of Mr. John Reeves, grocer, Andover; if by letter, post paid.

Valuable Farming LIVE and DEAD STOCK.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. GERRARD and Co. on Wednesday and Thursday next, the 2d and 3d of December, at Longford Farm, near Salisbury, -The valuable LIVE and DEAD, STOCK of Mr. Thomas Webb, taken in execution by virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias, and must therefore be peremptorily sold, without the least reserve.
Among the Live Stock are eight valuable Cart Horses, eight young Cows in calf, and about 300 prime South Down Ewes; among the Dead Stock, two Wheat Ricks, two Barley Ricks, a quantity of Oats in the Straw, 80 Tons of Hay, Waggons, Ploughs, Harrows, sacks, and the usual articles of husbandry tackle.

On account of the shortness of the days, - The Sale to begin punctually at eleven o'clock.


NOTICE is hereby given, --- That the Partnership lately subsisting between JOHN SPENCER, G.D. FISHER, and RICHARD GODBY, Coal Merchants, Bradford, was dissolved on the 24th day of June last past. All persons who have any demands on the said Partnership, are requested to send in their accounts, that they may be paid; and all persons who stand indebted to the said partnership are required to pay the amount to either of the above partners.
Dated November 9, 1812.

MESSRS. STEVENS AND GERRARD, of the City of New Sarum, Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, being about to Dissolve their Co-partnership, request that all persons having any demands on them will transmit the particulars of their Accounts to Mr. John Swayne, Solicitor, Wilton, Wilts, on or before the 15th day of December next; and all persons who are indebted to them are desired forthwith to pay the same to Mr. Swayne, who is duly authorized to receive and give discharges for the amount.


WE the undersigned having heard of a Report, tending to affect the Banking-House of FREEMAN, MOULE, and Co. of this place, are thoroughly convinced that such Report is unfounded, and has originated entirely through the mistake of the Editors of Two London Newspapers, who, in Extracting from the Gazette of the 21st inst. the names of persons whose Bankruptcies had been superceded, had taken the names of Freeman, Moule, and Co. the Petitioning Creditors, instead of the names of Davis and Lloyd, the Bankrupts. And we do hereby declare our perfect Confidence in the Stability of the said Bank, and our determination to take their Cash Notes in payment to any amount.

R. Long, M.P. Francis Fricker
John Awdry Samuel Vincent
T. Bruges William Rumsey
Sam. Heathcote Joseph Berry
Joseph Smith William Webb
Edward Phillips William Sage
Robert Fowler Joseph Coombe
Henry Brindley James Watson
Thomas Fowler Richard Hayward
Thomas Jefferys Joseph Hayward
Thomas Bruges T. Edwards
David Dent S. Gaby
Paul Newman Robert Hulbert
John PercivalB.J. Harris
J.L. Phillips John Pierce
Nich. Pet. Phene Hugh Lavington
Isaac Dark Sainsbury and Acres
John Moxham Joseph Eden
William Eyles James Carpenter
Thomas Flower William Akerman
William Crook William Halcomb
H.F. Evans and Son John Young
Thomas NalderThomas Croome
John WilshereBenjamin Hayward
Dennis Newman Samuel Robbins
Thomas King George Gillett
Thomas Hoare Robert Pile
Thomas Bourne John Gaby, jun.
Bourne and Walker Richard Little
Wm.Collingbourne William Smith
Honywill and BourneT.O. Purnell
Thomas RedmanSamuel Jefferys
William RedmanThomas Newman
Robert Rawlins John Cove
Robert Brackstone William Snook
Richard Webb J. Billing
John Mathews Whitchurch and Ponting
John HarrisWilliam Rogers
James SmithJames Chapman
John Godwin Richard Stratton
Richard Taylor Jacob Stratton
Joseph SpraggSamuel Gerrish
Robert DowdingJohn Newman
Lot Sainsbury Charles Ewer
William ReynoldsJames Beaven
Thomas Ward Christ. Beaven
John FoxRobert Curwick
Robert Mills CoussinsRobert Bodman
John Coleman Jacob Hayward
John Whale Thomas Hayward
Edward Self Stephen Dark
Michael BaylyD. Arnot
Charles Maggs and Co.S. Gaby

MELKSHAM, Nov. 26, 1812.


TO be LETT for Two or Three Years, completely furnished, - CASTLE MALWOOD COTTAGE, with 55 acres of Land, situated in that most beautiful part of the New Forest, 10 miles from Southampton, nine from Ringwood and Romsey, and three from Lyndhurst.
Further particulars may be known by application to George Bramell, Esq. 20, Lincoln's-inn Fields, London; or to Clement Sharp and Sons, Auctioneers and House Agents, Romsey, and 180, Southampton, who will give tickets for viewing the same.

Desirable Residence at Romsey.

TO be LETT, ---- Two very Comfortable HOUSES, situate near the Church, where two sermons are preached on Sundays, and Prayers read daily. Each House consists of two or three bed-rooms, a parlour, a kitchen, cellars, and other offices, Rent eight guineas per annum.
For a view of the same, and treaty, apply personally or by letters post-paid, to Messrs. Long and Chandler, Builders, Church-street, Romsey.


TO be LETT, -- A very desirable FARM, situate at Crudwell, in the county of Wilts;- comprising two Farm-houses, barns, stables, and out-buildings, with Cottages for labourers, and about 152 Acres of Arable and 118 Acres of Pasture Land, now in the respective occupations of Mr. Elford and Mr. Buckland.

Possession of the greater part of the Lands will be given at Lady-day next, and possession of the residue at the following Michaelmas.

Persons desirous of viewing the Farm will apply to Mr. Peacey, of Chedlow, who will appoint a proper person to shew it. - Further particulars may be known at the offices of Messrs. Guy and Michell, in Chippenham.


TO be LETT for a term of seven years, and entered upon at Lady-day 1813,- An ARABLE and DAIRY FARM, called LICKSHEDGE, in the parish of Bremhill, in the county of Wilts, now in the occupation of Mr. Broom Rogers, containing by admeasurement 118 acres 2 roods and 34 perches, free from tythes.
William Bull, of Charlcut, the gamekeeper, will shew the lands; and further particulars may be had on application to Mr. Broad, at Bowood Park, to whom sealed proposals may be sent any time before the 25th of December next.

Also to lett,- A WITHY BED, of near an acre, called HONEY HALL, situate at Quemerford, near Calne, in the said county.
Particulars may be had, and proposals sent, as above.


TO be LETT by TENDER, for a Term from Michaelmas 1813, - A FARM at Newtontoney, in the county of Wilts, containing about 600 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, with Farm-House, and necessary buildings.
Also another FARM, situate at Newtontoney, consisting about 400 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, with Farm House and requisite buildings.

With either of these Farms a small Mansion may be rented, with Gardens walled in, coach-house, and good stabling.

Proposals for renting either of the Farms, with or without the Mansion, to be delivered or sent in writing (free of postage) to Mr. Bowle, at Gomeldon, on or before the 23d day of December next, or to him, on Tuesdays, at the Black Horse Inn, Salisbury; and the person whose offer may be approved will be informed thereof in the course. of the ensuing week.

To be viewed by applying to John Clark, the bailiff, at Wilbury Farm House.

RUDGE, in the Parish of CHILMARK, WILTS.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, by Messrs. GERRARD and Co. on Tuesday, December 8, 1812, - All the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c. the property of Mr. Charles Young, boot and shoe maker; consisting of four-post and other bedsteads, with cotton and check furniture, feather beds and bedding, walnut bureau, oak dining and tea tables, walnut and other chairs, pier and dressing glasses, brass and copper articles, kitchen requisites, brewing utensils, iron-bound casks, two show makers stalls, four dozen lasts, and sundry working tools; also nine sacks of red kidney potatoes, a quantity of copse faggots, and nine dozen of new hurdles.

The above will be sold without reserve. - The sale to begin at eleven o'clock.
All Persons indebted to the said Mr. CHARLES YOUNG are requested to settle their accounts immediately.

Cart Horses, Cows, Pigs, Dead Stock, Mows of Wheat,
Oat Ricks, Hay, Granary on Stones, &c.

FOR SALE by AUCTION, by Mr.YOUNG, on Thursday the 3d day of December,- The FARMING STOCK belonging to Mr. Hunt; comprising four strong cart horses and harness, three prime milch cows, three cart colts, three fat pigs, narrow-wheel waggon (nearly new), broad-wheel ditto, two dung carts, three ploughs, drags, harrows, rollers, winnowing tackle, sacks, &c.; granary on cap-stones, a large quantity of dung, two mows of unthreshed wheat, two ricks and one mow of fine oats (estimated from 80 to 90 quarters), a few sacks of boiling pease, mow of clover heads for seed, stock of clover hay, two small ricks of meadow ditto, corn lines, tools, &c. &c.

The furniture (which will sold first), consists of good beds and bedding, tables and chairs, clock, brewing and dairy utensils.
Sale at eleven o'clock.

Cadnam, in the Parish of Minsteed, Hants.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, on the Premises, on Friday the 4th day of December, 1812,- All the FARMING STOCK, the property of Mrs. Mary Starmes, quitting business; consisting of six acres of unthreshed wheat, and nine acres of oats, one rick of meadow hay, two stacks of ditto, six cows and one heifer in calf, one cow and calf, four pigs, two cart-horses and harness, one narrow-wheel waggon, one dung cart, one market-cart, one plough, drags, harrows, roller, &c. &c.

And about 30 Acres of ARABLE and MEADOW LAND, belonging to the same, to be LETT by TENDER for Four Years from last Michaelmas.

The terms may be known by applying to W. Henbest, Ironfounder, &c. Bramshaw, Hants ; and Tenders will be received by him until twelve o'clock, the day before Sale.

Sale to begin at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.


TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. MECEY, at the George Inn, Southampton, on Thursday the 10th of December, 1812, at seven o'clock in the evening, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, of which notice will be given.- A substantially-built double-fronted DWELLING-HOUSE, fit for the reception of a genteel Family, situate in St.George's-place, Houndwell, Southampton, now in the occupation of Mr. King, tenent at will, comprising two good parlours, large drawing room, three chambers, an excellent staircase, a kitchen with a pump therein, wash-house, with chamber over, and fixtures in every apartment.

The Premises are Freehold, are entitled to a right of common in Houndwell Common Fields, and the Land Tax is redeemed.

Further particulars may he known on application (if by letter post' paid) to Mr Mecer, the Auctioneer, Southampton, or Mr. Edgcome, Solicitor, Portsea.