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The Salisbury And Winchester Journal
and General Advertiser of Wilts, Hants, Dorset, and Somerset.

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Some Selected Reports from the Salisbury and Winchester Journal

Monday, October 27th, 1817

To the Children of Thomas Green, Deceased.

Whereas the Children of Thomas Green, formerly of the City of New Sarum, in the county of Wilts, Schoolmaster, and afterwards of Chatham, in the county of Kent, (and who died in the poorhouse at Chatham, in or about the month of June 1808) are interested under the will of Elizabeth Tatum, late of the said City of New Sarum, deceased : Such of the Children therefore of the said Thos.Green as are living, are desired to apply, respecting any claims they may have under the said Will, to Mr.Thos.Staples, of Mr.Wm.Snook, both of the City of New Sarum aforesaid, the Trustees thereof; or to Mr.Dew, of the same place, attorney at law; or Mr.Millett, No.2, Middle Temple Lane, London.
Salisbury, Oct.11, 1817.

John Maude, M.D. Surgeon to the Wilts Militia, respectfully announces to the public that he practices the several branches of Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery.
Marlborough, Oct.22, 1817.

Whereas I, George Ellis, of the parish of Charlton Marshall, in the county of Dorset, labourer, did, on the 17th instant last, make a most unwarrantable and indecent Assault on the person of Frances Dennis, of the same place, spinster, and for which I was justly threatened with a prosecution; but on my thus publically acknowledging my fault, and making satisfaction to her, it has been kindly withdrawn, and for which I am sincerely thankful, and trust it will be a warning to others not to commit the like offence.
The X Mark of George Ellis.
Witness, William Foster, Constable.

Lost, on the 12th instant, supposed to be between Wallop and Sarum, - An engine turned double-bottom Hunting Watch, maker Wm.Wynn, Farnham, No.1432, with three seals and one key.- Whoever has found it, and will take it to Messrs.Brodie and Dowding, Printing-office, Salisbury, shall receive Three Guineas Reward.

Lost, supposed to be Stolen, on Sunday Night, October 12, 1817, or early on the next morning, from a field at Beversbrook, near Calne, Wilts, - A handsome long-tailed Black Gelding, of the cart kind, six years old, 15 1/2 hands high, a star on the forehead, with one white foot before and one behind, and very thin hoofs; the property of Mr.S.W.Neate, Chilvester Hill, near Calne.- Whoever will give such information as may lead to the conviction of the offender or offenders, shall, on such conviction (if Stolen) receive Six Guineas Reward, by applying to Mr.S.W.Neate; or, if strayed, and person giving such information as may lead to the recovery of the said Gelding, shall be paid a reasonable compensation for their trouble.

To Builders and Others

Just Landed, - About 300 prime well-seasoned Deals, 18, 19, and 20 feet, red and white Wood.
Apply to Messrs.Le Feuvre, Southampton.

Genuine Household Furniture, Building Materials,
Green-House Plants, and other valuable Effects.

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, (by order of the Executrix,) on the premises, in Colebrook-street, Winchester, by Mant and Son, on Monday the 27th of October 1817, and following days, at eleven o'clock, - All the neat and genuine Household Furniture, Linen, China, Queen's Ware and Glass, Plated Articles, Paintings, Prints, and Books; Pistol, with seven barrels, by Brown; double-barreled pistol, by Twigg; single barrel gun, day and night telescope, by Harris; barometer and thermometer, 2 eight-day clocks, green-house plants, cucumber frames and garden tools, 3 stocks of bees, brewing utensils and iron-bound beer casks, scales and weights, marble chimney piece, cast-iron stoves with pipes, and Building Materials; forge and bellows, carpenter's bench and tools, silk fishing nets, and other valuable effects; late the property of Mr.John Shenton, deceased.- To be viewed on Saturday preceding the sale, when catalogues may be had at the Star, Southampton; Swan, Alresford; Crown, Bishop's Waltham; White Horse, Romsey; on the premises, and at the Auctioneer's, Winchester.


The afflicted may receive immediate relief in all cases of the EAR - The following affidavits will prove the efficacy of the treatment necessary to complete a radical cure :-
Wm.Abree, Mason, of Fisherton, Sarum, came before me and made oath that he had been very Deaf for 25 years past, but by the advice of Mr.Wm.Rowden, of Fisherton, he has now recovered his hearing perfectly.
The mark X of Wm.Abree.

Ann Spratt also made oath that she had been Deaf for 20 years, by the advice of the above Mr.Rowden she is perfectly recovered.
The mark X of Ann Spratt.

Thomas Brown, Magistrate.
Salisbury, Oct.24, 1817.

My Son, George Oakley Lucas, a lad of about 13 years of age, has been Deaf for several years, has received great benefit from Mr.Wm.Rowden, whose care he has been under for about three weeks.
Exeter-street, Salisbury, Oct.25, 1817.

Persons labouring under the above, may apply to Wm.Rowden.- Fisherton, Sarum, Oct.25, 1817.

Game List.- County of Wilts.

Persons who have obtained Game Certificates for the year 1817 : made up from the 6th to the 23d of October :
List (1) General Certificates at �3 13s 6d each: Axford, W.B., Eastcott; Akers, Edward, Water Eaton; Allies, James, Warminster; Andrews, John, Dinton; Atherton, Jos., Ramsbury; Barton, Nath, Warminster; Brooke, John, Brokenborough; Bennett, John, Norton; Browning, James, Sutton Benger; Burne, Rev.W.Way., Grittleton; Butler, James, Rodbourn Cheney; Budd, Hopwell, Studley; Bevan, Silvanus, Esq., Forsbury; Bartlett, W., Cheverell Magna; Brown, John, Aldbourne; Brooks, John, Bishopstone; Ball, Josiah, Bemerton; Church, Robert, Bishopstone; Curtis, Edw., ditto; Canning, Cornelius, Ogbourn St.George; Cox, John, ditto; Canning, John Davis, ditto; Canning, Thomas, ditto; Church, George, Aldbourne; Cuss, Nevil, Cricklade St.Sampson; Coles, J.B., Warminster; Dark, Jas., Imber; Dore, Peter, Bishopstone; Dyke, Wm., Esq., Chisledon; Dare, Uriah, Swindon; Dollman, Rev.Fras., Highworth; Evans, Henry, Wroughton; Earle, Edw., Corston; Everett, Jos., Heytesbury; Fisher, John, Allcannings; Giddings, John, Urchfont; Gleed, John, sen., Ashton Keynes; Grant, Wm., Maddington; Green, John, Barford St.Martin; Hatt, Jon., Water Eaton; Headly, Henry, Esq., Devizes; Hayward, Richard, North Newton and Hilcot; Halcomb, Wm., Marlborough; Hitchcock, H., Bushton; Harding, Wm., Esq., Swindon; Hillier, R., Bremilham; Hedges, Charles, jun., Hannington; Hubbard, Henry, Ashton Giffard; Jefferies, George, Draycot Folliat; Keene, Thos., Minety; Kinnier, Rd. Esq, Cricklade St.Sampson; Kinnier, Henry, Esq., Highworth; Lane, Nicholas Jackson, Esq., Marlborough; Lyons, William, Ramsbury; Lawrence, Wm., Hillmarton; Large, John, Lineham; Large, Wm., South Marston; Long, F.S., Warminster; Lewis, Walton, Upon Scudamore; Madden, M.M. Esq., Devizes; Macfarlane, Chas., ditto; Mannings, Michael, Wedhampton; Matthews, Stephen, Lydiard Tregooze; Maton, Jas. Esq., Maddington; Maton, John, Esq., ditto; Neale, Thos., Draycot Folliat; Nurcombe, Robert, Wanborough; Noyse, Rd., Warminster; Poore, Edward, Esq., Rushall; Parsons, Rd., Wootton Bassett; Plummer, John, Garsdon; Peaple, John, Minety; Pocock, Jos., Warminster; Read, Henry, Esq., Whittonditch; Saph, James, Stapleford; Stratton, John, Overton; Stratton, Jas., ditto; Sealey, John, Somerford Magna; Sealey, Jacob, Somerford Parva; Slade, Jas., Codford; Tuckey, Thos., Yatesbury; Vaisey, Robert, Clatford[?]; Williams, John, sen., Baydon; Williams, John, jun., ditto; Warren, John, Ogbourn St.George; Watts, John, Cheverell Magna; White, Thos. Esq., Newnton; Wheatley, Thos., Ashton Keynes; Wansey, Henry, jun., Warminster; Warren, Peter, ditto.

List (2) Game Keepers not being Assessed Servants, at �3 13s 6d each; made up from the 6th to the 23d of October.
Biddle, Daniel, appointed by Samuel Williams, Esq. for the Manor of Norton; Richmond, George, for the Earl of Suffolk, for Charlton and Hankerton; Seagram, Rev.John, for Steeple Langford; Selfe, Jas., jun., for Week and Newcourt; Tilley, Thos. By the Earl of Pembroke, for East Overton.

List (3) Game Keepers being Assessed Servants at �1 5s each : made up from the 6th to the 23d of October.
Farr, Benjamin, appointed by Silvanus Bevan, Esq. for the Manor of Forsbury; Gilbert, John, by Sir J.M.Poore, Bart. for Rushall, Charlton, and Cuttenham Farm.

Published by order of His Majesty's Commissioners for the Affairs of Taxes,
Matthew Winter, Secretary.

Weymouth, Oct.25.

We are happy to state that a company is formed for the purpose of lighting this town with gas, and that their plan and proposals will be submitted on Monday next to the Trustees of the Paving and Lighting Act. We trust their endeavours to accommodate the public will meet that support which so laudable an undertaking deserves.

Saturday, October 25.

On Saturday morning last the Prince Coburg Havre de Grace Packet, landed the Hon.Capt.Dashwood, R.N. and Lady; Capt.Gulse, R.N.; and others of great respectability, at Portsmouth, after a pleasant passage of fourteen hours; the remainder of her passengers were landed here in about two hours afterwards.

On Saturday last died, after a long illness, aged 30, Mr.Wm.Steele, wine merchant, of this town.

Monday, October 27, 1817.

It is now positively stated that the Queen's departure from Windsor, on her visit to Bath, will take place on Monday next, and that she will be accompanied by the Princess Elizabeth only. Her Majesty, it is said, will quit Windsor at seven in the morning. The only place for which she will stop for refreshment will be Marlborough, and it is expected that the city of Bath will be honoured by the Royal arrival about six in the evening of the same day .- A meeting of the police commissioners of Bathwick was convened on Thursday, in consequence of it being announced that that parish is to be honoured by the Queen's residence in it, when a committee was nominated to arrange the best means of giving increased lustre to the buildings of the parish, and to appoint six day constables, distinguished by appropriate liveries, with additional labourers, to regulate the streets, and to perform other duties during her Majesty's stay.- A superb box, with a convenient anti-room, is preparing at the Bath theatre for the accommodation of the illustrious visitors expected in that city.

The annual meeting of the Salisbury Diocesan and District Committee for South Wilts, in aid of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, was numerously and respectably attended on Friday the 17th instant. The Bishop of Salisbury, as President, having taken the chair, and the usual routine business having been gone through, the report was read by the Secretary. It gave a very satisfactory and consolitary account both of the Society's and the Committee's exertions, the progressive increase of the expenditure and the enlarged distribution of books. It stated that the demand upon the funds of the Society must be proportionably increased in consequence of the great additional number of persons capable of reading, and represented the necessity of continued exertion and continued zeal. It particularly noticed how desirable parochial subscriptions were, because, by the payment of a sum comparatively trifling on the part of the individual, a fund was provided for the distribution of religious tracts, as well as bibles, prayer books, and testaments to the indigent and ignorant. But no part of the report was calculated to give more general pleasure than the circumstances of many parishes having gratuitously been supplied with books, in consequence of several subscribers declining to apply for their proportion of books, and of the large increase in the articles distributed, amounting in the year to 3966. After the reading of the report, various resolutions were moved and passed, the different officers were re-elected, and thanks were unanimously voted to the Rev.Wm.Parker, Assistant Secretary to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, for his ready assistance and attention to the concerns of the Committee, and to the Worshipful the Mayor of Salisbury, for his obliging grant of the Council Chamber for the accommodation of the Committee at their different meetings.- After the Lord Bishop had left the chair, the thanks of the meeting were unanimously voted to his Lordship for his great attention to the business of the day.- A subscription was immediately commenced for the year, beginning Sept.29, 1817, and continues to be received by the persons and the places mentioned in the advertisement.

On Thursday last a meeting was held at Chippenham, for the purpose of establishing a District Committee in aid of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. Previous to the meeting, a sermon was preached at the Church by the Rev.W.L.Bowles, on a most appropriate text from the 2d Epistle of St.Paul to Timothy, chap.III, verse 15th : "And that from a child thou hast known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith, which is Christ Jesus." It would be unnecessary to expatiate on the merits of a discourse, written an delivered by so eminent a character; it will suffice to say, that it had a most impressive effect on a large congregation, among whom were almost all the Clergy of that part of the country, and many of the respectable families of the neighbourhood. During divine service, an anthem was exquisitely sung by Miss Coombs and Mr.Ball from the Salisbury Cathedral; after the sermon a solo anthem was sung by Miss Coombs with great effect. The collection at the doors after the service was considerable. The meeting then took place, (R.Humphrys, Esq, in the chair) when a series of appropriate resolutions were carried unanimously.

The Autumnal Ploughing Match of the Wiltshire Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, &c. took place at Market Lavington on Wednesday last, and several ploughs started for the premiums offered by the society in the different classes. In the 1st class, for two horses, without a driver, the first premium was awarded to Thomas Perrett, a servant of Mr.Fowle; the 2d to James Draper, a servant of Wm.Tinker, Esq.; and the 3d to Edw.Ellis, a servant to Mr.C.Garrett.- In the 2d class, for two oxen, without a driver, there were no competitors.- In the 3d class, for three horses or four oxen, with a driver, the first premium was awarded to Samuel Mead, the 2d to Thos.Godden, and the 3d to James Sainsbury, all servants of Mr.Fowle, of Market Lavington.- The meeting was respectably attended by a large party of friends and members of the society, who favored the committee with their company at dinner, and the evening was spent in a manner highly gratifying to all present.

At the Marlborough sessions, which commenced on Tuesday the 14th inst. there were seventy-two prisoners for trial, of whom the following received sentences of imprisonment, as under :-
Henry Henley, (aged 13) for stealing a �1 note and a purse from the house of John Ackerman, at Calne, - 2 years imprisonment, kept to hard labour, and once privately whipped. Charlotte Watkins, for stealing wearing apparel from the house of T.Hawkins, labourer, at Wroughton, - 12 months, hard labour. Thos.Burch, for stealing a Bank token, value 5s the property of W.Andrews and C.Holey, at Netherhampton, - 9 months, hard labour. John Neighbour and John Bennett, for having bludgeons, wires, and nets, on the manor of South Wraxhall, with intent to kill game illegally, 6 months, hard labour. John Godwin, for attempting to kill game on the manor of Amesbury in the night time, - 6 months, hard labour. John Taylor, for stealing 3 geese belonging to J.Stock, at Sherstone, - 6 months, hard labour. Ann Dances (aged 47) and Ann Dances (aged 27) for stealing 3 sacks of wheat in the straw, belonging to W.Halcomb, at Mildenhall, - 6 months. Edward Moon, for assaulting Wm.Wilkins, a constable, at Melksham, - 4 months. Isaac Miller, for assaulting George Bridger, at Porton, - 3 months, hard labour, and until he enters into recognizance himself in �40 and two sureties in �20 each to keep the peace for two years. James Beasly, for stealing a parcel containing a piece of toilinet, at Marlborough, - 3 months, hard labour. Robert Offer, for assaulting George Smith, at Chirton, - 3 months. Earl Byrchall, Benj.Halliday, Charles Barratt, Robert Flasket, Thomas Jay, Jane Tanner, Mary Tuck, Thos.Kilmister, Mary Philips, and Wm.Turston, convicted of various offences, were sentenced to shorter periods of imprisonment. Henry Weeks and John Cooper, for stealing two hurdles, were ordered to be privately whipped; the remainder were discharged. The trials of the prisoners occupied the Court till Saturday afternoon.

A numerous and respectable meeting was held at the George Inn, Castle Cary, on Monday last, when it was resolved to establish a Savings Bank for the benefit of the towns of Shepton Mallet, Castle Cary, Bruton, and Wincanton, with the surrounding villages, and of any other towns or districts wishing to partake of the advantages which such an institution offers. Liberal donations for defraying the first expenses of the establishment were immediately subscribed by the Earl of Ilchester, Sir R.C.Hoare, Bart., W.Dickinson, Esq. M.P. &c.

The Rev.John Parsons, of Sherborne, is appointed Surrogate for granting marriage licences within the perculiars of the Dean of Sarum, in the room of Rev.John Tucker, deceased.
Mr.Weeks, of this city, has been appointed Veterinary Surgeon to the Wiltshire Regiment of Yeomanry Cavalry.

Births. On the 10th inst. at Fisherton Delamere, the Lady of John Davis, Esq. of a son.- At Lacock Abbey, on Thursday last, the Lady of J.R.Grosett, Esq. of a son.
On Monday last was married, at the Friend's Meeting-house, in Sherborne, Mr.Wm.West, of Leeds, Yorkshire, chemist, to Miss Jane Bracher, daughter of Mr.Tho.Bracher, of Wincanton.
On Monday last died in his 56th year, Thomas Joyce, Esq. of Freshford House, Somerset, one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the counties of Somerset and Gloucester; his loss in public and private life will be long lamented.
Same day died Mrs.Cruse, wife of Mr.Cruse, land-surveyor, of St.Jame's Parade, Bath.
On Tuesday last died, at the advanced age of 82 years, Mr.Josiah Bennet, formerly a wine merchant, of this city.
On Wednesday last died at Swindon, in this county, after surviving severe paralytic affliction 13 years, Mr.Richard Farmer, aged 77.
On Friday last died, aged 38, Miss Sarah Anne Wansey, of Warminster.
A few days since died, much respected and beloved by all who knew her, Mrs.C.Bendon, of Stratton, near Dorchester, wife of Mr.J.Bendon, officer of his Majesty's Excise.

Extraordinary Death.
On the 16th Bow Wood, the seat of the Marquis of Lansdowne, Mr.Broad, for nearly 40 years steward to the Marquis's family. His death was occasioned by a circumstance no less remarkable than melancholy : being out in the Park on the day preceding with a party of ladies and gentlemen, he found a dead adder, which he took up in his hand, and opened its mouth to shew the party where the poison on the creature lay : in doing which, however, the subtile matter communicated to a cut in one of his fingers. On the next morning Mr.B was found dead in his bed with every indication of his having died from the effects of the poison, the arm being much inflamed.

Melancholy Shipwreck
The William and Mary packet, Capt.Manley, sailed from Bristol for Waterford on Thursday evening at eight o'clock, and about eleven she struck on the Wolves Rock, between Pennarth and Cardiff. Of the passengers and crew, who were about 60 in number, 16 only are said to be saved. A Mr.Barnham and four sisters, beautiful girls, from the age of 17 to 25, were passengers. Mr.B himself a fine young man, is reported to be among the saved. They had been spending the summer at Southampton, where they parted with another sister, who was to sail for Ireland from Holyhead. Capt.Manley was among the first that went down. Mr.Shortis, brother of a respectable tradesman in Bristol, was saved. Of the rest, no certain intelligence was known at Bristol when our account came away.

On the 11th inst. a man was whipped round the market-place of North Petherton, Somerset, pursuant to sentence, for leaving his wife and family chargeable to that parish.

Committed to Fisherton Gaol :- James Signell otherwise Purnell, charged with having, in the night of the 18th inst. burglariously broken and entered the house of Mary Blick, at North Bradley, and with having stolen 2 yards of broad cloth.- Edward Collins, of the city of New Sarum, labourer, charged with having stolen on the 22d inst.a deal box and other articles the property of John Moffett.- Wm.Parker, of the city of New Sarum, labourer, charged with stealing on the 18th inst.12 pairs of stockings the property of George Pain, linen-draper.- James Gingell, of the parish of Melksham, labourer, charged with having, some day in the month of August last, stolen a hand-saw the property of Wm.Flower, jun. - John Fry, of Gillingham, Dorset, labourer, charged with having, on the 27th of August last, at Barford St.Martin, in this county, defrauded Joseph Roncoroni, by obtaining from him goods and money to the amount of 20s and paying him a primissory note purporting to be of that value, but which in fact was of no value.

The shop of Mr.Wm.Rowden, wheelwright, in Fisherton, near this city, was broken open on Tuesday night last, and robbed of various tools and implements. A quantity of wearing apparel, &c. was also stolen from the back kitchen.

Three coroner's inquests have been lately taken in the neighbourhood of Chippenham within a very few days. On a fine girl about 12 years of age, to whom oxalic acid, prepared for cleaning boot-tops, had been given in mistake for salts; another on a man drowned in a pond; and another on a woman who was found dead in her bed.

The following five prisoners, who were sentenced to death at our summer assizes, bit whose sentences have been since commuted to transportation for life, were removed from Fisherton Gaol, on Thursday last, in the custody of Mr.Dowding, the gaoler, in order to be put on board a convict hulk at Woolwich, the hulks at Portsmouth being at present quite filled : - Charles Mines, convicted to stealing two sheep, the property of James Hull, at Potterne; Henry Angel, for robbing Harry Witt on the highway in the parish of Downton; Daniel Tabor, for breaking into and robbing the house of L.Jesse, in this city; Robert Adlam, for breaking into the house of J.Edwards, at Horningsham, and stealing a coat; and Wm.Taylor, for breaking into and robbing the house of Wm.Grayer, at Landford. Two other prisoners were also taken at the same time to the Woolwich hulk, viz. Uriah Aust, sentenced at our last assizes to 7 years transportation for breaking into the house of Jas.Ferris, at Bradford, and stealing linen; and Wm.Chaffey, convicted at our last city sessions on the 28th of July, of picking pockets in the Court during the business of the sessions, and sentenced to be transported 7 years.

City of New Sarum
Bread and Flour Concern.

A Meeting of the Subscribers will be held (by permission of the Mayor) at the Council Chamber, on Friday the 31st inst. at 12 o'clock in the forenoon.
Wm.Ghost, Treasurer.

Wanted, in a Family in the neighbourhood of Shaftesbury, - A Cook and Man Servant. The Cook will be required to bake bread, to make butter, and to milk. The Man Servant to be generally useful, to wait at table, and to look after a horse and gig. He must have lived in a gentleman's family. The strictest enquiry will be made into character; and a married couple without incumbrance would not be objected to.- Apply to Mr.John Fishlake, Catherine-street, Salisbury, if by letter post-paid.

Wanted to take in from 2 to 300 Lambs for wintering; will have to graze over 150 acres of rich pasture. Good turnips and hay.- Apply to W.Butt, Sidmonton, near Newbury.

Money Found.

Found, in the Cheese Fair, early this morning, - Some Bank Notes.- Whoever can prove them to be their property may have them again by applying to Mr.H.Wells, Kingsgate-street, Winchester.
Winchester, Oct.24, 1817

Found, in the neighbourhood of Andover, on the 18th of September, - A Spaniel Dog, with white and liver colour spots :- Whoever may own the same may have it again by paying for this advertisement, and other expences, by applying to Mr.T.Beckly, or G.Grace, newsmen, Andover.
If the Dog is not owned, he will be sold to pay the expences.

October 25, 1817.

Lost, at the beginning of September last, at Tangley, - A white Pointer Dog, answers to the name of Carlo; whoever will bring him to Mr.Odell, watch maker, Andover, shall be handsomely rewarded, and all expences paid.

To be Sold, - A capital Shooting Pony, so remarkably steady as to allow gentlemen to shoot on his back, and to be disposed of for no other reason than that the owner has declined sporting.

Apply to Mr.Perry, Martin, near Woodyate's Inn.

Dairy Farm - Tythe Free.
To be Let, and entered upon immediately, - A compact Dairy Farm, containing about 130 Acres, lying at Little Chalfield, near Bradford. The whole of the Live and Dead Stock may be purchased by appraisement. - For particulars apply to Mr.William Bane, the present tenant, or to Mr.Barton, Warminster.

Cheap Tea and Grocery Warehouse.
High-Street, Salisbury
T.B.Loader having commenced in the above lines, respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that they may be supplied at his warehouse with genuine Teas and Coffee, on the lowest terms; also Fruits and Spices of the very best quality, at the lowest prices - Country Shops supplied cheap as in London.

Pelican Inn.
St.Ann's-Street, Salisbury

T.Hobbs (late of Gosport) begs leave to inform his friends and the public that he has taken and entered on the above Inn, and respectfully solicts a share of their favors : he has laid in a stock of the best Spirits, and commenced brewing, so as to fill his cellars with Good Home Brewed Strong Beer, which (when ready for draught) he presumes will be of superior quality; in the mean time he will endeavour to make his house as comfortable in every respect for the accommodation of gentlemen farmers, &c. frequenting the markets, travellers, or any inhabitant of the city or neighbourhood who may be pleased to honour him with their support.
A good Ordinary on Tuesday, at half-past one o'clock.

John Hibberd, of New-street, Salisbury, Chimney Sweeper, grateful to his numerous Employers in Town and Country for the support and encouragement he has received during the many years he has been in Business, regrets that he is under the necessity of cautioning them against the conduct of William Castleman, lately in his employ, and who after having persuaded his Boys to leave his service, used every motive he could devise to prevent their return, although to procure their return to Hibberd's service was the ostensible object of Castleman's first going in pursuit of them. Having failed in his attempts to keep the boys any longer from their duty, he is now attempting to persuade Hibberd's Customers that he is still in his employ, and is still acting as his Foreman. It is against this species of deception that he now cautions his friends and the public. Hibberd assures them that he has no connection in business with Castleman, that he is not in his employ, and further assures them that while they continue to favour him with their orders, they shall be promptly attended to and diligently executed.