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The Sussex Weekly Advertiser
Or, Lewes and Brighthelmston Journal.

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Some Selected Reports from the Sussex Weekly Advertiser

Monday, August 26th, 1811

LEWES, AUG 26, 1811

The business of our Assizes, was proceeded on by the Chief Baron, at eight o'clock on Monday morning, with the special jury causes, as under, viz.
Neale v. Woodman - This cause, which occupied the attention of the Court for 13 hours, was an action for Replevin, brought by the Plaintiff, the proprietor of an estate at Sidlesham, against the Defendant, as Lesses of Lord Selsey, to try the right to a piece of derelict land, called the Slipes, claimed by Mr.Neale, as the proprietor of the said estate, which some years ago was washed by the sea, but from which the sea had receded, and left the land in question; and which claim was resisted by Lord Selsey, who had obtained a grant from the Crown of all the derelict land found by the jury, upon an inquisition taken in the reign of King William III and which he contended, included the land in question; and although the Plaintiff proved that he had exercised the right of feeding sheep upon the land for 60 years, yet the jury were of opinion, that it was not the usage as he would have exercised, had the land been his own; and being also of opinion, that it was part of the land included in the inquisition, they returned a verdict for the defendant.
The King v. Hermel - This was an information, in which it appeared, that the Defendant, who was a Frenchman, had entered certain counterpanes at Newhaven, for exportation, in which he had secreted some waistcoat pieces, and the same being seized, the Defendant became so exasperated that he challenged Mr.Stone, the comptroller, to fight a duel with a sword and pistol.- The Jury found him guilty, and the Court of King's Bench will pass sentence on him.
Commerell, esq. v. Charman - This was an action brought for the value of stone, dug from the Plaintiff's estate, and used upon the new road making from Horsham to Guildford. The Plaintiff claimed the value of the stone taken, which he estimated to be 1300. The Defendant contended he was only entitled to the value of the surface, without any compensation for the materials, which he estimated at 23 and had paid into Court; but the Judge being of opinion, that under this act, the Defendant was entitled to something for materials, if he had not released his right, the Jury returned a verdict for him, Damages, 300.
Colbatch v. Gregory - This was an action brought by Mr.Colbatch, an attorney at Brighton, against Mr.Gregory, the late librarian, for charging him with fraud and perjury. Defendant's counsel taking advantage of the opening of Mr.Serjt. Shepherd, for the prosecution, in which he disclaimed any wish for large damages, and said that the action was brought to clear his client from an imputation, and giving the Defendant an opportunity of proving his assertions, (if he could) said, that the Plaintiff was a very honourable man, and that his client had no proof of the truth of his assertion, and was willing (as the Plaintiff did not court damages) to consent to a verdict for 40s which would carry costs, and the Plaintiff assenting, the jury returned a verdict accordingly.
Doe, on the Demise of Richardson v. Smith - This was an ejectment to recover the possession of a farm on account of breaches of covenant in a lease, but the cause, after the Plaintiff's opening, was referred to Mr.Courthope.
Callaway v. Read - This was an action of assault and false imprisonment, in which it appeared that the plaintiff was a fisherman at Selsea, and the defendant lieutenant of a press-gang, and the questions to be tried were, whether the plaintiff, as owner of a boat having a licence from the admiralty, was liable to be impressed, and if so, then whether in impressing him, the lieutenant had not been guilty of an excess of violence ? but as the first point was to be argued before the Court of Common Pleas, upon a demurrer, and the jury could only assess conditional damages, the Court ordered the cause to stand over until the next assizes, before which time the demurrer will be argued, and the judgement of the Court of Common Pleas obtained.
The other causes were common jury causes, of but little interest to any but the parties themselves.
Martin v. Wood - An action by a tenant of a farm, against a lay impropriator, for not taking away his tithes in due time, after they were set out; and after a short hearing, was referred to arbitration.
Weller v. Marchant - An action for rent of premises at Brighton, upon which the Plaintiff got a verdict.
Playsted v. Tompsett - An action of assault, upon which the Plaintiff got a verdict, damages 20s.
Harmer v. Maynard - An action for work and labour, upon which the defendant had paid a sum of money into court, which the jury thinking sufficient, a verdict passed for the defendant.
Skinner v. Barnett - The record was withdrawn.

In the Crown Court, besides the prisoners on the calendar, (of whom we gave the particulars in our last) three indictments, traversed from the last assizes, were to have been tried: the first was, against certain persons for a riot and assault, which was, on motion, put off to the next assizes, on account of the absence of one of the defendants. - The second was against a gentleman at Brighton, for a libel, in which the prosecutors did not appear, and he was acquitted.- The third was against some inhabitants of the county for not repairing roads and bridges, and upon which, certificates of the repairs being done were produced.
The Judges were much pleased with the new Court, which affords to them great accommodation, and will, it is presumed, occasion them to fix the assizes ALWAYS at Lewes, unless something should be done to the Courts at Horsham, which are very unaccommodating and inadequate to the business of the Spring assizes.
No person who has been elected to the office of High Sheriff of this county, has conducted himself more to the county's credit, and his own honour than William Dearling, esq. our present Sheriff; and the gentlemen of the county evinced their opinion of him by attending the assizes from all parts to pay their respects to him, for upon no former occasion was there so full an attendance of gentlemen serving upon the Grand Jury, there being double the number that could be called - The Sheriff in return for this mark of their respect, invited them to dine with him at the Star, on Monday, where more than sixty sat down to a sumptuous dinner, comprising every delicacy of the season, and followed by a most elegant dessert.
The Sheriff's liberality to the poor debtors, in Horsham Gaol, at the Spring Assizes, we believe we noticed at the time it happened.
On Tuesday morning, the Lord Chief Baron, with that goodness of disposition and consideration for the public convenience which has ever characterized him, insisted upon the Sheriff's leaving him that his javelin-men (who are all gentlemen farmers) might return to their homes, and attend to the harvest. The Sheriff, therefore, on the sitting of the Court, took his leave, and which his attendants, left the town. Mr.Palmer, his deputy, remaining in Court to represent him. The business being over soon after four o'clock, the Judges left the town, and proceeded to Maidstone, where the Home Circuit finishes.
At the Assizes for the county of Kent, no cause of public importance had taken up to Thursday Evening. Mr.Gifford, a Magistrate, obtained a FARTHING damages of Mr.Tristram, a carpenter, for a trespass, in riding a hunting along one of his fields. The action was reprobated by the Court; and Lord Ellenborough highly applauded the conduct of the defendant for refusing to ask pardon, as required by the plaintiff.

Last week the skeleton of the 71st regiment, and officers, commissioned and non-commissioned, of reduced companies in other regiments that had suffered great slaughter in Portugal, marched into this town, on their route from Portsmouth to the general depot at Canterbury.

The Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, has issued orders for assembling the Local Militias the said Cinque Ports, at Deal Barracks, for training and exercising on Monday the 16th, and Monday the 23d days of September next. For particulars see advertisement in the fourth page of this Paper. The towns of Hastings, Rye, Winchelsea, and Seaford, in this county are among the Cinque Ports, and the Local Militia men of those towns, and of other places within their limits, are of course subject to the Lord Warden's call.

Among the fresh arrivals at Seaford, are Dowager Lady Prescott - Mr.Bowes - Mr. and Mrs. Hare - ---- Hamson, esq, - ---- Barber, esq. - J. Cockerell, esq. and family - John Leach, esq. M.P.

An active canvas, we understand, is going on at Seaford, on behalf of Mr.Bowes.

No watering place, of its size, on the coast, can boast a fuller season, at this period, than East Bourne; nor can the company at any place of public resort, shew better dispositions to render each other happy than the present assemblage there - scarcely a day passes without some amusement to keep off ENNUI; indeed that is a guest which seldom obtrudes itself at Bourne.
A grand subscription ball took place there, on Friday, the 16th instant, under the direction of Brigade-Major Grove, and Captain Bowles, of the 81st regiment. Several huge marquees were pitched on the parade ground, at the barracks, having communications with each other, and fitted up in a superb style for the purpose. About ten o'clock the dancing commenced and continued till twelve, when a most splendid assembly, amounting to near an hundred, partook of an elegant supper, consisting of all the delicacies of the season. After the cloth was removed, several excellent songs were sung, and about half past one the dancing re-commenced, and continued with great spirit till a very late hour.

On the 16th instant, a barn, belonging to Mr.Luck, of Eastbourn, took fire from the sparks emitted from a neighbouring chimney, which was said not to have been swept for several years past, the soot of which had taken fire; the building burnt so rapidly, that it was entirely consumed before any assistance could be given, although it happened at mid day. - Two hogs were burnt in the conflagration.
This is the FIFTH occurrence of [this ?] in this neighbourhood, in the course of the present summer.

The Prince Regent's birth day was this year celebrated by the principal inhabitants of Bexhill, in rather a novel manner, by forming themselves into a GIPSEY PARTY. Early in the morning all was bustle - donkies, carts, old wigs, cloaks, hats, &c. &c. were put in requisition, and about eleven o'clock the party, (nearly all in some appropriate character) moved in procession, attended by a great concourse of spectators, to Coden Down, about three miles off, where tents were immediately pitched; an elegant cold PIC NIC collation, from the baskets of the party, was set forth on the grass, and very heartily partaken off - "Pleasure beamed from every eye, and mantled on every countenance," and fortune telling commenced, and continued with great oracular skill, until the party was summoned to form a circle to take tea, coffee, &c. The novelty of the scene had by this time drawn great numbers of people to the spot, as spectators, and these were regaled with two barrels of strong beer by John Macgauly, esq. Dancing then commenced and was continued until the sun had reached the horizon, when the tents were struck, and the party, preceded by the music, FOOTED IT to the new assembly-rooms, at Bexhill, where the bewitching gipsey lassies, with each a partner, tript it on "light fantastic toe" until five in the morning, when the whole party retired, very much gratified with the novel diversion, and unanimously agreeing, the anniversary of their beloved Prince's Birth-day shall be FOREVER celebrated at Bexhill, in a similar manner.

The principal premium given, annually, by the Lewes gentlemen, for the encouragement of the growth of melons, of the best flavour, was on Wednesday last awarded by the Judges, to the gardener of the Countess Dowager of Chichester.

Last Tuesday evening, our Theatrical corps closed a short but successful campaign, with the HEIR AT LAW, and TOM THUMB, for the benefit of the Performers. The Comedy went off very well, and exhibited most of the characters to advantage, particularly those of DICK DOWLAS, and CICELY HOMESPUN, by Hamerton and Miss Cummins. On Thursday last the Theatre at Eastbourn, was opened, with favourable auspices, by Jones and Penley. The play was the Honey Moon with Rosina. The performances on the evening are, The Rivals, and The Review, in which latter piece, at Hamerton's benefit here, the JOHN LUMP of Herbert, was so greatly distinguished by his ELEGANT contortion and grimace, in one of his principal scenes with GRACE GAYLOVE, that her address became necessary to abate the hissings of the audience.

The weather, ever since the commencement of the present weather, has been singularly propitious to the pursuit of that most important business, which, in some situations, is drawing to a close. The wheats may have suffered some partial blight, but we feel no hesitation in saying, that the produce will be more than what is commonly called a fair average crop.

One day last week an infant about two years old, fell head foremost into a pail of water, at Pilt Down, and was unfortunately suffocated before the accident was discovered.

DIED. Suddenly, on Wednesday, the 21st inst.aged 30 years, Mr.Thomas Tanner, of Wivelsfield.
On Thursday, the 15th inst. at Billerica, in Essex, Mrs.Elton, wife of Jacob Elton, Esq. formerly of this town, and sister of Admiral Young. Mrs.Elton has left eight children to deplore the loss of a truly affectionate parent.

BRIGHTON, AUG 25, 1811

The PRINCE REGENT has been on a visit to the Princess Charlotte, at Bognor. On Saturday his Royal Highness dined with the Duke of Norfolk, at Arundel Castle, from whence it was his intention to have honoured us with a visit; but his Royal Highness received an express in the evening, which induced him to alter his course, and return to London.
Some of the Prince's domestics are arrived at the Pavilion.
Lord Heathfield is here, and occupies the house adjoining the Pavilion.
Baroness Le De Spencer left us last week for Worthing.
Lord Yarmouth is expected here this evening.
Lord Mountjoy left us Sunday for London.

Our arrivals in the past week were very numerous, and yet we experience a degree of dullness unprecedented at this period of the year, which we fear will not be dispelled until the arrival of our illustrious Patron.
At the Master of Ceremonies Ball this evening, a numerous assemblage of nobility and gentry is expected.

The lease of the New Inn Hotel was put up by auction on Thursday last; and the sale closed without a single bidding.

The inspectors of weights and measures appointed under our new Act of Parliament, have been indefatigable in their exertions to bring into use the real Winchester measure, in lieu of the one now employed. They have given public notice, that from and after the first day of September, all measures not agreeing in all points with the act, will be destroyed, and fines levied agreeably to the said act. By this highly proper regulation, the consumers of commodities sold by heap measure, will gain one gallon on eight. At Lewes, the law was enforced, with good effect, some years ago.

Two gentlemen and a lady were thrown out of a gig, on the East Cliffe, on Thursday, owing to the restiveness of their horse. But for the railing they must have been inevitably precipitated over the Cliffe, fortunately, however, they escaped with but little injury.

The Castle Rooms were opened on Sunday se'nnight, for the first time these three years, for promenade and tea, on which occasion they were fashionably attended.

Lord Ellenborough paid us a visit on Monday last, and after going into the warm bath, returned to Lewes, and proceeded on to Maidstone.

The Theatre continues to be as attractive as ever. The Managers have spared neither pains nor expence to bring forward every new piece of merit, for the amusement of the public, and we are happy to say, that their endeavours have, as yet, met with that encouragement and support to which they are entitled.


The Pilchard Fishery has been very brisk at Penzance for the last week. Large quantities of fish have been taken.
Two large Pilchard boats, laden with fish, foundered in Mounts Bay on Sunday last. The fish and boats were totally lost - providentially the people were saved.
An enormous shoal of pilchards was enclosed in the Mounts Sein, in Mounts Bay, on Friday last; but, unfortunately, the Sean broke, and the fish, amounting, it is supposed, to 1000 hogsheads, all escaped.

A foot-race, for 30 guineas aside, was run on Wednesday, on the road leading from Hounslow to Sunbury, betwixt a Lieut.Cent, and Mr.Warpole. The distance was four miles, at two starts. The competitors performed half the distance together, something after twelve minutes, and after five minutes rest they started again, and an interesting race ensued, which was won by the Lieutenant.- The distance altogether was performed by in twenty four minutes.

Wednesday se'nnight, a boy belonging to a Serjeant residing in the Queen's Guard-house, was buried in the Broadway Chapel burying ground, having died raving mad with the hydrophobia, in consequence of the bite of a mad dog in his nose, about ten days previous, without any knowledge of the dog being mad, only that he absconded soon after he had bit him. The child barked, and he was obliged literally to be bled to death.

On Monday evening last, a truly wanton and barbarous murder was perpetrated in the vicinity of Gort, on a man who had been engaged in the capacity of stone cutter on Colonel Vereker's new buildings at Tierloban. The unhappy man, being a stranger in that part of the country, it appears, had been in his new employment looked upon as a marked object of invidious jealousy, and having sought opportunity to forward a fatal purpose, he was, on his return from the fair of Gort on the above evening, way-laid by some inhuman monsters, who committed this horrid deed in the presence of his wife, who, after witnessing the dreadful transaction, was treated with such violent abuse, that she was yesterday morning scarcely recovered enough to see his remains conveyed to this city. Limerick Advertiser.

THE GHOST DETECTED.- A Ghost, who for some nights past amused himself by terrifying the inhabitants of Kensington-gore by his pranks, was caught on Sunday night by Mr.Wilson, of Kensington, in the act of starting forth to alarm the timid passenger. He was dressed in a white sheet; and, on being seized, at once discovered himself an inhabitant of the earth by the most moving cries for mercy. Mr.W. at first determined to conduct him before a Magistrate, but perceiving that he was the son of a Gentleman of respectability in Hammersmith, he satisfied himself with consigning him to the hands of the mob who were attracted by his cries, and who immediately handed him into a horse-trough near the spot of his first discovery, were he soon had reason to lament the imprudent sort of amusement he had chosen.

Roman Bath, and Tesselated Pavement,
Discovered at Bignor, near Arundel.

THE company who are desirous of gratifying their curiosity, on this fine and interesting discovery of Roman antiquity, are requested to take the BURY-ROAD; as the approach on any other quarter, excepting for horsemen, will be found very inconvenient.

T. BISH is happy in acquainting the Public, that he has contracted with the Government for a small Lottery of only 13,500 Tickets, on such terms as enables him to sell Tickets and Shares CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER than for many years. They may also be had of his Agents

J. DONALDSON, Brighton.
Mr. SPOONER, Worthing.
S. MILLS, Portsmouth.
R. BISHOP, Whitchurch.

BISH has been remarkably fortunate for several years, in selling a vast number of Capital Prizes, which have been distributed by his Agents in this and the neighbouring Counties.

As the Whole of this Lottery will be drawn on the 22d October, no time should be lost, especially as there are only 13,500 Tickets.

* * * Those who find any difficulty in being supplied by the Agents, may send their Orders, (post or carriage paid), accompanied with good Bills, or Post Office Orders, to Bish, 4, Cornhill : of 9, Charing Cross, London.

Freehold Residence, with 24 Acres of Meadow Land.

By Messrs. SKINNER, TUCHIN, and FORREST, On Thursday, the 29th instant, at twelve o'clock, at Garraway's Coffee-house, Change Ally, Cornhill, London, in one lot,
A VALUABLE, and very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate on Mount Ephraim, a delightful eminence, at that celebrated and much admired watering place, Tunbridge Wells, in the county of Kent; comprising a commodious residence called, GREAT CULVERDON HOUSE, with suitable domestic offices, coach-house, stabling, lawn, gardens, and the adjoining meadows, containing together about 24A. free of great tythes, lying within a ring fence, in easy swells, and might at small expence be formed into a beautiful paddock.
The premises command most extensive and charming prospects, and are fit for the immediate reception of a family of respectability, having been recently completely repaired, and highly improved, at a very considerable expence.
A part of the ground is extremely eligible for building upon.
To be viewed by tickets, which, with printed particulars, may be had of Mr.Sprange, at the Library, Tunbridge Wells; and Messrs. Skinner, Tuchin, and Forrest, Aldersgate-street, London.
Particulars also of Mr.Blake, Printer, Maidstone; Messrs.Lee, Printers, Lewes; Mr.Fleet, Printer, Brighton; Messrs.Batcheller and Potts, Solicitors, Serjeants Inn, Fleet-street, London; and Garraway's

At the Auction Mart, London, near the Bank of England, on Wednesday, Aug. 28, at 12 o'clock, in lots,

ALL that capital MANSION, called the FRIARS, situate near the Borough Town of Winchelsea, in the County of Sussex, with an excellent spacious garden thereunto belonging; together with a Public-house, Tolls of a Ferry, and divers Messuages or Tenements situate in Winchelsea ; and upwards of 120 acres of extraordinary rich grazing land, immediately in that neighbourhood, the greatest part whereof is not subject to any tithe or parochial rates; and the whole is occupied by most respectable tenants under short holdings.
The Mansion is replete with conveniences for the family of a man of fortune, and early possession will be given. The situation is beautiful in the extreme, being little more than a mile from the sea, of which it commands a full view, and the surrounding country is universally admired by ail who know it.
May be viewed, and printed descriptive particulars had at the New Inn, at Winchelsea; the George, at Rye; the Swan Inn, Hastings; the Ship, Brighton; the New Inn, Eastbourne; the Kentish Tavern, Tunbridge Wells; the Star, Maidstone; the Fountain, Canterbury; of John Hyde, esq. Worcester; Edward Morgan, esq. No.14, Gray's Inn Square; at the Auction Mart, London; and of Mr.Prickett, Surveyor, &c. Highgate, Middlesex.

Stubbington Place, near Portsmouth, Modern Household Furniture, Pictures, choice Wines, valuable Live and Dead Farming Stock, &c.
On the Premises, early in the next Month,

THE genuine and entire fashionable FURNITURE, a few amateur paintings, select wines, agricultural stock of the property of Thomas Fitzherbert, esq. quitting Stubbington Lodge.
Catalogues will be timely prepared, and may be had at all the adjacent Market Towns; Place of Sale; Auction Mart; and of Mr.Weller, Chichester.

Curious old Wines, a Pack of Beagles, Hare Hounds, excellent Live and Farming Stock, at Cuckfield Place.
On the Premises,
By order of the Trustees, on Monday the 26th of August, and the following day, at twelve o'clock,
THE genuine and entire choice Wines, Live and Dead Stock, &c, of the late Colonel SERGISON.

Consisting of 1,440 bottles of Hermitage; Hock, Claret, Madeira, Sherry and Port Wines, a clever pack of hare hounds, two ricks of meadow hay, broad and narrow wheeled waggons and carts; a capital iron roller, ploughs, harrows, and other agricultural implements; six uncommonly fine working oxen cowe, and some few sheep; six powerful young cart horses, breeding and store pigs, &c.
Catalogues, will be issued three days before the sale, and may be had of the principal Inns of the neighbouring Market Towns; of T. Medwin, esq. Horsham; S. Waller, esq. Cuckfield; Auction Mart; and of Mr. Weller, Chichester.

Rutlandshire.- Valuable Manor Estate.

At the Mart, near the Bank of England, on Thursday; the 29th August next, at twelve o'clock, (by order of the Assignees of Messrs. Bowles, Ogden, Wyndham, and Barrow, late of Shaftesbury, Bankers, Bankrupts),
THE Reversion in Fee, of and in the Manor or Lordship of CASTERTON PARVA, in the county of Rutland, together with about 47 acres, in the adjoining Lordship of Ryhall, and the perpetual Advowson and Presentation to the living of Casterton Parva, expectant on the demise of a Nobleman and his Countess, without issue, whose ages are 48 and 43, having no children. The estate is situated about one mile from Stamford, 19 from Grantham, and 89 from London, and consists of Solethorpe Hall, a substantial stone-built mansion-house, with suitable offices, stabling for 12 horses, gardens, &c. a water corn-mill, sundry farm-houses, with convenient outbuildings, and about 1098 acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, in the several occupations of Sam.R. Fydell, esq., Mr. R.C. Simpson, Clement Bland, Thos. Busley, T. and F. Simpson, and others, estimated to be of the annual value of one thousand eight hundred pounds and upwards.
The estate may be viewed on application to Mr. R.C. Simpson, at Casterton Parva aforesaid; descriptive particulars may be had at the George Inn, Stamford; of Messrs.Hodding, Solicitors, Salisbury; at the Mart, and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster-row, London, where a plan may be seen.


By order of the Commissioners, under a Commission of Bankruptcy, awarded against Henry Phillips, at the Steyne Hotel, Worthing, on Friday, the 6th day of September, 1811, at two o'clock.
A Small genteel Freehold DWELLING-HOUSE, most advantageously situated at the north-west corner of the Steyne, Worthing, looking over the gardens of Warwick-house, and the Brighton road, being No.1. of the Steyne Houses, which are situated to form the most elegant row of buildings on any part of the coast; it consists of a kitchen and butler's pantry, a dining room 15ft 6in. by 14ft. a drawing room and bed chamber of the same dimensions, and two good attics; the whole handsomely papered, and the best rooms with marble chimney pieces.
The above property will entitle the owner to vote at all elections for the Rape of Bramber, and also for the County of Sussex.
Particulars may be had at the Hotel, Worthing; Castle, Brighton; Norfolk Arms, Arundel; Dolphin, Chichester; Star, Lewes; King's Head, Horsham; of the Printers of the County Paper; of Mr.Withy, Solicitor, Buckingham-street, Strand; of Messrs. Sweet and Stokes, Solicitors, Temple; and Mr.Stubbs, Auctioneer, at Worthing.

Tythe Free.
FARM in SURREY, on the borders of SUSSEX

A FARM called LONGBRIDGE, situate at Lingfield., in the county of Surrey, 28 miles from London, and 5 from East Grinstead, consisting of a good Farm House, and convenient outbuildings, together with 94 acres of excellent Land, lying very compact.

A purchaser may be accommodated with an additional 37 acres adjoining the above, including a cottage, yard, and large barn.
Possession will be given at Michaelmas.
For further particulars apply to Mr.Barrow, Solicitor, East-Grinstead, Sussex.


Extensive Freehold Farms, at Breachley, Kent.
By Messrs. DRIVER,

A Very desirable and extensive Freehold Estate, partly tithe free, very eligibly situate in a remarkably pleasant part of the county of Kent, in the parishes of Brenchley, Horsemonden, and Yalding, about 16 miles from Tunbridge, 6 from Yelding, 12 from Maidstone, and only 40 from London, comprising several well arranged farms, called SWIG'S HOLE, AUGUST PITS, SHELLEY MOOR, BAY BROOKS, APPS BRAMBLES, and GAGE WOOD, in the occupation of most respectable tenants, containing together about 620A. of the presumed value of upwards of eleven hundred pounds per annum.
Immediate possession may be had of a part of the estate, and the remainder is held upon leases, of which only a few years are unexpired.
Printed particulars may be had at the Bell, Bromley; the Dorset Arms, Seven Oaks; Rose and Crown, Tunbridge; Chequers, Lamberhurst; George, Robertsbridge; Star, Maidstone; Gun, Horsemonden Heath; Bull, Wrotham; Black Lion, Farningham; of C. Wardroper, Esq. Hawkhurst; and of Messrs.Driver, Surveyors and Land Agents, Kent-road; or at their Offices in the Auction Mart, London; where plans to the several farms may be seen.


A most desirable and long-established LINEN-DRAPER and GROCER's SHOP, with the Messuage or Tenement, warehouse, stable, garden land, and premises thereon belonging, situate and lying and being at Castfield Green, in the parish of Catsfield, in the county of Sussex, now in the occupation of Mr. Edward Quaife.
The Shop has been established in the above business, and has also carried on a very extensive trade in second-hand clothes for upwards of 60 past years.
The Stock in Trade and effects, or such parts thereof as may be approved by the incoming tenant, may be taken at a fair valuation and appraisement, and immediate possession may be had.
For further particulars and treaty, apply to Mr.Bassett, or Mr. William Quaife, of Catsfield; or at the office of Mr.Willard, Solicitor, Battle.


A Capital well-built Freehold WIND-MILL, called RUSTINGTON MILL, in excellent repair, and will grind on the average six loads per week; in the occupation of Mr. Geo. Downer, tenant at will.
Also, a plot of Land, about half an acre; and contiguous to the above a comfortable Dwelling-house and garden; a store-house for corn, yard, cart-house, sheds, and stables.
Rustington is situated a short distance from that admired and much improving watering place Little Hampton; also Arundel, Ferring, Goring, Broadwater, Worthing, and Brighton; and surrounded by a fine corn country and populous neighbourhood, forming an admirable situation for the active man.
The estate may be viewed by applying to the tenant; and for further particulars apply to Messrs.White and Son, North street, Chichester, or High-street, Arundel.


A FREEHOLD COTTAGE, 20 feet in front, and 25 feet in depth, containing 3 sleeping Rooms, Parlours, Kitchen, and a plot of Garden ground behind, 75 feet by 20 feet.
Two Ditto, each 16 feet in front, and 25 feet in depth, containing, 2 Sleeping Rooms, Parlour and Kitchen, and a Plot of Garden ground behind, 75 feet by 16 feet.
These Cottages, with immediate possession, may be purchased either together or separate, are situate in the North skirts of the city, a neighbourhood increasing in celebrity, and near the direct road leading to the truly respectable and rural villages of Ashling, Funtington, Stoke, &c.
Further particulars may be obtained, and the estates viewed on application to Mr.John Halsey, on the premises; or to Mr.Bartlett, at his Royal Exchange, and General Agency Office, Chichester.


LOT I. ALL that Copyhold Messuage or Tenement, with a Butcher's Shop, Slaughter-House, Stable, Garden, and other premises, situate in Sedlescomb-street, late the property, and in the occupation of William Waghorne, and by him made over to Trustees for the benefit if his Creditors.
These premises are holden of the manor of Battle, subject to an annual quit-rent of sixpence, heriot, and other services, and on which the trade of a butcher has been carried on for several years, to a considerable extent, and the same are well calculated for that business.
LOT II. - A Leasehold Cottage, and about one acre and a half of land, late also in the occupation of the said W. Waghorne, and his undertenants, and holden of the Lord of the honor and barony of the Rape of Hastings, for a term of 21 years, of which 14 were unexpired at Michaelmas last, at the yearly rent of 7s. 6d.
Further particulars may be had of Mr. Tilden Smith, Vinehall; Mr. Henry Freeland, Sedlescomb; and at the Office of Lucas Shadwell, and Co. Hastings.
July, 1811.


On Thursday, the 29th day of August, 1811, at the Thurlow Arms, Edward-street, between the hours of six and seven o'clock in the evening, unless disposed of by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given.


A Substantial-built FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, being No.12, Carlton Hill, comprising a kitchen, parlour, and two good sleeping rooms, with convenient offices, let to Mrs. Brown, at 16. per annum.


A substantial built, bowler-fronted Freehold Residence, being No. 1, Richmond Hill, commanding an uninterrupted view of the sea, from the Isle of Wight to Beachy Head, Worthing, and the adjacent country; the premises, which are quite new, comprise two kitchens, a parlour, and drawing-room, with a balcony fronting the sea, two good sleeping rooms, a large shop with a bow window, and convenient out-offices; now in the occupation of Mr.Penfold, at the yearly rent of twenty-six guineas.


A Freehold Messuage, being No.2, on Richmond Hill, comprising a good kitchen, parlour, two good bedrooms, with convenient offices, let to Mr.Hughes, at 12. per annum. There is a draw-well of excellent water, that supplied the above houses, and the land tax is redeemed.


A piece of Freehold Ground, fifteen feet in front, and twenty-four feet deep, in Spring Gardens, at the top of Church street, suitable for a convenient messuage or tenement.
Further particulars may be had by applying to Mr. Thomas Coates, plumber and glazier, George-street; or of the Auctioneer, No.2, Crescent Buildings, Brighton.

Lower Lancing, near Worthing.
At the Nelson Inn, in Worthing, on Thursday, the 29th day of August, 1811, at four o'clock in the afternoon.

ALL that newly-erected MESSUAGE, together with a yard or garden, now held therewith, situate at Lower Lancing, and lately in the occupation of Mr. Henry Gates, butcher.
The premises are Copyhold of Inheritance, holden of the Manor of North Lancing and Monks, South Lancing and Lyons; are subject to a small quit rent, and to a heriot of 1s. certain, on death or surrender, and a fine of 1s. on admission.
Further particulars may be had by applying to Messrs. Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning.


ALL that long established and good accustomed INN, known by the name or sign of the QUEEN'S HEAD, in Sedlescomb, in the county of Sussex, comprizing an extensive Messuage or Tenement, stables, large garden, and premises, which are now in the occupation of Mr. Richard Bishop, who hires from year to year, and has had notice to quit at Michaelmas next, at which time his year expires.
The premises are Copyhold of Inheritance, holden of the Lord of the Manor of Battle, and are fully equal to value of freehold, being subject to a fine and heriot certain, of 12d each, and no other charges or payment whatever, except a quit rent 18d annually. The purchaser may be accommodated with a considerable part of the purchase money, on the security of the premises.
For further particulars, and treaty for the purchase, application to be made to either Mr.James Bourner, or Mr.Martin, both of Battle.


ALL those two Messuages or Tenements, with the extensive and convenient Draper's and Grocer's Shop, and the buildings, garden ground, and premises thereto appertaining, situate and being at Beckley, in the county of Sussex; one of the Messuages and the Shop were lately in the occupation of Mr.John Sisley, and the other Messuage is now in the occupation of Mr.John Colbran, senior. The situation is deemed superior to any other in the neighbourhood, for the general way of trade in the shopkeeping line, the same having been for many years carried on there in a very extensive manner.
Also those four Messuages or Cottages, gardens, and premises, situate and lying also at Beckley aforesaid, adjoining each other, and lying contiguous to the above mentioned premises.

The whole of the premises are freehold, and exonerated from the land tax.

For further particulars, and treaty for the purchase, applications to be made to Mr.John Colbran, senior, of Beckley, the proprietor; Mr.John Norris, of the same place; or Mr.Martin, of Battle.

Garden, and thirty Acres of Meadow Land, on the Great Road from London to Brighton.

ALL that truly valuable COPYHOLD ESTATE, called STAPLEFIELD PLACE, comprising a modern bow-fronted genteel residence, finished with peculiar care and neatness, containing five bed-chambers, two servants sleeping-rooms, handsome drawing room, dining-parlour, large kitchen and Brewhouse, excellent cellars, coach-house, stabling, granary, and other outbuildings, a lawn in front, with sweep carriage entrance; large Garden in a high state of cultivation, stocked with abundance of choice and well-bearing standard, and wall fruit trees, shrubberies, &c. The whole judiciously laid out; a farm yard adjoining, and six enclosures of meadow land, containing thirty acres, (more or less) situate on an eminence at Staplefield Common, in the County of Sussex, commanding enchanting views of the surrounding country; thirty six miles from London, eighteen from Brighton, three from Cuckfield, fifteen from Reigate, and seven from Horsham.
The fixtures to be taken at a fair valuation, and the furniture of the house, prints, and other effects, at the opinion of the purchaser.- immediate possession may be had.
May be viewed, on application to the servant in care of the house; and to treat for the purchase, apply to Mr. Thomas Fraucis, Mr.James Webber, or at the office of Mr.Waller, in Cuckfield.


TO be SOLD, to the best Bidders, before Abel. Moysey, Esq. the Deputy Remembrancer of the Court of Exchequer, on Friday the 6th day of September next, at 12 o'clock at noon, at the Assembly Room, Worthing, in Four Lots, pursuant to an order of the said Court, made in a cause intitled "Hawkins against Ramsbottom.".
A valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Worthing, intitling the owner to vote at all elections for the Rape of Bramber, and also for the county, consisting of Assembly-House, adjoining and communicating with the hotel, and fronting the Steyne, comprising the Assembly-room, Coffee-room, and other rooms and offices, in the possession of Messrs. Slater and Phillips, yearly tenants.
A capital Messuage, conspicuously situated in Warwick-street, on the north end of the Steyne, comprising the late bank and wine offices.
A capital House for trade, being the north house, on the west side of the High-street, in the occupation of Mr.Hickox, linen-draper.
A capital House for trade, being the south house, on the west side of the High-street, in the occupation of the said Mr.Hickox, which has recently been nearly rebuilt.
To be viewed till the Sale.
Particulars may be had at the Hotel, Worthing; New Inn, Brighton; Norfolk Arms, Arundel; Dolphin, Chichester; Star, Lewes; King's Head, Horsham; of the Printers of the County Paper; Mr.Withy, solicitor, Buckingham-street, Strand; Mr.John Ellis, solicitor, No.14, Gray's Inn square; Mr.Lane, solicitor, Lawrence Poulteney Hill; and of the said Deputy Remembrancer, in the Exchequer Office, in the Inner Temple, London.

To Millers, Mealman, and Others,
A CAPITAL Freehold WINDMILL, in full trade, with a Cottage and Garden adjoining, situated at Saint John's Common, in the parish of Keymer.
For Particulars, enquire of Thomas Lidbetter, Shutowick; or William Gravely, Storrington; immediate possession may be had.

For 14 Years, to commence from Michaelmas next,

ALL that valuable inclosed FARM, situate in the parish of Hurstperpoint, in the county of Sussex, near the new Turnpike road, leading from Brighthelmston, through Bolney, to London, called KING'S-FARM, consisting of a farm house, barn, and about 50 acres of arable and pasture land, now in the occupation of Mr.John Ashford, of Hurstperpoint, to whom application may be made for a view of the Farm.
Tenders (post paid) will be received until the first day of September next, by Mr.Morgan, Solicitor, Hurstperpoint, at whose office further particulars as to the lease, and terms of entering upon the farm, may be known.

Ferry House, near Newhaven Bridge.
At Michaelmas next,

THE above Premises, which are most admirably situated for the carrying on of the Coal or Corn Trade. The tenant may be accommodated, if he choose it, with 20 acres of good Brook Land, an established Brick Yard, in full trade, together with a good Lime Kiln, &c.
For particulars apply to Mr. J. Bull, land agent, No.7, Carlton place, Brighton; if by Letter, post paid.

Henfield, Sussex.

AN excellent Family Residence, either by the year, or for a term of years, to be entered upon at Michaelmas next, a capital Mansion, neatly furnished, situate in the pleasant village of Henfield, in a genteel neighbourhood, surrounded by several packs of harriers, ten miles from Brighton, Worthing, and Horsham, with good roads to each. - The premises contain two parlours, drawing-room, four bed chambers, and five attics, servants hall, kitchen, and requisite offices, together with a garden well stocked with fruit trees, stable and coach-house, with or without a few acres of prime meadow land, adjoining the house. - Coaches to and from London pass through Henfield every day.
Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr.Vinall, draper, Henfield; or to J. Bull, Esq. No.7, Carlton-place, Brighton.

With Immediate Possession.
(On the Premises,)

On Tuesday, the 27th of August, 1811, at six o'clock in the evening, (unless and acceptable offer should be made prior to the sale, in which case due notice will be given)
ALL that old established FREEHOLD INN, and Appurtenances, known by the sign of the George, with coach house and stabling for forty horses, convenient offices, excellent water, and a large garden, well planted and cropped, situate in the parish of Salehurst, in the county of Sussex.
The premises may be viewed, by applying to Mrs. Hason, the proprietor and occupier, for upwards of thirty years (whose advanced age and infirm health, prevents her continuance).

Further particulars may be known of Mr.C. Geer, Burwash, or of the Auctioneers.

Hurst Green is within one mile of the Garrison of Silver hill, two of Robertsbridge, eight of Battle, 16 of Hastings, and 13 of Tunbridge Wells; and is considered one of the best situations for an Inn in the eastern part of the county.
The Mail passes the house every day. The London Stage Coaches call at the door twice every day; and a Night Coach six times a week.

Marshland in Pevensey Level, and Upland in
the parish of Wartling.

On Wednesday, the 28th of August, 1811, at the Crown Inn, Hailsham, at five o'clock in the afternoon, (unless and acceptable offer be previously made to purchase by Private Contract) in three lots,


A Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, called BEMZILS, situate in the parish of Wartling, in the county of Sussex, comprising a hovel, yard, and about 56A. 36P. of arable, meadow, pasture, and wood land, now in the occupation of Mr.Thomas Parker, jun. of Herstmonceux, whose tenancy will expire at Old Lady day, 1812.
N.B. The above lot includes about 15A. 1R. 6P. of woodland, well stacked with thriving timber trees and tellows, for the growth of which the soil is fertile and kindly.


Four Pieces of Freehold Marsh Land, situate in Pevensey Level, in the parish of Pevensey, adjoining the road leading from Down Ash to Horse Eye, containing about 41A. 3R. 18P. with the sheep and bullock pound theron standing.


Two Pieces (formerly in four) of very valuable rich Freehold Marsh Land, containing about 13A.20P. situate in the parish of Pevensey aforesaid, adjoining Lampham Drove, and situate near the high road leading from Pevensey to Wartling Hill.
Lots 2, and 3, are now in the occupation of Mr.Miller Bristow, of Westham, whose tenancy will expire at Old Lady day, 1812.
The above estates may be viewed, on application to the respective tenants.
Printed particulars may be had, in due time, of the Auctioneers, and at the Crown Inn, Hailsham; and further particulars known at the office of Mr.Morgan, solicitor, Hurstperpoint; and the Rev.George Haygarth's, at the Vicarage-house, Ditcheling, where also a map of the estate may be seen.

An Auction Sale of Horses
Before the Star Door, in Lewes, on Saturday, the 31st of August, 1811, at five o'clock in the afternoon.
By order of the Assignees of Mr.William Page, of
Newhaven, a Bankrupt.
A Very handsome BAY MARE, a capital goer in all her paces.
Also a well bred Chesnut Mare, six years old, with a very promising filly at her foot.
The above may be seen at the Friars, in All Saints, Lewes, at any time.
N.B. Hacks as usual. Two or three dogs and guns are expected.


At the Star Inn, Lewes, on Saturday, the 7th day of September, 1811, at Six o'clock in the evening, unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which, if it happens, due notice will be given.
A Substantial Freehold Messuage or Dwelling House, and old established GROCER's SHOP, situate in the centre of the borough of Lewes, with commodious warehouses attached thereto, yard, garden, and other appurtenances, late in the occupation of Mr.Charles Blaker, who is gone into the East India Company's Service.
The premises are most advantageously situated for carrying on any kind of trade where room is required, immediate possession may be had, and the purchaser may take the Household Furniture, and Stock in Trade, by appraisement, if he thinks proper.
Further particulars may be known upon application to Mr. J. Blaker, or Mr. E. Verrall, Attorney-at-Law, Lewes.

Framfield Place. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION,
At the Star Inn, Lewes, on Saturday, the 7th day of September, 1811, at Four o'clock in the afternoon,
In Eight Lots.

ALL that elegant MANSION HOUSE, called FRAMFIELD PLACE (part of which has lately been re-built, and the whole is put into complete repair) with convenient offices, stables, coach-house, fish-ponds, baliff's cottage, and about 70 acres of exceeding good meadow and coppice land, lying in Framfield, in the county of Sussex, late in the occupation of the Rev.Richard Rideout,


A barn, and about 120 acres of land, arable, meadow, pasture, and coppice, lying in Framfield aforesaid, and adjoining to Lot I. now in the occupation of Mr.Wm. Kenward, as a yearly tenant.


A newly erected Messuage or Tenement, with a cottage, barn, close, and about 18 acres of land, also in Framfield aforesaid, and now in the several occupations of the said William Kenward, -- Hart, and -- Garret, respectively, as yearly tenants.


A Cottage or Tenement, with a small garden, and appurtenances, situate in Framfield-street, now in the occupation of Michael Brooker.


A Cottage and Garden, situate in Framfield-street, now in the occupation of -- Pankhurst.


A Blacksmith's Shop, in full trade, situate near the street, in Framfield aforesaid, now in the occupation of John Hills.


All the Manor of Ludlay, with the quit rents, royalties, and appurtenances thereto belonging:
And also an excellent Farm-House, with the barns, stables, buildings, farm, and appurtenances thereto belonging, called Ludlay Farm, situate in the parish of Selmeston, in the said county, containing by estimation 225A.3R.31P. now let to Mr.James Hudson, upon lease, which expires at Michaelmas, 1818.


A Farm House, lately converted into two tenements with the barn, stable, buildings, and land thereto belonging, situate in Selmeston aforesaid, called by the name of Green-house Farm, containing by estimation 42A.1R.16P. now in the occupation of Mr.Travton Payne, under an agreement for seven years, expiring at Michaelmas 1817.
N.B. The whole of the above Estates will be sold for the life of the proprietor (aged 52) except lots 3 and 4, and about three acres of land, part of Lot I, which will be sold in fee.
Immediate possession may be had of Lot I.
The Estates may be viewed (with tickets) and further particulars known upon application to Mr.John Hilder, of Robertsbridge; Mr.Tilden Smith of Mountfield; or to Mr. E. Verral, attorney-at-law, Lewes.


At the Royal Oak Inn, St.James's-street, on Thursday, the 12th day of Sept. 1811, at 12 o'clock at noon, by order of the Assignees of John Philcox, a Bankrupt, the following property, without reserve,
LOT 1. A Substantial Leasehold MESSUAGE, in the occupation of Mr.Philcox, situate near Saint James's-street.
LOT 2. A large piece of GROUND, used as a Carpenters Yard, with extensive workshops, and every requisite convenience for carrying on the trade of a carpenter and joiner, also situate near Saint James's-street, in the occupation of Mr.Philcox.
LOT 3. A piece of Land, containing upwards of three acres, tenantry measure, lying in the sixth furlong, near the Rock Brewery, and the end of James's-street, most desirably situated either for an enclosed field, a garden, or for building.
Also, several Messuages, a Ground rent, well secured, and other property deserving attention.
The premises may be viewed on application to Mr.John Philcox, near the New Steine; and further particulars may be had of Mr.Mills, at the Old Bank; of Mr.C. Wille, Lewes; at the office of Mr.Hill, Brighton; and of the Auctioneer, who will also deliver printed particulars, ten days previous to the sale.


TWO brace of staunch POINTERS: and also two brace of young Pointers, that have been well broken, and are at command, and have had some game killed to them.
Enquire of Mr.Geo. Hammond, Cock, Southwater, near Horsham, Sussex.

MRS. ANN BROWN, late of New Shoreham, Innkeeper, having assigned over her estate and effects to Trustees for the benefit of her Creditors, all persons who have any demands on her estate, are requested to attend at the office of Mr.Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning, before the 9th Day of September next, to execute the Deed of Assignment, and to deliver a particular of their demands, or they will be excluded from their claims on the dividend. And all persons indebted to the said estate, are desired forthwith to pay their several debts to Messrs.Marshall and Verrall, as above; or to Mr.John Edwards, of New Shoreham, one of the Assignees, or they will be proceeded against without further notice.
., 22d August, 1811.

MR. SAMUEL STEPNEY, late of Henfield, Schoolmaster, having assigned over his estate and effects to Mr.James S, of Henfield, Mercer, for the benefit of his creditors, all persons who have any demand on his estate are requested to attend at the office of Messrs.Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning, before the 9th day of September next, to execute the Deed of Assignment, and to deliver a particular of their demands, or they will be excluded from their claims on the dividend, and all persons Indebted to the said estate are desired forthwith to pay their several debts to Messrs.Marshall and Verrall, as above, or to the said James S..., or they will be proceeded against without further notice.

And entered upon at Michaelmas next,

A Very desirable, compact Freehold FARM, situate at Horstedkeynes, in the county of Sussex, containing 50 acres, or thereabouts, of arable meadow and wood land, in a high state of cultivation, and well stocked with thriving timber, with a substantial farm house, barn, stable, and other convenient and requisite offices, in good repair, late in the occupation of Mr.Joseph Comber, deceased, and now of Mrs. Charity Comber, of Horstedkeynes, to whom application may be made for a view of the farm.
These premises are situate at a short distance from the River Ouse, and near several market towns.
Tenders (post paid) will be received by Mr.Wheeler, Solicitor, Cliffe, Lewes, until the 16th of September next, at whose office further particulars may be had,
N.B. If the estate be sold, a great part of the purchase money may remain on mortgage, if required, by the purchaser.

With immediate possession.

A Capital FREEHOLD FARM, of 151 acres at Hoo, three miles from the City of Rochester, most desirably situated a quarter of a mile from the pleasant village of Hoo, commanding delightful views of the Town of Chatham, the Dock-yard, the prison ships, and the men of war, on the River Medway; consisting of a small brick house, capital barn, granary, two large stables, having been built only seven years; together with 151 acres of strong staple land, in a high state of cultivation, the soil being particularly congenial to the growth of wheat, which it is capable of growing from five to seven quarters per acre; and beans in proportion; of the estimated value of four hundred guineas per year. It is intended to include in the purchase all the fine growing oak and other timber now growing on the farm. Part of the purchase money may remain on security if required.
For further particulars apply, if by letter, post paid, to Mr.Joshua Russell, Pennington Heath, near Maidstone; or to Mr.Lee, at the Printing-office, Lewes.

By Mr. LEAR,

At the Beach Hotel, Little Hampton, on Monday, the 9th of September, 1811, in two lots, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract.
TWO new erected, well built LODGING-HOUSES, built on a lease of 99 years, fronting the sea, in the New-row, Little Hampton, contiguous to each other; each containing in front 20ft. in depth 31ft. and 84ft. of good garden ground; on the basement, one breakfast and dining parlour; first floor, drawing room 19ft. by 15ft. and one large bed room; second floor, two commodious bed rooms, and three large bed rooms in the attics; a most excellent kitchen, with every accommodation that is required; hall, pantries, scullery, and other convenient offices, with a pump of excellent water.
The situation of these premises is one of the most beautiful summer residences on the Sussex Coast, with a delightful terrace in front, about 100 yards from the sea, and a very extensive view over the water, from Beachy Head to the Isle of Wight, and a back view of a rich fertile country, with the finest sands on the sea coast, on which at low water a carriage may be driven with the greatest safety, as far as Shoreham, distance 12 miles, from Worthing 8 miles, from Arundel 4, Chichester 14, and London 60 miles.
N.B. The houses are built with all foreign timber; can be viewed by applying to Mr.Swansey, Beach Hotel, L. Hampton; and further particulars known of the Auctioneer, Arundel.

Kent and Sussex Freehold, Copyhold, and
Leasehold Estate.
Land Tax Redeemed, with early possession.
At the George Inn, Rye, on Saturday, the 31st Day of August, 1811, at Three o'Clock in the afternoon; - the following Lots:

A VERY DESIRABLE FREEHOLD FARM, comprising a Messuage or Tenement, Barn, Oasthouse, and other Buildings; and several pieces of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land; containing by estimation 15 Acres more or less, situate in the Parish of Wittersham, in the Isle of Oxney, and County of Kent, now in the occupation of Mr.William Dengate.


A piece of Freehold Woodland, called Virriers; containing by estimation 11 Acres, more or less; situate in the Parish of Iden, in the County of Sussex.


A Freehold piece of Land, parcel of Broad Oak Farm, by admeasurement 6A. 0R. 36P. called the Highfield, situate in the Parish of Brede, in the County of Sussex, and adjoining the Turnpike Road, leading from Broad Oak to Ewehurst.


A Freehold piece of Land, parcel of Broad Oak Farm, by admeasurement 5A. 0R. 23P. called the Dighfield, situate in the Parish of Brede, in the County of Sussex, and adjoining the High Road, leading from Brede to Broad Oak, and the Turnpike Road, from Broad Oak to Ewehurst.


Two pieces of Freehold Land, (also part of Broad Oak Farm,) containing by admeasurement 5A. 0R. 23P.called the Great Rogers and the Little Rogers, situate also in the Parish of Brede, and adjoining the High road leading from Bede Hill to Broad Oak.


Four Pieces of Freehold Land (likewise part of Broad Oak Farm) containing together by admeasurement 12A. 1R. 30P.called the Green Field, the Kiln Field, the Four Acre Field, and the Shaw; situate in the Parish of Brede aforesaid, and adjoining the Turnpike Road leading from Broad Oak to Rye.


The remainder of the Farm, called Broad Oak;- comprising a Messuage, Barn, Oasthouse, Lodges, and other Buildings, Garden, Orchard, and six several parcels of Land, called the Barn Meadow, the Lower Meadow, the Hop Garden Field, the Little Field, the Barnes Field, and the Oast Meadow; containing together by admeasurement 19A. 2R. 37P. situate in Brede, adjoining the Turnpike Road; leading from Broad Oak to Rye, and also the Road leading from Broad Oak to Northiam[?].


Four Freehold Messuages or Tenements, (two of which are used in Two Dwellings each) Gardens, and Premises, together with an old established Pottery and Brick Yard; comprising Pot, Brick, and Stone Kilns, Warehouses, Clay Mills, and other Buildings, surrounded by about Ten Acres of Pasture Land. Also a piece of Woodland, called the Great Park Wood, containing by admeasurement 100A. 2R. 36P. (more or less) adjoining the Pottery, and contiguous to the High Road, leading from Brede Hill to Broad Oak.


A Freehold Messuage, in Two Dwellings, with a Garden and piece of Land thereto belonging, containing by estimation half an Acre, (more or less,) situate at Brede Hill, in the Parish of Brede, and now in the occupation of James Baker.


A Copyhold Messuage or Tenement (in Two Dwellings,) with a Garden, and about half an Acre of Land, situate near the entrance to Stub Land, in the Parish of Brede, adjoining the Turnpike Road, leading from Broad Oak to Rye, and now in the occupation of Thomas Giles, and Stephen Watson.


A Leasehold Cottage and piece of Land, containing about three quarters of an Acre, situate on Goatham Green, in the Parish of Udimore, in the County of Sussex, now in the occupation of Richard Christmas.
Mr.Dengate, of Wittersham will shew Lot I.; and for viewing the property in Brede and Iden, apply to Mr.Thomas Ades, or Mr.John Ades, of Brede.
Descriptive particulars are preparing, and may shortly be had of Mr.Dengate, Mr.Thomas Ades, and Mr.John Ades, at the Office of Messrs. Lucas Shadwell, and Co. Hastings; and of the Auctioneers, Lewes.

At the White Lion, Brighton, on Friday, the 30th of August, at seven o'clock in the evening,
With immediate possession,

ALL that Messuage or Tenement, divided into two dwellings, situated on the north side of North-street, Brighton, late the property, and in the occupation of James Gosney, Newsman, deceased; and now James Gosney, his son, and ---- Short.

The premises are held of the manor of Brighton, at a fine and heriot of 6d. each certain.
Further particulars may be known by applying to Mr.R. Wilmot, Ship street; or of Mr. T. Attree, Solicitor, Brighton.

And entered upon at Michaelmas next,

BLACK ROCK FARM, in Brighthelmston, containing about 134 Acres, statute measure. And several Lots of Land, containing about two acres each, statute measure, situate at the lower part of the West Laine, in Brighthelmston, at the back of the New Buildings.
And, also several Pieces of Land, containing together 6A. 3R. 0P. Tenantry measure, situate in the Upper Furlongs, Cliff Furlong, and East Furlong, in the Little Laine, in Brighthelmston.

The above property may be viewed on application to William Murrell, at Brighthelmston.
Further particulars may be known on personal application to Messrs.Hoper and Son, at Lewes.


LOST, supposed to be stolen, from Rackham Common, in the county of Sussex, belonging to Henry West, in the parish of Rackham, on or about the night of the 15th of August, a mouse coloured PONEY, mixed with some grey hairs, a cut tail, a large saddle mark on her near side, and a bunch on her back wrung by the saddle. Whoever can give intelligence of her, so that she may be had again, if strayed shall be rewarded for trouble; and if stolen, shall receive a handsome reward for their trouble on conviction of the offender or offenders, by applying to the said Henry West.

From Worthing, about two months ago, and lately seen at Dorking, in Surrey, but since removed,

A Deep mottled tanned southern bound DOG, marked on the off side with a clip in the upper lip. Whoever will bring or send the same to Mr. Harry Winton, of Cokeham, shall receive half a guinea for his trouble; whoever hold the said dog after this advertisement, will be prosecuted as the law directs, as he will be advertised no more.

From Mrs.Vincent's, Cowfold, Sussex, on the 7th of July last,

A BLACK SETTER DOG, with tan legs and muzzell, and white star on the forehead, answers to the name TRAVELLER; whoever has found the said dog, and will deliver him to Mrs.Vincent, at Cowfold, shall be handsomely rewarded for their trouble, and all reasonable expences paid. Any person detaining the said dog, after this advertisement, will be prosecuted with the utmost rigour of the law.
The owner travels, and had friends in every principal town in the kingdom, and will most probably find out the detainer, if not restored immediately.


MR.SANDERS, late of the Broyle Park, where he practised the Suttoman system of Inoculation upwards of forty years with the greatest skill and success; and carried through that cruel disorder several thousand patients; having been greatly distressed and reduced in his circumstances by the introduction of the Vaccine practice, or Cow Pock; and also rendered totally incapable of any business whatever, from an affliction at once depriving him nearly of the use of his limbs and his speech; and having, for the last six months, had no means of subsistence, but what has reached him from the spontaneous munificence and kind benefaction of a few friends, duly administered to his comfort and support, for which he begs leave to offer his grateful Thanks: and, understanding that many of his old and more particular friends have made frequent enquiries about him, and expressed a desire to serve him, any pecuniary favours remitted either to Mr.Roscorla, of St.Thomas's Square Academy, Cliffe, or to Mr.Rand, Lewes, to his use, will be ever most thankfully and gratefully acknowledged.
Receipts and Disbursements may be seen,
Lewes, 24th August, 1811.

WANTED immediately, at the Barracks Bexhill, a number of BRICKLAYERS.
For further particulars apply to Mr.John Vincett, at the Bell Inn.

WANTED, a sober, steady man, as GRINDER. A single Man will be preferred : and none need apply who cannot bring a good character.
Apply to Mr.J. Hall, St.Ann's, Lewes.

WANTED, at Michaelmas next, a Married Man, as working BAILIFF, to have the care of a farm, of between 2 and 300 acres of land.
No one need apply who cannot have an unexceptionable character from his last place of service. A good house will be found, rent free.
For particulars enquire of Mr.John Ellman, of Firle.

WANTED a Journeyman Shoemaker, one that can work upon Womens work.
Good wages will be given to a good hand.
Apply to John Bishop, Shoemaker, Battle.

JAMES MARCHANT, late of Fulking, Shopkeeper, having assigned over his estate and effects to Trustees, for the benefit of his Creditors, all persons who have any demands on his estate are requested to attend at the office of Messrs.Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning, to execute the Deed of Assignment, and to deliver a particular of their demands before the 9th day of September next, or they will be excluded from their claims on the dividend. And all persons indebted to the said estate are desired forthwith to pay their respective debts to Mr.Thomas Clayton, of New Shoreham, one of the Assignees, or they will be proceeded against without further notice.

TWO staunch POINTER DOGS, just in their prime.
Apply to W.Baxter, at the Tan-yard, Lewes.


THE above Fair will be held, on the Level, on Wednesday, the 4th of September next. Wattles will be provided by JOHN STREETER, who requests orders may be sent to him as early as possible, to prevent disappointment.

Draper, Mercer, Hosier, &c. Dealer in new and
second hand, Cloaths:

BEGS to inform his Friends and the Public, he has just taken the shop of Mr. John Stubbs, with all the extensive Stock, where he intends carrying on the above business, and upon terms, he flatters himself, that will merit the approbation of those that may honour him with their commands. The Stock which he has now on hand is selling at very reduced prices, preparatory to his purchasing an entire new stock.

Most valuable Long-horned neat Cattle, and
some new Leicestershire Sheep.

On the Premises, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 25th and 26th days of September, 1811, precisely at eleven o'clock.
ALL the unrivalled STOCK of Long-horned Cows, Heifers, Bull and Calves, and some Rams, breeding Ewes and Theaves, the property of THOMAS PRINSEP, Esq. of Croxall, in the county of Derby, who is declining the bull and ram branches of breeding; consisting of about seventy head of neat cattle, eighteen rams, and eighty ewes and theaves.
Mr.Prinsep's stud of long horned cattle, has too long stood pre-eminently high to need a single comment :- about three years ago he refused Three Thousand Guineas for Thirty Cows and Heifers, and Five Thousand Guineas for a Bull.
The cows, heifers, and their calves, will be sold on Wednesday, the first day's sale, and the bulls and the sturks, and yearling heifers, on Thursday.
Catalogues may now be had at Croxall, and at the principle Inns in Litchfield, Tamworth, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, and Burton on Trent; the King's Head, Derby; the Green Man, Ashborne; the Red Lion, Atherstone[?]; the Bull's Head, Hinckly; the Hen and Chickens, Birmingham; the Crowns, Leicester; the Black's Head, Nottingham; and of Mr.Boott, in Loughborough.
Applications that may be made to Mr.Boott, by letter, are respectfully requested to be post paid.
Croxall is six miles from Tamworth, seven from Litchfield, eight from Burton on Trent, and eleven from Ashby-de-la-Zouch.


ALL Persons who have any claims or demands on the estate and effects of Thomas Stone, late of Stonebridge, in the parish of Framfield, in Sussex, esq. deceased, are requested to transmit an account thereof to Mr.Wm.Thomas Stone, of Stonebridge, aforesaid, or to Mr.Stone, Solicitor, Mayfield, in order to their being forthwith discharged. And all persons standing indebted to the said estate, are desired to pay their respective debts to the said Mr.Wm.Thomas Stone, or Mr.Stone, of Mayfield.
By Order of the Executors,
13th August, 1811.


NOTICE is hereby given, That all unqualified Persons, who shall be found shooting or otherwise sporting, on any of the manors or lands lying within the parishes of Glynde and Beddingham, near Lewes, will be prosecuted as the law directs. And that prompt measures will be pursued for redress, against any QUALIFIED person or persons who may hereafter be found trespassing upon any of the manors or lands aforementioned.
Aug.17, 1811

Manor and Forest of Tilgate, and Manors of Cuckfield, Slaugham, Leigh, Marshalls, Hayward's, Trubweek, and Franklands.

THE late Col.Sergison having taken great pains and incurred much expence, for several years previous to his decease, in the preservation of the game within the several Manors abovementioned, extending over the Cuckfield Place and Butler's Green estates, we the Trustees of his will, feel it incumbent upon us to give this public notice, That no persons whatsoever will be permitted to sport over the above Manors; and that all unqualified persons must take the consequences of hunting, shooting, or otherwise destroying the game within any of the said Manors.
Dated this 6th day of August, 1811.


MR. WM. NEWNHAM, of Southwick, Miller, having assigned over his estate and effects to Trustees, for the benefit of his Creditors, all persons who have any demand on his estate, are requested to attend at the office of Messrs.Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning, to execute the Deed of Assignment, and to deliver a particular of their demands before the 9th day of September next, or they will be excluded from their claims on the dividend; and all persons who are indebted to the said estate, are desired forthwith to pay their several debts to Messrs.Marshall and Verrall, as above.
Steyning, 15th August, 1811

MR. HENRY GATES, of Steyning, Butcher, having assigned over his estate and effects to Trustees, for the benefit of his Creditors, all persons who have any demand on his estate, are requested to attend at the office of Messrs.Marshall and Verrall, Solicitors, Steyning, to execute the Deed of Assignment, and to deliver a particular of their demands before the 9th day of September next, or they will be excluded from their claims on the dividend; and all persons who are indebted to the said estate, are desired forthwith to pay their several debts to Messrs.Marshall and Verrall, as above.
Steyning, 15th August, 1811


THE Reverend G. Gilbert Cooper, late of Ewhurst, in the county of Sussex, having assigned his estate and effects to Mr.Thomas Hilder, of Northiam, and Mr.Thomas Barton, of Battle, in trust, for the benefit of certain of his creditors. All persons who have any demands on the said Mr.Cooper, are requested to send the particulars thereof without delay to the said Thomas Hilder, or Thomas Barton.
August 26, 1811.