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Spanswick Most Wanted

This page makes an attempt to list all the "loose" ends uncovered so far while researching the various "branches" of the Spanswick Family Trees.

Pewsey Spanswick's (Wiltshire)

The first mention of the Spanswick surname in the Wiltshire Parish of Pewsey is in the Parish Register with the Baptism on the 28th November 1740 of Uriah Spanswick son of John and Edith Spanswick.

There is no trace of either a marriage between or the burial of either John or Edith at Pewsey. A Uriah Spanswick married Hester Akerman at Pewsey 24th May 1762 but while she appears in the burial register on 2nd April 1820 aged 82 the burial of Uriah is absent from the register.

I checked the Pewsey Parish register and discovered there are quite a few gaps - the registers from the year 1759 - 1775 were destroyed by accident. Bishops Transcripts partly fill the gap covering the years: 1767;1769-70;1772-74.

I had thought it was possible that the individuals below might all have been the childen of Uriah and Hester but who do not appear in the baptism register at Pewsey, either because of the gaps above or possibly if Uriah and Hester were Non Conformist (there was a Non Conformist presence in Pewsey as early as 1716 and John Wesley is believed to have preached at Pewsey Church in 1764). However on re-checking the surviving years I found the following baptisms: 8th January 1767 s/o Spansick & Heaster Besant; 20th November 1774 Elizabeth d/o Spansick & Hester Bezant; 16th December 1778 George s/o Spancik & Hester Bezent; 18th June 1780 Hester d/o Spansick & Hester Bezant.
Three of the children Elizabeth, George and William I am certain can be traced to Elizabeth, George and William Spanswick below. There is also one burial in the Parish Register 27th June 1786 Beazant Spanuck (which in the BT is entered as Spanswick Besent). And might be Hester (bap 1778).

Elizabeth Spanswick (aged 43 in 1818 for a Court appearance at Devizes) born c.1774/5 who appears at an earlier Pewsey Examination in 1797 and who had three to four children 1795-1808 baptised at Pewsey. I am certain she is Elizabeth baptised in 1774 above (in 1797 she is recorded as Elizth Spanswick Bezent at Kings Corner Pewsey).

Jno Spanswick aged 35 in 1797 again at the Pewsey examination born c.1761/62 who had married Elizabeth Amor at Pewsey 31st May 1785 and had three children baptised between 1786-1797 at Pewsey.

Uriah Spanswick who appears at Pewsey from 1798 when his first child was baptised to his death in 1850 aged 80 years born c.1769/70 (buried under the name of Hugh Spanswick).

James Spanswick who married Elizabeth Johnsons at Pewsey on 23rd Febrary 1798 and who baptised four children at Pewsey between 1800-1807 appearing at the 1804 Devizes Session accused of leaving his family chargeable to the Parish.

George Spanswick a pauper who appears in the 1851 Census for Wilcot aged 73 born c.1777/8 at Pewsey.Again I am certain he was the George baptised at Pewsey 1778 (above).

William Spanswick who was buried at Pewsey 17th March 1838 aged 70 born c.1767/68. Again I am certain he is William baptised 1767 (above) .He is probably the William Spanswick who has a son also called William Spanswick on 17th September 1797 and who's wife is named as Ann. On 17th March 1805 Ann was buried at Pewsey and William remarried 18th August 1805 to Susannah Peney. I have traced them in two parish's. In 1808 they baptised their daughter Mary Spandick at Iver, Buckinghamshire, when William was described as a papermaker and again at Iver, their son James Spanzick was baptised in 1816 (buried at Iver 1817). In between during 1811-1814 William and Susannah had three children baptised at West Drayton in Middlesex under the surname Spandwick.

Ramsbury Spanswick's (Wiltshire)

The first mention of the Spanswick surname in the Wiltshire Parish of Ramsbury appears in the Parish Register with the Marriage of John Spanswick a Labourer otp and Sarah Wright on 12th January 1738. They were married by licence and a Deans Marriage Bond survives which states that John was a Labourer , age 21 of Ilsley, Berkshire (East and West Ilsley records to be checked). They had four children Baptised between 1739 and 1750.Sarah was buried at Ramsbury in 1782 and John widower and pauper buried in 1784.

Easton Royal Spanswick's (Wiltshire)

The first mention of the Spanswick surname in the Wiltshire Parish of Easton Royal appears in the Parish Register with the Marriage of Thomas Spanswick and Phyllis Smart on 16th January 1786. They had eight children Baptised between 1786-1801. Phyllis was buried at Easton Royal in 1835 aged 77 and Thomas buried in 1843 aged 82 born c.1760/1 he had died at Pewsey Union Workhouse .

Spandwick in Farnham and Bagshot Surrey

On the 2nd February 1822 George Spandwick married Mary Sharp at Farnham St Mary Surrey (both George and Mary were described as being of Waverley). They are known to have had two daughters Mary Hannah Spandwick (baptised at Farnham 5th May 1822) and Lucy Spandwick (baptised at Farnham 16th March 1825) and George is described as a miller. George has been traced in the 1841 Census for Bagshot (again with occupation as a miller)and was buried at Bagshot in 1847 aged 55 (which if correct puts his birth at 1791/2). Mary Hannah Spandwick married James Bailey on 3rd March 1841 at Windlesham, and Lucy Spandwick married Frederick Hoptroff 24th November 1845, again at Windlesham.
The origins of George Spandwick are proving somewhat elusive.

Spanswick's in Hertfordshire

John Spanswick was buried at St John the Great Sawbridgeworth August 13th 1817 described as being of Sawbridgeworth aged 57. There is a remote possibility that this is the same John Spanswick described as a Gentleman of St George Hanover Square when his will was drawn up in 1802 and which was probated 7th October 1817 (for details see Wills). I have been unable to find any record of any Spanswick burials at St George Hanover Square equally there appear to be no further Spanswick burials at Sawbridgeworth or surviving Monumental Inscriptions.

Spanswick's in the USA

I have a copy of the marriage application of Frank Spanswick to dated 1906 . This was the third marriage of Frank Spanswick and states that he was born September 16th 1847 in Pittsburg PA. His parents are named as Benjamin F Spanswick and Emma Mowrey.
I believe are very likely to be the parents of William J (age 8) , Mary Jane (age 6) and Francis [known as Frank] (age 4) Spanswick who appear at an Orphan Asylum on the 1850 Census of Allegheny City Pennsylvania. In addition we also have in Allegheny County in the Birmingham Borough Census of 1850 is a Martha Spanswick (aged 10) living in a household headed by a Mary Mowery (age 53) possibly the sister of Emma above [?].

Spanswick's in Bermuda

George Spanswick a Batchelor married Mary Ann Young March 18th 1883 at Sandy Bermuda. On January 10th 1899 George Spanswick age 38 years of Sandy Late 86th Regt of Foot was buried.

In 1881 the 86th Regiment of Foot left Dover for Bermuda. I've checked the LDS 1881 Census and can find no trace of the Regiment in the UK and presume he was at this stage en route. A search at the PRO at Kew failed to turn up his discharge papers and assuming the age at death was correct - I have no George Spanswick's so far recorded as born c.1860/1