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You will notice that some of the links go to blank pages. This site is still being developed. Eventually information will be available in every link, but I wanted to get some information out for your examination.

I've tried to make this information as accurate as possible. No one researching their ancestry can be absolutely certain of all the data they collect. I try to make sure on this site that assumptions or speculation are not mistaken for verified fact. If you have supplemental information or corrections please send them to me via E-mail and I'll add them to this database. In the meantime, enjoy your visit.                                                              


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    The Drury family had been a prominent Catholic family in East Anglia for over six hundred years. After Henry VIII separated from the Catholic Church in the Sixteenth Century, persecution of Catholics grew rapidly. Drury influence and fortunes declined in this anti-Catholic atmosphere and many found it advantageous to emigrate to America by the following century.

    Some who had converted to Protestant faiths still found it stifling in England and chose to emigrate to New England and Virginia. Those in the north gradually spread westward into New York and beyond. Those in Virginia went south and west into what is today the Carolinas and Tennessee.

    This site traces descendants of those who chose to remain  Catholic. For the most part these Drurys came to southern Maryland where the Colonial Charter at least proclaimed religious freedom though at times actuality was far less liberal. Later, when they chose to move on, the movement was to far western Virginia, which later became Kentucky, and beyond that to Missouri and the southwest.

    Other families from Maryland intermarried with the Drurys over the years. Each of them, so far as is known, will also be represented  by a web page or by links to sites maintained by other researchers.


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