Wilmoth Family

Surry County, NC

Welcome to the Wilmoth Family of Surry County, North Carolina Web Site.

This site will be a work in progress for the next few months. I am beginning with my grandparents who left Surry County for Chesterfield County Virginia in the 1910's. Then I will add ancestors as I build the site.

I currently have over 3,000 names recorded in my family tree. However, like most beginners, most are not as fully documented, as I would like. Therefore, when I create a new page it will contain as much documentation as I can provide.

Please contact me by email with any corrections or requests for copies of original documentation.

Index to my relations:

Alberty, Naomie A

Armittie C (Ida) Alberty

Holcomb, Susannah

Jennings, Rosa C

Lassiter, Mary Jane

McPherson, Elizabeth (Bettie)

Smith, Carrie Elizabeth

Smith, Dabner Caldwell

Smith, Ephraim David

White, Mildred Arnette (Armitie)

White, William M

William, Ciscero

Williams, Julina Golden

Wilmoth, Ruffin (James)

Wilmoth, William Edgar

Wilmoth, Stephen



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