Dyer Families of New England
Researching all DYER, DYRE, DYAR and DIER surnames in New England

Frank E. Dyer Jr.

The Dyer Family (click the picture for a larger image). Picture taken Spring 1997)
"My Dyer's" (Click picture for larger image)
(Marnie (Lord) Dyer, John Kenneth Dyer, Frank E. Dyer Jr., Carol Ann (O'Shea) Dyer, Donna (Sissick) Dyer,
Amanda Dyer, Brittany Dyer, Frank E. Dyer III (aka "Chip")

John Dyer, Carol Dyer, Frank (Chip) Dyer III, Frank Dyer Jr.

Grandkids 2005 (Amanda, Brandon, Brittany)


Frank Edwin Dyer Jr. passed away peacefully at age 72 at his home at 11:40PM on April 14, 2009.

Book of Memories for Frank Dyer, Jr. at Browne Memorial Funeral Chapels

Expressions of condolences may be sent to: Carol Dyer cdyer77345<at>aol.com

Memorial donations may be made to: Phoenix Community Cancer Center

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My Ancestors William Dyer of Sheepscot,Me.(c.1620-1689)and George Dyer of Dorchester, Ma. (1579?-1672)

Total Individuals 12366, Earliest Birth Year:1540: Surnames 1827

Every Person on Rootsweb World Connect Project
14 Generation Descendant Report of William Dyer
14 Generation Decendant Report of George Dyer

Last Updated 1/1/2009

William Dyer of R.I. (1609-c.1676)& Wife Mary Barrett (The Martyr)
Added Dr. William Dyer of Truro as Grandson, 2/4/03

Total Individuals:28007, Earliest Birth Year:1567: Surnames:3597

Every Person on Rootsweb World Connect Project

15 Generation Descendant Report of William Dyer

Argument for adding Dr. William Dyer

Some Notes on Mary (Barrett) Dyer

Biography of Mary (Barrett) Dyer

Charter of Rhode Island & Prov. Plantations 1663

Last Updated 1/2/2009

Deacon Thomas Dyer of Weymouth, Ma. (c.1612-1676)(Compiled by Marshall Johnson, Deceased 12/10/98)

Total Individuals:12424, Earliest Birth Year:1540: Surnames:1830

Every Person on Rootsweb World Connect Project

14 Generation Descendant Report of Dea. Thomas Dyer

Last Updated 1/1/2009

Ancestor Richard Mann (c.1609-1655)of Scituate, Mass.

Total Individuals:3335, Earliest Birth Year:1590: Surnames:773

Every Person on Rootsweb World Connect Project
14 Generation Descendant Report of Richard Mann

Last Updated 2/23/2009

New England Dyer Mayflower Descendants
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Last Updated 9/9/2008

"Lost" and "Found" Dyers (Please Submit Your Queries to:

Dyer Family Genealogy Forum
(MY Lost DYER's on Rootsweb World Connect)

(Report of all Lost DYER's)

Total Individuals:8692, Earliest Birth Year:1607: Surnames:1572

Last Modified 1/4/2009

Links to Other DYER Researchers

Some Documentation I have on File.

Photos, Gravestones, Etc.

Vital Records of Braintree, Massachusetts 1640-1793
Completed 3/15/00

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Cemetery Listings of Norfolk County, Mass.
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Genealogies of the Families of Braintree, Quincy, Weymouth, Randolph, Holbrook, etc., Ma.

Combined the "Genealogies of the Families of Braintree" & "The History Of Weymouth, Ma." as one easily searchable file on "Rootsweb Worldconnect".

49626 Individuals & 3022 Surnames, Earliest Birth Date abt. 1300

Report on Rootsweb World Connect Project

Last Updated 1/1/2009

"Genealogies of the Families of Braintree, Ma." 1640-1850 by Waldo Chamberlain Sprague(NEHGS)

This CD-ROM by Waldo Chamberlain Sprague of Wollaston (Quincy), Mass. includes families from 1640-1850 from "old" BRAINTREE and the modern towns of RANDOLPH, HOLBROOK and QUINCY after the separation from Braintree in 1792-3. The original hand written records by Sprague on 6,196 5x8" index cards were micro-filmed. This micro-film is one of the most asked for at the N.E.H.G.S. in Boston and also at the Quincy, Mass. Hist. Society. Frank E. Dyer, Jr., of Enfield, Connecticut, painstakingly transcribed the entire manuscript from the original handwritten 5" x 8" index cards for this CD-ROM, which was sent May 20, 1997 to the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Now available from the NEHGS in CD-ROM format by calling 1-888-296-3447 (Item #CD-BF $39.99) or their Online Store


Dick Eastman's Online newsletter about "Sprague" CD

Introduction to "Sprague"

Families in "Sprague"

New England Ancestors.org (NEHGS)
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