Dyers of New England on CD-ROM

I have donated a copy of this CD to the NEHGS in Boston, Mass.

My name is Frank "Sonny" DYER and I was born 3 Jun.1936 in Norwood, Mass., grew up in Wakefield, Mass., moved (abt.1952) to North Quincy, Mass., and then (1962) to Enfield, Conn., where I presently reside.
Genealogy and salt water fishing in Rhode Island are my hobbies.
I graduated (1954) from North Quincy High School, Quincy, Mass.
Spent 6 years in Army National Guard and 2 years active duty in Korea.
Worked in a rivet factory, and as an auto mechanic & drove a taxi in North Quincy, Mass. for a while.
Attended East Coast Aero Technical School at Hanscom Field, Lexington, Mass. and received an aircraft mechanics license from the FAA.
In June 1964, I married Carol Ann O'Shea, and we have 2 sons & 3 grandchildren:
Son: Frank "Chip", his wife, Donna; grandson, Brandon.
Son: John, his wife, Marnie; grandaughters, Brittany & Amanda.
Worked for Hamilton Standard Division of United Technologies for 32 years and retired in Sep 1994 (Golden Handshake) as an Instrumentation Analyst.
I spend the summers salt water fishing in Rhode Island and the winters dabbling at genealogy.
In December of 1997 I was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer and went through the fun of Chemo & Radiation treatments, and have been going from x-rays & cat scans ever since.
Had a Heart Attack on Oct.24,2004, and had two "stents" installed to open blockages.
(So far.. I'm still "above ground")
The objective of this web site is to track down all the DYER families in New England and try to place them into their proper trees.
I started doing my tree about 1990 and found that quite a few DYER names were "confused" with the wrong families, so I decided to try and collect all the information I could and attempt to sort it out.
With a lot of help from other dedicated DYER researchers (too numerous to list) we have come a long way in correcting some blatant errors.
It seems there were about five "different" DYER families in New England in the 17th century:
1.) William DYER.Esq. of Sheepscot, Maine, killed by Indians in 1689. (My Ancestor)
2.) George DYER of Dorchester, Massachusetts (Arrived on the "Mary & John" 1630) (My Ancestor)
3.) Deacon Thomas DYER of Boston & Weymouth, Massachusetts.
4.) William & Mary (Barrett) DYER of Boston & Rhode Island.
5.) Dr. William DYER of Truro, Barnstable, Mass. (Combined with William of R.I.(Grandson) 2/4/03)

Famous People:
President John Adams was my 2nd cousin, 8 times removed.
John Calvin Coolidge-1872-1933 (30th President) was my 9th cousin, once removed.
President Abraham Lincoln: Mordecai Lincoln was my half 7th great-granduncle by his wife (Sarah Jones). Mordecai had a son Mordecai, born Apr.24,1686, died Jun.7,1736 at Philadelpia, Pa. who had a son *John who was the great grandfather of President Abraham Lincoln. *John removed to Virginia and settled in Augusta County. His sons were John, Thomas, Abraham5, Isaac and Jacob. Abraham5 resided first at No. Carolina, but abt. 1782 removed to Beargrass Fort, Ky. His sons were Modecai, Josiah, and Thomas who was the father of President Lincoln.

I will periodically update the Family trees of these DYERS on "Dyer Families of New England", and your comments, corrections, etc. are most welcome.

If you are kind enough to send me any information and you don't want your name or e-mail mentioned as a source, Please tell me.

You might also want to browse my "Lost" section to see if you recognize anyone.

"Genealogies of the Families of Braintree, Ma." The NEHGS has published this work in CD format, and may be ordered by calling 1-888-296-3447 and asking for Item #CD-BF ($39.99).

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