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Welcome to the home page of the Dykes Family Tree.

This site is a front page for research currently being conducted into the Dykes Family Tree. The tree itself is hosted with WorldConnect. 

Research into the Dykes Family Tree began with Josephine Hilary Dykes in the year 2000, with her asking preliminary questions of different family members. After her passing, research would come to a standstill until Daniel Dykes continued the research in 2003. To date, the research has been quite successful with the uncovering of previously unknown family history which also resulted in contact being made between family 'strains' who had not communicated since approximately the 1940's. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any enquiries or information pertaining to the Dykes Family Tree or any related families. 

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Reginald Thomas Dykes
& Edith Parker

Believed Details:

  • Edith born first quarter 1906, possibly in Warrington, Lancashire, England
  • Daughter of Charles Parker, mother unknown.
  • Reginald (also called Thomas Reginald Dykes) born 2 March, 1903 in Warrington. 
  • Married on 5 June 1926. 
  • Reginald and Edith are believed to have had two sons before World War II, may have had more children. 
  • After WWII Reginald left Edith, though a divorce was never formalised.
  • Reginald died in 1955.

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Reginald Thomas Dykes - Late 1940's

Reginald Thomas Dykes - c.WWII

Photos of Reginald Dykes.

Unknown Father

Believed Details:

  • Few details about this person have been confirmed, bar their photo (right).
  • Partner to Winifred Ridley after World War I and possibly before as well.
  • Likely to have lived in Portsea or Portsmouth as this is where he met Winifred. 
  • Known to have proposed to Winifred, though she turned him down. 
  • May have lost a leg during the war, though this is family lore.
  • Most likely born in the late 1800's (between 1880 and 1890 is presumed). 
  • Photo on right is only known photo of man, larger image available. 

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Unknown Male - c. 1910 - 1917

Can you identify that uniform?




Daniel Dykes

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