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Morkill Crest

family crest from chart -

Descent of Morkill,
of Austhorpe and Newfield Hall,
in the West Riding
of the County of York.

compiled by -

J. W. Morkill
28th March, 1915

Many of the events in these pages occurred in the Eastern Townships area of Québec, Canada. Samuel Brooks was born in Massachusetts and later moved to Canada. Thomas Morkill was born in England and some of his descendants emigrated to Canada, some settling in Québec and others in Manitoba and British Columbia.

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Abbott, Arms, Armstrong, Ashe, Bainbridge, Ball, Ballingall, Baron, Bedel, Bowen, Brewster, Cantwell, Clark, Clarke, Coote, Crabb, Crosby, Cruikshank, Dalby, Dean, Du, Toit, England, Fairbairn, Falshaw, Flagg, Gallinger, Gibbs, Greenlee, Greenwood, Griffeth, Griffith, Guthrie, Hamilton, Hammond, Hazeltine, Hitchcock, Hobson, Hood, Hurd, Johnson, Laird, Lawrence, LeBaron, Leveson-Gower, Lounsbury, Lowe, Lyford, Lynch, MacKay, Maguire, Mara, Marquis, Merkill, Merriman, Mills, Mitchell, Morkil, Nesmeth, Oliver, Osgood, Oughtred, Parmelee, Parsons, Pennoyer, Picket, Renwick, Richmond, Robins, Rogers, Ryley, Sanborn, Small, Stevens, Stockwell, Theobald, Thompson, Tomlinson, Tooke, Towle, Tuck, Varvell, Wadleigh, Wilkinson, Woodley and Wright.