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1875 map of Vermont

I've published this site of the Caledonia County, Vermont area Somers information I have compiled, hoping that others who are interested in this family will stumble across it. I'm researching these Somers as I believe my Somers of Québec are connected to Robert Somers and Harriet Almeda Sheldon through their son Thomas Gilkerson Somers. So far though, I have not been able to find any trace of Thomas beyond his birth, other than as a witness at his brother David's burial.

Much of the data you will find here came from the book History of Barnet, Vermont by Frederic Palmer Wells (1923; reprint, Salem, Massachusetts: Higginson Book Company, 2003), pages 608-619. According to the book, the original Somers families in Barnet and surrounding areas are all descended from two brothers, Claud and Bartholomew Somers. They were born in Scotland about 1690 or 1700, and married sisters. Between these two couples were at least four sons; Claud, Bartholomew, Hugh and Robert. There is also a fifth branch of the family founded by John Somers.

Other sources of information include; History of Ryegate, Vermont by Edward Miller and Frederic Palmer Wells (St. Johnsbury, Vermont: The Caledonian Company, 1913), pages 528-531, census records, and the Barnet, Caledonia County, Vermont site, part of the Vermont GenWeb Project.

The two aforementioned books, while helpful, have been problematic. The data shown for some of the people in common between these books does not match in many cases, and the History of Barnet, Vermont contains two major contradictions that I have yet to resolve; see Bartholomew Somers and Bartholomew Somers, and William Somers and William Somers for details.

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Other surnames that will be found include:

Abbott, Aiken, Albiser, Allen, Andrews, Avery, Bailey, Bandy, Batchelder, Beauson, Blaisdell, Blanchard, Bovee, Bradley, Brock, Brown, Buchanan, Burke, Butler, Butterfield, Button, Carlin, Carr, Carrick, Cascadden, Cassidy, Chandler, Chapham, Cheney, Cilley, Clark, Clifford, Cole, Coulter, Cowan, Cross, Cummings, Curtis, Daniels, Darling, Denmead, Dewey, Dodds, Donahue, Dykes, Eames, Emerson, Esden, Evarts, Everden, Farnham, Farnsworth, Ferguson, Flanders, Foster, Freeland, Galbraith, Gammell, Gibson, Gilchrist, Gilfillan, Gilkerson, Gill, Goodwillie, Goudy, Gray, Hackett, Hadley, Hall, Harvey, Hobart or Herbert, Hobart or Hurlburt, Hooker, Hoss, Hunt, Hunter, Hyndman, Ide, Ingalls, Jackson, Jamison, Jones, Kennedy, Kent, Kidder, Kimball, Kinney, Lackie, Laird, Lang, Lee, Lester, Lewis, Lindsay, Lund, Magoon, Mann, McCulloch, McKeage, McKercher, McLaren, McNab, McNeil, McVane, Metcalf, Miller, Mills, Moore, Morris, Morrison, Morse, Moser, Moulton, Moy, Nelson, Newell, Norton, Noyes, Parker, Partridge, Paterson, Pierce, Plummer, Pollard, Potter, Randall, Redmond, Richardson, Rockwell, Rolf, Rolfe, Roy, Russell, Samuel, Sandisland, Schaffer, Shearer, Sheldon, Smith, Somers, Sommers, Sproat, Strobridge, Stuart, Taisey, Thompson, Thorn, Towne, Trimble, Trumbull, Vitty, Walker, Wallace, Warden, Waterman, Weeks, Whitehill, Willis, Wilson, Woods, Woodward, Worth and Wright.