Probate Book A Index



Probate Court Record
Book A
Noxubee County, Mississippi
Transcribed by E. Annette Hudson Rose, 1998

When I first began this search, I copied only the pages with my family names. With that in mind, please forgive that all the index will not appear here. I did not copy any entries made under the alpha "A". Also, the upper and lower corners of the microfilmed pages were extremely dark, making deciphering almost impossible, some page numbers do not appear. The names are as I could make them out to be, not absolute, it is recommended that this list be used for clues, that you research the film, yourself.

[Only a portion of the Index is available here, I still need to finish transcribing the rest of it. I thought it was better to post what I have than to never get it up?]

Should you care to obtain a copy of the records, you can go to the Family History Center at a nearby Church of the Latter Day Saints and order the microfilm. The cost in nominal and certainly worth the effort.

You are the to use this page, thanks for stopping by. Remember to post your information so others might find you. Use the surname mail lists, the county query boards, anything you can post on....sign all the guest books....just get it out there, someone will find you.

Beamon, Noah		      	Bond		ad
Barnet, Ruben			Bond		ad ........	
Br(Breedlove)Thomas W           Guardian Bond   James, Mary Ann, and ________
Barr, Jon D., dec'd		---& List 	of the Estate of __________
Beard, William, dec'd		agreement	between the heirs of			
Bartlett, John			Bond		sheriff
Barnett, Joel			List of 	Notes					      
Bridges, Alfred		        Guardian Bond   Caroline J. Atkinson		    
Breedlove, Thomas		List		of the amount of property		   
Baker, R.C.		        Bond		        Justice of the Peace			  
Bennett, William dec'd	        Of the Estate   of Jos. L. Hunter	      
Bennett, William dec'd		Act of 	        of the Estate of ------------   
Bowen, Sarah A.		        Adm. Bond       Estate of Jno Bowen, deceased	
Bowen, John , dec'd		warrant 	List of Appraisement			   
Bullick, W.K.			Power Atto.	Levi Windham			          
Barnes, Jno W.		   	Letter/Admin    Joseph J.M. Barnes, dec'd	   
 Do--Do--& Robbins		Admin		Bond--Do--do---			          
Barnes, J.M., dec'd		Warrant		of Appraisements			       
Barnes, J.M., dec'd		List		of notes & accounts			       
Barnett, Charles, 		Adm.	Return		Estate C.W. --attan, dec'd			   
Bennett, Wm, dec'd		return							               
Barnes, Jos. J.M., dec'd	return							           
Bowen, Jno, dec'd									                   
Billips, T.C.			Letter Gua.	Jas & Jno Baldwin		        			
  Do---Do----			Bond		-Do---Do-------			           
Ballard L.W., dec'd		Report 						        
   Do---Do----			return of 	notes					        
Baldwin, W.W., dec'd		Report						        
Baldwin Jno & JamesG. 		Return 	of	Guardian				       
Bred...., Alfred		Bond Gaur.	C.J. Atkinson				        
Barnes, J.J.W., dec'd		Return of 	Rent of Land				        
Bowen, Jno, dec'd		Rept.of		Inventory				        
Bennett, Wm, dec'd		Adm.		Return					      
Barnes, Mary E			Letters		Lewis M Barnes, dec'd	  	       
---Do---Do-----			Bond		      
Bridges, R.B.			Letter Adm	Est. J.W. Barnes, dec'd		      
---Do---Do-----			Bond				       
Barnes, Jno			Letters Adm 	Wesley Barnes, dec'd		       
--Do---Do-----			Bond		-------- -----  ---------			      
Barham, Thos N			Letter Adm	Chas C____				      
--Do---Do---			Bond		------- ------- -  --------		       
Bridges, Alfred			Adm Ltter	Caroline J. Atkinson, dec'd		     
--Do--Do—			Bond		---------- ------  --------- 		       
Ballard, ___ M., dec'd		Bill 		of Sale						       
Barnes, Jos. J.M.		Adm Return	notes & accounts			       
Barnes, Wesley, dec'd		Appr			of 
Barnes, Lewis M.		Return
Barnes, J.J.M.			
Baldwin, Jno & James		Guard		Return
Binion, Job H.			Letters Guar    Wm Hudson				       
--Do--Do—			Bond		 	"   "					       
Barnes, John W. dec'd		Appraisement 	of Estate				       
---Do--Do---			Bill of sale						       
--Do---Do---			List of money, notes & accounts of			      
Beasley, Henry O.		Letters 	Adm Estate of John Hudson		      
 "        	 "   		Bond  		 "	"	"	"			      
"	"			"		Letters Adm 	Estate of F. Hudson			       
"	"			Bond            "	"	"	"			       
Bridges, A.			Guardian Return C. Atkinson				       
Badger, J.B.			Guardian Bond 	J.B. Badger Jr.			       
"	"			Letters						       
Barnes, Luther Adm		Bond 		Estate of J.L. Lawson dec'd			       
---Do-----			Letters						       
Bledsoe, Elizabeth E.		Pettion 	to Court					      
"	"	"				Rept of Court of Dower				      
Barnes, J.W., dec'd		Return of Acct					       
Binion, Job H.			Registration 	as Guardian				       
Barnes, L.M.			Return							       
Beasley, Henry O.		Return 		upon the estate of Hudson			       
Bledsoe, Joseph dec'd		Appraisment						       
Bledsoe, Mrs. Elizabeth E.	Allotment 	of her dec'd husband estate		       
Blewett, Thos G.		Letter Admen 	Alex Montgomery dec'd		      
--Do---Do—			Bond							       
Badger J.B.			Guard. Ret.						       
Bledgsoe, Joseph		List 		of Sales						       
Billups Thos C.			Guardian of 	Jno. B. Baldwin, Annual Return		      
Campbell G.W. 			Admins. 	John Campbell, deceased 
Campbell, John, dec'd 		Warrent 	& letters Of the estate of 
Campbell, Simon 
Coleman, William R 		Letter 
Calloway, Travis W. 		Admin. Bond 	Estate of William Calloway 
" " 				L.C. 			" " " " " " 
Calloway, William, dec'd 	-?-&List of apprais. Of the Estaste of 
Callowy, Larkin C. 		Guardian Bond	Allen M. Calloway 
" 	 Abner B. 		" " 		Abner H. Calloway 
" 	Larkin C. 		" " 		Ann Calloway 
Carter, Christopher A., dec'd 	Warrent&List 	of Apprais of the Estate of 
" " 		" " 				Account of Sale of the Estate of 
Conner Wm F. & Francis 		Admin Bond 	Estate of Boly Conner, dec'd 
Conner, Boly, dec		Warrent & List of Apprais of the Estate of 
" 	" 	" 					of Division 
" 	" 	" 		Return of 		" " " " 
" 	" 	" 		Amount of Sales of undivided property of 
Cunningham, Robert H. dec'd 	List 		of Sales Estate of 
Cor__thon, W.T. 		Bond 		Coranor 
Cunningham, William @ 		Adm. Bond 	Estate of John Williams, dec'd 
Cuynningham, R H dec'd 		List of sales   Estate of 
Coleman, William R 		Guar. Bond 	Amanda Williams 
" " " 				" " 		Catharine Williams 
Callaway, William, dec'd 	List of Sale 	of the Estate of 
Cockburn, George __ 		Bond 		estate Jas K_____ dec'd 
Colbert, F.L 			Adm Bond 	Dr James M____ dec'd 
Cauthorn, W.L. 			Bond 		Rangers of Noxubee Cty 
Cunningham, Robt. H. dec'd 			Act. Of Sales of Estate 
Calloway, A.B, 			Ga. Bond 	Coleman(d) H Calloway 
Colloway, L.E 			" " 		Allen M Calloway 
" " " 				" " 		Sarah Ann Calloway 
Cockburn, George J Evans 	Letters of Administration _______ 
Colbert Wm ____ 		Gau Settlement with the court of Alabama 
Cockrell, W., dec'd 		Warrant of appraisement of Estate of 
Connor, William , 		Adm Boly Connor dec'd List of Final Settlement 
Coleman, William C.		 Adm Bond 	Jno Williams dec'd 
Carter, C.A., dec'd 		Return List     of sales of land 
Cockrell, William, dec'd 			Return List of estate 
Calloway, William, dec'd 			Sale of land Estate of 
Connelly, J. Admin 		Bond 		Estate M H Connelly 
Callaway, LC & F.W 		Adm Return 	W. Callaway, dec'd 
Co______, W., dec'd 		Adm Return 	of estate 
Calloway, A. B. 		Guardian 	Letters 
Coleman, William C. 		Return Adm 	Jno Williams, dec'd 
Cockrell, Wm, dec'd 		Return Adm 	James Bands H___
Calloway, L.C. 			Guardian Return final settlement __
Cockrell, William, dec'd 	Adm 		 Return of estate ___
_________, WR, guardian 	Return 		Amanda Williams 
" DO " DO 			" Return 	N.K. Williams 
Cockrell, Wm dec'd 				Report of Commissioners 
Clement Jeff., dec'd 		Warrent 		Appraisement 
Callaway, Wm, dec'd 		Adm. Return     of dec'd Estate 
Cockrell, Wm dec'd 				Rep ___________ 
" DO " DO 			" " 		Sale of Land 
" DO " DO         		" " 			Return of same 
" DO " DO         		" " 			Annual Admin 
Callaway, C.H.		 	Letters of Gau. David C. Callaway 
Callaway, David C. 		Guard 		Return 
Clement, Jefferson, dec'd 	Adm 			Returns of Notes & accounts 
C___way, H.C. 					Return 
Coleman H. Callaway 				Guard 
Clements, Margaret J. 		Letters 	Exr S. Perkins, dec'd 
" " 				" " 		Bond 	" " " 
Carr, Charles 			Appraisment	of said Estate 
Cockrell, Wm 			Adm Return 	of said 
Carr, Charles 			Sale Bill 	of said Estate 
Cade, John M. 			Letters 	Guardianship 
" DO "DO			 " 		Bond 
Coleman, W.B. 			Guard 		Return 
Callaway, David C. 		Guard 		Return 
Callaway, Sarah 		Guard 		Return 
Callaway, A.M 			Guard 		Return 
Cotton, William E. dec'd 			Adm Bond 
" DO " DO 			" " 		Letters 
Cabiniss, William 		Adm Bond 	Dianah Hawkins dec'd 
" DO "DO	 		Petetion 	 " DO 
" DO "DO 			Inventory 	 " DO 
Cotton, Jno R. 			Adm Inventory  	notes & accounts W.C. Cotton dec'd 
" DO "DO " 			Return & List   sales of personal property " " 
Cabiness, Wm Adm 		Account of 	sale of D. Hawkins dec'd 
Cockrell, Wm dec'd 		Petition 	of Admin 
Carr, Charles, dec'd 		Adm 		Return 
Cotton, A __ 			Guardian 	Bond 
" " " 				" " 		Letters 
Cotton, W. C 			Adm 		Return 
Callaway, C.H.			Guar 		Return 
Coleman, _____ 			Guar 		Return 
Cotton, W 			Appr of 	said Estate 
(No "D" or "E" included here) - F -
Freeman, Richard 		Warrent 	of Appraisement and Inventory __
Felder, Gabriel 		Adm Bond 	Estate of ?Gidion? ?Heston? dec'd 
" " " 				" " 		Estate of Robert H. Cunningham 
Frutrell, Susan & J. Glass 	" " 			Estate of Wm Futrell dec'd 
Frutrell, William, dec'd		  	Warrent of Appraisement of the Estate of 
" " " " 			acct. 		Of sales of the Estate of 
" " " " 			List of Notes 		" " " " 
" " " " 					Sale of land 
Foote, H. W.			Adm Bond 	Thos. M. Foote 
Freeman, R.B. dec'd 		Adm of 		the said Estate 
" DO `" DO " "         		 " "    		      " " 
Foote, Thos M. dec'd 		Bill of Sales 	of dec'd Estate 
" DO   " DO "     		Appraisement 	" " " 
Foote, Gilson Letters 		Gaurd. 		F Huger Dade 
" DO 	" DO " 			Bond 		" DO " DO " 
Foote, Thos. M., dec'd				Final Return of same 
Futrell, Wm, dec'd 		Adm 			Return 
Freeman, Richard B. dec'd 			Adm Return of Sale 
Furguson, Charles dec'd 			Appr. Of dec'd Estate 
Foote, H. W. 			Letters 	of Administration 
" " 				Bond 
Foote, Geo. H 			Sales 		of Land H.C. Dade dec'd 
" DO 	"DO " 			Bond 		" DO "DO " 
Furguson, Chas. dec'd 		Sale 		Bill of said dec'd 
" DO " 	DO " 			Adm Return 	of " DO " 
Fife, Mrs. Ann A        	Report of 	commissioners division property
Furgerson, Chas. dec'd 		Report 		of Admin dec'd Estate 
Fife, Mrs. Ann A 		Report of 	commissioners division property 
Ford, Hilliard H 		Adm Letters 	Elisha Ford, dec'd 
Freeman, Richard 		Admin 		Return of said Estate
Ford, Hilliard H. 		Admin 		Bond Elisha Ford, dec'd 
Finnell, Bennett 		Adm 		Letters Robt Freeman 
Ford, Saray 			Letters 	to Probate court 
Finnell, Bennett 		Bond 		Adm R. Freeman 
Farrow, A. Guard. 	Rets.Minor heirs 	of W.J. Glass, dec'd 6
Ford, Elisha, dec'd 		Appraisement 	of said Estate 
Ferguson, Charles, deceased 			Appraisement of the Estate 
- G -
Glass, William J 		Appraisement 	Warrant of ___
Glass, William J 		Inventory 	Estate of ___
Grant, Rubin H 			Guardian Bond   Minor heirs of Bolly Conner 
Gandy, Foster, dec'd 		Appraisement 	Warrant of 
" 	" 	" 		Account of Sale " " 
Gandy, John 			Guardian Bond 	J.J. & Sarah F. Gandy 
" " 	" 			"	" 	Mary Ann Gandy 
Gellispie, James, dec'd 	Appraisement 	Warrant 
Gully, Samuel 			Justice Peace Bond 
Gray, David 			Justice Peace Bond 
Gaston, L.B. 			Bond 		Justice of the Peace 
Glass, John H 			" " 		Constable 
Gillispie, Mrs. C.A. 		Dower Assignment of Estate J. Glass, dec'd
Gillispie, James, dec'd 	Acts 		Sales 
Gilbert, L 			Bond 		Tax Collector 
Gandy, Foster, dec'd 		Division of Property among heirs of said dec'd 
Glass, James, 			Adm Wm F__twell Return on said estate 
Gandy, John, 			Guar Return 	Joseph J. & S.F. Gandy 
Glass, Jas & ?Joel? 		Letter of Admin V Glass, dec'd 
Gillespie, Jas. , dec'd 	Sale of cotton 	of dec'd estate 
Glass, Vincent, dec'd 		Bill of Appraisement 
" 	" 	" 		Divison of property 
" 	" 	" 		Sale " " 
" 	" 	" 		List of Notes 
Gillispie, James, dec'd 	Adm Return 	of Final Account 
" 	" 	" 		Guard 		for minor heir return 
Grammill, Jas., dec'd 		Letters 	Isaac Jeten 
" 	" 	" 		Bond 		" " 
Garrett, James 			Adm Letters 	Anderson Russell 
" 	" 			Bond 		" " " 
Gilmer, Thos. M., dec'd 	Bill of Appraisement of said estate
Gilmer, Thos. M 		Letters Admin 	of Mary A. Gilmer 
Gilmer, Mary A. 		Bond 
Glass, Vincent, dec'd 		Adm Return 
Gray, Elizabeth B 		Letters of Admin William Gray, dec'd 
Glass, Vincent, dec'd 		Adm Return 
Gray, Elizabeth B. 		Adm Bond 	Wm Gray, dec'd 
Gandy, Temperance Mrs 		Return of Dower by commissioners 
Glass, Martha A 		Guardian 	Return 
Greer, M.A. 			Adm Resignation of J.M. Sanders, dec'd 
Gammile, Jas A. 		Adm Return 	John Jeton dec'd 
Gammile, Jas A. 		Guard Return 	Minors of J. Jetton 
Grey, Wm dec'd 			Warrent 	of Appraisement 
Gilmer, Mary A.		 	Admx Return on the estate of Thos. M. Gilmer 
Gilmer, Thos M. dec'd 		Division of property 
"DO "DO "DO 			Return of said 
Gray, Wm 			Admx 		Return 
Gilmore T.M.			Admx 		Return ___
- H-
Harrison, James T. 		Admin.Bond 	Willison J. Glass ___
Haynes Thomas J. 		Admin Bond 	Richard B. Freeman dec'd ___
Henderson, Martha & Thomas 	Ex. Bond 	Will of William G Henderson dec'd ___
" William G. dec'd 		Warrant of Appraisement of the estate of ___
Hester, Gideon dec'd 		" 	"	 " 	" 	" 	" ___
" 	" 	" 		Account of Sales of the estate Gab Felder ___
Harbor, Abner 			Guardian Bond 	David C Calloway ___
Howard T.S. 			Adm Bond Lewis 	Cole dec'd 
Hudson Frederick 		Gar. Bond 	Lucy S. Ragan 
" 	" 	" 		" " 		List of property of Ac 
Hurst, E. M.			Bond 		Justice Peace 
Heathman, J.N. 			Bond 		Constable 
Henson, John 			Bond Adm 	John Henson dec'd 
Hunter, J & L Admin 		Bond 		William Bennett dec'd 
Hunter, John dec'd 		Warrant 	& List of the estate 
Henson, John, dec'd 		Warrant 	& List of the estate 
" 	" 	" 		Bill of Sale 	of the estate 
Hester, Gedian dec'd 		Bill of Sale ----of----- 
Harrison, James T 		Final settlement of estate of Willison J Glass 
Hudson, Frederick, 		Gar Return List Lucy S Ragan for 1837&38 
Haynes, John 			Bond 		Justice of Peace 
Hudson, John 			Adm Bond 	Joseph Thompson dec'd 
Hearteman, John 		Bond 		Coroner 
Hughes, Daniel 			Adm Bond 	Elizabeth Hughes dec'd 
Henderson, W. G. 		Warrant 	of Appraisment 
Howard F. & Robert 		Exr Bond 	Graves Howard dec'd 
Howard, Graves, dec'd 		Warrant 	of Appraisement 
Henderson, Thos J 		Return 		Final Settlement of estate 
Howard Robt F Thomas 		Bond 		Executor of John Johnson dec'd 
Arbor, Abner 			Return 		Guardian David Calloway 
Hunter, J.L. 			Adm of W Gennett dec'd Return of sale of cotton 
" 	" 			" 	" 	of said estate 
Haynes, Thos J 			Bond Guard 	Leroy M Scott 
Haynes, A.G. 			Bond Guard 	Robert & Antoinette Scott 
Houghton, Rich'd 		Admin Bond 	Jas Laughinghouse dec'd 
Haynes, Thomas dec'd 		Bond 		Warrent of Appraisement
Haynes Thos. J & J.J. 		Bond Adm 	Thos Haynes dec'd 
Hughes, Thos J 			ex Bond 	W.J. Hughes dec'd 
" 	" 	" 		Letters 	" 	" 	" 
Howard, Graves dec'd 		Sale Bill of said estate 
Howard, Mrs Mary 		App'd Dower 	Dr Jos Moore dec'd 
Haynes A.G. 			Letter Guardi 	Robert & Antoinette Scott 
Haynes, Thos dec'd 		Return of sale 
Hudson, F 			Guard Return 	L.S. Ragan 
Haynes A.G. 			Bond Gau. 	Minor heir W. Scott dec'd 
Harless, Margarette 		Appr Dower 	Thos Johnson dec'd 
Hudson, John 			Guar Bond 	H.A. Hudson 
Huges, David T 			Final Settlement Elizabeth Hughes dec'd ___
Hardiman, John 			Letter Admin 	Micheal C McGhee ___
Hardiman, John 			Bond Admin 	Micheal C McGehee estate 
Hudson, F 			Letters of Adm 	W. G. Hudson, dec'd 
Hudson, Frederick 		Adm Bond 	Wm G. Hudson, dec'd 
Haynes, Thos dec'd 		Return 		said estate 
Hudson, W.G. dec'd 		Adm Return 	of estate 
Howard, Graves dec'd 		Adm
Hardiman, John 			Return 		Michael McGehee 
Hardy Harriet 			Petition & Report Richard Thomas & others 
Henson, Jno dec'd 		return Adm 
Hudson, Jno 			Guad return 	H.A. Hudson 
Hudson, Jno 			Letters of Adm 	F Hudson, dec'd 
" Do " Do 			Bond 		" Do " 
Hughes, W.J. dec'd 		Adm Return 	of estate 
Hudson, F. dec'd 		Sale 		of said estate 
Hudson, W.G. dec'd 		Bill of Appraisement of estate of 
Hudson, F. dec'd 		Sale 		of said Estate 
" DO " DO " 			Division 	of Estate 
Hunter J.L. 			adm Bond 	Jno Stuart __________ 
" DO " DO " 			Letters 	" DO " 
Haynes Thos & S. Kelley 	Letters of Admin C Furgerson dec'd 
" DO 	" DO 	" 		Bond 		" DO " 
Henderson Thos Jack 		Letter of Adm 	Martha Henderson dec'd 
Henderson " 	" 		Bond 		" 	" 	" 
Hill, Wooten 			" 		Adm of S. Hill dec'd 
Hill, Wooten 			Letters 	" 	" 	" 
Hamphill H 			Letters 	Jno Moon 
" DO " 				Bond Guad 	" DO " 
Hudson, William 		Letters of Admin Wm Webb dec'd 
" DO " 	DO " 			Bond 		" DO " 
Hill, Sherrod dec'd 		Bill of Appraisement 
Henson, John dec'd 		Return of Adm 
Haynes, Thos 			Admin of C. Furguson Resignation 
Howard, Graves, dec'd 		Return of Final Settlement 
Hudson, Frederick dec'd		Admn Returns of said estate 
Henson, Jno dec'd 		Adm Returns 	final settlement 
Harless, Charles 		Adm Letter 	S.H. Haughton dec'd 
Hudson, Jno 			Guard Return 	H.A. Hudson 
Hudson, W.G. 			Adm 		Adm Return
Henderson, Mrs Martha dec'd 	Appraisement of said estate 
" DO	 " DO " 		Sale 		Bill 
Harliss, Charles 		Adm Bond 
Hudson, John dec'd 		Bill of Appraisement 
Harless, T.B. 			Adm Bond 	C.G. Spann dec'd 
Hawkins, Dianna dec'd 		Bill of Appriasement 
Harliss, Ann C 			Ex Petetion 
Hudson, Jno 			Letter 		Guardian of Wm Hudson 
" DO	 " DO " 		Bond of
Henderson, Martha dec'd 			list of sale of land 
Hill, Martha 			Letters Adm 	James Hill dec'd 
Hill, James dec'd 		Appraisement of said estate 
- J -
Jordan, Charles M 		Administration Bond Estate of Thomas Jordan dec'd ___
Johnson, Thomas L dec'd 	Warrant & List of Appraisement of the estate of 
Johnson, Thos L. dec'd 		Act of Sales 
Joiner, Caleb 			Gar Bond 	for his children 
Joiner, Caleb 			Gar Bond 	Heirs of JP Mays dec'd 
Johnson, C.M. 			Adm return 	T.L. Johnson dec'd 
Joiner, Laucentia Mrs 		Appr Dower 	Jos. F. Mays dec'd 
Jackson, Mathew W 		Minutes Court 	Charlotte County, Virginia 
Jackson, Mathew W 		Power Attorney 	Ira W Gaines 
Joiner, Edmond 			Letter of Adm 	W. Joiner dec'd
" 	" 	" 		Bond 		" 	" 	" 
Johnson T.L. dec'd 		Rept of Commissions of Insolvancy 
Jetun, Martha A 		Letter of Adms 	John Jetun dec'd 
" DO " DO " 			Bond 		" DO " DO " 
Jackson, Jane E 		Letters Adm 	Sam'l Jackson dec'd 
" DO " DO " 			Bond 		" DO " DO " 
Jetun, Jno dec'd 		Warrant of Appr of said estate 
Jackson, Sam'l 			" " 		" " 		" " 
Jetun, John dec'd		 Report of commissioners Division of Property 
Jetun, John dec'd 		Apportionate of Dower 
Joiner, Caleb 			Guardian 	Return 
Jetun, Jno dec'd 		Admin 		Return 
" DO " DO " " " 				Return 
Jackson, Warren dec'd 		Appraisement of said dec'd 
" DO " DO " 			List of notes & assets 
Jackson, Sam'l dec'd 		Sale Bill of said estate 
Jackson, John 			Adm Bond 
Joiner, Caleb 			Receipt 	Drurey Mayes Adm 
Jarnagan, H.L 			Bond Adm 	Joseph Bledsoe dec'd 
" DO " DO " 			Letters 	" DO " DO " 
Jackson, John 			Return of Warrant Jackson's estate 
Jarnagan, H.L 			Admin 		Petition 
Jarnagan, H.L 			Adm Letter 	A.L. McLelland dec'd 
Jackson, Jane E. 		Dower in estate S.D. Jackson, dec'd 
Jackson, S.D. 			Admin of said estate 
Jarnagin, H.L			 Adm Bond of A.L. McLellend, dec'd 
Jackson, J.E. 			Petition for dower 
(No "K" included here) - L - To be continued I am sorry, but I have yet to finish the transcribing, please come back after a bit, with some luck, I will have it ready. Copywrite 1999, by E. Annette Rose
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