EPCB Surname Registry

EPCB Surname Registry

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**Eastern Passage and Cow Bay surnames ONLY**
(including Devil's, Lawlor and McNab's Island.)

Registry last updated: Dec. 2, 2005
ARNOLD William M. Richards richardswm@home.com 1770 - 1900
BARKHOUSE Marion Barkhouse danopmar@shaw.ca -
BATTIS / BATTIST Lynn Battist fullcircle2@eastlink.ca Late 1700's - present
BISSETT Charles Pelletier crpelletier90@hotmail.com -
BLANK Wendy Himelman wenhim@xplornet.com -
BOSS John Bowse bowse@verizon.net 1800 - 1850
BOWES John Bowse bowse@verizon.net 1800 -
BOWES Linda English linda.english@sympatico.ca Late 1700s - Present
CHIASSON/Chisolm Jack Waller jrwatts@attglobal.net -
CHRISTIAN Shirley Edwards sedwards@acadia.net -
CLARK Anna King kingannabanana@aol.com 1880+
CLEARY Wendy Himelman wenhim@xplornet.com -
COGEL/Cogill Cathy Kirby zcf1004@yahoo.ca -
CONNORS Yvette Muir ymuir1706@rogers.com 1800+
CONRAD Myrtle Conrad fraserm.conrad@ns.sympatico.ca 1800+
CONRAD Charles Pelletier crpelletier90@hotmail.com -
CUYLER Brian Best brian.best@ae.ge.com ca 1800
DEVLIN Richard Warner warnerr@enter.net 1860+
DeWOLFE/WOLFE Shirley (Snow) DeWolfeshirleydewolfe@hfx.eastlink.ca 1770 - present day
DEYOUNG Anna MacDonald at828@chebucto.ns.ca -
DEYOUNG Wendy Himelman wenhim@xplornet.com -
DEYOUNG Peggy McDonald kmcdonald@compusmart.ab.ca -
DEYOUNG Yvette Muir ymuir1706@rogers.com 1790+
DONALDSON Shirley Donaldson shirleycarol@sprint.ca -
DRISCOLL Jo Matheny geneejo@aol.com 1825
EDWARDS Anna MacDonald at828@chebucto.ns.ca -
FAULKNER Jack Waller jrwatts@attglobal.net -
FERGUSON Donna Walford dongar@sympatico.ca 1840
FERGUSON Marianne MacDonald marisand@telus.net 1800+
FISHER Wendy Himelman wenhim@xplornet.com -
FRID Linda Frid Kuzmin lkuzmin@nscc.mass.edu -
GAMMON Charles Pelletier crpelletier90@hotmail.com -
GILL Margaret Anne Fraser fraserma@shaw.ca 1800 - 1900
HENNEBERRY Wendy Himelman wenhim@xplornet.com -
HENNEBERRY Verona Leslie vmleslie@accesswave.ca -
HENNEBERRY Anna MacDonald at828@chebucto.ns.ca -
HENNEBERRY Theresa Simpson theresa.simpson@telus.net -
HENNEBERRY Dorothy York dyork@bellaliant.net -
HENNEBERRY Theresa Henneberry tmhenneberry@yahoo.com All
HIMMELMAN Wendy Himelman wenhim@xplornet.com -
HIMMELMAN Verona Leslie vmleslie@accesswave.ca -
HIMMELMAN Kathryn Jeffers k.jeffers@seaside.ns.ca -
HIMMELMAN Yvette Muir ymuir1706@rogers.com 1790+
HORNE William M. Richards richardswm@home.com 1752 - 1900
HORNE Robert Nicholson rnick@rogers.com -
HORNE Terry Barnett tebarne@attglobal.net -
HORNE Arlene LePon lillepond@aol.com -
HORNE Judith Lancaster djlancaster@rogers.com -
HUNT Carrie Chisholm carrie63@ns.sympatico.ca 1860+
HUTT Carol Measham cmeasham@aol.com 1800+
INNES VJB Davis vjbdavis@aol.com 1860's
JAKEMAN Myrtle Conrad fraserm.conrad@ns.sympatico.ca 1800+
KELLY Wendy Himelman wenhim@xplornet.com -
KELLY Yvette Muir ymuir1706@rogers.com 1850+
KENNEY Jerry Pellum drpellum@pacbell.net 1842-1890
KUHN Charles Pelletier crpelletier90@hotmail.com -
LINTAMAN Myrtle Conrad fraserm.conrad@ns.sympatico.ca 1800+
LOGAN Audrey Logan Harris aharris@silverlink.net 1800+
MACDONALD Donna Walford dongar@sympatico.ca 1840
MAC/MCDONALD Marianne MacDonald marisand@telus.net 1800+
MAC/MCDONALD Yvette Muir ymuir1706@rogers.com 1770+
MADORE Terry & Joan tmont8@home.com -
MAGUIRE Yvette Muir ymuir1706@rogers.com 1800+
MAJOR Guy gmajor2410@rogers.com -
McCARTHY / McCARTY Jo Matheny geneejo@aol.com 1830 - 1859
MCKENZIE Stewart Beale sbeale @se.rr.com 1880 - 1980
MEEHAN / MEHAN Shirley Edwards sedwards@acadia.net -
MEIN Shirley Edwards sedwards@acadia.net -
MONDAY/MUNDAY Linda English linda.english@sympatico.ca Late 1700s - Present
MONK Shirley (Snow) DeWolfeshirleydewolfe@hfx.eastlink.ca 1770 - present day
MORASH Charles Pelletier crpelletier90@hotmail.com -
MOSHER Verona Leslie vmleslie@accesswave.ca -
MULLINS teacherjilliam@aol.com -
MURPHY Jo Matheny geneejo@aol.com 1825
MURRANT Aurelia Murrantpollypeaches@hotmail.com
NAUGLE Wendy Himelman wenhim@xplornet.com -
NAUGLE Anna MacDonald at828@chebucto.ns.ca -
NAUGLE Robert Nicholson rnick@rogers.com 1800
NAUGLE / NAGLE Trish Lewis trishlewis@accesswave.ca -
NAUGLE Judith Lancaster djlancaster@rogers.com -
NEGUS Judith Lancaster djlancaster@rogers.com -
NEGUS Patsy Negus negusp@region.halifax.ns.ca -
OSBORN(e) Trish Lewis trishlewis@accesswave.ca -
NEWCOMB(E) Shirley (Snow) DeWolfeshirleydewolfe@hfx.eastlink.ca 1770 - present day
OSBORNE Anna MacDonald at828@chebucto.ns.ca -
OSBORNE Charles Pelletier crpelletier90@hotmail.com -
OSBORNE Theresa Simpson theresa.simpson@telus.net -
PARRETT/PARROT Deborah Nelson deborahandchris@cox.net late 1700 +
PELLUM Jerry Pellum drpellum@pacbell.net 1822-1890
PENNELL Yvette Muir ymuir1706@rogers.com 1790+
PENTZ / PENCE Carole Pence-Garron cgarron@home.com 1800 - 1900
PERRIN Audrey Logan Harris aharris@silverlink.net 1800+
PERRY Terry & Joan tmont8@home.com -
QUIGLEY Carol Measham cmeasham@aol.com 1800+
QUIGLEY Warren Quigley wiquigley@sprint.ca -
ROGERS Anna King kingannabanana@aol.com 1880+
ROMKEY Denise Walsh dmw17@hotmail.com 1880+
SCOTT Jerry Pellum drpellum@pacbell.net 1825-1850
SETTLE Charles Pelletier crpelletier90@hotmail.com -
SILVER Dorothy York dyork@bellaliant.net -
SNOOKS VJB Davis vjbdavis@aol.com 1860's
SNOW Shirley (Snow) DeWolfeshirleydewolfe@hfx.eastlink.ca 1770 - present day
SOMERS Linda K. Berkeley-Bulliqi lberkeleybulliqi@btinternet.com 1700+
SPENCER Marianne MacDonald marisand@telus.net 1800+
SUTTIS / SUTTERS John Sheppard john.sheppard@ns.sympatico.ca ca 1800
SWEENEY Brian Best brian.best@ae.ge.com ca 1800
THOM Taffy York Pope DPope78600@aol.com -
THOMPSON Leslie Thompson lmorris@lacit.org 1776-1853
TRANT Wayne Patenaude zebraman777@aol.com
TRIDER Debby Brown-Warren debbywarren@rogers.com 1749-1886
TURNER Charles Pelletier crpelletier90@hotmail.com -
WALSH Anna MacDonald at828@chebucto.ns.ca -
WEBB Shirley (Snow) DeWolfeshirleydewolfe@hfx.eastlink.ca 1770 - present day
WELCHMAN/WELLSMAN/WELCHMAN/WELSMAN Linda English linda.english@sympatico.ca Late 1700s - Present
WILLIAMS Dorothy York dyork@bellaliant.net -
YORK Dorothy York dyork@bellaliant.net -
YORK Taffy York Pope DPope78600@aol.com -
YORK(e) Trish Lewis trishlewis@accesswave.ca -
YOUNG Charles Young charles.young@rogers.com -

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