Seth Millington Blair was born at New London, Rawls Co MO on 14 March 1819, son of James Blair and Catherine C Jordan. Seth died in on 17 March 1875 and was buried in Logan City Cemetery. He married five times, many of these marriages at the same time. He was a practicing Poligimist, as some Mormons were in the late 19th Century. Wife #1 was Cornelia Jane Espy. She was born in Lauderdale Co TN about 1820, married Seth on 7 November 1837 in TN, and they lived in TX and had three children in TX. In the late 1840s they moved to Salt Lake City and in 1850 Seth is found there with his first wife Caroline, but she soon died. Their children were-

1.   Seth Blair, b 1844 in TX (314nq)

2    Ellen Cornelia Blair, b 1846 in TN (314nq)

3.   Preston A Blair, b 15 Mar 1848 in TX, married Margaret S _____ and lived in Weber River Valley, Weber Co UT in 1870. Preston died 11 August 1945 at Ogden and was buried in Ogden City Cemetery. Margaret was born 3 February 1853 in PA and died at Marriott, UT on 12 April 1903. She was buried with Preston. (314nq,316rc) (314nq)

On 5 February 1851 in SLC Seth married wife #2 Harriet Ann Goodridge, and married wife #3 Elizabeth Fife on 3 December 1852, and married wife #4 Sarah Jane Foster on 3 February 1853, and married wife #5 Sarah Mariah “Texana” East on 15 November 1855. With two wives namer Sarah, the second one being born in TX, got nicknamed Texana for clarity. Wife #2, Harriet Goodridge, was born 9 March 1829 at Lunenburg, Worchester Co MA, daughter of Benjamin Goodridge and Penelope _____, and died 30 March 1904 in SLC. It does not appear that she had any children, and she also must have been living in a separater house from the main house since she did not apperar with all the children and Seth in the main house in 1860. Wife #3, Elizabeth Fife, was born 20 March 1830 at Lewth, Midletian, Scotland and died 15 August 1913 ar Lewisville, Fremont Co ID. In 1870 she and most of her children lived at Providence, Cache Co; she was still there n 1880. Elizabeth also apparently lived in a separate house from the main house in 1860. Elizabeth and Seth had six children with Seth-

4.   William Fife Blair, b 26 Apr 1954

5.   Parthenia Blair, b 25 Dec 1856 (315r)

6.   Elizabeth Blair, b 4 Dec 1859 (315r)

7.   Margaret Blair, b 11 Feb 1862 at Logan, Cache Co UT, died 30 June 1954 at Idaho Falls, ID. She married Fredrick Aston Crabtree. (315r)

8.   Fanney Janet Blair, b 4 Aug 1863 at Weston, Franklin Co ID. (315rs)

9.   John Joseph Blair, b 18 Jan 1865 at Logan, Cache Co UT. (315rs)

Wife #4, Sarah Jane Foster, was born 31 January 1836 at Cincinnati, Hamilton Co OH, daughter of George Foster and Jane McCulla from Ireland, and died 26 January 1910 at Logan, Cache Co UT, and was buried in Logan City Cemetery. She and wife #5 both lived in the main house together with Seth in 1860. Apparently in late 1860 Sarah Foster and Seth set up their separate home in Cache Co near Logan, and she continued to live there with her children after Seth died. She and Seth had six children-

10. Jedediah Morgan Blair, b 8 Jul 1854 at SLC, UT on 10 January 1930 and was buried in Logan City Cemetery, part C. He married Julia Ballif soon before 1880 and they lived with his widowed mother in 1880. Julia was born 15 June 1858 and died 14 June 1949. She is buried with Jedediah. (314q,315sc)

11. Martha Jane Blair, b 9 Aug 1856 (314q,315s)

12. Kathryn Blair, b 10 Dec 1858, died 26 March 1861 and was buried in Logan City Cemetery. (314q,315x)

13. Leonara “Nora” Blair, b 22 Dec 1860 at Logan, Cache Co UT. (315s)

14. George Elias Blair, b 8 Apr 1865 at Alma, Weber Co UT. died 15 June 1905 at SLC, UT. He married Nellie May Thatcher on 8 June 1888 at Logan, Cache Co and they had five children, all born at SLC. George was buried in Logan City Cemetery. (315sc)

15. Vilate Blair (girl), b 31 Jul 1867, apparently died young since she would have been age 13 in her mother’s home in 1880, but wasn’t there. (FJ) (313c)

Wife #5 was Sarah Mariah “Texana” East, born 31 December 1840 in Washington Co TX, died 8 July 1890 at Salt Lake City, and was buried in SLC Cemetery. With Texana, Seth had five children, the eldest born at SLC, UT-

16. Lehi Nephi Blair, b 22 Oct 1857, died 5 November 1857 at SLC.

17. Mary Texanna Blair, b 1 Oct 1859, died 14 October 1933 at SLC. She married Logan Gilbert Holdaway on 18 March 1880 in SLC and they had eleven children. Mary died at SLC on 14 October 1933. (314q)

18. Wilmirth Mariah Bair, b 1 Oct 1861 at Logan, Cache Co UT. She married James Christopher White on 20 October 1879 in SLC. He was born 23 January 1858 at Provo of English parents; James and Wilmirth lived at Provo. In 1900 at Provo, Wilmirth owned her home, said she had been married for ten years, and never had children. Wilmirth’s mother Sarah East lived with her and James, and probably died at their home in SLC. Wilmirth died 6 May 1907 and was buried in Provo City Cemetery. James died 13 October 1923 and was buried with Wilmirth. (FJ,313suc)

19. Daniel Wallace Blair, b 6 Feb 1864 at Fairview, Weber Co UT, and died there on 1 July 1864.

20. Nancy Jane Blair, b 7 Jul 1865, died 20 September 1866 at SLC and was buried in SLC Cemetery. (314c)

Sources were from Johanna Fallis, plus other sources as indicated.