The East Families of the Southeast USA

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        As you look thru most of the East biographies, there will be codes after the names [in braces]. Those are ID num-bers, in order to keep the many people with same names from being confused with others.

        Also, the letters and numbers in (parentheses) following a biography are source codes. To see where the informa-tion came from, go to the Source Code file. If you see an asterisk just above the listed children, that means I have not yet placed them alphabetically. It also usually means I don't have much info for them.

        When searching for a person in alphabetical order, you may know his full name, while I do not; if you cannot find your person alphabetically, try searching for his name without the middle name or initial, or try searching by the middle name used as the first name. Example: If you are looking for William C Pinckney East, I may have him as William P East, or as William East, or as Pink East.
If two people have the same name, then the elder one should be listed first.

        If you see a name in Red Text, that is an indication that there is a link for additional information. Go back to this Home Page and see the list of Links below. Usually links are bits of info about in-laws, a gravestone picture, a marriage record, or a short history of the area, etc. And if you see a name in Blue Text at the start of a biography, that person's info was recently updated. Most pictures of people are from 1930 or before, and more will be added as time and availability permit.

East Source Codes were last updated on 27 Feb 2013. The 16 main EAST files were last updated on 27 Feb 2013.

As of the latest update, there are over 1,160,000 words in these 16 East files. For corrections and updates, contact

John E Young

Susan Shields Sasek has a Web Page with its emphasis on the East people in Virginia. Check this too.

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EAST, Billy
EAST, Emaline
EAST, James
EAST, Joseph
EAST, Mary
EAST, Thomas Addison

The above Files at the RIGHT are down-loadable PDF files that roughly correspond with the Web Page Files to the left. Most are 100 pages, each in PDF version 5. There are a total of 1,856 pages. These PDF files are for the February 25 update.

Sarah Graves East 1813 Bible, family records were first recorded in 1849
Front of Bible
Signature, Inside Cover
Marriages, Pg 677
Births, Pg 678
Births, Pg 679
 Deaths, Pg 680

East Families of Giles
County Tennessee

There were Two different East Families who settled in Giles Co TN by 1830; one was from Henry Co VA and the other from Laurens Co SC. They have been extracted from the much larger East Families of the Southeast USA files, and are partially in separate files. The Henry Co VA branch who settled in Giles Co moved to Wayne Co TN, then to Hardin Co and other TN Counties. And the Laurens Co SC branch moved from Giles Co to AR and MO.
The above Sarah Graves East Bible pertains to the Henry Co VA branch.
Joel Pace
Mary East, born 1764 in Pittsylvania Co VA married Joel Pace and they moved to central KY, then to Jefferson Co IL in 1820. Her biography is contained here, and she and her descendants are also included in the much larger main East files.































In most of these East Files there are Link Signals; some Names in Red Ink will indicate that there is related information. Most are short biographies of in-laws or related matters. Go back to this Main Page to see these links, shown here.

PICTURES Contains pictures of people & places;
SOURCE CODES Explains the Codes used for the Info Sources.

1725 County Map of Virginia
1786 Virginia Map
1790 Stokes Co VA Census
AL 1830 Eastern Counties
East Cemetery, Lafayette, Macon Co TN
East Marriages
of Pittsylvania Co VA
East Source Codes
Joseph EAST 16 Apr 1768 Will
Neal EAST 14 March 1820 Will
William EAST 7 Sep 1768 Will
Henry Co VA & GA Misc Records
Horse Pasture Creek

Intro Notes for East Web Pg
Martha Mabry Will
MAP Carolina 1672
MAP Copiah Co MS 1823
MAP East Counties NC & VA in 1799
MAP NC & VA 1820
MAP Campbell Co VA Map
Patrick Co VA Early Deeds
Pension, Isham East
Prince Edward Co VA 1895 Map
of Ernest Edward East, Peoria, IL
Research of Ernest L East
Separating William Easts
Underground Railroad in Cass Co MI
Walker Survey
between TN & KY
Cass Co MI Web Site
Index of the Cass Co East families
Giles Co TN Web Site
Jefferson Co IL Web Site

Abernathy family
Batman family
Blair family
Bogue family
Bolton family
Branson family
Brister-Nations 1858 marriage
Copeland family
Correll family
Dickey family
Dunagan family, Wayne Co KY
Fincher family
Garrison family
Kelsey family
Logan family, central KY
Loveless family
Lovell family
McCreery family
Osborn family
Pace family (short version)
Pace family (long version)
Parker family
Strong family
Stroud family
Upchurch family
Venable family
Wiebe family
Woodson family