The Descendants Of
Andrew Rowan of
York County Pennsylvania

Eugene Atherton
Leonard Lytle
Michael A Spaulding
Joyce M Tice
Harry D Tinsley
Wanda F Wickliffe
John E Young
And Many Others
And Thanks to our Families for
Putting Up with the Hours
we Spent Searching

The Original 1981 Edition was primarily of the Kentucky Descendants, but this Update has tried to include other Descendants who did not go to Kentucky. Of Andrew Rowan's eight known children, four had many descendants: William who married Sara Elizabeth Cooper and settled in north central KY; Jean who married David Carroll Wilson and settled in Mecklenburg Co NC and Sumner Co TN; Margaret, who married Silas Wolcott and settled in northeast PA; and Mary Rowan who married William Adams and moved to north central KY.

Last Update was 8 April 2010.
The Rowan biography files now contain over 422,000 words, not counting Web links.

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Last I heard, Janaway had two printed copies left, and can print more. They also have this Rowan book on a CD in PDF format (click here for an example), which will work with Intel and / or MAC computers.

Rowan immigrants to America were each given ID numbers. This was done for two reasons: First, to identify those who have common names, such as William, John, Elizabeth, Mary, etc; and Second, so that anyone looking at a Rowan descendant’s biography can immediately identify which Rowan immigrant he descends from. These ID numbers follow the person’s name, and start with [R1..., [R2..., etc. Their children will have a letter added to the parent’s ID number, and the grandchildren will have a number added, and so on, alternating letters and numbers each generation.

There are Source Codes contained in (parenthe-ses) at the end of most biographies. For the sources of information, check the Rowan Source Code File.

There is a Web Page called Pictures. In some of the biographies there will be a text note (picture) which is an indication for you to go to the ROWAN Pictures link to see that person's picture. Most pictures are from 1930 or before, and more will be added as time and availability permit.

Notes: "the 1880s" means the years 1880-1889, and similarly "the 1900s" means the years 1900-1909; "the 1900s" does NOT mean the whole 20th Century. The years 1901-2000 would be called the 20th Century.
Also, there is sometimes an asterisk * inserted between the parents' biography and the list of their children. This just a temporary reminder that I should put each child in their own biography, in alphabetical order.

Andrew ROWAN In York Co PA & Before
Names Beginning Adams
Names Beginning Farquhar
Names Beginning Munn
Names Beginning Rowan
Names Beginning White
Rowan Source Codes

And some Web Links found within the above main files are also shown below:
Atherton, of north central KY
Baird, of Nelson Co KY
Barnett, of Ohio Co KY
Bennett, of Ohio Co KY
Cooper, of York Co PA
Emrich, of Hancock Co KY
Gill, of MD

Griffith, of Daviess Co & Ohio Co KY
Hand, of Ohio Co KY & southern IN
Hardin, of
Nelson Co & Hardin Co KY
Lytle, In-Law family of Judge John Rowan

Merrill, of Bradford Co PA
Park, of Bradford Co PA
Shaver, of north central KY
Simmons, of Bullitt Co & Ohio Co KY
Tinsley, of Ohio Co KY

Wallace, of Sumner Co TN
Wilson, of Southeast PA & Sumner Co TN
Winburn, of Henry Co TN
Wolcott, of Bradford Co PA
Woodward, of Ohio Co KY

Matthew ROWAN 1760 Will
Austin, PA 1911 Flood
Pennamite War
Polygamy in UT
ROWAN'S Enlargement
WILSON Research of Williamson Co TN, by Paulette Haynes
Zaccheus WILSON 1765 Will

MAPS (JPG pictures):
Bradford Co PA 1878 (404 Kb)
Bradford Co PA 1878 (Hi Res, 5,108 Kb)
Eastern PA 1792 (123 Kb)
Nelson Co VA 1785 (238 Kb)
York Co PA 1878 (332 Kb)

There is another Rowan Web site for the Ohio Co Kentucky Rowan families.
Rowan Family Reunion
Check this out also. They are planning Rowan Family Reunion #115 in August 2010 at Indianapolis.

Joyce Tice has a web site for Bradford Co PA where many of the Rowan descendants lived. Joyce's web pages are loaded with info.

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