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Young Index
The Young Families Of
Early Giles County Tennessee

    This is an attempt to put to the Web the info gathered in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and printed in 1986 under the above title. There had been some updates since then, and in 2009 and 2010 they were searched in earnest, mainly uising the more recent Census Records.
    Genealogy is a never ending process; any genealogy file will never be up to date as long as mankind survives. When you look through these files and find your family, please send in your updates so that it can be added here. And go ahead and make corrections, for there must be mistakes within. What we are mainly after are updates before 1940 or so, but all new info is appreciated. Contact John E Young to add your family info.

    There is a Web Page called Pictures. Take a look and go to the YOUNG Pictures link to possibly see that person's picture, or a marriage record, gravestone, old town, another related text file (usually PDF or HTM format), etc. Most people pictures are from 1930 or before, and more will be added, as time and availability permit.

    Young Source Codes  is the file where you see what the sources are for these biographies. Those codes are in (parenthesis) at the end of each biography.

    ID#s are in [Braces] after a person's name. This is needed in order to identify people of similar or same names. If two people have the same name, the first born should be shown first.
    Recent updates were last added on 16 February 2013. These few biographies start in Blue Ink. There are now over 924,000 words in the main biography files, not including the Source Codes or Index. The Source Code File was last updated on 16 February 2013.

Opening Pages: Introduction, Places Of Interest, & Notes.
Plus Family names Beginning with:



YOUNG, Joseph;
Memoir of Major Thomas Young
& Loyalist List & Causulties;
Loyalist List (PDF File);
Source Codes

Family Secrets

The Young Families Of
Early Giles County Tennessee

    This book was printed in early 2011, and is now available here in PDF format, with two years of updates included. These pages are in 100 page blocks. Most are a little over 1 million bytes each; the Intro Pages contain maps, and hence this block is about 3.4 meg; all 15 PDF files are about 18 meg:
YoungBook-IntroPgs A-R.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 001-100.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 101-200.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 201-300.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 301-400.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 401-500.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 501-600.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 601-700.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 701-800.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 801-900.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 901-1000.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 1001-1100.pdf
YoungBook-Pgs 1101-1174.pdf

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