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 East Buffalo Grade School

    Students, Teachers, History of a One Room Grade
       School  located in Southwestern PA
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         This is a web presentation dedicated to the East Buffalo Grade School and
        to all who have an interest in this charming little one room school. My brother,
       Arthur Claffey and I, attended school here in the late 1930's and  early 1940's.
       It had a 'Profound' effect on our young lives.

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    Here is an index of things to see and read.
HISTORY of the School
List of TEACHERS 1862-1960
List of about 600 Students [ A - D ]  [ E- L ]
[ Ma - Mor ]  [ Mounts-Mumper ]  [ N - Z ]
Grouped Student Photos, 1895, 1901, 1906
Grouped Student Photos, 1913, 1915, 1921
Grouped Student Photos, 1940, 1941, 1949
Grouped Student Photos, 1950, 1953, 1956
Grouped Student Photos, 1958, 1960 & others
Student Vacation Snapshots
Photos of Former Students as Children
Comments From Former Students
Student couples who married
1992 East Buffalo School Reunion
1995 East Buffalo School Reunion 

More To Come   (Search this web site)  

      Many thanks to those who have helped with the creation of this web site
Rick and Ron Miller, former students, plus Bill Thompson,  Wendy Kurtz &
Denise Edwards.  Rick Miller created the graphic
  you see above and on the
following pages.  Ron Miller created the
"School Days" Music that you are
listening to.  Bill 'Clair' Thompson
scanned many of the grade school photos.
Wendy Kurtz, web
designer, helped develop following page layouts. Denise
provided school days graphics.

Many thanks to these talented folks.

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