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Fort Pitt Bridge Works 

Fort Pitt Bridge Works, Canonsburg, Pa
Story below and Photo courtesy of Linda Robbins

1947 Canon Log
Fort Pitt Bridge Works

    The Fort Pitt Bridge Works was first organized in 1896.  During the company's first thirty-five years, it fabricated and erected bridges and buildings for the country's expanding industrial economy.  In World War I, the company cooperated with the Submarine Boat Corporation in building prefabricated cargo ships, as well as fabricating large numbers of airplane hangars for the United States and France.  In 1930, a new company was formed, combining the Fort Pitt Bridge Works with the Massilon Bridge and Structural Company of Massilon, Ohio, and known as the Fort Pitt Bridge Works.  During the 1930's, the new company fabricated structural steel for many Federal Aid buildings, post offices, schools, hospitals, highway work, as well as industrial work.  During the recent war, the Fort Pitt fabricated steel for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Panama Canal, and other government agencies.
    A huge press was built for forming plates, and thousands of tons of ship
plates for tankers were turned out.  At present (1947) the works are fabricating structural steel for 
the nation's buildings and bridges.  Fort Pitt Bridge Works has played an important part in building Pennsylvania's "Dream" Highway and in supplying steel for Pittsburgh's great bridges and buildings.  The Fort Pitt Bridge Works maintain their general offices in Pittsburgh and their plant and purchasing department in Canonsburg. 

(1947)  Present officers are:

James M. Straub-President
John H. Sorg-Vice President
D. B. Straub-Secretary
R. F. Hartner-Assistant Treasurer
R. K. Steffy-Controller
A. V. Dolan-Chief Engineer
H. S. Hopkins-Sales Manager
E. H. Millard-Works Manager
A. J. Bodenham-Purchasing Agent
F. R. Wilson-Manager of Material
A. W. McLaughlin-Shop Director

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