Washington High School Nostalgia
Washington High School Nostalgia
and other Washington Pennsylvania Schools

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Washington High School 1937
1937 WHS Jefferson Ave. View
Additions in recent years have changed this view

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Washington High School 2002
2002 WHS Similar View
This photo was taken Jan. 27, 2002 from the same 
angle as photo above. .  Walk up those steps, 
WHS chimney
Look up to left  & see the view shown to your right. 
 Large front addition can be seen in this photo. 
View of chimney from landing
at top of steps

WHS  front door
2001 Main Entrance

Washington High School, Jefferson Ave.
  201 Allison Ave.
Washington, Pennsylvania 15301

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As a 1947 graduate of Washington High School, and very fond of
Washington County History, it naturally followed, that at a special
time of year (Christmas 1999), memories of things past came to mind.
This page was developed because of a conversation this web master had
with other Wash High friends from the past concerning Christmas decorations
in store front windows along Main and Chestnut Streets during the 1930's,
40's and 50's.  By pooling our collective memories, we have come up with many
names and places.  Each of us have a favorite memory.  Probably, you do too!!
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