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This index lists all personal names covered on this site, excluding those in the "Education Resources" and "Web Resources." The "Education Resources" pages contain suggested educational activities based on material on this site, so to index these pages would create duplicate entries. And this index is intended to be a guide to material on this site, while the "Web Resources" page references material on other sites, so these web links are excluded from this index. The index also excludes place names, because place names are included in the "Subject Index."

To simplify the index, all women are listed under their maiden names, with cross-references from their married name(s). In cases where a woman's maiden name is not known, her first married name is used as the main entry. Some materials on the site refer to families rather than individuals, so surnames alone are also indexed here.

The subject and name indexes to this site only include links to pages that have significant references to a subject or name, references that would be of interest to people researching that topic or person. Consider a page that includes the sentence "The matron of honor was Mrs. Higginbotham of Folsom." Someone researching the surname Higginbotham would find this a significant reference, since it indicates friends and possible family members of Mrs. Higginbotham and also provides evidence as to where she lived. However, a researcher interested in Folsom would not find this reference significant, since it reveals very little about Folsom itself. Thus, this page would be indexed under "Higginbotham" in the name index, but would not be indexed under "Folsom" in the subject index.

This index is still in progress, so the links to the old organizational scheme for the site can still be found at the bottom of the page.

Name index:

Adams, Allen
Bachman, Bell, Bristow, Browne, Butler
Cahill, Copp, Cramer, Cronin
Davies, Davis, DeWolf, Dunning
Fabiano, Feil, Fisher, Fox, Frenaye
Gibb, Gibbons
Kielt, Kilgore, King, Kyburz
Manning, McDaniel, Mehrten, Mills, Morritt
Rible, Robinson
Sadler, Sargent, Schlutz, Smith, Spencer, Stoddard
Thompson, Trunkey
Weatherhead, Weitmann, Wilson