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Painting of Sarah (Gibbons) DeWolf, ca. 1840-1848

Photograph of Ruth and Fabian Fabiano with their dog Tip, ca. 1900

Asher photography studio, 810 J Street, Sacramento, Sacramento Co., California
Lawrence photography studio, 29 Grafton Street, Dublin, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

ca. 1860-1869
    Photograph of William and Sarah (___) Manning, early 1860s
    Photograph of Eliza (Manning) Manning, ca. 1865
ca. 1870-1879
    Photograph of Electa DeWolf, ca. 1870
ca. 1880-1889
    Photograph of John Joseph Cahill w ith two children, ca. early 1880s
ca. 1890-1899
    Photograph of Charles and Katharine (Schlutz) Feil, ca. 2 December 1894
ca. 1900-1909
    Photograph of Ruth and Fabian Fabiano with their dog Tip, ca. 1900
ca. 1910-1919
    Photograph of Helen Fabiano with Clyde, Ruth, and June Nunn, ca. 1912
ca. 1920-1929
    Photograph of Neta Davies, May 1927
ca. 1930-1939
    Photograph of Carol Wilson (high school graduation), June 1934
    Photograph of Reid and Nancy Nunn, ca. summer 1934
    Photograph of Carol Wilson and Reid Nunn and wedding attendants, 17 June 1939
ca. 1940-1949
    Photograph of Les and Neta Feil, ca. 1940s
    Photograph of George and Myrtle Wilson and children, ca. 1942
    Photograph of Lance and Lin Feil, ca. summer 1946

Sacramento Police Department Widows and Orphans Aid Association membership certificate, 14 January 1916