Can you help identify this lady?

Can you help me find "Aunt Mary" in Canada?

Who is Aunt Mary

This photo was found among the possessions of my grandmother's sister MARY McAULEY who lived with her mothers family in Antrim from where both my Great-Grandmother MARY FLEMING and Great-Grandfather PATRICK McAULEY (alias MACAULEY) originated.

On the back were three lines of text:
          To Mary From Aunt Mary Canada
          91 ys Sept 12th 1952
          Taken on Mothers Day

As it was sent to my grandmother's sister and she addresses herself as "Aunt Mary" (and none of the Fleming family knew anything about who it was), it would seem to confirm my impression that she is related to my Great-Grandfather Patrick McAULEY - either a sister or sister-in-law.


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