Asberry F. Eddleman *SPECIAL NOTE

Asberry F. Eddleman son of David and Elizabeth Eddleman was born Jan. 17 1843, in the state of Georgia. He moved from there to Arkansas when about 3 or 4 years old. When at 10 years of age, he moved to Dallas, Texas and in the spring of 1854 he moved to Parker County, then unorganized. In 1856 he moved to Johnson county and lived there until the Summer of 1861, when the Civil War came up. He joined the Confederate Army and went into Capt. Will Shannons Company, Co C. They went to Galveston and went into Nelsons 10th Texas Regiment. In the Spring of 1862 they were ordered to Arkansas and remained near Little Rock until fall. They were then sent to Arkansas Post and after a hard fought battle he with others was taken prisoner and sent to Chicago. This was in the first of Jan. 1863. He stayed there until spring and was exchanged and sent to Petersburg Va. And from there he was sent to the Tennessee Army and stayed with them until that army surrendered near Raleigh N. Carolina in 1865.

He never missed a battle after he went into that army until the end of the war

He fought in following Battles, Arkansas Post 1863, Elk River Tenn, Macklimac Cave, Chicamauga Ga., Missionary Ridge, Ringgold Gap, Tunnell Hill, Dug Gap, Ressaca Ga., Dallas Ga., Gilgath Church, Kenesaw Mountain, New Hope Church, Chattahootchie river, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta Ga. July 21, Near Atlanta July 22, Jonesboro Tenn, Altuna Mountain.

After the War he returned to his Home in Texas, and went to work on a farm. On the 10th day of Sept 1868 he married Millie Warren. They bought a farm near Village Creek near Caddo Peak. Eight Children were born to them, as follows:-

Wm. D. born June 15, 1869 (lived only 28 days)

James F. " Feb. 2, 1871

Thomas W. " Jan. 21, 1873

Columbus E. " April 5, 1875

Grace E. " July 27, 1878

Ettie Z. " May 24, 1883

Reginald N. " July 10, 1885

Earl H. " Feb. 24, 1891








SPECIAL NOTE: This is a true copy, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization has not been changed from the hand written copy. Stephen G. Eddleman (September 12, 1998)