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Associated Families Meyer, Parker, Hull, Cline, Shuford, Ramsaur, Woolard

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Stephen G. Eddleman's Speculative Eddleman Genealogy Page

Stephen G. Eddleman's Meyer Genealogy Page My Meyer lineage.

Stephen G. Eddleman's Hull and Cline Genealogy Page My Hull,Cline (Klein), Shuford, Ramsaur Lineage .

Stephen G. Eddleman's Parker and associated families Genealogy Page.

One of the Best Sources of Eddleman Genealogy Information Harold Eddleman's Eddleman Genealogy Library

Glenn Ray Eddleman's Eddleman Genealogy Site The Eddleman Data Base

Another good Eddleman Genealogy Site and another descendant of David Eddleman born 1810 David Eddleman's UFT Site

Tex Dick and Linda Chadwick's Website lots of information for Eddleman researchers Tex and Linda's Genealogy Site

Mark Hickman's Award Winning Site of Eddleman Genealogy The Eddleman Family

Trudi Edelman's Pennsylvania Timeline of Edelmann/Edelman/Eddleman events.

An interesting look at the life of a pioneer family as they moved to Texas.

In the words of David Jones Eddleman, pioneer Texan and Oklahoman (1834 - 1922).

Additional Information provided by the daughter of David Jones Eddleman

Short Biography of David Henry Eddleman (1845-1918)  my Great-Grandfather

Short Biography of Asberry F. Eddleman (1843-1930) brother of David Henry Eddleman

A Short history of Asberry F. Eddleman in his own words.

A Worthy Heritage a short vignette written by Reginald N. Eddleman, son of Asberry F. Eddleman.

William Harrison Eddleman 1851-1932 Obituary, son of Rueben Eddleman 1812-1891.

The Official Website of the 10th Texas Infantry C.S.A.


Eddleman Family Photographs

My Great Grandfather David Henry Eddleman 1845-1918 and Great Grandmother Sara V. Saunders Eddleman 1842-1911.

David H. and Sara V. Saunders Eddleman

My Grandfather James Asbury Eddleman (1874-1956) and Grandmother Alta Rea Woolard Eddleman (1881-1944)

James A. Eddleman Alta W. Eddleman

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