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This web site is primarily limited to those family lines likely descended from Johannes Valentin Pressler who was a native of Hochstadt, Pfalz, and who came to America with his immediate family in 1709.  His descendants have surnames which have evolved to Preslar and Presley.

The information on this site does not cover all branches of the family.  However, there is much information here which will be useful to all branches, and additional information may be posted from time to time.

There are other Presley, Pressley, or Pressly families in America who are not related to this family, ie. families of English, Irish, and Scottish origin, and there are Pressler and Bressler families of German and Jewish origin who have no known relation to this family. Only extensive research can determine the direct ancestry of your line.

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The Rhineland to Graceland 

This file contains the above named book which relates the story of the Pressler/Preslar family's origin in Hochstadt, Pfalz, and their journey down the Rhine River and across the Atlantic Ocean to America.  An outline of their settlement in the New World is then given and an outline of the descent of their talented descendant who becomes known around the world.

Preslar/Presley Family History and Stories

This file contains the following items:

        Descendants of Johannes Valentin Pressler (Six Generations) by Edwin C. Dunn (2014)

        Genealogical Notes on the Preslar/Presley Family of Anson County, NC, by Edwin C. Dunn (1985)

        Carter, Helms, and Presley: A Foray into the Piedmont "Non-Plantation South," by John Anderson Brayton (1991)

        The Sons of Andrew Presley, Jr., compiled by Edwin C. Dunn (2000)

        Abigail (Presley) Ansley (b. 1830; d. ca 1863), of Georgia, wife of Rayford Ansley, written by Charles Martin Ward, Jr. (2014)

        David Presley of Lincoln County, Missouri, compiled by Edwin C. Dunn (2005)

        The Tragedy of Esther and Alvin Preslar, compiled by Edwin C. Dunn (2001)

        The Presleys and the Mormons, compiled by Edwin C. Dunn (2000)

        Chief Presley, the FBI Agent and the Outlaw, compiled by Edwin C. Dunn (2000)

        Matthew and Abiar (Tift) Preslar, compiled by Edwin C. Dunn (P/P/P Newsletter) (1992)

        Westward Ho!, compiled by Edwin C. Dunn (P/P/P Newsletter) (1990)